SLASH: I dislike it. But..bawww

Found out recently that most female TF slash fans hide behind the banner of claiming that these machines are unisex aliens and therefore provide free reighn for all the gay pairings humanly possible. Some of you know out there that I dislike slash pairings alot, And really wish it haddent infected my favorite genra of sci-fi “robots”. But they have a point sadly, why limit an alien race to the A’s and B’s of human sexuality? I allready spent a good amount of time preatching the gosipel of sentient machines and telling others ‘you cant think of these creatures as being moraly or physicly simular to  humans’.

I guess its perhapse because I allways considered EWS a super imposition of perfection based on what I LIKE. whereas Yaoi/yuri to me allways seemed like this ‘trendy bullshit” that young sexually insecure streight men and women got into because there was a large fanbase willing to accept them.

I cant continue to cast stones however..

Because I am just as fucked up as they are,  And I can recognise a good peice of fanart when I see it.

This crop of pictures I found Turn me on hard (but would be perfect, if atleast one of the bots was actually a human/humanoid female.) Even if I cannot influence people to draw more streight human x bot however, atleast I can keep a few of these types of pics around for thos rare events someone captures the emotion I wish to convey for in my own works. if only I had the time to replace Screamer with Tamarin in every Sky pic. I really dislike that guy and his fucking voice. guh.

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  1. antepathy says:

    I think it’s sad, honestly, how often slash is used to put the same stupid power dynamics that f*** up human relationships onto robots. As if the only way to think about sex and sexuality is in binaries: Male/female, dom/sub, active/passive. Let’s make the robots suffer the same sort of hell, right? Yuck!

    I agree–would be better if some hot women involved.

    But, I have to stand up for Starscream. Come on, his Bayverse image is *hot*.

    (I am…not a well woman, am I?)

  2. Ratbat says:

    haha you indeed have the right to defend scream because beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? I find it awsome your attracted to Beyformer forms too (your maliable) could you be evilcatmecha?

  3. Pilot says:

    G1 Screamer can kiss my ass… he’s such a whiny little POS and I haet haet haet him. :3

    That said… I really do dislike slash as well, but there are a few choice pairings that can still give me nosebleeds if they’re done right… like Hound and Mirage, or Inferno and Red Alert.

    And yay… I actually think Bayform Ironhide is pretty hot. :3

    Though to respond to antepathy… I’m one of those people that actually quite enjoys said “power dynamics”, whether it’s concerning humans or robots or whatever. I read one of Dan Savage’s articles (can’t find it now, buh), in which he replied to a woman asking why men liked to come on women’s faces so much. She found it incredibly demeaning. Dan replied that, yes, it is demeaning, and that’s why it’s hot. I (among with many others, it seems) am of that school of sexy thought. Hell, I’m just going to go and put it out there right now that I’m even a little bit into bondage, and even macrophilia as well. But the thing is, I’m still very much into loving, caring relationships… just relationships that happen to tip the power scale (just in the bedroom though, mind you) a little bit. There are many, many successful relationships out there that are healthy BECAUSE of those power dynamics that one or both partners crave and take part in.

    And you really gotta admit… vanilla IS pretty boring. I mean, that’s why you’re looking at robot porn to begin with, amirite? ;]

  4. antepathy says:

    Pilot: of course vanilla can be boring, but there can also be respect. Pervy stuff, including BDSM, can be done with mutual love and respect. A little power play is one thing, as you describe it, of course. But…. The problem with demeaning someone is that to do that, they have to become, in your mind, a non-person, and thus, a thing. An object. Something that doesn’t have a right to have feelings. Or dignity. And why would you need to do that? What gets someone off about turning someone into a *thing* that you treat with disrespect? I write some pretty vicious Megatron/Starscream BDSM and it’s ugly. I wouldn’t want to be either party. And I’m not fond of the fact that those thoughts are in my mind, to be honest.

    This is my take on the mecha thing: ironically, the exact opposite of the dynamic you’re describing. In your post, hot sex involves taking a person and turning her into a thing–not just a thing, but a thing you love stripping of its dignity (it’s hotter to come on her face than in your happy sock, yes?). Mechasex is…taking a *thing* and giving it the dignity and individuality of a person. And getting it back from that mecha.

    And yep, I’m scarycatmecha. Busted. 😛

  5. Ratbat says:

    Pilot: I didnt know you were a dan savage fan? you listen to his Podcast? Macrophillia: thats size play right? I love that.
    Antepathy: I snooped and read your barricade/june fic. Nice 🙂 was that the one you were mentionin in PMs?

  6. Pilot says:

    antepathy: There are are basically two kinds of D/s dynamics, and you’re blurring the lines between them. There’s the kind that’s respectful, and there’s the kind that isn’t. It is entirely possible to spank your partner raw and spooge on their face while loving them with all your heart and soul, and vice versa. (Trust me, I have first hand experience. xD) And while you, personally, might feel that getting your face spooged on turns you into an object without dignity, there are scores of people out there that do not feel or believe that at all. And then of course, there are always the people that DO find it demeaning, and get off on being turned into something sub-human… and that would be the second kind of D/s dynamic, of which I couldn’t explain to you because it’s not my thing.
    Just gotta remember that sex lives are strange, strange things, and all of the normal rules don’t necessarily apply.
    Ratty: Yeah I love Dan Savage! I used to religiously read his column in the LA weekly before they took it out… now I just read him online. And yup, macrophilia is size stuff. I’m actually a member of, hurrhurr.

  7. Deludedcon says:

    I know this is an extremely old post, and I normally dislike even rendering my opinion on this type of media, but eh…reading over some of it, yeah…

    I like how in terms this is respectful post, but at the same time, I kinda feel the same way. I am generic I suppose, I like MxF – even if it’s with giant transforming alien robots. I’m not into slash, though. At all. I can appreciate the art-the skill even, but not the content. I will not openly slam anyone for what they like UNLESS they give me reason too (Respect and understanding difference of opinions is something I enjoy), but i’ve seen far too many people get way too butt hurt when people tend to not agree with their slash views. But I suppose that runs with others as well, on both sides of the matter. Maybe another reason I prefer to lurk under the radar and try not to get too involved with the community at large, because drama over such things is depressing in general and something that really is nothing more then a tedious annoyance.

    But in any event, I will continually keep an eye on your work, as you are one of the very, very few het mech/tf artists that does a good, no, spectacular job on portraying both genders together, even if one is a giant hulking, need I say ‘sexy robot’ male and of course, the little ladies. (Though, I am a big dork and like mecha women, with the dudes, but that is just me in my weird foray, hehe. *caff*)

    Well, that was my 2 cents on a pretty dead thread, but hey…take care!

  8. PinkyGirl says:


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