“We both enjoyed that.”

It’s been a week or 2 since I last posted, believe me I’m tryin!
I came across this naughty quiznos commercial about a month ago and I got a big kick out of it. Recently however, I found myself going back to it and studying it in detail. I laugh every time I see this thing, but much deeper in the subconscious is the very idea that ‘If a mecha ever talked to me that way-” in that vaugley Dominant vs. Sub way, I’d probably melt.
Granted they got away with putting this homosexual dom/sub implied add on Tv because the oven technically was sexless but I think we all know what this is about lol.

What scares me is that Im into the idea of Seduction, Submission, Rape, crypto-beastyality(sex with fantasy creatures),Robot fetish etc. And I cant really talk about this sort of thing without feeling utterly evil. Could this be the result of growing up female? or growing up in a religious family?
Either way, as dark as this sounds, I’m totally ready to be “seized” by a confident Dominant sentient robot and when I seemingly turn my head away in shame..

I want him to say “We both enjoyed that.” Cause it’s probibly true.

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3 Responses to ““We both enjoyed that.””
  1. cocla says:

    I would say its religions fault, as it tends to try and suppress and repress most things it doesnt outright support. I know some religious people, and they are the most repressed people I know. Meanwhile I know two very uninhibited females, and have seen more.

    Also most people that are into anything that isnt the vanilla variety of erotica/porn tend to feel uncomfortable talking about it in the general public because the reactions are often negative. Because like the good little primates we are, humans fear/mistrust what they dont understand and are compelled to hit it with a stick until its dead.

    None of it is evil and neither are you, you just have a healthy interest in sex and an overactive imagination. I speak as a fellow pervert of fantasy and tech 😛

  2. Ratbat says:

    what mecha are you into cocla?

  3. cocla says:

    Show wise I watch most every mech show I can come across (thank God for anime), I am a long standing fan of the Transformers and Gundam series, I also love the reploids from the Megaman games. Comic wise, my favorite characters in Edenworld design wise so far are Jet and Makenai (everyone seems to love him 😛 )

    Sex fantasy wise, there were Cheetor (transmetal 2 form), Blackaracnia (1st and transmetal 2 forms), and Silverbolt from Beast Wars/Beasties Transformers. From the Megaman series, definatly Zero’s look from the Megaman X Zero games (he was hot 😛 ), along with a few assorted bosses (my favorit being Dragoon from the Regular X series). Then throw in some giant mech from various things I have seen, but no real focus, just whatever looked cool.

    Im not into mecha the most though. Where you say your fantasies are mostly mech with some fantasy, Im mostly fantasy with some mech, though there is a healthy dose of mecha in there 😛

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