An Awkward position: War thunder porn story 2


1428900543_admiralstarnight_wt2KV-1 x Spitfire


The KV-1 ZiS-5 sighed. Her name, what she called herself, was Aura. She was owned by no person, rather an AI. During player events they had scripted places to and where to shoot. When they had a break though, during server upgrades, or just plain having a break, they were just like any living creature. They often would load a map and do races, or all out battles to the death until there was one AI left standing. AI aircraft would watch them, sometimes bombing or strafing while they fought up in the air. This map had been a free for all, seeing who could last the longest. Aura had not been on this map in a while and had slid down a rock cliff and flipped onto her side. Even worse she had been trapped by the rocks at the bottom making it impossible for her to move. So she just had to wait for the match to end in 67 minutes. (Yeah AI tanks are better than you think, the long matches are great for devising plans of attack and such.) Of course given the type of match this one no one dared risk trying to help her or kill her for fear of getting stuck themselves. She huffed her mechanical tendrils trying and failing to push her off the rocks. This was just perfect. Stuck here for the next hour doing nothing.

She stared hard at the rock in front of her, wishing for laser vision or something similar so she could get herself unstuck. She perked up as she heard an aircraft fly over, hoping it would kill her and she was disappointed when it didn’t. To her surprise, she heard the same engine come back and land. The land just beyond the rocks was flat enough it could be driven/landed on… if only she had gotten there. “Well, well what have we here?” A British accent male voice said and Aura rolled her eyes. Great. “Go back into the battle Oliver.” Aura replied. Oliver the Spitfire Mk IIa chuckled, she could practically visualize his tan and green camouflage and that smug look on his face.

The two had always been a bit… at each other per say. They rarely played rounds together but when it happened Oliver ALWAYS strafed her and she would always try to shoot him down in kind. When he wasn’t doing that, taunting was the next best thing, always making jabs about her country and ‘the glorious motherland’ and such. It got old fast and Aura had little patience for the fighter. “Oh but I couldn’t just… leave you here all by yourself.” He said, his eyes trailing up and down her vulnerable form. He could shoot her now and he’d get another point in his favor. Easy pickings. But he had a different idea. He rolled a bit closer. “Oh yes you could.” Aura growled at him, unable to turn her turret to even try and look at him, but he was making her acutely nervous this close with her underside exposed to him. All tanks hated to have their undersides exposed. It was their weakest part, never meant to be show in battle to others. Not to mention that was where her synth port. She wasn’t horny at all but still it wasn’t like she had anything blocking it at the moment. Oliver didn’t reply as he extended his mechadendrites and ran them along the tred that was up in the air. “What are you doing?” She questioned harshly squirming to try and get a better look only fro the game to inform her that she had damaged her barrel, making it impossible for her to shoot without hurting herself. “Oh something I think a stuffy, old Russian like you would enjoy.” The spitfire said as one of his hand touched the underside and began trailing down towards her synth port. He heard her protest his touch, but he was determined to show this Russian female tank a good time. She always seemed to take him way too seriously. Well it was his turn to be serious as his hand paused just above her that nearly invisible slit. He traced two fingers around it, teasing it as Aura tried to squirm out of her stuck position once more. “Why are you doing this?” She asked, wondering what had made the aircraft do this. “You take me way too seriously, always working and never any fun.” He traced a finger across her slit and he smiled as he heard her gasp. “So I’m going to show you how to be serious and fun at the same time Aura.” As that British accent hit her name she felt chills run through her armored body, this was a side of Oliver she never expected, she thought the aircraft was like an annoying child up until that. Oliver grinned pressing two of his mechadendrite fingers inside her slit slowly, and pulling them back out to tease her. He repeated this a few times and by the fifth time his fingers had come back out dripping sliverish fluid. He grinned rolling a little closer thankful that this small part of the map was perfect for this.

Aura blushed, embarrassed, angry and aroused all at the same time. She didn’t ask for this but she was enjoying the attention. Being an AI she didn’t get it all that often, they were just too focused to doing their job or winning their races in the off matches they held. She gave a squeak of surprise as she felt the Spitfire’s tongue press inside her, her mechanical pussy tightening around it in a bit of shock. The aircraft didn’t seem phased and pushed his tongue in and out of her, occasionally lapping up their combined fluids as they began to drip heavily down her underside to the ground. “Oh God, don’t stop!” Aura cried and Oliver didn’t even take a second to feel satisfaction that he’d gotten her where he wanted. He thrust his tongue in deeper his propeller resting against her tracks as he complied with her request. Aura came with a loud cry managing not to fire her engine and possibly mover her track and damage the propeller of the aircraft as she came, drenching the tongue pleasuring her in her fluid which Oliver lapped up eagerly. She shivered a bit, but she was still stuck and there was still way too much time left in the match. But it seems Oliver wasn’t done. A collection of his various mechadendrites suddenly seem to appear and somehow dragged her out of her awkward stuck position onto flat ground. She was about to thank him when she say his rock hard mechanical cock underneath him. How in the world a Spitfire could manhandle a KV-1, she would never know, but next thing she knew she was dragged a bit farther from the cliff and she felt the light weight of the aircraft mounting her, his cock thrusting into her synth ports with only a tiny bit of difficulty. Aura moaned creaking slightly as the aircraft thrust hard into her. She could feel the pent up arousal, in both her and him. All those arguments, the teasing, god she knew why now, and she reached back to wrap her a couple tendrils around the base of him as he continued to thrust into her. This only seem to make the Spitfire thrust faster and she revved her engine loudly as she came. Oliver grunted, feeling her tighten around him and he couldn’t handle holding back and he came hard, his own engine firing off and causing his propeller to move in a few revolutions before. He sort of slumped on top of her, she could handle his weight easily, for a few seconds before back up and watching her turn to face him. She looked up at him and he wrung his mechanical hands together, waiting for her to shoot him for what he had done. “You better be glad I liked that you uptight British twat.” She teased and he smiled at her, not a smirk, an actual smile. “Shall I see you again sometime, KV-None?” He teased back and he flinched a little as her machine gun fired past him into the air. “If I don’t I am going to hunt you down and flip YOU over against a cliff.” She replied turning to go find the path back to the battlefield. “I’ll see you in the match Oliver!” Oliver grinned, turning and increasing his engine to full power. He wished he’d done that sooner.

Texas hold’em

TexThis picture was the product of a smoke’n hot role play session I had with cerebral a couple weeks ago. He intends to make it into a fleshed out story but until then I will post the RP that we had for your enjoyment soon.  This big guy “Tex” so named for his nose art (Texas Hold’em) befriends 3 women who become his ground service crew and they all Lust after him.



[1/2/15, 3:57:26 PM] RATBAT: it was a calm spring day on the tarmac, This place was the Littlefield military history museum’s Aerial wing and it was closed for holiday. Only technicians (machine doctors) and the machines that lived there in the compound would be sunning themselves on the tarmac. The place was far away from the freeway and from most prying eyes, but not far from the touch of the few devoted humans who volunteered themselves to the old veterans now awakened as living machines in the world
[1/2/15, 3:59:02 PM] RATBAT: The place housed 40 residents not including the tanks/trucks/half-tracks and other fighting vehicles who had free run of the other side of the long airport-like museum.
[1/2/15, 3:59:59 PM] RATBAT: everyone here , got a stipend from the government if they greed to remain as living museum pieces to educate the remainder of the human population about early technological advancements and the horrors of war.
[1/2/15, 4:01:11 PM] RATBAT: none of these machines remembered there time in that war over a hundred years ago by now.. but they were knowledgeable none the less of maintained service records and kills, miles flown, paint schemes in old photos.. the works
[1/2/15, 4:03:09 PM] RATBAT: Living and working at the museum was often boring.. that is, until someone got frisky. no one was spared the insatiable desire for physical contact, not even the old bombers who hung low on there landing gears hoping the people would give them a rubdown over sensitive wiring and panels.
[1/2/15, 4:04:48 PM] RATBAT: it was so bad sometimes the machines would beg the humans to stay the night.. watch movies with them… sleep with them.. anything to break the monotony
[1/2/15, 4:07:48 PM] RATBAT: in the breezy morning on the tarmac, an old brown B-17 sporting vintage decals raised his body up to feel the air and prepared for a wash down by a defacto “pit crew” of weekend technicians who flocked to this establishment just to be close with a living piece of history
[1/2/15, 4:10:05 PM] RATBAT: when one got close.. hed bend his frame to meet their small wonderful bodies and brush against them in some way. The girls knew he had “habits” but he was a really nice guy, so they set about encouraging his excitement with kisses and provocative body motions.
[1/2/15, 4:10:11 PM] RATBAT: mmm..
[1/2/15, 4:10:20 PM] RATBAT: (I don’t even have a name for this guy)
[1/2/15, 4:17:04 PM] CerebralError: (Tex. His nose art is of a pinup girl with two decks of cards covering her ‘modesty’ with the words Texas Hold’ Em! So, Tex for short.)
[1/2/15, 4:32:19 PM] RATBAT: (girls moaning huh yes Tex! fuck me please! yes Tex!”
[1/2/15, 4:32:28 PM] RATBAT: and him smiling
[1/2/15, 4:33:09 PM] RATBAT: (the machines aren’t modest about sex like humans are, for them.. its a natural thing even if they aren’t exactly natural)
1/2/15, 4:39:14 PM] CerebralError: (Okay, let me read over your post again. What are the names of the girls?)
[1/2/15, 4:40:00 PM] RATBAT: “April, may, and June”
[1/2/15, 4:40:01 PM] RATBAT: lol
[1/2/15, 4:40:31 PM] CerebralError: (XD Alright.)
[1/2/15, 4:41:07 PM] RATBAT: pretend they are nicknames
[1/2/15, 5:00:40 PM] CerebralError: Tex sighed pleasantly from the combination of warm sun on his broad wings and tail and the feeling of the three beautiful women that graced his old fuselage with their presence. He could feel the brushes and rags scrubbing along his old airframe, cool water trickling down onto the warm tarmac, evaporating under the sun. Every now and then one of the girls would steal a kiss along his body, April placed one along his cockpit housing as she stood on his wing. May stood on a stepladder beneath him, sneaking in a little kiss on the flat side of his chin turret. June was down by the ball turret, just behind his bomb bay. Of them all, her touches were by far the most stimulating, and made him grunt and wiggle his massive tail. “Now, ladies…” He spoke in a pleasant southern Drawl, giving his full name ‘Texas’ a bit more weight behind it. “Ahm sure y’all can’t wait to get your hands on all this, but there’s plenty a’ me to go ’round…” He growled playfully, those massive, turbo supercharged engines on his wings giving a firm cough. His whole airframe vibrated slightly, the plane shifting slightly on his landing gear, grinning as he looked out at his trio of caretakers. And they -were- his. They were only assigned to him, he’d checked that. He was also sure that they didn’t have any boyfriends or husbands on the side – he’d made a favor of one of the helicopters that still made regular flights to check up on them. These were -his- girls, and he’d treat them like he’d once treated his old crew, putting their lives ahead of his own if he had to.

[1/2/15, 5:11:37 PM] RATBAT: Between Kisses, the lovely June had glided her fingertips into his delicate crevasses. Her, like the other women.. couldn’t understand this lovely attraction to the bigger machines. Something about it still felt taboo even though Tex was legally a “man” . His big powerful body and the strum of his 4 powerful “heartbeats” vibrating through her fingertips. He was right, there was enough of him to go around, especially considering that Tex’s desire was as big as his wingspan. “I love your accent Tex, what was it like over in Houston? ” the girls made small talk and giggled whenever someone touched something they perhaps should touch even more.. The plane folk, like the other machine folk revved up their RPMs whenever excited . April was the tallest and had a little bit of muscle on her, when she stood on his tail she could lean over to meet his side gaze and gauge weather or not the scrub job was sufficient.
[1/2/15, 5:13:42 PM] RATBAT: May could barely hold back- she was the littlest of the 3 and want to put Tex in her mouth, in her body somehow.. She dripped with pheromones but kept as quiet and serious as one would expect of the beefeaters in Britain . before long soap fell upon her breasts and she rubbed her chest against his ball turret and under hull while she kissed. A sponge bath fit for a king.
[1/2/15, 5:14:29 PM] RATBAT: “I hear Bombers got a lot of women back in the old days.. the humans ..I wonder how much you would have gotten.”
[1/2/15, 5:17:20 PM] RATBAT: May was going to refill the bucket with soap but she dropped the bottle of solution and leaned over provocatively grinding her ass against his glass. One would think that deep down everyone was both excited and terrified, maybe even a little bit lonely. In the future they lived in, it was hard for anyone to find a date..
[1/2/15, 5:19:08 PM] RATBAT: June perked up from pressing her forehead against his body to feel its vibrations, “Tex lemmie.. lemmie please you.” April times in, “Yeah! tell us what you want tex, we’ll do it.”
[1/2/15, 5:21:55 PM] RATBAT: April dropped her workman’s coveralls to reveal what the old Bomber already knew- she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She looked at him seductively and he looked back. The trucks and half tracks would blow their engine blocks with jealously if they ever decided to wheel their lazy asses over her and see what was going on.
[1/2/15, 5:58:34 PM] CerebralError: Tex’s engines coughed again, one of his props blurring into near invisibility for a second, black smoke puffing from beneath the cowling, leaving stains on the freshly cleaned wing. The B-17 shuddered from his plexiglass nose to his towering tail fin as June slipped her fingers in the seam between the ball turret and his fuselage, and he was very careful to keep from moving it, not wanting to catch her fingers in there. He panted, his hot breath washing over May’s soapy breasts. Even though he couldn’t see her, he could sense her, feel her, -smell- her. The woman was practically gushing with lust, the scent driving the old bomber wild. “It was much warmer than it is here, and Ah didn’t have y’all lovly ladies to take care a’ me there…” He said, a panel opening just in front of his bomb bay, the familiar sight of flexible manipulator arms sliding out, the moving towards May, who was the closest to them. “A’course, Ah could fly y’all there…find some ol’ private runway, spend the rest a’ our lives there…” He closed his eyes and let out a hearty sigh at the thought of the girls in Daisy Dukes and bikini tops…or even less… He glanced over at April as she undressed herself on his wing, his eyes sparkling eagerly. His engines roared again, scattering dust behind him on the tarmac. “Well, y’all could start by followin’ April’s lead here…” His manipulator hands slip up to May’s shoulders, metallic fingers pinching the straps of her coveralls and tugging them off the sides of her shoulders and down her arms, letting her hefty chest come bouncing out. Down by his ball turret, another port opened just in front of it, the plane’s shaft starting to emerge. It was already dripping with excitement, silvery droplets pattering on the tarmac beneath it. Smooth and metallic at the tip, it became more mechanical near the base, almost becoming a series of pipes and wires as it disappeared inside him. “June, darlin’, would ya’ mind takin’ care of that?”

[1/2/15, 6:03:45 PM] CerebralError: (Fun fact, the B-17 was dubbed the ‘Flying Porcupine’ by the Luftwaffe because it had so many guns.)
[1/4/15, 10:03:53 PM] RATBAT: [1/2/15, 6:20:38 PM] RATBAT: ;;June didn’t skip a beat. she practically stumbled over herself to get at his most sensitive metallic parts. remembering all of those lovely pictures she had scene of him flying and bombing and his lovely southern drawl she wanted nothing more then to hear his engine sputter and roar. The old prop engine folk tend to spin there props full speed causing a gale force wind before they climaxed- it was the most exciting part and all 3 o them knew the sound would be utterly deafening. ;;she took him into her warm slick hands and felt the aliens of his heavy machine cock. the segments, the indentations and coils, the tubes.. she caressed it.. felt it.. needed it. It throbbed in her hand- all 18 inches of it. the most these girls could take was 7-8 inches, but it still felt tight and hot to ol’ Tex who passionately coiled a tendril around the back of Junes head while she palmed him. “Oh tex.. you’ve spring a hot leak. We’ve gotta do something..”
[1/2/15, 6:24:16 PM] RATBAT: May now freshly naked dragged her tongue along the underside of his wing headed to his ball turret almost shaking with joy. Tex’s tendrils where especially attentive to the “small one” and wrapped a mechadendrite or 4 under her heavy breasts to feel the softness and the weight of them. she leaned down next to June and took the B-17’s big tip into her mouth. It oozed with silvery heat and she struggled to suck and stroke him into her little mouth.
[1/2/15, 6:26:45 PM] RATBAT: ;;her hands glided up his segmented shaft as if to feed him into her lips. when she couldn’t handle it anymore she got on all fours next to June and pushes her face down on the wet tarmac with her ass in the air. ;;Junes own hand ventured down south to touch herself till tex’s own tendril coiled and pulled her fingers away from her flush bead- her clitoris. (no- that would be saved for him.)
[1/2/15, 6:27:39 PM] RATBAT: Like all machines, they didn’t like their mates to masturbate next to them. it was like ‘stealing their job away from them. their personal pleasure.
[1/2/15, 6:30:54 PM] RATBAT: April got naked without a moments thought and climbed over the bombers canopy to kiss around his eyes and mouth his rivet lines. her thighs and butt were so toned for a female, it was unusual but nevertheless Te had tasted and drank from her sweet waters many times before. the thought made his tail rudder wiggle like a dog wags his tail
[1/2/15, 6:32:22 PM] RATBAT: “I love you Tex” ;;she moaned and sucked on his armor, positively drowned out by the increasing rumbles the wily old bomber torqued up.
[1/2/15, 6:34:06 PM] RATBAT: May spread her cheeks apart and backed into Tex’s flared tip. He was so big it would take additional effort from the large machine to make things more comfortable. She was the smallest and tightest.. but her opening quivered to feel stretched around him. she moaned. “Please tex….please…”

[1/2/15, 7:02:47 PM] CerebralError: Tex groaned as June’s hands grasped his shaft, her hands instantly getting covered in the thick, silvery fluid. Both engines on his right wing were roaring away now, propellers spinning at idling speed, pressing his right tire against the pavement as it tried to push him forward. “Ah’ll have to leave it in ‘yer capable hands, June…” Tex grinned, baring his sharp teeth for a moment. While he wasn’t as nimble as one of the fighters, he was still one of the sky’s predators, and the numerous gun turrets he sported proved to give any fighter plane a run for its money if it chose to tangle with it in midair. His cock throbbed and spurted softly, spattering warmly on May’s face as she kneeled down to service him. More dendrites spooled down, wrapping around May’s breasts and thighs, a hand stroking June’s back. A plane of his size was able to produce plenty of cum, leaking down May’s chin and splattering heavily on her breasts. The bomber creaked and groaned as he felt her little tongue flicking against the tip of his shaft, and then she pulled away from him. But he knew what she was doing, and soon he felt her hips pressing against his tip, wriggling with need. Any human would find himself overwhelmed, but even at his age Tex had no problem with handling all three of them. He probably could have handled a few more, to be honest, but this way he could give loving attention to all of them, without anyone feeling left out. He snatched June’s hand away from her pussy, even as April climbed up on top of his nose, straddling him. His eyes were drawn hungrily to the slit between the toned woman’s thighs, a few more dendrites curling up from beneath the chin turret to slither up her legs.

With his wings clear, the remaining two propellers blared into motion, the old bomber straining at his brakes, also serving to press his heavy shaft against May’s tight, wet cunt. The dendrites around her legs tightened slightly, a pleasant squeeze, as two thicker hands emerged to grip her waist, pressing her back further onto his shaft. One inch, two inch, deeper and deeper. Slowly at first. Another dendrite slithered between June’s thighs, teasing the sensitive nub of her clitoris, as the hand on the back of her head pushed her face close to his shaft again.

April continued to grind herself against his cockpit, right in front of his eyes. Tex panted lewdly now, his gray tongue hanging out slightly as he picked April up with ease. He maneuvered her body down, pressing the cool glass of his nosecone between her thighs, before he swung her underneat the chin turret to his mouth. Without waiting a moment longer, he slathered his tongue between her legs, up her stomach, and to her breasts. More manipulators held her comfortably in place, as his tongue slurped back down, beneath her ass, and then plunging the tip – just as thick as his cock – into her pussy.

[1/2/15, 6:20:38 PM] RATBAT: ;;June didn’t skip a beat. she practically stumbled over herself to get at his most sensitive metallic parts. remembering all of those lovely pictures she had scene of him flying and bombing and his lovely southern drawl she wanted nothing more then to hear his engine sputter and roar. The old prop engine folk tend to spin there props full speed causing a gale force wind before they climaxed- it was the most exciting part and all 3 o them knew the sound would be utterly deafening. ;;she took him into her warm slick hands and felt the aliens of his heavy machine cock. the segments, the indentations and coils, the tubes.. she caressed it.. felt it.. needed it. It throbbed in her hand- all 18 inches of it. the most these girls could take was 7-8 inches, but it still felt tight and hot to ol’ Tex who passionately coiled a tendril around the back of junes head while she palmed him. “Oh tex.. you’ve spring a hot leak. We’ve gotta do something..”
[1/2/15, 6:24:16 PM] RATBAT: May now freshly naked dragged her tongue along the underside of his wing headed to his ball turret almost shaking with joy. Tex’s tendrils where especially attentive to the “small one” and wrapped a mechadendrite or 4 under her heavy breasts to feel the softness and the weight of them. she leaned down next to june and took the B-17’s big tip into her mouth. It oozed with silvery heat and she struggled to suck and stroke him into her little mouth.
[1/2/15, 6:26:45 PM] RATBAT: ;;her hands glided up his segmented shaft as if to feed him into her lips. when she couldn’t handle it anymore she got on all fours next to June and pushes her face down on the wet tarmac with her ass in the air. ;;Junes own hand ventured down south to touch herself till tex’s own tendril coiled and pulled her fingers away from her flush bead- her clitorus. (no- that would be saved for him.)
[1/2/15, 6:27:39 PM] RATBAT: Like all machines, they didn’t like their mates to masturbate next to them. it was like ‘stealing their job away from them. their personal pleasure.
[1/2/15, 6:30:54 PM] RATBAT: April got naked without a moments thought and climbed over the bombers cannopy to kiss around his eyes and mouth his rivet lines. her thighs and butt were so toned for a female, it was unusual but nevertheless Te had tasted and drank from her sweet waters many times before. the thought made his tail rudder wiggle like a dog wags his tail
[1/2/15, 6:32:22 PM] RATBAT: “I love you Tex” ;;she moaned and sucked on his armor, positively drowned out by the increasing rumbles the wily old bomber torqued up.
[1/2/15, 6:34:06 PM] RATBAT: May spread her cheeks apart and backed into Tex’s flared tip. He was so big it would take additional effort from the large machine to make things more comfortable. She was the smallest and tightest.. but her opening quivered to feel stretched around him. she moaned. “Please tex….please…”
[1/7/15, 9:34:15 PM] RATBAT: Tex groaned as June’s hands grasped his shaft, her hands instantly getting covered in the thick, silvery fluid. Both engines on his right wing were roaring away now, propellers spinning at idling speed, pressing his right tire against the pavement as it tried to push him forward. “Ah’ll have to leave it in ‘yer capable hands, June…” Tex grinned, baring his sharp teeth for a moment. While he wasn’t as nimble as one of the fighters, he was still one of the sky’s predators, and the numerous gun turrets he sported proved to give any fighter plane a run for its money if it chose to tangle with it in midair. His cock throbbed and spurted softly, spattering warmly on May’s face as she kneeled down to service him. More dendrites spooled down, wrapping around May’s breasts and thighs, a hand stroking June’s back. A plane of his size was able to produce plenty of cum, leaking down May’s chin and splattering heavily on her breasts. The bomber creaked and groaned as he felt her little tongue flicking against the tip of his shaft, and then she pulled away from him. But he knew what she was doing, and soon he felt her hips pressing against his tip, wriggling with need. Any human would find himself overwhelmed, but even at his age Tex had no problem with handling all three of them. He probably could have handled a few more, to be honest, but this way he could give loving attention to all of them, without anyone feeling left out. He snatched June’s hand away from her pussy, even as April climbed up on top of his nose, straddling him. His eyes were drawn hungrily to the slit between the toned woman’s thighs, a few more dendrites curling up from beneath the chin turret to slither up her legs.

With his wings clear, the remaining two propellers blared into motion, the old bomber straining at his brakes, also serving to press his heavy shaft against May’s tight, wet cunt. The dendrites around her legs tightened slightly, a pleasant squeeze, as two thicker hands emerged to grip her waist, pressing her back further onto his shaft. One inch, two inch, deeper and deeper. Slowly at first. Another dendrite slithered between June’s thighs, teasing the sensitive nub of her clitoris, as the hand on the back of her head pushed her face close to his shaft again.

April continued to grind herself against his cockpit, right in front of his eyes. Tex panted lewdly now, his gray tongue hanging out slightly as he picked April up with ease. He maneuvered her body down, pressing the cool glass of his nosecone between her thighs, before he swung her underneat the chin turret to his mouth. Without waiting a moment longer, he slathered his tongue between her legs, up her stomach, and to her breasts. More manipulators held her comfortably in place, as his tongue slurped back down, beneath her ass, and then plunging the tip – just as thick as his cock – into her pussy.
[1/2/15, 7:26:08 PM] RATBAT: June positively feasted on the base of Tex bomber cock feeling the throbbing reverberate down his sensitive shaft. She felt him grow hotter in her lips and hands and positively enjoyed laying in the shadow of big dangerous machine silhouette. He wasn’t human- but he was still all man. the women where too drunk with desire to notice he was clenching his breaks to keep from catapulting down the runway from all the expenditure of energy behind his turboprops. “How does this feel tex.. hows this?” Tex’s fluids dripped off her chin as she came up for air. From this vantage point she could see part of tex’s excited member disappear into May who bit her lip and cried out at the slight pain and feel of being pumped full with heavy silvery pre. his own tendrils joined in to spread her wide for him-so he could disappear into and feel her clench around his throbbing mass . When he couldn’t fill her anymore, he would pull back slightly and then force forward to build up a pleasant rhythm.
[1/2/15, 7:29:37 PM] RATBAT: April clenched he powerful thighs against his body while Tex’s tongue venture over and under and between her warm core. She cried out “yes! Oh God! yes”.. to a low moan..
[1/2/15, 7:32:11 PM] RATBAT: with one half of his sensitive probe in the mouth of a beautiful eager woman, and the other half of his cock buried deeply in another- the sheer stink of pheromones overwhelmed his olfactory sensors and the send waves of hot stimulation up into his central core to be enjoyed by his systems.
[1/2/15, 7:35:27 PM] RATBAT: April moans “How do i taste my sweet bomber?” While May, face planted against the ground grits her teeth and pants like a dog at the wonderful pulse pounding speed tex was kicking up against her vagina. it made a wet squelching noise and spurts of silver forced out of her opening when he forced deep inside. a waterfall of steaming silver liquid formed between Tex ball turret and both women. “Please don’t stop Tex. please..”
[1/7/15, 9:34:48 PM] RATBAT: The thick, heavy shaft vibrated inside her, the echoes of 4,800 horsepower feeling better than any vibrator ever could. And no vibrator had Tex’s length and girth, or made her feel so full and warm. Mercury cum spilled from between her legs, squirting around his shaft as he drove it deeper inside of her. The bomber was straining, almost leaning forward into her. Two metal hands spread her cheeks, pushing her a little farther back on his shaft and stretching her as far as she could go. His cum pulsed against the very depths of her womb, gushing out between them. Tex pulled back out almost to the tip, leaving May feeling empty inside again, until his next thrust pushed him back in entirely. There was still ten inches of his shaft exposed to the air, and that was in June’s very capable hands and mouth. Her stimulation to his cock only made the amount of cum pulsing into May’s pussy increase. Both women would be feeling the effect by now, that delightful tingle spreading through their nerves, pulsating in their brains. Even April, who was only being slathered by his tongue, would be feeling euphoric as it seeped in through her skin, and when she suckled on the very tip of his tongue, which was more than enough to fill her mouth. He couldn’t respond to June or April with his mouth full, but the heavy shudders and the howling of his props would be indication enough of just how much he enjoyed it. The wind dried the sweat and water from May and June’s skin, like a giant fan, while the air smelled heavily of his exhaust. Again and again, Tex pulled May’s hips against his cock, pushing as deep as he could. The puddle beneath them was large enough that May’s breasts smeared into it, her nipples leaving little lines in the silvery fluid. He skidded forward on his brakes slightly, managing to slip another inch inside of her, more than she had ever taken of him before. His engines howled at maximum output, the roar given off by those four radials able to be heard across all of Littlefield. Tex howled himself, his shaft throbbing again and again as more and more cum pulsed inside her, more than she could ever hope to contain, and so it poured out between them in messy, silvery ropes.

The bomber shivered again, panting against April’s cunt, his hot breath rolling over her sweaty body, as he gently slipped May off his nearly steaming cock, caressing her with his tendrils, running his fingers through her hair. There was a whining sound of hydraulics, and the doors to his bomb bay popped open slightly. Instead of dropping open entirely, they only spread wide enough for a dendrite to dip inside and pull out a body pillow. Setting it on the tarmac beneath him, he cradled May’s body and set her down on it, rubbing her belly gently as her turned his sexual attentions back to June. The tendril stimulating her clit and pussy was joined by a second, and a third, the dendrites coiling around one another like a cable. He plunged it into her sex, far more flexible than his cock was, able to coil and loop around and do all sorts of -incredible- things that no human could ever hope to accomplish.
[1/2/15, 8:32:28 PM] RATBAT: June looked back at the screaming damn near multi-orgasmic spectacle of what had befallen tex’s lovely assault on May’s pussy and her subsequent tap out as she lay cushioned and caressed gently by the big plane. The B-17’s turned his attentions to the 2 woman warriors who were left to tackle this beast. April had come to really enjoy the articulate flicks and pushes of tex’s bizarre metal tongue as it tasted and exploded her deaths. She felt so full from him , and the muscles in her abdomen pulsed to the delight that was his tip against her G-spot. No coherent words could escape her lips.. she simply remain face and forehead pressed against his glass and tendrils securing her back and arms to her sides. she just had to take it.. to feel it. the heat and devotion coming from ol’ tex. June’s knees weekend and she nearly fell over from the assault on her nethers. His tendril jack hammered and teased so that she would be very wet for him.. this was working to great affect because June could no longer hold her own head and shoulder sup, she was putty in his manipulator arms.
[1/2/15, 8:33:09 PM] RATBAT: F– f.. ;;she hissed and grinder her forehead against the pavement;; “fuck me Tex.”
[1/2/15, 8:33:43 PM] RATBAT: her ass now raised into the air in a similar fashion the way may’s had, throbbing and ready for his girth.
[1/7/15, 9:35:18 PM] RATBAT: Tex teased June relentlessly, using those braided manipulators to bring her to the edge of climax, then stop, only to repeat the process until she was a quivering, almost speechless mess. When she presented her ass to him, he shook his head slightly, pulling the coiled dendrites out with a wet slurping sound, lifting June up off her hands and knees and spinning her over so that she was on her back, laying in the warm pool of silvery cum. A few of his dendrites supported her so he wasn’t raking her back and forth on the tarmac. His shaft quivered above her, another dollop of silvery cum dribbling down onto her belly, pooling in her bellybutton. He lifted her hips up, his shaft pressing against her entrance…but he didn’t push himself inside of her. Instead, he rubbed his tip against her entrance, and then slid it up over her groin and onto her belly, gliding her along until his shaft touched her breasts, leaving a great smear of his excitement along her front. He exhaled, pulling back until he was at her entrance again, rubbing her and teasing her, before he slid his shaft along her belly again. “Ya seem to have sprung a leak yerself there, June…” He rumbled huskily, taking a momentary break from tonging April’s pussy. Her juices dribbled down to the ground, smeared along the underside of his fuselage. “Ah think Ah can plug it, but Ah’m afraid yer gonna have to ask.” He continued to gently tend to May’s body, lightly touching her belly, her breasts, her pussy, drawing out her afterglow for as long as possible as he satisfied these two other women.
[1/7/15, 9:35:27 PM] RATBAT: Tex finally obliged the needy woman, sinking his shaft into her pussy. Hers was more easily accomidating than May’s, and the amounts of lubrication meant that he glided in with relative ease, feeling her walls clenching around his length as he pushed in, five inches, six inches, all the way up to nine inches. He bounced her firmly on his cock, his larger hands holding her firmly as he bore down on her. The ball turret whined, the hefty ‘Cheyenne-style’ tail’s rudder and elevators pivoted back and forth, his flaps and ailerons extending to their maximum positions. His engines howled deafeningly loud, gusting past them as he continued to buck into her, tweaking at her nipples with two of his dendrite tips. He slid into her until she could hold no more of him, their essense mixing and gushing out of her, down her ass, dripping onto the floor. Again, the great bomber grit his teeth and hunched up, empyting a heavy, warm load inside a human’s pussy, filling June up like only he could. Even the bomber was starting to get a little winded, but he still had more than enough energy for April, who was already a quivering mess from his oral attentions during this. As he slid out of June, a thick spurt of his cum jetted from her as her quivering muscles clenched on open air. Again his bomb bay popped open, and he pulled out another pillow, setting it down under his other wing for June, setting her down on top of it and giving her the same tender ministrations he was giving May.

Finally, it was April’s turn, the toned, athletic woman…her skin shining with sweat as he lowered her from his mouth, transferring her from one set of dendrites to the next. He didn’t wait for her to ask, he didn’t wait for her to beg. He wanted her to -scream-. Scream his name so that the world could hear it over his powerful Cyclone engines. Dendrites spread her legs wide, and he shoved his length into her without preamble. He clutched her to his fuselage, humping at her as best as his rigid airframe would allow. Of them all, April had been able to take the most of his length inside her – she’d been practicing for him, after all – and he was going to put that practice to use, fitting in every inch that he could.
[1/2/15, 9:37:30 PM] RATBAT: oh man..
[1/2/15, 9:37:34 PM] RATBAT: this bomber is so lucky
[1/2/15, 9:37:41 PM] CerebralError: (^-^)
[1/2/15, 9:37:48 PM] CerebralError: (He certainly is!)
[1/2/15, 9:43:39 PM] RATBAT: With nothing left to tie back his speech all the women could hear his grunts and moans. most of it translated into engine revs over gale force winds. None even cared who saw, it just felt natural and good. April squeezed the B-17’s pulsing hot shaft within her becoming quite high and tingly . head head flew back and her eyes shut tight. her teeth bared and her tongue stuck out. UAAHH!!! AGH’ she sounded as he pounded her little body against his ball. he could feel from his seniors that her hear beat was elevated, her breathing was sporadic, her brainwave patterns alight. She really Did enjoy him.. and hopefully soon, these women would truly accept him accept a bond with one perhaps.. a family perhaps.. The machine despite just recently being reborn, was still an old and one of the few few of his kind left. This anxiety and desire permitted through much of all post cold war and earlier machines. So he fucked her, fucked her like he hungered to keep her. “My love..” her toes curled.

[1/2/15, 9:45:34 PM] RATBAT: the tendrils that caressed the women, became in turn caressed by the females as well. both tired and panting, they asked, ‘cum for us tex.. ;;pant;; we want to hear your joy..”
[1/2/15, 9:46:41 PM] RATBAT: April nipped at one of his tendrils and kissed his hull. a strong feeling growing in he belly. she would cum soon if Tex’s relentless assault continued on. She could barely endure such power.
[1/2/15, 9:47:14 PM] RATBAT: “I am yours tex. Cum in me.. enjoy me..”
[1/2/15, 9:51:21 PM] RATBAT: May and June raised their arms up to touch his wing, or get him to slower it slightly so they could feel it against them. the sight was went and chaotic and tender. May’s young eyelids heavy and closing.. now she could only hear the crying out of her big compatriot April so assaulted by this loving beast of steel and rivets
[1/2/15, 9:51:43 PM] RATBAT: she whispered to him. ‘we love you just the way you are Tex. ”
[1/2/15, 9:53:04 PM] RATBAT: This is what all machines want to hear.. just complete acceptance of them.
[1/2/15, 9:53:12 PM] RATBAT: not fear nor mistrust..
[1/2/15, 9:53:21 PM] RATBAT: they just want to be loved like humans want to be loved

[1/2/15, 10:09:22 PM] CerebralError: Tex was growling and grunting, thrusting April down onto his cock, nearly a foot of his metallic masculinity buried inside her. Her toned body rippled with pleasure, squeezing down on him firmly, practically milking him. The bomber’s engines thundered, deafening to the girls beneath him, their hair being blown back in the gusts. He was redlining his engines, his throttles maxed out and rattling his whole airframe. His tires strained against the tarmac, the force from his engines trying to push him forward. Tex closed his eyes, holding April tight against his underbelly. He could barely hear the whispers of the girls beneath him, but he -could- hear them. The B-17 clenched, crying out loudly as he spilled his largest load yet, practically exploding inside April’s cunt. The backwash surged out from around their coupling, but not a single inch of her womb had escaped from being coated with his seed. Tex continued to pulse and throb inside her for several long moments as his engines slowly spooled down to more survivable rpms, and then finally puttering out. Gallons of his cum pooled beneath his airframe, the girls bodies splattered with it, their bodies glistening. Tex sagged on his landing gear, panting long and hard. Gently, he pulled April free of his cock, releasing a final spurt that sloshed over her belly and dripped off her firm abs. He reached into his bomb bay and retrieved a final pillow, laying her down upon it and gingerly rubbing her breasts and stomach. All of them were spent, utterly and completely, and Tex felt a great amount of satisfaction inside. “I love you girls…all of you…” He rumbled softly, shielding them from the sun, and continuing to express his love to his lovely ladies.

Of course, they would all have to wash up again when they recovered…

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Zero 2. (SFW)

…….Zero 2…..

World War 2 was absolute hell, millions died. Friends were lost, and families mourned. The human conflict brought along many deaths of the machine kind. No machine was spared, from boats to ship, aircraft to cars. After the end of the war, the amount was astounding, while the humans celebrated, the machines continued to work.

Jump to about the 2000s, a single boat is traveling along the Leyte Gulf, it was a rather calm day as the large boat rests upon the ocean’s surface. On the boat, the crew of ten, plus one, were on the look out for wrecks at the bottom of the sea. One specifically was desired by a single crew member, the plus one. His name, Akio Muramoto, his grandfather, Eiji Muramoto. Akio was in his twenties, medium build, and thanks to his father being a wealthy business man in Japan, he had alot of time on his hands.

The crew were American, he was Japanese American thanks to his Mother being American, and his desires to find his Grandfather’s plane was heated by the fact of a promise kept secret to the aircraft, given to his Grandmother for safe keep. The promise was, “No matter what, please…bring Z back, she does not deserve such a horrendous fate.” Of course, his Father hated anything military, if it weren’t for his Grandmother, the promise would have been lost.

As Akio looked over the edge where a drone was sent down, one of the men came out of the cabin and shouted towards Akio. “Sir! I think we found something! Better come take a look!” Akio quickly ran over and into the Cabin, rushing over to the Drone’s control, along with the camera’s vision on the screen. What was on it, a A6M5 Zero, a wreck of one that is. “Is that the one?” Asked another crew member.

“I don’t know…get an all around view.” Akio told them. He had to make sure this was the one his Grandfather flew…the one he called Z. He held up a picture of him and his plane, there was a specific heart on the side of the fuselage where one would count as the plane’s cheek. It was painted by his Grandfather, so said his Grandmother.

As the drone moved about, the wreck was badly damaged, crashing into a ship will do that to you unfortunately. Suddenly, Akio saw it, he saw the heart. It was badly faded, but it was still visible even through all the terrible rust. “Thats it! Thats what I am looking for!” Akio shouted in excitement. The rest of the crew also gave some form of celebration as they found the ship. They have, afterall, been out to sea several times for over three years.

Within minutes, divers wearing deep diving equipment jumped into the waters, and also tools to help hoist the wrecked aircraft out of the water. So many years of rust, you’d expect the ship to be nearly impossible to get out of it’s position, luckily it sank, and it was mostly there, in terms of the fuselage. After the straps were hooked, the crane began to slowly lift the plane up and out. It had to be careful, otherwise it would snap the fuselage in half.

Thankfully, the fuselage appeared to be intact when it was pulled out of the water. The condition it was in however made Akio’s heart sink. Her tail was completely torn off, her fuselage had severe damage and rust upon it. Her wings and propeller were gone, she looked a bit like a torpedo. He knew, once he gazed upon the damage, it would take months, if not years to get her back in functioning order, and thats if the soul of Z hasn’t left already. For all he knew this could just be a ‘dead’ machine.

As the boat began it’s journey back towards Japan, Akio began to research up on the Zero, learning everything he needed to get the parts required. He also started research on living machines, looking upon how living machines exactly ‘die’. One theory stated that a living machine really never dies, it goes into a standby state when it is badly wounded, or inoperable, though it may die completely if the scrap is melted down.

Looking upon many other theories, he began to shiver, and wondered if this whole thing was worth it. He respected his Grandfather, and he was keeping his promise. He would walk over towards the area in which Z’s wreck was stashed, he would examine every single bit of her rusted fuselage. He then took a long gaze at that heart, how was it not rusted like everything else? He would place his hand carefully along the heart, and almost jumped back when he felt heat coming from the otherwise cold metal surrounding it.

“Your still alive…aren’t you?” He asked the rusted plane, which did not reply back. He would hold his hopes that this was at least something he could go upon to say she was still there.
After a few days of travel, they reached the Port of Tokyo, in which they had a place reserved for their return. A crew was waiting with a large truck bed to strap down Z in. After the boat docked, Akio got off the boat to address the situation, telling the Truck crew to be extra careful, the state of the plane was very bad, and needed extra care in transporting to his estate.

Once all was done and taken care of, and the Truck had driven to Akio’s home, the hard part was just beginning. Akio had a hanger that he had constructed himself, it was big enough to work on a plane like the Zero, perfect for being both roomy and comfy. He had to make sure he could work all over the Fuselage, so he had the plane hoisted gently with strong leather straps.

Standing before the wreck, the dim light of the day turning to dusk, he would sigh and begin working on getting the parts. He knew this was just the beginning, and yet he did not care. he was going to get this plane up and running even if it was going to kill him. So was the start of the intense work to begin.

Hours turned into days, days into months, and months into years. Almost four years into the project, and many cuts, scraps, gashes, and even broken bones later. Akio stood before an unpainted Zero with everything restored. The electronics, the engine, landing gear, everything was restored to its original condition. “Alright…now to paint you.” He would say under his breath, getting ready to follow the pictures on the Internet, along with the photo for any specific details.

Days went by, and now the plane was completely painted, along with a large smile on Akio’s face. “Wow…no wonder my Grandfather loved you, your absolutely beautiful!” He would say, as if talking to the plain. He had complimented and comforted the plane in hopes it could hear him while it ‘slept’. Saying things like “Your going to look just as good when you were flying with my Grandfather.” To even “Ill make you feel two hundred percent better!” Now here he stood, before a beautiful plane restored in all it’s glory. Only one problem, it wasn’t talking back.

Akio began to walk around it, wait, and even begin working along its body trying to see if anything would stimulate it awake. “God…don’t tell me your dead!” He started to worry deeply, there was only one thing left, he wasn’t going to give up that easily. He would climb up into the cockpit, and once he sat down, he started pressing buttons. “God…awaken!” He yelled in frustration. Then he looked down at the throttle, he was no pilot, but he knew a few things about planes during his restoring of her.

“Alright then…I guess Ill fly you then…maybe that might wake you up. He would say, swallowing hard as he strapped himself in, then slowly pushed the throttle up. The engine would rumble to life, the propellers started spinning up, and the plane started to move forward. Akio grasped the control stick tightly, the nervousness building up rapidly as he taxied out onto the road outside of the hangar.

As he turned, then positioned the Aircraft, he would attempt to push the throttle up slowly, but it wouldn’t budge. “What? Whats going on?” He asked himself, pushing harder and harder. “Why wont this thing move!?” He yelled in frustration, then was suddenly cut off by a voice. “Your touching me too tightly…do you even know how to fly?”

Akio froze, that voice…it was…feminine…it spoke in clear Japanese, and it was coming from within the cockpit. He waited, he wondered if that voice was just a part of his imagination. “Hello? Quit grabbing my controls so tightly! It really does hurt!” The voice spoke again, talking about the controls. He quickly let go of the control stick, and then the propeller came to a stop as the engine turned off.

“Is this…Z?” Akio asked cautiously.

There was a pause, then the voice came back, in a saddened, depressed tone. “No one has called me that in forever.”

Akio quickly removed himself from the cockpit, and jumped out of the Aircraft. He spun around and noticed a mouth, and then those beautiful Sapphire eyes staring directly at him. “Oh my god! Your alive! HAHA! I did it!” He cheered, jumping about in excitement as his years of hard work finally paid off.

“How do you know my name?” Asked Z, that tone yet to have left her voice.

Akio, still giddy with excitement, quickly turned to give the Aircraft any questions. “Oh, um, I am Akio Muramoto, my Grandfather was Eiji Muramoto, your pilot.” He replied. His happy face suddenly churning into one of confusion, Z’s face began to tremble, almost out of fear and pure dread. It was as if the memories began to flood back into her mind.

“Eiji…how could you…” Z spoke out in a voice strained with intense feelings of sadness. Akio heard this, and was confused with this. She was speaking as if Eiji did something horrible.

“Z?” He would ask, seeing if he could grab her attention. However, she was ignoring him at this point.

“Why?!Why?!Why?!Why?!Why?!Why?!” She shouted, almost screaming as her eyes were shut tightly, her sharp teeth gritted, and nearly a waterfall of oily tears streaming down her fuselage ‘cheeks’.

Akio has never seen a machine sob, this was pain, so much so that such a prideful machine was outright wailing. He took a step back, fearing that she may lash out, this was new territory for him, especially since this machine was acting so shockingly.

“Eiji! How could you do that to me!? Why did you not tell me!? Why did you kill me!? WHY!?” She shouted as if Eiji’s ghost was standing right in front of her. Her landing gear gave out, they folded inwards and she fell to the ground, sobbing as all those years of isolation, pain tearing at her heart at the betrayal she was given.

Akio just stood there, no words could even be given at this point. This machine, the one his Grandfather had flown and cared for, she was in such distress her landing gear gave out. He wanted to say something, but what could be said when you have several decades of depression to burn off.

It was about a near hour of sobbing, all the while Akio sat there, waiting for her to calm down. She became silent, staring blankly at the ground. Akio thought this would be a perfect time to try and talk to her. “So, how you feeling.”

Z didn’t even respond, she just seemed lost in all of what had happened catching up to her. Akio only stood there, moving ever so closely, not wanting to startle her, or have her lash out at him.

Akio finally moved in, and gave the oily cheek a soft rub. “Hey…your okay now…your here and alive.” He said with a soft voice, trying to get her attention and perhaps get her to a mental state where she would be able to continue to live.

“I don’t understand…” Z spoke softly, not yet acknowledging Akio’s presence.

“You don’t understand what?” Akio asked.

“You wouldn’t understand…” Z replied, her tone still filled to the brim with sadness.

“Oh come on now, I am here to help, I mean, I didn’t just drag you out of the ocean to scrap ya!” He said, hoping that would cheer her up.

Z, hearing she was dragged out of the ocean instantly triggered her sobbing again. She just laid there on the ground, slightly tilted to the right, her wing keeping her from rolling over. “I don’t…I don’t…I don’t understand…why he would do this to me. Why Eiji…my partner…my friend.” She would sob it out, not as bad as before.

“Z…your here because of him. He made a promise that no matter what, you would be brought back and kept alive! You are alive right now because of him.”

Suddenly, Z would spring up, that landing gear shooting her up so she was now standing. “Your lying! Eiji flew me into a ship! Even as I screamed, he killed me! Why would he want me to live?!” She argued, her tone a mixture of anger and depression. Her eyes still dripping with tears as she glared towards Akio.

“Because he loved you like family.” He responded, quickly bringing out the note in which the promise was written upon. Then showing it to Z, who quickly snatched it with her mechanical tendril claws. This made Akio jump back, shocked to see those. “Woah…I didn’t install those…where did they come from?” He said under his breath. Meanwhile, Z’s expression softened as she read the note. It was Eiji’s hand writing, she would know.

“Eiji…” She said softly, sniffling before relaxing her once tense frame. “So…maybe you could explain more than Eiji could…” She looked directly at Akio, a sad, but relieved expression upon her face.

Akio smiled, sitting down in front of the Aircraft as he began to explain. He knew exactly what she wanted to hear, after all that sobbing and shouting, it was clear she had no idea. Within forty minutes, he had explained everything.

“So…I was a Kamikaze? I had no idea.” She looked a little bit shocked, but was almost as if she figured it was all true. “Still…I don’t know why Eiji didn’t tell me.”

“Possibly because he didn’t want you to be afraid during the mission. He really did care for you.” Akio added.

“I…suppose your right.” She sniffled, bringing that one note right up again, taking a good look at it before placing it directly within her cockpit.

“Here, follow me.” He motioned her to follow, smiling as he had something for her to see. She hesitantly followed the human, still shaky from everything. They traveled at walking pace for around ten minutes, and they arrived at a pond with a plaque at the center. A bronze statue was in the center. “My Grandmother had this built, a memorial towards Eiji, and you.”

Z took a look at the Statue, eyes wide in surprise as it was her…cast in Bronze with Eiji standing proudly next to her. She began to tear up again, but this time with a smile. “Oh Eiji…thank you…” She said softly, thanking him for this second chance, making sure she would at least have one. After she had her moment, she looked towards Akio with a soft smile. “So…what is left for one like myself?”

“Well, I wont choose your life for you, there are Museums which will take very good care of you, but I doubt you will fly if you go there. Then you have the Historical Events, in which you fly about once a year, showing off your flying skills, but then are put into storage. Or…you can stay here. There wont be much for you since Japan Airspace is tightly controlled, but you will at least be able to fly over the less populated areas of the country.” He explained, of course Z instantly spoke out as the options ending. “Ill stay with you, I never want to stop flying!” She smiled big, it appears that she was finally to her old self.

“Thats good..” Akio laughed.

“With that said…would you like to?” She asked, a curious look in her eye.

“Like to do what?” Akio replied.

“Go flying, with me! Don’t worry, I’ll pilot!” She smiled sheepishly.

Akio chuckled. “Sure…I’d love to.”


Authors Note: This is yet another quick story to show what happened to Z. Its another short story, but I hope you all enjoy either way~!

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-Zero- A Short Story (SFW)

When in the world would one expect that war could engulf so many lives through violent conflict‭? ‬Men are never born to become warriors,‭ ‬society makes it that way.‭ ‬What happens,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬when you are‭ ‘‬built‭’ ‬to become a war machine‭? ‬An answer that the engineers gave by simply saying‭ “‬To not be conquered.‭”

‬Living Machines in this world have been around,‭ ‬they were created through knowledge of what some would call voodoo.‭ ‬Whatever happened,‭ ‬people are mixed about it as the machines live,‭ ‬eat,‭ ‬sleep among their human‭ ‘‬masters‭’‬.‭

‬Of course,‭ ‬not every machine can be living,‭ ‬only large machines with certain qualities.‭ ‬This mainly goes towards any vehicular machine,‭ ‬cars or planes are the most common to see.‭ ‬In particular Military Machines are always welcome to be alive since if the operator is knocked out,‭ ‬the machine can get him out to safety or continue the fight.‭

‬One such machine was a Mitsubishi‭ ‬A6M5‭ ‬Zero Rei-Sen named simply,‭ ‘‬Z‭’ ‬by her pilot.‭ ‬Machines never have a name unless given by their operators,‭ ‬otherwise they are called by their factory numbers.‭ ‬Z was lucky to have a Pilot that cared for her as much as she did,‭ ‬even if they rarely saw combat like the planes she was surrounded by on the Aircraft Carrier.‭

“‬Hey,‭ ‬Z‭” ‬Walked over an average build and height Japanese male.‭ ‬He had a well built face,‭ ‬even if it was like most flat faced Japanese,‭ ‬although his eyes were wider resembling more like a European’s eyes.‭ ‬He was clad in a leather jacket and combat pants.‭ ‬Thick boots that were held on by tight ties and very thick gloves to keep himself warm on the deck of a rather chilling day.‭

‬Z felt herself getting excited to see her Operator,‭ ‬even if she was able to fly without him,‭ ‬it was euphoria to have someone control her.‭ ‬The way he touched her controls,‭ ‬how gentle he was even in the most intense of situations made her eyes simply flutter as she remembered it all.‭ ‬Her engine slightly sputtered,‭ ‬the excitement almost turning her engine on.‭ ‬The hydraulics that her landing gears had allowed her to tilt left,‭ ‬right,‭ ‬and‭ ‬elevate‭ ‬up and down.‭

“‬Oh‭! ‬Hello Eiji‭!” ‬It was ironic that her operator’s name stood for peace,‭ ‬and he was in a violent and deadly conflict.‭ ‬She would tilt herself down a bit towards the right since that was where he was coming from.‭ ‬Her beautiful sky blue eyes gleaming from the high sun,‭ ‬almost like a gem in their own right.‭ ‬Her mouth located below the base of the engine.‭ ‬She had a huge smile,‭ ‬and one could see those razor sharp teeth that most aircraft seemed to posses.‭

“‬I see someone is excited for their mission‭?” ‬Today was a special mission,‭ ‬a few weeks ago Z was modified for such a mission,‭ ‬yet she was not told what she was modified with or what her mission was.‭ ‬Eiji however,‭ ‬was,‭ ‬but was also told not to tell her for fear of Z’s reaction.‭ ‬The Aircraft Carrier coasted in the water of Leyte Gulf,‭ ‬and today they had to push back the American Fleet at Leyte Island.‭

“‬Very excited,‭ ‬even if I don’t know what it is.‭” ‬You could just about hear a hint of frustration in that sentence,‭ ‬not knowing what your doing is quite a difficult thing to understand in a Wartime situation,‭ ‬but she probably wasn’t told in case she was captured.‭ ‬She always feared what would happen if those American’s captured her,‭ ‬all the experiments,‭ ‬torture,‭ ‬or worse…target practice.‭ ‬She shuddered at the thought,‭ ‬until she felt something warm hit her cold Fuselage.‭

“‬Hey,‭ ‬don’t worry,‭ ‬we will make sure those American’s wont be winning this war‭!” ‬He said with a large smile,‭ ‬those hazel eyes of his meeting her own in a friendly,‭ ‬almost loving gaze.‭ ‬She would relax,‭ ‬almost pushing herself against his palm.‭ ‬He would regularly take off his glove to feel her cold metal against his warm flesh.‭ ‬It was oddly soothing,‭ ‬how smooth her own metallic skin felt.‭ ‬He could also feel a soft throbbing,‭ ‬almost like a heart beat as that radial engine was slowly turning.‭

‬Hearing the confident voice of her operator was soothing,‭ ‬dashing any thoughts of negativity,‭ ‬easily stirring her up to take on whatever the Americans had in store.‭ “‬Yea‭! ‬Let us take our divine wind towards the Americans and blow them away from our homeland‭!” ‬She would cheer one,‭ ‬her fuselage raised high in pride.‭ ‬Eiji laughed softly,‭ ‬a sinking feeling suddenly hitting him,‭ ‬realizing the mission and what it would bring upon him and his long time companion.‭

‬Eiji and Z had been very close friends since the beginning,‭ ‬he chose her because she was very difficult to fly.‭ ‬This was due to how she would react to all the Pilots handling her controls,‭ ‬and it made her very uncomfortable.‭ ‬She would constantly rattle them about and do things that would knock them unconscious.‭ ‬Eiji,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬had the right touch and was gentle,‭ ‬even in the most intense of trials.‭ ‬Ever since then,‭ ‬through thick and thin,‭ ‬scouting missions,‭ ‬training,‭ ‬and close calls with the Americans,‭ ‬they always made it out alright.‭

‬There was a call over the intercom,‭ ‬the mission was about to begin and the Pilots were told to ready up.‭ ‬Eiji would hop into the awaiting Z,‭ ‬eagerly sitting there.‭ ‬As Eiji grasped upon the control stick and started everything up,‭ ‬she would murr deeply within her‭ ‘‬throat‭’ ‬as the gentle hand of her operator began their routine.‭ ‬Her Nakajima Sakae‭ ‬21,‭ ‬a‭ ‬14-cylinder air cooled radial engine started up with it’s proud roar,‭ ‬and the propellers spun making a blur of colors as she started to move forward.‭ ‬The launching area was open,‭ ‬and off she went with little difficulty as she was one of many flying up into the sky.‭


“Yes Eiji‭?”
“Do you remember what we are fighting for‭?”

“‬Of course‭! ‬For Japan‭!”

“‬Thats right.‭”

‬There was a hint of sadness coming from Eiji’s tone,‭ ‬but Z thought of it as homesickness.‭

“‬Don’t worry Eiji‭! ‬We will make it out of this like we do every time‭! ‬After we win this war,‭ ‬we can retire to one of those mountain houses you talk about living in so much‭!” ‬She giggled,‭ ‬their height reaching peak as they flew high above the water.‭

‬Hearing his partner talk all about this,‭ ‬it made his gut tighten,‭ ‬his throat would almost choke him as he tightened his grip against her stick for a moment,‭ ‬but then relaxed,‭ ‬knowing that his partner did not like that.‭

‬This time Z was worried,‭ ‬Eiji was never this tense,‭ ‬he was never nervous about anything before.‭ ‬She was about to ask,‭ ‬but suddenly spotted the American Fleet below them.‭ “‬Below us‭! ‬Eiji‭!” ‬She would shout,‭ ‬gathering his attention.‭ ‬He noticed,‭ ‬and then it was to begin.‭ ‬Worries,‭ ‬fear,‭ ‬doubt,‭ ‬it all faded as he would throttle his plane to dive.‭ ‬Z rolled half way,‭ ‬then began to dive downward and slightly towards the left,‭ ‬this way her engine didn’t stall as she began her decent.‭

‬It was to begin,‭ ‬their glorious battle,‭ ‬the smell of heated metal escaping those twin‭ ‬20mm and‭ ‬7.7mm guns firing directly at the enemy.‭ ‬Swooping in,‭ ‬viewing herself over the rippling waters as they dodged return fire.‭ ‬She went after an enemy Aircraft,‭ ‬a Hellcat that she managed to get behind.‭ ‬Her cannons and machine guns rang out,‭ ‬lead spewing out and hitting the enemy Hellcat,‭ ‬causing it to spiral out of control.‭ ‬She swore she heard the aircraft scream in pain.‭

‬A few minutes in,‭ ‬she was beginning to climb again,‭ ‬but when she turned to dive,‭ ‬it was directly at one of the American Ships.‭ “‬Eiji‭! ‬I don’t have any ammo left,‭ ‬I have to go back‭!” ‬She would tell him,‭ ‬but he wasn’t stopping.‭ “‬Im sorry…I am so sorry…I am so sorry.‭” ‬He kept repeating and repeating.‭ ‬She was scared,‭ ‬for the first time…she was scared.‭ ‬The Ship grew closer and closer,‭ ‬she swore she could see every detail of those sailors faces as she continued to dive directly towards the ship’s hull.‭

“EIJI‭!” ‬She screamed out in panic,‭ ‬attempting to gain her controls back.‭ ‬When she finally did,‭ ‬there was a loud explosion,‭ ‬then everything went silent.‭ ‬It was dark,‭ ‬wet,‭ ‬cold,‭ ‬yet oddly calm.‭ “‬Eiji‭?” ‬Was all that came out before everything went dark,‭ ‬then nothing…oblivion,‭ ‬it was all gone.‭
‬Years later,‭ ‬Eiji would be remembered for his heroic deeds…Z’s scraps remain under the ocean.‭

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Boatface redux


Even though I was commissioned 4 months ago to create a PBY Catalina morph based off of the “Moon” Cessna seaplane Morph, I never really felt like that version came out how I wanted it to. So I made my own version with a more pronounced “keel chest” to signify her greater “boat nature”. I did a slight mimic of the pontoon legs – but not completely, and the arms and upper body are more robust in keeping with the 2 large prop engines on her back that she is keeping supported near her wings.  Sadly, I had to cut down the size of the wings in order to make them more proportional to the arms, Otherwise I could have gone with oversize arms that reached down to her feet to keep true to the spirit of how long the wingspan truly is on a Catalina. This version is also a more “mature” version, whereas the other version seemed more adolescent. All in all I am hoping that this picture once it is colored can be another real example of how Aeromorphs can be sexy without huge balloon tits and afterburner nozzle rectums.  The guy in this picture is supposed to be there for overall size comparison, But in truth.. in the Atoll Lab verse, female morphs latch onto male humans or male dire machines with a kind of ferocity and sexual excitement seen mostly in regular Dire machines proper.  So this human guy might very well be her boyfriend or mate, and after the photo op is over, shes going to take him to the back of a sandy shack and shag his brains out with her big sea plane booty tail.


Someone a while ago asked me what my “planesona” was. I told them that I don’t have one and (as far as FA is concerned) either identify as human, rat, or Dragon. But I thought about what my machinesona would be if I did have one. I ruled out all the bad ass machines because I am neither Bad ass nor nimble, In fact I am fairly fat and capable of only a few things lol. With that in mind I choose the Chinook mainly because its still military, and its chubby.

Ask yourself this, If you had a machinesona what would it be and why?

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Edit: 1/5/2015* Did it lol. Hes banging 2 German women now.


First drawing of the year I wanted to do an Illustration of Cerebralerror’s character “Petra” but I wanted it to be a 3 some between a human man, and the 2 Messerschmidts 262 and bf-109.  After 2 Days I failed to produce the results I was looking for , Turns out it’s very hard to draw a human man fucking 2 WWII airplanes at once. (whoda thunk?) I had to get rid of the 109 from the top pic.. and now I am desperately trying to think of what I could draw under Petra to make this pic a 3 some. I drew myself some notes to go off of, But its easier said then done.  I think its Going to have to be the left and middle panel to the rescue.


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First off many apologies as my machine story’s mostly just exist in the form of old Roleplays and badly spelled ones at that. This was the story of Kevin and Grace. I rescued it from the archives 6 months ago.


[7/1/14, 2:15:20 AM]  walking by the hangar, and admirer’s engine purrs softly…
[7/1/14, 2:16:38 AM]  you turn around, and the “lady” of the hangar makes no attempt to turn her nose away..
[7/1/14, 2:16:47 AM]  but she locks optics with you for a moment.
[7/1/14, 2:17:09 AM]  you think she might ask you a question but she doesn’t.
[7/1/14, 2:17:22 AM] Han: I would probably return the gaze. curious and interested.
[7/1/14, 2:17:42 AM] Han: possibly letting her speak first. it would be impolite to break her thought.
[7/1/14, 2:17:44 AM]  so you walk forward , maybe you say something like, ‘um.. can I help you..?”
[7/1/14, 2:18:09 AM] Han: “Is there something I can help you with?” Id ask in a simple voice.
[7/1/14, 2:18:57 AM]  she wheels closer until her nose is just barely above your shoulder and you can see her optics beckoning you from just beyond her prop

[7/1/14, 2:20:11 AM] Han: My hand would reach up.. not afraid to feel her hull. I’ve danced with big machines.. my step wouldn’t be nervous.
[7/1/14, 2:21:03 AM]  she still doesn’t say anything although it looks like she wants to scream something out. But her eyes soften and close.. enjoying the feeling of your warm hands against her hull
[7/1/14, 2:22:00 AM] maybe you hear the soft whine of air she sucks into her intakes attempting to keep calm
[7/1/14, 2:22:28 AM]  or the whirr of the engine still warm and deep under the airframe
[7/1/14, 2:22:41 AM] Han: My palm would feel over the material, looking at the rivets that hold the metal in place. I feel though as if I shouldn’t inquire deeper.
[7/1/14, 2:23:12 AM] Han: Let the lady lead my mind says.

[7/1/14, 2:23:52 AM] : I wonder what plane she is..
[7/1/14, 2:25:24 AM]  cause I just imagine..
[7/1/14, 2:25:30 AM]  that question never gets asked
[7/1/14, 2:25:38 AM]  and the answer never gets given
[7/1/14, 2:25:52 AM]  she deploys a mechadendrite to move along the length of your face
[7/1/14, 2:26:03 AM]  and pull you beyond her nose to her mouth
[7/1/14, 2:26:16 AM] were she gently steals a mechanical kiss from your lips
[7/1/14, 2:26:39 AM] Han: if everything happened just right. that question might never need pass one’s lips
[7/1/14, 2:27:05 AM]  its awkward, but you feel the sincerity, a bit of tongue against your tongue..
[7/1/14, 2:27:29 AM]  and another dendrite slithers up your right arm pulling you in a little closer
[7/1/14, 2:27:51 AM]  till your practically leaning against her airframe and she cranes her neck to meet you full on
[7/1/14, 2:28:14 AM] Han: I’d ease into a lean against the gal, still rubbing her outside and feeling her.
[7/1/14, 2:28:18 AM] Han: guessing what she was.
[7/1/14, 2:28:27 AM]  maybe its dark..
[7/1/14, 2:28:34 AM]  the lights are off in the hangar for a reason
[7/1/14, 2:28:39 AM]  maybe she’s nervous

[7/1/14, 2:29:00 AM] Han: perhaps he wasn’t meant to be there.. but he went into the hangar anyway
[7/1/14, 2:29:05 AM]  in the dark you can’t read her serial numbers on her tail
[7/1/14, 2:30:02 AM] Han: I would gently reach for the dendrite and feel it.
[7/1/14, 2:30:24 AM] Han: Such a soft, inviting piece of metal. how can it be so tender
[7/1/14, 2:31:26 AM]  you can tell by the slight quiver in her bottom lip she wants to ask a question but it won’t leave her lips.. instead , instead you feel a larger dendrite wrap around your thigh and one behind your back gently tip you over and she pushes her nose against your shoulder.
[7/1/14, 2:31:32 AM] now you are on the floor
[7/1/14, 2:32:05 AM]  and she carefully wheels over you and lowers herself to put her mouth around yours again

[7/1/14, 2:32:16 AM] Han: despite giving a groan from toppling from six foot tall, down to three.
[7/1/14, 2:33:32 AM] Han: easing myself, rubbing her cheeks and letting her lead this.. kiss.
[7/1/14, 2:33:33 AM]  she has lowered you gently.. because now more dendrites have sprang forth to grab at your flight suit and peel your leather skull cap off
[7/1/14, 2:34:00 AM]  all the while tasting the metallic tongue of a large female war bird against your own
[7/1/14, 2:34:34 AM]  she’s so nervous, more and more air moves in through her intakes. in small quiet gasps..
[7/1/14, 2:35:31 AM] Han: I would gently hold her cheek and a dendrite, take in a breath after tasting more of the warbirds tongue. “Breath sweetie. No need to be frightened.”
[7/1/14, 2:36:15 AM] Han: “No need to be scared.”
[7/1/14, 2:36:45 AM] your body gets lifted to meet the length of her under belly. crisp and smooth and riveted. mechadendrits and feelers move up your back from inside the coat.
[7/1/14, 2:37:19 AM]  she’s very warm, and there is no evidence she’s even left the hangar
[7/1/14, 2:38:33 AM] Han: trembles just a little.. the sensation of being lifted into this pseudo hug against the belly and his back getting stroked from under his trench coat and shirt let him take in another breath of air. Now able to easily rub the belly and feel for more signs. Was she a bomber perhaps with bay doors.

[7/1/14, 2:40:06 AM] she gains her composure, but instead of something all important and world view breaking she utters out.. ” i..i.. ”

[7/1/14, 2:42:44 AM] Han: Keeps gently rubbing the belly. ” You?” stops once he feels something and just rubs it soothingly.

[7/1/14, 2:43:55 AM]  oh so timid.. so.. shamed and yet not ashamed.
[7/1/14, 2:44:18 AM] : her eyes close..
[7/1/14, 2:44:40 AM]  and you can feel a deep hum from somewhere deep inside her
[7/1/14, 2:44:41 AM] Han: Im not afraid to show my love and admiration for a machine.
[7/1/14, 2:46:05 AM]  those dendrites they pull your coat aside.. and one wraps around you from behind.. pulling and tugging at the buttons of your shirt..
[7/1/14, 2:46:27 AM]  freeing you from the layers that separate your hot flesh from her cool quivering steel
[7/1/14, 2:47:26 AM] Han: “breath easily.” still rubbing what he thinks is a pitot tube. Still held up to the belly. feeling his clothes removed so his warm flesh could press to the metal.. “Mm.. does.. the gorgeous gal need a belly warming?”
[7/1/14, 2:48:30 AM]  when she feels it, the sensation.. so delicious and soft, sends waves of pleasure throughout her fuselage and she grits her little fang tooth together.
[7/1/14, 2:49:14 AM]  she huffs and her prop spins around once.. you feel tugging at the bottom of your pants
[7/1/14, 2:49:58 AM]  she gasps again through her intakes desperate to understand these things called ‘pants” before someone walks in or she looses her nerve, or worse.. she’s rejected..
[7/1/14, 2:50:12 AM]: she didn’t want this.. she needed this..
[7/1/14, 2:50:43 AM] Han: He slowly hugs onto the belly with his arms. though his exposed chest does do what they do with cold. Looking down and seeing his pants trying to be removed. Still not wanting to question but he then splits the silence. “Do.. you need help?”
[7/1/14, 2:51:58 AM]  with a shocked and somewhat embarrassed expression she shut her eyes tight and lowered her head to see you from the side. “I.. yes.. please help me..”
[7/1/14, 2:53:00 AM]  you could probably scarcely notice but the mechadendrites have already made short work tossing off the offensive heavy coat and shirt..
[7/1/14, 2:53:19 AM]  the metal now traceing the curves around the muscles of your back shoulders

[7/1/14, 2:53:28 AM] Han: His face looked soft, and his voice was still collected. whispering cause he knew it was to help ease the female not be afraid.
[7/1/14, 2:54:03 AM] Han: His body not the prime example of human fitness.. but it was tough when it needs to be.

[7/1/14, 2:54:54 AM] Han: Thin arms that could definitely get the job done. fair chest and a little chubby belly..
[7/1/14, 2:55:05 AM]  she had signed up for everything that was hidden underneath your clothes
[7/1/14, 2:55:22 AM]  and part of that was your humanness
[7/1/14, 2:56:16 AM] Han: He was human after all.. no Olympian god or complete twink. he could be better but he was quite alright.
[7/1/14, 2:56:25 AM]  in the dark she closes her eyes and licks her mouth. her prop spins once around again. and the dendrites slither down stairs..
[7/1/14, 2:57:38 AM] Han: “ooh.. adventurous.. aren’t you ma’am?” he says with a little nervous sound feeling the dendrites slither against his body and down to places few go.
[7/1/14, 2:59:30 AM]  ;;she knods and keeps silent, except for the sound of a whimper. warm silky smooth metal tendrils search for your member wondering if you were soft, or hard.. but feeling the distinct temperature differential between this delightful place and the press of your belly
[7/1/14, 3:01:29 AM] Han: He does seem to blush and warm up all over.. idly shifting his hips once that warm tendril feels its target.. half hard and quite warm still in its pants confines. “Is.. is this what you need sweetie?” he says with a soft squeeze of his hand on her side.
[7/1/14, 3:03:09 AM]  she squeezes your rump firmly for a few seconds.. “I’ve gotten your kiss.. I’ve gotten your touch. i need to feel something warm and good from a human.. I..’
[7/1/14, 3:04:06 AM]  ;;she rubs and caresses and strokes your member softly.. hopping you will stiffen and engorge for her.. but willing to accept the consequences now for overstepping her bounds..;;
[7/1/14, 3:04:35 AM]  “..with a pilot.. i needed.. to be with a pilot, with you. ”
[7/1/14, 3:05:59 AM] Han: Tenses up and does give a sort of ‘squeak’ from his voice.. a useless skill he had learned on his own. His rump was fairly plump in the dendrites hold.. his body only being about two hundred pounds in total.. and most was below his navel. “You, did get a kiss, and I will always give you my touch. If you want more.. then all you have to do.” Pauses his voice, letting her stiffen his four inches up till it was seven..
[7/1/14, 3:06:51 AM] Han: “All you have to do is ask.” he finishes his words, signaling his permission as he also gives a soft and tender kiss to the aircraft ladies tummy.
[7/1/14, 3:10:32 AM]  ;;dendrites knead and softly squeeze you. she can feel your member pulse with the beat of your human heart now. your body giving off a musk she cannot resist. another feeler reaching from behind to massage and knead at your balls hopping to encourages you to stiffen more and enjoy what she must so desperately do to you.;;
[7/1/14, 3:11:11 AM]  one dendrite in your mouth to feel your tongue.. you are moving farther away from her mouth now, and it is impossible to steal a kiss now.
[7/1/14, 3:12:25 AM]  she moves you with her incredibly strong manipulators down along the her undercarriage between her strengthening landing gear her appendages- the color of silvery metal.
[7/1/14, 3:13:25 AM]  she had pressed your burning cock against her belly, which seemed much cooler in comparison until you reached a particular patch of rivets and panels;;
[7/1/14, 3:13:33 AM] Han: His bit throbs and does stiffen at its current size.. seems he was packing something most would be jealous about.. giving a soft sigh feeling another dendrite toy with his sac. A little drop of his pre leaks up and beads at the tip. He just keeps tenderly kissing the craft along her underside as she repositions him further down.
[7/1/14, 3:14:33 AM] Han: Giving a slow gasp with the new patch of metal pressed to his body while his member now does get free’d by his own hands.. letting it press flat and smooth to her underside.
[7/1/14, 3:15:25 AM] Han: Hopefully by now his own eyes have adjusted to the darkness.. where he can see the landing gear glimmer some in the dark light.
[7/1/14, 3:17:14 AM] Han: ( are you doing alright? I wouldn’t want to overstep either )
[7/1/14, 3:17:47 AM]  you feel a little give, the rivets part a little to the side revealing something that felt, very complicated, layered and hot. you couldn’t see it but you could feel it… The large female machine pressed you carefully against the floor and her belly careful so as not to crush you with her weight, and used the manipulation arms to pull you into her.
[7/1/14, 3:19:42 AM]  your rump pulled tightly against her belly, this new sensation enveloping you, a warm, moist and very strong feeling overcame your delicate aching member
[7/1/14, 3:21:04 AM] She gripped you inside her and arched her airframe , pushing her head up to point toward the hangar ceiling and her tail flaps curled to one side.
[7/1/14, 3:22:11 AM] Han: Slowly gasping once feeling his bit being accepted between the riveted panels and gently tugged into the warm insides by this pull and her own weight pushing on him. gripping her sides once more and lightly spreading his legs once laying down on the ground with her now taking lead and arching. “Mmph.. this.. I was.. not expecting.” he whispers as his belly squeezes to give a slow and gentle thrust up into these warm, moist and tantalizing walls.
[7/1/14, 3:22:36 AM] Now you could hear her voice pour from her. she moaned and grinded her body into you, enveloping your rock hard cock and gripping you from your very tip down deep to your base.
[7/1/14, 3:23:41 AM] Han: Gasps and rolls his head back.. lightly arching his spine so his shaft was getting nicely pushed into this amazing grip he felt inside the wet walls.
[7/1/14, 3:26:10 AM]  the suction and the heat of this machine radiated deep into your hips. you could feel the reverberation, the grow coming from her mouth and her engine. she pulled her tail up and grinded against you further. Moaning yet louder this time.
[7/1/14, 3:26:56 AM]  you think you could see her shed a single mechanical tear from the side of her face. it was everything she wanted from this very kind pilot.
[7/1/14, 3:27:14 AM] : she growled.
[7/1/14, 3:27:34 AM]  ;;huff;; ..pilot.. fuck me..harder..
[7/1/14, 3:27:41 AM] Han: His cock does give easily in the pulling grip of this manipulation arm. the skin loose and easily toyed with.. even with him hard. making him moan with as you grind on his size.. pouring this heat into his groin and making him ooze a bit of pre so far.. He saw the little glimmer from the eye before his own eyes shut with a throaty moan.
[7/1/14, 3:27:43 AM]  take me.. she begged
[7/1/14, 3:28:55 AM] Han: his feet do manage to get enough grip on the ground as she begged him.. pleaded with him to do this now.. and he starts to give one thrust.. then another. rolling his hips with a strong bucking motion.
[7/1/14, 3:29:22 AM]  every sensation she could feel from you, you could feel from her. this tight mechanical well of hers seemed to be full of the same neural feedback emitters you had heard of spoken in whispers by other fellow humans who may have dared to do such things..
[7/1/14, 3:31:25 AM] Han: knitting his eyebrows and blushing red.. never having dreamed he’d experience such a pleasure and honor. thrusting faster now as his body gets into this rocking and rolling. Moaning a little louder as the tight walls bring sensations he’s never had.
[7/1/14, 3:31:37 AM]  mecha dendrites caressed your body bait erratically — the pleasure in her air frame building. her prop begins to spin a little more and she growls . “faster sweet pilot, faster.”
[7/1/14, 3:33:26 AM]  like the toes clenching on an enraptured lover, her air brakes open and splay out. she cries out, her mouth open and her prop moving at full speed
[7/1/14, 3:34:43 AM] Han: he doesn’t even have the breath to speak as he thrusts hard and fast.. pressing himself as hard as he can against her underside as he feels himself peaking..
[7/1/14, 3:35:59 AM] Han: “Guh!” blushing red with how he sounds as his shaft throbs hotter with its orgasm.. spurting out a fair sized human load.. perhaps a tablespoon.
[7/1/14, 3:36:42 AM] : her whole body lurches and you hear the creaking of streighning metal and squeak of suspension.
[7/1/14, 3:36:51 AM]  one- two-
[7/1/14, 3:37:21 AM]  three rolls of her airframe into your climaxing member and she cries out in pleasure .. ahhh~~ ahhhh~~
[7/1/14, 3:37:38 AM]  ;;a long, joyful airplane orgasm ;;
[7/1/14, 3:38:20 AM]  you see her shiver and rock her head and nose quickly two and fro before cutting her engines and sputtering out
[7/1/14, 3:38:55 AM]  ;;laying her head against tool boxes and whatever else. gasping through her intakes and dripping with condensation;;
[7/1/14, 3:39:44 AM] Han: his glorious peak ends a little ways into her own.. human afterall. not the longest of endurance. But even after he orgasmed.. his shaft was still plenty hard. “Gnng.. s..sweetie.. y..your voice is so loud.. I.. I was afraid you would have buckled atop me..” he says while rubbing her belly even more
[7/1/14, 3:40:39 AM]  she remains still for a minute- long enough to feel you emptily every last bit out your heat into her.. before she reluctantly releases her grip on your still hard cock
[7/1/14, 3:41:42 AM]  no longer embarrassed , but drunk with pleasure she pulls you up against her belly and slums the debts of your mouth again with yet another airplane kiss
[7/1/14, 3:41:53 AM]  and then lets you breathe
[7/1/14, 3:43:00 AM]  you could see her eyes in a half closed or half open daze as she raised her frame up off the ground in a perfect upright position.
[7/1/14, 3:43:14 AM] Han: Rubs more around her side as she pulls him up again.. kissing just to leave him wiggling a bit till he gasps down a breath of air. “Nng~?!” exhales and breaths. “Ma’am. Do please tell me… are you feeling better? Are you okay?” Reaching out and attempting to stroke her cheek.
[7/1/14, 3:45:48 AM]  ;she smiles and giggles bait;; y-yes I’m alright. thank you pilot. i suppose, the man, normally rides the machine but this time.. it was different.
[7/1/14, 3:46:18 AM]  i got to.. ride you. ;;she licked her lips and closed her eyes;;
[7/1/14, 3:46:42 AM] Han: he does give a shy grin seeing her glow in the aftermath.
[7/1/14, 3:46:59 AM]  ;;your nude body as pulled to your feet and gently as you were set down;;
[7/1/14, 3:47:52 AM] Han: “Different is never bad ma’am.” getting his balance back once the dendrites let him go, able to pull his pants up as his shaft was now soft and dripping a little of the aircrafts ‘nectar’.
[7/1/14, 3:48:05 AM]  She caught a glimpse of your clothes that were so haphazardly kicked to the side. And thought that maybe this would be too much effort to dress again.
[7/1/14, 3:48:25 AM]  She whispers ‘you could stay..’ ;;her tail flaps curling;;
[7/1/14, 3:48:58 AM] Han: He looks around, only in his pants. “I think I will stay here. with you. Its already so late.”
[7/1/14, 3:48:59 AM] But if you can’t– don’t forget me. ..
[7/1/14, 3:49:54 AM] Han: “I don’t think I can ever forget the sound of your voice. so soft and kind. Even if you shared it for a little.”
[7/1/14, 3:49:58 AM]  In one joyous motion, a manipulator arm wraps around your waste and she buries part of her eyes in your chest;;

thank you.. pilot..

[7/1/14, 3:51:09 AM] Han: He gives one short ‘meep, another useless noise he’s learned as she presses her face to his chest. “Oh oh~ its okay sweetie, its okay.”

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“Operation LUSTY”

Operation LUSTY”

<Advanced Landing Ground ‘R-71’ – formerly Lechfeld Air Base

<Lagenlechfeld, Germany

<May 29th, 1945

Kenneth Novacek climbed out of the C-47 Skytrain’s cargo bay and down onto the battered tarmac, carefully hefting his aviator’s bag over his shoulder. The War in Europe had officially ended three weeks ago, with the Nazis finally surrendering unconditionally to the Allies on May 8th. Hitler had blown his twisted brains out while the Soviets pummeled Berlin into the ground, and the entire western half of Germany was firmly occupied by the armies of the United States, Great Britain, Canada and France. Judgment would come to those responsible for perpetrating the deadliest war in history, but Kenneth wouldn’t be part of that messy process. Instead he was part of an operation that he believed was just as crucial: Operation LUSTY – the United States Army Air Forces effort to secure and study German aeronautical advancements and technology.

For most of the war, the Germans had been embarrassingly ahead of the curve in weapons technology, and air power had been the real game changer. Air power had allowed the Wehrmacht to sweep through Poland and France with ease. It had been air power had almost broken the back of the British Islands, and just last month American air power had sank the largest battleship to ever float. Eventually the Allies designed fighters which could fly higher, faster and were more heavily armed and armored than what the Axis could field against them, but Nazi engineers kept cranking out advanced technology even as the Combined Bomber Offensive pounded Germany into submission. Cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, radio-guided bombs, jet and rocket-powered aircraft… Only a lack of fuel due to heavy Allied bombings kept the bulk of them on the ground.

Kenneth looked around at the sprawl of devastation and whistled long and low. There wasn’t much left to call Lechfeld an airfield anymore. Allied bombers had reduced it and the nearby Messerschmitt factory to rubble shortly before the U.S. Army had captured the area at the beginning of May. There were plans to reconstruct the base for American use in the continued invasion of Nazi Germany, but those plans were promptly shelved once the Germans capitulated a few days later. However, the Army Air Forces Intelligence Service was very interested in the discovery that was made at Lechfeld. Within a week of the war’s end, a man had been sent to train pilots and crew chiefs to fly and maintain the apex of the Reich’s aeronautical technology.

Kenneth walked towards what had once been a line of eight hangars. Now only one remained intact. Junked aircraft littered the airfield, with mechanics trying to scrounge together enough unbroken parts to make other aircraft functional. Temporary structures had been built, and the runway patched so that planes could fly in and out, something that was going to be very important in the next couple of weeks. His briefing said that the first pilot that had been sent found thirty-something aircraft on and around the airfield, most of them damaged or rigged for destruction by the retreating Germans. Others had been damaged by approaching U.S. soldiers or by civilians trying to salvage something to sell. But there was one plane that, while not damaged, no one knew how to deal with. Which is why he’d been summoned by Colonel Harold Watson to fly out to Lechfield at once.

Even though Lechfeld been bombed out over a month ago, Kenneth could still smell the cloud of scorched metal and burnt aviation fuel still hanging over the area. He tried to imagine the activity that had taken place here in those last desperate months of the war. The last of the Luftwaffe’s pilots scrambling into their planes to try and cut down a few B-17s, with time and fuel running out, and knowing that their efforts were futile. The thought was somewhat aided by a furious tirade of German echoing from the sole surviving hangar. Some nervous looking G.I.s stood guard in front of the structure, armed with Garand rifles and M3 Grease Guns. Rather less inconspicuous was the pair of M16 MGMC half-tracks with quadmount .50 cal turrets pointed inward towards the hangar doors.

Kenneth angled himself towards them and approached the soldiers standing guard. A tired and unkempt looking Sergeant – one that looked too young to have earned the rank through experience – took a step towards him, but upon seeing the silver 1Lt. bars on his jacket sketched a rough salute that would have left most officers fuming. “Lieutenant.” He offered before going back to holding the submachine gun in his grip. Kenneth quickly returned the salute and took a step back to study the hangar doors, military formality being far from the first thing on his mind. “We found…her…when we were searchin’ the airfield…” He said, pausing for a moment to scratch at a few days of rough stubble. “I gotta be frank with you, El-Tee. I ain’t seen nothin’ like this before. Y’mind tellin’ me just what’s goin’ on here?”

‘No, I’ll bet you haven’t…’ Was Kenneth’s unspoken thought. He took off his garrison cap and tucked it under his arm. “Who found her first, Sergeant?” He asked, ignoring the man’s question. As far as this was concerned, whatever was in this hangar was classified Top Secret. He looked among the faces of the other soldiers to see if the man was amongst them. The Sergeant, slightly annoyed that his inquiry had been brushed off, shook his head and gestured somewhere beyond the airfield.

“That’d be Corporal Schuyler, and he ain’t here, he’s uhh…restin’ and recuperatin’, Sir.” The man snorted, knowing exactly what the young Corporal was likely getting up to. There were a lot of desperate fräuleins around these parts who’d do anything you wanted in exchange for a pack of Luckies or a chocolate bar. But at Kenneth’s nonplussed expression the Sergeant’s smirk quickly faded and he explained. “We were expectin’ Germans to be in the hangar, but nothin’ like this.” He gestured briefly to a cluster of large caliber holes in the hangar door. “She tried shootin’ her way out when we got close, but the Krauts musta fucked off without reloadin’ her all the way. She only had like a second’s worth of fire…” He snapped his fingers. “Schuyler was right there when she opened up, though. Straight up pissed himself, he was shakin’ so bad.” The young Sergeant shrugged. “And it ain’t like we’re fightin’ no more. We’re just doin’ occupation duty now that the war’s over. So we sent Schuyler out to get his wits back.” The man didn’t say ‘And if you got a problem with it, then fuck you, Sir.’, but the look in his eyes said that he meant it.

Kenneth shrugged off the G.I.’s unspoken insubordination. If Corporal Schuyler was off somewhere getting his ashes hauled, it wasn’t really a concern of his now, was it? Besides, he had more important things to focus on at the moment. The hangar looked like it had been partially damaged from the bomb hits that had leveled the base around it, every window had been blown out, and the entire structure seemed to sag to the side. “Is she safe?”

The Sergeant looked at the Army Air Force officer like he had grown a second head for a moment. Was she safe? Finally, the man shook his head and looked back at the hangar. “Hell if I know, Lieutenant. We ain’t been in there since we secured the airfield. She ain’t fired off any more cannon rounds, and either she’s got no rockets or is smart enough to not use ’em.” He gestured to the pair of half-tracks. “And we told her that there’s enough firepower out here to shred a Panzer. So now she just screams her head off all damn day, which ain’t no real treat either.” The Sergeant scowled openly now. “And as much as you flyboys are all over this Buck Rogers stuff, I’m more concerned about keeping my men alive.”

“Thank you, Sergeant. You’ve been most helpful.” Kenneth said quickly, cutting off anything else that the rankled G.I. might have been planning to say. “I would like to ask Corporal Schuyler a few questions when he is finished…recovering from his ordeal. Now, if you’ll excuse me…” He stepped past the Sergeant and walked towards the looming hangar, briefly inspecting the cluster of cannon holes in the door before he opened the smaller, man-sized door and stepped inside. As he turned around to pull the door closed, a woman’s voice growled behind him.

So haben die Amerikaner schließlich schickten ihre Lakaien.” Turning back, Kenneth laid his eyes on the most beautiful aircraft he’d ever seen. The overhead lamps were off due to lack of power, but the daylight streaming in through the shattered windows caught swirling motes of dust, creating an almost ethereal effect inside the hangar. The diffused light played across her sleek fuselage in a shape that appropriately reminded him of a shark. The leading edges of her wings angled back like a knife blade, perfect for cutting through the air, and from beneath each wing hung an engine nacelle. But these engines lacked propellers – they were jets. This was the first operational jet fighter: the Messerschmitt Me 262. And by God, she was beautiful. Even the hated swastika emblazoned high up on her tail couldn’t detract from the allure of such a machine.

A pair of eyes glared daggers at him from beneath the leading edge of her canopy and her mouth, set just behind her forward landing gear, was an angry snarl of razor sharp teeth. A quick check confirmed that she had no rockets mounted under her wings, but that didn’t mean that she still wasn’t dangerous. Any cornered creature could lash out and do damage. “I am not afraid of you, American.” She boasted in German, not aware that Kenneth was relatively fluent in the Deutsch language. “I have shot down several of your so-called ‘Flying Fortresses’ over the Fatherland. I watched them burst into flames and plummet to the ground below! And your Mustang fighters,” She laughed defiantly, “They were so slow! They could not even touch me. And if they could not harm me, American pig, just what can you do?”

Kenneth let her boast as much as she wanted. All the Germanic pride in the world wouldn’t change the fact that her side had lost the war. ‘And to the winners, go the spoils.’ He thought to himself. And what a spoil she was! Reports of the Nazi jet fighter had emerged in April of the previous year, a plane so fast that piston-engined aircraft might as well have been nailed in place. A plane that had come right out of a science fiction serial. It was only in the last few months of the war that the Luftwaffe had really turned the Me 262s loose, and in that time they had managed to damage or shoot down several hundred aircraft. There was nothing in the Allied arsenal that could keep up with them. If the Nazis had more of them sooner, then the war might have gone rather differently. Thank God for that. He also didn’t point out to her that most of the Me 262s destroyed during the war were done so when they were the most vulnerable – on the ground.

Kenneth took off his leather flight jacket and set it onto a nearby tool cart, ignoring the faint twinge in his shoulder. He looked up to meet her eyes and shrugged.“Just what do you expect me to do, hmm?” He asked back with a grin, savoring the split second of surprise that registered on the Me 262’s face when she realized that he could speak German too. To her credit, she recovered quickly and glowered at him again. “I am only here to talk to you, nothing more.”

“Do not speak lies to me, American! I may be your prisoner, but do not expect me to cooperate.”The Messerschmitt jet spoke defiantly, watching him closely as he walked around to view her from the side. Her body was painted a soft blue-gray on the undersides of her wings, engine nacelles and fuselage, while the top half was varying shades of feldgrau camouflage. A white Balkenkreuz was painted boldly on both sides of her fuselage just behind her wings.

“This isn’t an interrogation,” Kenneth said calmly, moving behind the jet to inspect her tail. “The war is over now, and we don’t expect you to know where the Luftwaffe was developing aircraft. You are just a soldier, after a-” The Messerschmitt abruptly slammed her tail end against the ground, a sharp bang of metal against concrete that made Kenneth wince. Not because of the volume, but because she might damage herself.

“You get away from there!” She screamed. “Right now!” Beneath the rage, Kenneth caught the edge of fear in her voice and backed away from her tail, understanding some of her defensiveness now. “I am not one of those human women, whoring themselves to you in exchange for a sweet word and some food!” The jet shouted at him, her voice almost painfully loud inside the confines of the hangar. “They may betray their oath to the Fatherland for candies or cigarettes, American, but I will not!”

Kenneth walked slowly back in front of the enraged aircraft, making sure that his hands were clearly visible to her. “I am not going to hurt you, okay? I promise.” He made sure to keep his motions nonthreatening as he walked over and picked up a stool, moving it front of her and sitting down on it. “My name is Kenneth. All I would like is to know your name…”

The Messerschmitt continued to stare at him with anger and suspicion but finally, and it seemed with great reluctance, she offered. “Petra.”

Kenneth smiled faintly and nodded. Petra. It was a nice name, and a start. He reached over and grabbed his jacket, pulling out the slightly crumpled box of Lucky Strikes and tapped one into his palm. He slipped the unfiltered cigarette into his mouth, but decided against lighting it. There were too many things in an airplane hangar that could burn with just a few cinders. Instead he just let the cigarette hang there. “What happened to your pilot?” He asked her, and watched a new spark of anger flare in her eyes.

“Cowards!” Petra raged, “All of them are cowards! They ran! We still had ammunition! We still had fuel! We could have still fought! But instead they abandoned me! They wanted to destroy me!” She lifted her wings like a human throwing their arms up. “Grenades! They wanted to put grenades in my engine nacelles!” She shuddered at the thought of it. Kenneth noticed how she had made this a personal affront, using ‘me’ instead of ‘us’. Petra lowered her wings and frowned. “He is probably in one of your prisoner of war camps or he is dead. Or he is in the hands of the Soviets and that is as good as dead.”

Kenneth had to agree with her there. The commies had been making land grabs all over Eastern Europe. Anywhere that they ‘liberated’ from the Germans seemed to be fast turning into good little Red territories. And he knew that there were more than a few American aircrews being ‘interned’ at Russian camps after crash landing in Soviet territory. One of these days, he was sure, there was going to be a showdown with the Soviet Union. He couldn’t see a way around that. But that was neither here or now, and information that they gleaned from aircraft like Petra and her fellow Me 262s would help put America in the lead in that future, hypothetical conflict. “When was the last time that you flew?”

“Ohh…” Petra’s icy eyes grew distant, almost dreamy as she recalled the pleasant memory. “It was in March…” She said, “One of your bomber swarms, over Berlin. It was at the extreme edge of my combat range, but oh how my engines sang that day!” Her control surfaces moved slightly as she relived the experience in her head. “There were thirty-seven of us, the most jet aircraft ever assembled for a single sortie! We approached the swarm from the side and opened up with a salvo of Orkan rockets, and then closed to use cannons.” Kenneth noticed a faint whistling sound, and realized that Petra’s turbojet engines had spooled up slightly, sucking in air through the intakes. “I did not have long over the battlefield, I would have to return to base to refuel, but I made my attack run on a Flying Fortress. I looped up far behind him,” Her engines whined louder, and Kenneth smelled a faint kerosene-like odor in the air, “Then I swept down past the interceptors until I was below the bomber, and a little over a kilometer behind. I pulled up sharply, and he was there! I could not miss! I-”

Petra stopped her recollection in mid-sentence, suddenly realizing just what side of the war the man she was talking to had been on. To Kenneth’s surprise, Petra looked genuinely embarrassed with herself. Even more surprising was that she apologized. “I’m…sorry. Did you know any of them?” She asked, her breath slightly ragged. Her engines spooled back down, but that faint kerosene smell remained.

For the first time Kenneth noticed the pair of stubby, metallic hands that had emerged from a spot between her landing gear and were wringing together nervously beneath her fuselage. ‘Just like Anne’s.’ He mused, fondly recalling the P-40 Warhawk that had first opened herself up to him over the lonely sands of North Africa. That had been his first encounter with a living machine, but it had not been his last. Somehow, the machines seemed to know of one had bore witness to one of their kind, but Petra was the only one he had seen though that didn’t try and hide it from everybody. He shook his head gently and looked the flustered jet in the eyes. “No, I didn’t know any of them.” He said, “I flew fighters, not bombers. North Africa, Italy, and Normandy campaigns.” And by the time of the raid she had just described – which had claimed twelve bombers and a fighter, the most successful strike by Me 262s to that date – Kenneth had been working with Colonel Watson’s Team One, trying to locate the planes on the elusive ‘Black List’.

“What will happen to me now?” Petra asked him quietly, all arrogance and pride suddenly gone from her voice. This was a woman who was scared of what the future held in store. “I do not want to be a trophy of war…the sky is all I have left!” Petra wavered for a moment, her pride warring against her desires, and then she cast herself over the edge. “Please, Kenneth, I must fly!”

Kenneth rocked back slightly on the stool, a little stunned by the desperation in her voice. But could he blame her? To be the culmination of years of technological development, able to fly faster than any other plane out there, gifted with the unique feature of sentience and intelligence, and then to be told that you could no longer do what you were built to do…yes, he would be desperate too. He had been that desperate, when the the docs told him that the injuries sustained in his crash landing would prevent him from flying in combat again. He knew that his motivations had been selfish, to make it this close to the finish and be told he was out of the race…but to no longer be able to push himself to those limits? To not feel that kind of freedom…?

To Hell with it…Kenneth grabbed the lighter from his jacket and lit the cigarette still dangling from his lips. He drew in a breath of smooth smoke and exhaled it. “The Army Air Force is going to ship you back to the United States, and there is nothing I could say or do to change that…” He told her honestly, and watched her eyes sink to the floor.

“I guess that is your right as the conquerors…” Petra interrupted with bitter sadness in her voice. Kenneth lifted his hand to tell her there was more to what he had to say.

“But you’re not going to wind up in a museum or on Hap Arnold’s front lawn…at least not for some time.” He continued. “I know for a fact that they’ll want to fly you as much as possible, to see how you perform in flight. They’re also going to want to see how you stack up against the jet fighters that the United States and Great Britain are developing…” Petra’s eyes widened slightly, her gaze sweeping up towards his. “The British have the Gloster Meteor, and the U.S. just put the P-80 Shooting Star into service. I think the Brits even managed to shoot down a couple of Arado jet bombers with theirs…”

Petra was unable to contain the feeling of joy that swelled inside her airframe. To be able to fly again, and better, to fly against other jets, aircraft that could actually prove a challenge in a dogfight… The thought made her turbines spool up again, her eyes fluttering shut as that kerosene smell rose in the air. To push herself to her utter limits again, to feel that thrill of soaring higher than the angels…she let out a slight gasp, her eyes snapping back open as a familiar electric tingle raced through her. A few silvery drops of excitement oozed from a slit on the underside of her fuselage, rolling down the metal and dripping onto the floor. She stared at the American sitting across from her, swallowing dryly. Her engines whined, the exhaust quickly warming the air inside the battered hangar. “A-and you promise that this is what will happen?”

“I promise.” Kenneth nodded, smiling. “That’s why they sent me here, to see if I could explain the situation to you. None of them have seen a living machine before, they didn’t know what to do with you.” He explained, observing her parted lips and her slightly dilated eyes, and knowing what it meant. Even that sharp avgas smell was growing pleasant to his nose…if not slightly overpowering. But it was getting a little stuffy inside the hangar and he reached up and loosened his tie and collar slightly.“So, what do you say, Petra? Will you work with us?”

Petra was a proud aircraft, but even German pride had its limits. She had not flown in months. For her, that was a torture beyond compare. And now the skies were open to her again! She could almost feel the wind under her wings again… Practically drunk with excitement, she saw Kenneth loosening his top and felt a surge of lust well up inside her. “Yes, yes! I will work with you, Kenneth!” She growled, extending a pair of flexible, metallic tendrils from the same port as her ‘hands’. They snaked across the floor towards the American and curled around his legs before literally dragging him towards her.

Kenneth just barely managed to keep his balance as he was dragged bodily towards the Messerschmitt, having to throw out his arms to steady himself. The muscles in his injured shoulder stabbed knifes down his arm and across his back, but he grit his teeth and bore the pain. Petra’s eyes were locked on his as though her were a target in her gunsights, and he felt her hot breath washing over him as she pulled him practically against her nosecone. He grinned and tilted his head back to place a kiss right on the underside of her nose, placing his hands on her fuselage and feeling the heat radiating from the metal. The vibrations of her engines transmitted through her body and into his. “I thought you said you weren’t the kind to sell yourself…” He remarked, but couldn’t help the grin that formed on his face. Petra shot him a glare even as one of her metallic hands began clawing at his uniform.

Not for candy and cigarettes, American.” She reminded him breathlessly, “But you offered me my life and my freedom back…so shut up before I change my mind…” Kenneth prudently fell silent, letting his hand come down from her nose and close around hers. He ran his fingers around her metal ones, before reaching up to pull the knot out of his tie, tossing the garment over onto his jacket. Her hand went to his belt and was quickly joined by the second, deftly undoing the buckle. He pulled his shirt free from his slacks and started to unbutton it, feeling his erection rising beneath those dextrous manipulators. Petra fondled the bulge and nodded appreciatively, but she couldn’t help but make a jab at his expense. “Hmm…not as big as Gunther’s, but let’s see if you can’t handle the the Luftwaffe’s best, American.” She teased.

“Oh, I can handle anything you can throw at me.” Kenneth finished unbuttoning his shirt and Petra’s hands left his groin and ran over his abs, spreading his shirt open as she felt the muscles there, moving up to his pecs. She pulled his shirt off and tossed it somewhere as she continued to explore his flesh. The hands lingered for a moment on the rough patch of skin on his shoulder, before they slid down his arms and to his hands again. Kenneth grinned and gently eased out of her grasp, tracing his hand along her airframe as he walked around her again. As before, she watched him closely, but with a different sort of fire burning in her eyes. Her lips were parted as she panted softly, her fuselage creaking slightly as the Messerschmitt practically wriggled with anticipation.

As he approached her tail again, Petra lifted it up and spread her rear tires apart, leaning forward so that her nosecone almost touched the ground, displaying herself for him. She glanced back over her wings and grinned. Kenneth could see the slit that had become noticeable just in front of the Balkenkreuz, a seam in her fuselage about a foot in length, with silvery, mercury-like fluid glistening around the edges. A cluster of those metallic tendrils emerged from beneath her quivering body, curling towards him. “What do you think, hmm?” She asked coyly. “German engineering at its finest.”

Kenneth strongly doubted that engineering had anything to do with it, but he took a few steps forward and placed his hands along the heated edges of the slit. A shudder rolled through Petra’s airframe, her engines coughing lightly. He spread the edges of her slit with his thumbs, and the trickle of fluid increased, starting to drip down onto the floor and puddle beneath her. He started with his fingers, two of them, sliding them into that strange, semi-metallic port, his fingers and hand rapidly becoming soaked with Petra’s fluids as she clamped down on his digits. She seemed to hunch up at the touch, a moan slipping past her lips, the sound almost lost over the sound of her singing turbojets. He grinned and plied a little deeper, sinking his middle and index fingers in down to the knuckles and spreading them apart. The war slogan ‘V for Victory!’ popped into his head and he almost burst out laughing.

Petra’s hands balled up as she tried to lift her tail even higher, the top of it scraping against the rafters. Kenneth slowly withdrew his fingers and looked at the silvery fluid that coated them for a second, before he used his thumbs to spread the entrance to her slit a little more, enough where he was able to lean in and run his tongue through the channel. Petra howled as her engines screamed, the heat radiating from their exhaust making Kenneth’s skin glisten with sweat. Her fluids dripped down his chin and onto his chest as his tongue explored her again. She tasted like gunmetal and kerosene, but for some reason he’d never understand those two unpleasant tastes were intoxicating coming from her. His whole body tingled as he explored, and there was so much to explore…

“Stop…Kenneth…st-” Petra panted, “…Stop teasing, Ameri…American!” Her tendrils wavered as another flush of heat pulsed through her, before she set to work removing his pants. She didn’t bother with delicacy, simply popping the button open and yanking them and his underwear down to his ankles. One of her tendrils curled around his shaft and began stroking it firmly, the tip of another brushed against his balls. His cock, already erect, throbbed eagerly under her touches. He grinned and tilted his chin up to sink his tongue a little deeper into her, loving how the jet fighter trembled. He felt electrified, the tingling reaching down to his toes and the tips of his fingers as he lapped at her as eagerly as a cat lapping up cream. Petra squirmed and gasped and protested feebly, but she continued jerking him off with her tendrils, the smooth linkage slithering back and forth over his turgid flesh. “I…unnh! T-told you…to sto-ahp!…teasing!” She cried, her eyes squeezed shut as she came closer and closer to a climax. Her engines sputtered as she came close to flaming out.

Kenneth smirked to himself. She wanted him to stop teasing? Very well, he’d stop teasing…with Petra right on the edge. All at once, he pulled his mouth away from that wonderfully smooth seam, a stream of her silvery arousal oozing from his chin. Petra seemed frozen in place, her eyes wide open and her fuselage trembling as her body tried to cope with the sudden cessation of stimulus. Even her engines fell instantly silent, twin gouts of flame flaring from the exhausts as they were suddenly starved of oxygen. Kenneth reached up and wiped his lips, looking down at the bib of fluid that coated his chest. “Is that better, my dear?” He teased.

Petra quivered for a moment and then screamed in a rage, smashing aside the tool cart he had placed his bag and clothing on. “God damn you, you gutless American bastard!” She shrieked with the fury of a woman denied, launching into a hail of obscenities so vile that even Kenneth’s understanding of the German language couldn’t fully comprehend it. The man door to the hangar opened and one of the G.I.s standing guard outside peered in to see what the commotion had been. He blanched when he saw the Luftwaffe jet with her tail hiked obscenely and the Army Air Force officer standing naked and erect behind her, and Petra directed her fury at the intruder. The stunned G.I. withered under the verbal onslaught and slammed the door behind him in a hurry, likely with one hell of a story to tell the guys outside. With the distraction gone, Petra reared on Kenneth again, the tendrils around his dick had stopped moving, and now coiled like a snake about to strike. “Now stop toying around and fuck me! Fuck me, or suffer the consequences!”

Kenneth was still grinning when he reached up to place his hands on the sides of her fuselage. Despite herself, Petra shuddered again. “Kenneth…” She warned, but slowly began lowering her tail when he pulled down. Kenneth eased down under her fuselage, laying down on his back on the warm hangar floor, his erection pointed up towards her. Petra carefully collapsed her rear landing gear until she had settled down on her engines, her hands and tendrils roaming over his body. As much as they both wanted this moment, she was still four tons of aircraft settling down over him. Her metallic hands gripped his shaft and she positioned her slit over his shaft. As soon as she was in place, she dropped her tail and sank down onto him. His shaft plunged into her, her walls instantly squeezing him like a vice, mercury arousal seeping out around it.

Petra cried out happily, throwing her head back until her fuselage was almost bent like a bow. She lifted her tail and plunged it back down onto him, again and again and again. Kenneth was just along for the ride, and befitting of a jet fighter it was the most intense ride of his life. Her engines shrieked, and Petra, already close to a climax when Kenneth had stopped eating her out, quickly reached that edge again. Her hand found his and squeezed it tightly. This time there was no teasing, no stopping. The Luftwaffe’s last victory over the USAAF. Petra’s flaps extended, her engines strained to pull in more and more air, red-hot exhaust searing the pavement directly behind them. There was a moment where the whole world seemed to hold its breath, and then it exploded like a bomb.

She jerked her tail up, her body twitching, eyes open wide as her head thrashed back and forth. Her tail crashed down again, and Kenneth reached up and clamped his hands against her sides. He thrust his hips up into her, and Petra screamed in rapture, fluid gushing from her as she clenched around him. He kept driving his dick in and out of the climaxing jet, feeling his own climax rapidly building. Her engines flamed out again, and Kenneth smelled his hair singe as he held her body against his, giving a few final thrusts before he groaned and blew his load into her. Even though the hot spurts of cum were nearly overpowered by the gush of her orgasm, her needy slit held his seed inside. Finally spent, Petra slumped, her wingtips drooping towards the ground, her tongue hanging out as she panted for breath. Kenneth felt her walls continuing to clench softly around him as the last echoes of her orgasm faded away.

“I think the whole base knows what we were doing…” Kenneth gasped from beneath her. His waist, stomach, and thighs were a mess of silvery fluid, and he was glad he had brought a change of pants because the pair he had been wearing was now a smoldering lump of burnt fabric that had been caught in the blast of one of her jets. Only then did he notice that a few blisters had formed on his arms and that the sides of his body looked like he’d been sunburned. The entire hangar felt as hot as an oven and it was a miracle that the entire building hadn’t gone up around them.

“Oh, they can all go hang…” Petra purred, her eyes half-lidded with satisfaction. “If you are half as good a pilot as you are a lover…” She grinned, slowly lifting herself up off him. Her landing gear trembled unsteadily, but she stood proudly, practically beaming with the afterglow. Her manipulator hands and tendrils scooped Kenneth up and helped him to his feet. He wiped as much of her fluids from his skin as possible before looking around the hangar to try and find a towel or something to finish cleaning up. “Where do you think you are going, American?” Petra asked, quirking a brow in amusement. “I did not say I was finished with you yet…” Her hands trailed up his chest and came to rest on his shoulders. Eagerly, she pulled him back towards her, her eyes blazing brightly.

– – –

The sun was noticeably lower in the sky by the time that Kenneth emerged from the hangar, his legs barely able to support his weight. His uniform was as neat as he could make it, but he’d have to shower as soon as possible and brush his teeth, otherwise someone might wonder why his breath smelled like he had been sucking on an exhaust pipe. It was a different group of soldiers guarding the hangar than the ones who had been there when he arrived, but they all stared at him with a mix of disgust and confusion. None of them said anything to him, which was fine with him. What some G.I.s thought of his actions didn’t matter to him, but his getting results did. And he had gotten results.

“Lieutenant.” A gruff voice interrupted him, and Kenneth spun to see Colonel Harold Watson himself standing nearby. Kenneth snapped to attention and saluted the commanding officer of Operation LUSTY. The Colonel was dressed in his signature leather jacket and white scarf, the man’s bushy eyebrows furrowed together slightly. He returned the salute and Kenneth lowered his arm to his side. The Colonel looked over Kenneth’s slightly disheveled appearance and the corners of his mouth pulled down into a frown. “So, did it have any demands?” He asked. Like most, the Colonel wasn’t ready to accept the reality of living machines. Kenneth wasn’t sure if people would ever be ready.

“Just two, sir.” He answered. “The first is that she is not disassembled by our technicians. It would literally kill her, sir.” Watson’s mouth twitched slightly, but he said nothing. “The second is that I be the one to pilot her until the transfer in Cherbourg.” Kenneth couldn’t help but smile a little bit at the thought. He’d be sure to put her through her paces…and she had promised to show him no mercy either. She had also revealed an interesting tidbit to help sweeten the deal in her favor. “Sir, she did have some information to give us, about another plane, she claimed it was even able to outperform her in a mock dogfight…” He chuckled to himself, that particular bit of information was still a bit of a sore spot for her.

That bit of information seemed to improve the Colonel’s demeanor a little. Watson has been…enthusiastic…about the project ever since it’s inception. Though some found the man arrogant, even egotistical, none could deny that the man didn’t get the job done. And if not for this man’s sway, Kenneth would not have been here. “Well, what did she say? Was the information useful?”

Kenneth looked down at the piece of paper folded under his arm, pulling it out and unfolding it for the Colonel to see. Drawn by Petra’s hand was an aircraft that made even the highly advanced Me 262 look outright contemporary. A boomerang-shaped aircraft with no vertical control surfaces of any kind. A flying wing. Kenneth looked down at the paper, and back up to the Colonel. “I think so, sir. She called it the the Horten 229…”

– – –


– – –

Here we are! My first entry on this website, with plenty more planned to join it! Sorry that it took longer than I had initially planned, but no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy! (The enemy in this case being everyday life.) During the process of writing I came across more and more information about Operation LUSTY (LUftwaffe Secret TechnologY.) and its efforts in the Lechfeld area, and I realized just how inaccurate the earlier parts of the story were. So that required a rewrite of most of the first three pages. However, it’s done now and open for you all!

I would really appreciate any feedback you have to offer. Comments, critiques, any of it! I’m still new to writing erotica solo, especially involving living machines. So, any help will be immensely appreciated!

Thank you all!


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..More drunkie art



+ 6 glasses of champagne.

Also, turns out my cousin is a furry. o.o

Also, I’m going to stop using Russian words and phrases. In almost every pic I am seriously wrong about something when a real Russian person comes along. They inform me of what the word means, and I feel fucking stupid. The latest being that “Fedya” is a male name. tbh, Im keeping it– it sounds female to me. But Im not going to muck around with other languages anymore.

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[7/3/14, 7:57:28 PM] He chooses a female human after flying several thousand miles looking for someone he might like
[7/3/14, 7:59:16 PM]  He might end up somewhere in Canada where it’s cold
[7/3/14, 7:59:35 PM]  The arboreal Forrest boarders
[7/3/14, 8:00:04 PM] Han: quite a cold place indeed
[7/3/14, 8:00:15 PM]  If I want to be truly romantic, he could see his chosen freezing to death in the snow
[7/3/14, 8:00:35 PM]  Her dog sled destroyed and things scattered about
[7/3/14, 8:00:49 PM]  The sun is going down
[7/3/14, 8:01:38 PM] Han: the knight in shining armor
[7/3/14, 8:01:48 PM]  And death is coming, but so is this mig coming to pull her out of the snow and wrap her in mechadendrites
[7/3/14, 8:04:10 PM] Not quiet a knight, this rescue comes at a price
[7/3/14, 8:04:35 PM] Han: *nod nod*
[7/3/14, 8:06:22 PM] Remember how I told you that machine people have their own morality ?

[7/3/14, 8:07:07 PM] : This is kind of a molestation seduction scenario where a male Swoops in and claims “this is mine”
[7/3/14, 8:07:32 PM] Han: “Hey, I can save you, If.” kind of thing?
[7/3/14, 8:07:41 PM]  Yep
[7/3/14, 8:09:10 PM] Han: cheeky. she had no choice but to accept, or perish in the snow.
[7/3/14, 8:09:21 PM] He wouldn’t let her die, but he also won’t take no for an answer
[7/3/14, 8:10:06 PM]  And like some young dragon hungers to take her back and fuck her over his large pile of gold coins

[7/3/14, 8:12:47 PM] The dire machines they wait, they study, they hunt their potential mates for months., bank accounts, medical records, family history, tax records, social media sites.. Does this girl have a bf? Does she “want” one?
[7/3/14, 8:13:11 PM]  Her secrets.,
[7/3/14, 8:13:30 PM] Han: well lucky dire machines that can get a cell signal out in the canadian mountains XD
[7/3/14, 8:14:04 PM]  she’s from a local small town lol . They have phones there
[7/3/14, 8:15:45 PM] Anyway all this leading up to the moment where the machine caresses her ice cold body with warm manipulators and whispers a growl into her ear to “open her legs”
[7/3/14, 8:17:55 PM] Han: she was reluctant I’d guess
[7/3/14, 8:18:18 PM] He thinks deep down, almost desperately, that if he could give her great pleasure she would be more receptive to his wishes
[7/3/14, 8:20:16 PM] Han: well he’s on a close track of thought
[7/3/14, 8:20:39 PM]  Like “I’m incredibly strong, I’m very powerful, I’m warm, and I can make you feel good deep down in the core of your bones.. Please choose me..”
[7/3/14, 8:21:23 PM] Han: seeing the present. she chose him then
[7/3/14, 8:21:52 PM]  He speaks with a low voice trailing in a predatory growl., a thick Russian accent
[7/3/14, 8:22:44 PM] Han: how sensual~ though for the female she must not have been super impressed, her life was on the line

[7/3/14, 8:29:01 PM]  I think the woman was willing to do anything she could to get warm
[7/3/14, 8:30:46 PM]  This mig moved incredibly fast though, and he was already between her legs and deep inside her before he offered her “what humans call hot soup?”
[7/3/14, 8:31:09 PM]  I think since he’s Russian he calls all soup borscht
[7/3/14, 8:33:01 PM]  “:growls: We maek laove, you get warm, Iz Liek date. :toothy grin;;”

[7/3/14, 8:42:37 PM]  the fighter jet is caught up in the moment.. His body terribly excited almost the point of breathing hard through his intakes like Grace was
[7/3/14, 8:43:00 PM]  the first physical contact he’s ever had
[7/3/14, 8:43:31 PM] Han: Mmm~ his sensors must have been going wild by then.
[7/3/14, 8:43:54 PM]  Every thrust he listens close for a moan, and indication of enjoyment, anything..
[7/3/14, 8:44:41 PM]  Warming her up with thick dripping Precum oozing out of her
[7/3/14, 8:45:08 PM] Han: <3 I know what that’s like..
[7/3/14, 8:47:39 PM]  Many humans would call this rape.., but Dire machines don’t have a word or meaning behind this.. It’s just choosing your mate with haste
[7/3/14, 8:48:06 PM]  They don’t do things for reasons of lust
[7/3/14, 8:49:08 PM]  They do lustfull actions for reasons of maximum satisfactions.., but they don’t really know lust in the same sense
[7/3/14, 8:49:27 PM]  There’s too many reasons behind everything

[7/3/14, 8:50:54 PM] Han: each reason to their own
[7/3/14, 8:52:03 PM] : The girl becomes more lucid, her belly full of mig Precum and more and more being oozed inside while he holds her 3 feet off the ground in his tendrils
[7/3/14, 8:52:38 PM] Han: off the frozen ground.
[7/3/14, 8:54:05 PM]  Finally she moans. His engine races and he growls with a huge smile “I maek you feel good yes? Feels good?”
[7/3/14, 8:56:03 PM] Han: they are mated for life
[7/3/14, 8:56:45 PM]  You get the feeling he’s deeply in love.. Everything she does makes his cock swell inside her and he fucks her slower till he can hear her moan again
[7/3/14, 8:58:25 PM]  Pressing her thighs up and around his warm airframe , pressing her breasts against his chest, he could almost cry.. It feels soo good
[7/3/14, 8:59:06 PM] Han: eyes right on the verge of rolling back into his head
[7/3/14, 8:59:12 PM] He utters something’s in Russian she can’t understand
[7/3/14, 9:03:21 PM] Han: Cuz he’s Russian like that.
[7/3/14, 9:03:31 PM] Han: Always muttering something
[7/3/14, 9:05:34 PM]  “I hev saved you from cold, now I will maek us cum together” :he growls and smiles and slides her back and forth against him.
[7/3/14, 9:06:20 PM]  He’s just about drooling between each Russian word unable to contain himself
[7/3/14, 9:07:09 PM] Han: *chuckles* the big Russian bird, brought to his gear by sex

[7/3/14, 9:11:54 PM]  every thrust inside her, he’s mapping out her nerve endings and spots for stimulation. His dendrites snaking up her back looking for zones of sensitivity
[7/3/14, 9:12:19 PM] Han: He could at least move her as well to a more secure location. like a cave
[7/3/14, 9:12:29 PM] Han: while still sexing and feeling her up. mapping her
[7/3/14, 9:13:27 PM]  Lol he has no shame
[7/3/14, 9:13:48 PM]  He’s a bit of a monster

[7/3/14, 9:21:06 PM]  Despite the fact this young woman has been molested , he can tell that she like what she feels
[7/3/14, 9:21:25 PM]  And this war bird too would love to be a daddy
[7/3/14, 9:21:38 PM] Han: well. its not molestation if both parties enjoyed it~
[7/3/14, 9:23:37 PM]  Finally she cums even if a bit Weakly , the mig ( Duke Mikhail )
[7/3/14, 9:25:39 PM]  He arches his air frame and fucking screams . Driving his nose cone into the snow and tree stumps writhing and cumming powerfully . All you can hear is him and his engine screaming
[7/3/14, 9:26:02 PM] Dears and wolves and birds get the fuck away from them

[7/3/14, 9:29:05 PM]  When he regains his composure you can see a huge mig shaped indentation in the snow from all the heat he gave off
[7/3/14, 9:29:20 PM] Han: *fans himself* oh my.
[7/3/14, 9:30:18 PM] He cranes his neck over to see her face, to look into her eyes and come face to face with what he had done to her
[7/3/14, 9:30:39 PM]  She’s still suspended off the ground And he’s got slush dripping down his face from going head first into a snow bank
[7/3/14, 9:32:06 PM] Han: Yeah. he’s still so romantic.
[7/3/14, 9:32:36 PM]  “I maek you happy nyet?”
[7/3/14, 9:35:36 PM]  It’s very dark, she can’t see his nose very well even though he sees her just fine . He could slide her up his belly but he’s throbbing inside her, holding some of his this jet load inside her . She’s still so tight and throbbing around him too.. He fucking loathes to move her.,
[7/3/14, 9:36:44 PM] Han: not wanting to break that little bond there
[7/3/14, 9:38:25 PM]  She utters to his surprise and joy, “t-thank you mr. Jet. For saving me me – that felt, really good. She turns her head in shame
[7/3/14, 9:38:43 PM] Han: she loves it. *giggles with a grin*
[7/3/14, 9:41:44 PM] :without another word one of his tendrils grabs her chin, and he slides her whole body up his air frame to his face. His throbbing machine cock burning and unhappy from the sudden introduction to the cold. he pushes her lips open and pushes his Russian mig tongue into her mouth and tongue-fucks her for a few seconds
[7/3/14, 9:43:00 PM] Han: *watches from his ghost vantage point* I never knew we could see into the past.
[7/3/14, 9:44:27 PM] Scene changes and she’s half naked in a hangar somewhere next to a trash can fire with a blanket over her and a mug of hot soup. He’s growling and laughing and telling stories of his 3 thousand mile flight. “I hev even faught bear with my tail! Iz good!” Jyahaha~
[7/3/14, 9:45:49 PM] “I waz caerfull not to use mizzile tho!”
[7/3/14, 9:46:28 PM] Han: *”Well that missile would have ended badly”*
[7/3/14, 9:47:28 PM]  she’s not gonna be able to get rid of this guy xD
[7/3/14, 9:47:52 PM] Han: never now.
[7/3/14, 9:47:55 PM] Han: He knows her scent.
[7/3/14, 9:48:48 PM]  Russians are like wolves, they totally love their reputation as being bad guys not to be messed with
[7/3/14, 9:49:15 PM]  And this mig is growley and full of toothy smiles
[7/3/14, 9:51:35 PM] “Russian mig iz smart! Soup full of carbs, make female sleepy, can give good pleazures again soon.” >; ]
[7/3/14, 9:51:46 PM] Han: Toothy smiles can get a mig into any club I hear

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