Heads up yall.

Well I really don’t have too much for yall except that there’s a close and special event coming up in seven ┬ádays. This subject has shaped my life and may be why I’m a mechanophile, I’ve constantly dreamed of it, sexualized it, drawn it all my life, made three or four model sets of it (I lost track), studied it and amassed a huge collection of books and blueprints of it. I’ve already started a story on it, it will be long and I want it to be my best one yet. I’ve put all other stories aside but I will resume them once I’ve posted this story. So what do you think specifically got yall into machines? Yall know what’s going on next Tuesday night-Wednesday morning? It’s alright if yall don’t and yes it is known by thousands of people so it’s not specifically affiliated with me.

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  1. Freckles says:

    I don’t really remember what exactly got me into machines… I just know that since I was little(like, 3 years old), I always preferred snuggling with my RC from Toy Story over my stuffed animals… My dad is a mechanic/hot rodder/4 wheeler, so I grew up with Jeeps, Blazers, a Chevelle, and several other vehicles my dad owned and rebuilt himself… Its just kinda…something that’s always been a part of me!
    Though now I’m curious as to what this special event is!

  2. Ratbat says:

    RIMPAC? (always wanted to go to that..)
    Btw, I’ve always loved the idea of inatimate objects haveing souls, being intelligent ect. But it turned sexual for me around 2003 when UPN aired a French Canadian cartoon called BOTS MASTER. By the looks of the polls too only me and one other person has ever seen that show aswell. My obsession was primarily with robots, japanese anime and game mecha. Xenogears, Super Robot Taisen, and Gundam were hugely influential in my fantasys (surviving the broken drug addled home I came from) I litteraly owe my ability to draw mechanicle stuff to my undying need to fuck and form relationships with sentient machines. The living vehicle thing happened a year and a half ago. Who knew you could also fap to a stealth tank? While I’m sure many lurkers wish I would go back to drawing Mecha and dragons, the appeal is very strong due to the fact that the vehicles are real and not just fictional cartoon mecha you could never visit or touch. While I intend to return to dragons again some day, I Belive the death of the Edenworld comic was why I probibly I stoped drawing mecha. Untill Japan makes a “good” robot show without pretentious bullshit high school kids, This vehicle thing Is here to stay untill menapause.

  3. Gingyflame says:

    All interesting. Yes toy story RC was cute, is cute. Welp no that’s not it, I’m not going to RIMPAC either, but no to be more specific the date seven days from yesterday is more of an anniversary than anything, and it was on April 14-15, happened one hundred and three years ago. Does that help? Someone from the UK might know it a little better than anywhere else.

  4. AdmiralStarNight says:

    Guess I could call myself a ‘new generation’ mechanophile, pulled in by an attraction to those neat looking jets in the flyover in the very first Cars movie. Sure I’ve always loved machines, aircraft were always fun to fly in for vacations and I will admit I’ve always had an obsession with the Navy and everything involved with it(And the military in general, *love* those uniforms), but I never had an appreciation for living ones until the Pixar films.

    Of course seeing the Flysenhower in Planes just made me so much more curious and I went looking to see if anyone had made any art of it and the rest of Planes cast.

    Then I stumbled over Ratbat’s art and here I am. I didn’t start writing stories till RatBats art inspired me.

  5. Gingyflame says:

    Well I’m posting tomorrow, I’m wrapping up and soon I’ll be editing. I’m really surprised none of yall guessed it yet or put up another guess. Meh yall will find out soon enough.

  6. DELTA X3 says:

    I know what you’re talking about, If more hints are needed here’s one: Rose could have totally let jack on the damn door.

  7. Gingyflame says:

    Yay Delta got it! XD HOLD ME JACK! And I’ll never let you go! *he freezes, pushes him into abyss*

  8. DELTA X3 says:

    Then senile old lady throws priceless artifact into the ocean.

  9. Ratbat says:

    If your dad found out now would he be pissed? Or laugh?

  10. Ratbat says:

    I wouldnt have minded ending up the “meat” in a sexy carrier airplane sandwitch. I remember the flysenhower n all those planes

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