[7/3/14, 7:57:28 PM] He chooses a female human after flying several thousand miles looking for someone he might like
[7/3/14, 7:59:16 PM]  He might end up somewhere in Canada where it’s cold
[7/3/14, 7:59:35 PM]  The arboreal Forrest boarders
[7/3/14, 8:00:04 PM] Han: quite a cold place indeed
[7/3/14, 8:00:15 PM]  If I want to be truly romantic, he could see his chosen freezing to death in the snow
[7/3/14, 8:00:35 PM]  Her dog sled destroyed and things scattered about
[7/3/14, 8:00:49 PM]  The sun is going down
[7/3/14, 8:01:38 PM] Han: the knight in shining armor
[7/3/14, 8:01:48 PM]  And death is coming, but so is this mig coming to pull her out of the snow and wrap her in mechadendrites
[7/3/14, 8:04:10 PM] Not quiet a knight, this rescue comes at a price
[7/3/14, 8:04:35 PM] Han: *nod nod*
[7/3/14, 8:06:22 PM] Remember how I told you that machine people have their own morality ?

[7/3/14, 8:07:07 PM] : This is kind of a molestation seduction scenario where a male Swoops in and claims “this is mine”
[7/3/14, 8:07:32 PM] Han: “Hey, I can save you, If.” kind of thing?
[7/3/14, 8:07:41 PM]  Yep
[7/3/14, 8:09:10 PM] Han: cheeky. she had no choice but to accept, or perish in the snow.
[7/3/14, 8:09:21 PM] He wouldn’t let her die, but he also won’t take no for an answer
[7/3/14, 8:10:06 PM]  And like some young dragon hungers to take her back and fuck her over his large pile of gold coins

[7/3/14, 8:12:47 PM] The dire machines they wait, they study, they hunt their potential mates for months., bank accounts, medical records, family history, tax records, social media sites.. Does this girl have a bf? Does she “want” one?
[7/3/14, 8:13:11 PM]  Her secrets.,
[7/3/14, 8:13:30 PM] Han: well lucky dire machines that can get a cell signal out in the canadian mountains XD
[7/3/14, 8:14:04 PM]  she’s from a local small town lol . They have phones there
[7/3/14, 8:15:45 PM] Anyway all this leading up to the moment where the machine caresses her ice cold body with warm manipulators and whispers a growl into her ear to “open her legs”
[7/3/14, 8:17:55 PM] Han: she was reluctant I’d guess
[7/3/14, 8:18:18 PM] He thinks deep down, almost desperately, that if he could give her great pleasure she would be more receptive to his wishes
[7/3/14, 8:20:16 PM] Han: well he’s on a close track of thought
[7/3/14, 8:20:39 PM]  Like “I’m incredibly strong, I’m very powerful, I’m warm, and I can make you feel good deep down in the core of your bones.. Please choose me..”
[7/3/14, 8:21:23 PM] Han: seeing the present. she chose him then
[7/3/14, 8:21:52 PM]  He speaks with a low voice trailing in a predatory growl., a thick Russian accent
[7/3/14, 8:22:44 PM] Han: how sensual~ though for the female she must not have been super impressed, her life was on the line

[7/3/14, 8:29:01 PM]  I think the woman was willing to do anything she could to get warm
[7/3/14, 8:30:46 PM]  This mig moved incredibly fast though, and he was already between her legs and deep inside her before he offered her “what humans call hot soup?”
[7/3/14, 8:31:09 PM]  I think since he’s Russian he calls all soup borscht
[7/3/14, 8:33:01 PM]  “:growls: We maek laove, you get warm, Iz Liek date. :toothy grin;;”

[7/3/14, 8:42:37 PM]  the fighter jet is caught up in the moment.. His body terribly excited almost the point of breathing hard through his intakes like Grace was
[7/3/14, 8:43:00 PM]  the first physical contact he’s ever had
[7/3/14, 8:43:31 PM] Han: Mmm~ his sensors must have been going wild by then.
[7/3/14, 8:43:54 PM]  Every thrust he listens close for a moan, and indication of enjoyment, anything..
[7/3/14, 8:44:41 PM]  Warming her up with thick dripping Precum oozing out of her
[7/3/14, 8:45:08 PM] Han: <3 I know what that’s like..
[7/3/14, 8:47:39 PM]  Many humans would call this rape.., but Dire machines don’t have a word or meaning behind this.. It’s just choosing your mate with haste
[7/3/14, 8:48:06 PM]  They don’t do things for reasons of lust
[7/3/14, 8:49:08 PM]  They do lustfull actions for reasons of maximum satisfactions.., but they don’t really know lust in the same sense
[7/3/14, 8:49:27 PM]  There’s too many reasons behind everything

[7/3/14, 8:50:54 PM] Han: each reason to their own
[7/3/14, 8:52:03 PM] : The girl becomes more lucid, her belly full of mig Precum and more and more being oozed inside while he holds her 3 feet off the ground in his tendrils
[7/3/14, 8:52:38 PM] Han: off the frozen ground.
[7/3/14, 8:54:05 PM]  Finally she moans. His engine races and he growls with a huge smile “I maek you feel good yes? Feels good?”
[7/3/14, 8:56:03 PM] Han: they are mated for life
[7/3/14, 8:56:45 PM]  You get the feeling he’s deeply in love.. Everything she does makes his cock swell inside her and he fucks her slower till he can hear her moan again
[7/3/14, 8:58:25 PM]  Pressing her thighs up and around his warm airframe , pressing her breasts against his chest, he could almost cry.. It feels soo good
[7/3/14, 8:59:06 PM] Han: eyes right on the verge of rolling back into his head
[7/3/14, 8:59:12 PM] He utters something’s in Russian she can’t understand
[7/3/14, 9:03:21 PM] Han: Cuz he’s Russian like that.
[7/3/14, 9:03:31 PM] Han: Always muttering something
[7/3/14, 9:05:34 PM]  “I hev saved you from cold, now I will maek us cum together” :he growls and smiles and slides her back and forth against him.
[7/3/14, 9:06:20 PM]  He’s just about drooling between each Russian word unable to contain himself
[7/3/14, 9:07:09 PM] Han: *chuckles* the big Russian bird, brought to his gear by sex

[7/3/14, 9:11:54 PM]  every thrust inside her, he’s mapping out her nerve endings and spots for stimulation. His dendrites snaking up her back looking for zones of sensitivity
[7/3/14, 9:12:19 PM] Han: He could at least move her as well to a more secure location. like a cave
[7/3/14, 9:12:29 PM] Han: while still sexing and feeling her up. mapping her
[7/3/14, 9:13:27 PM]  Lol he has no shame
[7/3/14, 9:13:48 PM]  He’s a bit of a monster

[7/3/14, 9:21:06 PM]  Despite the fact this young woman has been molested , he can tell that she like what she feels
[7/3/14, 9:21:25 PM]  And this war bird too would love to be a daddy
[7/3/14, 9:21:38 PM] Han: well. its not molestation if both parties enjoyed it~
[7/3/14, 9:23:37 PM]  Finally she cums even if a bit Weakly , the mig ( Duke Mikhail )
[7/3/14, 9:25:39 PM]  He arches his air frame and fucking screams . Driving his nose cone into the snow and tree stumps writhing and cumming powerfully . All you can hear is him and his engine screaming
[7/3/14, 9:26:02 PM] Dears and wolves and birds get the fuck away from them

[7/3/14, 9:29:05 PM]  When he regains his composure you can see a huge mig shaped indentation in the snow from all the heat he gave off
[7/3/14, 9:29:20 PM] Han: *fans himself* oh my.
[7/3/14, 9:30:18 PM] He cranes his neck over to see her face, to look into her eyes and come face to face with what he had done to her
[7/3/14, 9:30:39 PM]  She’s still suspended off the ground And he’s got slush dripping down his face from going head first into a snow bank
[7/3/14, 9:32:06 PM] Han: Yeah. he’s still so romantic.
[7/3/14, 9:32:36 PM]  “I maek you happy nyet?”
[7/3/14, 9:35:36 PM]  It’s very dark, she can’t see his nose very well even though he sees her just fine . He could slide her up his belly but he’s throbbing inside her, holding some of his this jet load inside her . She’s still so tight and throbbing around him too.. He fucking loathes to move her.,
[7/3/14, 9:36:44 PM] Han: not wanting to break that little bond there
[7/3/14, 9:38:25 PM]  She utters to his surprise and joy, “t-thank you mr. Jet. For saving me me – that felt, really good. She turns her head in shame
[7/3/14, 9:38:43 PM] Han: she loves it. *giggles with a grin*
[7/3/14, 9:41:44 PM] :without another word one of his tendrils grabs her chin, and he slides her whole body up his air frame to his face. His throbbing machine cock burning and unhappy from the sudden introduction to the cold. he pushes her lips open and pushes his Russian mig tongue into her mouth and tongue-fucks her for a few seconds
[7/3/14, 9:43:00 PM] Han: *watches from his ghost vantage point* I never knew we could see into the past.
[7/3/14, 9:44:27 PM] Scene changes and she’s half naked in a hangar somewhere next to a trash can fire with a blanket over her and a mug of hot soup. He’s growling and laughing and telling stories of his 3 thousand mile flight. “I hev even faught bear with my tail! Iz good!” Jyahaha~
[7/3/14, 9:45:49 PM] “I waz caerfull not to use mizzile tho!”
[7/3/14, 9:46:28 PM] Han: *”Well that missile would have ended badly”*
[7/3/14, 9:47:28 PM]  she’s not gonna be able to get rid of this guy xD
[7/3/14, 9:47:52 PM] Han: never now.
[7/3/14, 9:47:55 PM] Han: He knows her scent.
[7/3/14, 9:48:48 PM]  Russians are like wolves, they totally love their reputation as being bad guys not to be messed with
[7/3/14, 9:49:15 PM]  And this mig is growley and full of toothy smiles
[7/3/14, 9:51:35 PM] “Russian mig iz smart! Soup full of carbs, make female sleepy, can give good pleazures again soon.” >; ]
[7/3/14, 9:51:46 PM] Han: Toothy smiles can get a mig into any club I hear

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