German steel (Tiger I)

Made this a month+ back. It resulted in ratbat’s Tiger picture. ( )



“Come now Frauline. Make me feel young once more” the German Tiger tank gorwled in his aging German accent as the girl begins to disrobe. The German flame still burnt bright inside him. Despite the stigma of World War Two Germany he still could never be more proud of his service to the Fatherland. He was an officer once, a leader, a soldier. Retirement did not suit him. This pride compelled him to find the perfect German woman. This day he was proud to say he had found one.


“That aryan blood runs deep within you my dear. How about showing an old soldier a good time” She was beautiful, long straight blond hair, big full breasts and deep ocean blue eyes, the body of a godess. The ideals had been built into every bolt and rivet and now he was about to indulge himself with the intensity of the Blitz Krieg.


She finished removing her clothing, showing this Panzer exactly what he wanted. He rolled close to her his Maybach V12 engine and heavy armored hull shaking the ground. He extended his mechanical tendrils, carressing her body. “You are perfect meine liebe. We shall make love like its 1943 again”. He picked her up off her feet and lifted her to his eye level appreciating her beautiful form. A tendril extends out and begins rubbing her full breasts rubbing the perimeter of her nipple. Another pair of manipulators slithered up her thighs and grabbed onto her lushious ass, squeezing and squishing the tender tissue. “You would birth beautiful German babies mein frauline”.


One moved up and held her chin to face him, he wanted to watch her. A tendril creeped up her inner thigh finding the tender lips of her pussy. It entered her causing her to writhe about in his grasp her head falling back, a gentle moan coming from her open mouth. He found the target, the nerve cluster the humans called the “G-spot” another tendril would pull, tease and flick against her swollen bead while he moaned a deep diesel moan “Yes, yes. You will do well”


He would show his beautiful girl why Ferdinand Porsche had given him the nickname “Tiger”. He could sense the woman becoming aroused and this pleased the old German. He turned his gun a few degrees exposing a pannel just forward if his turret. She watched as what was an impossibly large appendage emerged. The long Gunmetal gray appendage had a smooth shiny surface, a blunt rounded leading edge, followed by a long ribbed shaft. “We Germans know how to pleasure our women you see” he said unashamed to show his masculinity, silver precum beads forming thick around his girth.


The tank removed his tendril. He was sure she was ready, her pussy dripped with anticipation of this massive German entering her. “You see darling, you may be an auslander but this old tank can teach you a few things about being German. So just relax yourself and let old Hanz show you.”


“First a German must be willing to brave unthinkable odds.” He said turning her to face away from him and placing her over his erect member. The oozing precum would make his entry easy. He could already feel the heat emminating from her crotch at the tip of his dick.


“Second a German must be willing to withstand pain and strife in the name of the Fatherland”. He slowly lowered her until his penis pressed against her aroused pussy. A couple of tendrils emerged and spread her legs wide apart then moved to her ass grabbing her cheeks, pulling them apart to give him a better target. Her toes urled around the front edge of this tank as the head began to press into her body letting out a loud sharp moan as it broke the surface, swollowing his head inside her.


“Third a German will have to show an unyeilding dedication to the German State, with the intensity of the the undying German will.” In a quick motion he pulled her down onto himself, driving himself so deep into her there was no farther to go, causing her to throw her head back and let out the loudest moan she had, her eyes slamming shut from the feeling. “Thats it my dear, you are beginning to get it.”


He lifted her allowing a moment of releif and slowly pushed into her once again, his shaft slicked with her fluids combined with his thick slimy pre. He wouldnt dare break his soldierly bearing and show it but being inside this beautiful maiden overjoyed him. His old joints and mechanics creaking and groaning with each movement. He had got his suspension into it to holding his breaks revving his powerful engine releasing then quickly applying them again causing him to bounce on his torsion bars with each movment only serving to increase the movement of his thrusts. She wrapped her arms around his massive 88mm cannon to brace herself as he continued to slide in and out of her frail human body, his engine revving, as he grunted and growled with pleasure. Putting her face to his cannon she began vogorously licking its steely surface, attempting to taste this German. This pleased him “There we are love, now you’re getting it”


The slopping and wet squishing and smacking sounds continued as he penedrated her hard and fast, her face showing nothing but the intense ecstacy she was feeling with this Panzer inside her.


As the passion mounted he slowed his pace to a more gentle speed, slowly drawing her body up and down the length of his shaft. “My dear, love unlike war must not be all about the the force, you must also seek the tender passion or else risk losing the interest of your lover” His words were gentle now as his slow deep thrusts sent spasms of pleasure through her body. Had been washed away into a daze by the high from absorbing his fluids into her blood stream.


Then he could feel the climax coming, one he had been waiting nearly 80 years for, to be with such a fine specimen of Germanic perfection “mein Leibchen i am close” he said as his old frame began to shudder. Silvery tank cum gushed form the tip of his dick deep inside her. It conuinued flowing with such an intnesity it quickly filled her insides and was forced out between his dick and her tightly stretched pussy. The gooey liquid poured from her onto his hull, down her legs, eventually into a puddle in the dirt. It was a hot thick sticky mess. She let out a loud moan as she to came, a moan that impressed even the Tiger as she to climaxed from the sensation of his orgasm.


“And the fourth” he said the both of them panting heavily ” a German will have to show resiliance in all aspects of life, being always ready to push again”

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  1. Drillwhisperer says:

    Oh this was so very sexy! Loved it. Especially Hanz’s dialogue about the 4 points of being German… guh. I also read part way into German Steel, love that too btw! Though tanks are not the machines I am most attracted to, I must admit that this one’s a total cutie, oh gosh, and his personality… such a seductive sweetheart. 10/10 would bang. Why are so many attractive machines of German make? Or is it just me? Because – damn – I’m getting a full-on thing for German accents because of it…

    Anyway yeah this is the first and only time I’ve made any sort of comment on this site, sort of new lurker here, though I’ve long since discovered my undying attraction toward handsome as hell machines. What a surprise to find a website full of people who seem to share my affliction! I am also a writer, of the erotic sort mostly, but I have yet to write any sort of living machine story. Usually just did fanfiction. All of these wonderful stories are making me want to, though!

    – Drillwhisperer

  2. DELTA X3 says:

    I’m glad you liked the story, Hanz is one of my favorite characters. This one was what brought about the picture and the picture was what brought about the German Steel main story, in my opinion the best I’ve done yet so I would definitely recommend it. On another note Germany has made some of the finest machines to date, not to mention the sexiest. Cars, armored vehicles, aircraft almost all well above par.

    If you’re looking for hot machines and people who love hot machines, this is the place.


  3. Drillwhisperer says:

    I also loved the picture of course 😀 Ratbat’s art is incredible though that almost goes without saying 😀 say it anyways because everyone awesome deserves to be told so. I will have to read all of it sometime, though I am not sure when I’ll be mentally awake enough in my free time again, I’m working 10 hour days in the sun with no breaks… ZZzzz

    Oh jeez though Germany. It’s actually like #1 on my list of places I would like to travel and a good portion of why is strictly because of this. My absolute dream machine is quite rare and the specific model I would give my left kidney to someday see in real life mostly only exists there *for now* (it was–of course–developed there). But I’m not even sure I would survive the experience of being in the vicinity such a machine so maybe it’s for the better, I might have a stroke 😀

    And I can see that. Always great to talk to new people who “get it”. I mean, there are only so many people in this world you can talk about hot machines and crazy machine dicks to and have them understand.

    – Drillwhisperer

  4. Ratbat says:

    Heyo heyo! Its always great to meet a new mechaphile wherever, whenever they come . Im glad you found ol’ Deltas storys, dude is pretty good with a keyboard. I also recommend cerebralerror as well (who I wish would write more but..ehh.. ya cant rush greatness I suppose.) When you don’t have work, give the site a gander and don’t be a stranger. furthermore, I could have sworn I may have seen a ‘drill worshiper’ on tumblr through amethystlongat’s roadside assistance blog. There was some obsession with a cartoon copy machine. was this you?

    Thank you also for the kind words about the little drawings I make. Place started out as a blog for giant robot love, but as i branched out into sentient military vehicles the place started to explode with people (like 5 people, but shit, that’s like 5000 people as far as this fetish is concerned.) Let us know how you found us and what you are into?


  5. Drillwhisperer says:

    thx. I will try. And hmm, I don’t know, to be honest “drillwhisperer” was another pseudonym I have not used anythig like it before, I do have tumblr too (my biggest regret, I can never escape now) but I never had any URLs like “drillworshipper” or anything like that. As far as the copy machine, yes I do remember that, that was good fun. I followed a few people who were pretty enamoured by it. It was a cute gag.

    “Little” drawings PSH. I can feel your passion for drawing. You make the kind of art where you can 100% feel the incredible time and effort that must have gone into becoming that talented. I wish I had more patience for drawing, I have done a little here and there and I am decent for someone with my drawing experience but I lack the drive for it. 😛 it has never been my #1 interest.

    Hmm how DID I find this site… I believe I came across one of your drawings somewhere with a link back to it but I am unsure of where. It could have been Tumblr, most likely? Can’t recall what blog though. I’ve had it bookmarked for a while. Haven’t finished looking through much of it, maybe 25% or less? Have to change that. What you said though makes me curious about how you fell in love with military vehicles 😛 i did not think on them much before I found this site but that was mostly because of how little they were in my life, it just was something I kind of forgot about but now I’m… golly crawler tracks are amazingly cute. My fav machines are (as the pseudonym implies) a type of drill, also with crawlers (dat high center, tho…) I’m a little obsessed. Just slightly in love with them. Maybe that person on tumblr WAS me, because I doubt anyone else ever thinks twice about them… but besides them, my list of fantasy boyfriends still runs a mile long. *Shrugs* 😀

  6. Kalebtheprussian says:

    How can a TANK have a d***?………. and why the hell am I on this website…

  7. Ratbat says:

    If you came here from Deviant art, then I’m sorry. Forgive me for not posting a bigger warning.

  8. Kalebtheprussian says:

    OK……. it’s just I can never look at a tank the same way ever again…………….. I’m going to go take a shower………………
    Not trying to be a asshat but how can there be people interested in this s***?

  9. Kabak says:

    >not trying to be asshat
    >insults everything
    That seems legit enough

  10. jean56f says:

    @Kalebtheprussian, what an hard question.

    For me it’s every stuff, some people like a specific music style, art, movies, photos, cars, even food…
    yes, maybe more weird than a apple or a metal song, but heh, you need plety of thing to make the world !

    (yeah, when I saw one direction or some rap songs, I think the same, how people love this kind of shit ^^’)

    apologize for bad english o/

  11. Kalebtheprussian says:

    Ok Jean……
    You know I just find it weird, some people will spend 5 hours making a comic or writing story about either a human male or human female “doing it” with a tank or airplane…….. and what the frick is with the metallic “cum”..?………
    Well each to their own I guess……….

  12. Ratbat says:

    To you Kaleb: Hello and welcome to Titan. I can tell your desgusted by some of the stuff you see here so I’ll just absolve you and say that Most of us here are nuts. So there, case closed. Feel any better?

    Actually, this whole site and the stuff in it is pretty stupid. Fetishes on a whole are pretty stupid. But you can’t necessarily choose how your brain in its developmental years decides what is hot. You just hope for the best that you will turn out normal or if you have to have a fetish, have something you can realize Irl.

    Unfortunately us poor souls aernt so lucky. We are in love with machines and machine people. We don’t look at em like the 20000 pounds of dead metal, glass, rubber that they actually are. And that’s why we waste our lives and our talent doing this crap. It makes us crazies happy.

    We love machines.

    (p.s. If you don’t like the jizz color you could always make it raspberry or hot pink? The color of the tank jizz should be the least of your problems. )

  13. jean56f says:

    Still free to see rule 34 website, there are some stuff way WAY more weird than this … c: (and stuff who disgust me but heh, I don’t like it, I don’t watch it ) !

  14. Kalebtheprussian says:

    I’m sorry if I have been a ass too all of you guys. I am just…. You know weirde out by what you guys like but I have no right to hold it against you all. Come to think of……for some reason I like the weird vibe of this website……. Idk…..
    But I’m sorry for intruding your community

    – kaleb

  15. jean56f says:

    nah, no worries, I understand completly 😀 feel free to watch and like, maybe you”l like the Atoll lab comic who knows !

  16. Kalebtheprussian says:


  17. Kalebtheprussian says:

    Hey I made this story if any of you want you could continue it you know because I suck at writing


    It is summer.

     Normally you would see kids playing outside, you would see German automobiles driving up and down the small country roads in the western parts of Germany. But it is not a normal summer in Germany.

     It is 1945 and the once seemingly Unstoppable armies of the Third Reich of Germany, is now but the shell of its former self.

    beaten back by the allies on both sides from the British Sicily campaign, the Soviet Union’s counter-offensive in Stalingrad, the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France.

     the German military was falling father back into the lands which just years ago they used to have firm control over.

     They have lost Poland, France, and one of their closest allies Italy have fallen to British and American forces just 1 year ago.

    the armies of the Soviet Union are at the doorsteps of Berlin.
    And American, French ,British ,and Canadian forces had already taken all of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxenberg.

    slowly pushing like a dagger into German lands.
    tank divisions Rush across the Western Countryside of Germany, the German military Have been trying its best to defend the Fatherland.

    battle after battle Skirmish after skirmish the German military was slowly being destroyed.
    They fought in towns, in the cities ,in The Meadows, in the farmland……… they charged against Allied Forces just to be mowed down by Machine Gun fire….

    and here’s a story about a Tank named Rose and her crew of 2 men Rick and Albert

    In the small town of Vinsebeck the nearby 7th SS Infantry Division and 24th SS Panzer Division had started to fortify the small town in preparation for the bulk of the British and American Military that was slowly pushing its way into Germany.

     Most of the male population of the small town had joined the ranks of the SS and were ill equipped for war.

     62 soldiers and 2 Tigers 8 Pz.4s and 1 Pz.1 ready for combat are spread throughout the small town.

     They are ready to die for the Fatherland….. For them surrender was not an option.

    Nearby a squadron of around 20 man 5 M3 lees and 1 M4A1 Sherman are just 4 km away.

    Now…..the M4… not just any tank. It is or “she” is one of them living tanks……. You know! They can move by themselves and they have eyes and a mouth. They have feelings………

    At 7:18 pm
    Rose and her crew decided to split up from the division and scout out the small town.

    “So” Rick says while he is sat in the driver’s seat “how will anyone not see us when were riding around in this thing?”

    Rose stops abruptly. “You know this THING has a name ya jackass” Rose says while rolling her eyes.

    “Wow it was just a question You tin can!” Rick says except in a louder and more frustrated than before. “You’re close to 11 feet high and as wide as a car so any German can see you with a pair of binoculars!”

    “Rick just zip it OK? Unlike like you were actually doing our jobs.” Albert said while looking through the Optics.

    “Umm Rick have you forgotten that I’m a Tank? So of course I’m big” Rose said in a sarcastic tone.

    looking through the Optics Albert sees the fortifications set up by the German troops.

    “1 Flank gun” Albert says “well Rose blown to Kingd…..” he’s interrupted by the sound of the flank gun firing in there Direction missing Rose by three meters plummeting into the ground with a loud BOOM flinging dirt and rocks up into the air.


    And the battle begins.

    This is my first story and as you can tell there’s nothing 18+ in it.
    If anyone wants to continue this story you can do it…….

    By kalebtheprussian

  18. jean56f says:

    Kaleb, That’s not bad, but i’m not the best to judge, i’m not a good story teller and my english level is not that good 😀

    There is not only 18+ stuff here, and imo, i’m moe in love with the story than the 18+ stuff 🙂


  19. Gingyflame says:

    But Kaleb that was good, you can’t just end a story there! P.S. nothing here says that there must be porn about it, you could make it like a Herby, where Rose’s a main character and it’s the tale of her’s Albet’s, and Rick’s struggle. Do please let your imagination unfold. If you enjoy putting living machines into a story then do it, you can make it however you want it to be, after all, it’s your story. You control where it goes. Like I used to be all about the sex, every other chapter was naughty, and I kinda don’t like it. I mean, I’m proud of it and my tale has built up heavily off of it, I just wish that I didn’t have that much sex in it in such a small period. I’m more comfortable just explaining their everyday struggles, their battles with life and sanity, and not so much their lust and sexual explorations. I’ll mention it but for now my main characters haven’t done anything in a good long while. And so far in RB’s comic there’s been what? 5 frames of actual sex? The rest is just sexualized, like a model or an ad, and it’s talked about. Yeah we all here would love a night with a sentient machine but yet we also enjoy the concept of a living, sentient, and intelligent machine. At least I do. I don’t care where your story goes, all I know is I like it, and I want more!

    Also, sorry for snapping at you earlier, you just seemed to be going around degrading and insulting us like an internet troll.

  20. Kalebtheprussian says:

    OK I’ll make more

  21. Kalebtheprussian says:

    The sequel to part one.

    After the flank gun fired one shot and missed Rose. A loud speaker turned on “Alle Männer zu ihren Schlachtstationen, die Amerikaner angreifen!” Blazed out from the speakers, within 1 minute after the speaker spat message out around Thirty men we’re already firing upon the Tank. Like termites coming out of a log, small amounts of soldiers rushed out from the nearby town and also began attacking.

    Albert screened out. ” what are you waiting for Frank!? Use the machine gun!”

    Frank complied and began to fire the machine gun mounted that’s in the chassis.

    7 soldiers screened as bullets ripped through them, Falling flat to the ground.
    A Pz.1 came out from behind one of the houses and began to fire short bursts
    At the side of Rose’s chassis.

    It sounded like rain slowly falling down on a metal sheet.

    Rose turn her turret and fired one shot at the little German tank. whith loud bang it blew up, bursting into flames.

    “Well that’s one died tank” Rose said.

    By then Frank had already taking care of most of the soldiers, the ones that are still alive are recruiting. But one remained standing 10 meters from Rose, in the middle of the road, a probably 12-14 year old boy, Dirty and covered in dust he stood his ground.

    “why is that kid not running away in fear? He’s just standing right in front of us” Rick said

    “maybe this kid wants to die” Rose said.

    Rose looked at the boy.A black uniform old and tattered, holding nothing but a Mauser in his hand.

    “small and weak?” she sad while she grinned.

    The boy’s eyes were filled with rage.

    “worauf wartest du? Um mich zu töten!” The boy screamed out. The boy pointed his Mauser at Rose.

    “anyone know what he saying?’ Albert said

    “something about killing I think” Frank said while studying his grip on the handle on the machine gun.

    Sied in frustration. “Sprich Englisch?” She said hoping that this kid would

    “Ja you dummkopf! You amerikan scum invade our land! But I vill not surrender for ich rather die für das Vaterland” he screamed out. His hand was trembling and he is trying to stop himself from crying.

    ” listen kid, just run don’t want to kill ya okay?” Rose said

    After hearing this the kid got even more mad. He began to shoot at Rose.
    screaming slurs at whoever was inside the tank.

    Frank Fire Two Shots at the boy’s legs. The Boy fell to the ground screaming in pain,
    The bullet hit him in his kneecap fracturing and breaking it,

    “WHY DID YOU SHOOT HIM!?” Albert screamed at Fred

    ” well he’s freaking attacking us” Frank screamed out

    ” dear…God are you okay?!, you need any help kid!?” Rose said while moving 5 meters closer to the kid.

    The boy was face up on the ground supporting his back with his arm.
    Bleeding out and dying there’s only one thing that he thought he could do in this situation……… Die With Honor…….. He held the gun up to his head, a tear rushing down the side of his cheek, he said “für das Vaterland……” then he pulled the trigger……..killing himself…….

    Rose and her crew were shocked at the fact the boy killed himself.
    They felt guilty. The boy’s lifeless body laid on the street. And finally the only people or living machine in the small town were just Rose and her crew…….

    By kalebtheprussian

  22. Kalebtheprussian says:

    Ummm hello?

  23. Gingyflame says:

    Hiya, that was good. A little darker than I thought it’d get but still good. Now what bout them Tigers? How’s Rosa gonna tackle them?

  24. Kalebtheprussian says:

    Oh don’t worry you’ll like this one

    “You know that happened because of you Frank….. did you really think a few measly bullets would even Pierce my chassis you Idiot?” Rose said

    “it’s my fault?..really? Was I supposed to do, the Hun was shooting at us ya cunt!”
    Frank said

    “Look you asshole he’s died…… and you’re the one who shot him in the leg! I’m going out there I’m checking if he’s still alive….” Albert said while climbing up to open the top and entrance hatch.

    “IF he’s alive………then bring him inside……” Rose said

    Albert climbed out the top turret hatch and slid down the front of Rose’s chassis,
    Slowly he walk down the street, he look at the destroyed shops and houses,
    The Flaming wreck that was once a Panzer 1. He looked at the Multiple dead bodies of SS troops…….. he was appalled at all the destruction.

    Finally he reached the kid’s body, he noticed something…… he pointed it at the top side of his skull and…….There was no entry wound! He quickly checked the kid’s pulse.
    “He’s alive!” Albert shouted.

    The kid was still breathing and his heart was still beating, so Albert quickly scooped him up, and began to walk back to Rose.

    When he got back to the tank, he laid the kid in front of Rose.

    “He’s not died?!” Rose said excited but yet still worried

    “Yay he’s breathing alright, I think he’s just unconscious, there’s no entry wound”
    Albert said

    2 of Rose’s Mecha-Dendrites came out from under her chassis, she picked him up like a baby, cradling him.

    ” get the crate with the medical supplies, you know the crate on the back”
    Albert rush to the back and pulled the crate off. he ran back with the crate in his hands, he pried it open with a crowbar and  used bandages to help stop the kid’s head from bleeding.

    “Poor kid……I can’t believe he nearly killed himself” Rose said still holding kid.

    ” He’ll probably wake up in an hour” Albert said while climbing back in the chassis.

    Rose still holding the child, drove out of the small town, she took one Road that led North too a smaller uninhabited Village, where her and her crew decide to set up camp.

    8:51 pm
    There was a garage that was big enough to fit two of her, beside a 3 room house. Frank started a fire in the fireplace, Albert went to the kitchen to check if anything was good to eat and Rose just continue to look after the unconscious kid….. “there’s just something about the kid” she told Albert.

    At 1:07 a.m. the kid woke up, startled but too tired to be afraid.
    He woke up in a bed and heard talking,

    “is he ever going to wake up?”

    One of them said

    ” just wait, he will wake up….. I checked on him a minute ago, he’s completely okay but still unconscious”

    This time he heard a voice he recognized, but his memory was vague……

    ” he better wake up Frank or else I’m fucking getting you court-martialed after this war!”

    He opened the door and slowly walked intro a living room, the fireplace was lit. He saw it was still very early in the morning. He opened a door that let to the garage,

    “really Rose? Are y……….”

    ” holy shit he’s alive” Frank said startled and surprised

    Rose turned her turret towards the door to look at the kid.

    “well look who woke up, are you okay? Do you remember anything” Rose ask the kid

    The kid just stood there, Frozen, the only expression on his face was of shock and fear.
    He tried to say something, but he just kept on stuttering.

    “you remember your name right?” Rose asked in most kindest voice Ashton not frightened the kid.

    Finally he said something……”Mei-i-in name is Hanz…..p-please dont hurt me”

  25. Kalebtheprussian says:

    I meant to say Rick when I said Frank………….

  26. Gingyflame says:

    I like it, I really like it. But in this scenario I probably would have had the kid miss his head and the rifle shooting the oversized helmet he’s wearing, and the mixture of the pressure, sound blast, and bleeding ears knock him out. That’s just me. But awesome.

  27. Kalebtheprussian says:

    Thank you

  28. Kalebtheprussian says:

    Rose 4 friendly as can be

    Rose quickly said “don’t worry, you’re safe with us”

    A sigh of relief came from the boy as he put his hand on his head, then complete shock quickly pulling his hand away from his head and looking at it to see dried blood flakes covering it.

    “Mein gott” he said
    “Vhat happen to my head?” He asked

    Rose, Albert and Rick didn’t know what to tell the boy, he clearly lost some of his memory.

    Finally Albert said “ummmm we found you like that on the side of the road….. right guys? We guessed your hit by a car…..”

    Everyone seemed to go along with Albert’s lie

    “Of course” Rose quickly side with an uneasy look

    “so we brought you here….and helped you” Rick replied

    A smile of joy quickly went across the Hanz’s face, he walked over to Rose’s front and hugged her sloping armor “Danke for helping me…… I’m forever in your debt…. even if I can’t remember it” Hanz said

    One of Rosa’s arms came out from one of the hatches on the front to hug the little boy,
    Rose glared At Rick as if to tell him again “this is all your fault”

    Rick felt even more guilty, he walked over to the side of the garage and slumped down. he was clearly depressed……

    Albert ran to the kitchen to get some of the rations and preservable food that the military pack for them, he gassed the kid was probably hungry.

    Hanz backed up bit from Rose and asked “what is your and your friends names?”

    Rose complied with “my name is Rose, the one with the Beret is Albert, and the one with the red scarf is Rick”

    Hanz stood up and put out his arm to shake Rose’s arm and said “it is nice to meet you Rose”

    Rose also shook hands ” it’s nice to meet you too’ she said.
    She smiled at Hanz ” what a little gentleman he is” she thought.

    Hans walked over to Rick and extended his arm out to shake his hand.

    Rick look up at Hanz  “nice to meet ya….” he said as he stood up and shook Hanz’s hand.

    Albert came back with a packet of peanuts and handed it to Hanz “mein favorite!” He said while taking it from Albert’s hand “Danke und it is nice to meet you Al….’ a cough interrupted his sentence.

    “You’re OK?” Albert asked

    “Oh ja don’t worry” Hanz said while opening the peanut package.

    “So? Do you guys live here?” Hanz asked

    “no we just found this house and decided to set up camp here” Albert said while checking the durability of his gun

    After Albert said this the ham radio on Rose turned on
    “we require back up immediately, We require back up immediately! Two German tigers are attacking our position! WE ARE IN THE NÄLINBERG HANGER!”
    “Sos! SOS!……OH SHIT!” (BOOM!)



  29. Kalebtheprussian says:

    Gingy! I made a gross for fun!

    Rose 5. My Eyes! 18+

    After the loud explosion that came from the ham radio Rose decided Rick would come with her to the hangar and help what remained of the division that sent out distress signal and Albert would stay at the house with Hanz.

    “How far are we from is this city?” Rick asked while entering Rose’s chassis

    “20 kilometers give or take, so not that far from here” Rose said while starting her engine

    ” keep Hanz inside the house” Rose told Albert

    “all right Rose….and please come back in one piece” Albert said

    ” oh don’t worry. two Tigers is a piece of cake” Rose said to Albert and a joking manner

    After saying that to Albert, Rose and Rick headed out towards
    Nälinberg. They passed through two villages on the way there,
    And encountered a small Infantry Division that they easily brushed aside…….. but the fun was about to begin

    After 20 minutes of being on the road, Rose and Rick arrived at the hangar, 19 bullet riddled Corpses of British and American soldiers were spread out Across the runway tarmac,
    A British Crusader tank lay in Ruins just outside one of the three hangers on the runway, 2 American Jeeps were left abandoned just 10 meters away.

    “Jesus Christ……” Rick said as he climbed off of Rose’s Turret
    “They didn’t stand a chance…..” he said while looking at a dead British soldier.

    ” judging by the tank treads movements……. they’re too coordinated……..” Rose said. “The both of them must be living tanks…….like me……” Rose said

    ” you know this isn’t going to be easy.” Rick said as he pulled his pistol out from it’s holster.

    ” well you don’t always get what you want” Rose said while moving closer to one of the hangers

    Frank taged on slowly behind Rose, when they were within five meters of the first hanger the heard revving*, metal clanging, and some words being said in German. ” what the hell can be going on in there?” Rick said to Rose

    ” how about you climb on top of me and look through the window to find out what’s going on in there…….ever thought of that?”

    After Rose said that Rick climbed on top of her turret, he picked his head through one of the hangar windows well being careful to not raises his head any higher as not to be seen. Rick didn’t know what to expect, but as he looked through the hanger window his hands begin to tremble, he felt sick to his stomach, and for just a second he doubted that God existed……… because what he saw ,they do not prepare you for bootcamp………….

    One male Tiger up against the Stern of the female tiger, around 20 inches deep into her tail Pine……. holding the female one in place with his manipulator arms….. also Tangled  mess of tendrils and those ones with hands on them positioned on the back of the female one……… fluid was Dripping all over the floor, with the occasional moan of pleasure coming from either one of them.

     the expression on Rick’s face look like he just saw his family murdered right in front of him, he lowered himself off of Rose’s turret, jumped off of her chassis, leaned up against the hanger wall,
    And threw up,

    Roast turned her turret towards him
    “dear God…..Rick what did you see in there?” Rose asked him

    ” the work of the Devil Himself” Rick said while wiping his chin

    ” are you ready to break down The Hangar door?” Rose asked him

    “No,……but I am ready for therapy” Rick said back rose with a 100 yard stare

    Slowly Rick move towards the hangar door.

    “Ja! Härter ich mag es!”

    He heard the female one screen. A shiver went down his spine after he heard that.

    “Du willst härter !? Ich gebe dir härter!”

    He heard the male one scream out. He cringed and grit his teeth while he cocked his gun.

    Now Rose can picture what was going on in there, now she knew why Rick was startled and disgusted, so she decided to crash their little party.

    She told Rick to move aside from the hangar doors, and in around five seconds she smashed through the hanger doors,
    The doors flung open as she collided full speed into them,
    The two Tigers stopped surprised and startled as they saw a M4 Sherman smashing through the hangar doors and then grind to a full Halt………..

    One of roses eyes twitched when she looked out what was happening.

    ” what the serious FUCK!?” She screamed out
    ” so you two murder a whole entire Infantry Division and after you two Gross fuckers do that! You FUCK!?”

    After 5 Seconds of looking at them for that just invaded their privacy, the male tiger said “und who za hell are you!?”
    The tank said while pulling out and lowering himself onto the ground.

    Just as the tank did that, Rick peeked his head around the corner, he became sick to his stomach again so we threw up a second time. After vomiting all over the floor again, he pulled himself up and walked to the side of Rose, he said
    “Rose………can we just freaking leave?”

    .End chapter.

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    XD, that was hilarious. Ricks reaction. Great story so far

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