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I had a dream recently that The old 90’s cartoon “The BOTS master” got a reboot but that Jean Choplin wasn’t responsible. The Boyzz Bots were all given this Japanese anime esque re-envisioning along with the other cast, But this wasn’t as cool as you think it sounds.

* the proportions of the Boyzz were changed in such a way to make them more mecha style with exacgerated proportions when they are really supposed to represent junky prototypes built with whatever spare parts Ziv Zoolander could find.

* the humans now all looked like fatal fury charecters: all big tittied and overly badass. (not the rag-tag cast the old show had)

It was Like the crap that American producers think passes for Japanese “style” and farmed out to korea but still used half the original voice cast. In my dream I got to see one of my favorite childhood cartoons ruined in the name of a graphical update, yet Why cant they just release the original 40 episodes on disk for 10$ so us old fans can marvel at the greatness and crap it used to be?

Why does everything have to be rebooted?

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