Roadbuster Commision for Arisa. (He busts roads.. and hymens.)

Notes: This was my first commision in about a year, and it was the sketch selected from 3 total. I’m glad she went with this one because there is a greater level of intimacy here- the eye/optic contact makes it a more personal picture.  If you look thuroughly, The big guys is enticed.. hes rubbing himself whilst being climbed upon and goaded by this lady. Yummy indeed..I want her to wrap her lips around his face.


1. Tessombra

2. DKtozi

3. Nagi

4. Pinkuh

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6 Responses to “Roadbuster”
  1. arisa says:

    XD I may be slightly biased, but your art is far too awesome for words.

  2. Strayabot says:

    Hot stuff! Always great to see some romance/intimacy in gestures and expressions. And you handle stuff like that so well. 😉

  3. Aura says:

    What I love about your work is that there’s always a sense of romance in them.

  4. Serenity says:

    Wow, hawt and awesome as always Ratty!

  5. Pilot says:

    That is SUPER hawt. I like how he’s touching himself.. xB

  6. funzo says:

    totally unrelated, but have you read Scott Westerfeld’s book “Evolution’s Darling?” It’s a great sci-fi book about an AI’s self discovery and life, and has lots of great human female/male robot sexing!

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