Titan renew’d one more year.

This morning I woke up from a smokin’ hot dream. I so rarely get robot sex dreams that I could count them on my fingers but in this case I got lucky. A charecter from my comic, Makenai a big giant 30 foot tall blue robot guy, and me and someone I met online named “vamp” all had a 3 some together inside a clotheing store. Honestly It was great,considering vamp is into big robot guys too. Its just that, Old maki is the least slutty of any of my robot charecters personality wise. Hes shy of women, and as a ‘mashine’ he physicly cannot have sex with more then one person. (in this version he had a fat cord and couldnt wait to pleasure us both mwhaha) ;;is a dirty bird;;
(for certain reasons sorry I cannot cross post comic stuff in this blog)

**DO WANT: http://www.hlj.com/product/ATS82281 (would someone plz buy this for me?)

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