Vadik III

Ratbat asked for more Vadik and “Ask and thou shalt receive”.


Vadik III

The large, opaque glass doors slid open into a spacious office at the top of the Headquarters building. Vadik rolled across the empty marble floor toward the far end of the room. It wasn’t his first time on the executive level but the magnitude still astonished him. The mostly empty office was massive, large enough for an attack helicopter to maneuver within its confines. He tried to move as quietly as possible as he approached the desk at the end of the room, keeping his engine at as low as he could while still moving. He was anxious, he never asked anything of his boss.

“Good morning, sir” Vadik said courteously as he came to a stop a meter form the desk. The man behind the desk looked up from his work, seeing the familiar face of the BRDM-2. “Good morning Vadik, what can I do for you?”

“Sir, I was hoping you would allow Kathy and myself to take some leave over holidays. Just for few weeks so we could take vacation.”

“Of course” the man replied “Take as much time as you want. Have you decided where?”

“Not yet, but I have few ideas”

“Allow me to make a suggestion. Take her to the Bahamas. I have a machine friendly beach house a couple hours outside of Nassau. Totally isolated stretch of private beach. It’s yours for as long as you want.” He looked at his computer “You can take Eagle 2”

“Thank you sir. That would be very nice”

“You two have a good time, it’s beautiful there this time of year. It’s beautiful there the year round to be honest.”

Kathy packed her things and put them in his crew compartment and they set out for the airstrip. Eagle 2 was the second of two planes used by [REDACTED] as a personal means of transportation. Vadik was always astonished by the size of the repurposed Antonov AN-225. It had been refit and modernized from its previous role as a heavy cargo plane to suit its new role.

Vadik rolled up the ramp into the cargo hold of the plane. The interior of the hold looked like the interior of a mansion. Red carped floors, oak wall paneling and at the front very posh living quarters, a bed, shower, couches, tv, dining area, the works and that was only the back half.

It was a very comfortable five and a half hour flight before they reached Nassau. The sun was warm and inviting as he rolled onto the tarmac. This felt right to him, this would be the vacation he wanted for her.

It was a gorgeous drive down the Caribbean coast. It hardly felt like 3 hours when they arrived at the isolated private beach house.

“What do you think” Kat said showing off the smallest bikini Vadik had ever seen. He couldn’t believe this beauty was all his. He couldn’t even think of anything to say but, to her, his smile said everything.

“What do you say we check out this private beach” She said, walking toward the large back door.

The doors opened to a stretch of white sand that eventually gave way to a sapphire blue ocean. The waters were calm and gentle warn breeze blew across the shore.

“Vadik, isn’t this beautiful?”

“Da, is very beautiful” he replied, not looking at the beach but at her nearly naked body. Since meeting him, her conservative attire had given way to cloths that better shown the figure she had hidden for all those years.

She grabbed a beach towel from a shelf and turned to him “Are you coming or not?”

Smiling, he followed her across the patio and down the ramp that led to the beach. Kat giggled as she felt the sand between her toes. It had been decades since Vadik had felt sand in his treads, but that was a long way from a beach and far from a vacation.

Kat looked up and down the beach. There was not a person or building for miles, just palm trees and sand, this beach was all theirs. Reaching a point halfway between the house and the water she flattened out the towel on the sand but did not lay down, instead she walked up to him and placed a hand on his side. He was as warm as the sand under her feet. Slowly she ran her fingers along his side, feeling the roughness of the crude Russian paint. She had no doubt he had been painted and repainted many times before. She continued until she reached his face, resting her hand on his angular nose, looking into his eyes.

“What are you waiting for big boy” she said, smiling seductively at her big armored vehicle.

A pair of manipulator hands extended around her back, carefully untying the knot at holding her bikini top on. She had just put it on and it was already coming off. The tiny piece of fabric and string fell to the sand. She pressed her bare breasts against his armored face. The warmth felt good against the tender tissue. Vadik brought one of his tendrils and gently stroked it across her cheek. He loved the feeling of her smooth soft skin.

Taking the small tendril in her hand she put it to her lips and ran her tongue along its surface until reaching the tip. She could feel the rumble of his engine in response to the stimulation.

Running the tendril down her body, across her soft skin, she pressed the small appendage to her crotch. Getting the point the tendril pulled the small strip of fabric to the side. The tip began rubbing itself against the lips of her pussy, another joining in to massage her clit. She could hardly stand what this big Russian was doing to her. She felt her legs get weak, about to give way to the sensation. A large pair of mechanical hands extended from his undercarriage and wrapped themselves around her torso holding her up while the tendrils stripped away the bikini bottom. The tendrils moved under her, spreading her legs and lifting her in a reclined position.

He positioned her so her breasts rested on the nose of his hull and her waist was right at his mouth. Slowly he expended his big gray tongue. It was too broad to penetrate her so he just lapped at her pussy, wetting it with thick gray saliva. He loved the taste of her human juices that flowed from her aroused pussy, to him it meant she was pleasured by him.

She squirmed and moaned as he used the tip to flick and play with her clit, stimulating the sensitive nerves. She gripped his headlight mounts with all her might as the sensations of his soft tongue rubbing against her delicate female parts took her.

She was so painfully turned on as he lay her down on the towel. She lay back as the sun disappeared, watching as the parts and mechanics that drove him passed over her. She smiled as she caressed the thick hard shaft resting on in the valley between her breasts, feeling the heat and the weight of his aroused cock. It was massive, it had been painful to fit this machine in the beginning, but with time she had come to love its feeling. Wrapping both hands around his cock she began stroking up and down its length, going all the way from the base of his ribbed shaft to his head. Feeling the hot pre begin to drip onto her chest she licked the remainder off the tip and took his entire head into her mouth and began sucking. Vadik couldn’t believe all the things she could do with her tongue. It massaged the underside of his head as she worked his length with her hands, pulling his cock as deep into her mouth as she could. Her lips slurping and sipping at his impossibly hard cock.

She removed his head from her mouth, a string of his goo sticking to her lips, gray machine seed running down her chin and between her tits. Taking both hands she slathered the thick paste between her breasts. Her hands sticky and soiled with his fluids she took his cock between her boobs she pressed them together and began arching her back, running her soft tits up and down his shaft. Steaming globs fell from his tip onto her throat and chin as her breasts stimulated him.

“How’s this? You like?”

“D-da” He couldn’t even finish a sentence and broke down into unintelligible Russian as he shuddered on his suspension.

“Calm down my love not yet… Calm down…”

She considered letting him just cum in her mouth. She wanted that sensation of his hot seed surging from him, filling her mouth and running down her throat. She wasn’t ready for him to cum yet though, this was just beginning.

“Alright Vadik” she said, releasing him from her grasp “lift a little”

He lifted on his suspension a few more inches. Kat rolled over underneath him putting her face on her crossed arms and raised her ass in the air. Taking one hand she guided his cock to the slit between her legs feeling the big hot tip against her tight, soft opening. His head brushed against her clit and wet lips like a delicate paintbrush, making her quiver, hungering to have his cock inside her. She felt the rumble of his engine against her back as he inched forward, his head breaking the surface and entering her throbbing pussy.

She lets out a hiss as she feels it start to slide in. It was still a bit painful as he stretched the edges of her opening. Sensing this he pulls out again and spurts another fat pearl of machine pre and brushes it against the lips of her pussy. She bites her lip, begging him to penetrate her fully, go deep inside her. Tendrils pull her luscious ass cheeks apart, making the entrance much more welcoming as he prepares to push into her again.

She moaned at the feeling of this monster as he plunges his thick cock into her, moving deeper and deeper as his all-terrain tires inched him forward. He paused as he reached the full depth, globs of pre squirting in to her. He loved the feeling of being buried deep in this human, revving his engine with joy. Gently he ran a manipulator hand through her soft brown hair as the two large mechanical hands again wrapped themselves around her waist and hiked her ass up against his belly. His engine revved as he pulled back. She readied herself to be ravaged by this war machine.

Rolling forward he pushed into her again, feeling her tight pussy wrapped around his cock made him tremble with pleasure. He withdrew and again thrust deep into her, more and more pre being deposited each time. The pre inside her began to add up and eventually began getting forced out like a plunger in a tube making wet squelching noises as he began to pace his thrusts into her quivering hole.

She braced as much as she could but couldn’t fight the 8 tons of soviet steel pounding her. Her body was jolted with the force of his love making but she loved it. His axle smacking against her ass, undercarriage rubbing against her back, it was a wild rollercoaster she never wanted to get off of. Eventually she gave in and let out a loud long moan.

“Nnnnh aaaah, oh my god” she moaned, muffled by her palm as his this armored car fucked her uncontrollably.

Vadik couldn’t help grunting and groaning as he fucked her, feeling himself getting harder inside her. The sex with her was so good he could hardly believe he had something like her. Her moans of pleasure only served to heighten the sensation of their intercourse. He was happy he could please his human so much.

“You enjoy this armored body don’t you? You like heavy Russian vehicle cock inside you? Say it- say it human” his powerful engine rumbled with pleasure. Using his large hands he pulled her off and rolled her over, maybe a new position would expend their pleasure. Excess juices squeeze and trickle from her cunt clinging in sticky ropes all over her thighs and ass.

Two tendrils spread her lips to allow his cock to enter her again, he lowered himself back down, pushing all the way into her. He continued thrusting into her, using his suspension now to provide the motion she so desired. She grabbed hold of his undercarriage, licking him, tasting his metal underbelly.

It was hard for him to resist cumming, he wanted to give this to her for as long as possible but eventually it became too much. His engine revved higher and higher with each pump. He could tell she to was about to cum. Hoping to heighten her climax he deployed a manipulator hand to knead and massage her clit, making her squirm even more in the sand, her toes curling, clenching fistfuls of sand.

He gritted his teeth, thrusting as fast as he could into her, his engine redlining as he tried to get just one more. Then, like a river he came inside her. Surges of cum flowed from his cock into her body as he continues riding out the orgasm, his body jolting uncontrollably with each thrust.

Overwhelmed by the feeling, she let out a scream of pleasure as the BRDM filled her up. It kept coming and coming, an impossible amount of the hot silvery liquid flowed into her. Before he was through his cock slipped out of her letting the still gushing appendage flop onto her stomach, its stream squirted all the way up to her chest, making an incredible mess all over her body. Rubbing her hands in the hot machine seed she took the goo and began rubbing it all over her tits, kneading and squeezing her nipples. All the excess seed he had put in her, now free from its confines, flowed from her vagina, soaking the towel and seeping into the sand beneath.

She let out a content sigh as she lay on the warm sand underneath her machine lover. Gently rubbing her hands across his underside. She always enjoyed the afterglow. The high she had from him made it feel like she was floating on a cloud, like there was no one but them on the entire earth.

Carefully he backed off her, dispatching a tendril to help her to her feet. He laughed as he saw what a mess he had made of her but, the smile on her face said she didn’t mind.

“You’re a messy boy Vadik” she said pausing as she looked at the BRDM in front of her “But that’s why I love you” She leaned in and placed a kiss right on his nose. “Now I’ve got to go clean myself off before all the sand sticks to me and a seagull mistakes me for a sugar cookie.”

“Why don’t we just take a swim” A broad smile spread across his face.

“What are you talking about, you’ll sink like a rock”

He laughed, revving his engine, his tires kicking up sand as he took off for the waterline.

He went full speed at the ocean, sending up a spray of water as he hit. She felt a moment of panic but was surprised that rather than sinking straight to the bottom, the armored vehicle floated. A panel on his rear opened revealing a propeller.

“Come in, the water is warm”

She laughed, this was the guy she fell in love with. Having nothing to take off she ran down the beach until the gentle waves rolled over her feet. He was right the water was nice and warm. Slowly she progressed deeper and deeper until her feet no longer touched sand. Vadik was waiting for her about 50 meters out. She was once again all clean, the water had washed away all the mess from their love making.

He helped her climb aboard “you didn’t expect that did you”

“No” she chuckled “No I didn’t.”

She took a seat just behind his headlights and leaned back against the incline of his cabin, allowing her legs to float freely in the water. She lay her head on his roof and gently stroked her fingers across his face.

She lost all sense of time as they floated out on the ocean, waves gently lapping against his hull. This was the vacation they needed.


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Epic APC/FV Medley

BTRYURII don’t plan to draw anymore APC’s anytime soon because most of the ones that I like are super similar in design, Including anything that Stryker makes (tho suppose I could have tried for the Australian Bushmaster tho..) . I settled on yet ANOTHER Russian man, the BTR-90.. and as a consolation prize followed up on Amethystlongcat (the only other artist who draws machine on human porn) for her pic in this rare but awesome 1950’s APC design the Alvis Saracen.

I had felt that nothing could be better then the Vadik pic (BRDM-2) and so, set out one last time to try some post coital massage and afterglow with some big-ass military transport. The Alvis one is definitely pre coital however because Longcat is a huge Slut for machines and a marke’d britishphile (hence the union jack)

I tried to be a little more relaxed, a little more affectionate in this picture, But I wanted this to be more about the machines themselves and their enjoyment (since its usually the girls I focus on). VnzsLOe

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Vadik I

Vadik part 1 * This may be deleted and added to When in russia later*


“Good evening everybody sorry to interrupt but Hangar 15 is celebrating its 10 month annaversary.” Chase said through the mic, the DJ lowering the music so he could speak. “Myself and the machines of Weber field would like to extend out thanks to our military  members for the their service with half off drinks. So enjoy.” He put the mic back and the music resumed.


Vadik was doing as Vadik always did. His english had improved since being in the United States from a hand full of words to the ability to put together basic statements. He again resumed the roll of caretaker of the machines at the field, at the parties he would keep things lively and doing whatever he can to get his machines with a date, trying to involve the timid and hesitant.This meant he would sacrafise his own pleasure to make sure the others had a better chance of finding a human or machine to go home with.


The sun had gone down, but the party was still raging. At the center of the dancee floor was a circle of armored vehicles, jets and helicopters, the humans sitting on their hulls watching the those brave enough to display their dancing skills. The surrounding area was scattered with machines with their potential partners. With the warm evening the party had even spread out onto the runway and surrounding buildings.


Vadik had been doing his rounds, helping around the club when he saw a female standing alone on the outer wall seeming to be trying to blend into the shadows. He would try to enguage her maybe offer a drink then find her a suitable machine for the evening.


She tried to look away as he approached. She didn’t know why she was even here. Her friend had begged her to come along and she eventually broke. She had no interest in machines unlike her friend who had disappeared with a Leopard 2 tank early in the evening leaving her alone in a room full of massive war machines. Honestly they frightened her, missiles, cannons, heavy treads creeking and clanking as they moved about.


“How your night is” he thought a second “is your night” Vadik said trying to make his gruff voice sound as friendly as possible “I hope you’re enjoy party”


She still shyed away cringing a little in fear. He was not as large and frightening as the others but none the less he was a large armored vehicle, bearing massive all terrain tires and a machine gun. “I… I dont know. I think i should leave” she turned and was about to walk away.


“Why do you not stay” Vadik said, trying to fight the urge to speak Russian, his heavy accent making him difficult to understand. She liked it, something felt very comforting about his voice causing her to pause and rethink leaving. She turned back to him, seeing this massive armor plated vehicle she almost lost her nerve again. Then she saw him smiling at her, and those big eyes just seemed to console her. “I don’t know. I don’t think I belong here. My friend is into machines but I dont think I am. I just came because my friend begged me”


“Are you think of trying” he said. She couldn’t explain it but that accent of his, that deep thick Russian accent was enticing her. Something about her seemed to losen up as she looked into his big eyes.


“I don’t think so” He could sense her hesitation. She herself had no plan of hooking up with a machine but at this point she sure could use a friend and so far he was the only one she had ran into that wasn’t clearly trying to end up in bed with her.


“Then you could use tour while you wait? I can keep company” he said a big friendly smile across his face.


For some reason she trusted him and he seemed pleasnat. Not only that but maybe waiting with him would keep all the others from making a pass at her and keep her occupied until her friend got done with whatever she was taking part in. “I suppose”


“Climb up and hang on.” She hesitantly began climbing up, finding the first foothold and reaching for the handhold. She thought she would find the steel cold to the touch but was suprised to find his hull was warm. She placed her other foot on his tire but couldnt manage to pull herself up. She jumped a little as a tendril wrapped around her waist and lifted her the rest of the way up “Allow me to help you” he said setting her down on his roof, her feet hanging off his side. “Hold onto my gun”. She looked to her right and saw the heavy barrel protruding from his turret but was relictant to touch it, she had never even held a pistol before. “Is completely safe, no worry”. She cautiously wrapped her arm around the gun and held on.


Back where the party was still heavy Chase looked over, seeing the girl crawling up Vadik’s side. “Anya check it out, it looks like Vadik found someone.” Chase said pulling a Mig’s tongue from his mouth. Anya was to busy to notice as she was getting friendly with a massive M1A1 Abrams tank. “Good for him” she said through clenched teeth as one of the tank’s tendrils discretely ventured down to her nether regions.


She was weary about going anywhere with him but something felt right about this, his rumbling engine consoled her fears.  He was careful with her on board and took it slow as they drove around the airbase, showing her how much it had grown since it’s founding. She was enjoying it, she even found herself resting her head on his turret as they rolled down the length of the landing strip, watching the lights go by in the warm night air. It seemed to her this night may actually turn out to be an enjoyable one.


“Do you want to see my favorite sight here?” He asked.


She wasn’t sure. She had enjoyed herself so far but what did he want to show her now, what was it he had to ask to show her. She didn’t often take risks in her life, even deciding to eat out was a thoroughly calculated decision.  It felt right though. “sure” she said meekly.


“Alright” he said “Hold on tight”. He picked up the speed and headed for the back gate. They went about half a kilometer down the road then began down a dirt road. “You better get in. The trail ahead does get rather bumpy”. A hatch opened next to her “please be careful”. She crawled through into his armored interior.  It was dimly lit by a couple small lights but the padded seat felt comfortable. A couple of tendrils came through the hatch and gently buckled her in.


He did his best not to jostle her as he traversed the rocks and potholes. This road if it could be called that was impassable to anything other than a robust off road vehicle and to his knowledge known only to him. She could feel the angle tell her they had climbed quite a but by the time they came to a stop. The hatch opened “You can come out now ” he said beconing her out. She crawled out and looked across the scene, the view was spectacular.  She was awe struck as she looked across the landscape. She could see the moon shimmering off the Pacific Ocean to the west about a mile off and to their front she could see the bright colorful lights of the airfield. They sat on a flat clearing at the top of a small hill just on the outskirts of the field. They could faintly hear the sounds of the party in the distance and cars driving up and down the I-5 but nature also made its presence known, crickets chirped and the ocean roared in the distance.


“So what you think” Vadik,  said hoping she would like it.


“This is amazing.” She was blown away by the view. She wasn’t aware these living machines had such a preception of beauty, it truly was serene up here.


“I’m glad” he said slowly inching one of his manipulator claws towards her hand. He hoped this would not scare her off, he hadn’t been this close in years. As it met the palm of her hand he was suprised, she didn’t shy away at all, she wrapped her fingers between his and held him.


“Vadik, I never imagined I would be having this kind of moment with a machine but here we are.” She said looking off into the distance. “I’m glad you brought me up here I don’t really like parties, I prefer the quiet” she paused and placed her face against his turret “like this.” Vadik smiled at this. “I don’t really know if I should” she continued “or even how I would but if you’ll take me, I’ll be yours for the night”.


What was she thinking, offering herself to a vehicle. This wasn’t like her at all, she didn’t even kiss on the first date. She had been without a man for over a year now, it was a nasty break up between her and her former fiancé and she hadn’t sought out love since. It was something about him that just made her happy again.


She carefully crawled down and stood in front of the BRDM his broad smile made her smile, the first time in a long time. “You dont know how glad that makes me” Vadik said. He had set aside his own desires for those of others for far to long. This time this was for him.


She stood with her back to the field in front of him, in his mind this couldnt be more perfect. He could sense she was shy as she pulled off her top. “You have nothing to fear up here, it is just you and I my dear”. He took the garment from her and placed it in his cabin. Next was her skirt and again Vadik took it for safe keeping. She truly was much more beautiful than she gave herself credit for. “Please my darling, keep going”


This wasn’t her at all. She couldn’t believe it, she was taking her bra off for an armored car, but something about it excited her, this must have been why her friend did it, that and she was a freaky one. “Allow me” Vadik said as she was about to remove her panties. He moved in close and extended 2 manipulator claws and gently grabbed the edges of her undergarments and slowly moved them down her legs. Then without warning her, he extended his broad tongue and placed it to her crotch, wetting her entire waist, tasting the aroused humans loins. This was exactly what he needed. She collapsed onto his front as the tip began flicking and playing with her clit as she oozed into his mouth, her face pressed against his armored nose, her breath leaving a cloud on the paint in the moist night air. He lapped at the lips of very aroused vagina until he felt she was in just the right place.


“Lay on the groung for me” he said withdrawing his tongue. She wasn’t sure what was about to happen but she had already come this far. She lay in the soft grass in front of him “don’t be afraid” he reassured her as he began to roll forward. She watched as the first massive all terrain tire passed by her, rocks and vegetation crackling under his immense weight. He continued until her toes here just at his rear axles. She was suprised as two large manipulator hands wrapped themselves almost all the way around her slender torso. Another pair came from under her arms, crisscrossed her upper back and supported her shoulders.  A final pair came and cupped her full round ass cheeks, giving them a little squeezed.  She was suprised by the heat his body put off, it was pleasantly warming.


He enjoyed the feeling of her soft human flesh in his hands, her breasts were especially enticing. With the thumbs of his large manipulator hands he began playing with them, squishing them, pushing the two mounds together, playing with her tender nipples,  gently rubbing circles around their edges and over their tips. Another tendril slithered it’s way down between her breasts tracing the curves of her stomach and finally finding it’s mark at the tender ball of tissue of her clit, tenderly kneading it while another creeped up between her ass cheeks and penetrated her soft wet vagina. She writhed with pleasure as the two worked at her most sensitive parts, the one squirming about inside her bringing her just to the cusp of orgasm before withdrawing.  This was by far the most stimulated she had ever been, her juices were flowing like a river.


“Vadik, oh my god” she moaned as he ceased playing with her “How can you do all that?”


“The benefits of being a machine, we can do many things” he replied


He moved her a bit farther down his body until she could feel something thick, long and hot laying across her belly. She reached down and felt his massive girth, how was she going to take this, she thought to herself. It oozed hot thick silvery precum onto her which pooled at her bellybutton before slipping off her and onto the ground beneath her. She ran her hands up and down his erection feeling the smooth ribbed shaft all the way up to the hot dripping head, even daring her curiosity and taking a goop of the liquid from the tip and placing it on her tongue just to see what a machine really tasted like. “You like” he said, his russian accent really starting to come out with the thought of getting to make love to this tiny American.


“I want you to guide it in will you dorogaya moya”. She took hold of the head his engorged cock as he moved her into position, the tip right at the slit of her vagina. She aided in guiding it to its target she could feel the heat of it pressing against her skin, his pre slathering the entrance. She clenched her teeth and let out a whimper as his massive head broke the surface, pressing hard into her. The manipulator hands on her ass spread her  cheeks and legs so he could fit. She felt like her entire insides were stretching as the head finally made its way inside. She could feel his heat inside her as he continued to slowly push in, each rib causing her to clench her teeth even harder as it pushed past the entrance.  Bit by bit he drove it into her until he felt himself touch the end reaching its max inside her. At this point he held it there savoring the feeling of having her tight pussy wrapped around him. His fluids were already giving her the first high of her life taking her mind off being stretched by this russian. “My dear you don’t know how long I’ve waited to feel like this again.”


He began to pull himself out of her little by little until only his head remained inside her body. His shaft was covered in both her and his fluids.  With slow deliberation he began to push it back into her bringing a deep moan from her as he reached bottom again. He pulled back and pushed in again. “You see, your body is now used to a Russian the rest will be easy”. He could feel her body quivering with the sensation as she panted and moaned at the top of her lungs with each following powerful thrust. They went at it, gradually increasing in speed until it was the rapid fire squishing and slapping of their unnaturally powerful sex. She moaned deeply with each repetition, grunts, groans and heavy breathing filling the still night air.


“I want you to say you want it, I want you to beg for it, beg me for it darling” he groaned, his massive desiel engine revving along.


“Yes! Yes! Vadik yes! I want it!” She shouted unashamed if anyone heard it.  “I want you, you big russian” her nails digging into his paint as she grasps him. She doesn’t know why but she finds herself tonguing the treads of his massive military off road tires and if trying to taste the long gone melted snow and earth of his motherland.


Finally he could feel it, the climax years in waiting. “I’m about to cum” he groaned, his rpms mounting. “Cum in me Vadik, cum like you’ve never before” she shouted. He could feel his entire frame shaking with the intensity of his orgasm. Massive amounts of machine cum flowed from him into the tiny human, squirting with such a pressure she could feel it pressing at her bellybutton. It filled her insides as it drove her to orgasm right along with him. She let out a yell that roused birds from the surrounding trees. Silvery semen flowing out of her from around the edges of his dick and running down her ass crack and forming a large sticky puddle on the ground.


His rpms slowed from red line as the two of them panted from exhaustion.  He held himself deep inside her, his fluids still flowing out around the edges. She’s so tight on him he never wants to pull out.  “You’re such good lover” he said breathing heavily through his intakes. “I’ve not loved like this in a long time”


“You enjoy yes?” She still clung to his underbelly her mouth agape still trying to fathom the expirence she had just had with this armored vehicle.  She had never heard of a BRDM-2 before tonight and now one was sitting inches deep inside her.


Very slowly he withdrew, pulling her off himself. As he does, it was like taking the cork out of a wine bottle, excess machine cum flowed from her pussy.  He was so large she had never imagined she could take something like him. Carefully he moved her up to his underbelly to his face pressing her against it and gently whispering in her ear “my little human I hope you have new view on machines, I hope you have new view on me”


Somehow all she wanted to do is cuddle up to this big machine and he can feel it.  He holds her close for over half an hour the heat from his engine warming her entire body.  In a timid voice she looks to Vadik and says “can we go again.” He smiles “yes my love we can”


They continued over and over again. Making love to his little woman for hours. This was what he needed. He only hoped he had done enough to keep her. He wanted more than anyhting to just settle down and grow old with someone.


In the afterglow he remained buried inside her as she lay in the warm grass. She had come to enjoy the warm feeling of him inside her. With her head still swimming in the high he had given her, all she wanted was Vadik and every inch of contact she could make with his steely hull was a dream to her. She rubbed her cheek against him as his tendrils gently massaged her sore body.


She woke up the next morning to the warm glow of the morning sun, the BRDM still inside her. She couldn’t believe what she had done, she had just made love to a machine but even more shocking, she thought she loved him. She just lay there not wanting to move, thinking on last night. A while later Vadik woke still feeling her wrapped around him. “Good morning” he said kindly, pulling her off himself and rolling back off her. She stood, feebly trying to support herself on her legs. Her entire body ached.


“Vadik, I can’t even begin to describe just how much I enjoyed last night” she said standing naked in front of him. Tenderly she placed a hand on his face. Her body was still slathered with the remnants of last night’s love making but she didn’t care, this was the first time she had actually felt something for anyone in a long time. “If you ever need someone to keep you company or even more if you wanted, I will gladly do it.” She couldn’t think of more to say, just hoping that her words said what she wanted to say. She was pretty sure she was in love with him.


Vadik reached inside and handed her her clothing. “I am glad to hear you say that” he said as she put her cloths on. “I haven’t felt such a way in too long and for that night I am greatful.” He wasn’t sure how she would feel about what he wanted to say and he argued within himself as to whether to tell her. He knew it had happened. He hadn’t intended to make the bond with her but it was there and he had to ask her in a way that wouldn’t scare her if she would acknowledge the bond.


“I know you know little of me and we only  met last night but I hope this expirence has brought you to like me” he felt a little hesitant, a little nervous “like me enough that we could be one, together.”


She felt passion for the sweet machine sweep over her with his tender words, standing there just her and this armored car on a beautiful mountain top. “Yes Vadik, I will.” She came and wrapped the corner of his nose in a tight embrase “I love you Vadik”

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All rights reserved. No part of these works may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author.




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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ more sexy Russians!

This isn’t even done yet and I already fapped to it. Fuck- I may even Color it.  So God damned hot..

*Vadik is Copywrite To Delta x-3 and his Russian living machine stories , the actual vehicle is here:  I know I said that the headlights would answer for the “eyes” on more automotive kinds of machines, but the BRDM-2 has a natural face that lends its self well to having the view ports as eyes similar to how i do the faces on ships. I figure its not a hard n’ fast rule. Some will have windshield eyes, but most probably wont.  Speaking of stories.. Enjoy the next installment from Delta right here:Vadik

This is the second instalation of the “When in Russia” series. Inspired by ratbat ‘s living machines and was also kind enough to make a picture for the story

A small disclaimer. There isn’t sex in this one just an awesome shootout and a happy ending. There will be in Part III so stand by.


It wasn’t until the cold breeze hit him that he realized just how tired and sore he was. Seeking refuge from the cold he ducked into a store just across the street where he was to meet Leonid.

The thought of what happened last night was still fresh in his mind as he meandered about the store. He thought about how he had just last night made love to a soviet era MI-24 Gunship helicopter named Anya. The miracle of these living machines was not lost on him but she was something special. Not only that, but last night the bond had been created between the two, the fabled bond that signified an unquestionable compatibility between the two entities. They would have a heightened sense of one another and a constant longing for their companion when apart. He hoped that what he had read wasn’t true, that it was unbreakable and after a while it would wear off. He wasn’t going to be in Russia forever, his rotation would end at the close of the year and he would be shipped to his next post in another country.

He hardly noticed the group of men with large duffel bags that walked through the store and into a back room. He did however notice the man who at the back. All he caught was the Aeroflot Airlines jacket and the faded gray ball cap. Chase recalled that Leonid worked for Aeroflot, ground guiding planes on the runway and he often wore a hat like that. The mans build was right and he walked with the same hardly noticeable limp favoring his right leg which Leonid had always credited to “the war”.

Chase was about to discount this as a coincidence when he heard three muffled the humps come from the back room. The sounds went unnoticed to the rest of the occupants but Chase had the feeling it wasn’t simply boxes falling off a shelf. He considered the possibility of it being just his over active imagination but against his best judgment he decided to investigate. Maybe it would satisfy his curiosity. He moved to the back door, looked through the small circular window and saw nothing. He checked around him to make sure no one was watching then cautiously pushed the door open and proceeded into the cramped storage room. He continued into the dimly lit room moving between storage shelves until his foot ran into something soft. “Leonid” Chase exclaimed, taking a knee next to him, a stream of blood sweeping between his fingers. “What the hell is going on, who shot you?” he started to move in to assess his wounds. He had taken two to the chest and a single shot to the upper part of his right arm. Chase tried to start applying pressure but Leonid slapped his hands away “There’s no time” Leonid said his teeth clenched from the pain, a faint hue of red on his lips “You have to stop those men”

“What are you talking about, what’s going on?”

“I’m FSB” Leonid said, a raspy cough bring up even more blood.

“You’re Russian Intelligence ” this caught Chase completely off guard.

“Chase you have to listen to me those men are part of a Chechnyan group, they are terrorists. They’re going to use a bomb at the parade”

“Don’t you have back up”

“Damn it Chase they won’t be here in time. You have to stop them.” Leonid reached in his jacket and removed a FL 5.7 pistol “Take this”

Chase was still trying to get a grasp on what was going on “People will die!” Leonid barked. Reluctantly chase took hold of the gun. “Also, take this” Leonid tore a section of his jacket and removed a small device. “Record what happens here, it will be the only thing to keep you out of prison and show Russia what happened. Now go, I’ll be fine.” Chase knew Leonid didn’t even believe that, he had already lost a lot of blood which was evident from the pool of blood that had begun to accumulate around him. Chase fixed the device to his overcoat and nodded. He didn’t want to leave his friend sitting there bleeding on the floor but if what he was saying was true he had to stop it.

He realized just how little he actually knew about Leonid, what if he was a terrorist and he ended up shooting an actual FSB agent. His involvement in this could cause an international incident especially in the current uneasy relations between America and Russia. But why would a terrorist be using a hidden camera, terrorist groups normally had a camera crew following them for this kind of thing. He looked down at the tiny device. It was definitely agency grade, not some backwater terrorist trash or an online spy shop product. This put his mind a little at ease but all the possibilities concerned him. He came to his feet and moved toward the door at the back of the room.

He moved through the door gun raised as he entered the hallway noticing three spent 9mm casings on the floor. The hallway made a 90 degree turn to the right a few meters down. He slowly approached the corner, keeping his weapon presented, careful not to expose his muzzle as he rounded the corner. The first thing he saw was a man standing at the end of the hallway with his back to him. He couldn’t make much out but the noticeable bulge most likely indicated he was wearing some kind of body armor. Chase pulled back the pistols slide a few millimeters seeing that there was a round in the chamber.

In his head this is how it would go. He would slowly sneak up behind the man, put the muzzle of the pistol to the back of his head, inform him if he desired to keep the number of holes in his head from increasing he would remain quiet and do exactly as he said. He would make him show his hands, put him on the ground restrain him, do a quick search then have a little question and answer session. Nobody dead, no shots fired and maybe some of the dozens of questions swimming around in his head answered. It couldn’t go wrong until it did. His pant leg got caught on a roller sitting on a paint can in the hallway, knocking it to the ground. The sound wasn’t very loud but loud enough to get the mans attention.

The first thing he saw as man swung around was the muzzle break of an AK-74 assault rifle. Things seemed to go into slow motion. If he fired, there could be consequences. If he chose not to fire, he could be dead within seconds. The pistol bucked as it sent the first round down range. The high velocity 5.7mm bullet cut straight through the Kevlar vest, the deformed slug shifting direction as it reached the soft tissues, slicing through vital organs and lodging itself in the shoulder blade. Chase squeezed the trigger three more times, all rounds impacting center mass.

That was it. He had irreversibly involved himself in Russian affairs and in no small way. If he was on the wrong side of this when the dust settled this could cause more trouble between the US and Russia than any diplomat could ever resolve and land him in the basement of some unmarked FSB building, never to see the light of day again. The man fell backward into a pile on the floor dead in seconds. Chase heard scuffling in the room ahead, no doubt the mans accomplices. He hurried to the threshold.

As he moved he heard the familiar “click clack” of a shotgun. He dived through the doorway just as the door next to him erupted in dust and shredded shards of wood. Another “click clack” and all the papers on the desk between him and the shotgun were turned into confetti. The flash from what he was able to see before his dive was a poorly lit room, the few remaining florescent bulbs flickered leaving the room mostly dark between the flickers giving the run down room a horror film feel. The room was populated by rows of desks and filing cabinets showing decades of neglect, a portrait of Stalin still hanging on the wall.

As he hit the ground he could he could see the outline of a foot under the rows of desks. Without hesitation he fired three quick shots. He heard a scream of agony as they tore through the leather boot and into his foot. The man hit the ground and chase hit him with another two to the torso.

Chase attempted to stand and assess the situation but was quickly forced back to the ground as the clatter of a sub machine gun pock marked the wall behind him. Chase stuck the pistol over the desk top and blindly fired five rounds back. The sub machine gun, in turn, returned a short burst.

Again the gunner sprayed a barrage of fire in Chase’s direction. He got an idea, a very unorthodox idea but it had worked in a movie. Slowly and silently he moved back into the hall and grabbed the dead man’s collar, dragging him back into the room. Another burst came from the other side of the room this time from a second gun, another burst following from the first. No doubt they were going to try to flank him, he had to hurry. He put the AK sling around the mans mid section and heaved him up. He hooked the sling on the top shelf of a filing cabinet effectively propping him upright. It looked absurd but it would serve the purpose. Chase grabbed the grip of the rifle and let off a few shots, the muzzle flashes hopefully giving the opposition the position of where he wanted them to believe he was. Creeping back under a desk he waited, watching the beams of their flashlights flick off as the pair began their flanking maneuver one going around to the left, the other to Chase’s right.

He could faintly hear their foot steps as they approached. The pair stopped then together jumped around the corner. They saw the target and began to spray the decoy with bullets. Chase leveled the pistol at the far man and pulled the trigger. A clean head shot, dead before he hit the floor. The near man was quick to turn around and chase had no time to adjust his aim. He sprung out of hiding driving his shoulder into the mans rib cage, knocking him off his feet and sending his weapon flying over the desk. Chase followed him to the ground. He tried to line up a shot but the assailant grabbed hold of his firing hand. They fought for control of the firearm discharging a round into into the desk. His opponent kicked off the wall rolling the two over. Chase was now underneath him, exactly where he didn’t want to be. Still struggling for the weapon with one hand he used his other to deliver a powerful punch to Chase’s side. Chase grunted as he hit him a second time. Chase freed his other hand from between the two of them and landed a blow to the man’s temple stunning him for a split second. He then followed with a strike to his jaw.

He was still trying to get the gun into position to put an end to this little scuffle but his opponent wasn’t making it easy. Another shot went off into the ceiling. The man used his leverage to slam Chase’s hand against the ground causing him to release the gun, sending it skidding across the floor. Chase used this opportunity to get a knee between them and shove his opponent off him making some distance between them. Both shuffled to their feet. Chase put his fists up, preparing for the fight. His opponent reached behind his back and withdrew a NR-40 fighting knife. Aiming the strike right for Chase’s gut, he came in with the knife. Chase saw the strike coming. He pushed his waist backward, bending at the mid section and catching the man’s wrist with his arms locked out stopping the knife. In one fluid motion chase shifted the momentum of the strike upward, sliding under the mans arm moving behind him then pulling his arm back down and planting the knife hilt deep in the man’s side. When he was taught that, Chase never thought it would have worked. It was a fatal blow, the tip of the knife had slit the left ventricle of his heart and bottom of his lung.

Chase let him fall to the ground. He needed a moment to pull himself together. He’d been in a firefight before but that was fighting a enemy a few hundred meters away with a squad of other men and armored support. He had just by himself killed four armed men in close quarters combat. He had never been in actual hand to hand combat before. He had to snap himself out of it, there was still a job to do. He could feel his heart pounding, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

He walked over and collected his pistol. The exit to the room was a doorway at the back of the room. It had some serious locks on it but they were all unlocked. It opened to a stairway leading down four flights until another door with similar locks but this one read in Russian “Authorized access only” he went through and found himself facing what appeared to be a bank vault door. It had a placard that read B-66. He recalled this from a documentary he had seen. Scattered all throughout Moscow during the cold war, the Defense ministry had built bunkers during the cold war for government officials in case of nuclear war. They were designed to withstand a nuclear blast and sustain the occupants for months with interconnected communications so they could attempt to maintain the government from the safety of underground. Many of them kept so secret that after the collapse of the Soviet Union they were forgotten, many being discovered by accident after the buildings were sold off. The heavy door was slightly ajar, just enough to slip through without moving it. Inside was a undisturbed lavished 60s era reception area. He saw a shadow under the door to the rest of the bunker. This place was so isolated it was possible they were not even aware of what had happened up stairs. He could hear voices speaking Chechen which he couldn’t understand. One he could hear was right inside the door probable leaning against it. He didn’t know what he would find in there but he was about to find out. He readied himself and using his shoulder bashed the door open. He followed through pinning the man behind the door. He put the pistol to the door and fired off the remaining few rounds in the magazine through the wooden door the slide locking to the rear as the final shell ejected. He dived as the other stunned guard recovered and reacted, stitching the area where Chance’s head had just been with automatic fire. He dropped his pistol and grabbed the dropped MP5K from the guy behind the door and sent a burst at shin level. He screamed as the bullets shredded flesh and shattered bone. The third man in the room continued typing at a computer set up. This was to large for them to have just brought in the room looked like a command center. There were consoles, displays and CCTV monitors displaying various live feeds from the parade. This was probably the work of months of perpetrating.

“Stop what you’re doing” chase shouted in Russian standing up and kicking the gun away from the man he had just shot. “I said stop what you’re doing, move away from the console.”

The man hit a button then casually turned around. “I don’t know what you’re doing meddling in Russian affairs American but there’s nothing you can do now” the man said in broken English.

“what are you talking about” chase said keeping the gun aimed at him.

“as soon as that timer reaches zero” he looked up at a timer fixed to the wall “you see that Topol” he pointed to the massive RT-2MP 16 wheeled mobile ICBM launcher. “Its missile pod is loaded with a special bomb, what you Americans call a dirty bomb. When it detonates it will level red square and flood Moscow in a cloud of radioactive particles”

“why are you doing this” chase questioned “the Chechen wars are over”

“you think this is about Chechnya, this is about far more. Not only will this entirely eradicate all the vermin who crawl about the Kremlin but also that Topol you see there, its one of those abominations, those ‘living machines’. “Disgust dripping from his words. “They will blame them and they will dismantle them removing many of their vehicles from service and crippling Russia’s mechanized fighting forces. With a weakened military and no leadership Russia itself will begin to fall to pieces”

“They’ll never believe that”

“trust me we’ve staged enough that they’ll have a welding torch to all of them within a week.”

This infuriated chase, he could only think of Anya. He wouldn’t let this happen “You stop this right now” Chase shouted at him jamming the muzzle of the gun into his forehead.

The man remained completely calm “Nothing can be done now”

Chase grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed his face against the console “Undo it now” Chase barked.

“You don’t understand, there’s nothing that can be done. There’s no secret code. When the time is up this this station will broadcast the detonation signal” Chase looked up at the screen and saw the Topol was sitting in the chute, about to go. The timer read 45 seconds.

“This room will seal as soon as the signal is sent”

“You bastard” chase growled bringing him up to eye level. Chase cocked back and delivered the most powerful punch he could right to his jaw, knocking him out cold. He began frantically looking over the consoles, nothing made any sense. He was running out of time. The clock read 10 seconds. He still couldn’t think of anything. Five seconds. His last chance, he had to do something. His last resort, he turned his head closed his eyes and fired off the rest of the magazine into the computers, microchips and plastic flying everywhere.

He opened his eyes. The consoles were completely demolished. One monitor was still working he could see the parade as the timer hit two then one. Chase held his breath. Then zero. Nothing happened. Chase let out a sigh of relief. “I guess i just saved the day” He said to himself walking back into the reception area “here is no reason that should have worked”. He turned as he heard a scuffling at the outer door. With a bang he was knocked from his feet as the door exploded off its hinges and men in black tactical gear flowed in. He felt himself flipped onto his face and a knee in the center of his back as a black bag was placed over his head and zip ties were cinched on his wrists. He slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

-Personal journal entry 453: 13 May 2022

Ok, here’s what happened. So it turns out Leonid was Russian Intelligence, FSB. He was pursuing a group of terrorists who were going to set off a dirty bomb during the Victory day parade. Their motive was to destroy the seat of Russian government and frame the Living machines for the crime destroying all the progress and credibility they have made so far. It almost seemed personal. After a shootout I’ll never forget, I managed to stop them. The only bad part was I completely missed the parade, I missed seeing Anya’s final performance. I spent two days in and out of a FSB interrogation room before they released me back to the American government where I spent the last few days on ice, questioned by every three letter agency I’ve ever heard of and a few I hadn’t. I even have my own shadow, State Department Special Agent Mike Falkner. He’s never far out of sight. No outside contact, TV, internet, nothing. Worst part is I can’t get that helicopter off my mind. No matter what I do I think of her and that night we spent together. Tomorrow I’m supposed to be meeting with the President of the Russian Federation, one of the most powerful men on earth, President Vladimir Putin.

Back at Kubinka, Anya was sitting in her hangar. She hadn’t heard from Chase for days and was beginning to think it had just been a one night stand. This was really starting to take a toll on her, she just wasn’t feeling herself, depression starting to set in.

The door creaked as it slid open. She turned and saw Vadik roll in. This would boost her mood a little, she always enjoyed his company. “What’s the matter” She said noticing the somber look on the armored car’s face.

“Orders just came in from Moscow. You’re to report to the maintenance hangar for de-mil” Vadik said.

Anya could feel what humans would call to their heart dropping. “Well, they don’t waist any time now do they.”

“I’m sorry I tried to talk to the Colonel but he said the orders were final. They were sent from the Ministry of Defense.” Vadik came up to her and put one of his tendrils to her face, hoping to console her. He’d seen this happen to a few of the vehicles he knew. It hurt worse and worse every time, this time especially because it was her, he cared for her a lot. “Have you considered running?”

“You know it wouldn’t work” she said. Vadik knew this. It was a Russian military base, there was no getting away.

Vadik came up next to her and pressed his hull against hers. “I’m really going to miss you” Vadik said softly to her.

“I’m going to miss you to”

“Here” He said removing his tow and hooking it to her tow point “let me take you”.

“Now remember what we talked about.” Ambassador Rawling and Chase sat in the waiting room just outside of the office of the President Of the Russian Federation in the Russian White House in Moscow. “If you can find a way, if he asks if there’s anything he can do for you remember” Ambassador Rawling was interrupted “The President will see you now Mr. Weber.” Chase and Rawling stood “Just Mr. Weber”

“But.” Ambassador Rawling began to protest.

“The President wants to speak with him personally” the assistant insisted.

Ambassador Rawling reluctantly took his seat. Chase adjusted his tie as he followed the assistant through the the heavy wooden doors.

“Dobroye utro, Mr. Weber” President Putin said standing and walking out from behind his desk.

“Dobroye utro, Mr. President” chase replied as formally as he could. President Putin extended his hand and chase took it. The aging former KGB Colonel had a remarkable grip for his age and still retained the dominating demeanor he had become known for “Please take a seat” He said motioning to a chair in front of his desk. “My people tell me you speak good Russian” he said as they both sat down.

“I taught myself mostly Mr. President” Chase wasn’t unfamiliar with speaking with high ranking officials but this was the first time he had ever spoken one on one with a head of state. Aside from the president there were a few of what Chase assumed were their version of secret service and standing right behind and left of the president was a Russian military man. From what he could tell man was a Russian Army General, most likely his defense minister. He looked to be in his late 50s and wore a chest full of medals and decorations even bearing the Hero of the Russian Federation medal, Russia’s highest decoration.

“So onto the events of 9 May” He opened a file on the display on his desk. “My intelligence services tell me that you were not actually part of this plot and in fact that we owe you a measure of thanks. The Video shows you may have just saved Russia as we know it. However” he shifted in his chair looking back to chase. “At this point in international relations decorating an American with a medal befitting of this isn’t in my best interest. Please don’t take this as an insult the people of Russia are thankful for what you have done but i can use this event to great effect here and now.” Chase appreciated his straight forward approach. “Therefore I would like to offer you an alternative. Now I know your Ambassador has no doubt told you ask to reopen talks on the Moldova situation but I want to know what you want, personally.”

Chase wasn’t prepared for this question, what could he ask of the President of Russia. He thought for a moment. He was afraid of asking for something to big but wasn’t planning on wasting this on a KitKat bar. Then the thought hit him. He knew exactly what he wanted. It was crazy and he had no idea if he’d go for it.

“Mi-24 Hind helicopter, tail number 102” Chase said with all the confidence as he could muster.

President Putin looked surprised, it was a very precise answer. The general behind him typed something into his wrist terminal then swiped his finger sending the information to the president’s screen. “So you want one of our old attack helicopters” he continued down the page. “Ah, I see it is one of our live machines, why is this?”

“Mr. President, I’ve been wanting to learn to fly a helicopter and how better to learn than from a helicopter, and plus I’ve always admired the Hind.”

The general said something in the president’s ear. “Whatever your reasons are, it’s all yours” The President said putting his digital signature on a form.

Chase couldn’t believe that had just worked. He had just been given Anya. She was now his. Whatever fate she had been fearing was now gone. He couldn’t hide the astonishment “Thank you Mr. President”

“I can imagine they will be reluctant to let you have an attack helicopter so I will agree to reopen talks on the Moldova situation on the terms you are allowed to have it. As you can assume this is now classified and unauthorized release of this information is now punishable. Although the public may never know what you’ve done Russia is in your debt.” President Putin stood and chase followed “Now if you will excuse me there are some things i have to discuss with your ambassador. General Milonovich will escort you and your shadow to Kubinka air base where you can collect your helicopter.” They exchanged a handshake and chase left the room followed by General Milonovich, picking up his assigned agent as they exited and headed down an elevator to an underground garage.

The three got into an armored limousine and departed for Kubinka. “Chase,” General Milonovich said looking at him “you know you look very much like my son Vasily.” It clicked, Chase knew he recognized the name. Minister Milonovich was the man he had impersonated to get out of Kubinka. And this was his father. There was more. The Milonovich family was a very affluent family, one of the most powerful families in Russia able to date their power back to the Tsars. A family of politicians and generals. “So, Tell me what’s your actual interest in this helicopter, I feel its more than what you told the president”

He had seen right through him. Chase’s face flushed with embarrassment. “Yes, there is.” He shifted in his seat. “Her and I.” He couldn’t really think of the proper way to put it.

“Had sex” Milonovich finished.

Chase scratched his head. That was putting it bluntly but yes it was the truth. “Don’t worry, I don’t have any problem with it. In a way I understand the concept of being connected with your vehicle. During the Second Chechen war I was a T-80 tank operator. My tank became more of a comrade to me. Being in combat in one of those beasts you develop a relation with it. I took care of my tank and it took care of me she even had moods and I could tell when something was wrong. She never let me down even once. One time we even took a RPG to the engine and somehow that tank managed to take out a supply convoy and limp back to base. The mechs said there was no reason it should even run but somehow that tank got me back in one piece. A new engine and we were back in the fight. We’ve never actually been properly introduced. I am General of the Army Yuri Amolev Milonovich Russian Defense Minister.” Shaking hands with Chase.

“I’m glad they gave that helicopter to you. She was due to be retired and decommissioned. One of those birds saved my life once. Chechen mine took the tracks off my tank and there was a platoon of rebels closing down on us. Just as they were about to reach us, three Hinds rose over the hills in a most majestic fashion. It was beautiful, rockets, cannons, the heavy beating of the rotors, it was fit for a cinema. Saved our lives”

“Well here we are” Vadik said as him and Anya reached the large door of the helicopter maintenance hangar. “Open up” he shouted. The doors slid open, something didn’t seem right. There was a long black limo bearing Russian Federation fender flags. Vadik pulled her into the hangar and detached the tow bar.

A group of men emerged from one of the offices at the back of the hangar.


She heard the voice she thought she would never hear again, the one she had longed for.

“Chase?” She exclaimed as he moved through the crowd of uniforms and coveralls. “What are you doing here”

“You wont believe it.” Chase said, affectionately placing his hand on her face. “Some things happened, big things.”

“General Milonovich” she said as the officer approached, her military instinct kicking in.

“Hello Anya” General Milonovich said pleasantly “How are you doing”

“Sir, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on”

“Your boy here did some big things for Russian and was asked if there was anything he wanted. He said he wanted you” The General certainly had a way with words.

“Chase?” She said, turning to him.

“I wasn’t sure what you would want but i remembered how much you were dreading being retired. Now you can make the decision. You can do whatever you want, your life is yours. You can go do whatever you want or you can come back to America and live with me”

“So your saying I can come to America with you” Excitement filling her voice.

“Yes, if you want”

She wrapped her tendrils around him and squeezed him tightly against her nose, knocking the air out of him and squishing his cheek against her glass cockpit.

She was overjoyed “Yes chase, I do. Take me away to America, we can be together there right?”


She lifted on her front gear and kissed him right on the mouth. “Chase I love you”

General Milonovich was smiling as he watched the two young love birds. “You take care of her now” he said as they broke apart “she’s your helicopter now.”

“Will do Sir”

“Anya will have to be de-militarized, luckily for you all her sights, systems and comm gear are just old enough that you can just have it as is however the cannon and rocket pods we’ll have to keep. It should only take a few hours and then this beautiful helicopter is all yours”

He turned back to Chase “Oh, and if you ever find yourself in a situation in Russia any police chief will know this means you’re a friend of Russia” He handed him a challenge coin. It was serialized and very intricate, bearing the symbol of General of the Army and Defense Minister on one side and the seal of the Russian Federation on the other side. “In addition there is a hangar for you at the Moscow International Airport, an old KGB hangar, hasn’t been used since the 90s but its all yours as long as you’re in Russia. Well I have to get going. You two have a good day” He turned and walked back to his limousine.

Chase sat off to the side, watching the technicians work, just admiring the helicopters attractive form.

“Are you ready to get outta here Anya” He said as they finally finished. “Shit” Chase said forgetting his shadow. “This is Special Agent Mike Falkner, he’s assigned to me because of what happened. To make sure I’m not a security risk.” He turned to the Special Agent ” Agent Falkner this is Anya Mil, she’s a Mi-24 gunship helicopter.” He moved in closer to her “and now my Mi-24 gunship helicopter”

“Let me report in” Faklner said pulling out his phone “then we can get over to Moscow international”

As soon as Falkner left chase felt a tap on the shoulder. He turned around and there was Leonid, one arm in a sling but otherwise completely fine, dressed this time in a suit and tie. “Good job chase, you pulled it off”

“Leonid, I cant believe you’re alive. They wouldn’t tell me if you had made it.”

“It’ll take a lot more than them to off me. They failed to kill me during the war and i think they wanted a rematch. Well, this will mean lots of changes in Russia especially for your big friend over here. I wanted to give you something.” He reached into the coat his coat pocket and removed something wrapped in a gray cloth and handed it to chase. It was heavy and he could already tell it was a pistol. He unwrapped it just enough to see it was the FN 5.7 pistol he had used during the shoot out. “You can’t carry it here in Russia but I figure back in America you could, kind of a memento. Oh and if you ever get tired of working for the US give me a call” He handed chase a business card that simply read “Leonid Petrov, export consultant” and then a number. He nodded to chase then walked back the way he had came.

At that point Falkner had finished his call and returned. “Alright give it here” he said. Chase reluctantly handed over the cloth wrapped pistol. “You can have this back when we get back to the states”

They made their way out to the runway. It felt weird to chase that she was his now, he could have never been happier. “Go ahead climb in.” She said opening the cockpit door. It was the happiest he’d ever been climbing up the side of this helicopter and taking his seat in the pilot’s chair. “That seat, its yours now. I’m yours now” she said “I promise, I’ll never let anything happen to you my love”

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