The Metal Rose of Texas

Ships! Big floaty girls! In this case, a dreadnaught! Simply mentioning her name makes anyone from a specific state rock hard, pride and yee-haw fill the air, and that name is Texas. Oh yes, it’s her. It’s time I show some American sweethearts some love. I’ve been tinkering with this for a long while, and I may tinker with it some more, too. Who knows?  Well, nonetheless, here she is!

She’s the sweetest little rosebud, That Texas ever knew,
Her eyes are bright as diamonds, They sparkle like the dew;
You may talk about your Clementine, And sing of Rosalee,
But the Metal Rose of Texas, Is the only gal for me!


The Metal Rose of Texas

Tex picked up the blooming yellow flower and admired it, she had acquired many of them already and when her pleasant inspection of the little precious thing deemed it worth keeping she tucked it into a vase of similar flowers. She kept them on the ‘sill’ of her port bridge wing. On the vase was a note reading:

“From your secret admirer, please enjoy your collection of flowers that pale in comparison to your beauty.”

On the reverse side it reads “Know I care” and this placard and bouquet of flowers will pick her feelings up when she’s feeling down. The Hurricanes that Texas has withered the past few years have taken a toll on the seasoned veteran. Iron and steel sides as thick as Bibles can only do so much in the face of Mother Nature and Father Time’s wrath. Her body is old and decrepit, she leaks in various places from stem to stern, and above the waterline while her paint is crisp and fresh, it covers rust, holes, and age. Many teams have tried to keep her healthy, but a mix of politics and funding deficiencies have left her to rot away. Through all of these hardships, these examples of a poor life state rides a happy and loving Texas, filled with optimism and compassion. She did this through her many families, the many children she’s raised, and the many people she’s met. She doesn’t usually go on long without companionship, the longest stint she was alone was five years, but since her last husband passed away in 2011, she hasn’t met anyone to wed since. It has taken a toll on her emotionally, she’s affixed herself more to her born family and the crew she cherishes and loves as family.  She values their volunteering very much, their efforts to keep her in good shape are not unnoticed nor unthankful. She loves the visitors and never hesitates to engage them with old stories or chit-chat. As for her birth family they have all moved away and started families of their own. They visit when they can get the money to come down.

She wishes she could track whoever is leaving these flowers at the base of her conning tower. She wasn’t focusing when the obvious vase was delivered, that was the start and came with three flowers. Age had blunted her awareness, she’s tried to focus on the people around her tower to feel their movements but the flowers are too light and the culprit is too smooth. She wishes that he’d show himself already.

She was admiring the bouquet of flowers and heard rushed and heavy feet flying up the ladder leading up to the bridge platform. As the man reached the top of the ladder he exhaled a weary grunt and turned to face the wind, closing his eyes and lifting his arms to let the wind wrap around his body to whisk away the heat from his body. He dropped his arms and walked over to the wing where Tex had the flowers, he leaned on the half wall and looked at the pretty flowers. His tanned skin gleamed in the sun, the sweat making him sparkle, his Brown hair was scuffed up from wearing headgear for the past few hours. His coveralls were covered in soot, rust dust, and paint. His boots were worn and scuffed up from a light tan to a deep brown. He wore his coveralls at “half-mast” where the top was around his waist with the arm flaps tied neatly in a square knot centered on his belt buckle. The knot would make even the saltiest chief proud. Under the coveralls, he wore an Under-Armor shirt renown for its extra absorption and breathing qualities. His face was young and clean with a smooth jawline and strong chin. His Brown eyes glazed over the flowers and shifted to Texas where he greeted her.

“Afternoon, Tex, did you get another flower?”

“Afternoon, Lance, and yes I did get another flower.” She pointed to the exact flower she got that day, all the flowers are the same and yet she knows when she got each flower. Many things of hers have dulled, but her memory has never faded. She looks over to him and instantly notes his filth. “You’re filthy already! What’re y’all doing down there?”

“Ah!” He waves off into the distance dismissively, “the usual thing, grinding, cleaning, and painting your metal. Today we’re close to the, uh- the bilge tanks. Aft.”

“Y’all got all the way down there?”

“Nah, last night we stopped under the mess decks, we just moved further aft so more renovations could be done.” He looked at the flowers and smiled. “How’s your day been?”

“I’m doing much better since I got the flower, that boosted my mood up. I was feeling a bit lonely this morning.” His smile grew wider. “Oh I hope he shows himself soon!”


“So I can thank him, these little things pick me up every time he drops them off.”

“That’s probably why he does it, ya know.” He looks out to the city not too far away and pulls out a Yeti mug from his back pocket. “I don’t think he’s ready yet. Probably won’t be for a while.”

“But why!? I’m so approachable, I’m always nice and up to talk. I’m sure he’s talked to me, I’ve talked to everyone. He knows I’m approachable.”

“I’m sure you have talked to him, many times I’m sure.” He took a swig of sweet tea from his mug and commented on how cold it still was. “I think he doesn’t know how to talk to you, how to take it from here.” He took another swig from his mug.

“He should personally give me a flower and talk to me. We don’t have to talk about romance, we should talk like this. He should come and talk to me every day. Things will progress naturally. He doesn’t have to move or rush things along.” She looked over at Lance, he was listening attentively. He’s always been a good listener. “Speaking of progressing, how’re you and that girl doing?” Lance furrowed his face.

“Uh, well, we talk regularly. I just can’t seem to get her alone, her schedule is very strict and she doesn’t move from it.”

“You’ve gotta show her that you’re willing to put her first, ask her when she’s free, where she can go and what she can do. She’ll like that.” He nodded.

“Alright, thanks Tex. I’ll try that next time I see her.” He took a gulp of his tea and replaced the cover and mug into his pocket. He pulled out his phone and checked the time. “I gotta go get lunch. I’ll talk to you again, later.”

“Bye-bye, Lance! Have a good lunch!”

“Bye, Tex, enjoy the flowers!” He gets to the ladder and looks down it and all the other ones in his path. He groans loudly, “I don’t wanna go down all these ladders.” Resentfully he climbs down them all and goes to get some food. He comes back in an hour and goes right back to work. He knocks on her bulkhead twice to tell her he’s back. He comes back up to the bridge that evening before he leaves for home. He’s got on new clothes, his coveralls changed out for a USS TEXAS BB-5 hoodie, faded jeans, a baseball cap, and some comfy vans shoes. He had his empty Yeti mug and car keys, in his pockets were his phone and wallet. He leisurely climbed up the ladders and meandered over to the bridge wing. He hadn’t showered yet and Tex could smell the day’s labors on him. She saw in his hair some paint chips and rust dust.

“I hope you don’t go talking to that girl like that!” She comments. “You’re very close to coming off homeless, Lance!” He smiles.

“I really try not too, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to shower and see her.” He brushed some crap out of his hair and lifted off his cap to slick it back. Replacing the cap he moved to a more open posture and asked her, “This better, Tex?” She softly chuckled.

“Better, but you still reek!” He raised an arm and turned to waft the oder more towards her.

“How’s this, then, eh?” She laughed.

“No! No, that’s not better!” She raised her hands to try blocking the smell and waving it away. Playfully she lashed out and tickled his side, his arm snapped down and he retreated.

“Ah! No! Not like this! Stop!” She broke away and he shook off his laughter. They had wide smiles and were occasionally piping up with laughter. “Anything new happen, Tex?” She scowled.

No. The only thing worth mentioning was seeing a guy get pulled over, over there.” She gestured to the highway over behind the treeline and then looked at Lance. “What about your day?”

“Oh! Where to start?” He clapped his hands together. He rolled his hands together a few times before starting. He started off by talking about the condition her body was in, what was proposed to fix it. Next, he mentioned how much they did, and then the really interesting times. The beginning of the day started with some of the temporary flooring being collapsed and needed to be rebuilt. Then it collapsed again while two guys were on it, they weren’t hurt because they had harnesses on and were already hooked up to safety lines. After lunch a grinder caught on fire and didn’t stop running, that was terrifying, and about two hours later someone ground through the last support stanchion for a wall and it fell, almost crushing two other guys. Texas was horrified, Lance agreed that this day had more accidents than all of last week.

“Well, Lance, thank you so much for all you do, sweetie! I appreciate it very, very much.”

“Ah! Don’t worry about it!” He waved his hand dismissively, “we’re proud Texans, we couldn’t let our great warship rot.”

“Either way, Lance, I’m very grateful for the work you and everyone else puts in. Goodnight, Lance, good luck with that girl.”

“Thank you, Texas, goodnight and good luck to you, too!”

With that they parted ways. Lance climbed down and left Texas, got into his Mustang and drove home. Texas watered her flowers, read a little bit more of her book, and went to sleep. She’d wake up at sunrise and would welcome aboard her crew and check her mail and E-mail. Her youngest kids were bugging her to get a smartphone, Tex said that her computer is more than enough to confuse her all day. It doesn’t really confuse her, she’s quite technology adept, she just says it does and acts like it so it irritates her kids. At around seven in the morning Lance would come aboard. He was cheery as always and knocked two times on Texas’s bulkhead to let her know he was aboard. She greeted everyone that came across her front where she could see and talk, and would wave back at people that waved at her. The day was normal, work resumed on her preservation and restoration, and visitors came and went. She was talking with a Sailor on the modern submarine named TEXAS when she felt something faint hit her deck where she usually finds the flowers. She darted all attention there just to see a portly woman hunched over to pick up the pamphlet she was carrying. She continued on with her family. Texas was disheartened. Then she saw a glimmer, the flower was already there! It’s not normally here this early, usually, it’s around 10 or 11 in the morning when the flower is found. As she picks it up she sees a placard tied to it. It reads: “Tomorrow we meet, my dearest”

Tex got excited, she was thrilled! If she wasn’t bottomed-out she’d be rocking and pitching like crazy. So much ran through her mind. She practiced what she would say, tried to make herself as welcoming as she could, she wondered if she should make some cookies, or some sweet tea. Maybe make a gift of her own for him. She couldn’t wait to tell Lance! Lance is going to get excited, too. When he does stumble up that afternoon she thrusts the card at him. He goes wide-eyed and he, too, gets excited he flips it all over looking for something and notes there’s no time on it. She notes it too. “So it’s just a waiting game, huh?”

“I’d say so,” Tex responds, “I’ve waited long enough, but I think I can wait another day. Oh-! Lance! I wanted your take on this-”


“Should I make something for him? Cookies? Tea? Steak? Chicken?”

“No, not any of the meats. We dunno when he’ll show up.”

“Oh, right, so maybe cookies and tea?”

“Gotta give him your sweet tea, it’s great.”

“Thank you, I have had over sixty years to get it right.”

“Time well spent. What cookies?”

“Either sugar or chocolate chip.”

“Mmmm, sugar.”


“Yeah, chocolate chip goes with milk.”

“I see the point, oh I’m so excited!”

“I’m really glad for you. Well,” he looked at the time on his phone, “I gotta get some food. C’ya later!” She left him with a goodbye and got to getting everything ready for making the tea and cookies. She’d actually do them at night so they’re ready by opening. She doesn’t know when he’ll show face so she has to be ready all day. Lance gets back, knocks twice, and goes back to work. That evening when he comes up she interrogates him about how he’s doing with his girl. She asked when her day off is, and Lance shrugs, no one knows. He talks about a restaurant he wants her to try sometime, then about a tennis tournament coming up, and then he went home. Even if Texas wasn’t busy with cooking she wouldn’t be able to sleep. Too much was on her mind. She made two trays of sugar cookies from scratch and she made three pictures of sweet tea. She kept the cookies and the oven just to keep them warm and kept the T and the fridge to keep that cold. The new day couldn’t come soon enough. E girly she noted every single soul to come aboard. Her smile was bigger, her teeth were whiter, her eyes more glamorous, and her mood was cheerier. Lance came on a little late with coffee stains on his clothes. Texas immediately asked him what happened, to his scare, and he explained how a car pulled out ahead of him at the intersection and Lance almost t-bone them. That spilt his coffee so he got another one and cleaned up what he could. She wished him a better day and sent him off. She performed her duties and patiently waited for him. The usual time came and went, no show, that afternoon when Lance came up he still hadn’t shown up.

“Hey, Tex, anything show up yet?”

“No,” she said with a hint of surrender. She was starting to think he might not come, “he hasn’t shown up yet.” Lance sensed her distress.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m sure he’s just waiting for the right moment.” He pointed at the vase of flowers Texas clutched in her hands. “I’m sure he’s looking to get his money’s worth outta that,” he nudged her side with his elbow playfully, “eh? Eh?” She chuckled a little.

“They always are,” she poked back, “makes birthdays easy.”

“Does it really?” He asked her, she rolled her eyes over to him lazily.

“Sometimes. Most of the time it was just a good dinner that made them happy.” She laughed a little bit. “But the after-party was always welcomed!” Lance smiled. “I mean, Mary was technically a birthday present.” That’s Tex’s third child, the middle child so far.

“For an old lady, you talk a lot like a dirty young girl.”

“Lance,” she began, “there’s not much that differs a ‘young’ lady from an ‘old’ lady. Just the ‘old and young’ description, energy, maturity, and health. If an old lady was as energetic and healthy as a young woman, men would flock to older women for better sex. The best sex.” Lance laughed. “Lucky me, I age really well in comparison.”

“You certainly did, Tex, you certainly did. Welp. I gotta go. Let me know when he shows up, okay?”

“Ok! I will! Goodbye!”

Lance left to go eat lunch, nobody came forward since he got back, and when he held too long knocks to get her attention she looked at him and frowned. That’s all he needed. He also frowned and went back to work. As the day drug on her spirits faded. Tour guides and deckhands noticed her sorrows and inquired what was wrong, she assured them it was nothing. The end of the day came and with teary eyes she watched the last visitor walk down the gangplank and go home. She clutches the vase and combed through the flowers, trying her best not to cry. She didn’t even care to acknowledge Lance as he raced up the ladder, he got to the top super excited, covered in sweat and filth he didn’t bother cleaning up yet. He wiped his brow and knocked on her bridge with his knuckles. He could barely contain his enthusiasm.

“What was he like? Does he own a flower shop or something? Where’s he from? What’s he like?” He blurted out very fast and jumped up. Her heavy eye on that side sluggishly turned to look at him. The glossed look and billowing tears gave it away. Lance’s shoulders drooped and he dipped his head. “I’m sorry, Texas.” He patted her side compassionately. Her hand met his.

“I don’t understand!” She cried out, sniffling loudly, “Why would he do this?”

“Maybe he got scared.”

“No! Please! I’m not a scary person! Please come back!” She cried out into the wind. Lance moved from her bulkhead and rested on the half-wall overlooking the bow. The sun was setting and the clouds were cast in purple light.

“Maybe he got cold feet,” he muttered under his breath, choking it out almost. He gulped loudly and shook a few times, “or maybe I just forgot the flower.” Texas froze. Her eyes dried out almost instantly and her gaze shot over to where he stood. He was looking at his hands, he sighed and looked at her.

“What?” She pleaded.

“I forgot to get more flowers, so,” he reached into his back pocket, “so I made you this.” In his hand he held up a little metal rose by the stem, it had metal wire wound tightly as the stem and there were two metal leaf petals on the stem. Atop the stem were folds of metal folded and cut to look like a rose. The spiral of metal petals was beautiful and perfect. She saw that on the leaves on the stem there was TEXAS engraved on one leaf and LANCE on the other. Her eye went back to Lance as he had a huge, genuine smile on his face. “So,” he asked, “think it’ll fit in the vase?”

“You-” she pointed at the vase and to him, “you did this?” He nodded. She was in disbelief. “But-you-the girl?”

“That was all you, the whole time.” Her lips were quivering, her eyes watered again. “Texas, I love you.” She wanted to kiss him right then and there.

“Just when I thought I have seen it all-” she snatched him up and hurtled him in front of her. “You come along and turn everything upside down.” she felt his heart racing, it erased more as she held him above turret number 2, in front of her face. “Kiss me!” He nodded enthusiastically.

She brought him to her lips and gently smooched him, she felt his tongue probing around so she extended hers, his mouth latched on to the tip of her tongue and his tongue caressed hers. His arms wrapped around or support beam right in front of him. It was a wonderful kiss that sparks their hormones. Lance completely got her, he had the wool over her eyes the whole time. She couldn’t stop thinking of him, she had to have him. Once their kiss ended and they parted she brought it up. “So when are you moving in?” His eyes widened, he was shocked, caught off guard.

“Duh-I, um-”

“Can you move in this weekend?”


“Stay the night?”

“I kinda-”

“At least dinner? I’ll make dinner!”

“Yes.” He finally found the answer she was looking for. Lance had never seen her this happy. She even made a high pitched ‘eeee’ sound. Lance was very satisfied, all his hard work and perseverance paid off, the joy he felt from Texas was overwhelming, she was a beacon of joy. It seemed everyone’s spirits lifted with hers, as she brought him in close to her and squeezed him against her body he smiled. They sense the long future ahead of them. She didn’t care how dirty he was, she rushed him inside and guided him to her ‘house.’ It was once an Admiral’s sea cabin, but when she was first married the Navy gave these compartments to her for her family. Lance was at a bulkhead hatch he had seen many times, he passed it everyday, actually, but almost no one on board had seen the inside. He opened the hatch and there was a small vestibule, only big enough for him to stand in, and a nice Oakwood door stained with its natural colors. He heard the very old locks clock into their open position and Tex beckoned him to open the door. He cautiously grabbed the brass ball handle and turned the knob. It had a bad sound to it, one of age and wear, it was rough to open but it still did its job. He cautiously swung the old, creaky door open and was taken back in time. It looks like his grandparent’s house, there was old wallpaper with the typical stripes and objects decorating it, it smelled like mothballs, the air was stale and still. He tried his very best not to cough but his body overrode his desires and he Unleashed mighty coughs from deep in his chest. Texas apologized for the state of the place, she didn’t expect the admirer to be someone so close to her, otherwise, she would have turned on the ventilation and tidied up a bit. Lance insists that it is fine. Most, if not all, of the furniture is wrapped in plastic covers, the room is illuminated by the dimming light of the sun shining through portholes on the far side bulkhead. He stepped into the room and looked around, closing the door behind him. This is obviously the living room, denoted by family photos, a couch against the wall place in front of the door, in front of that is a coffee table, then against the opposite wall is the TV cabinet and such. By the far side bulkhead is open space and some chairs, all nicely stacked. The floor is covered with thick carpet, and that is covered with dust as well. Each step he takes stirrers a cloud of dust. Behind the door to exit the house is the door to the closet, and next to that are the various switches for the lights, fans, etc. There are two doors on the bulkhead to his right, the TV wall, one at each end of the room. The one nearest the exit leads into a small dining room, the furniture again covered in plastic and tucked away. The floor here is tile, a small chandelier hangs in the center of the room, and a TV sits on a small desk in the corner to his left as he entered. To the left in the room is the kitchen, this room is lit up with light from another port hole. He can tell the walls are yellow with white highlights and the room is kept tidy and clean. She uses this kitchen often. There is a full refrigerator, a small dishwasher, a double sink, and a full oven and range set up. There’s an abundance of cabinets and the room, filled with food, materials, and Tupperware. By the awning between the kitchen and dining room is a small passage way, to his left is a door to a bedroom, center is another, and at the very end to his right is the bathroom. In the bathroom is a small bath tub-shower mix, a small sink, and an old forties era toilet, the floor is all tile. He exits the kitchen into the living room by the door near the port holes and ahead of them is, what she says, his room. Nervously he enters the room and looks around at the covered dressers and bed, the table, desk, chair, and night stands all covered in plastic. He also examines the neatly wrapped lamps and decorations. In all, the house was very pretty, but Lance was uncomfortable. And this house men have lived, loved, and died in Texas. She knows he’s uneasy. At the end of the room is the master bath, he doesn’t go in there, nor the “kids’ room,” he was surprised he got into the master bedroom itself. Lance Queens against a bulkhead, Tex extends to hands and massages his shoulders. Before he can speak she echoes in his head.

“I know it’s a little overwhelming, Lance. You’ll experience it much less often the longer we are together. If you aren’t ready to stay here I won’t force you. I’ll lodge you up in a birthing until your comfy. C’mon, sweet tea and sugar cookies are in the kitchen.” He exits the room, gently closing the door out of respect, and he went to the kitchen. The aroma of cookies makes his mouth water. Two trays of sugar cookies set on the range cooling, and Texas had poured some tea from a picture into a large bug. She handed him the tea and he drank it all. Her years of crafting has produced sweet tea that made you smile, it wasn’t grainy, but smooth, and had a pungent and chrisp tea taste. She handed him two cookies and he devoured them, crispy cookies sweet like the tea but crunched perfectly. She fed him tea and cookies and he talked about how hard it was not to spoil the beans about his whole plot. She was very impressed by it, and now that a strapping young man who was into her was inside her house, she steered things towards the bedroom again.

“How are you feeling now, Tex?” He asked her after finishing the first tray of cookies.

“Oh! I feel wonderful, Lance!” Arms coiled around him and hugged him tightly. “It’s been a very long time since I felt like this…” her arms begin to stray lower, towards his pants. Lance didn’t want this to happen yet, excited as he was, he was still very nervous.

“Uh, Tex? I was just joking about earlier, getting my money’s worth out of it… remember what you said about not rushing into things?!” A hand was between his legs and grasped his genitals.

“Mmmmmmm! That was before it was you, Lance. I was jealous of the girl you teased, I wish I could get someone like you, but getting you? I’m ecstatic!” Her hand rolled his balls around in her fingers and she massaged him through his pants. He was already growing larger. “C’mon, Lance, you know you want it~” His hands had found some of her hands to hold and he was warming up to the idea. She put two stainless steel pitchers in front of him. “But first, let me tempt you with some Texas tea…”

“W-whats that?”

“It’s a special sweet tea, with special ingredients.”

“What are they?”

“The same as the tea you’re drinking now plus one.”

“How do I get it?”

“You don’t just get it~” she spun him around and he saw her. Specifically, what makes Texas a her. “You earn it.”

He’s incredibly excited and cautious, dumbstruck by its appearance and stands there staring at it while she explores him. She has worked her way into his coveralls and was feeling his body all over. She convinced him to touch her and he reaches out and feels it with his hands. It’s soft and warm, smooth and supple he spreads it open and marvels at her beauty. It looks like a rose from the top, spirals of metallic flesh all converging onto one point, her cervix, to cushion and smother him passionately. He examines her wonders and longs to feel her on him, the thought emboldens his penis even more. She lets him take in the sight while she feels and fawns over him, once her lust is full and her corridor’s slick she gets him to take it further. They trade flowers, he takes her body-sized vagina tendril into his grasp and she takes his flower from him, his special flower was for them. She’d be sure to take very good care of it for them. She carefully peels the clothes off of him, and once she gets his boxers off his rigid cock springboards up proudly. She takes him into her hand and he moves her gingerly in front of him. Their sex was eyeing each other in great anticipation of the wonders to come. This time Lance takes the next step and leans in, bracing himself on her vaginal tendril. As he penetrates her he can feel her all around him shuddering. Her body is wonderful, so hot, humid, wet, and soft. Together they moan, her moan was a deep and powerful one, fueled by decades of pent up lust and suppressed desires. The only two around at this time was her and him so her moan was aloud and it echoed through her passageways powerfully. Lance’s moan was more of victory, all those wild dreams were no longer just dreams to enjoy, but now are inspirations to attempt. Together they thought of all they could do together, and being a Friday night with no work in the morning, there was no bedtime, no appointments, no chores, no restraints. Texas was going to get his first time with her to be all night. What excited her the most was that Lance was young and energetic, there’s no telling how much fun they can have tonight. One thing she didn’t notice was how thirsty Lance was, sure for sweet tea, but his sexual thirst has no rival. Amidst their moaning, recouping, and day-dreaming Tex heard Lance command his voice in a way she had never heard before, a tone of voice that fuelled her lustful, sexual drive and made her drool at both mouth and vagina.

“Texas!” He bellowed loudly, halting her moaning. “Get more pitchers! It’s about to flood in here!” She gripped his rock hard cock with her muscles and braced herself, she was ready, so, so ready for this! He began his exercise and the fun began. His inexperience showed at his measly performance but Tex wasn’t disappointed at all. She actually enjoyed his inexperience, teaching him how to sex her is going to be great! For now, however, she’ll let him have his fun. His strokes were awkward and slow at first, eventually, he found a rhythm and began to shine. His pumps came in like clockwork and before he knew it Texas was moaning, leaking, and humping back. Her vagina gripped him and pressured him in measured spots so that they were rubbing G-spots together, they were moaning and yelping and grabbing at each other feverishly, the temperature inside both Texas’s vagina and her hull was rising. Lance was sweating and watching his cock play peek-a-boo with her vagina, the steady slapping and moans jolting in pitch was music to his ears! She egged him on and begged him for more! She started chanting how close she was and he followed soon after. 

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Was his cue to bail. He pulled out quickly and moved the metal pitcher under her vagina, he rubbed the large and shiny bulbous clit until she was screaming and quivering. A jet of silver juice shot out of her vagina. He noticed the same slimy fun goop on his cock, ooh it felt good on his cock! Instinctively while he watched her cumming his crotched moved towards her vagina, wanting to put his cock right back into the spray and fuck her while she cums, but he held off, he wants that tea. The last little bits of her orgasm are squeezed out into the pitcher and Lance slides right back in. “That’s what I’m talking about! Give it to me, baby!”

“Fuck yeah, Tex! I’m so fucking hard right now!” He gets back into his motions and moans away while she whimpers. “Oh you’re so much tighter!”

“Yeah! Fuck me with that hard dick!” he wasn’t going to last that long here, he started feeling his climax approaching and tried to hold it off. His cock tensed up and twitched, signalling to Tex that he was close. She remembered that she forgot to tell Lance he doesn’t have to pull out. She wrapped arms around him and felt his muscles work, which made her even hornier, but she was waiting to hold him balls deep inside her when he cums. Oh she’s so excited to feel semen inside her again! She carefully listens to his moans escalate in pitch and volume.

“Tex! I’m cumming! I-ah!” He goes to pull out but he’s met with a wall of resistance, he panics but it’s too late. Tex buried his cock inside her and her muscles milked the semen out of him. He shot his wad deep into her, it was a large one, too. It made Texas scree with pleasure. He couldn’t help but enjoy his nut, it felt like this nut was the biggest he’s ever had and lasted the longest ever. He enjoyed feeling Tex’s soft vagina stroking and massaging his cock while he came, likely the cause for the extended orgasm. Her arms eased him over her vaginal tendril and massaged his body, too. As soon as his orgasm had finished he felt a wave of exhaustion and lust hit him, but he remembers that he’s going bareback on her and panics, she noticed his dispair.

“It’s fine, Lance, it’s fine. You can’t knock me up like that.” She brushed his hair with a hand, running her fingers through his thick waves. She sensed he was still panicked but also confused. “Your sperm have to reach my eggs, right? Well they can’t, my cervix is so tight it doesn’t let anything in. You have to physically penetrate it to let sperm in. Unless we do that, you can cum wherever you want, baby.” He was relieved, intrigued, and sexually excited.

“So no toaster strudel?” Texas laughed, remembering the meme he showed her.

“No baby, all Twinkies.” Her vagina stroked his member back to life as she massaged his testicles. “And we have a lot of orders to fill.”

“Best we get back to it, then!” He went to start humping her again but she held him tight.

“Hold on, baby, this Twinkie’s full for now, we have many more Twinkies to fill.” Lance was a bag of mixed thoughts, now. “There’s nobody else aboard, throw on some shoes and follow my lead.”

He did as he was told, she took him to the bridge where he fucked a tendril there, then she took him to the base of the conning tower where he fucked her there, then she took him down to one of the furnaces to fuck her there, then down in her engine room, and that was where he was burnt out. He was dried up, exhausted, sore, but very warm inside her bowels. She was able to get him back to the ‘house’ where she laid him down on the cushiony couch. She integrated herself with him to link their minds, and they kept it up through there, too. Every vagina had its own feel to it, none of them felt the same, it’s amazing. For Lance, though, the mind games were the best. Once he got the hang of existing in the new mental world he grew as big as her, latched on to her, and pummeled the vagina between her propellers. He had the most fun with this, grabbing onto whatever he could, pressing himself against her hot belly, hearing her excited and pleasurable moans and yelps, wrapping himself up in her propeller shafts and rudders. Another great bit was that he was making her shudder and flex on both her mental model and real life, like a Ditto or Deja Vu effect he felt the same shudder in first the mental model and then in his body. It’s an incredible feeling. He felt so powerful like this, he got all up in her until they came, and then he rolled her over and hit her from another angle. She wasn’t trying any fancy moves on him, no practiced and calculated gripping or stroking, just an all-natural pounding. She let him have his fun and relaxed to enjoy each of his blows. She was drooling and half brain dead through the night. She would be sore in the morning, loopy from getting her brains fucked out, and very happy. She was the happiest she had been in nearly a decade, and all-day all she could think of was how hard he was going to fuck her that night, too.

In the morning Texas gathered the three buckets of her cum that Lance worked out of her and started making pitchers of tea for him. She massaged him while he slept and cleaned him up as best as she could. She had the air running, kicked on the water heater and turned on the plumbing so she could bathe him in her tub and feel on his body more. She really wanted him, he was such a sweetheart, kind, and funny. The night proved to her he had some lust for her, too, and that he was energetic and willing to go for the long haul. She remembered his favorite breakfast and started cooking it up until she realized she didn’t have all the ingredients. Defeated she did what she could and woke him up when breakfast was done and the tea was ready. She brought him a folding tray of food and a glass of her Texas Tea for him to enjoy.

“Here you go, deary, I made you some breakfast and that glass of Texas Tea you earned. Chow down, baby.”

“Thanks, Tex, it looks great!” He sat up and watched her arms wrap around his body and hold him. He was still trying to get used to it all, but he enjoyed being with her very much, he hoped he would come to love this. He took his fork and knife and dug in, noticing how good of a cook Texas was. He complimented her on her cooking, she brushed it off and asked him to try the tea. That is what excited her the most. Lance carefully inspected the drink, noting it looked thicker and darker than normal with a sheen that resembled oils on the surface. He hesitated but realized it was probably already in his system by then so he took a sip. It’s sweet as all get out, but it also tastes like nickels and dimes a bit. It has a twisted tang to it that was alluring and enticing. He could get addicted to this. “Tex this is amazing. I can’t wait to make more.” Texas smiled and blushed, she was happy nobody was around at the time.

“Thanks, baby! It means a lot to me! I’m always down to make more, baby. You don’t have to be so upright, dear, relax. This is your home, now, too. I am your home now. Make yourself at home, baby.” He was hesitant, Texas would constantly work down his fortitude over time.

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked between gulps. She squeezed him and gently shook him.

“Oh Lance I’m so happy! I feel great! I think you were just what I needed, baby. I hope the kids take a liking to you like I do.” That reminded Lance that she already had families and made him feel like he was trespassing again. She noticed his discomfort and stroked his hair, playing with his thick waves. “Don’t worry about them, dear, they’ve moved on, even asked me to find someone like you. We’ll renovate the place, make it ours, Lance.” He was still worked up, she’ll have to widdle that down, too. He finished his breakfast and asked for more tea once he finished the first glass. She poured him another and eagerly egged him on to drink more. “I can even spice it up, if you’d like. Whiskey, gin, rum, they all work nicely with it.”

“That sounds great, I’ll have to try it sometime.” She could feel his tension, there was something on his mind.

“What’re you thinking about, baby?”

“Was I good?” She smiled, she had guessed correctly. “Was I bad? Was I good enough?”

“I know you like the truth, dear, you’re not the best, but you were much better than I thought you would be. I’m very pleased with how good you are, I’m very excited to teach you and make it perfect, but enjoy the journey, baby. I’ll make it worth the ride for you.” She playfully grabbed his package and squeezed gently, spiking a little sexual excitement. “So, mind if we bathe you?”

“Do I smell bad? I didn’t mess up the couch, did I?” He looked down at himself and the couch he slept on. She chuckled softly.

“No, no, Lance, I just want to play with your body more.”

“Oh really?” He smirked, she hooked a finger into his mouth where his lips parted.

“Oh yes, baby, I love hot, wet, muscular men! It gets me really going!” Her passionate stroking and sexual undertone got him going, too.

“Well, I could use a little company, I guess. I won’t be let down and showering alone, will I?” She giggled.

“Oh no, baby, I’m already waiting for a big strong man to come to the bath with me, you won’t let me down will you?” They giggled as he moved the tray and stood up, proudly, both he and his mighty package. He strode to the bathroom where she had a special tendril with a special massage waiting for him under some nice, hot water.

They made love and fucked often, and their romancing brought them closer and more intimate. Texas was able to win Lance over and moved him out of his apartment and into the ‘house’ on board, shortly thereafter it was revealed that Texas and Lance were dating. Texas didn’t rush anything and they took their time, eventually getting married about two years after they started dating. Very, very shortly after they get married they have their first child, a son. Lance couldn’t be more proud.


Fin The Metal Rose of Texas


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