Ham Ch 32

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Chapter 32

The convoy finally came across a guard standing night watch on a foggy and cold morning; he checked each ID of the command and sent them along accordingly, sending the convoy’s motorbike ahead to message their arrival. This whole planning and coordination was done by German SS messengers by foot, bike, car, and train to ensure complete and total secrecy. The Allies weren’t to know what was bound to happen, not until it was too late. Marion was towing Cindy again, and in the murky and dark moonlight she saw the outline of a Panther and something else, something huge, something massive, something bigger than Jäger, even, and maybe Jäger and E combined. The Panther came forward into the headlights, in bright white paint there was the death skull and the dual lightning strikes; the icon of the SS. The commander’s hatch opened and the torso of a man that looked to be an old hare came out with major ranks and he, too, had the death skull. Their new major was an SS officer.

“What model are you?” Mini asked, he was glossing over the Panther’s road wheels and noticed they were not like any he’s seen before; more like E’s arrangement.

“Panther II,” she snapped. She was aggressive, “thicker armor, better mobility, better suspension, and,” she looked at Geoff, “an eighty-eight.” She wasn’t lying, her gun was thicker than Mini’s and it was credible; Panther G models had been equipped with eighty-eights. From the way she looked ascetically and the way she held herself, she was a stuck up and all that SS panzer.

“Fall in!” The first words out of the Major’s mouth. Everybody moved into their positions, Meats was muttering ‘hide her, hide her’ to Marion and she tried. Marion picked up Cindy as she pivoted into position. Even though Marion’s size engulfed a full size Sherman, Marion felt that one of them caught a glimpse of Cindy, and for the first time Marion felt daunting fear, more powerful than the P-47 rocket attack and her first day on the battlefield combined into one horrid feeling. What Marion felt then in formation in front of this hate monger. What made matters worse is her Hansel is the company Captain, so his post was at the front of the company; closest to the Major and his death-head Panther. “I am Major Idek, this is Allison, and you will respect her as you would I. I am here to utilize you in the name of the Third Reich and to execute the will of the Führur himself! You fight for the Führur, you conquer for the Führur, you die for the Führur. Our mission for the Führur will be using the division between the British and the Americans against them; we will break through their worthless lines and break out all the way to their fuel depots along the shore! They will lose all of their fuel and we will have it all! From there we will push them off of the continent and we will be victorious!”

He ended his speech with the SS ‘heil Hitler’ and so no one offended him the others sounded off. The gang of the living machines were quite virgin to the propaganda, only the eldest bunch actually understood the cause of the war, who the leaders were, and why they were fighting. Otherwise the vast majority were clueless and only doing what they were told like loyal drone soldiers. Hansel and most of the others didn’t like this and subtly tried to teach their tanks and AFVs the history behind the war and their creation. Marion had mixed views about it, like Hansel and her crew, but if the Major has done the same to his tank, Allison, then there is no doubt she is as hardcore Nazi as he is. This passed through Marion’s mind just as she saw Allison glance away from her and whisper something to the Major. Marion felt very hot between the gears and bearings; Hansel felt her severe discomfort but couldn’t comfort her for he felt very worried as well. Marion wasn’t doing so good, she started shuddering when the Major or Allison glanced at her, soon she felt something along the lines of hot raindrops roll down her body, her breathing became more excited and energetic, her mind raced about what she’d do if they were confronted, her engine started to turn and run without fuel, her hand slid along her ammo rack, picking out shells to use in defense, the corners of her eyes scanned for weak points and where to group shots. She knew they wouldn’t take too kindly if at all to Cindy giving that the Major is giving another speech about how the allies are no more than the Russian dog, commemorating Kramia for being the smart Russian and going against her ‘subhuman oppressors’ and all the sorts. Soon after he ended his speech with his most intense ‘heil Hitler’ ever, like he’s motivated himself to join the SS and kill all the subhuman swine himself. It looked like he brought tears to his own eyes. After this they went through the usual proceedings, report in, and the follow up, change of command from Major to the Colonel, then dismissal. After everyone started moving Marion was trying to sneak away while hiding Cindy, still asleep.

“Captain Hansel!” Allison shouted. Marion froze, if she had a defined heart it would probably have a heart attack. She turned her turret to face her. “Sit at attention! And don’t try to hide that Sherman!” Marion went instinctive, she raced for a shell but Meats knew what was better for her in the end and blocked the breach. Marion slowly inched to align her turret with her hull while facing the Major and Allison.

“Y-Yes sir?” He tried hiding his chattering jaw.

“What. Is. That?” The Major pointed to Cindy.

“A pet, sir.” Banker snapped before a thought even graced Hansel’s mind.

“A pet?”

“Yes, sir. We thought that there’d be a need to show how weak and pathetic the American armor was to the children of the Third Reich.” The Major looked to the others, they were nodding in agreement.

“Alright, but don’t let your bitch shit on my soil.” With that he commanded Allison to meet with the tanks with no crews like Mini, Kramia, and Rosa.

Then something massive moved. Marion had completely forgotten about the massive figure she saw earlier trying to cover Cindy. Out of the early mist the massive object moved, the rising sun broke through the trees and shone against the mobile building.

“You mother fucking son of a bitch!” Banker yelled as he threw his gloves down. As he climbed out of the tank the others saw what he did; Inbred standing against a flat and sloped faceplate with two large hazel eyes peering friendly over them. Hansel glanced from Inbred’s smiling face to his hand, the new tank had a tendril coiling up his leg and a hand snugly placed in his.

“Hey guys, um, well.., this is Eryka.”

Fin Chapter 32


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  1. Wolvs says:

    Always a pleasure reading HaM and looking forward to the next chapter! And on a plus side, I have no clue why I’m drawn to Allison.

  2. Theunknownjester says:

    ah, so inbred and Eryka finally did it -or at least implying they had some naughty time?- curious to see how that and every thing else will work out!

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