The Italy op (Lamborghini Aventador) (1)

Chapter 1: Barely street legal

CIA agent Tyler Grant


12 April 2021, Private Estate of Mr. Carlo Anton, 2 miles east of Genoa Italy.


Agent Grant pulled back the sleeve of his tux checking his watch. It was about time for the show to start. He looked out the window just in time to see a fireball eroupted just over the hill. The shock wave shaking the windowpanes in the ornate ballroom. Frightened patrons shrieked as the ball of fire shook the chandeliers overhead many beginning to scramble for the exits.


That was his que. He casually made his way out of the ballroom and down a set of stairs, retrieving a long case he’d stowed the night before. The door at the bottom of the stares opened into a large garage, showcasing a number of rare and exotic cars. He grabbed a chair and propped it up against the door handle, that would keep any unwanted disturbances out.


The side facing the sea was a large glass wall giving him a clear view of the road and docks below. It actually was a nice night despite the chaos he had just caused. The moon was full over the Italian coast, it’s light reflecting off the water. This was no time for sightseeing however. A pair of headlights raced away from the estate down the switchback road to the docks.


He opened the case and removed small tool and applied it to the window. A couple of turns and it was through the glass leaving a clean hole about 10 centimeters in diameter. He reached into the case and removed the large Barrett .50 caliber rifle from the case and set it on the bipod then lay behind the rifle and sighted in. This rifle had altered more political landscapes than he cared to remember. Just last month and half a world away the mad dog leader of an undisclosed Southeast Asian country had been laid to rest at just over a mile. Three weeks before that it was the leader of a pirate group off the coast of Somalia form a helicopter on a windy night. He prided himself on his work and justly so.


Just as he had planned, the vehicle came to a screeching had at the docks and a group of armed men emerged looking around before waving another man out of the car.


“There you are” he said finding him in the scope as he ran from the SUV to the safety of the boat. The group quickly boarded a vessel and shot off to a large yacht moored a few hundred meters out.


Carlo Anton was one of Europe’s premier arms dealers, dealing also in drugs and human trafficking on the side. He was most well known for providing high-end hardware to third world countries in order to make smaller conflicts become larger in order to push more merchandise. Your basic bad guy. A resident of the CIA’s most wanted list for a while now but never a priority, until recently, regarding his involvement in a coup in Mexico. This had gained him a priority kill tag and the attention one of the CIA’s top covert agents. Dirty deniable undercover wetwork operations were his specialty.


The boat reached the larger vessel and they began offloading. Grant began putting the shot together in his head. Wind was still, the boat was just under a kilometer and a half out and they hadn’t weighed anchor yet, easy shot, easy op. One arms dealer dead, one illegal narcotics plant blown to smithereens. He racked the bolt back on the heavy rifle and let it slam forward, feeding a round into the chamber.


His cross hairs lined up right over Anton’s torso, he liked the head shots but at this range to much or a risk, but with a .50 caliber projectile he hardly even had to hit him for a kill. A few clicks for the light breeze that had picked up and he was ready. Breath in, breath out, empty lungs and slow squeeze.


Make that two narcotics plants. A second explosion eroupted in the distance as the second warehouse went up.


The heavy rifle bucked as it sent the hand milled 661 grain projectile downrange at over 600 meters per second. The projectile impacted the soft target left of center mass, obliterating flesh and bone.


The shot damn near tore Anton apart, splattering his personal guard in blood and mangled tissue. The bewildered guards looked around frantically to find the shooter.


“Well time to get out of here” he said to himself packing his rifle and turning to the door leading out of the garage. The rifle shot would have been masked by the explosion and he would be free to escape without anyone knowing. He policed up the spent shell casing and began walking out.


“Ah hell” he said under his breath as pounding and shouts came from the exit door. The chair hindered entrance but that was only temporary.


Time for the backup plan. He turned to the door at the back of the garage leading outside.


“This just isn’t my day” he said as two sets of lights rolled around the side of the building. Doors slammed as what he could imagine were 6 to 8 armed thugs unloading.


“Looks like you could use a ride” Years of training and personal expirence took over, almost instantly drawing his pistol from its concealed underarm holster. He could have, from the hip, without effort hit any target in the room as he spun around. One problem, there wasn’t anyone else in the room.


His mind took a second to process it but the voice had in fact come from one of the vehicles.


The powerful engine of a Lamborghini Aventador roared to life, settling to a gentle purr. She was a living machine, and what a machine she was. Her as sleak body was a sporty red, showing off Lamborghini’s signature sharp designed,  looking more along the lines of a stealth fighter than a car.


He smiled chuckling to himself “So it would seem”


“Get in” she beckoned. The slender door gracefully opened in the famous lamborghini style.


Why would this stranger car want to help him. A trap perhaps. Well, options were certainly running out. The door wouldn’t hold there


He threw his rifle case into the passenger seat. Leveling his pistol he put three shots through the large glass wall, sending spider webs of cracks across the glass.


“Punch it” he said hopping in and pulling the door shut.


Her engine roared as her tires began to squeal and smoak against the smooth floor before catching grip and taking off, pinning Tyler to his seat. In a scene fit for Hollywood slow motion they crashed through the window onto the dark street. Within a second they had tore off into the darkness, the thugs scrambling to get back to their SUVs.


The two tore off into the moonlit Italian night. “So why help… I never got your name”


“It’s Vera” she replied, her accent making the simple words sound romantic “I’m glad he’s dead,  that you killed him. That man couldn’t handle a car like me. He kept me in that garage as a showpiece, I could only look out and see the road. That was the ultimate torture. He couldnt take hold, didn’t have what it takes to drive a Lamborghini. Do you?”


He wasn’t sure what she actually meant by it but what he heard was a challenge. He grabbed hold of the wheel and jammed his foot down on the accelerator. Instantly her V-12 engine responded with a rush of power, pinning him again to the seat. They raced down the empty coastline highway. He knew how to handle a vehicle such as this, and he showed it well, burning around turns, threading between cars.


Vera was already turned on by this American assassin. She could feel his firm grip on her wheel and just how he drove her. That garage had been a prison. She needed the open road but she also needed something more, she could feel it.


“You are a spy, yes?” She asked


“I suppose you could say that”


“At the end of the spy movies, doesn’t the dashing spy always end up taking home the attractive young lady?”


“That he does” Tyler liked where she was going with this. He had never been with a machine before but she wasn’t just any machine. This was the oppertunity of a lifetime, only a hand full of these exotic beauties remained in the world.


“I know a nice little private villa in Nice” he said to her


“Ooh France. I haven’t been there in years.”


Together, they drove along the Mediterranean coast. He always imagined Europe like this as a young boy, fantasizing about racing a Italian super car along the Italian coast line . He could feel the gentle vibrations of her engine, everything about her was built for power.


She hoped she was reading his intentions right. A tendril emerges from her floorboards and found its way I to his pant leg. He didn’t struggle which for her was a good sign, he simply smiled as he continued driving. It creeped up his leg, across his inner thigh before wrapping itself around his cock.


The whole drive there he was pleasure by this Lamborghini gently stroking his cock, making it the most pleasurable ride of his life. What honestly more could a man ask for than driving a Aventador down an empty Italian highway on a moonlit night all while the Aventador casually strokes your dick. Not much he thought to himself.


It was a few hours before they arrived in Nice France. The sun had already risen and the forecast predicted a sunny summers day. They drove up a hill to a lone villa sitting atop a hill. The building itself fit in perfectly with the French countryside. It was surrounded on all sides by a stone patio with a pool at the back looking out over the water.


Rather than stopping in the driveway he drove her all the way around the house pool side. She turned off her engine and opened her door to let Tyler out.


He was looking forward to actually getting to have a proper look at her. He whistled looking over her sleek body. She was a beautiful assortment of lines and edges, all coming to a point at her front. He gently ran a finger along her bodywork as he circled around her. Her paint was smooth to the touch and he could feel her quiver as he touched her.


“I’m going to be frank with you my dear” he said “I have never been with a car before, in fact I’ve never been with a machine”


“I have never been with a human before” she replied “I’ve never been with anyone. I’ve been in that garage since as long as I can remember.”


“Then I think we will both enjoy this” he said beginning to unbuckling his tuxedo pants, dropping the jacket and stripping down.


“I hope you fuck the way you drive” she said.


He went down to his knees In front of the Aventador and pulled his cock from his underpants holding the erect shaft in his hand. With his other hand he reached under her bumper and lifted her chin. He placed himself into her mouth, her lips greedily wrapping around his cock. He could feel her begin to suck at him, her large wet tongue licking at his tip as he stroked her bumper and hood.


“You told me your late owner couldn’t handle an Aventador, couldn’t take hold, didn’t have what it takes. Well, I have a bit of a different approach.” He said to her as she coated his dick with her thick saliva, the point of her hood pressing against his abs as she sought to get every inch. He couldn’t imagine anything better than this. He had an Italian super car giving him head in a villa in the south of France. He was going to keep her, end of story.


She wanted this, she could feel by the way he stroked her body that she was bringing him unbearable pleasure. Her whole life she had just been a car. She never knew anything more. Her sole purpose in life had been to look pretty and awe people with the sound of her engine. She wanted more. She wanted that thing every lamborghini wants, to go fast, but there was something more. Something inside her had always burned, desiring to be satisfied by something she didn’t understand and somehow this was fulfilling her needs. She wanted more.


He leaned forward putting his chest to her hood as she sucked the pre from the tip of his dick, her soft lips and smooth tongue working his shaft. “Vera, I have something special for you” he said pulling himself form her mouth, leaving a sweat outline of his chest on her hood. He had to put a hand against her to stop her as she tried to take him in ger mouth again.


He stood and walked around her. This Aventador was all his. He could do with her body whatever he pleased. He ran his hand along her body, his fingers brushing from the corner of her headlight, up along the curve of her roof and down her back finally reaching the lip just above her driver side tail light. He moved to the center of her bumper and went to his knees.


“What are you do… Aaaah nhhh” she shouted as he jammed his cock it’s full length into her tailpipe, her body almost instantly clamping around his dick. She was so incredibly tight on him, he could feel her wet walls squeezing him as he allowed the sensation of the first penetration sink in.


“What are you doing” she groaned pulling air, breathing heavy through her intakes. It was the first time he had ever felt such pain and pleasure at once.


He began pulling out feeling her tailpipe begin to secrete lubricants.


“I don’t know if I can take this” she whimpered.


He wasn’t going to take that, he was going have her pipes until she liked it. Again he jammed himself into her.


“Mmmf nnnnh” he heard her moan as he slid himself into her again.


She could feel her chin almost brushing the ground as he lifted her ass end to get a better position. This Lamborghini was completely at his mercy.


She kept resisting, squirming and moaning as he pulled and pushed in and out of her. Gradually he picked up the pace, fucking her faster and faster. He reached a hand under her bumper and took hold for more leverage. Her body was light and built for speed, easy for him to really get her rocking. She locked her breaks tight as the thrusts became more powerful, gritting her teeth as her body lunged forward with each thrust her suspension creeking and moaning from the motion..


He pounded her relentlessly “moan for me Lamborghini you’re mine  now and I want to hear you. I want you to feel it, feel it all through your frame and I want you to love it” he growled at her. He could feel her start to loosen up, start to actually enjoy this. “I’m going to make you show me why you rule the European highways. You’re going to prove the Aventador reputation.”


Vera was coming to love this, having this human fucking her tailpipe. She couldn’t help but moan and groan as he plowed her, occasionally giving her a good slap on her ass. His skin clapping against her bumper. Even if she maxed the tightness of her suspension she couldn’t stop the jolting motion of his thrusts, he was powerful for a human and she loved it. Finally a man who could handle her like she thought she ought to be handled.


He could feel fatigue beginning to set in as he slowed his thrusts, juices flowing from her pipes. Getting a car rocking like that could really take it out of you, but his stamina was far from spent and he hadn’t cum in his little Aventador yet. She was taking in heavy breaths through her large side intakes as he finally pulled himself from her. She oozed for him.


He knew enough about living machines to know that pipes weren’t all she had.


“Vera now it’s time for the good part” he said coming to his feet, running his hand across the glass panels that covered her engine, dripping drops of pre cum into her back end.


Without saying anything to her he grabbed the cushion off one of the poolside lounge chairs and placed it on the ground in front of her.


“Well what are you waiting for” he said laying down on the pad and looking at her.


She was so excited she almost didn’t know what to do with herself. She was so horny, so incredibly horny. Years of pent up lust were about to be satisfied. Her pussy ached and dripped for his cock and she was about to get it.


He saw a big grin cross the Lamborghini’s face as she rolled towards him. Lifting on her hydraulics she moved over top of him. He watched her under panels as they passed over. What an incredible feat of engineering he thought to himself. All this worked together in perfect union to produce the ultimate driving experience.


Her pussy was already hot and dripping as it came into position right over his crotch. Hot drops from her aroused pussy fell on his skin. He was going to make her shake and squirm. He grabbed ahold of her undercarriage positioned himself until the tip of his dick lay against her opening.


With as much force as he could muster form underneath the vehicle he rimmed himself balls deep in her. The force lifting her a little on her suspension. He paused for a second inside her, his back arched. He wanted to savor his first time entering a vehicle. Her pussy wrapped tight around his cock, it’s insides, hot, wet and ribbed to perfection. Her thick silvery fluids leaked onto him, his waist pressed against her tender lips.


Slowly and deliberately he withdrew from her looking down to see the silvery residue that coated his dick. he could feel something odd. It had started when he was going at it with her tail pipes. A sensation had begun to creep through his body, making him light headed and slightly euphoric,  a kind of high. He wasn’t sure of it was something he had drank or some strange oddity about screwing this car but, he loved it.


“Vera, how does this feel” he said thrusting deep into her again.


“Please don’t stop” she moaned.


He would gladly do that. Pulling out again he jammed himself into her again. He got faster, each powerful thrust lifted her a little. She was a broad flat but relatively small car making her so nimble on the track. He was in love with just how much he could influence her movement. Such a light peice artistic piece of machinery would bounce and rock for him as he continued to pound her. His waist smacked against her wet lips as he went from deep powerful thrusts to a more rapid fire approach rocking her frame and producing a wet slapping noise as their bodies collided.


Her powerful V-12 engine roared with excitment. It’s pistons throbbing as it sent vibrations through her frame even further stimulating Tyler’s erection as it penetrated her. As her sensation mounted the auxiliary intakes began to rise from her fenders as she required more and more air to cool and feed her revving engine. Even her retractable spoiler began to rise a little, a thing that only happened at speeds. She wanted this sensation forever. Her tongue hung out of her wide open mouth as she panted and moaned.


She began to groan and quiver. Tyler could feel she was about to cum, his waist was already soaked with her fluids, he couldn’t imagine what it would be like when she came to orgasm. He thought he would out do her but all the sudden the feeling struck him.


His body went ridged, arching his back as he drove his dick as beep into the car as he could. The cum squirted from his dick all over the Lamborghini’s insides, blowing massive a load much overdue. At the same time Vera felt her body tremble with pleasure, her engine red lining with a deafening roar as his hot cum filled her, driving her to orgasm. She gushed a wave of hot juice all over his stomach and waist, screaming and moaning with pleasure.

Tyler lay there underneath the Lamborghini, his sweat soaked chest rising and falling as his lungs tried to bring in much needed oxygen after the workout he had just got fucking that car.


Vera couldn’t just believe what she had just expirenced. This was the greatest she had ever felt. It was the pleasure of going full speed around a track two fold. She wanted it. She wanted it over and over and over.


She rolled backwards until her chin was right at his abs. Vera extended her tongue and licked him from his belly button to the center of his chest. As she was about to withdraw he grabbed hold of her tongue with both hands, feeling it’s warm wet squishy surface in his hands. He leaned up and put the tip of her tongue in his mouth, taking one hand and grabbing the bottom of her bumper and pulling her close until her lips were pressed against his and they kissed. They made out with such passion neither could believe it.


They remained locked in each other’s embrace for a great while. “Vera” Tyler said as they seperated “that was incredible. I have to thank you for that. I never imagined just how great it would be.” He took his hand and tenderly rubbed her face.


“Tyler, I have no owner now, and you took me away from that place so I would like to offer myself to you. I never imagined someone would be able to handle me like you have.”


“No one would be able to take you from me.” She got off him as he began to get up. “Now I think there’s some wine inside if you’re ready for round two.”


They made love for hours, over and over again, every way you could possibly think of doing it with a car. A couple bottles of expensive french wine later and the two fell asleep.


He awoke to the sound of his phone going off, a couple of empty wine bottles laying empty next to him. The call had to be the office. He was laying on a ground level poolside bed, half covered by the large body of a Lamborghini Aventador.


She smiled at him rolling backwards to allow him to get up and retrieve his phone. He grabbed the device and walked inside leaving her to recall what had just happened.


He emerged minutes later, gently stroking his erect cock with one hand, a fresh glass of wine in his other. Making his way over to the futon by the pool he sat down. Like a good car she immediately drove over to him and took his morning wood into her mouth. It didn’t take her long to bring him to orgasm as she sucked vigorously at him.  Just before he came he pulled himself from her mouth and lay his dick on her hood. His load exploded all over her hood, gushing globs of hot cum across her paint as her tongue lapped at his balls.


“Well I just got off the phone with Langley. You said you want to be on the road again, yeah?”


“Yes, why?”


“Govorite po-Russki?”




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