Gab’s Mitsubishi

Mucking around on random stuffs.

Did this impromptu sketch on a picarto quad stream on Sunday. For Gabs.

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12 Responses to “Gab’s Mitsubishi”
  1. GabsTheGabs says:

    Thanks Ratbat! Really appreciated. ^.^

  2. Felix321 says:

    Awww this is too cuite

  3. ZARA says:

    That’s a great sketch, relaxing cool night I love it. I had a Mitsubishi Raider a few years back but a different front end to this vehicle.

  4. Jadex says:

    Damn that’s cute

  5. Dolo says:

    I like it, but that Mitsubishi is huge!
    Lordy, he must be 13 feet tall.

  6. Ratbat says:

    @Dolo: when you get corrupted by Dire machines you gain about 20% body size. But that’s prob a shitty excuse for the fact i was working off of random google image where the people who stood next to the suv: their heads barely came above the hood. Recently Ive been really shitty at scale. :O

  7. Dolo says:

    It’s not perfect, but I tried to fix the scale issue.
    Do you ever post on any art forums/boards? They could help you fix where you’re going wrong with scale. I only use 4chan I’ve heard 8 has a few good boards for art where a person who draws.. interesting art like yourself wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

  8. Ratbat says:

    @Dolo: forgive my late reply. I’ll freely admit that google image search did not have a plethora of references to scale. Pics like this: make the car seem small, but pics like this: with the guy and girl standing next to makes the car look huge. Without standing next to it myself, I did a quick aprox. and I probably just fucked it up. BTW thanks for the critique, and as for 4chan, 8chan, I kinda stay away from those places for any kind of honesty. Too many trolls if your just a rando. But then I don’t really know since I haven’t posted there in 2 years. Maybe its better?

  9. Dolo says:

    You should try drawing your own reference material first, like a rough sketch of the girl standing beside the car before you draw the main thing. It can make difficult poses and angles a lot easier.

    I agree about the troll part for 4chan, at least on the larger boards. They drove away some people I know who used to post there.
    As for 8, like I said I’ve never really used it so I can’t say. I know somebody who posts there and he says they have dedicated art boards which are populated mostly by artists, said friend draws stuff even stranger than what you have so you probably wouldn’t have to worry too much about trolls pestering you.

  10. Ratbat says:

    @Jaded: hey jaded! long time no see. :3

  11. Ratbat says:

    @Felix: 😀 thank you felix. Gabs liked it a lot. (scale issues asside!)

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