Sooo, i did some doodles as well as stories, stories are still in the making, and some of the pictures are little preview of the stories to come. sorry for the bad quality i dont currently have a scanner and had to use the phone camera.

The screwed up looking Abrams MBT is my interpretation of a corrupted machine in that its basically a mess of some small organic matter and just general mechanical mess using what ever it can get its hands on as something useful in preserving its self. such as reactive armor, ammunition, weaponry ect.

The second image was a little bit of practice in trying to do some realistic tanks because i hope to some day get as good at doing the drawings as RatBat is and satisfy some of my slightly more dirty fantasies visually. The AMX 50-100 is one that i have a story planned for and with any luck should have some hot garage sex between the gorgeous frenchy and her mystery lover. eventually at least.

The next one is basically a VTOL c-130 with twin 20mm cannons on the front and back to help wave off interceptors and to act as a little extra fire power against ground units, two 13mm Gatling for soft targets, 40mm auto-cannons and a 120mm howitzer for the big fireworks.

The snake lady is another story i am working on, machine assassin from some enchantment civilization on a distant planet, don’t have a name for her and am still in the process of finishing that particular drawing… that let arm ARGH!

and last bot not least! a giant space ship which has a story currently in the works, and is probably going to be tied in with the above picture of -insert creative name here- and kane the little dude about to get stabbed. should be fun to do and might give me a consistent thing to be working on as i, hope, to have multiple parts to it.

And with that i think i will leave all of this here, hope you guys enjoy and a final note: Theunknownjester has leveled up! -insert level up music here-

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13 Responses to “doodles!”
  1. Gingyflame says:

    You’re a father now? The end hint is.., controversial, for my head voices. Good drawings, too, might I add. The VTOLC-130 not only looks a helluvalot like a C-18 star lifter from Supreme Commander 2 but also has ruined the running cadence! “C-130 rollin’ down the strip! Airborne Ranger gonna take a little trip!” It just doesn’t work no more and now I is sad.., that was my favorite. *sniffles* “Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door. Jump on out and count to four..,”

  2. oh no sorry i should have written that differently, i have yet to find some to do that kind of thing with, but i am a year older.
    Yea i guess it does look fairly similar. eh the C-130 is still around and probably will be around for a while, so i am sure you dont have anything to worry about. i just thought the idea looked cool and put it down on paper is all.

    Thanks for the feed back!

  3. Gingyflame says:

    Oh, happy birthday Jester.

  4. Ratbat says:

    Oh hey! you made good on your promise to post your doodles. Good goood.
    In looking at what your art is generally gives me an idea that you are very much into machines, machine mutants, space ships, cyborgs, and powered armor. all of which im into as well. Especially the part about the corrupted machines bit. The row of shells in the spine make it look like vertibre too. Im suprised you didnt finish the rest of the tanks to go with those turrets tho, what happened? got bored?

  5. Yea, and pretty much, i love drawing mechanical things, mostly because its easier to draw something blocky and more robotic then smooth curvy and organic but yea. The row of shells where kinda there to give it a more agressive/beastly spine and also sense most of the turret has been sheared off i figured it would be a cool place for munitions storage as well.
    it wasnt really bored, it was more of knowing that i would beat my self into a pulp trying to draw the rest of the tank and i wanted to get two of them on the paper with out having overlap…also i cant really draw circles, or wheels, they often times look like eggs and generally not of the same size.
    also thanks for the feed back!

  6. Gingyflame says:

    You know.., I want to draw out my starship.., I have her built in a model but not drawn out. I could give yall some over all dimensions if yall want. I warn you, though, they may seem outrageous but I have thought the ship design thoroughly and heavily.

  7. hmmm it would be interesting to see it and i am pretty sure most dimensions wouldn’t be considered outrageous, especially in comparison to some of the ships that exist in games/movies/shows, i mean if you want to have something obsurde to compare it to, the last battle in gurren lagann -awesome show!-

  8. Gingyflame says:

    She is 20 Kilometers long, 6.67 Kilometers wide, and 3 Kilometers tall. She’s a big girl, ain’t she?

  9. Mhmm nice and big, though who ever shes screwing probably has a couple years of kissing to to get every inch of here in sweet loving.

  10. Gingyflame says:

    Yeah, it’ll be a good project for him, though, and a lovely one at that.

  11. Mhmm, lots of loving spread all over lots of ship.

  12. ? says:

    the snake thing looks like a viper from XCOM 2

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