Submissions from the visitors:

I recently Got a few samples I thought were good enough to post for all to see here. Thanks you guys for giving me an e-mail through my *other* website eventhough I havent drawn much lately.

This one was done by Scolexigod T. wade. website: verschutteter In responce for a Pic I wanted to do a while back but never got around to. If you are into robot shennanigans I suggest you check out the link.

Done by a very good friend, J. Quateroni  whos website you can find here: rinpoo-chuang

Affection_in_the_Gauntlet A Heroman Fanfic by E. polley at Link ******

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4 Responses to “Submissions from the visitors:”
  1. sigletsig says:

    Aw, I still think that’s really nice to link me up like that~ :3c Thanks so much!
    Awesome pics as always – these posts are always so useful for inspiration and ref pics~ Oh, and finding new shows to watch of course C:
    Also Turians are so gorgeous D: That pic makes me happyyy~<3

  2. Waffles says:

    Whoooaaaaaa, didn’t expect to find Mass Effect porn here… not that I’m complaining, turians are hawt.

  3. Ratbat says:

    Waffles : I know a turian is not really a robot, But it just seemed to fit the theme of the site and it came from a good freind.

    sigletsig: can you believe I never played mass effect? =(

  4. Waffles says:

    Ratbat: Not a problem by me! I think the pic is great!

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