Dear Elfriede

Dear Elfriede,

“Elfriede, oh you won’t believe this, dear!”

“What is it, Mr. Hotchkins?”

“You’ve gotten a letter in the mail!”

“A letter?” She couldn’t understand how anyone wrote her a letter, after all, she’s a tank in a museum! “Well go on, who’s it from?”

“I’m afraid I can’t read the name in the address, these summer rains ran the ink.” She scoffed.

“Typical. Alright then, open it up, read it.” The man cut open the letter and removed the message, he began to read it.

“Oh it’s in German, well my Germans not the best but I’ll give it a go anyways!” He cleared his throat and held it in the light.

“Dear Elfriede,

It’s been a very long time since we’ve been together, fifty years now, and to this day I still cherish the time we spent together, and I regret our parting on that dreadful night. It really was a shame. I often think of you, what might have happened had I stayed, would your fears be recognized? Would I be shot? Would I be barred? But mostly I think of what may have happened had we stayed together. Maybe we would be still together, maybe we’d be wed, be happily married with children of our own. Maybe. Nonetheless, I can’t say that parting wasn’t fruitful, but Elfriede, Love, I still miss you. I may have been just a young, reckless boy in a man’s world, just barely old enough to be fighting, but you made it worth it. Because of you, and the fond nights we spent together in love, I left that war remorseful, not dismantled, and I left with my worst nightmare being that I left you to die out there. Well isn’t it God’s blessing that you didn’t? I spent decades working with other record holders, diplomats, and counselors to track you down, to find out what happened to you. It was only a few years ago I learned that you were still around, and I’m writing this letter just after learning your residence. I do hope that you are in good repair, and I wish that I could see you once more. But that won’t be, my wife died not too long ago, and I know I’ll follow shortly. Elfriede, I just had to tell you one last time that I love you, and I know you cannot read this, and I pray to God, almighty, that someone reads this for you. I hope that you are happy. I love you, I miss you, and you are not forgotten, my love. I still remember your favorite story I’d read you, and I want you to know that I had two children. I had two children and I named them, for you, after your favorite book. Not only that, but my son has found love much like we did, and they have beautiful children together, Elfriede. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Love, Walter”

Elfriede was very emotional, if she physically could she would be crying, decades of worry and wonderment were settled, she had her answers, but now she had even more questions.

“Elfriede you never told us you had a love interest!” She fought hard to form an understandable reply.

“I did, and now, now I still do.”

“Oooh! Elfriede! He wrote his address on the backside! Do you want to-“

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I have so much I want to send him!”

“He mentioned your favorite book was the name for his children, what are their names, dear?”

“Hansel and Gretel.”

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  1. Joseph Flores says:

    Hey gingy i got a question to ask you. :3

  2. Gingyflame says:

    And hopefully I have an answer for you.

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