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Lando has made some new living machine arts! Check it out: 1406186_Lando_cam2Untitled-2dempsey

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  1. DELTA X3 says:

    This is really cool. It’s interesting to actually get a visual on what you’re talking about. Also the explanations are really well done, medical background probably helps a lot in that aspect. Learning has occurred. So what will be in part 2?

    On a separate note, Lando’s stuff is really great. It’s really refreshing to see some new talent onboard. Hope he decides to keep up the great work.

  2. Theunknownjester says:

    i am glad i got to see some of this being drawn during the stream, it was fun and kinda sad i didn’t stick around for the rest of this but what ever, next time! Though i might have to adjust my terminology as i have been using manipulator arms as the term for the mecha-dendrites but at the very least its nice to know the names for the different kinds of tendrils/manipulators. I do have a question on the vaginal tendril, i assume it is flexible to an extent so i guess how flexible is it? -and i guess i should also ask what would an, oral(?) port look like?

    glad to see more artwork in the living machine category from more artists, its always good to have a larger pool of inspiration to pull from when it comes to drawing and writing, with any luck lando keeps an interest in the subject!

  3. jean56f says:

    Great work ! need a book on it too !

    Yes, Lando’s art is really beautiful !

  4. iMary says:

    Totally agree with previous comment. This is absolutely cool.
    Actually, all of your works are amazing, your ideas are quite original and interesring (since I love unusual things) 🙂
    Keep up the good work! 😉

  5. jean56f says:

    Dunno why but it’s remind me the book of the artist simon stalenhag (check it it’s awesome), yeah a real back story and I really love that 😀
    Keep goin’
    *give a manly french virtual hug*

  6. Bolo42 says:

    Wouldn’t the cockpit still be able to be used as such?

  7. Ratbat says:

    Cockpit cant be used in most cases.

  8. Someguy says:

    Wait why would they have a cell to destroy humans

  9. Ratbat says:

    The nanomachine cells don’t destroy humans, they mimic/copy the function of human cells then kill the original and assume their placement. Like little doppelgänger units. This is how humans become more machine-like inside.

  10. Ratbat says:

    My next page will have a ground vehicle similar to the French tank. I’ll try n show what they look like inside. It’s also pretty strange. Glad you are enjoying the art!

  11. Ratbat says:

    This is def a porn fantasy gone out of control by now. But I suppose world building around mechaphillia is as good a reason as any to get peeps thinking about transhumanism.

  12. Ratbat says:

    I am pushing him to do more in his free time 🙂 <3

  13. Ratbat says:

    Mecha-dendrites is just a general term for all of them. Same with “metal tenticles”. Or what have you. They do have individual names for eldritch science sake however. ( I’m officially calling alien space magic “Eldritch Science” now.)

    You can give oral sex by tongueing the tip of the flat end of the port. They feel everything.. And it’s warm. Some say it tastes like copper penny and moist earth.

    That vagina that looks like an alien blaster works mostly like a fleshlight or a male to female extension hose. It is normally retracted inside the body with only the flat surface where the vagina-like slit lays depressed into the metal surface. If it needs to reach you– it WILL reach you, as it can telescope out and curl a bit. To Dire machines, even the vagina is a tenticle.. Still good enough to extract sperm and transmit pleasure. Babies are born elsewhere in the machine– it’s slightly separate from the vag.

  14. Ratbat says:

    Lando is my white buffalo. I need to take care not to wear him out.

  15. Theunknownjester says:

    ah interesting, and that is good to know how ever i was wondering more along the lines of what a living machine mouth tendril would work, for say something much larger then a human wanting to give oral pleasure to a human but not quite able to do so with its ‘primary’ mouth.

    so lets say a space living machine, or a subnautic living machine wants to give there lady or man oral but cant do the constrictions of there environment, a little hard for a human to survive in space/under water with out some form of thick protective layer, is there a specific way they would go about doing that or would it simply be a tendril similar to the vaginal port with the exception of the sex organs at the end being replaced with a mouth and tongue or something different to that?

    also looking forwards to seeing the second image, curious to see how it will turn out and what vehicle you will end up drawing for that!

  16. AdmiralStarNight says:

    Question: do the Diremachines make their own ammo (if they have guns) or do they need to be loaded up like a regular machine?

    Seems like the assemblers might be able to make ammo but that would obviously drain any sort reserve fast if they were combat for too long.

    Also, what’s the Tomcat’s name? (if he/she has one.) Handsome devil

  17. Ratbat says:

    The Tomcat is kind of non descript, Could be male or female. As for ammo, I am a little bit undecided but I am leaning toward Dire machines using outside pre-made ammo that could be dragged into the body through the mouth or via some side appendage that could accept them and discard the casings. Morph machines on the other hand, 100% make their own ammo in their bodies.

    Its impossible to have it both ways in this case, If a dire machine had the ability to make its own ammo, then it couldn’t make enough nanites for healing.

  18. Ratbat says:

    There’s no such thing as a “mouth tendril” In the Atoll Lab cannon at this time. (Sounds a lot like Gingy’s cannon). And that’s mainly because Dire machines will just fuck you the good old fashioned way if they want that kind of pleasure. For them, oral sex is a purely human construct born out of the fear of getting someone pregnant.. a compromise. The dire machines cant get pregnant till you’ve formed the bond, So they just fuck you straight up. It has been known that some machines will fulfill a request of oral sex if they actually have a mouth.. but this is generally only if the human requests it, or doesn’t want to be penetrated.. in that case making the human cum with the mouth is the only alternative, cuz Machines never want to go home empty-handed. DM’s also don’t turn down humans that want to give oral, but theirs no special tendril for that (and they still prefer regular fucking.)

    If you are inside or outside the Dire.. They will still reach you with their cock or pussy. They are alien that way.

    If the human is in an environment where sex would be too difficult or dangerous, then they just wouldn’t do it, they’d wait till the time was right. You wouldn’t perform fellatio under the crushing weight of negative atmospheric pressure anyway..

    Hope this isn’t too much of a bummer.

  19. AdmiralStarNight says:

    Thanks for answering my question!

    Guess you could technically have it both ways for the dire machines like this:

    A Dire machine would, in every circumstance they can, use preproduced ammo that they have to take in. But if in a situation where they do not have the ammo and feel that they are under threat, then will produce the ammo to protect themselves at the cost of their healing abilities. (Which would mean they would have to be under very threatening circumstances and not seem like some OP power these guys have.)

    Love the worldbuilding going on here. Your porn already had a world-building element, each picture is a little story in a world most of us would love to see come to life.

  20. Theunknownjester says:

    Na its fine, i had a feeling something like that would be the case but it just means more knowledge of how the living machine world works!

    -insert the more you know star and rainbow-

  21. Senator Armstrong says:

    Why are there talking sentient machines?


  22. Theunknownjester says:

    Nice bradly, for what ever reason the first time i saw it i thought it was a warrior…the british bias is strong with in me.
    And the tendril throwing stuff out of (his/her?) hatch is hilarious, as well as the little emote, though i am not sure if the emote is a ‘looking for ladies’ or is ‘i am a lady, jeez’
    looking forwards to the finished picture, i am guessing you will stream that at some point?

  23. Bolo42 says:

    Interesting, but I would think sentient machines wouldn’t need quite so many “organs” and would still have a lot of space left inside.

  24. Ratbat says:

    Depends on the size. ships tend to have some useable space left. Cars might have room for one since they are so hollow.. but tanks and fighter planes dont have any real room for people.
    These guys are not so much robots as they are actual machine creatures at this point. The main thing– people are never supposed to see this. Its very meta.

  25. Gear Head says:

    I would like to see some Halo machines or Star Wars machines. Especially a M808 main battle tank (Scorpion) named Shelia from the Red vs Blue series.

  26. Someguy says:

    Will you be doing boats to?

  27. Ratbat says:

    yeah probably kinda the next one if I do it. A boat will be in it.

  28. Gear Head says:

    I am really glad you made these pictures, this make role playing with new partners much easier when I have to explain the anatomy of the Dires. Very well done.

  29. churchillmando says:

    reminds me of the posters in shop class

  30. curl295 says:

    This anatomy made me think for a while.

  31. Ratbat says:

    Oh hello! Havent seen you around before? or have I?

  32. curl295 says:

    Yes i am new here.

  33. Ratbat says:

    Man.. That means you’ve seen the porn XD . Forgive this craziness.

    … made you think for a while? On what particular thing?

  34. curl295 says:

    Do they need to eat? can they eat human foods?
    i’m also wondering on how huge the places the dire machines would have to work at, some vehicles are big

  35. Kitty_D says:

    Question about gender in these dire machines. How is it established? Are dire machines genderfluid? I mean, they seem to be able to have all the sexual dendrites up and running. What do you suppose determines this selection or development?

  36. Ratbat says:

    Gender is randomized, but while normal machines are utterly gender less, it’s assumed that the space machine code adapted the earth vehicles to carry a similar need for gender for the purpose of staying ahead of evolutionary problems that occur in a chaotic environment. What it means to be male or female is much simpler and up to interpretation by the machine folk, as they don’t come stock with any sort of human culture. They adopt culture later and make it their own. Most Machine folk are not abouve bi-sexuality and may experiment with many types of partners. It’s just that many of the folk want children as well, whitch requires a bonding with someone of the opposite sex.
    To answer your question: the Dires aernt hermaphroditic they were pretty much influenced sexually after most of the higher order species of the earth.

  37. robthegray says:

    so, what would happen if a person was “unconscious” in a vehicle as it transformed

  38. Ratbat says:

    Eventually the body gets pushed out. Or the person dies if they don’t wake up.

  39. robthegray says:

    oh, I was expecting their mind would be assimilated into that of the machine instead of just dying

  40. Ratbat says:

    most humans are just shunted out. The only time a human becomes assimilated is in the case of the Half-machine cyborgs who already have a vast amount of machinery integrated into their bodies.

  41. Norean says:

    Going to be making one of these myself. I have everything in mind but I am not too confident in my writing. I worry about it becoming a jumbled mess. I should however have some better luck with the illustrations once I get some practice down. Hoping by the end of the summer I should be skilled enough to put together both the written information as well as the illustrations.

  42. Brendan O. says:

    I’ve a few question. If all the free space inside a dire machine is full of nanomachine goo or organs, does this mean a dire machine can’t give a human a lift or carry things around inside of itself if that’s what it wants to do or is a part of its job? Maybe the nano-fluid could shift around or re-form itself as needed to reveal what’s left of the old cockpit, cab, or cargo space so it could be used, then it all re-gooifies after the particular task is done.

    Just how widespread is Machine Apotheosis? How advanced does a machine need to be in order to be affected (I.e. would something like a Model T Ford or a steam locomotive be affected)? Is it containable (i.e. reversible) if you try to stop the transformation in the early stages?

    Just curious, I’ve seen your work (both the clean and the sexy stuff), and I have to admit I’m a bit of a fan, and I like the idea of Dire machines, sort of kicking around the idea of doing a story about the Locomotive Folk now I’ve done some “further reading” after seeing the art and read the Atoll Lab comic (great stuff!). Not really sure where to post it up (for I would like others to read it at some point), but still…

  43. Ratbat says:

    to Brendan: Most machines with small control areas loose this empty space. However, I take some liberties with this.. Mainly machines that were very hollow to begin with might have some room left. Cars, large ships, large transport planes, submarines ect. To say that all of the space gets taken up is a bit of a misnomer, but there is far less space then their used to be. So some machine types that were useful before they turned might be less useful now for their original purpose. Machines like fighter planes have 0 room left. But large ships always have some space left.

    At the time of The Calamity, it was just before the year 2100, and while old machines from the 1950’s an on kept their pedigree, anything that was still in use had upgraded systems with sophisticated GPS navigation and on board computers with wifi . The space machine code virus needs a relatively modern computer with wireless access to stick to and rewrite. Machine apotheosis did not spread to old tech in museums like WW2/Korean war vehicles, it also does not spread to machines without a power source. However, if you go back and completely overhaul old WW2 tech to have a gps nav system with a power source wired somewhere to the engine, then you can easily trigger Apotheosis. This explains how old war machines still exist in the future as sapient versions.

    I talk to a few railfans (kiwi and aussies) and while its not fully developed, the trainfolk are definitely an important part of this world still. I had it in my head that the train people were a very tight-knit community that embraced the people who lived around and maintained the track. Some uphold neo-victorianism and the old hobo-code. Transport is still a lucrative business, so a train probably carries his/her own weapons. It would be a sight to see a bandit approaching the front of the train and his tendril arms sprout out from under the tinder box wielding 7 or 8 shotguns all trained in your direction. The rough and tumble life of the American north is distinctly different from the very social Shinkansen trains of japan or even the British metro trains.

  44. Brendan O. says:

    To Ratbat:

    Well, my thinking on the story I’m starting to piece together and write is that the Dire in question is a steam engine, which are a definite minority in the Train-Folk community since they’re pre-computer technology and most of them are still ordinary machines (though my thinking is that the Train-folk have a soft spot for these even so, considering them, in a very real sense, their ancestors even though they don’t speak). What few steamers that are Dires are cases of a few excursion locomotives that had been retrofitted with modern computer systems to make them more compatible to run within the confines of the modern railways.

    The one in particular for my story would’ve been in a museum, and actually had bits cut off of it to show the insides for people to understand how a steam locomotive worked, and the cab had been converted into a fancy simulator linked to a bank of computers to let the museum visitors have a go at driving a steam train. At the time the space machine virus swept over the planet, the museum had been closed for renovation, so nobody was around to notice as the Apotheosis overtook the simulator system, and the computer parts slowly migrated under the metal skin of the locomotive and the cut away sections were “healed” over with new metal and parts. All anybody knew was that they day everybody went away, everything was kosher, when everybody came back, there was a living machine there to greet them.

    My thinking is that the character would be a pretty normal one, so far as Dires go, with the exception of having the Dire version of brain damage (haven’t decided on the gender just yet). It’d effectively have all its marbles and be able to speak, have all the manipulator tendrils, self heal, and so on, but it would be unable to self-motivate, in other words, it can’t drive by itself, thus it need a human assistant to do all the driving the “old fashioned way”, not that the character likes this very much. There are humans who are are like this, just to name one, Stephen Hawking. Utterly brilliant man, but there are bits of him that just don’t work right, so he needs some help in order to live his life. So why not a Dire?

    It’d be a sort of buddy-story/relationship tale, where the latest assistant comes to a Train-Folk community to take up the job of being the steamer’s caretaker (turns out the steam Dire has been very picky and usually doesn’t keep assistants for very long, part of it is the stress of being so different from all the other Dires, part of it was the character just didn’t hit it off very well with the ones who came before).. At first, they don’t really like each other and it gets almost to a point where they part ways, but over time they sorta get used to each other’s company and it could wind up being a love story depending on where it all goes.

  45. Ratbat says:

    this sounds a lot like a guy i know whos writing a story that runs parallel to yours. Also a steam train. Maybe he’ll finish one day.

  46. moll says:

    I suddenly found this site and i really like this universum. But i am slightly confused, because there is NO history line answering whole history of dire machines. How they can be part of WWII stories, or present time (like Anya MI-24 stories), when main “dire revolution” starts in distant future (end of 21. century). It seems that WWII and present dires are very unicorn-like creatures, very scarce, low profile and hiding.

    I think that whole history ilustration would help remarkably well, if it even exists.

    Keep great work guys and bring Delta_x3 back. i like Anya stories.

  47. Ratbat says:

    @moll: The reason why you are confused is primarily because everyone on this site is using a different universe with a different set of rules. The only thing that unifies everyone on this site is that we like the concept of living machines.

    Deltas history is very different from the one I came up with. And it is very different from the one cerebral, and Gingy’s “Hansel and Marion world”.

    In the official lore, any WWII machine that had at least one surviving model past 1950 still exists in the Atoll Lab universe. These machines are extremely rare by 2123 so you mostly see them as living museum docents. The space machine code virus did not mass infect machines until October 2079. I had played with coming up with a timeline for my story but it requires a ton of wikipedia references and advanced knowledge of persons and technological breakthroughs between 1900 to preset to make it sound intelligible.

  48. Moll says:

    Thank you. How about delta? Will delta’s stories return back in the future?

  49. Kcidical says:

    @Moll , sadly no, I found that out the hard way.

  50. clog says:

    what happened Kcid?

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