AC 4?

Recently, I’ve gotten turned on by fan art of a game series called Armored core. I’ve seen damn near every AC since it’s inception but I’m not terribly good at those kinds of games and I relied on friends mostly  to play these games so that I could watch. But I was never really attracted to any of the Cores pre-nexxus because of what I thought were bland head and leg designs Ala old Front Mission style.

So my roommate and I stopped into a Gamestop the other day  and we picked through the used games pile. Whilst I waited in line contemplating buying a DS, he came at me with an ps3 armored core 4 game and he found on the wall. He attempted to get me all fired up over the box art just to see me turn red, and it succeeded a little. There was a core on the back of the box with a wide back and legs that I don’t know the name of.  I say, the Gods must be crazy because I really DO like those broad aspects as Ive wanked to vague pixiv AC fan art before, probably wont be the last time either. xbox cover:


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