Happy Easter

SU-25 baby (“Get the apple daddy!”)

Hello People, Ya’ll still here?

This is the last Post I will be making for March. In April I have to take the month off to work on CE credits for my job. I wont be going away, But I plan to make the corrections on the comic page, and learn a bit of 3D in the coming weeks.

In may I will be in Reno NV May 11-12th for BLFC, If you’d like to come say hi and maybe get a sketch, consider this your heads up as well.

My next major project will be both dancing the Prince tomcat story, and laying the ground work for the next comic short story “Calamity”.

Thank you all for your support! Happy Easter.

Wulfram success machine fanart by Hydro ^ happy easter Hydro!

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15 Responses to “Happy Easter”
  1. GabsTheGabs says:

    Happy Easter Ratbat! And happy Easter for the people here! u.u

  2. Gingyflame says:

    Happy Easter, all!

  3. Iron says:

    I still can’t believe that Atoll Labs is finally done! It was a heck of a ride. Enjoy your break, and happy Easter!

  4. jean56f says:

    Happy easter dude o/ can’t wait fo the next comics 😀

  5. ZARA says:

    Happy Easter and yes I believe we are still here 😉 Rest up and rejuvenate we all survived past the 2017 Holidays and this was the last major holiday till the big bad 4th quarter Holiday Season of 2018! So other than the 4th for U.S. viewers we can celebrate no more big celebrations woo hoo…..

    MAN getting old sucks, now I look forward to the off holiday season!

  6. sora says:

    Have a great easter and enjoy your time relaxing.That baby is so precious such a lovely family in this picture this is what i want in my life.And also the picture that hydro made is really cool looking is like a dragon and jet fuse together.

  7. Ratbat says:

    @Sora: Thanks hun! Also, yes I was very surprised that Hydro drew that character. I seriously don’t deserve that caliber of fan art XD. Enough about me however, You have thoughts of a machine wife and kids often?

  8. Ratbat says:

    @ZARA: I can relate, Al my money is tied up in taxes right now. I’ll be much more comfortable once I get past April. Yes, being old DOES suck ;;cracks back;

  9. Ratbat says:

    @Iron: In 3 weeks I’ll start doing some 3D and prince tomcat. How are you holding up though?

  10. Ratbat says:

    @Gingyflame: What have you been up to these days? And happy late Easter response XD

  11. Ratbat says:

    @Dan: Grach baby!

  12. Gingyflame says:

    Meh, I’ve been doing well. Just a bunch of training and the stuff that come with it. I’ve been writing a bit more than I was a few months ago and I have a few stories in the works, I got one that I’m really enthusiastic about and I love writing but it’s just a spin off and this and that, like most of the side stories I write actually do correlate to HaM in some way. I’m sure you know that problem. Seems you’ve been all tied up and in a mess, hopefully it will get better after April.

  13. sora says:

    Sorry for the late response on you ratbat i should’ve just said something earlier to you then now. So yes i often think about haveing a family with a dire machine or demi machine. But the one thing kept me thinking about is what kind machine i would end up with. I did mentioned back then that i had thing for Rochelle and i thought maybe i would look for a plane similar to her. Then their be times that i thought what if come across some other different type of vehicles the i would really like lot. And It’s bit hard haveing to choose what kind dire machine i would like to be with and alot of that have to do like deviantart website that has alot of other living machine art of female vehicles that look cute and sexy. Not sure if you if have some simliar thought about having to choose a military machine you like to be with. Share me your opinion on this if you want to tell me.

  14. Rammy says:

    Это…чертовски мило! ^__^

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