Final Boss of the comic: Neodym

NeodymThis Success machine is rather complicated and is part of the final part of my comic.

The Concepts: 1. Bleeding matador bull + cancer + Cannibalism + millipede + Magnet?

So do to the complex nature of this machine, I decided to base it directly on a photograph by sketching over it and keeping some aspects while removing other aspects. The intent is that the original picture wont be around after I’m done, so its mainly a time-saving measure. In any case, Picture if you will an Iowa class battleship who has mutated into a Success machine. Ive been asking around what might look cool for this concept.. So far playing with the idea of making the turrets gnarled warped and with different sized guns. Playing with the idea of this she-boat using various wreckage as band aids to heal. Thusly “the tails of airplanes” poke out off the deck, maybe other radar towers or pieces from dead ships poke out like spikes. The Guns in the front are overtaken by what looks like a huge cancerous mass of nano machine roots and brambles. haven’t decided if I should just keep the original size of the guns and offset the turrets a little.. or warp and mutate the turrets altogether.

Update: Decided to scrap the idea of millipede legs and “Yamato crab” legs altogether (the logistics of her biting people on land was getting complicated). Instead we will put more emphasis on her magnetic tractor beam power. She can simply pull people into the water towards her bitey open maw.

Half the battle will be defeating her kinetic shield, the other half of the battle will entail infiltrating her body to destroy her heart- the engine. This may or may not require a large bomb in of itself. Once her mouth is open, a High powered magnet comes into effect.. I may not have room to showcase this power tho.   In the meantime ive just been calling her “Neodym the cancer boat”

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  1. GabsTheGabs says:

    Wow… impressive concept. 🙂

  2. Charon the Fateless says:

    Oh my, it seems that she is fated to failure~. The irony of the success machine is it not?

  3. Charon the Fateless says:

    Seems a pitiful fate that the Success Machines seem to be built for failure… A pitiful irony really. But such are the shackles of fate…

  4. Ratbat says:

    The main Idea Is that success machines are born of man’s natural desire to snuff out the competition. But that, if you don’t understand what makes up the “core” of your weapon it can quickly get away from your control. In a post atoll lab story, The success machines exist in the world like the Greek mythological Gorgons to be challenges for heroes to face. This one is doomed to failure.

  5. Ratbat says:

    They are simply called “success machines” because the people who made them considered them “Successes” in what encompassed the whole Atoll Lab island experiments. (Some were conducted in space, and some where conducted in the desert as well).

  6. Charon the Fateless says:

    Ah, the shackles of fate- imposed by man upon his machines; for he does not understand their nature. Again; a pity that such creatures are doomed… Thank you for the explanation- t’was a kindness most artists ignore. Or they just don’t like dealing with wordy people whom take it upon themselves to make light of a very DIRE machine indeed.

  7. Jadex says:

    All you need now is Ronald Lee Ermey to see this thing crawling into land and go “Holy-lee Jesus. What is that! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!”
    I’d think even he’d start running after seeing that fuckin thing

  8. Iron says:

    Hmm…needs more guns. And then add more guns onto those guns. Maybe just make the guns shoot guns out of them.

    I’m digging the jaw on her. Reminds me of a crocodile.

  9. Gingyflame says:

    Kinda reminds me of the Flood from Halo.

  10. GabsTheGabs says:

    O my god THAT ship! (Run for your lives)

    She is peaceful or see someone and want to attack?

  11. Brendan O. says:

    BB-66…That’d be the cancelled U.S.S. Kentucky, then? I can only imagine the horror a Dire Iowa-class would feel on seeing one of her sisters transformed into a tortured monster. A battleship is a very proud thing, they were the point of the sword in their day and they are still very-much loved ships, to see one like this is almost heartbreaking.

    She’s a predator, this one, and it’d be a tough job to go down into the innards to destroy the boilers and the turbines, nevermind breaking through the shields and the other ghoulish additions. Tough nut to crack. Anybody got a spare Yamato class lying around?

  12. Norean says:

    I am going to go with once peaceful, but slowly mutated and driven insane by what was done to her.

  13. Jadex says:

    Gabs! It has parts of other boats and planes attached to it like armor! Just run!

  14. Ratbat says:

    so its based on the BB-61 even though the number was kind of just arbitrarily chosen (i didn’t want it to match any of the iowas that actually existed) This story basically mirrors real earth up to 1950. Yamato and Bismarck don’t exist in this future, But the last British battleship HMS vanguard still exists and is alive as a flotilla ambassador. Battleships ARE very proud. But they probably didn’t have any other ships around for the dark beginning of this one’s life. One thing that Gen-U-Mine corporation through they had was a fool-proof limiter system built into each of these machines to kill the computer systems. This was simply overwritten by the alien code as well. The Humans were never in control of this alien tech. This was always going to go down this way.

  15. Norean says:

    Got a question seeing the growths on the bow. Do the traverse mechanism for the main guns still work or are they stuck in a fixed position. If Fixed, it means she will be far easier to defeat as she must keep targets directly ahead or behind her. Or use missiles for flanking targets as the 5 inch mk38’s won’t be too great against anything larger then a cruiser.

  16. Ratbat says:

    lower forward gun, back gun should be unimpeded. higher forward gun may not have complete traverse. Nano growth may impede some angles of fire, but she’s aware of all this.

  17. Gingyflame says:

    Quick question: Can we make the babies? (God damn am I really that desperate!?) well I guess in general can success machines reproduce?

  18. Ratbat says:

    Success machines never cooperate long enough to get pregnant. They usually end up killing people.

  19. jean56f says:

    Damn ratbat it’s really nice ! I can’t wait for the rest of the story, keep goin’ o/

  20. theian says:

    it really is too bad about her temper, She is such a Beautiful Female. also your Commission page is empty

  21. Ratbat says:

    Yeah I accidentally broke the form page and just never updated it. Hello btw, where did you come from?

  22. Gear Head says:

    Wow this girl is a sight to behold. Just the red eyes alone send chills down my spine, and not the good chills. That jaw and that gash even make her more scary. She is definitely the final boss for this comic.

  23. Gear Head says:

    I also forgot to mention the aircraft imbedded into side and absorbed by the tumors. How does that work exactly.

  24. Ratbat says:

    Nanomachines give machinefolk healing by stripping off elements of metals and carbons from other sources if they are needed. If a tank is injured he can strap scrap metal to his body and absorb whats needed over time.

  25. Do you have the Atoll Lab comic put up in an online pool anywhere, either on this site or another one? I can’t figure out where it is, either that, or this site just plain doesn’t have a button you can click on that takes you straight to a collection of all the comic pages thus far. It’s a neat read this story, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  26. Ratbat says:

    Until I turn the ‘other’ category into a “comic category” this is also a good place:
    I should probably get on that…

  27. Gear Head says:

    One more question. Is it possible to have sex with a sane success machine like the jet you previously posted?

  28. Ratbat says:

    It is, its just highly unlikely. The mentality of these creatures is one of pure anxiety and destruction. They can barely tolerate being in the room with someone else and There is only a few acceptations currently to this rule. Basically when 2 success machines team up to complete a goal, and in the case of leo’s battle partner (Lemarchand eludes to the fact that shes one,) But this never gets fully revealed during the time on the island.

    So basically there are acceptations to the rule. Its just not all that likely.

  29. Gear Head says:

    Oh I thought it would be like a beauty and the beast type relationship.

  30. Feign says:

    I leave the internet for one week and I miss a comic page AND a new Success Machine?

    Have to say, I had been skeptical that you could make these characters really monstrous, but this one hit the mark.

    It has me even more curious to see what the Space Station-derived Success Machine might look like (though I totally can’t think of any way it would make its way into the story anytime soon or ever really.)

  31. Ratbat says:

    Hes already in the story, But more or less a speaking roll. youl get to see him briefly for like.. one page lol. Otherwise he pops up as a rather comedic emoticon. Ive done one other success machine before this and that was wolfram- I havent taken this guy to the final pass tho because he’s not in this current story. At this point, I dont even know if I can make my characters monstrous and evil. I just do the best that I can.

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