When in Russia: Part III- The Hangar


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-13 May 2022

“That must be it” Chase said into the comm helmet as they approached the Moscow airport, pointing to a small hangar on the outskirts of the massive airfield.  The flight from Kubinka hadn’t taken long but he had enjoyed it immensely, soaring over the Russian landscape in Anya’s cockpit.
The cockpit of the Hind was tight but he enjoyed being surrounded by her and he found the pilot’s seat unexpectedly comfortable not only that but, the view was extraordinary. He could look out over the entire city as she told him about the history of Moscow. Anya had even given him a shot at flying. Being his first time she coached him through it, telling him just how to pilot such a bird, a mechanical manipulator hand holding his to her stick as they flew over the sprawling Russian city.


“Let me do this part,” Anya said taking control back as they approached the pad, “landing can be a little tricky but I will teach you soon”. Chase got that dropping feeling as they rapidly began descending.


She wanted to show off a little so banking right she put herself into a steep dive before pulling up and coming to a hover a meter off the ground.
“You certainly know what you’re doing.” chase said, his adrenaline spiking from her little stunt.
“What can I say,” she replied, “it’s what I do.” she chuckled at this as they touched down, her wheels gently meeting the tarmac. She shut down her engines as chase opened the cockpit door and crawled down her side. “Is this it?” Agent Falkner said stepping down from her troop bay, almost having to yell over her blades as they began to slow.
“So it would seem.” Chase replied as the three began toward the hangar.


Chase moved in close to Anya’s nose “As soon as we get in there Anya” he whispered so only she could hear “I’m going to make you squirm”
“Promises promises.” Anya seductively replied.
From the looks of the place, it was clear that the building had remained unused for a great while. The heavy steel door had no marking whatsoever only a large padlock securing the door shut. General Milonovich hadn’t given him any key or even mentioned there would be a lock. He tugged the lock but no luck. He felt something on the back and sure enough taped to the back of the lock was the key. “Wow, now that’s security.” Falkner said sarcastically. Chase removed it and unlocked the lock.
“Give me a hand with this” Chase said, pulling at the door which turned out to be much heavier than he had expected. Falkner grabbed hold and with a heave they slowly slid the large door open. The hangar for the most part was empty and in good condition. Here were a few cabinets lining the walls along with some maintenance equipment all circa late 70’s early 80’s. It was an average hangar even having a seating area at the back with some covered furniture. It was clear this hangar hadn’t been touched in decades, everything was covered in a thick layer of dust but otherwise not dirty or cluttered.

“Anya, what do you think?” Chase asked as the three of them looked in.

“It’s better than nothing.” she replied. It was reasonably small with more than enough room for a helicopter to move about comfortably but not much else. They all proceeded into the hangar. Looking around, it was a little smaller than her hangar at Kubinka but she found it cozy. It would serve their purposes very well.

With the anxiety from the events of the day Anya couldn’t wait to release it all with chase. She was starting to feel it already, she wanted it. Her tongue unconsciously brushing her upper lip where her canon had been as she eyed Chase up and down, thinking of all the things she wanted to do to her little human. “I think this will do perfectly.” She said as they all moved into the hangar, Anya making her way to Chase’s side, snaking a tendril into his hand as she nudged up against him.

“Hold on.” he whispered to her. He knew exactly what she wanted. “You mind giving us some privacy.” Chase said looking to Falkner.

“I’m not supposed to let you out of my si…” he stopped mid-sentence, his face going blank as what Chase was asking hit him. “Because of the ongoing investigation you have to remain under supervision”

“I don’t mind an audience, what about you Anya” chase said casually looking to the helicopter.

“Not at all Chase darling.” she replied playing right along “Maybe Agent Falkner is secretly into machines also. Maybe he just needs a good Mig to take him to bed.”

“Fine” he huffed “I’ll be right outside”. He grabbed a chair and walked out the door “I have a wife you know, and kids” he said heaving the door closed behind him.

Anya chuckled “Were we really going to have sex right in front of him”

“Nah” Chase replied “I just said that to get rid of him. Were you?”

She smiled at him “If you wanted to.”

They both laughed. “Chase, I’m so glad we get to be together. Many machines only dream of a retirement like this. We can be together in American, yes?” Anya held his hand a little tighter, smiling as she looked into his eyes.

Chase could see the excitement in her eyes “Of course Anya. You can do whatever you want.”

“Well, I want to be with you.”

Chase nodded, he was still getting used to hearing affectionate words from a Russian attack helicopter. It made him happy, looking at her, still awestruck by the fact that such a powerful dangerous machine would want something so fail and delicate as a human. That alone was one of the turn-ons for him, her size, the danger. How did he get lucky enough to find someone such as her as a lover?

“So, now that we have this hangar all to ourselves any idea what we should do” Chase said casually.

“I can think of a few.” Anya replied, sliding a tendril past Chase’s belt and wrapping it around his dick, gently beginning to rub and play with it under his pants. She closed her eyes, remembering him thrusting into her that first night, the thought alone was making her wet.

“I like where you’re going with this.” Chase said, unbuckling his belt as the Hind continued rubbing him to a full erection. She loved feeling the heat as his dick hardened in her grip. He removed his shoes and slid out of his pants then removed his suit jacket. She loved this watching him strip down for her. In her mind she hated his cloths, envying them for getting to be hugged against his flesh all day, for getting to be pressed against his curves, getting to feel his body. Yes, she hated them. She planned to have him naked against her body every opportunity she got, and Hinds were seldom said denied.

He completed unbuttoning his white undershirt and stripped it off, letting it fall into the pile of cloths on the ground, right where Anya thought they belonged. She loved this, seeing his fit firm body. Taking a tendril she slowly ran it down his chest, tracing the lines of his pectorals down to his abs until it reached his under pants. The other uncoiled itself, leaving his erection hard and throbbing, ready for to make this Hind squirm. She slid his underpants down his legs, finally freeing what she had so desired for days now.

“Since you seemed to have saved me, I’m in your debt and being in the debt of a Hind is a very very good place to be.” She said seductively, ”So Chase I’m all yours to do with whatever you want.”

He couldn’t help but smile, a Hind had just told him he could do whatever he wanted with her. Every inch of this Hind’s massive body was now his playground. His mind flooded with all the things he wanted to do to this helicopter. He had done nothing the whole time he was being detained other than imagine all the ways he would make love to her beautiful body. He felt like a kid in a candy shop, all the possibilities, all his little fantasies.

Chase thought for a second, looking around for ideas, one coming to mind. He went over to the seating area and yanked the dust cover off the couch. It seemed in decent shape after all these years. It was made of a soft red fabric with every generous cushions, the kind of couch you could easily doze off in. Anya raised an eyebrow, admittedly she was slightly interested in what her little human was planning. She moved back as he began dragging the heavy sofa to the center of the hangar. It took him a minute to move the unwieldy heavy piece of furniture, working up a sweat in the process. Anya licked her lips, seeing his muscles glistening in the florescent lighting was making her restless. She wanted him, bad.

Taking a rest he sat down on the couch letting out a sigh of exhaustion. “That thing’s heavier than it looks” he said regaining his breath.

“You don’t seem to have any problem with man handling 9 tons of helicopter” she said as she approached, a set of tendrils extending toward his knees.

She spread his legs wide exposing his entire package to her large wet tongue that ventured in between his legs, finding its way up under his balls, cupping them in a warm embrace, her chin compressing the couch cushions. Her tongue was slick and moist, it’s warmth and texture sending a feeling of relaxation through Chase. She began to play with them while a tendril reached up and began stroking the length of his shaft. Chase let his head roll back, putting his arms up along the back of the couch as she coated him in her helicopter saliva.

She wasn’t about to stop there. Her tendril retracted and she began to inch forward, pushing his entire crotch onto her mouth, using her lips to protect his delicate skin from her razor sharp tungsten teeth.  She could already taste the precum that seeped from him as she held his dick and balls on her tongue, enjoying having his tender human organs in her mouth, knowing how much pleasure this was bringing him.

“Mmmmh, that’s amazing.” He said gripping the couch’s material as she licked from his balls all the way up to his head. With an unnatural dexterity the tip of her tongue flicked at the base of his head causing every muscle in his body to tense. She couldn’t seem to get enough as she traced the ridge of his head before coming over the top, splitting the small slit and taking his precum onto her tongue. Anya could already feel she was dripping wet as she wrapped her tongue around his dick and began to slide back and forth. “How does everyone not want to be with a machine” he said.


He could see her eyes were closed, it was possible she was enjoying this just as much as he was. Not only was she going at his dick he could also feel her sucking on his entire crotch, he was getting a couch blow job from a Mi-24. This big girl slopping and slurping at him, how much better could life get.

She could feel him reach the cusp of orgasm and withdrew her tongue and pulling away leaving Chase’s entire midsection and inner thighs wet from her saliva.

“You never cease to amaze Anya” chase said as she licked her lips, placing her massive chin on his lap. He gently rubbed his hand against her face, feeling her armored flesh. Her soft breaths against his chest began to condense forming a warm moist patch on his skin. She had no need to breathe through her mouth but could sense he liked it, humans seemed to enjoy little things they could associate with and she was more than happy to oblige. There were many things she didn’t understand about humans, she had never really been taught. Just as she would teach Chase to fly he would teach her of the world she had been brought into.

He didn’t know how but he could feel just how bad she wanted the throbbing appendage just below her chin, she wanted it buried deep inside her.

He moved in close to her and whispered “My love give me your tail, it’s my turn.” She shivered with excitement backing off his lap, a broad smile across the Hind’s face. He watched intently as she wheeled her long body around, locking her rotors to the back towards her tail. Unashamed of the fact that he was blatantly eyeing this Hind’s beautiful ass “I didn’t know Hinds could even do that”

“Most can’t” she said, clearly showing off her posterior “Mil thought they could put Hinds on aircraft carriers, so they modified a few with folding rotors. Defense ministry wouldn’t bite”

She positioned herself at an angle to the couch “You may want to lay down.”

Chase did as she said, laying back down on the plush velvety couch cushions. This really was a nice couch, one he wouldn’t mind having back at home. He watched intently as she began backing up toward him, her tail rotor passing first followed by her gradually widening tail section until her fuselage reached him. She lifted herself on her landing gear, resting her tail on the back of the couch and putting her dripping wet synth port right over Chace’s head. Hot drops from her aroused pussy dripping on his face.

“I’ve needed this for days.” he said, lifting himself to the opening, he could already feel the heat from her aroused lips and smell the enticing smell of her warm womanhood. It was a wonderful smell, metallic and mechanical but not dirty like grease and oil. A sweet arousing sent, lined with pheromones that chase couldn’t help but find irresistible.  He moved in, closing his eyes and slowly licking the silvery liquid off her synth port, tasting this helicopters thick fluids, allowing the high from her juices to sweep over his entire body. It was glorious to be with his helicopter once again. It had only been one night but it felt like she had been with him his whole life, he just hadn’t met her yet.

“Anya, where have you been my entire life”

“In Russia chase, why?” She replied, clearly not understanding his American idiom.

“Don’t worry about it my love.” he said pushing his tongue into her slit, slathering his face with her warm liquid. He reached up and began massaging her clit with his free hand as the other propped him up. He could feel her body go rigid as she tensed herself from the feeling. He never got tired of that, he had the ability to with one hand render a mighty Hind completely defenseless.

She let out a whimper as the feeling grabbed her. Anya was completely at his mercy but she didn’t mind at all. It was a new feeling for her. As the most dangerous attack helicopter in the sky she was always in charge, always the dominant party but in this case she didn’t mind this vulnerability. Allowing this tiny human to utterly take charge of her was oddly arousing.

He could feel her flowing onto his face, the juices running down his jaw and onto his chest. She put out so much more than he had ever experienced but he recalled the first night when he had been absolutely soaked with her nectar, a majority of his body slicked by their love making. Love with this girl wasn’t a clean affair.

Eventually he removed his hand and moved his mouth to the tender ball of tissue, kissing and sucking her clit. Flicking and licking it with his tongue as she writhed, trying to cope with how much pleasure she was feeling in this moment. None of her lovers before had done this for her, the sex had been simple and uninteresting but this American had introduced her to a whole new world. She wanted those wonderful lips all over her body. Her chin was pressed against the ground as she arched her back. She had trouble admitting this but it was almost to much for her.

“Oh chase!” she moaned “Chase stop stop! I’m not ready yet.”

He smiled deviously as he removed his mouth from her tender parts. A Hind had just begged him to stop, there was another one for the books.

“Are you ready to get to the good part?” chase said as she pulled away from the couch. He could just look upon the woman he had come to love, a titan of a machine, the terror of battlefields the world over. Her broad wings and predatory smile, she was quite a girl. It still boggled his mind why this flying tank would chose a human. He would never understand that.

For Anya she just didn’t care, she had her man. This human was hers and she was his. She would protect him with her life, with her armor, with her guns and rockets. She no longer had her guns or rockets but she was still a Hind and she still had a row of sharp metallic tungsten teeth, rotors and 9 tons of weight to throw around. She would kill for him.

Chase laid down on the couch “Come up here my love.” he said as she wheeled around and approached the couch. She lined herself up and lifted her left landing gear and placed it onto the back rest of the couch. The strained furniture creaked and groaned under the helicopters weight. The couch back could hardly support her armored body. Her sopping wet synth port was just inches above his rock hard erection. He could already feel her heat and couldn’t have been harder, nearly a week of pent up lust was about to be released into this chopper. Her hardened underbelly felt warm against his skin and the velvety couch was just heavenly, crammed in this delicious sandwich he thought about how this was to be his for the rest of his life. She would be his forever.

“Chase, allow me to show my thanks. You will enjoy this.”

“I will, Anya I most definitely will.”

He positioned himself underneath her, feeling a tendril wrap around his dick, holding it in position. He felt the tip meet the hot soft lips of her pussy. His head broke the surface as he began pushing himself into the Hind.

“Anya you were generous the first time.” he said, actually having to push to force himself into the Mi-24s body. She was unbelievably tight around his dick. The slick lubricants made the passage easy but he could feel her body squeezing his cock as it penetrated Inch by inch into her armored body. It was amazing, a glorious feeling.

“I wasn’t sure how tight humans liked it so I gave you what I would have given a machine, but I can see as you humans would say ‘tight is right’.” Anya chuckled a little.

“In humans tight is a unique privilege because the more ‘experienced’ a human is the more loose they get and tight is more stimulating”

“Chase you forget I am a machine. I can make myself however pleases you.”

“Anya, this is perfect.” he said gritting his teeth as he continued driving himself into the Hind until the full length of his dick was buried in her warm depths. Her fluids flowed onto his waist, sliding between his balls and inner thighs, between his cheeks before seeping into the couch’s materials. Her insides squeezed his engorged cock tight as he paused for a moment. The nanites from her fluids had already entered his bloodstream. His entire body feeling the intense calm relaxation, an enticing high brought on by her juices.

He slowly began to withdraw, the walls of her vagina hugging him with each inch. He stopped as the last ring held his head as if trying to keep it from leaving, the entire shaft coated with a thick silvery coat.

“Chase it feels like I was built to have you inside me. As if you were part of me. Promise me you’ll be with me forever, I couldn’t live without.”

“I promise Anya.” It must have been the bond. He could feel her emotion, her pleasure, her desire, everything.

Again he slowly began to push into her tight slit. She savored every centimeter of his girth as it slid into her body stimulating the thousands of receptors in her soft metal pussy. She shifted slightly on the couch causing the poor piece of furniture to moan and creek under this Hind’s immense weight.

He pushed against her underbelly as he reached his max again. A tendril softly stroked his face, tracing his jawline before pressing itself against his lips. He broke the surface with his tongue and gingerly licked the small apparatus taking it in his mouth and sucking her his tongue dancing with her tendril. Another snaked it’s way along his naked body around his calf, up his high until it reached his balls. She slowly began playing with his testicles, softly squeezing and kneading them.

He began pushing in, a little faster this time, picking up a steady pace. This was heaven for the two of them, these two vastly different lovers. A Soviet era Gunship and an American serviceman. Anya moaned softly for him as he grunted and groaned for her, sweat rolling down his body as he thrusted into her even faster. The rapid fire slapping of his waist against her pussy splattered juices all over the couch cushions.

Gradually he grew faster and faster, thrusting so deep in this beautiful Russian machine. A tendril wrapped itself around the base of his dick rubbing that one hard to get part, just right. A manipulator hand vigorously running through his hair while she writhed from the pleasure, even getting into the thrusts herself. Chase could feel her holding back. Stifled moans coming from her mouth.

“Yell, shout my love. Let agent Falkner know just how good it feels. I want all of Moscow to know how good it feels.” Chase yelled to her.

As if being set free she let out a deep moan. Her voice echoing throughout the empty hangar, eventually breaking down into Russian chase couldn’t understand.

He could feel it, as could she. That pleasure they both worked so hard for, the apex, the climax. It was almost there. He thrusted as hard as he could into Anya. The couch had almost had it. It groaned and creaked as tons of Soviet warbird bounced on the backrest. The over strained piece couldn’t take it anymore. With a loud crack the back rest broke from the couch, dropping 9 tons of helicopter right onto chase. Her armored belly pressed Chase into the deep cushions, the arm rests holding her weight, the only thing saving him from being completely crushed.

That was it. The feeling of all this Hind’s weight on his body was arousing to no end. It turned him on so much, just getting to sample all she was, this massive helicopter pressing him into the couch. It had driven him deeper into her than either of them thought possible.

At that moment the two climaxed. Chase shuddered as he blew a large hot load deep inside his helicopter lover, squirting globs of thick semen into her. She felt the pleasure of her lover as he climaxed, the hot creme exploding inside her. She came right along with him.  Her fluids gushed all over his waist, absolutely soaking the cushions and running down the sides onto the floor.

“Are you alright my love” Anya panted.

“Anya, I’ve never came like that before.” he said trying to catch his breath with a helicopter on his chest. “That was incredible” He lay underneath her, stroking her underbelly.

“You had better get out Chase. I’m not sure how much this couch has left in it”.

“You’re probably right.” He said sliding out from under her.

As soon as he had she began working herself off what remained of the couch. He stood back and looked at her. It was like she was a prize, a trophy on a pedestal which is what she was, his prize, his trophy girl. She was something he could be proud of, someone he could proudly brag ‘yeah that’s my girl’.

As soon as she was off the couch Chase sat back down on the ruined furniture. Anya moved over and rolled up to chase, raising up to plant a kiss right on his lips. He could feel her still trembling from the orgasm, or was that him. He didn’t know but either way he didn’t care. He had a Hind, a dream of his for a long time.

“Again chase?” She said, raising an eyebrow.

“You Mils sure are relentless.” he replied. He would go again with her. He would go again and again and again if she desired.

She was just about to mount him for a second go just as they were interrupted by the sound of the hangar door creaking as it slid open and a man walked in.

“How about knocking first, Falkner!” Chase said frustrated by the interruption.

“I’m afraid you won’t be seeing agent Falkner anymore.” a suited man said walking into the hangar. Chase couldn’t see his face yet but he wore a simple black suit and shined leather shoes.

The man picked up Chase’s cloths and tossed them to him.

He continued into the light. The man was well built standing a few inches taller than Chase. “I’m Karl Mastin, Central Intelligence Agency.” He reached into his pocket and produced credentials.

“Chase, Anya your country needs you.”


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    I remember at the end of this originally it had a new agent walk in on them and he says “Mister Falkner won’t be accompanying you anymore.” And it was about national security… where’d that go?

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    MAY I HAVE EVERYONE’S ATTENTION PLEASE. So it was brought to my attention that a section might have been left out, yes, it was (oops). It turns out my copy/paste game was not strong (hopefully everybody gets the joke there), for this i would like to apologize, what you see before you now is whole and complete, please enjoy.

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