Sukhoi Royal family

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  1. GhettoDan says:

    PAKFA best girl! ;3

  2. swallow with a coconut says:

    The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! ‘Tis one of the sacred relics Brother Maynard carries with him! Brother Maynard! Bring up the Holy Hand Grenade! [singing]

  3. clog says:

    This looks amazing I love your art style Rat! and why do all female dire’s “especially the planes” always look so suggestive? good Monty Python reference!

  4. Kcidical says:

    Love the artwork! I’m glad to see more posts coming out, as I’ve always been super active here, but never get to interact with anyone except for when something posted. I’d love to see an official Discord for this, as it would be fun to talk with everyone more. Happy late new year everyone! I hope you have all had a great 2018, as it was pretty horrid for me.

  5. Zara says:

    SWEET! The SU-47 is friggin awesome!!! The fur, the sash, the crown, he just looks regal and royal! The new SU-57 is beautiful and love the light sky blue coloring and the eyelashes. For some reason I see her going “Ahh hem” with that expression to get somebody’s attention.

    Not sure about the gold over the cockpit, looks to be a little too much for such a regal looking aircraft. Love the scepter though 😉

    How the hell is Prince Tomcat of Grumman suppose to compete with aircraft designs 40 to 50 years newer is my biggest question when I first saw what SU’s were used for the picture. The Tomcat is in my top 3 military aircraft of all time so I would love to see em holding his own against a vastly superior and more modern Dire.

    Thank you for posting Ratbat!

  6. KobraKopp says:

    Really nice!, digging that SU-47, though i just wanted to ask, have you ever considered doing fictional aircraft?, such as the the X-02 or the CFA-44 from Ace Combat?

  7. Zara says:

    Oh man you added at Su-35/Su-37 to the Mix and she looks ‘Royally’ pissed 😉 Now that gold sash over the cockpit and below the crown I’m digging it! So she’s the Queen, the Su-47 is the King, what is the Su-57 a Princess or Duchess?

    My favorite Russian Empire fighter jet, I love their ruggedness yet are still a monster in the sky to fight against. The Su-27 wasn’t a slouch either, probably a good thing for the U.S. Russian didn’t have the money to make a large fleet of those beast.

    Also @KabraKopp – PJ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Lake says:

    Wonderful piece as always, Ratbat! Is there anyway that you can update the file to where it matches what’s on the page here? Whenever I open the image, it only brings up the first plane you drew along with a WIP of the king Su fighter. Don’t know if it’s because I’m on mobile, but I was just seeing if you’d be able to update the full-size image since it only has two compared to the four you have finished now.

    Thank you!

  9. Ratbat says:

    @Lake: just hold shift + reload and it should reset the cache on the image. I update these 4 or 5 times daily. Let me know if it’s an even deeper problem? I can just link you if you want. It sounds like the image is displaying from an old cache.

  10. Ratbat says:

    @ Zara: you pretty much guessed it. I’m going to have a final update after the su-34 is complete with their names, official Russian titles, and machine designations. I even have plans for a time-95 right after I’m done with this page. Su-57 is the princess in this case, the su-25 is the dutchess.
    Now that the queen is on this page, I should make vasilly an su-37 instead (su-35 with cannards) just to be different!

    I’m really glad you guys are getting a kick out of this as much as I am. <3

  11. Ratbat says:

    @ kobrakopp: I have plans for Morgan AND nosferatu erotica 😉 . Stay tuned and dance with the Angels~~

  12. Ratbat says:

    @ Kcidical: #ratbat9243 😉 I can get you into a room. I just can’t guarantee I will always be around. Supper busy most the days. <3

  13. Ratbat says:

    @ Zara: it’s basically a giant renessance reeinactment across the world. The only time someone gets hurt is when the other 50% who have forgotten it’s a play— play for keeps. But truth be told I haven’t figured out how that is all going to go down yet. Prince tomcat (king of Grumman) is def outmatched right now!

  14. Ratbat says:

    @ clog: you know I could try and not make them suggestive? I usually just draw what I think looks excellent- but then, I think machines are hot as fuck so maybe I’m projecting? Fucking it all up? I dunno.. sorry. Haha

  15. Ratbat says:

    @ swallow: no less then 8 people have refrenced this already lol

  16. Ratbat says:

    @Daniil : she is :3

  17. sora says:

    I love how you can get an idea on their personality by the expression and the gesture their making. It still interesting on that all the years that humanity was nearly whipped out by a virus and the dire machine still continues to advance with technology and society as a whole.And they still think that a play that they made up
    To pass the time would now be the reality they live in. Kinda sad that all that they know about what happened in the past is just forgotten and nobody knows what really happen.

  18. Robot Fighter Lover says:


  19. @Zara So, since I am Russian, I answer. In total, 809 units of the Su-27 were produced. Su-27 is designed to gain supremacy in the sky. We have aerobatic teams (for air shows) that fly this type of fighter: Russian Knights, Bars Zhetysu (fly only on the Su-27). And to make a whole fleet of this model, perhaps, is not reasonable. Since Su is a fighter, although universal, for different tasks, goals, and sorties, you need special planes sharpened exclusively for this operation. For example, the Su-27 is good for air combat, and to complete the task you need a good bomber, then the fleet must have a Tu-160. Yes, and a little funny fact that our planes have nothing but a number and an abbreviated surname for the designer. That is, for example, you have an F-16 Fighting Falcon, and we have a Su-27 Flanker. Although in fact, only the military and aviation enthusiasts are aware of such reductions. In the encyclopedia, it will be just a Su-27, manufactured at the Sukhoi Design Bureau plant. 🙂

  20. Zara says:

    @ROBOT FIGHTER LOVER – I didn’t know they made that many of the Flanker, or that the ‘Western’ names of the jets were only a NATO thing. One of my favorite Russian aircraft is the SU-34, taking the excellent 27 and turning it into a tactical bomber.

    I have seen the Russian Knights on Youtube, they have a really cool paint job and I love that one maneuver where they set up the jet’s on it’s tail and just hover with a non VTOL Aircraft! That is friggin awesome.

    I am 35 years old now and grew up watching Discovery Channel’s military stuff. Of course in the late 80’s early 90’s they always produced shows stating the inferiority of Warsaw equipment… But even back then they acknowledged what rugged and powerful jets the Mig’s and SU’s were. Probably how I fell in love with the designs, I’m a sucker for a rugged and reliable piece of machinery.

    Thank you for the response, really cool to get to talk to somebody who lives where these ones were built. I’m kind of unsure what I think of the SU-57 yet since we have almost nothing to go by over here other than images and speculation.

  21. @Zara 🙂 You are welcome

  22. Ratbat says:

    @you: hey are you from VK?? :0

  23. @Ratbat I am not in VK but I am in other networks . But yes, we came up with this social network. And why this question? Is it true that you created this site? And if so, what do you like about aviation?

  24. Ratbat says:

    @RFL : I asked because a lot of Russian aviation fans congregate there and I wanted to know If I somehow already met you. Many people who comment here do so under a false name so I don’t exactly know who is who. (Especially If they switch names often)

    Your other question: it’s something that didn’t really come into the forefront till 2013. Right after Eve Online (spaceship game) I jumped into War Thunder and met with people into militariyana and the star citizen community. I played for 120 days straight, learning little bits of WWII trivia as time passed. On the surface I can tell you that jet planes tend to be very angular, powerful, quick.. but even that is simplistic. Hang around long enough to play half these games and you eventually become interested in the history of these machines. What the political climate was like to create some of the world’s most historically significant planes. I think they are beautiful, and worth drawing.

  25. It’s nice to hear, especially when the drawings are so good. I don’t remember how I found a Titan atelier, but my interest in combat robots / artificial intelligence began with the animated series Transformers Prime oddly enough, then I began to be interested in aviation.

  26. Ratbat says:

    @ you : I guess the porn doesn’t bother you? X)

  27. Yes it does not bother 😀

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