badguy for Jane

Ive always wondered why many female TF fans wanted the evil Destron leaders to bed with. I personally am not a fan of this guy, nor am I a fan of screamer either.. But I realize that the answer may lie in the the developed fan materials and company sanctioned comics that IDW and others put out over the years.

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4 Responses to “badguy for Jane”
  1. antepathy says:

    Oh gorgeous!!

    I can’t figure out the thing for G1 Megatron, myself. But IDW’s? And this???? Oh my!! *fans self*

  2. Steshette says:

    *succumbs to tremblings of ecstasy* *faints* *gets up and same repeats umpteen times*

    I have, like, an imaginary lifetime with Megs in my head that spans eons by now. I’m married to him in my Sims 2 game (spent an insane amount of time re-customizing Nova’s skin and 3D-sculpting complete genetics) and we have two gorgeous children (I hate children, but the sim Megs wanted some and I couldn’t refuse him anything). Even irl, I’ve found a man that is as damn close to him both in face and in voice as is humanly possible (an infinitely good man though, but has that same touch of badass that makes Megs pure awesomeness) – and you know I’m hunting this man like there’s no tomorrow or the next life!

    Haha, I’ll have to bring a drawer-full of panties to work tomorrow, cuz this image is emblazoned in my mind and will be haunting me all day in unspeakable ways XD Thank gawd it’s weekend! Ratty, I worship you…

  3. Jane-sama says:

    Again, thank you so much, I love it.

    And I agree with Steshette, Something about Megatron (in certain continuities) just turn me on. I like the bad boy types, except starscream, too much of a whiny bitch.

  4. Smith says:

    *discretely snubs subject*
    *applauds artist and effort/detail*
    *goes back to RL*

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