Reached the end of the road?

So, I was drawing this today with the full intention of finishing it. Its supposed to be a Guarlion and a girl named Leona from SRW who is being scissored and grabbed in his iron claws. She is playfully at his mercy with no choice but to grab whatever she is on and prepare for thorough stimulation (a taking if you will). I love the idea of it, But I was overcome with the feeling that I had somehow drawn this scene too Manny times before. After that I put the pencil down and resolved that there might not be anything left to say- that is, I have exhausted every porn pose Ive ever wanted to see with a mech. The only thing left would be to make Comics about these characters in their joyful rolling around rather then just a one page dealio. Multiple panels of metallic cuddling, soft hands, and nuzzles with text! oo

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  1. Cloud says:

    Yes! *Hugs Ratbat* I think the drawing looks wonderful, especially with the foreshortening. (I think that’s what it’s called.)
    I imagine that a comic with mecha in it would take a long time with the little details drawn constantly, but it would be worth it!
    I wonder if there’s any animations with mecha hentai? (Maybe that would give you ideas?)

  2. antepathy says:

    Ummm, guh? That is deliciously hot.

    But yeah, I kind of hear you (though, obviously, not about drawing because I suck at that). I was talking with someone else about writing xeno and even just robot on robot stuff and we were both like…man, I almost feel like I’m plagiarizing myself at this point and I don’t even know if it’s any good anymore.

    So, yeah. I know the feeling.

    OOOOOOOo but a multipanel? YUUUUUM.

  3. Khenmes says:

    Niiice pic. Been missing your art, but I understand the sudden change of attitude. You’re just bored of the constant pin-up and now want to add some meaning behind the sex (adding romance essentially, am I right?). If you do plan to do a small comic I cannot wait to read it. In the mean time, I would like to add that this sketch is quite awesome and hot.

  4. sigletsig says:

    Time for some experimentation bro! I love your art but I feel that you’ve got a lot of potential you’re not making use of. Like using extreme camera angles, perhaps some shading or cross-hatching techniques to play around with, maybe even different human styles. Pixiv’s a good resource for finding some interesting stuff like that to get inspired methinks, you should try out just looking up stuff you think looks good and trying to draw like they do c:
    Hopefully that suggestion didn’t come out sounding too up-front and crass 😡

  5. Steshette says:

    Oh noes!!! =0 NO end for this road, this road leads waaay to infinity and beyond! You absolutely cannot quit on us!!! You see, you’re looking at it from the artist’s perspective – from the viewer’s perspective, no matter how many similar pieces the genius makes, they are all equally awesome and equally irreplaceable.

    That said, I do know what you mean about the poses …porn is like that – heck, sex is like that, there’s only so much you can do with it, and it’s all kinda for the same limited purpose. Which is not to say that your stuff has such effect – no, with your stuff it’s like:
    woo, from behind – awesome!
    woo, from behind again – awesome!
    woo etc.
    But I can imagine how same stuff can get annoying from your perspective. I was actually thinking about what I’d want to see, and had a ton of trouble coming up with an original interesting pose/setup. Oh well, I’m sure TF3 will have a fantabulous badass character in it that’ll be inspiration incarnate *cough*

    Anyway, seeing how everything that comes out from under the tip of your pencil is made of awesome, we’ll surely continue to be addicted to whatever you make.

    *also, chuckles at the variety of concerns in the comments*
    *also, does Cloud need the secret comic link?*

  6. Ratbat says:

    Cloud: I saw some very archaic robot porn animation a long time ago but it was more along the lines of the beep bop boop kinda robot with a dildo attached. Hardly sentient, Hardly alive. People still look upon this fetish as a hilarious joke eventhough alien porn is acceptable across manny fandoms.

    antepathy: (whispers) Im takeing commisions again :O

    Khenmes: Thank you man, you are a doll for your kind words. Did you ever get an e-mail of the deleted comic pages for my main comic I did 3 years back?

    Sigletsig: Too manny pans on the fire right now x_x. Id love to Gussy up the porn pictures but all my regular effort has to go to stuff I can show potential employers like the 3d and whatever fantasy picture I can do now.

    steshette: Preppare for a non homosexual kiss! (grabs your face) thanks hun 😉

  7. Khenmes says:

    Ah, yes I did get the e-mail, thank you so much! I apologize for not writing back to you sooner, it’s been busy here. Again, I cannot wait to see whatever you have planned for this new comic idea!

  8. Ratbat says:

    khenmes: a comic might have to wait untill after this round of commisions But I suspect people are gunna have me draw all sorts of wacky porn. (I hope I get non porn stuff the most tho)

  9. Pilot says:

    I totally know the feeling, Ratty! Just know that you’ve got quite the dedicated fanbase, and that you do fill an oft-neglected niche. I say keep drawing whatever you feel like drawing. Don’t do it to impress anyone (even though that’ll be a side-effect, for sure)!

  10. Goku122 says:

    I think a pre/post sex comic would be great idea considering your last comic involving robo/human relations. Maybe I will get to see this one considering I never got a e-mail to where I could see a certain comic involving robots and humans that got people antsy in their pantsy.

    Well sorry about that back handed compliment/encouragement I’m just happy to see you back drawing after your slump and bad luck. That and I still wish to see that previous comic and hope that after commissions this comic will be just as great.

  11. Spacecase31 says:

    Wow!! If you made a comic that would be so cool!! But it would be hard to constantly do each panel with so many details….. Either way I still love you!! Your art is so amaz- balls!!

  12. Ratbat says:

    I did make a comic actually, would you like a link? (btw forgive me for replying 1000 years later)

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