Fire Truck tease.

This one, More Enryu for Mrs. Connie is rather self explanatory, Bound and made to submit to female will, His Cord is tortured with a feather and lots of other things. Thanks for your patronage!


PS. Keep the commissions coming, things are getting shaky over in the ratty camp o.o

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7 Responses to “Fire Truck tease.”
  1. Jazz935 says:

    😀 .. I love “torturing” that robot Thank you again!! I love it!!

  2. Dende says:

    Wow, I watched GaoGaiGar not so long ago, I couldn’t expect more from you ratty !

  3. Andey says:

    OMG Ratty. It’s so beautiful. I may have to commish another one of me and Dekkado from you…soon as I save some cash. XD

  4. antepathy says:

    He does not look like he is feeling tortured at all! ^_______^

  5. Jazz935 says:

    🙂 In my warped little mind..I always visioned EnRyu as being… “easy” and rather kinky. I love how Ratty does him for me.

  6. Pilot says:

    Haha, omg the look on his face! Hot~

  7. VRmech says:

    Man, I have to commission you someday! Enryu, what a lucky bastard!

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