HaM Ch (Rule) 34

Yup! A porn scene! I wrote this long chapter with porn in the middle and hinted at the beginning, it’s a mix of plot line and just fun sex. This is between Inbred and Eryka. Remember, Inbred is Ralph. Oh and in case you’re wondering Marion looks like the image that follows: the Normandy camouflage pattern mixed in with a little white paint. White dye was very scarce so most winter camouflage at the time was light colors and rarely white itself, and what white paint there was tended to be chalky and wash off easy. The only thing the picture is missing is the anti-magnetic paint that looks like a thick fishing net around the tank. The paint was put over the anti-magnetic paint.

Tiger II Bulge Winter


Ch 34

Inbred walked into Eryka’s bunker. Her new coat of paint looked very nice on her and today they were going to add some more colors like Marion had on when he left them. So far the areas that are going to be brown were finished and now they were going to do a green. While they have learned that they will take part in the winter offensive they won’t be able to paint Eryka fully white, there isn’t enough white dye, so they are blending them together. That and the paint is quite chalky and will wash out as the snow melts in the spring so they figured that they’ll save time. Once the green is finished they’ll add dark yellow speckles all over her and dark green speckles on the dark yellow areas, Inbred and her have really come close, so close they almost had sex. The sheer thought of making love to her warms Inbred against the cold, leftover feelings from her warm and tight caresses keeps him company and their loving kisses spark a fire deep inside him. They don’t do much as far as going out and about, and they rarely get alone time so most of this love is inside her hull, and they only snip kisses whenever no one watches. Being on a maximum security base meant to look like a farm processing station from everywhere has many drawbacks. Every morning the base is inspected for wires, spying equipment, and misplaced radios. This sort of mentality has made Inbred very very cautious when Eryka is being handled by others. Every day after the inspection detail leaves he goes around and checks her and her garage. Twice he’s found sketchy equipment and wires, he fears somebody knows of her. He’s never apprehended the suspected spy but has reported suspicious activity. The only times Eryka is allowed outside of her recess is during overcast, nighttime, and rarely broad daylight. This makes the garage feel like their home, the house that they reside in most, their one chance at privacy.

“This day,” Eryka says, “is going to be great.”

“Why’s that?” Inbred asked as he checks under a table.

“Reasons you’ll learn of.” After that Inbred moved to the piping, he found a transponder, and a cable, the cable traced back to the radio on the bench but it wasn’t set to the right channel. He freaked out, his heart raced and his mind scared him with bombs falling on Eryka.

“So far it’s not!” Eryka didn’t seem to care; she grabbed him and held him against her, caressing his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it, nothing’ll hurt me.” They sneaked a kiss in for the morning, she held him longer than normal. Even though Eryka said it was nothing, Inbred still took the radio instance to heart and saw it as a threat to his interest. “Nobody comes in here, I’m telling you, nothing is wrong.”

“Why is the radio like that!?”

“You know what, ask the officer if you can set up your own monitor, just to make sure.” Inbred smiled.

“Babe you’re the best.”

“I know Ralph.” He did exactly that. He went to the officer of security and presented his case. The officer said that using that radio is dangerous, it could be hard-wired. He had no extra recording devices so he told Inbred that he could stand watch in the garage until someone was caught. Knowing that he’ll get pretty sleepless nights, the officer didn’t see any incentive for Inbred to do it other than protecting the fatherland.

That day Inbred and Eryka met another new tank to the base, she was a Panther II. She looked a lot like Mini, but she had a bigger gun and her wheel arrangement was different, a little weird, from what the previous German designs had was very even layout of the suspension, on the Panther II she had a little tighter grouping on one end than the other end. She didn’t have a name yet, Eryka thought of a good name and they found Allison to be fitting. Inbred thought that it kind of was a good day, met someone nice and sweet, and was, at the moment of the thought, staring at his girlfriend’s ass and rubbing it down with paint. He somewhat envied the brush in his hand, wanting to replace it with something else used to spread select fluids. He leaned against Eryka’s massive exhaust pipe and thought of the things Hansel and Marion had done together, specifically the tailpipe talk. He remembers how sensitive Marion said it was why she squirmed whenever she backed into bushes, and he slid his hand up and down the pipe massaging it.

“What are you doing back there?”

“Do you like it?”

“Well, yes, it’s nice. But why?”

“Repaying you for last time, your massages.” The ‘last time’ Inbred and she were kissing late in the day with no one around and she cupped his sack and massaged it. That was the most sexual thing they’ve done.

“Really? Well could you grope this, too, while you’re at it?” She snaked out her ‘nipple’ tendril; he held it in his hand and rubbed it while he stroked her ass with a paint brush. “Mmm, that’s great. I got an ass and tit massage.” Inbred smirked. He finished painting after sundown and prepared to stay the night with Eryka. It was soon midnight when the clean-up crew left. “Now it’s just you.., and me, babe.”

“Really..,” Inbred smiled and looked around. “Well I’ve a job to do so..,” he shrugged, “we could make out.” Eryka smiled in a naughty fashion.

“We could do more than that, baby.”

“But the spy?” Eryka only stared at him.

“Babe, I’m the ‘spy’ if you haven’t noticed.” Inbred was confused.

“Wh-What?!” He pointed to her.

“I planted the wires, I messed with the radio, and I’m the one doing the suspicious things in here.”

“Why?” Inbred feared for himself now, he wasn’t sure how but she was the spy.

“So I could get you and I alone in here all night.” He backed away scared. Eryka rolled her eyes. “No I’m not a real spy. I want to be alone with you and fuck you! I thought you were smart.”

“Hey I’m smart!” She smirked at him. “I was acting on instinct.” He was approached slowly, and his shirt was unbuttoned. “So what about the guards at the door?”

“I’ve tested them, I’ve screamed as loud as I can. They won’t hear anything.” She brought a bare-chested lover to her lips and kissed him, letting him open his pants. Her tone changed, she sounded desperate in between their smooches. “Oh Ralph! I want you to split me! Split me in half!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Finally they were doing it; so much sexual tension had built up it was driving them mad. Now all that lust, that tension, that desire was released. Inbred had his clothes off quick, he knew where the spot was all because of his questions and he was there faster than Eryka could think was possible. She didn’t look wet enough, dripping wet wasn’t good enough, and so he decided to tease her a little. He felt a taste test of the dish was in order, to salivate the glands and prepare for the main course. Eryka was definitely enjoying this feast already. Her face twisted into the best smile she’s ever had, she felt her turret drift to her left side but she didn’t care. Her eyes darted towards the left like she was trying to see Inbred work her lips so heavenly but obviously couldn’t because of her body. Instead she felt his presence, she saw him in her mind, and she knew exactly how he was posed, exactly everything with what he was doing. It swamped her hormones and before he knew it Inbred was lapping up a sweet and rewarding waterfall. That’s when he quit his teasing; he moved his body and rubbed her lips with his stiff as stone cock.

“Split me Ralph, split me!” Her demands motivated Inbred to the extreme, he broke his way into her, loud moans echoed throughout the garage. An intense feeling overcame them; ecstasy and a feeling of something right flooded their bodies and shook their foundation. Inbred, his cock stuffed inside his lover’s tight and plush pussy, could feel her power, her durability, he felt what she was made of. Is this, too, what Hansel feels? He wondered, but then he remembered his lover wanting some good hard sex and pulled out to his head before rocketing back into her. He furiously plowed her virgin soil, moving her hot, wet, plush and loving vagina around him and needlessly obeying Eryka’s pleas for more. She got into his motions and inversely reacted to his motions; he’d get out while she got off, he drove in while she fell on, and so on. He felt her fluids flow all around his hips, her body heat and fluids mixed to keep him nice and warm against the dropping temperatures. Her pussy bled heat like a furnace, but was very comfortable inside. As he drove for the final time before resting he felt her grip him, it almost hurt how much she gripped him. He had to prop himself up to ease the pain, Eryka felt it but couldn’t seem to stop, not that she really wanted to stop but for her lover’s sake she fought her natural feelings and freed him. She felt him lie on the floor tired from the day and the sex. She lowered down and ground half of his cock, half in and half out, feeling his hard meat stick ooze precum and throb against her Gspot, he felt so wonderful. She felt his cock seemingly change, it convulsed and shivered as she ground, suddenly he rocketed deep inside her as an instinct while he came. His hot and thick cum shot inside her and some tingled her cervix while the rest mixed with her fluids along the sides of her uterus. Her whole vagina felt amazing, regardless she kept going; she wasn’t done. She continued to ride him for a good while, until her pussy had enough and she came. She slowly got off of Inbred so that he could get out. He came out covered in her love; he wondered how Hansel handles this. Eryka helped clean him off with a rag and stowed it, the floor would dry away. He dressed himself as Eryka wound down for the night; she still had her massive gun depressed fully. He climbed into a sleeping bag provided to him and he couldn’t help but look at Eryka’s huge size and feel like she faked it.

“Eryka, did you feel it?”

“Feel what?”

“Me, did you fake it?” She half-heartedly looked at him, she wanted to go to sleep badly.

“No, no babe I didn’t fake a thing.”

“But I’m like a mouse to you, the size difference is like, it’s like,” he searched through his mind for a comparison, “like a sausage and a hallway.” Eryka sheepishly chuckled.

“Baby, you are more than big enough to fill my needs.” She drug him over and kissed him lovingly. They kissed for a while before he retreated back to his cot and slept. Eryka woke up before the wake up alarm and woke Inbred. “I’ll show you why.”

“Why what?”

“You fill my needs.” She pulled him under and let him watch her expand and contract her vagina, he watched with interest, mystified on how such things happened. He had a morning wood and she decided to show him. She put his cock in while fully opened. “Here I barely feel you; you’re like a little tingle against me.” She started closing on him, until she was fully moaning and aroused; Inbred was simply in heaven. That morning, after they pulled a quickie, they met with Allison again. She was very inquisitive, concerned about why she was here. Inbred did his best to give account on the war, how it’s going, and who’s in charge but being very young during Hitler’s rise to power left many blanks in his history report. They exchanged a lot about each other, the three, and they shared their weaknesses. Eryka was prone to being overwhelmed by faster attackers and couldn’t stand cowards. Inbred was physically ‘weak’ and could not cope with laziness. Allison wasn’t too armored, a well-placed shot could render her immobile and start a fire, she also couldn’t hurt children, and she loved children too much. Whether friend or foe she couldn’t think of hurting any. She seemed to have a sixth sense about children, she was passing by a school on the way to the base and never knew it was a school but felt like there were children inside. She was right but it was an unmarked building, an average building actually, the original school was bombed by the allies. Later she was moved to the painting store and painted, she came out excited and happy, so was Eryka, but Inbred beheld a death-head in the making.

“How do I look?”

“Like you’d kill a Tommy just by glancing at him.”

“How about you Ralph? How do I look?” He wanted to warn her, tell her about what is on the way, but he couldn’t for it was too late. An SS car in the background halted and out stepped the SS officer.

“Just like Eryka said.” He looked her in the eyes and it scared her. I’m sorry, you have no idea. Inbred’s school was overrun by SS Brown shirts who stormed the building looking for Jews. They screamed at the children, threatened the teacher, beat down another teacher and nearly shot up a class of kids. All of this terror, danger, all of this hate for one nine year old boy. Inbred snapped to attention and so did the tanks, Allison and the Major were introduced, and after that she was taken by the Major, taken, brainwashed, and turned into a death-head. Eryka and Inbred didn’t agree with the transformation, but every now and then when they talked she acted like her old self. It resurrected their confidence in her humility. Time passed, training passed, and some love-making filled nights passed to quickly, and before they realized it they were a week away from being deployed to the front. This scared Eryka.

“Ralph, sugar.”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“I’m sorry.” She grabbed him and enacted the change; she filled him up but felt he could bulk up some so she put more into his muscles. When she was done she caressed his body to help the muscles grow and cradled him close to her face, she used a nipple to feed him the nutrients he needed and to solidify that he grows. He instantly hated her for it, but later on he forgave her wholesomely. Allison liked the change; she said he looked a lot more intimidating.

“Eryka, baby, I love you so much.” He finally understood why Hansel did it, why he loved Marion. Love is love.

Fin Ch 34

I have a question: Do you all prefer me to post weekly in short chapters or spaced out posts with lots of info and consisting of a long read?


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