Little Miss Daisy

I’ve finally got it! Here it is yall, the Churchill VII story I started way back at the beginning of June. I tried to put in a good bit of dialogue but please don’t expect it to sound like Sherlock Holmes I didn’t add in that much; I’ve never been to Britain. Forget the jibber jabber and explanations and here we go:

Little Miss Daisy

Rodney walked around the junkyard exploring his new job. Taking a summer job in between semester classes gave him something to do as well as make some money. He paraded around looking at all the old shelves, chairs, bed frames, sinks, tubs, bowl, then transitioning into the old bicycles, motors, cars, trucks, busses and such. He loved in history and was on his way to a major in historical science. He looked around gawking at it all, spitting out dates and eras, when his eyes fell on one of the most famous tanks of his country: the Churchill VII. It was very badly maintained if it was at all, the tracks were rusted and one was lying on the return roller cover, the whole thing was rusting but the cover and skirts were rusting to the point it was holing. The gun was mostly intact except for the muzzle and the machine gun mount, the turret still had a spare track link on it here and there but most of them slipped off and were lying on the hull. Its base green coat was still visible but faded and chipping; it looked like a crocodile covered in fire ants. Rodney frowned, nothing this legendary should sit like this, he moved closer and explored it, opening up some hatches with great trouble, he thought this old thing needs some tender love and care and it’ll look good as new! He peeked in and saw an almost pristine interior with a few rust covered leak points, but overall pristine. He moved to the engine; very few remained this intact and pretty with an engine, and after more trouble the Churchill was confirmed fully intact. Rodney reeled back.

“Bligh me! It’s all there! What is it doing in a junk heap out here? Well old timer I’ll see to your restoration.” His job was really just to be there, it was over populated with employees and many had nothing to do but sit on their hands and kick the dirt, no one would care he’d be working in the back on the tank. He got an overall list of problems: rust, rotten seats, new paint, new gas lines, new transmission gears, new hatch handles, new hydraulic gears, new gaskets, a complete tread overhaul and realignment was a start, who knows about the batteries, lights, wiring, and driveshaft. He began by gathering up loose pieces and sorting them out, then finding a rust cleaning kit from the shed and working on the hull. He noticed it was surprisingly warm, not blistering hot, but warm to the touch and when he started scraping and rubbing off the rust the metal it molded and responded to his hand giving him a sort of buzz. Clouds rolled over at around lunchtime, and so he moved inside the turret to eat his sandwich, beans, scone and drink some coffee, as he sat in the gunner’s seat he noticed some dust on the side wall. Rubbing it off he read ‘Little Miss Daisy’ and a tally of three marks under it. “Little Miss Daisy, I wouldn’t think little quite fits the Churchill.” The tank seemed to shift side to side, followed by the loudest yawn Rodney has ever heard.

Yeeawwhhmm, mmm, oh my. So, I assume you’re the one to be massaging my sides?” Rodney felt great.

“Why yes I’m the one, a great pleasure to meet you Miss Daisy.” He wasn’t shocked at all, one of his friends in school was a humorph, and he had the coolest father; a Centurion Mk III, and a humorph mother that was pretty cool as well.

“Well I’m very great full of your deed, mister-”

“Rodney, please, just Rodney.”

“Well then thank you Rodney.” He shifted, even against the rain pattering on the roof her voice was beautiful, and her complement made him blush.

“Oh it’s nothing, really. It makes me cringe to see such legendary history rot away like this.”

“Why does it trouble you? Many have walked past without your type of reaction.”

“I love history, while culture is my primary I like the whole veil of things. I don’t know much about Churchills, but I know their basic principles.” They talked as he ate, he learned much of her history, role, and her kills (a Marder II, a half track, and a Panzer IV), and he told her of his growing interest in history, his major, his past, and soon after the rain cleared and he went back to scrubbing away. He got the whole left side of her hull cleaned of rust and paint leaving her bare gray. He came back the next day and had brought in paint per her colour request; a base tan-brown color, for a barrier against the weather. He applied the paint with her help, and finished painting in a couple of hours. After that he started getting the rust off her other side, and reminiscing the heightened enjoyment Daisy showed towards her rear getting rubbed. He finished that in the day and devised a plan to clean the tracks and spare ones. At the end of the week all her rust was gone from her outer hull and her base paint applied, her seventeen pounder gun muzzle was removed and her hatch handles were left there because of her sensitivity there, the seats were out and discarded. Rodney asked if her belly was clean, knowing it was her private region, and she assured him it was spotless. He worked the best he could on her, and did a good job, too, but he struggled with her engine and transmission assembly along with her tracks.

One day as Rodney was checking her suspension he asked her why she was in such a place. “I chose this; I saw no more reason for my existence. New and better tanks were on the field, new anti-tank guns were afoot, pin point missiles took the skies, and infantry zipped around the battlefield. I had no purpose anymore. I went into depression and got myself here.” Rodney nodded; he didn’t want her to die like this, not to just rot again in a scrap heap.

“Why don’t you come out with me? Get into Bovington? The tank museum.” She sort of shrugged her covers. He went to her engine and started scrubbing it of rust, she was quiet. She was pondering going with him, only him, he was sweet and gentle, fertile and promising, and actually cared. She turned her turret around and watched him crawl in with the hatch leaning on his back as he looked and scrubbed. His scrubbing made her feel good inside, she welcomed the old feeling of pleasure and love, she’d never felt intense pleasure but knew it got her going good on low days. He has done so much for her engine and she knew all he could have done was done but her engine would still be a mule to get on. Usually what she’d do is secretly rub herself tenderly until it turned over, but mostly she’d do it for fun. Rodney got all the rust he could out and popped out excited.

“Alright try it Daisy!” His excitement sparked hers and she tried to start it when a burning feeling in her gut ceased her.

“I can’t! It bloody hurts!” Rodney just realized his oversight.

“No fuel.” She realized as well.

“Oh well, not like I’d go anywhere anyways, the treads are locked up.” The treads were lined up in front of her near a huge vat awaiting treatment. Rodney had ordered antirust in a huge gallon and expected it to be waiting when he got home.

“Well, the antirust should have arrived by now.., I could try to get it.” Daisy smiled. “I’ll go get it, then.” He went off and was let out, the overseer felt it was too crowded anyway, and Rodney went home to grab the huge gallon packages of it, and drove back in time to fill the vat and use her help to submerge the treads.

“I’m so eager, Rodney! I never thought I’d do this again!” She was bouncing around on her many many suspension mounts, so many in fact the nickname of armored centipede came around for a brief time. He felt a sort of attraction to her; she was interesting, comfortable in character, helpful and motivating. Seeing her this excited and happy made him feel warm and gooey inside, he loved the feeling. They discussed how they’d get the tracks back on her for the remainder of his extended shift then he left; the tracks would be done in the morning or so. When they parted both felt painful and sorrow, learning to hate parting.

That night Rodney got home with his gut burning, it started when he left Little Miss Daisy and got progressively worse the further he got. He went to the bathroom and sat on the john waiting for that burning feeling to dump out but after ten minutes he quit and went to the bed. On his nightstand sat a condom package, something made him feel the need to take it tomorrow. Compelled by weird new feelings strong going and faithful, he put the condom in his wallet, changed clothes, and slept once his head hit the pillow. In the morning he had the fiercest morning wood after a dream of driving around with Daisy, it didn’t subside after his piss, shower, or breakfast, it frightened him, but he felt it was partly due to his reoccurring thoughts of Daisy. He let it subside as he drove to his junk job with great perks. He stopped and got gas, was compelled to get another condom and female performance enhancers, and then went to the yard. He knew nothing was really going to happen and the need of the enhancers wouldn’t be needed for Daisy, even if she was over seventy years old, metal beings would stay as energetic as a human in their mid-twenties, as long as they are physically maintained or healthy, making him think about Daisy’s state being her bad condition. Her voice really gave nothing to her energy but instead her reactions during the actual intercourse, otherwise there’s nothing. He got an idea and stopped by another store before he went to the junkyard. He marched up to Daisy’s point and was met by a very eager temptress of a tank.

“Rodney! They’re finished! Fill me up while I track myself.” She had her spares on her turret and was sitting on her treads, rolling them onto her rollers. He smiled and obeyed her order and filled her up with the noise and thoughts of her engine working getting him hard, Daisy noticed this as he accidentally leaned against her pouring in the last milliliters of the gas tank, and smiled hopefully. She got the tracks on and felt as the last drops of fuel from the gas tanks slipped down the neck. She was ready, she wanted to run again, she wanted to move, she wanted Rodney to do it, she wanted him to enjoy his work, and her body was ready. They tried the engine, it failed to catch every time, even when she wanted it too and tried her damn best.

“Bloody hell, was it something I did?”

“No, it’s always done that.” She sighed just before a dirty smile formed on her face. “Usually I give it a.., jumpstart..,”

“Okay.., so do it.”

“I think that maybe this time, I could get some help.” She was looking at him seducingly, he met her gaze and it didn’t say no. He started to untuck his clothes; she licked her lips as her mouth watered. She took his hand and led him up onto her skirt and had him kneel down.

“A little cleaning first?” He asked.

“A taste test for me and a scrubbing for you.” She could hold back no more as he shoved himself into her lips. She let nothing stand between them as she reeled him in, instantly starting to suck and blow on him, and looked up at him with her green eyes giving a little enjoyment cue. He let his head slip back a little, moaning as he held her turret away while slowly thrusting into her. He was on his knees and strained to get his meat low enough into her mouth while still mobile, but they made it work with a little stretching on both ends. His left hand was on her turret roof and he moved his right to grab her gun barrel, and she had relaxed her skirt on her treads and tried to lift her suspension. He looked down at her, she was looking at his cock sliding into her mouth for her to taste, suck, blow, rub, and toy with but would occasionally glance up to him then close her eyes to savor him.

“Oh yeah Daisy, oh yeah.” He moaned out, Daisy giggled and felt him start to thrust sporadically and his cock start to tense and quiver. She accelerated his countdown by sucking more and quickly rubbing his cock in a cupped tongue, until he came into her mouth. He pulled out just enough where most went into her but some landed on her faceplate. She closed her eyes and felt the tingle on her tongue and the warm comfort on her face, and then she looked into his eyes as she swallowed and moaned in delight.

“All clean now, again?” She asked hopefully, she’d never had sex before but she knew that sucking cock was her favorite. He reached into his pants around his ankles and removed a small square package.

“Maybe later, now let’s get you going.” She looked a little depressed but it was a marginal let down, all she cared then was she was going to get pounded, and pounded by a man she would grind again and again and again. He slipped down and went to her rear but she stopped him halfway.

“Woa there, not down there..,” she took his hand and led him to her bow, “it’s over here.” She slid a panel under her bow. Rodney knelt down and saw a small dripping slit on the underslope, one of her manipulators was slowly rubbing a little gray ball at the top.

“I have an idea, wait one moment.” He hobbled off picking up his pants, Daisy closed her eyes and thought of his thick, long, hard dick way deep in her little pussy and this alone mad her pussy hotter, wetter, and squirm around an imaginary cock. She opened her eyes as Rodney drug around an ataman, she got the reason. When he got close enough she yanked down his trousers and laid him on the ataman and pulled it under her where she could see his face. She lifted up as he slid on the condom and fit it right, and then she let herself drip hot silver vaginal coolant onto his lap. He tried to get himself in but she held him there, slowly she bent his cock up and came to rest with her slit on his cock parallel to it. She slowly rolled up and down him, watching his face melt into bliss, her own face and body relaxed to her movements, too, and he saw her face show she enjoyed it just as much as he did. Once his whole length was wet and slick she lifted up and held his cock in her hand as she lowered back onto him, for her first penetration. She gripped him tight as she felt him break her lips apart, then he stopped her as she placed him against a sensitive barrier.

“What? Don’t you back out on me!”

“No I won’t, but, this isn’t supposed to be here is it?” He knew a bit about machine anatomy, although varied they all share a common standard.

“No, it’s not. It’s what you’d call a virgin wall. It will hurt, which is why it is still there.” Rodney shifted.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He paused. “I could just eat you until the engine runs then we can get that cut out-”

“I don’t want someone I don’t know cut it, I want someone I like to pierce it, I’ll be fine, please, we need this Rodney.” Their eyes met, she wasn’t bluffing or showing and signs of doubt. He nodded. She lowered a bit more, the pain made her halt but she forced herself not to let up, she knew she couldn’t push herself any further. “Rodney! Do it! Just do it! Bloody Christ’s sake!” He acted to her face of pain and crying voice. He first pulled back to ease her pain but knew she didn’t want that, so he thrusted up with all his might.


“Rodney!” She screamed as her virgin wall tore open and she fell to her ‘knees’ on Rodney, pushing the ataman feet into the dirt a little. Rodney was sent into bliss as his whole dick sat and cooked in her tight glorious pussy, he moaned as she shifted around making sure the entire virgin wall was open. He looked in her eyes and saw a veil of pain but beneath it was a message of joy, desire, love, and the things that made her pain worth it to her. She lifted up and moaned as his size and presence was eagerly welcomed. Rodney looked down and saw not just the silver vagina coolant but a more brownish silver fluid, thick and hot; her blood.

“Daisy, you’re bleeding!” He didn’t know what to do, it was rare that a machine would actively bleed, except in childbirth for some cases, but mostly it took extreme damage to a very vital ‘organ’ in the system.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I in fact feel better now.” She stroked his hair eyes closed and face looking bliss again. She moaned as he pushed his whole member back into her, maybe even to stop her bleeding he hoped. She felt the condom on him, it’s subtle and defying presence wasn’t tolerated by Daisy, so she decided to try to shred it off him.

“Oh Daisy, fuck.” He moaned out as Daisy massaged his cock inside her. Her internal muscles were contracting on him in patterns and movements like corkscrew, milking, twist, wave, and such, tearing off his condom. She tore bit by bit off until she got it all off and then ejected it out behind his shaft unbeknownst to him. Meanwhile Rodney lacked any drive to all out fuck her, he wanted to do that, yes, but sitting here with his cock being groped by this great gal was real good; he’d need more from her. He saw her clit bulb and smiled, engine vibrations and noise was all he needed. He reached down with his right hand and cupped the clit bulb, then he rubbed it around in between his middle and ring fingers before one of her hands shot to his. She moaned loudly, encouraging him to keep going and herself holding his hand and going faster, Rodney watched as her eyes rolled in her turret. Not long into it her pussy began to spasm out, gripping his cock hard for a second then back to the tight hold, this gave Rodney a great amount of pleasure and Daisy a spike of mass adrenaline.

“Oh yes Rodney! Oh yes Rodney! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop no matter what! Don’t stop!” Suddenly her engine started to kick and turn, then it erupted in a loud roar and was idling at full RPMs; Rodney wanted her so much more then. He resisted the urge to stop and pound her pussy in but he was one who kept his word, he rubbed harder and harder, pushing in on her softer region. Her grip on him squeezed, his cock felt like it was growing in reference to her pussy, it felt huge, then her loud moans reached a scream as her orgasm hit her hard. She squirted out on his lap and the ataman, warming his core up nice and making him feel accomplished. “Rodney don’t st-”

“I’ll make you spray, baby!” He pushed her up then he dropped down and started pounding her. They fucked for two hours, just constant pounding, he came many loads into her thinking he still had the condom on. He wouldn’t pull out for anything because one, she didn’t want him to, and two she felt way too great to try it. She came not as much as he did but she had her share. She would even start humping back when he slowed, but it was the vibration of her engine, it’s noises, her cries of joy, and her attractiveness that powered Rodney to keep going. During the time Daisy thought he was too good to be true many times, but with how long he was going and the intensity to her plea corrected her thoughts; he wasn’t leaving her. She wanted to bear his child badly and easily could have; her vagina was lined with his seamen, but didn’t know if he could support one. At the end of the second hour Rodney noticed that her suspension was shaking and her wheels were pointing inward, he saw it as her knees buckling. He knew if she fell it wouldn’t be far and either the ataman world break, or it would sink into the dirt, or probably both. He reached down again and stroked her clit, she grew louder and very soon after came for the last of the session. Her suspension gave and she fell right onto him and pushed the ataman into the dirt. They sat in quiet catching their breath as Daisy used her pussy to jerk off him one last time.

“Oh Rodney, that was spectacular. You did make me spray, again and again.”

“Oh I fucking love you, Daisy. I fucking love you so much.” She smiled and completely settled down on him. They interlocked hands and looked at each other.

“Rodney, I don’t like condoms. They don’t feel right.”

“Next time I won’t wear one then, or any time after now.” She giggled.

“You weren’t wearing one this time.” She winked. He was confused. “I ripped it off you and got it out.”

“So I-”

“Yes babe, and I couldn’t be happier.” Her eyes told Rodney she was lying.

“I’m sorry next time I’ll pull-”

“Well I could be happier, I would be as happy as could be a mother.” She looked at him beggingly, she was nervous of his answer almost dreading it. He was quiet as he thought, Daisy tried to sway his answer by gripping his cock more, stroking his hair, hugging him tight against her, and using a begging face.

He shook his head no.

“I can’t. I can’t right now.” Daisy stopped, she teared up. “I am sorry, I’d love to father by you, but, I’ve got things to focus on before that.” She nodded. He leaned up and hugged her tenderly.

“I understand.”

“Look baby, I’ll start up a family when I get a better job, I don’t want to risk failing a baby because we can’t feed it.” She hugged back. “Mark my words, once I’m done with college and settled in we’ll have one.” She perked up a little. “And I’ve kept my word haven’t I?” She felt better, better about their future, their relationship, better about everything. They rested there, after she finished him off for the session, and napped. They woke after a half hour and he dressed, she didn’t want him to leave and that sparked a thought from him.

“I got you a gift!” He handed her the bag he brought. The first thing she pulled out was the female performance boost.

“A little late for this, isn’t it babe?” He laughed.

“No baby not that, the other thing.” She looked again and pulled out a smartphone.

“What the bloody hell is this?”

“It’s like a radio, really small and it can send typed words, too. It’s called texting.” He proceeded to show her how to use it, what it all did, how she could ghetto charge it with her injector needle’s electric power output, and finally he gave her his number to talk to him.

“Nice, so.., anytime I want you, I text you and you answer?”

“Yes or call me.”

“Any time and for anything?” She wondered if they could ‘change oils’ anytime they wanted.

“Probably, yes.” They kissed goodbye and Rodney left for some olive drab paints to paint her with the next day. He was at the store when she texted him.

You could pant me white


Paint me white

Thy dnt hve wite


Oh you don’t know txt talk.

No how did you get the punctuation

Press the 123 button in the bottom left.

Thanks! Now come paint me white tonight!

No white paint. Ran out.

Not with paint.

With what?

Sperm is white. <3 I made a heart.

-_- Really?

Yes! I want you so bad!

How bad?

I want you inside me at every good hole! My mouth mostly, but also in my vagina and even my exhaust pipes! I want to eat you and then I want you’re massive size in my bow and my arse! Please babe!

You like the ! don’t you?

No. I mean it.

Well… okay I’ll see you soon.

<3<3 () c==8

8=====D () mines bigger.

They started sending each other longer dick messages before she ended it with a vagina picture tagged with ‘its waiting.’ He wanted to fulfill her fantasy but knew physically he couldn’t, he could die from a popped blood vessel. Other than time he knew only one other option. “Baby I need you to penetrate me.” Her face was bewildered. “You need to convert me.” She frowned; she really didn’t want to hurt him.

“Babe I don’t want you to be hurt.”

“I hurt you for our love, now I want you to hurt me. Please baby, please.” He knelt down. Closing her eyes, she did it. When it was done he was trembling by her side. She scooped him up and cuddled him against her face, kissing his belly. She noticed something probing her below his belly. “I’ve got a thank you gift, baby.” She smiled and unzipped his pants and instantly began sucking him off. For an hour he let her enjoy his candy, then he went to her pussy sand hit that for any other hour, then to each of her two exhaust pipes and banged each for an hour per pipe. Then she begged to taste him again and that was the finale. At around four AM she spat him out.

“Bloody Christ. Rodney I want so much more but I’m full, my tanks and my belly are full.” She looked him in the eyes, desire still filled them. “I liked the pipe, fuck me there, again.” He got on his knees and crawled to her rear. Her turret face followed. “And Rodney, could we slow down this time? He nodded.

“We should wrap up for bed.” Her face lit up.

“Let’s spoon after this!” He lined up with her pipe hole, still oozing from his previous visit, and slid himself into her constricting hole. She winced with a smile as he pushed through. Normally the pipes reached water boiling temperatures but because of coolants flowing through everything Daisy was only hot, not burning, and this felt very relaxing for Rodney. He laid down on her engine roof as she threw a rain tarp over herself, cutting her engine off. He started to fall asleep to her gentle throbs in her pipe when he changed his mind.

“Baby, why the arse? Why not the vagina?”

“I don’t want you on that filthy ground! It’s vile and disgusting. Stay here, babe, I like this.” She wrapped her arms around him; he shrugged and went to sleep in her pipe.

As the summer progressed he applied the green splotches of paint on her but then their progress of refitting slowed and changed focus to loving and being together. Rodney had decided to move out of his apartment and move in to a garage big enough for Daisy and him, it would be tight but they’d manage. One day he topped off her fuel and told her the plan, she was excited but looked nauseous. They slowly started moving down the narrow paths; Daisy was complaining the whole way.

“Oh this is so dirty! Eww eww eww eewww! Gross!”

“It’s just some dirt, dust and mud, it’s not bad here.”

“Oh it is way worse than when I came here! Euhg this is disgusting! Can we clean it up, or something? Go another way? This is grooss! Eww I’m sinking in it! Ewg it’s touching me! Ahhg get it off Rodney!” She squirmed around in it, it wasn’t bad at all. She complained every meter, going on and on about the filth. “It’s getting everywhere! It’s just as bad as France!”

“Now I know why you’re Little Miss Daisy, could you chin up from here on to the garage? A crying tank won’t be very good for public view.”

“Promise to clean me first thing in the garage! Promise and I’ll shut up.”

“I’ll make you squeaky clean, baby.” She quieted down.

“You know, babe, the dirt gets everywhere. It may take a while to-” mud splashed onto her bow and chin, “pleh, ah, it will take a while to clean all the nooks and crannies. You better clear out the rest of the night.” He patted her turret to say yes. They got up to the front gates and none of the other guys knew that there was a tank in the back, let alone a living one. They treated her like a wrongfully convicted prisoner and let her out hastily; apologizing for things they had no clue of. Rodney got off and got into his car, it was a little 1976 red Volkswagen Beetle. He tied a rope between his car and Daisy so they wouldn’t separate and then they left. They weren’t stopped at all, only looked at funny by the one officer they passed, but they say on the side of the road until they arrived. It wasn’t too shabby yet wasn’t exquisite, it was cozy, and there was an adjoining garage with a guy who really loved his green and black Maserati, that he never drove, and would constantly be working on something that probably exceeded his mechanical affinity and needed no attention. He’d be blasting his music and standing in the open door in an oily tank top, baggy shorts, tube socks, a beanie cap over his shoulder length curly hair, and slide on Airwalks calling to any chick walking by. Rodney felt some sympathy for the guy and walked up to him, he was staring blankly and in disbelief at Daisy, he didn’t know she was alive but that his new garage neighbor has a tank.

“Hey buddy, how’s it goin?” The guy nodded. “Listen, I recommend going on home for the night. It’s ah, going to get a lot louder than your music can go.” He nodded again and went back into his garage to close it up. Rodney then turned Daisy around and backed her into their new home.

“Lovely, a very lovely place here. Your stuffs not to cramping or crowding and makes this feel homely.” She looked around, he’d barely brought much; just a refrigerator, oven, microwave, bed, bookshelf, and a nightstand, the bathroom latrines were part of the garage. “Oh look a drain, too.” There was a drain in about the middle of the garage. Rodney rolled up his sleeves and got some cleaning things.

“Where can’t I go yet, baby?”

“Nowhere, you’re my man and with that you can go anywhere and everywhere on me.., or in me.” She winked and smiled. With that he washed her down, it wasn’t much on her, and it simply washed off without any soap, which gave them more time to make love. They talked some more about the time for a baby, Rodney wanted to have it when his job was set and Daisy wanted to have it asap, like that night asap, and her main point was college is free and he had a good job now. His rebuttal was he’d earn less pay with his slackened hours and would be focusing more on school.

“Well you’re not changing my standpoint point, Rodney; you can kiss my arse on that.” He did, he planted a kiss right square in the middle of her ass. She jumped, his warm lips felt strange there, but were always welcomed there again. “On that note, choose your first poison, babe.” He decided to try something new that night. He went to her bow and crawled under.

“You love eating me so much; I think I’ll give it a go myself.” With that he closed his eyes and drug his tongue up her slit, drawing approving moans from Daisy. She quivered as each of his heavenly licks went deeper and deeper into her vagina; she looked down and saw his waist nude and his cock hard, erect, and tasty. She wanted to eat him even more then but it wasn’t possible, or was it?

“Babe, hold on!” He didn’t stop, he planted his open mouth on her pussy lips and sucked good as his tongue searched deep inside her. He did this until her clit bulb pushed against his lips strong then he moved his lips to it and sucked on that real good and played around with it using his tongue. She knew she could not stop him so she took his long thick shaft in her hand and started a hand job. She worked his shaft fast, and thought of a way to get it in her mouth as soon as possible. She focused on her own joy, getting off as soon as she could, she stroked herself, let him ram his fingers into her tight pussy, fondled her nozzles and exhaust pipes, and braced for the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt. Her whole body quivered as she held it in, she would make it at least count, and went faster until she exploded on his face and went limp. Then she started her plan.

“Babe, you rocked me so hard, I need to piss.” She was close enough to a oil change, a week or two ahead wouldn’t hurt. He groaned as he got up and got a tray for her to release in. As her boiling hot oil streamed out under her force he got harder, visualizing the black oil as her silver cum and wanting to make her cum more and more, that’s when a large tendril snaked into his vision. It had a long vertical slit and a bulb at the top, it was dripping silver coolant; her secondary.

“Shall we 69 it?” He smiled as he climbed on and let her move him against her face, he grabbed her tendril and plastered it to his mouth like it was an oxygen mask. They did this all night, although Rodney had to sleep for work in the morning, but Daisy sucked his candy all night long, enjoying every second of it. They went through the summer living comfortably there, to save on money Daisy insisted that she not have any fuel. After much pressure by her he agreed and while the sex could be a little painful at times she rather felt safer without constant fuel in her tank. Soon before they knew it classes started up again, and Rodney’s pay lowered along with his hours, the time he wanted to be with Daisy was still there except he spent most awake time studying or working. One day he went out early to get Daisy a birthday gift and ran into his humorph school friend.

“You know Rodney, the car goes in the garage, right?” They laughed and hugged.

“Bloody hell it’s been years, Carson!”

“Three years, three years.” He looked back to the beetle car. “Still that old clunker scrap?”

“Yes, yes, still my little Beanie Butt runs better but not as good as my girl in there.” He pointed to the garage.

“Yeah I was about to ask who changed you, so tell me who the lucky lady is?”

“Her names Daisy and she’s a Churchill seven.” Carson was pleasantly surprised.

“Wow, she’s mighty beautiful then, you know if my pop hears she’s around the two will never stop talking.” They laughed some more knowing it’s true. “Ah well call me later, I’m late for a meeting as it is.” They parted, and they went about their ways. School was always easy for Rodney, and college was easy alone and even easier with Daisy, who can give first hand radio accounts of certain subjects and someone to relieve stress with. He wanted to thank her in so many ways and as much as he could but she never asked for much or anything extraordinary, just oil and some cleaning, and of course sexual favors happily fulfilled. Time flew by and before the two knew it the term was over, he graduated at the top of his class and that landed him the job he wanted oh so badly. That first weekend off from his job he knew he could make up the entire wait his wife Daisy had, and it’d be on the one year anniversary almost, too. He came to her Friday night with the proposal.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally, yes!” She was very excited, after so long they were finally having a child. They had long worked out the names and that it’d be a humorph so they got right to it, she didn’t try to go for any of her enjoyment, she quickly got him to cum deep inside her where she opened for him and felt great, terrific, extraordinary as she became impregnated by her husband. After that they had some real fun for the rest of the night all the way into the morning sun. They repregnated regularly, and after a long ten months, a month longer than expected, Daisy gave birth to fraternal twins, a boy Churchill VII and a girl humorph. They were pleasantly surprised.

“Just our luck, we hoped for one and got two.” Rodney said holding his daughter Rebecca in his arms.

“I know isn’t it a miracle! Just simply marvelous, splendid! Oh isn’t life astonishing?” She was tired and holding her son Gregory on her engine roof cleaning him off.

“It’s interesting,”


“How Rebecca got all my influence, Gregory got none.”

“I think they’re two separate eggs.” She kissed his lips. “And that you need to call grandmum, proud daddy. Give me my baby girl, mum wants to hold her babies.” He carefully gave her Rebecca and went to the phone. He picked up the phone and looked at his family; Gregory was about a sixth of his mother’s size and his sister Rebecca was clinging to his side as their mom threw over a blanket on the shivering infants. Her bright green eyes combed over the children looking for any signs of need. She breast fed Gregory and bottle fed Rebecca. “Can we turn up the heater? Our babies are cold.” As the phone rang Rodney turned the heater up a notch and heard his mother on the other end.

“Hey grandmum-” she hung up after that. He tried again and again but only got the answering machine. Soon Daisy fell asleep and about twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door. Rodney answered and a slumping, shrewd looking old woman with white hair and a mahogany cane looked up at him and smiled wide.

“There’s my boy! Where’s my daughter? And why the bloody hell did you call me grandmum? Do I have grand babies yet?”

“You know mum its two-eleven in the morning. Didn’t you think Daisy would need some rest afterword?”

“I know how exhausting it is! That’s why I’m trying my best not to yell.”

“You’d be a perfect New Yorker, mum.” He said as she pushed her way inside. She waved it off and hobbled over to Daisy’s side quietly and looked at her grand babies.

“Ooh, they’re adorable! Oh Roody they look so beautiful!” She whispered to him, she may look like a ruthless hag but she wasn’t that bad of one, she was kind and respectable but would get her way if she felt like it. “They’re twins! What are they?”

“That’s Gregory, and that’s Rebecca.” He pointed to them, respectfully.

“They’ll grow to be big and strong before your eye, Roody. Mark every moment.” They talked quietly until grandmum went home after an hour and Rodney climbed up with Daisy and went to sleep. She hugged him tight as he snuggled up with his kids.

“We made the best things in the world, babe, the best things.” Rodney thought back on his life accomplishments, none of them even came close to this one. If he added up all the worth of the previous milestones they wouldn’t still come close to this one. He remembered one of the last things his mother told him that morning; they’ll never cease to amaze you, Roody, never.

The next morning they were woken by a screaming Rebecca, Gregory started crying because of Rebecca but calmed down way ahead of his sister. They knew he’d be more the quiet type right then but out of curiosity Daisy started talking to him.

“Can you say mumma? Say mumma, c’mon little Greg-Greg say mumma? Dadda? How about dadda?” Rodney was going to say he’s only twelve hours old when Gregory said mumma.


That little bit at the end is to show that the machine infant grows exponentially faster than a human at every level. Gregory will be equivalent to a twenty year old adult by the time he’s twelve and fully developed at thirteen. Rebecca is slightly faster in growing mentally mature compared to a standard human baby. She will take the same amount of time to physically grow, however.

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  1. Theunknownjester says:

    That was a nice read. The slang seemed a little over used, but then again that might just be me.
    I am currently pulling a blank as to what else to write but all in all awesome story and looking forwards to more of your work!

  2. Gingyflame says:

    Thanks, I’m going to make July the start month of sequeling the previous side stories. I’ll obviously be going into August with them so bear with me if you only want HaM. But IS-3 way, Minnie Maus, Horton 229, yeah they’re getting continued. Not all are getting continued yet (still gotta finish Severstal first) because A. they will be continued later (or) B. weren’t meant to sequel.

  3. Theunknownjester says:

    Hey man what ever comes out comes out, and if we have to wait for some more HaM we got to wait.

    IS-3 sounds rather interesting, still getting a three way or do we have to wait and find out?

  4. Gingyflame says:

    @Luke I had to go back to my files to see when I wrote this, wow, I didn’t realize it was this old.

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