Atoll Lab side charecters 3: Kamaz


Kamaz truck and the Anti-machine woman Anzio.

So lets see, the story behind kamaz, and that girl. He was a Russian truck that was situated for use by this anti-machine town (they gut all the electronics out of their machines to make sure they don’t wake up but they didn’t do a good job for this truck who woke up anyway. ) His driver is a woman who was tasked to do trade from town to town . Food, medicine, kerosine ect. But one day he saves her from getting her legs crushed by someone else driving a car, basically moves her out of the way. But this act reveals that he is alive, and in anti-machine communities they kill living machines they find. this woman “Anzio”, she believed in an “eye for an eye” and repaid the favor by keeping his existence quiet. she had to continue to use him as a regular truck and continued to do so until he couldn’t stand it. He would snake his tendrils up her legs from inside the cab and beg her to let him be her lover . She’d get horny from random thoughts like any living creature and he’d be smelling those pheromones. He’d get desperate

She kept telling him “no, f you machine!” No. No! For months. Until he gradually stopped begging less and less and his heart sank. Until one evening it was dark and stormy out and on a drive, him and her had to pull off to the side of the road. a flood happened and made the road impassable for the night. There, alone with this machine, listening to the rain hit the roof of the cab he cranked up the air conditioning and made it nice n warm inside.. Inviting. He begged her again in a soft sad voice to let him please her before she went to sleep..”just the tip” in fact . And she to his utter shock, says “fine.” Well, he gives her a lot more then the tip. He proper fucks her and makes her feel great. A veritable 6 months of pent up heat. She is really surprised but is eager to get back so she grabs his stick controls and he refuses to move . “No! That isn’t “our ” home anymore! I won’t let you go back . ”

She was very angry with him, but seeing as there was nothing that could be done, she fell asleep on the bench seat and he pulled out and drove her 100 miles in the opposite direction, he begged various fuel stations for fuel and the morphs ushered him across the lines where the man machine alliance was strong and welcoming . He took her to a refugee camp run by morphs before she woke up. Even though she was effectively kidnapped, kamaz couldn’t go back to being a dead inanimate object in the place he was born at. And he wouldn’t let the woman he loved continue to see the world in black and white. He loved her. When she woke finally , she was quite pissed and scared. Never left her country before.

But he assured her that he would do his best to take care of her for all time if she would trust him . They waited in a refugee camp filled with others who had escaped other countries that were not friendly to machines. Their wounds were treated and they had been granted provisional citizenship . Still , Anzio the woman, she’s kind of an ass. Slightly contemptuous. But she actually does love him back . It’s a cute dynamic


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7 Responses to “Atoll Lab side charecters 3: Kamaz”
  1. Oedipism says:

    I saw that you draw in HB lead, and was wondering whether you use any special kind of paper like bristol board, or just use regular old cartridge paper?
    Also, really love the drawings you’ve been posting lately, it’s an interesting departure from your previous stuff and great to see your range of skills. Keep up the great work, I love seeing them!

    … Also delicious het interspecies stuff, nam nam, my fave~

  2. black0ut says:

    Anti machine girl?
    What a match up X3

  3. Ratbat says:

    No special paper really. Imo, you only use special paper if you intend to create a real like “done-up” fancy piece of artwork for presentation or to be sold at a con and you want it to be durable. If all your doing is making sketches to scan directly into the computer then it doesn’t matter what you use, and in this case, just regular computer paper is fine (fine for like 97% of your needs)

  4. Ratbat says:

    Yeah shes kind of an ass to him at times. But they really depend on each other. Plus he really wants to bond with her (the whole nine yards). It makes sense being that she becomes his object of interest spending 7 hours a day driving back n forth between towns doing deliveries with her. the machines omni sense could pic up brain wave patters, subtle changes in physiology, and he even have small short observational conversations when she was feeling friendly. When she finally said “yes” to his sexual advances however, he made sure she would feel nothing better then him. He confessed that he loved and wanted her over and over even though she was afraid of the consequences of being caught. (they would have killed him, and kicked her out of town)

  5. SteelThunder says:

    Glad to have given you this idea/story :3

  6. Ratbat says:

    Fuck yeah steel, your ideas really touch me somtimes(they scare me sometimes too) but this one ballooned into something really cool in my head over the months. I dunno how much I can detail these stories though because the social justice warriors think I condone rape half the time (when the girl is really just a vuague representing of myself in many ways).

  7. Gingyflame says:

    It isn’t rape if the participants enjoy and allow it to continue ;). I really would never have derived rape from any of your postings Ratbat. Well that T-90A pic was pretty demeaning, getting paraded around town forcefully with a spike ball (idk what the name of it is) in your “mouth” and your package hard and displayed for the whole town to see would be rape in my book, or at least a form of torture.

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