to my peeps.

Pilot, you serriously want to see kup? Isnt he one of the oldest of the old?

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4 Responses to “to my peeps.”
  1. GuyverC says:

    Geeeez I suck, I didn’t realize you had a new site… once again >_<

  2. VRmech says:

    Hell yea good finds Ratty. I turn 24 today whoooooo! Ill get my poast on later….

  3. Ratbat says:

    guyver: I thought you were ignoreing me 😛 I tried to chat with you on yahoo several times and i neva got a responce. In anycase, How did you find this place man?

    VRmech: Holy shit! your just a baby still! ;;huggs fellow scorpio;;

  4. GuyverC says:

    Really? I don’t use Yahoo at all >_>

    I think you did send me a message once on MSN… But I was off playing X-Box with the other Aborted Creativity crew ( Cass and V2… Eli never got the game we were playing). By the time I got that, you were offline -_-‘

    And since then, I haven’t been online that much ( more X-Box and PS3 playing… >_>)

    Oddly, someone posted a link on 4chan to this site, that’s how I found it ^_^

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