Intergalactic Planetary?

Commish no.2: for Tessombra. Spark-bonding with a face plate-less Prime.

Tess would be the woman on the bike. If your interested, She wrote a pretty cool story about Sky here: Toys Part 13

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4 Responses to “Intergalactic Planetary?”
  1. Strayabot says:

    Nicely done! ;] I’m not even that big Opti fan on the whole…I think I might be a bit jealous right now. Hehe.

  2. arisa says:

    That is amazingly cool. :3 Hurray for Prime lovin’!

  3. Could you do a fanart of Miku Hatsune & OP as a couple? You can learn more about Miku Hatsune here:
    By the way, could you make Op P bayverse?

  4. Ratbat says:

    Im sorry but I am not currently open to requests. Thanks for inquiring however, Please enjoy the site.


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