Truck Meats


This is probbibly the tamest robot pic I’ve drawn in ages. Although not for long: vamp is getting her tank-top pulled up and her arm shaken by red-lineing engine roar. I did this for anouther Futzer, (She portrays herself as a fox woman) and her choice was U. Magnus. I almost gave up on this pic except for the fact That I felt I atleast owed her something for pimping Titan Atelier link on DA, and she had been a patient and awsome fan. But the real reason was because “Flesh_And_steel” put up their new challenge and It included an optional art category. What this pic is really about now, is a “mating ritual” witch was the theme of the challenge this month.  At first I had wanted to do something with Sky and Tamarin in color  4Koma format, But I was sort of at a loss for a clever theme and I’ll be gone in Vegas this week.

Robots dont strike me as the type of creatures that would covey the same sexual rituals and dynamics as humans do. Dick size, Boob size, jewlrey, weight ect. these are all human constructs (including the burning of inscence and dancing with a feather headress). If anything, it’s something more akin to the compareing of “specs”, an intimate show of power or a demonstration of mental prowess. In this case, a sexual ritual for a machine creature like UM could be the revving and vibration of his internal engine core before the partner. Him pressing vamps hand to his chest and  vibrating her limbs is sort of like the machine way of expressing  his ‘virilety’

Of course, The scale is off in this picture, UM is a truck and is basicly fucking hueg like xbox. But I find the use of Guardia or Meltrandi (see macross) scale very usefull to lubricate the fantasy along. I think Anyone who doesnt like this is probibly thinking to hard. Let’s hear it for plump women!

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4 Responses to “Truck Meats”
  1. Pilot says:

    Hooray! 😀

    Excellent as usual, Ratty!

  2. sabina_moonflower says:

    Great picture ^_^ How would I go about asking you for a picture kuz I love how you draw these guys

  3. Ratbat says:

    hey sabina =3 my comp crapped out over xmass eve and im borrowing a laptop to reply to you guys. should be back up in a week.

    As far as requests go: it depends on a few factors.
    1) what it is and if i like it or hate it.
    2) plug EWS if the art is free.
    3) Time.

    If your looking for robot hentai, I only do male robot x female human(female humanoid) or female dressed as a robot. Its just my thang. and also, depends on who the male robot is. Im less likely to do a pic if you ask for starscream or a zeon unit from gundam or votoms robots. I fucking LOVE super robot wars OG mecha though.. and some autobots. To be honest, just ask I might just do it if it sounds hot and i have the time.

  4. sabina_moonflower says:

    wow kewl =^_^= well I have a female military chicky I use on my TF rp’s I
    do and she is really sweet on Ironhide *blushes*
    Do u want me to email u the details?
    Oh btw I hope u had a good vacation ^_^

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