Luna and Decker Pt. 2

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Luna and Decker Pt.

“You done painting your helmet, Kicker?” He had developed a certain intensity when he fought, he had a tendency to excitedly kick in the foot cupboards when he adjusted the yaw. Luna had adjusted to it but she was the one who gave him his name.

“Take a look.” He had a wide grin on his face and blue teeth on his helmet coming from the mouthpiece. He had painted blue blitz stripes under the eye sockets and blue boots on the sides of the helmet.

“Mine’s still the best.” Kickon said, his had razor points that came from the top to the cheek and flames from the bottom up to the cheek, all in blue. Kickback’s helmet was welded back together, leaving a scar that was the same as the one on his eye, and he had victory slashes on the air filter by his left chin, to Decker he had the coolest helmet. Kickout simply had blue fangs and blue tears rolling down his cheeks. They were all blue paint because they were part of the 501st legion, the legendary legion under command or Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. Luna and Decker formed quiet a relationship and mostly everyone they knew had figured they were in a serious relationship, and the clones that broke the sexual attraction lock were placing bets when the hanger would moan in the night. But it never happened.

Over time word had reached Anakin himself, and while at first it was preposterous but then he did recognize it. That small connection Anakin secretly had would come in handy later, after all the two pairs weren’t supposed to be. The war came to another stalemate, it seemed that it was moments away from ending and whoever strikes first will win, then the CIS attacked Coruscant and snatched the chancellor. The Kicks, as they’re known as, were sent to the surface to repel the remaining droids. After the battle they geared to attack Grevious’s lair but when they learned that they weren’t going the morale dropped. Luna and Decker were sitting alone together, cuddling up and watching the city light up as the sun set. Decker leaned over and kissed her frame slowly; depressed they weren’t going to bring the mad dog general down.

“It’s okay, baby, this war will end either way. We’ve done a lot for our cause.” She pulled him close and leaned him back into her arms. “We should just relax, baby, just relax. We should be taking a load off; we’re all alone in a quiet place, no one to bother us.” It seemed she was meaning sex, she was talking in a sexual tone, but she didn’t mean sex and neither did he. Instead they laid there together, he was moved to her neck’s roof, and they watched the world unfold.

“Hey babe, I’ve got to go do something real quick.” He slid down and gave her a goodbye kiss and walked off. He marched around until he found who he was looking for. “General, may I have a word, sir?”

“Of course, but one moment.” Anakin was talking with Chancellor Palpatine.

“No, no, Anakin my boy, mine can wait. Please, do tend to this matter, I will wait right here.” Anakin gave him a simple nod and turned to Decker.

“Sorry for interrupting you, sir.”

“It is alright. What do you wish to talk about, Kicker?”

“I’d like to talk about.., personal.., matters.” Anakin thought he knew what he wanted.

“Oh please don’t let me pressure you, good soldier, do go on like I’m not here.”

“Well sir, you know how Luna and I are,”


“And the war’s end is looming..,”

“It is, go on.”

“I wanted to know if there was any way I could retire, her, after the wars over, of course. I just wan-“

“Certainly, there should be no harm in it. What is so special about Luna? Luna is the Gunship I saw earlier, right?”

“Yes chancellor, you are not mistaken. Luna is very… special. Luna is Gunship RHE dash S number four-four-nine-zero-eight-seven-three-five-two-two-zero-one.”

“The living one, ah… and you are obviously no clone so you must have feelings for her?” Chancellor Palpatine inquired, Decker shuddered.

“Y-Y-Yes, chancellor. We have… feelings… for each other.” He looked down to his feet, it must be so offsetting.

“Pick your head up, Kicker; we’ll settle it, okay?” He picked his head up, doubt in his eyes.

“Do not be ashamed, for there is no reason to be. I have matters to attend to with Master Skywalker now, but rest assured, you will see her retired from service.” They left him there, he went back to Luna. That went better than I thought.

He got back to her with a broad smile on his face. He wanted the war over now so he could surprise her with it. She hugged him again and kissed hello, she took him into her cabin and laid him across the bed they’ve made and they went to sleep. She had a wet dream with him and he dreamed of, well, running around Tatooine on a speeder made of Jawas while shooting food at anyone he saw. He always loved those dreams. Later on things were crazy, and the 501st was called upon to assault the Jedi Temple, Luna and Decker were horrified, appalled, distraught, and under specific orders. They were told by Anakin personally their orders.

“You do this for the Empire, and you will be freed. Fail and you are exterminated. Resist and you will suffer!” This scared them shitless, they tried talking to the other Kicks, and they just sat there silent. They were ordered to pick up a holocron and deliver it to the Senate, as Luna landed a group of clones raced out with the holocron. Two were climbing on when two Jedi came out of nowhere, one slicing through a squad of clones and the other sprinting for the boarding clones. Kickout silently blasted the Jedi with the laser pod he operated, right in front of Luna’s eyes. Kickback pulled her up off the platform; the other Jedi lunged toward them, towards the pilots, towards Luna. Decker felt how scared she was and instinctively to protect her he whipped the right bow gun over and blasted the Jedi. All before he knew what he did. Luna and hun were in shock the whole way back to the Senate. When they landed Luna broke out into tears and cries, Decker rubbed her dash to comfort her, the Jedi’s face was in his mind.

“He must’ve only been fourteen… how… how…” Then Kickback turned around and took his helmet off.

“Decker, Luna, I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry you had to do this.” He sounded very sincere, the other two climbed out of their pods and went to the cabin, removing their helmets. The two clones in the bay exited, and immediately one dropped to his hands and knees quivering and crying, questioning the world and what’s happening in it.

“Ey-yuh, I’m not proud of what’s going on back there, but, it’s for a good cause.”

“What have we done!? What!? Why!? I-I-I-I don’t know!? I don’t know!” She enveloped Decker in her arms, she needed him there, and he needed her. Decker’s chair was lowered into the cabin along with Kickback’s, the clones hugged the tangle of Luna and Decker, as Decker looked at them he saw remorse and regret in their brown eyes. No one slept that long, hellish night.

Luna and Decker were sitting together, the Empire had been formed and the Galaxy was at peace. The clone troopers were sent to a facility to examine them for defects, but Decker and Luna knew they were being executed, all except the 501st legion and many other small teams of clone troopers. The clones also got new armor, and knowing that their friends Luna and Kicker would be leaving, gave their helmets to Luna and Kicker. Decker had saved enough credits to get Luna space flight. Technically she wasn’t retired yet and it’s been months since the Empire’s birth, Decker was growing restless and felt betrayed; he went to resolve the pact. He first searched for Anakin, or Darth Vader as he was called by then, and turned up empty handed. Instead of finding Skywalker, Skywalker summoned Decker.

“Gunner Kicker reporting, General.” Vader was wearing his life support suit, berating in that unforgettable way.

“It’s Lord now, Kicker.” Decker apologized. “I sense your anger, Kicker, your feelings of betrayal.., love.., fear.., anger.., you are here for our deal carried out.” Kicker agreed. “We have not forgotten our deal. As of right now, Luna is officially retired from service, your service term has also been ended,” a new ‘StormTrooper’ and medical droid came up to him and the droid stuck him with a needle and withdrew DNA from him, “she and you will be transported to her.., home planet.., of many climates known as Earth. There is a predominant species of humans there.” He waved off Decker.

“Thank you, Lord Vader.”

“One last thing,” Decker was leaving, he turned around and snapped to attention again, “the Emperor himself said the order of the Empire will come to Earth.” He dismissed Decker. Decker returned to Luna, a little mistrusting of the Empire but more over glad. Luna and him were loaded onto a new sleek Star Destroyer and soon were on their way to Earth, a trip of over two days at light speed. Luna didn’t know she was free, she didn’t know that Decker was out of service, either, but she’d find out soon enough.

“Wow! Baby look at it!” She called looking through the hanger shield down at their new home. “It’s just like Naboo!”

“Yup, just like Naboo.” He took her down to the surface alone, landing on a peninsula above the equator. They landed on stable grass in a clearing, a look around and a step outside told them it would be hot and marshy.

“Wait! Decker they’re leaving us!” The Star Destroyer turned and jumped to light speed. Now was Decker’s time to tell her.

“We aren’t a part of them anymore.” She froze. “You’re retired, I’m retired, and this is our new home. It’s called Earth.” She looked around, taking in all her surroundings. A large smile formed on her face.

“I love you so much Decker!” She pulled him to her kissing him and hugging him. Then a burden was lifted, she didn’t worry anymore, and her body was ready.

“I love you, too, Luna. I can go find some food or people if you’d like.” She looked into his eyes seductively.

“No,” she pulled his waist belt on his armor to her side, “stick around with me for the long night. Just relax, take a load off, we’re alone with no one to bother us. Maybe even protect each other from bad monsters out there?” She had unbuckled his utility belt. She was undoing his armor locks when he got the idea.

“Oh, Luna, I can do that.” Her main blast shields closed then the smaller ones in the main closed too, he went in through the side cabin door and removed even more armor. She was wondering why they’d never done this before, they just never seemed to have any alone time for it. Most time was combat or rest or repair, what alone time they had was so wonderful to her that she never moved past it, she just savored and loved the time they spent together. It was the greatest she ever felt and doubted that sex could top it. As he stripped her hands felt his body, this time around reaching into his pressure suit feeling his muscles, shaven body, smooth skin, some sweat, his skin felt so sexy. Her nether lips began to water, and her mind ran completely wild with thoughts of sex. She caressed his growing cock once the crotch armor was removed, and unzipped the pressure suit to remove him from it. Soon he was kicking off the skin tight suit and stood proud and hard in her bay.

“Damn, babe! How did he fit in there!?” She was holding his gigantic cock with two hands. In actuality he didn’t fit in the armor, it was uncomfortable when he was soft. “Babe how am I so luck to have this!?”

“Well it’s actually not supposed to be that big..,” he waited for her to ask why but she was visualizing how disproportionate this cock must look on him, “it was because my muscles were shredded by a disease and the doctors pumped me with muscle growth steroids to heal them to their old state, but.., he was healthy at the time so he grew with all the others.” She really didn’t get a word he said, her hands were checking their measurements by themselves, unbelieving that he was twenty-five centimeters long by eight centimeters tall by twelve centimeters wide. She hoped she could hold him, cause she was going to get all that into her one way or another. He had grown over his years through puberty and adolescence how to keep his shlong soft, because getting hard left him light headed, just like then, and he never felt a lust that powerful; he was getting dizzy.

“Shit… well enough of this! I’m wanting you inside me so fucking bad right now!” Suddenly above him he heard something like a door opening then hot fluids fall in his head. “We are going to fuck so hard!”

“Oh Luna I am going to make you scream my name!”

“I’ll be screaming all night baby!” She had scooped him up and placed him on the overhead rack with his cock bent up on his belly, he was slid in and instantly his cock graced her parting with a stroke, prompting him to grind her until his meat was lubed up by her leaking. She didn’t leak much, almost none at all, Decker realized she was a moist girl, not a wet one, and told her to brace herself. “Do it, Decker, do it!”

“Almost-almost, damn! Got it!” He moved around trying to puncture her folds but couldn’t get it, when he did her whole frame shook violently, crying for him to go deeper yet cursing his size.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Deeper! Deeper Decker! Fuck! Fuck! Damn it! Damn that cock! SSSHHHIIITTT!!!” Her very loud moans, cries, screams and whimpers grew with her shaking the deeper he shoved. He focused more on getting in than feeling, but her compact virgin pussy made itself known to him, and he loved it. He eventually reached a roof, it was the top floor, but he had a little bit more left.

“Babe I’m not in yet! Whaddyou want!?”

“Take it! Fucking take it! Oh Decker! OH DECKER! FFFFUUCK!” He pushed it up, his cock shaking as it tried pushing her roof up, he eventually did it, and her screams sounded painful but her swift hands feeling his body, caressing his balls, massaging his shoulders, and the words she screamed told otherwise, of intense pleasure of a lifetime. He sat there, taking it in, her quivering vagina muscles, rocking airframe, hot juices that very slowly leaked out, her trembling hands giving him relaxing massages just by resting on him, all her feelings of plush and firm jello-like love.

“Take it in! Take it in! OH FUCK! DECKER! Fuck! Fuck! Take what’s yours! Take me! Feel it all baby!” Through her quivering she got and even bigger rush of dopamine, his gargantuan size just paraded inside her and filled up her entire hold, expanded it even, and she felt it wasn’t enough, she needed his all and more. She also saw how he either would finish with a hand job or blow job, or… she’ll take a pregnancy. She decided she’d take the pregnancy for him, she’s wanted babies, so has he, and the sex was worth it, he was worth it, and as always the baby’ll be worth it. He started to remove himself, his gripping head almost pulling her vagina lining out with it, his full shaft imprinting every detail into her mold as it passed, his head was locked about eight centimeters in when he stopped.

“Babe, this is-“

“You’re cumming inside! Fuck, Decker! Hhhhhuuuuuu-yyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhh! I’ll take it babe! I’ll take it! Don’t worry!” Then she remembered she has to absorb it for it to work. “I won’t accept it into me! Go on babe! I’m not screaming yet!”

“Challenge accepted…” He forced his way up deep, and out shallow, then lubed up where he could power pound her fast. She tried her hardest not to scream his name, but he won the challenge and she screamed ‘Decker’ and ‘fuck’ like there was no tomorrow. Her pussy felt like heaven to him, and his cock felt like she was riding a torpedo, neither wanted to end but her G-spot was stimulated more than his was, and her gentle contracting suddenly snap-locked him in as her screaming moan overshadowed her near boiling orgasm erupting from around his cock. She poured and poured for about three minutes, moaning and praising the whole way. After she seemed to calm down and her pussy went back to the way it was Decker asked her a good question.

“You good babe? Can you take more?”

“Oh fuck ,Decker! I’ll make myself take it for you!” With that he went back to his power thrusts, noticing her screams a little higher in pleasured tones. He power fucked her some more, drawing closer and closer to his climax. She egged him on, screaming his name and begging him to do it, to cum into her. He felt a tendril of hers move to his dick base and rub it right.

“Oohhhohohoho yeah babe that’s the spot!”

“Mmm! Mhm! Aahh Decker!” He slowed, he quivered, and suddenly he came into her, she milked as much as she could out of him, extending his seed spill to fourteen seconds, and creating the best orgasm he ever had. He sat there quivering as his seed was moved all around the tight space inside her hold. She begged him for more, pleading with him to give her more, to go as long as they can; after all her lust was subtly building over the years. He agreed and he followed up on that promise. They banged each other again and again and again and again, hours passed, until they finally came at the same time. As they sat there rocking each other’s world with an orgasm, Luna was able to focus her sight outside; it was outstanding. Decker was sprawled out on the overhead rack and she had her arms all over his sweating body, he was done, no more for a while. Their parts were aching badly and neither could go again.

“Damn do I fucking love you, Luna.”

“Oh fuck, I love you just as much, Decker. Ah this is perfect, come on up here and let’s sleep away.” She brought him up to the cockpit covered in her love slush that took forever to gather up to a coating of him, and then laid him in his reclined chair.

“A beautiful view, huh sweetie?”

“Yes, perfect to fall asleep with you.” They watched the sun rise, nether parts begging never to do that much again, bodies wishing they were in better shape, and Decker’s brain finally able to breath with good blood flow again, that’s how they fell asleep, and they wanted to sleep like that every time from then on. The next night when they awoke they decided to build a little home and find access to civilization. Soon they found out it was the year nineteen-sixty-two, and that Luna was pregnant a year later.

Fin Luna and Decker

Pretty much an overview of what Dak asked, only they left out the sex and all the lovey dovey stuff for him. What they really told Dak was the battles, some stories, close calls and that stuff. This was all just like a time lapse back to their love relationship.

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