Hansel and Marion Ch. 30

Here’s the 30th insert of HaM. I’m probably going to just be doing HaM from now to a later chapter, just to get things rolling again. Every now and then I might post a story I’ve cooked up but needs thawing. Anyway, Enjoy!

Chapter 30


Marion was holding Hansel up to her side as they were refueling her, a little thing about the size of her turret came up to her side.

“Good morning Hetz.” The Hetzer nodded.

“Have any of you seen Aston? I haven’t seen him since sundown yesterday.” Hansel and Marion thought.

“I think I saw him going down to the town. I’m not too sure; it might have been someone else.” Hansel said. Marion squeezed him a little.

“Okay, thanks. What street?”

“Can’t remember.”

“Do you know, Marion?”

“No I don’t.” The little Hetzer looked disappointed. Her green eyes were in the vision slots on her hull face. Her mouth sat about the gun’s level when it was parallel to the ground. She turned her little chassis around and went to go ask other people. “Hansel we weren’t supposed to say anything!”

“I tried! It’s instinctive, Marion.”

“We weren’t supposed to know anything, he trusted us with this.”

“I know but how hard is it to find condoms?”

“What if that’s not her gift to him?”

“It was your gift to me, and you said yourself you didn’t have much to give.”

“I’m not that creative. I could have made something if I had an idea. Maybe she’s creative.” Hansel looked her in the eye.

“He was too excited for it not to be sex.” Marion rolled her eyes. “Cindy’s coming back.” Marion looked where Hansel was, Frau was escorting her to Marion while checking to make sure Cindy’s new barrel splint was holding well.

“Mom look!” Marion froze and thought again. What? Did she.., call me mom? “Marion look! I got a new spint!”

“Splint, Cindy, it’s a splint.” Frau corrected her. Marion looked at it; it was Cindy’s shade of green and looked like a picket fence was wrapped around her little gun. Underneath was the shiny silver metal growing back into place to reattach her gun.

“I can feel my gun again!” She rolled up to Marion’s side.

“You can? So you can feel this?” She used a finger to circle Cindy’s gun muzzle. Cindy giggled then laughed.

“Stop! That tickles!” Hansel smiled at her. Marion found out that her gun muzzle was ticklish when they tried putting bushes all over her as an ambush camouflage. Marion stopped and complimented her new gun splint. Cindy then went over to a pile of snow and toyed with it, she’s been toying with it ever since it started to snow. Hansel and Marion went over to the bunks and fetched Whacker, Banker, and Meats before they went off for training that day. Hetz also went, even without a commander. The Colonel said it’d be good for her to practice being more aware of her surroundings.


Cindy looked at the snow pile; she sculpted the front round and beveled the top of the other sides. She left two rumps on the frond and put a stick below the right rump. She went off towards the hill she would collect her snow from and got a hefty sized ball and placed it in the middle of the set snow pile. She was getting a thick stick from a tree near the road to the city when she spotted a lone figure walking down the road towards her, it was pulling a small sled with things on the back.

“Hey! You!”

“Hey there, Cindy!” The figure jogged over and ducked behind her. “Did they go train?”

“Yes. I kept my promise!”

“You did?”

“Yeah, I did. I didn’t tell anyone!”

“That’s great.”

“What did you get?”

“I got some wrappers, some sweets, a cake, some blankets, beer and a coin.”

“Whadya get for me?” She asked childishly. The man turned to the sled and lifted the cover, rustled through a box and pulled out a chocolate bar.

“I got you this!” He handed it to her. “You’ve never had anything like German chocolate, nothing comes close!”

“Thanks, Aston!”

“You earned it, it cost me six bucks for that.” Aston started to the barracks when Cindy stopped him.

“Were there any big sticks on the road?” Aston turned around and rustled through the stuff again.

“No, but I have these you can use.” He handed her four long poles that went to a winter shelter. “What are they for?”

“You’ll see later.” Aston went back to the barracks and set up for the others to return. When they did they were anxious to see if Aston was back. Hetz was the first back; she was caught off-guard as Aston jumped up onto her stern slope and surprised her. “I’m back.”

“Holy-!” She instinctively threw him off but half-heartedly. She realized who he was and grabbed him before her push could throw him over Faust (who was behind her) and land on Canine. Aston just had a jolt back and was held over the ground. “Aston you scared the shit out of me!”

“I saw.” She pulled him to her roof and hugged him.

“Happy birthday, baby! Did I hurt you?”

“No, my chest hurts like a bitch actually. Otherwise I’m fine.”

“I’m sorry, baby.” She massaged his chest. The hatches opened and the sweaty crew emerged. They looked towards the barracks and beheld the kegs of beer that appeared there. Whacker had Marion’s hatch open and they were downwind.

“Guys.., do you smell it too?” Sniffing noises came from Marion’s mantle.

“Yeah, what is that?”

“That’s German beer, brewed to perfection in a German highland brewery and fermented to perfection!”

“Marion meet Whackaholic, the other form of Whacker.” Meats said as he leaned against the inside of Marion’s turret. Hansel had a damp rag to his forehead, in one of the maneuvers Marion hit the brakes and stopped hard while Hansel was in the cupola. Hansel did not stop.

“Yay, Whackaholic.” Was all Hansel said. Soon a small celebration began. They weren’t just celebrating Aston’s birthday, they were also celebrating the Major’s promotion but above all they were celebrating their orders: move to the front and support an offensive. Meats was still in Marion’s turret with his cover low over his eyes.

“Meats, you going to join us?”

“Nah, I’m not a big party guy. Tell the Major he has my congrats. She closed his hatch to muffle the sound and let him sleep. Everyone was distributed one mug of beer, but Whackaholic would smoothly switch mugs with whoever was nearby. Ten minutes in and he had switched four mugs and was looking for a fifth to switch with. Hansel handed his mug to Marion, who gave hers to Whackaholic.

“Give it a try, babe.” She smiled and took a sip.

“Strong, better than the last one.”

“See? I told you that old beer was shit.” He took a gulp from his mug then kissed Marion.

“You’ve got beer breath, already.”

“Yeah, that happens quickly.” Everybody started to gather around Aston and Hetz, Hetz had something to give Aston. “Let’s see what it is, shall we?” He climbed onto her roof and watched. Hetz opened a tool box on the side of her hull and removed an elegantly crafted wooden chest about six inches long by three inches wide by three inches tall.

“Here, Aston. I made this for you.” She handed him the box. It was all wood construction with lubed wood hinges, it was beach wood with dark oil-soaked edges. It had a flower embroiled pattern with elegant vines on the corners and his name embroiled across the front in beautiful German cursive. It looked like something straight out of Elizabethan society. “Sorry it’s all flowers, it’s all I had to go off of for the time.”

“No, no, it’s beautiful. Thank you.” They kissed in front of the others. The others cheered and laughed, making the pair blush. “You made this?”

“I did.”

“It’s amazing, how’d you make it?” She used one of her fingers on her hand, using the inside corner of her finger she blunted the edge of the wood toolbox on her side.

“Like that, only more gentle.”

“I love it, Hetz, this is the best thing I’ve ever had.” Marion looked to Hansel.

“I told you it wasn’t sex.” Hansel chuckled.

“Just wait; we’ll see how he is in the morning.” Later that night, after the celebration ended and the drunk were thrown in bed, Hetz had Aston alone.

“Hey Aston do you really like the box, now that we’re alone?” He studied the exterior.

“Eh, it could use a bit more color but I’m happy with what it is.”

“Great. There is some more to it.”


“Yes, push on the back edge of the bottom panel.” He did as she told him, he heard a pop from inside and he opened it to check, his scared expression turned to that of amusement.

“You put in a false bottom; damn you’re good at this.”

“That’s not all I put in.” She kept glancing into the box until Aston did too, he moved the false bottom and pulled out a single condom package. “That box is only half of your night.” He looked at her amazed. “So, what do you think birthday boy?”

“How in hell did you get a condom?”

“You let me worry about that!” She pulled him into a huge and dark hedge grove and turned on a dim flashlight. They were kissing then; she undid his belt with novice skill and worked the buttons from his shirt. She reached into his underwear and grabbed her dinner and tenderized it until it was nice and strong, he yanked his clothes off and threw the clothes near the covered entrance, and she pulled him up onto her glacis plate and grabbed his rock hard dick. “Give it to me Aston!” He slid into her lips as she licked them; her mouth structure put his cock straight down in a tight mouth. Her teeth retracted so it was just her lips, tongue, and throat. Aston was never in a better place.

Her mouth was a tad bigger than a human mouth simply because of her tiny size and confined interior, so it was as good a blow job as any prostitute could give. Her throat gripped his head and her mouth held his shaft, his base was circled by her lips and his cock belly was locked into submission by her tongue. Aston was limp on her front, she held him there with his burly chest in her face. She had her eyes closed, letting the flavor and feeling engulf her in exotic memory. She was swallowing her saliva to coax Aston’s senses into spewing his seed, and every time she swallowed he moaned loud and true. He pulled out a little bit and thrusted in repeatedly, humping her fast. His cock felt too good, he quickly felt his cum arising. He moaned and groaned louder and faster, Hetz knew what was coming. He suddenly pulled out and came on her faceplate. She felt his glops of hot cum fall onto her face just below her viewport and noticed that the drops were drawing closer to her mouth. She smiled as a glop fell upon her extended teeth; her tongue licked his semen off her teeth.

Aston groaned, he was suddenly cold again. He looked into Hetz’s eyes as she probed the semen already freezing to her warm body. In her eyes he saw her lust; she wasn’t finished with his gift yet. Hetz felt the cold air dry his sperm onto her hull, she remembered that all he had on was his socks; not snow gear. She knew what to do instantly. She wrapped around his waist and moved him to her side; she then pushed against the ground on that side and propelled herself onto her opposing side. That’s when she held herself perpendicular to the ground and put Aston’s feet on her road wheels, his cock right in front of her heat-bleeding pussy. Without words Aston knew she was ready, he pushed his head against her vulva and broke the seal. A strong feeling of warmth emanated from her and warmed his core fast. He pressed his hips against her belly and let her body heat mingle with his until they were the same, then he braved the journey out of the warm comfort and retreated into the cold before returning to her comfort again and again.

“Harder, Aston, harder!” Suddenly she slammed her cervix against his head and felt all of his skin on the wall of the cervix, too much. “Wait!”

“Why?” She plucked him out and tried to roll the condom onto his wet cock. “Let me help you, baby.” He grabbed her hand and guided her through the motions.

“Alright baby,” she shoved one of her injector tendrils into her vagina to open the cervix, “prepare for the best gift you’ve ever had!” He pushed his way in, both were moaning and groaning and grunting as he penetrated deep into her very tight, hot, and wet cervix. Her engine turned over with every hump he did, rocking her chassis with his motions. Eventually he gained pace as her pussy slackened on grip and adjusted to his presence. Aston put great power behind his thrusts to really rock his girl, and she felt it. Every thrust would make her arms bend a little before they righted themselves straight again. The whole feeling they got out of it was immense, both were mind numb, and they could feel everything about the other. Aston wanted this night to never end, so did Hetz, they slipped away from reality and into heaven where they were the only ones there. They lost themselves so much that Aston forgot that that building of the awesome feeling was his orgasm approaching, he came without knowing it. Hetz felt his convulsions but knew he had a condom, she also knew that her orgasm was building and encouraged Aston to keep going. When Aston heard her say that she was close to cumming he jolted out to make sure the condom didn’t tear, it didn’t but still grossed him out. He pulled off the condom and wiped off his cock before Hetz’s pleads got to him. He slid back in and out, taking in all he could before her tightening pussy suddenly gave and she came. He pulled out and was instantly hit by the cold. “Why does it have to end so early, baby?”

“It doesn’t have too,” he leaned against her and kissed her belly, “I’ve some more in my back pocket.” She snaked into his discarded pants and pulled out three condom packets.

“How in hell did you get these?”

“You let me worry about that!” Before the night was old they had burned through the condoms and Hetz was righting herself. As her treads slammed against the snow again she collected his clothes and helped Aston into her hull. She laid her belly in the snow and used a blanket to tuck in Aston lying on her floor. It was as hot as ever inside her, a tiny and cramped space where four men in heavy clothes worked the day. He loved this tiny space, he loved this ‘tiny’ woman, and he loved this tiny world- unsure of how much longer he or anyone he knows will inhabit it.

Fin Chapter 30


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  1. Wolvs says:

    This is a great read like usual Gingy, a clear 9.3/10! And it definitely sounds like Marion really wants kids… well I hope she and Hansel will eventually have kids but in the meantime, keep the stories coming!

  2. Gingyflame says:

    Since Cindy’s introduction her reproductive drive has subsided but not disappeared, she still wants to have children of her own but as you can tell the sex drive is down. Hansel and Marion haven’t had sex since Cindy arrived. Both are kind of tampered and focused on raising and caring for Cindy instead of making their own.
    I’ll keep it up! Thanks for the support! 😉

  3. Wolvs says:

    Cindy’s adorable in my opinion and from what I could tell, Marion and Hansel are doing a great job^^

  4. Theunknownjester says:

    Awesome job once again! and its so adorable that Cindy is acting as a sort of suddo child for Marion -and be it her own hallucinations or Cindy actually referring to her as ‘mom’ is adorable-

    hetzer gona hetz 😛

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