Chinook being silly

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  1. GadenKerensky says:

    Since I don’t know how else to contact you (and I realised too late that the other post I asked this on was old), do you still take commissions?

  2. GadenKerensky says:

    Since I don’t know how else to contact you, do you still do commissions?

  3. GadenKerensky says:

    Do you still take commissions?

  4. Hydro says:

    What, no comments yet?

    This is the best, I love how goofy this is – but I love the line quality of this sketch too, with the fine hatching.

    [Side-scroll Chinook videogame when??]

  5. Anonymous says:

    lmao is that a dick badge

  6. Ratbat says:

    @Gaden: I no longer take commissions, but I’m curious what you would have asked for. Sorry It took soo long, where do you come from?

  7. GadenKerensky says:

    I come from Australia.

    And sorry if there was a flood of responses from me; I didn’t know why comments weren’t being posted, so I kinda went overboard, thinking things were bugged.

  8. Anonymous says:

    >I come from Australia.
    I think she means where did you come to the site from.
    >And sorry if there was a flood of responses from me; I didn’t know why comments weren’t being posted, so I kinda went overboard, thinking things were bugged.
    Comments have to be approved from what I recall, it can take a few hours/few days before they’re live.

  9. GadenKerensky says:

    Well, if it’s about how I found this site. Probably through e621.

    Turns out Ratbat-style Dire Machines are weird at first but do funny things to the southern brain.

  10. Ratbat says:

    @Gaden: thank you for the compliment sir. Forgive me for my sporadic replies too. If you have any questions about this stuff let me know. Otherwise, I’m no longer doing the commission thing. Happy July 4rth.

  11. Ratbat says:

    @Anon: for Chinook Avatar the cartoon dick is as essential as every other dick drawing in places it’s not supposed to be lol.

  12. Grand-Murrismo says:



  13. Ratbat says:

    @murr furrfright was a thousand years ago lol. How could I be making your kind of content? It’s tanks and planes 🙂

  14. Grand-Murrismo says:

    I’m huge into mech stuff, actually! I have a couple of dirty car beast I designed myself… >:3c

    I can show you if you want, but I barely know how this site works. Can I upload them here?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey RB, how do you feel about Infinity being (temporally) shut down? I saw you post on /clang/ and sometimes /m/ over there.

    Just post imgur links. I guess.
    Fair bit of warning, though. If they’re “car beasts” as in furry vehicle morphs, I’m not sure this would be the best site for it. RB has openly expressed disdain for that kinda thing and for furries in general on this site before.

  16. Ratbat says:

    @Anon: I was posting through 8chan and from my knowledge I checked 2 days ago, It’s still gone.

    I’m not confident their will be a viable replacement until someone decides to make their own website. Basically someone has to foot the bill and do some word press coding to ensure /clang/ never gets lost due to supposed right-wing, terrorist, suicide, manifesto, horse fuckery they have nothing to do with.

    Their should be a place for robot fuckers to go. But theirs problems associated with that too..
    I personally hope all that Rockman/Jenny the teenage robot CP got wiped out. But Everything else was fine.

  17. Ratbat says:

    @ Murrismo: as long as this Isn’t furry related I invite you to post links in a reply. It’s actually considerably more involved to give people upload access atm.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s down until September 5th, which is when the site’s owner has a hearing before US congress. No really, they subpoenaed him even though he lives in the fucking Philippines. There are currently a few bunkers but none of them have /clang/, we just have to wait another two weeks for the hearing to end and the site to come back online.

  19. Gingyflame says:

    I want to make so many doodle and comics but I have not the time. I can barely write anymore, oh how times change.

  20. Grand-Murrismo says:

    I only have him hosted on FA and ToyHouse, currently.

    This is the clean version

    If you have an account, the uncensored one is there too.

  21. PrettyPrettyNine says:

    You can post an uncensored version on imgur in 15 seconds
    It’s kinda cool and I like how you didn’t give it a face, but ooh, I really don’t like those weird paws. I assume you also gave it a furry dick like a knot or something? Judging by your other art you seem to be a run-of-the-mill furry.

  22. Grand-Murrismo says:

    I’m not into canine dicks, here’s the uncensored version

    I consider myself more of an anthro artist over a typical furry, (although the art I linked isn’t mine, I commissioned it). I understand if that seems like I’m splitting hairs, but it’s complicated for me. The community isn’t something I strongly identify with anymore.

    I’m currently exploring my interest in vehicle creatures, as I’ve always had an unusual attachment to cars. Currently I have no idea what part of the spectrum, if there is one, I might fit into.

  23. @Grand-Murrismo It looks so much like a playful kitten, and its legs are like a dragon and a cougar at the same time! At first it reminded me of the Soviet cartoon “Gathered All”. Where to fit? I would say that if you fit into our team) Or, with your drawings, transfer lovers of furry to our side))))

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