My last chance.

Today I called the office and Physically forced them to make me an appointment. As it where, I go in at 3pm to sit down and talk to a guy that very likely doesn’t give a shit about my hire date or seniority because hes acquainted with my old boss fairly close. Salt in the fact that I failed to complete training at the first site he sent me too, I’m very likely going to be given hours off the top of the shit pile. Whatever happens, this is my last chance and what comes next is very likely unemployment and a piece of COBRA paperwork to take home. Sobering thought considering there aren’t alt of art jobs out there. (or maybe there are but each gets 400 applications). Pinkuh told me she felt I still wasn’t being serious about this art thing, so for her sake I will be after 4pm today.

Notes: Btw heres one half of a commission for Jane-Sama. If getting spit-roasted by 2 transforming Lamborghini’s is your thing then look no further .Only thing I’m called to remember is that someone thought pretty adamantly that “Sunny is gay” from the old group I talked to, But even more cannon was that he Hates humans based on what happen to him in the AHM comics. So if you feel this way then, sorry bout that, fantasies are fantasies.



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3 Responses to “My last chance.”
  1. antepathy says:

    Mnnnnrgh gorgeous!!!

    Still interested in doing a commish for me? We can knock around some ideas on IM sometime.

    And good heavens, best of luck with the job front.

  2. Jane-sama says:

    Love it!! So hot.

    I have heard the same thing about Sunny but I must object the fact that sunny hates humans. If Sunny truely hated humans so much, why did he voluntary put chip chase on his shoulder in that one episode in G1?

    Anywho, good luck with your job front!!

  3. Andey says:

    Damn that’s f**king hot! I sent in another commish.

    I hear you on the job stuff…I have been unemployed for 2 years.

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