Grumman kingdom 2


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3 Responses to “Grumman kingdom 2”
  1. GhettoDan says:

    Awwwwwww,she is so beautiful!
    You have a very good pic!
    Thank you! <3

  2. Zara says:

    I love how you can give your characters such excellent expressions. My favorites are like the Osprey here, cute and nervous. The other one I really liked was the F-5/F-20 pic of the nervous little blue jet from a while back. I can’t wait to see the Nurse colored in with the Doctor.

    *** DANGER STUPID ASS PUNS INCOMING *** So, does this mean the Doctor is well grounded but the nurse is a bit of an airhead 😛 Sorry couldn’t resist.

    Finally what happened to the colored in Train picture you had up last week? The experimental sketch was posted in color for one or two days then vanished?

    Now question for you Ratbat… How are you doing? Been a while since we typed to each other here in the comment section, how goes your diet? Last I had heard from you, 40 some pounds had been lost I believe. Hope everything is going good for you buddy.

  3. clog says:

    I find it funny an ambulance is a plague doctor lol

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