The lodge of skunkworks

brothers* This is part of the Prince Tomcat AU story line.

I don’t think Ive ever discussed the prince tomcat story line on this website. If you guys want me to discuss it I will.

ratbat001: btw
ratbat001: my blackbird fantasy just resolved itself
ratbat001: the 2 big males.. the ones competing for this young woman’s love
ratbat001: the younger jet had deined to lay near the girl who was laying naked spread atop a huge white puffy blanket
ratbat001: she was horny and mulling over the irony of her short time in this new world. how she had grown attracted to two males who wern’t even remotely human
ratbat001: “was she a bad person?” “should she think this way?” “is something wrong with me?”
ratbat001: at some point she would have to choose between the two. Both were extremely loving, attentive gentlemen. despite what they were.
ratbat001: It was hard to tell the difference between them. they didn’t wear any kind of paint indication between them of difference(Maybe just the tail numbers). just that the deep blue “eyes” of one of them was slightly different then the other
ratbat001: both voices while soft spoken and deep had slight differences. The younger of the 2 planes had a slightly less deep voice.
ratbat001: each secretly confided in her their thoughts and inner pains. their joys and experiences of the world.

ratbat001: But the younger brother’s “heart” grew heavier and heavier as time went on.
ratbat001: he was holding back.. his feelings that is. trying not to beg. trying to be fair to his older brother. whom would always say. “My chances are 50/50. that’s better then any lottery I have ever participated in!”
ratbat001: The dark plane taxied over her naked body. He had noticed she was attempting to masturbate quite by accident to some thought in her head.
ratbat001: Dires don’t like it when humans masturbate.. its like stealing away their job and pleasure.
ratbat001: most coil around your hand to pull it away from yourself while they move in and replace it with their own hungry attentive steel
ratbat001: not before long, the big blackbird had coiled round her and pressed her butt and thighs against his air frame.
ratbat001: he slipped his hard thick probe inside and grit his huge grey fangs,
ratbat001: she gave an “mmm” witch excited him, and continued on more vigorous and joyful then before
ratbat001: wet slapping noise against his frame and the strange terminus of wires and bolts, and other strange mechanical anatomy that dissapeard into his core body
ratbat001: her young human hips squeezed him and he oozed hard with pre that dribbled stickally down her ass when he stroked faster.

ratbat001: for the first time, it seemed her nervousness was gone. she was truly attempting to “enjoy” him. her fingers caressed his hull. exploring his seems
ratbat001: her lips kissed his flush matte surfaces, and he moaned excitedly in his deep male voice
ratbat001: he pounded her more and more passionately, rocking his huge frame two and fro. an unnecessary gesture– his body was so big that it would never be phased by the moments of fucking her even passionately. but he did so none the less.
ratbat001: her heart rate increased. the rapid beating heart of a young child of man, something so beautiful to him- he could sense it with his bio scanners. listening to her breathing, the simple tosses and turns of her head. he knew he was getting close
ratbat001: “c-cum for me…” huff huff..
ratbat001: ;;her toes curled against his metal;;

ratbat001: mecha dendrites snaked around her hair grabbing a wad and pulling it back, yanking her head and neck back while he pressed her haunches up against him. Now she was nearly vertically upside down against his body.

ratbat001: pleasure built up in her belly, swelling up, With a rouge tendril, the young brother kneaded and focused intensely on her clit. Helpless to resist, she resolved this time to ride his hard cock completely thorough. With a sudden loud inhuman sound, the beast above spooled his port and starboard engines up with high pitched whir. he was incredibly close as well. dangerously close. the tell-tale-energy spike to the engines that all Dire folk reveal upon the cusp

ratbat001: “ghnnn!! GRGGH” his huge grey maw twitched into a look of pain teeth bared against the blanket. The two exploded with orgasm against the other.
ratbat001: but before he could finish , his moan twisted into his soft breathy beg
ratbat001: “I love you”.. “Please.. make me the one you choose.”
HerrWeidner: ;o;
ratbat001: (Dire orgasms are long, they can last a full minute while the machines drain against or into you, with all the pulsation and sudden relaxation)

ratbat001: the girl opens her eyes wide. considering his words.
ratbat001: a cold sweat races up her back.. and the pain of the decision she has to make races back into her mind.. suddenly regretting letting herself go, regretting letting herself enjoy him. she closes her eyes and bites her lip.
ratbat001: the big jet , fresh from orgasmic shutters,  spools down his engine activity. the heat pouring off of his sides like a fresh apple pie.

ratbat001: he can sense her pained expression. coiling his tendrils around her shoulders and hair, he begs again “Please choose me!”
ratbat001: for the jet, he wished to pour his heart out to her, wished to make her feel the way he felt.
ratbat001: :”Ill take care of everything! we can have many strong children, I’ll provide for them all! I’ll be a good father. You never have to worry about being cold, or hungry, ill take care of everything!”
ratbat001: the girl closes her eyes, face twisted, unable to respond.

(The truth of the mater was, this was a betrayal of her family. A betrayal of her father who gave his last breath to make sure she had a spot in that old government cryo tube 120 years ago. She was supposed to carry her fathers legacy into this weird future..Fucking find a human boy and restart humanity! But just as the blackbirds were derelict in their own duty, now she was equally to blame. Looking down at her greying fingers she lamented, her young pussy quivering around the dark black steel still buried inside: And then suddenly, the older brother taxis in. he lowers himself down on his forward landing gear and brings his face closer to his brothers face.
ratbat001: he looks at his brother with his spooling/panting intakes and engines, and senses the sweating young girl underneath
ratbat001: and he soothe-says them both.
ratbat001: “you two.. I have made my decision. I love you, and I love my brother. but because I love my brother, and because I can sense his pain, I know he needs you more then I do.”
ratbat001: “Please love my brother.”
ratbat001: you hear this tiny voice from under the dark hull whimper “I-im sorry.”
ratbat001: The older brother smiles and lays his muzzle on the white pad whispering under his brother. “Please don’t be. This is important for the both of you.”
ratbat001: “I’ll get my chance when another child of man appears.”

Notes: I was driving home from the movies and on my way home I realized that technically all is not lost for humans in the Prince Tomcat side story. The twin brothers (A small part of a larger group) would have quickly come to the realization that as long as they can find 11 viable “children of man” they could enact a rule that makes it mandatory for genetically untouched humans to donate half of their eggs, and samples of their sperm so the machines could develop viable replacements for humans lost to machine corruption. This operation could be done before a couple expects to form the bond and thus, you could have a 1 to 1, or 1 to 2 ratio replacement. This only makes sense since being that the world is greatly steeped in advanced technology the machines continued to develop after the humans mostly died out.


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  1. Theunknownjester says:

    Wonderful! i know you where scheptical of uploading it here as you didnt htink people would fine it a good read, but so far as i can say it was an amazing read!

    looking forwards to more like this/Prince tomcat stories 😀

  2. Ratbat, you would have to page by page to share stories, so it would be easier to navigate the site.)

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