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NEXT UP: When in Russia: Origins Part II

-Space Shuttle Endeavour “Kate”

-Eric Miller


When in Russia Pt. V

-Mi-24P Hind “Anya”

-Chase Weber


Unknown Title (On hold)

-Messerschmitt ME-262 “Petra” (Incoming)

-Messerschmitt BF-109  “Klara” (Incoming)

-Chase Weber


-Hind morph “Dina” (Planned)


-Tiger II “Ida” (Planned)


-Mi-24P Hind “Anya” (Complete / in progress )

-Chase Weber


-Panzer VI Tiger I “Hanz” (Complete / in progress )

-Sturmbannführer Karl Holtz (Complete)


-BRDM-2 “Vadik” (Complete / in progress )

-Kathy Henner


-Lamborghini Aventador “Vera” (Complete / in progress )

-Tyler Grant


-F4E Phantom “Dillon” (Complete)

-Linzy and Lana


-YF-23 “Denver” (Complete)


-Messerschmitt ME-262 “Petra” (Incoming)

-Messerschmitt BF-109  “Klara”


-Space Shuttle Endeavour “Kate” (Complete / in progress )

-Eric Miller


-Kirov Class Battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy (Possible)


-MiG 25


-MiG 29 “Tanya” and “Milla” “The MiG twins” (Possible)


-Focke-Wulf Fw-190 (Possible)


-Junkers Ju-87 Stuka “Erwin” (Possible)


-A-10 Warthog “Frank” (Possible)


-F-22 Raptor “Dallas” (Possible)


-AV-8B Harrier “Harry”  (Possible)


-M10 Tank Destroyer “Odessa” (Possible)


-SdKfz. 222 armored car “Oberst Friedrich von Stieger” (Possible)


-Mercedes Benz 770 W150 “Donna” (Possible)


-Type 82 Kübelwagen (Possible)

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