Commission: Kreigsmarine

bismarckaffair2nd version for delta: Much gentler pic.

I’m probably going to edit the Long beach pic a lil’ bit also..

Notes: The final panel with the chibis, I up escalated the situation because essentially Bismarck is moaning “If you don’t fuck us hard we’ll give you to the U-boats”. And you can see there is a wolfpack of she-U-boats near by. 5 sets of eyes voyeuristicly watch the scene of bis and prinz sharing this lieutenant. This is meant to be similar to the Messerschmidt picture, but since the scale of the machines is much larger, they are quite dominant and you have to suspend your disbelief.


P.S. I hope World of warship players find this and shit themselves XD

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21 Responses to “Commission: Kreigsmarine”
  1. DELTA X3 says:

    There’s my Bismarck! This is going to be well worth the wait.

  2. Wolvs says:

    To think Bismarck couldn’t be anymore sexier… you prove me wrong Bats and being wrong never felt so good…

  3. Gingyflame says:

    She boat? No no no, she’s Top Bitch. The sexiest of the sea-bitches.

  4. Theunknownjester says:

    Amazing they both look wonderful -and like the far one is going to try and sex the closer, who looks like shes about to try and sex a crew member/another ship- the eyes look a little out of place, though it could just be the lack of large ww2 ship art.

    I would offer to help blow off some of their steam but it looks like i might have to stand in line.

  5. Kitfuchs says:

    I’m sure you know the german in your comic isn’t that good. But if you want to improve it you could go with:
    “Wenn sie uns nicht ordentlich ficken, werden wir sie an die U-Boote ausliefern!”
    “ausliefern” is a stronger word than “übergeben” and sounds more merciless, which would fit the situation better in my opinion. While the first part of Bismarck’s words are a bit “messy”, so I re-arranged it a bit.^^ Well, that’s at least how I would say it (I’m from germany).
    Your art really inspires me to draw something in this genre as well! I just need to find the right vehicle to draw^^

  6. Gingyflame says:

    Aside from the ominous threats, that’s hot. On a subtle note I love what you did when they were passing him between them. Very comic.

  7. Ratbat says:

    OMG you speak German?? I NEED YOU FOR MY COMIC . I have a German tank character I could use some actual native one-liners from. If you want to help. (and yes, i could have used you when I did the Messerschmidt pic.) Thanks so much for your help. i have used your dialogue and now hopefully it wont be an eyesore to German fans. XD

    Wait you are inspired?

  8. Ratbat says:

    LOL the chibis always make these little porn pics. they are simple but seem to convey the most raw of my emotions lol. If you think about it, that lieutenant is surrounded by 7 horny women (5 of which are mostly hiding under water). Think you are up for the challenge?

  9. Kitfuchs says:

    I would really like to help you with the translations! I tried to contact you via e-mail, but I’m not sure if it worked or not since I have no answer from you so far. What is the best way to get in contact with you? 😀

  10. Ratbat says:

    If you tried my yahoo, there has been many problems with it lately. Its best to try But I can receive messages privately here as well if you don’t want them published. I love different languages but I am limited by google translate with is not very good. So many sexy tanks and old warbirds ar German too..

  11. Kitfuchs says:

    I made an account here, but I can’t figure out to sent you a private message. I sent another e-mail as well and hope it’s the correct adress^^

  12. Ratbat says:

    I think I saw your first e-mail in my inbox, at least its in my sent folder cause I replied. but yes, I can defiantly use German help.

  13. Kestrain says:

    I’d kill to have Admiral Hipper and Tirpitz skins of these two for World of Warships ;-;


  14. Susesz says:

    Dang, I love your humanized ship art! I wonder, have you ever personified sailing ships, say 18th century Royal Navy type stuff. I only ask as I’m huge fan of anything from the age of sail, mainly Nelson’s era/the Hornblower novels.

  15. Ratbat says:

    Susez: sadly I don’t have a lot of boat artwork and nothing that old either.

  16. U-126 says:

    Well what’s wrong with getting thrown to U-boats?

  17. Wave says:

    Question why is the KMS Bismarck female in this image wasn’t the Bismarck referred to as male in the documents

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ratbat isn’t a fujoshi, she isn’t really into gay stuff. She’s drawn it a few times, but male/female is her preferred pairing.

  19. Ratbat says:

    @wave: This was commissioned work, one of the last things I did for Delta. The decision wasn’t really up to me.

  20. You won’t believe it, but on Steam I have the nickname “Delta”! There it is written in Russian: “Delta” is a coincidence. ( ^ω^)

  21. There it is written in Russian: “Дельта”

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