Prince tomcat rework

For my other comic “prince tomcat” a theater full of excited machines at the arrival of the new future queen. They tell her the story and history of the grumman people via middle ages puppet show.
Finally got one out of there! The prince tomcat comic is only a few pages but needs a rework of the material past page 3 (less sexy until the king shows up) in order to make it work. The project is slow going because I will likely have to redraw a few pages. until then I just drew this scene cause I was inspired to. Sorta like working back from key frames.

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10 Responses to “Prince tomcat rework”
  1. Iron says:

    We can never have enough drone minstrels, Ratbat. You’re doing the Lord’s work.

  2. Zara says:

    Sweet been waiting for Ol Tomcat to be getting some love!

  3. Anon says:

    This is precious.
    I’ve never heard of prince tomcat before, did you post it somewhere else?

  4. Ratbat says:

    It’s in the Atoll lab comic tab (scroll down) but the whole thing is being reworked atm and Ill give it its own page entry as well.

  5. Anon says:

    Oh, I actually have seen that. I didn’t recognize the name.
    How come you’re reworking it all?

  6. 80808 says:

    How have you been, Ratbat? You haven’t posted in awhile.

  7. Kcidical says:

    Just a quick question, RatBat, have you ever thought about making a discord server, or have you made one already?
    if you haven’t, I’d really recommend making one. It’s easy to make and free.

  8. HellHound says:

    Petition to call Young Tomcats “Tomkittens.”

  9. stormiu says:

    @HellHound i’d vote for that, seems like a fitting name lol

  10. Ratbat says:

    @808: I finally posted a new page. Been in art crisis for a while, its been pretty bad. Otherwise, surviving I suppose. Trying to get back into streaming.

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