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8 Responses to “temp”
  1. Gingyflame says:

    O.O it starts… For reference: top is Baltic camo, middle is Operation Rhineburg May 1941+, and bottom is again Baltic camo.

  2. DELTA X3 says:

    This vessel never ceases to amaze. Pride of the German navy, terror of the Atlantic. She is a fine Ship.

  3. Ratbat says:

    Welp, no more Bismarck commission. I just gave the money back, this shit is too complicated to even deal with right now (like 2 weeks worth of work during finals)especially since in the end..people will just say I traced it anyway. I should probably start off with a small boat first and work my way up.

  4. Gingyflame says:

    :'( Ok. Welp I can draw her, I’ve got many years of specifically drawing HER, Titanic, Yamato, Enterprise class carrier, and a few others but… I’ve never drawn her in a sexual comic and I’ve too much shit going on this whole month to even start. What’s wrong with tracing? It’s how you learn to do these things. The superstructures and armerments are very complex and unless you have the book with all the schematics you’ll never really grasp what she looks like. Otherwise things are outta place. That’s my experience.

  5. Norean says:

    I should take a crack at drawing my Yamato and Enterprise OC’s. But seeing as how much trouble I had with RMS Mauretania’s stern superstructure, which I gave up on. I would probably fail.

  6. Ratbat says:

    I was probably hasty when I wrote that last message, I will attempt the Bismarck later on.. Its gotta be on my terms though.

  7. Gingyflame says:

    I love how this was just a template post and it fucking exploded with comments.

  8. DELTA X3 says:

    I’ll pick up the Bismarck commission when you’re ready.

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