AT-AT Fan Fiction Pt. 2

The second part, the cliffhanger is continued! Enjoy this insert, not much sex but it hints to it all around it.

Part 2:

“I HATE YOU! FUCKING HATE YOU! JUST DIE! DIE NOW YOU FUCKING STEALER FUCK!” Right then it exploded, many explosions following it separated all the legs from it and sent it everywhere. Then a figure stood from beneath its old stance. It turned to face her and she didn’t know how to react except scream.

“ZZZEEEVVV!!!!!!!!!” She kicked and clawed her way over towards him as he ran to her, dodging derbies and shots at him. “ZEV! ZEV IT’S YOU! IT’S YOU! I LOVE YOU ZEV! I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” As he drew close enough all her available arms wrapped him up into a ball to protect him and she pressed him against her tear washed face. “Zev don’t you ever leave me like that again! Never! How did you do that! Oh baby please don’t leave me like that, I damn near blew myself up!” She held him against her and that was all she cared about, Snow troopers were firing on her and her ball protecting Zev with no results. All she could do was kiss him over and over, but in the chest, he reached down and pulled her chin up and she obeyed him trying to make up for her incompetence earlier and kissed his face, then narrowing it to his lips. He returned kisses, locking his lips in her large and soft ones, exchanging tongues and tastes, leaving the battle surrounding them.

Bliz looked around, the Imperials were beginning to be overrun, each only had one operational Walker but the Imperial was left with one active gun, the rebels were outnumbered on the ground but their Walker’s full assortment of weapons was thinning the herd. But the rebel went back to engaging the Imperial Walker that remained to target infantry, that’s when it went bad. She held Zev closer, fearing the Star Destroyer bombardment. Something caught her eye; it was like a dull dagger blade slowly cutting through the clear blue sky, attached to a fat black arm.

“Get’em Red Squadron!” She looked up and around. Pwet-pwet-pwet-pwet-pwet

Three X-wings strafed the Snow troopers and the Walker, engines screeching overhead, but she knew that wouldn’t be enough.

“Y-wings inbound.” She opened her ball around Zev so he too could watch as Y-wing bombers swooped in from the Walker’s back and drop their glowing light blue payloads all over the Walker. It erupted in a chain explosion from the very rear to the middle of the body to the forward to the neck, finally it reached the head and the pressure ripped the top off and made the whole body limp. She rejoiced as it fell on its face like she was and rolled over to the side.

“We did it! We did it! Run you stupid fucks, RUN!” Bliz exclaimed in a gleeful and glorious euphoria. She grabbed Zev and kissed him square on the lips for the longest time yet, she felt great, absolutely astounding; he tasted so good, too. She felt so enlightened she was going to give him a good time. She smiled as she pulled stuff around into an igloo style shape then undid his pants a little, softly stroking his cock into a large hard straw.

“Bliz, what are you doing?” He asked, okay with her notion but was concerned of the temperature.

“Rewarding you.” She pulled his freezing cock into her wet mouth, skimming her hot lips and cuddled by her thick heating tongue. He leaned into it, resting against her slightly angled faceplate moaning as her mouth worked magic for him, tenderizing and stroking his long meat stick rolling her tongue and sucking any precum out, moaning as his internal exotic taste stimulated her mouth. Her moaning heightened his sensual experience, reverberating his whole body against her warm faceplate.

“Mmmm, better than I thought.”

“Ah damn I love you.” She giggled at his high state, she thought it didn’t take long for him to escalate to his climax. He began to quiver greatly, he said he was closing in but that made her close her eyes and embrace him in a tight hug. He moaned deep and long as he spat his load deep into her mouth, all the way to the back of her mouth, it slipped to her tongue where she relished the feeling, moaning as more of him squirted out of his head.

“You’ve got a lot in you, babe.” She said as she finally swallowed his thick milk.

“And there’s more if ya want it, baby.”

“Oh yes I do, I really want more. I want you to pound my ass; I’ve been a bad girl.” She had a naughty smile. Zev returned her one.

“As soon as they all clear out I’ll give it to ya.” The sheer mentioning made her wet, her fantasies enlightened her mood. The Snow troopers turned out to be ill-equipped for Hoth, and when the Walker went down they began surrendering instead of chancing the barren Hoth landscape. A capital ship that assisted in taking out the Star Destroyer landed to collect the rebel force, and a representative accompanied by a scientist familiar with Bliz’s species negotiated on terms that Zev wasn’t too sure how to respond to them.

The negotiations included fully activating the other two Walkers in the sub phase and fixing Bliz’s damage as well, allowing her and Zev to be coupled, allowing Bliz to collect scrap for her fetus (this madly excited the scientist, she had been intrigued by the machine’s ability to reproduce with any other viable organism), Zev would remain in service alongside Bliz until she was in maternity and from there on he would be a star ship gunner. Then, if they decided to stick with it, Bliz would be taken to her ‘home world’ where her life metal was found nearly a century ago.

“So Snowman and Skimpy are alive too? What gender are they?” Bliz asked excitedly.

“Oh yes they are… moderately alive, so to say, they are thinking but not in control of themselves. I don’t know what gender either are for certain but if I had to say, male. That’s what we’re going to upgrade them to.”

“So, how do you know they’re alive?”

“They use the same thing you use to hear, only reversed.”

“That doesn’t help, how do I hear?”

“Well your body is mixed with the life metal tissue, it all acts like an ear drum where the reverberations in the air generate electrical notes, there on relaying sound. They do the same thing but can also do a similar reversed action, it is typically telepathic and achieved through frequencies and such directed solely at one they want to talk to, and the electrical signals that you’d generate increase when you directly think back to the voice.”

“I’m not crazy! I’m not batshit crazy!” She hugged Zev excitedly, and then a sudden thought came to her. “Were all of them alive?”

“No just you and the other two.” That settled Bliz; she was erected and moved back to the base where her minimal wounds were healed with a bacta-metal composite to accelerate her natural regeneration. Snowman was next up to be fixed, he had lost his two right legs to the AT-IC, the first Walker hit by the AT-IC was toast. Snowman was being repaired and upgraded simultaneously, and it took a month before he finally saw the light of day.

Bliz was laying with Zev in the snow talking about the baby. Bliz was hell-bent on having a boy but Zev argued it would be a fifty-fifty chance. A month into her pregnancy and her womb in the rear of her body was already showing signs of growth. Snowman came out looking around and trying out all his new abilities, the greetings and welcoming was quick and friendly. One would think that he’d be attracted to the only female of his kind but that wasn’t true, Snowman previously had no reproductive organs and there on developed a strong bond without any sexual influence. The thought of sex with her made him feel queer and wrong but sex with another female AT-AT was perfectly fine and exciting. The next month Skimpy Slipper came out with the same deal as Snowman, but after that the months rolled by and soon Bliz was in maternity leave.

Zev was transferred to a starship; they were out investigating Imperial regiments when Bliz went into labor. He begged and begged to go back but was ruefully denied, he wasn’t very well to be around for the rest of the voyage. Bliz really wanted him there for this beautiful moment but she couldn’t nurture the baby any longer inside her. She was positioned in her load stance, the same one used to put the baby in her, to birth the child. It didn’t come out of the vagina but instead the rear access hatch the BaRC speeders used to deploy. Her ‘brothers’ were by her side to comfort her while a living AT-ST machine acted as her Nurse.

“Lira how’s she doing?”

“She’s doing perfect, keep pushing, almost there!” She was squatting behind a large bed for the baby to lie on as it came out. Lira was fitted with repulsor clutches to catch the baby and place it gently on the bed. It came out head first and upside down, followed by the body and legs. As Bliz pushed it out Lira moved to remove the umbilical cord, she was about to reach for it when it popped off itself. She gently laid it on the bed and began cleaning off the various liquids, Bliz kept asking boy or girl, so Lira checked between the rear legs.

“What is it!? Come on tell me!”

“It’s, a girl, it’s a girl but…” She looked at the slit running up and down; only the baby was on its side screaming for mama. “It’s sideways.”

“It’s a boy.” Snowman said. “It’ll slide open.” He was right, it was moved around for Bliz to see and she pulled at the slit sliding a protective panel.

“I was right! It is a boy!” She was exhausted, but she had to see Zev, she demanded it. “Get Zev! Get Zev! He needs to see him!” She was obeyed, a holographic communicator projected Zev looking right at the baby.

“Oh it’s beautiful!”

“Yes he is, very, very beautiful! Oh I wish you were here, Zev!”

“I do too!” Tears were watering his eyes, he couldn’t believe it, there were no words to say or explain this. He reached out to the blue image and tried to touch his son, his hand slipped through the projection. He wept. “So far away, I’ll be there soon, baby don’t you worry!”

“His name is Dak, our little Dak.”

“He’s not very little, sweetheart.” He wiped tears away, soon, he thought, soon I’ll be there. They say in silence, no need for words. He watched his son snuggle up under his wife’s neck and squat, watching her legs and mimicking them, to rest in between her knees. She tucked her head down and stuffed a large blanket under his legs to keep them warm then another over his back, she wrapped him in some of her arms and held him as he fell asleep.

“He looks just like you, in every way he looks like you, baby.”

“You can’t see it but, he has your eyes, and your hands, and your smile. He’s got the best smile with his little teeth, so great!” Bliz said a good night and turned it off, wishing him the force be with him after it ended. Zev cried himself to sleep that night, how could he miss the greatest moment of his life like that? He feared it as a foreshadowing of Dak’s childhood, and that took his sole greatest fear. The rebels found no Imperials; they charted a course home and moved at the speed equivalent to light to Hoth. Zev was the first off the ship running as fast as he could, running through the snow to his family. He was welcomed by Bliz in a warm embrace against the bitter cold, a long kiss cemented his loving greetings home. He looked at their baby crawling around on its knees and all his dreams of holding him in his arms were crushed by his sheer size. Bliz put Zev down and ushered him towards his son but he locked up in amazement. Bliz called for Dak instead, he looked over and up to her smiling.

“Dak this is daddy, come meet daddy.” Dak looked down at Zev, on his knees Dak was probably four meters, five-five and a half meters standing if he could, and he towered over his father. He looked at Zev with a blank face, mouth slightly open, he was quiet and thinking; he twisted his head at an angle and made a gah noise. Zev smiled at him, overcome with pride and shock. Dak smiled like he did towards Bliz and scooted towards him. He playfully knocked Zev over with his chin before Bliz interfered.

“He’s only playing, sweetie, I’m fine.”

“No, no, he likes to rough house.” She picked him up with her larger leg mounted arms and looked him in the eye. “We don’t play with daddy like that. Okay?” Dak looked at her with his innocent smile and reached out with his legs and put a foot on her chin gun. She grinned and shook it off and brought him closer and rubbed her forehead against his. He let out a giddy laugh and giggle and kicked at her behind her chin gun mounts. “Alright Dak, let’s try to stand you up again.” She moved him down and straightened his legs then set them out wide. He made a face of discomfort while she placed him down; his legs shook as he tried to move. He stood up a little straighter, then his legs gave way and he fell on his chin. He let out a whimper then a cry as his mother went to comfort him.

“There is one way to fix it.”

“No he just needs to practice, and then he can stand and run around.”

“No, my problem. My organic problem.” Bliz stopped, they talked about it before but they decided to hold off. “I want to play with my boy; I don’t want anything to stand in the way. This’ll drop one barrier from that.”

“I still don’t know…” She began. “Maybe another time?”

“No, baby, I want to do it now.” She contemplated it, he would be a lot harder to kill, easier worry stress on her. She gave in.

“Come inside.” He was silent as she morphed him; he never fought it nor changed his mind. Instead he asked for extra, just to be sure, and thanked her with all his love when it was done. He came out when he had adjusted, and played with his son. “I think I’m retiring, babe.”

“You are?” Zev asked her, all her maternity leave she talked how she wanted to personally evict the Imperials, and now she was taking his offer to retire.

“Yes, I’m staying with Dak. Honey I want you to retire, too.” She pleaded, but his pride wouldn’t let him. He stayed in the service for a few years. He had close calls, sticky situations, and a run in with his father’s capital ship but every time, as he always promised, he returned to her faithfully; picking up a few moves from his buddies along the way that they tried, too. After all this, he retired as Bliz would ask every time he left. The scientist met them on Hoth with Dak there listening, over the years he had grown much larger and smarter. He now stood almost fifteen meters tall; seven and a half shy of mom, and had grown to be very smart, curious, and adventurous like his parents. They discussed visiting and possibly moving to Bliz’s and Dak’s ‘home world’ so mysterious and far away.

“What can you say about the climate?” Dak asked, all he knew in his life was the cold barren land of Hoth, anything would be better to him.

“Well the climate is varied; there are temperate, tropical, desert, tundra, and most of all a change in seasons.” This of course appealed to the three, Hoth had seasons but they went ‘cold’ then ‘colder’ and finally ‘blizzards and cold’ so Hoth was a tad, cold.

“Great, any life on it?”

“And what’s its name?”

“The name is Earth, and from a group very similar to you moving there they report humans.”

“Why aren’t they part of the Galactic Senate?”

“They are, primitive, they are close to our technology but we don’t actually contact them because they haven’t learned to co-exist planetary yet and it is still where any introduction of arms, as powerful as ours, would result in a planetary extinction.” The scientist said this so monotone it was as if she couldn’t give a shit, let alone a fuck.

“Good well find us somewhere where it never snows!” Bliz said very seriously.

“Please? I only know snow and I think I’m all done with snow. For the rest of my life.” Dak said starkly, almost in a matter-of-fact way.

“There is a sect of people who speak our language, to them it is English but the writing is very different. Our contacts are actually in a reasonable place you desire. There the language is spoken, no snow, but it is mostly marsh swamp and very wet in a plains peninsula.”

“Sounds like here if it moved closer to the sun. I’ll take that.” Dak said optimistically. He looked to mom and dad.

“I’ll take it, too. How about you honey?” Zev thought for a while, he then agreed to it.

“Very well. We only decree that you remain there in that location, Zevulon will have to do any roaming about or venturing to civilization. We don’t want the people hastily reacting to you two popping up.” The two looked broken hearted but still agreed to the requirements. The gang packed up and boarded a Titan Drop Ship to ferry them to the Super Star Destroyer waiting to ship them there. All was packed away and soon they started the two day hyperjump to Earth.

“Mom, why do we need this big of a ship? Why not a regular one?” Bliz was thinking when a peppy female voice sounded.

“Hello! To answer that I’m equipped with stealth cloaking, they won’t even see me! That way they won’t flip shit.”

“Oh, thank you, and who are you?”

“I’m Guardian, an Executor-class Star Dreadnought. Happy to help you. I’m one of the last Executors left, we’re too expensive to use so most of the others were scrapped. I’m the only living one. Usually I’m protecting Corasaunt but for this I was needed.” He smiled; he always loved learning new things and meeting new people. The journey ran on schedule and before they knew it they were gazing upon their new home planet.

“It’s beautiful!” That was all that was needed to be said. They landed at night, so the dark bodied Titan Dropship would be harder to track. They touched down in a very small opening and disembarked. Only seconds after landing an old war veteran landed in front of them. It was an old Gunship with the Republic markings on it; Zev was familiar with them because of the ones the Alliance had restored. “Greetings!”

“Hello there! I am Luna and this is my husband Decker, welcome to Earth!”

Fin AT-AT Fan Fiction Part 2

I had to put in the scene similar to the AT-AT death in the trailer. I had to, it was too awesome. Anyway I look forward to telling Luna’s and Decker’s story. Hell maybe even Lira’s and Guardian’s.

And why the fuck not?

IMG_8266       IMG_8264 That last picture actually brings up a good thought, what if Darth Vader was able to save Padme? I mean where their family wasn’t spread out and destroyed, where he was able to convince her to stay? Interesting… But then we wouldn’t have Star Wars!


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