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The other night I had a strange dream about an old video game I had just recently beaten. Any of you played Valkyria chronicles? Well.. as you may know the tanks are really cool (at least to me they are), And In the dream I had gone to some sort of war museum where the 2 gallian tanks were on display.  A friend of mine was with me and we had asked the curators if we could get a ride on one of the tanks. They took both of them out, but after Dallas had taken one ride on the Edelweiss it needed to be checked and put back for preservation issues. On the other hand, the smaller tank the “Shamrock” was available for stupid tourists like me. The strange part of this dream is that I remember approaching this tank like I would have approached its tank commander Zaka, (Zaka had the best Japanese voice in the game IMO)  and I wanted to hop onto and either fuck it, or bite it or do something really really out of character for a human.  It never got to that point because the dream ended as I was walking towards it.

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