..More drunkie art



+ 6 glasses of champagne.

Also, turns out my cousin is a furry. o.o

Also, I’m going to stop using Russian words and phrases. In almost every pic I am seriously wrong about something when a real Russian person comes along. They inform me of what the word means, and I feel fucking stupid. The latest being that “Fedya” is a male name. tbh, Im keeping it– it sounds female to me. But Im not going to muck around with other languages anymore.

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22 Responses to “..More drunkie art”
  1. CerebralError says:

    Hehe, your drunken art is a million times better than my sober art! Like, that’s incredible!

    Also, yesssss that Jolly Roger Tomcat. <3

  2. Ratbat says:

    XD oh my you knew the plane by the paint scheme XD you are good! decided to go with an airplane frenchkiss 😉 huge metal toungue.

  3. PKDair International says:

    *imagine myself in girl’s place*~I LOVE YOUR ART~

  4. CerebralError says:

    It’s a very distinct paint scheme. =) This turned out really good! Love it!

  5. Kazzer says:

    Just love watching your art progressing through all the various stages from sketch to color, not to mention how you make them slick metal tongue’s so damn irresistible looking… could only imagine what she’s going through having her mouth filled with that :p the smooch to end all smooches!

  6. Ratbat says:

    Hi PKD :3 thanks for checking out my art! Btw, I find your SUKHOI plane art sexy too 😉

  7. PKDair international says:

    Hi^^ So glad to hear that from you! I’m your fan and regular visitor of your site

  8. Ratbat says:

    I hope that these strange ‘fetish” pictures are not too offensive for you. I am.. in love with living machines, and I am a bit carnal. It is a fun way to think about it and I will do Non-porn romance and every day life pictures eventually.. I am a HUUUGGEE Russian jet and tank and helicopter lover. <3 Sukhois

  9. PKDair international says:

    Airplane romance !!! Really?! Yay!~ I LOVE IT <3
    …and may i ask you about art trade? If you don't want just say no, i'll understand, being honest i very bad in drawing humans and not able to drawing 18+ things( because if my parents find about this, it will be very very very bad for me)

  10. Ratbat says:

    What would you like to see as an art trade PKD?? 🙂

  11. PKDair international says:

    Picture of SiddeleyXSorami pairing X3 ~ they are kind of my OTP (Sorami is my cars2 OC Japanese Dassault Falcon 50 here are pictures of her http://i.imgur.com/E7vMtCk.png http://pkd-airline.deviantart.com/art/Sora-san-449143692)Is it ok?
    And what do you want?

  12. DatLoon says:

    It’s sad! So less non-speaking russian people use it in art… It looks so cool sometimes.
    And also. Who you really named Fedya? Human girl? I thought first you named big tank so!
    We all make mistakes =/

    Maybe some help from native speaker? ^_^

  13. Ratbat says:

    I will do 2 more pictures and then I will doodle this for you. Do not worry about doing anything for me. Do you want it to be just romance? (or.. more adult?) It doesn’t matter.

  14. Ratbat says:

    I think If I was to make the girl into a real character, I would come up with a sub-story as to why she has a boys name. (I kinda made of a sexy story for her already but..) He original parents aren’t around anymore.. maybe they tried to pretend she was a boy?

    In any case, yes. I need help 😡 Many machines in my story are Russian and I like Russian military machines .

  15. PKDairinternational says:

    As you want. Adult is ok for me but WITHOUT oral sex i don’t like it at all

  16. Ratbat says:

    I am ok if you don’t want sex, that is what i am saying. if you would like for it to be just Romantic then I can do that? I don’t want to make it uncomfortable for you. 🙂

  17. DatLoon says:

    Interesting idea. Maybe she was unusual girl with some…powers and her parents also lived in dangerous times when girl can be anytime raped/killed/both. And they teached her how to be like boys for saving her life. And also her powers (maybe be so strong to make cyborg baby?!) make Fedyu as great weapon for war, so to be “boy” for her is savier (or how to call it..). Annnd she needs…hm. Protector?

  18. PKDairinternational says:

    Just as i said AS YOU WANT. But may you let me know where i said that i don’t want sex :\ ( in art i mean)

  19. Ratbat says:

    Oh no you had not said this. I just assumed you would like something more “gentle”

  20. PKDairinternational says:

    Sorry for answering so late.Please forgive meee /( T△T)/ Yes i love romantic art but adult art can be very gentle and romantic i think (depends on how to draw it), and I’m already 18 ( will be 19 on Jan13)so, as i said, adult things is ok, but not necessarily for me

    Btw Fedya CAN BE female name BECAUSE Fedya is short form of Fyodor, which have female version Fedora. Actually I will call Fedora Fedya, but maybe i am wrong Russian.

  21. Ratbat says:

    I have something in mind. it will be SFW. As for females with male names and males with female names it happens in America once in a while. Those people tend to be very unusual people (men have to be tough to survive a woman’s name, and women have to be super skilled/smart to survive a mans name)

  22. PKDairinternational says:

    And may i know what is your idea(=^w^=)?

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