fasterman I WILL do a 3-some and a hand-job pic one of these days…

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9 Responses to “>;3”
  1. Aragem says:

    Wow. Blurr looks AWESOME in this.

  2. Eonheart says:

    Pfft, I’m sure ya know me hunny. No matter what- I just kept staring that piece of yours for several times, even I put it in my PSP LOL.

    You are still awesome. ( ‘-‘ )b*

  3. Pilot says:


    I don’t remember if I asked this or not, but… you take requests or do commissions, Ratty? 😡

  4. Pilot says:

    And argh, that wasn’t supposed to turn out to be an angry face. Dx

  5. Ratbat says:

    Pilot: what sort of thing were you looking for?

  6. Waffles says:

    …Now THERE’S a command that Blurr can definitely obey…

  7. Pilot says:

    I was thinking of something steamy with Kup… definitely with the cigar in his mouth too. 😀

  8. VRmech says:

    GIGANTIC hands grabbing tiny female. AWESOME *flap* *flap*

  9. Aura says:

    Thank you Ratbat for making another awesome picture, your attention to detail is superb!

    Also….Pilot…..I second that request, anything with Kup would be awesome.

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