Longbow Loves (AH-64)


Ratbat did longbow, I saw, I write, simple.


She runs over to him and takes the heavy girth if his cock in her hands feeling it’s steely weight then takes as much as she can into her mouth, swallowing the glob of pre hanging from the tip

She sucks and licks. Gulping down helpings of his silvery pre. As soon as she is out of breath, her face covered in silvery paste, he pushes the box under his airframe and lays her over it.

Without even undressing her he sends a tendril up her skirt and pulls her panties over her cheek, opening up the airways for a good targeting solution. Another tendril pulls her scarf off and pulls down her shirt stretching the collar enough for her non-bra-wearing breasts to fall free. He squeezes and squishes them moaning to himself with the thought of her tender loins.

Another probes her dripping pussy, providing reconnaissance for the main attack. He draws his throbbing machine cock closer and closer to the opening until it’s wet tip touches her sensitive lips.

He can feel her shiver as it touches. Very slowly he pushes, her lips spreading to receive the hefty girth. She winced as it stretches her, the head finally entering her small body. The rest of the shaft following feeling her body squeezing him into the tight opening.

Gradually he moves deeper and deeper until he reaches the end. Careful not to cause her any discomfort he withdraws and readies for another stroke. As soon as he reaches to where only his head remains in her he pauses, allowing her to catch her breath before pressing himself in again. Gradually he develops a rhythm of in and out, wet squishes and gushing pre coming from each thrust.

His pace increases bit by but as he feels her becoming more accustomed to his girth. He presses his bottom to her back rubbing up and down her soft sweater and crushing the edges of the box beneath them.

He begins to feel his climax coming and his thrusts become harder, a distinct shake running through his airframe. Her body is jolted along with his mad thrusting, inching him closer and closer to cumming.

He finally peaks and with a final trembling thrust begins gushing hot loads of thick cum deep into her body. It fills her small space and begins pushing out around his dick, squirting out, her skirt acting like a splash guard and catching a majority of it the hot liquid. Some runs down her leg and into her shoes soaking her socks like a water ride at Disneyland.

They both remain there trembling and shaking form the shared orgasm, neither wanting to move.

Slowly he withdraws inch by inch until his head comes free, unleashing a stream of cum onto the runway.

Without saying anything he turns her over pulls her tight to his airframe and places the rose in her hair.

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6 Responses to “Longbow Loves (AH-64)”
  1. Theunknownjester says:

    hot damn, short, sweet, to the point and arousing to read!

  2. Ratbat says:

    welp. guess I’ll go and have a fap.

  3. Gingyflame says:

    This was pretty interesting, almost as intriguing as wondering why I can’t comment on the Hanz story put up today… Nonetheless what I want to say is that was an awesome chapter bundle. Although at points the German was vague and Ja wolh is actually just Jawol. But I do have a bothering tick on my mind: what about the Tiger II commander Wilhem and his tank Ida? I know, why’s he interested in the female tank? My justification is you went to the point of giving them a name and background for one small scene that isn’t all that important? Seems that there’d be more for such an intricately related pair… Mmmm Ida is hot, however.

  4. Ratbat says:

    I don’t know why the comments section on your GERMAN STEEL post isn’t working but I will look into it.

    ;;gets down and worships you;; Do you know how fucking good your story is?! :;worships;;

  5. DELTA X3 says:

    Gingy, in regards to Ida, she is kind of a “nest egg” character, much as Vadik was. Leaves me the option to expand on the story, which I intend to do. As for the German, I’ll admit that slip up, just threw in what I thought sounded right (my German is very limited) and meant to proof it but in the end forgot and yeah, upon further research it is in fact jawohl, oops.

  6. Gingyflame says:

    Alright then, thanks for that. I’ve got plans for all my characters and it’ll take a while before they’re all filled. Jawohl? I’ve only seen it as Jawol. Well there are four Germamn language sects so that’s reasonable.

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