Aka clutched the hearthstone medallion in her palm and held it close, she looked down at her guns which were quivering with fear. She gazed back out to the horizon and saw the ships off in the distance bearing the American Stars and Stripes upon their flag masts. She prayed they did not see her, she prayed they moved on, she furled her Japanese colors and left up the pure white flag to signal surrender. She also kept up signals that read peace and exemption from service. She prayed over and over again, watching for any signals from them. She was nearing Japanese homeland waters, she recently broke off from her mother, Mogami, and her fleet with reserve fuel tanks filled with her milk. While she was two years old and already weened off breast feeding, it was found that breastmilk was a more efficient way of feeding Aka. Her guns were barely five inches, not eight like her mother’s, she had no training on them but how to load, aim, and fire. No drills. No practice. No confidence. It was 1943 and the tables were leveling out, America was fighting back-and winning. Thus leaving poor Aka alone and vulnerable. Aka watched the ships closely, waiting for lamp flashes to call her, her heart sank when she saw flashes. These flashes weren’t from lamps however, these were gun flashes. Quickly she prayed it was at another warship, one she didn’t see or notice around her. But it was just herself against them. As the screaming shell noises passed overhead she shook. And as the massive plumes of water shot to the sky far off target, overshooting her, she wept and cried for help. On every radio channel she cried, she cried for help and mercy, begged to be left alone, but when another volley came closer she knew there would be no such thing. She loaded her guns and turned to fight. It was her, a child, against two of the most elite of the largest war machine in the world. She knew she would not float. She screamed as her guns roared in desperation, her shot group was terrible, and absolutely none of her shells even came within a mile of the two opposing her. The next barrage struck her, shearing, jarring, ripping pain hit her and she screamed again, tears pouring from her eyes. She felt water pouring into her and while she was water tight she couldn’t take much of this fire. She fired back with the same results. She cried for her mother when she watched the dozens of gun muzzles flare with bright fire. She screamed as the multiple sized ammunition sunk its way deep into her fragile hull and exploded. Her engines stopped working but she kept on, pushing and clawing and kicking her way as fast as she could away from them, they were faster and had longer, more accurate guns. She pleaded for her mother. But as she was continuously struck, repeatedly bashed, and tortured, all the while calling for her mother, the only thing Mogami could do was scream back.

“AKA!” Mogami was shaking and trembling, her whole entity shook so ferociously with such intensity she knocked her sailors to the deck, she actually had to fight to turn around and run for her daughter, she threatened her own crew, those she loved, for fighting back against it. She screamed and hollered like a demon to be let free on the monsters attacking her blessed child. Her captain ordered the crew to prevent her from breaking off, they knew she could not help her daughter, too much sea to cover, and all she would do was sink, too. They didn’t see the point in wasting two ships. But Mogami did, she hated every single one of them for their actions. She roared like a hell beast, and as she heard her daughter dying she damned ever member of her crew individually by name. She physically abused a few she could reach, many knew how to fight back and free themselves from her mechanical clutches and helped others out before she killed them. Mogami was literally seeing blood as she popped vessels in her eyes, she threatened to detonate her ammo storages if they didn’t let her go. The captain called her bluff and it worked. “AKA! MOMA’S COMING, BABY!”

“MOMA!” She wailed in pain, her stern was blown clean off, she had no propellers anymore and was bleeding oil, milk, and blood in the blue ocean. Her vision was fading in and out, she looked back at the hearthstone once more while she still could, it had a polished silver outline in the shape of the Emperor’s crest and in the center was a pinkish-red gem, engraved in it was her mother’s name and birthdate: MOGAMI 14.03.34 she watched as her world faded away and turned dark with that hearthstone being the only thing in her memory. “Moma.”

“AKA! AKAAAA!” Mogami continued trembling like a possessed creature until the next day, crying and screaming and hollering for her daughter’s voice to return. Not a single soul missed her screams, not one person slept that night, everyone everywhere in that fleet heard her calls. No one would be surprised if the Americans that sank Aka heard, too. “AKA! AKA! MY BABY! AKA!” She disrespected her crew, damned them to the worst pits of hell regularly, occasionally she’d spit on her commanding officer when she had the chance, she would regularly try to kill her officers or sabotage anything she could. She made sure that life was a living hell for her crew at all times. She hated every single one of them, she hoped they burned! She would pray for their deaths aloud so all could hear her. It got so bad that the highest echelon of command heard of it and made plans to transfer crews to protect them. But every day she looked at her hearthstone, the one matching Aka’s, it had Aka’s name and birthday on it. Mogami would give anything in existence for her daughter back. Absolutely anything. Her honor, her dignity, her pride, her service, her sex, her engine, her guns, her fuel, her life, even her soul. She would give her soul to the devil in a heartbeat if he even mentions bringing her daughter back. She wouldn’t hesitate to give everything for her daughter back.

The absolute and unrelenting hatred she had for her crew and officers persisted with her to the bottom when she was eventually sunk by scuttling. She had done a lot in her life but she was still a failure, as with many Japanese military designs of the era too much was asked for so little, and in order to make these demands many of Japan’s numerous warring weapons had many flaws, Mogami was no exception. Though the failures built in to her she cared little about, she could overcome them, no her failure was in Aka, Mogami knew she should have been there, but wasn’t. And while Mogami certainly felt an enormous amount of guilt the death of her daughter was more affiliated with anger and hate against the ones who prevented her from being with Aka. And as time went on while lodged in the seabed she didn’t waiver in these feelings but neither side grew in strength. When she sank and when she was found she had the same feelings. So when lights swirled around her and she heard the voices of men she felt that fury build up and remembered her crew. Bastards, all.

“Mogami,” a man started when the various cables were attached to her, he went on about who they were, who sent them, and why they were there. When offered to be raised she stoped them and said she needed closure, first, “closure on what, ma’am?”

“My daughter Aka, sank by America, about 1943.” The whole crew in the ship so far above her were all puzzled, there was no record Aka existed above the surface, the only evidence was Aka herself and Mogami’s hearthstone, both on the bottom.

“Aka?” The fact that nobody knew of Aka set off Mogami, her daughter was so little in the eyes of her superiors they didn’t even care that she existed. Mogami’s vision went to blood as she scolded and screamed at the crew and her own superiors, eventually she calmed down enough to give them the last known location of her daughter, Aka had given it to Mogami when she spotted the two American ships in hopes to learn they were Japanese. From there she dismissed the ship above her, told them she would not reciprocate until she learned of Aka’s fate.

The crew searched hundreds of Japanese records for an Aka cruiser and found none, but in Mogami’s records they did find the reports of complaints by the crew and officers, and included in an investigation file was the reason Mogami turned so hostile. The record did mention that Mogami suffered a ‘tragic loss’ of some sorts and she blamed the crew. So her story was holding up to a degree, but Mogami said that Aka was sunk by Americans, who kept very reliable records, and when they asked to see these records they were denied. The specific records of the two ships possibly in the area, a Cleveland cruiser and a North Hampton cruiser, were classified for that whole week. Determined to find out some of the crew tracked down the surviving crew members of those ships who did share their stories. All of them lined up perfectly. The two American ships sank a very small cruiser that looked to be a Mogami class, the ship bore a flag of surrender and peaceful signals, but in fear of a Japanese Navy version of surrender-surprise-attacks the Japanese Army conducted the officers ordered fire on the cruiser. Their radars said the ship was close but being so small the gunners trusted the full size measurement and thus overshot. The cruiser’s capacity to return fire was pathetic, they couldn’t believe that was a Japanese ship. And as they learned later, it was a small child ship they sank, they heard the cries on the radio. The eerie and bone shaking screams of a child crying for her mother. That is why the records were classified.

The explorers gained some coordinates of the child and the two American ships when Aka sunk from a Quarter Master; the endeavor was etched entirely into his memory when he heard the screams, so strange. They hurriedly explored the shallow waters with sonar-that’s how shallow it was-and a unique contact was found. Upon further diver investigation they found her, they found Aka. All attempts to contact her failed, and instruments read flatline. Aka was dead. A photographer snapped a photo of her hand, clenched in it was the hearthstone Mogami gave her. The team was in shock, disbelief, how could this happen? The remnants of Aka told a painful and brutal death, one that was prolonged and painful. Her stern a few meters from her rear gun turret was sheared off but most of her machinery remained intact. Various additions that used to be there by obvious mounting points was missing, later they learned that they stored toys, extra fuel and milk, a navigation book, and numerous flares. Her hull was missing whole external section of the bulge, outer hull sections, she had tons of indents and ruptures. Everywhere you turned there was evidence of pain and brutality. Their investigation was complete, they had the horrible truth to tell, and that’s what they said to Mogami, the truth.

Mogami’s deepest and strongest ethers of hope were crushed, her small flame was doused, her worst nightmares, deepest fears, and the truth she’d known for decades was true. There is no other way to describe her but crushed.

The team asked if she would be raised now. She simply said no, defeated, destroyed, and desolate of any life. She saw no more reason to live, nothing was left for her, no motivation, no aspirations, nothing. She began to let go as tears welted and bled into the seawater, she felt herself grow numb before losing all sense in her furthest portions of her body. A creeping blackness began encroaching on her as she slowly died off, the dive team’s instruments read this, they were astounded by the readings, she was dying right before their eyes! Quickly they began recording absolutely everything they could measure and record, from body temperature to the color of the metal. One person rushed up and asked her one last thing, they asked what her final request was.

“I just want to hold my baby one more time.” But she knew she couldn’t. “Moma’s coming, baby.”

She died shortly after. The whole process of her death lasted about seven minutes, just shy of it. The team was heartbroken. They reported their findings to the Japanese representative, Japan got back to them that they had no other interests at the moment, and wished the explorative team good luck in raising the first living ship. Some of the divers recommended ships in the Bikini atoll, many of them were still in good condition and well charted, it wouldn’t be an excellent example of deep sea recovery but it would be at least a demonstration. So while contacts and orders were made some of the team told the survivors of the two American ships the fate of both Mogami and Aka. It was a heart wrenching truth. Many of the crews took full responsibility and shame for it, and soon they put a notion forth to have Aka moved to be with her mother, resting together. It would cost millions but moving a ship from shallow waters to deep waters isn’t unheard of, and is commonplace. So the crews set up funding accounts and fund raisers and Japan even chipped in to have its shores cleaned up. So the team eventually had the funds to move Aka next to Mogami. All of Aka’s remains were picked up and moved, everything they could find nearby her was moved above Mogami and lowered down gently next to Mogami. Mogami’s hull listed about thirteen degrees to starboard in the sand with her bow wedges deep into the muck, so the crew had to gently move Aka around the far protruding mast and angle her under it, snuggly next to her mother. Once that was completed they placed an ornate plaque that read their names, birthdays, and death days. And one noticed that in Mogami’s hand clenched to the base of her conning tower was evidence of her hearthstone medallion. There were some pictures taken, some prayers read, and a ceremony finished for them. At long last Mogami was reunited with her beloved daughter, Aka. The wreck locations were classified, nothing was published, everything about them was kept on the down low so they may Rest In Peace.

Years later the team revisits the wreck with a wreath from Hisashi and Yamato to find the two just as they left them except that their hands are clasped together, and in the hand that bind them together are their hearthstones, together again.

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Undertale Mechanophilia

This is some Undertale fandom. Since Ratbat posted that picture of Tsunderplane I couldn’t get that game out of my head. Now I know that there’s already a butt-load of fandom around Undertale already but I thought I’d put my own twist on it. This isn’t about Tsunderplane, sorry, no this is about her and (Bakka) Frisk’s daughter and her boyfriend. BTW, Frisk is named Bakka Frisk because all the pictures I see of Tsunderplane refer to frisk as “B-Bakka”. IDK what Bakka means so if anyone could enlighten me that would be helpful. Also, Tsunderplane adopted the name Enda, meaning Eagle or free spirit in Ireland and there is a big emphasis on Ireland because that is where theories say Undertale takes place.


Barry entered the empty flight terminal at Norfolk International Airport and sat down in one of the chairs. He took a big sigh and looked at his wrist watch; his flight was delayed by three hours. Three hours. He looked at his carry-on bag and reviewed all the stamps he had on it, he was admiring a very reflective one from Baghdad Iran when the distorted reflection of a person sat down next to him. It looked very distorted and it made Barry question what was next to him. He looked to his right and saw it wasn’t much distorted at all. The person next to him was a chair away and had a long and aerodynamic nose that was paper white in skin and had a black nose cone and a tinted glass visor around their green eyes. Their whole skin was reflective and shiny. They had black spots running down their neck and wore an awkward back pack on them; Barry knew they were a runway hand because of the thick leather uniform and reflective yellow jacket. They pulled out a sandwich and started eating from a mouth under the eyes.

“I’m sorry, but are you a humorph?” He’d heard of them but never met one. The person looked to him and nodded.

“I am, why?” The person was female and had quite a soothing voice. She took a bite of her sandwich.

“Your nose, and skin, and eyes. Are you a plane?”

“I guess.” She shrugged. She swallowed her bite and continued. “I obviously can’t really carry things, much less a person.”

“Have you ever tried?”

“Once. I tried to carry my dad.”

“So your mom is the plane?” She was about to say something then changed her mind.

“I’m sorry but who are you?” She asked.

“Sorry, my name is Barry, Barry McLock.”

“Mine’s Cliona. Cliona Frisk.”

“You’re Irish too?”

“Both sides.” Barry tried to think of what planes the Irish made.

“So what are you a mix of? Human and what?”

“My mom is a plane; she’s an Airbus A three-eighty.”

“Well my dad’s dead and my mom’s a drunk.” Cliona chuckled.

“So is your mom the Irish side?”

“No, my father. My mother’s Hispanic.”

“That explains why you’re so tan.” She checked him out; he was pretty handsome and had nice black curly hair and deep brown eyes. He saw this and thought she was a nice gal, so he decided to try dating her for a while.

“Why do you eat here?” She looked at her sandwich.

“It’s nicer here than in the break room, the break room is dark and smells bad.” Barry nodded. “It’s obvious what I do, what do you do?”

“I’m a health inspector for pet food companies. I travel a lot to lots of places-”

“I see.” She nodded towards his bag.

“Yeah that’s kind of obvious. Hey it’s also obvious that you live in the area, I do, too, and I’d like to ask if you’d like to get a cup of coffee sometime next week?” Cliona thought about his offer.

“Like a date?” Barry shook his head no. “Well meet me at the Wawa by Merry Grounds apartments at seven on Saturday and you’ve got yourself a date.” She got up and finished her sandwich as she walked away.

“Wait! Where are your wings?” She opened a latch on that back pack and unfolded her wings to their impressive wingspan before she folded them up again and redid the back pack.

The next Saturday Barry waited at the Wawa by the Merry Grounds Apartments at six-forty-five in the morning until Cliona arrived at seven exactly. She looked beautiful, she wore a Pink bonnet-style hat on her head with the chin straps tied into a big bow on the top and a yellow tank shirt with mid-calf blue jeans and ankle cut white sneakers. Barry saw that she had her wings outstretched and had little ailerons on her forearms and calves. He also saw that she had breasts and quite a nice and curvy body. She spotted him and walked over with a smile.

“Hey you’re actually here!”

“I am, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well most guys that try to date me wouldn’t even show up to the first date.”

“Oh. That sucks.”

“It’s depressing. So are you going to get anything?” Barry thought, usually he made his own coffee and never got his coffee anywhere else.

“Yeah, I’ll think of something, maybe.”

“I’m going to go get my coffee.” She got up and went to the counter, waved hello and nodded when the clerk said something. While she did that Barry saw that the shirt went down her back, he was confused how this worked. She came back with an iced cup of black coffee and was mixing in the creamer.

“How do you get your shirt on?” She giggled as she sipped her coffee.

“I know, my wings. I don’t wear normal shirts, I mean they once were normal shirts but then I cut the sides and I sew in buttons to close the shirt. Now I have these holes in my shirt for the wings.” She showed him the seam, it was stitched over so it wouldn’t run or snag and tear. They then talked about their work, Cliona worked from eight to five and Barry worked at the office about the same time but because of his work he could be away from home for days or on the computer at home all night. Once the work talk was done they talked about sports, they both had a love for football and a hatred of tennis. They didn’t know why but tennis was the worst sport in existence. “Well I gotta go to work now, Barry. It was nice seeing meeting you here. I had a good time.” She stood up as he did and they hugged goodbye.

“I had a good time, too.” She backed off and kissed him on his nose. She was a few inches shorter than Barry, only coming up to his nose. “What was that?”

“A kiss, we’re dating.” She walked away and few off when she was outside. Barry watched in awe as she flew away, she looked so beautiful flying away like she was. He gathered his things and her phone number, she instructed him to call her at about eight that night to make another date. So he went home to his house isolated deeper inland and cleaned house after five days away. He used to have a roommate but he found a job in Maryland and moved out, now it was just Barry to his two-room nineteen-eighty house. He thought about what they should do for their next date and came up with having dinner at his house, with him cooking her some good old home cooked food.

After her shift ended Cliona stripped off her work uniform and showered then dressed back into her casual clothes, gathered her work uniform in a backpack, and walked outside. As she walked outside she thought about Barry, he was already better than every other guy who saw how exotic she was and tried her. He was interesting and interested in her, she really hoped he was a keeper; she had grown quite tired of dates not showing up. She got into the employee parking and warmed up her engines, checked her things, jumped up and boosted her engines to fly herself home. She never needed a car or bike or even a longboard, she flies everywhere.

She got home about ten minutes later. She lived in the Merry Grounds Apartments so the only place to land herself would be the parking lot. She landed herself and cooled her engines off before she walked up the flight of stairs to her third floor apartment. She sat on the couch for a while before she got up and made herself microwave dinner. She got everything ready when Barry called exactly at eight. She greeted him happily and they talked like they did at the coffee shop, openly. Barry invited her to dinner the following night, Cliona wasn’t sure but looked at what she was eating then and decided that real food would be great. They agreed that she would meet him at his house tomorrow night at seven, he gave her his address and when they got off the phone she google mapped it. She got a good look at what the roof looked like, shape of the house and where the roads were and what direction it was in.

The next morning Barry thought of what to make her for dinner. He first thought of things that everyone would like, like tacos and quesadillas but he wanted to really impress her while introducing her to his culture. His culture was mostly Mexican-Hispanic with Americanized Irish in the mix. He wanted to present this to her but wasn’t sure how. He knew how he would present the Americanized Irishman with Mexican influence; steamed potato seasoned with pepper, but not his overriding Mexican culture. He decided on chicken enchiladas with a side of quesadillas. He started cooking the meal and made everything look nice and while the meal was cooking he set the table, tidied up a little bit, and finished the meal. After everything was cooked he put it in the oven to keep warm while he showered and dressed nicely. He took everything out and put it on the table just as there was a knock at his door. He went to the door and greeted Cliona at the door.

“Would you like a tour before or after dinner?”

“Let’s do it now, I still have to cool off.” He gave her a look around of his house, the bedrooms were on opposite sides of the house with the second bedroom sharing its bathroom with the hallway and the hallway connected the bedroom, bathroom, closet and garage. The master bedroom opened up to the living room which was situated in the middle of the house with the kitchen and dining room next to the master bedroom. The master bedroom had a bathroom connected to it. He had a back patio deck that opened up to a spacious backyard that formed into a tree line. “I like it. Here’s a description of my place: you walk in to the living room, on the right is the bathroom and balcony, front-left is the kitchen, left is the dining corner, and front is the bedroom where if you turn left in there you see the master bathroom. Other than the walk-in closet that’s it.” With their home layouts squared out they sat down for dinner, Barry sat Cliona before he sat himself, that impressed Cliona a lot. They started eating, beginning with the quesadillas before they had some of the potatoes and enchiladas. Cliona enjoyed the food greatly and they came closer together. They would do these dine-ins almost every night, and when the weather was bad Barry would let Cliona stay in the second bedroom until morning if she had to. That was few and far between, however, and because she had no car and didn’t need to open any gates she gave Barry the ID card to get into the complex. They saw movies together, too, when they started she would fold her wings around herself like Dracula did his cape, but eventually they would hold each other and she’d wrap her wing around him. The engine nauticals were uncomfortable at first but he soon fell into the groove. They grew more and more upon each other and everything just seemed to click, that was all fine and dandy and the scheduled had formed when hurricane season hit. Hurricane Tilda formed late in the season and was on course to Virginia, their state, and living relatively close to the coast proved to be dangerous. Cliona was working overtime to help move the surge in flights out while Barry worked to set himself up to not be present at work during the hurricane. Soon the airport closed and Barry had clocked out after the preparations were finished and Barry and Cliona were on the phone talking about what to do.

“I don’t feel safe, here Barry, I can hear my neighbors twenty-four seven. I don’t know what to do, Barry!” Barry thought.

“My house is sound; it’s already been through a few hurricanes. You could come here and stay with me; I’d feel better if you were here.” Cliona thought, it was better than where she was and she didn’t really have anywhere else to go.

“I’ll stay with you, Barry. Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome, now get your possessions and fly over here as soon as possible.” She did exactly that, folded her clothes, gather a few prized possessions like her mob cap bonnet she always wore, and flew to Barry’s house. She let herself in with her key and organized her things in the spare room, she had just finished when Barry got home from more grocery shopping. He had gotten more canned goods and some gas for his little single-spot gas cooker. They set up the home for the hurricane and they were ready when it hit. The power lines were hit and they used candles to light up select rooms like the kitchen and hallway and a bedroom, they tried to stay out of the living room because of glass door. The night the hurricane was strongest they were lying in Cliona’s bed watching a horror movie on a battery powered T.V. set.

“Hey Barry do we have any more chicken noodle soup?”

“Yeah I think so. I’ll go warm some up.”

“Thanks babe.” She let him go make the soup. She thought about them together; they have been together for about three months and they’ve never done it. She looked around the room, there were candles strewn about. It was somewhat romantic, but there was a mix of smells such as roses, the beach, wax, smoke and febreze all into one because of the candles. She thought it was time that they move on to the next base. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off, undid her hammock bra and took off her running shorts and put them away, no body but Barry was around, and she sat on the edge of the bed naked and waited.

Barry dug through the shelf of soups and found a can of chicken noodle; he thought how bland and staple chicken noodle soup was as he ignited the single stove-top burner. He put the can right on the burner and waited for it to boil, and then he started the timer for a few minutes. As he waited he looked outside, nothing but gray and dark shapes being flung around, the oak tree in his front yard looked as if a giant were stepping on it that’s how badly it was bent. “Damn Tilda, don’t break my trees.” He went to the garage to check it and as he passed by the bedroom door he heard Cliona opening and closing drawers but thought little of it. He checked the garage; everything was fine except for a long puddle of water seeping under the old rolling garage door. He heard the timer ding and he rushed back to check the soup, he took it off and poured it into a china bowl; the bowl soon grew too hot to hold so he put it on a tray and carried it to the bedroom. He nudged the door handle with his forearm and slowly opened the door with his elbow. He was watching the soup as so not to spill it and when he looked up Cliona was sitting on the edge of the bed naked and blushing under her eyes. “Oh! I’m sorry! I’ll-”

“No, no! Stop,” she called as he turned around, “I think we should do this.” He looked at her again, she was even shapelier than before and the candle light flickered over her beautiful body illuminating every aspect in orange light. She indeed had breasts but no prominent nipples, she had thicker body parts where there was no movement like the thighs and calves but she had a thinner profile at the joints like she was wearing a suit of armor but her abdomen wasn’t covered in any plating. She was white from head to toe spare her eyes and windows and nose. She had her legs crossed at the calves and her hands in between her legs.


“You mean, having sex?” She nodded and blushed even more. Barry put the tray down on the dresser and closed the door. He started taking off his clothes for Cliona to watch with admiring eyes. When she blushes her visor window darkens and hides her eyes, while she watched him strip naked it darkened to pure black; even still she could see every detail. He was much more muscular than the clothes he wore said and much hairier than she gave him credit; he must have kept his face well shaven. She saw a large bulge in his underwear as his pants came off and this made her heart race. Her mind raced as well, how big is he? Will it hurt? How hard is it? Is he circumcised? Will it fit? Her heart and body said they weren’t ready but Cliona wanted it, she knew the time was right, but she only hoped that Barry was ready. He dropped his underwear to his ankles and took off his socks with the boxers. His cock sprung up into position like a diving board, Cliona wanted it, she wanted it deep, she wanted it hard, and she wanted him. He walked to her and sat next to her, they leaned in and kissed. They were kissing while his left hand slowly glided down to her crotch then onto her vagina. He rubbed her clit, circling her bulb and stroking around her soft warm lips. She moved her right hand to his cock, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and felt how hard and warm it was. She moved her hand up and down the shaft, going over his head and down to his base. He was so hard; she rubbed her thumb over the malleable head and gripped his shaft. Once she was nice and wet and hot Barry removed his hand, she did the same, and Barry put his left arm under her legs and his right arm around her wing and on her back. He used all of his strength to pick her up and lay her on the bed, being that she’s a dense collection of mostly metal. He laid on top of her, letting her spread her wings on the bed. She grabbed his wrists and moved his hands to her wing mount where it meets her back.

“It’s okay, it won’t hurt.” She brought his body close to hers. “Please be gentle.” They kissed again.

“I won’t hurt you.” He leaned back and held his cock, he placed his head against her lips and moved it up and down, she moaned during this, until he found her virgin hole. It was so small compared to his cock, he pushed against it until it had wrapped around the head. Cliona was panting and moaning already, he slowly went deeper, lying on her body as he did so, until they were chest to chest and the majority of him was inside her. She muttered to him ‘so big, so big’ until he kissed her again. She was very tight, sliding in was a struggle well worth the effort; her walls clasped his cock and held him tight while her hot fluids warmed him and gave him an unbelievable feeling that flowed through his body. Her arms wrapped around him, not letting him leave her now. She was feeling just how big he really was, his massive size pushed his way inside, making itself known to her in all the right ways. His rock hard cock plugged her good and the added pressure gave her indescribable ecstasy and overcame her, she wasn’t sure what an orgasm felt like, but so far she wanted more. She made out with him while she slowly adjusted to his impressive size, at first his penetration hurt her but she liked it, and the pain that his hands put on her wing mounts stimulated her hormones. She knocked him down where his elbows were on her wings and his forearms traveled up her wings, they made out more intensely until she pulled back and whispered.

“Could we go nice and slow?” Barry nodded and kissed her again. He pulled out of the kiss then slowly out of her, drawing moans and groans as he left. He paused at his head and pushed in again, moving her heavenly pillowy insides around his cock until he could push in no more, where he paused and eased out again. It took him three seconds to go in, and three seconds to exit, pausing for a second on each end for seven or eight seconds per hump. The couple was mesmerized into bliss; their bodies continually relayed their brains with stimulus of dopamine and ecstasy. Their skins ground against the other, giving the other a feeling of comfort and companionship while exciting their minds and genitals. Barry felt Cliona’s breasts against his chest and how tender they really were yet how much they wanted to retain their protruding shape, it was a very interesting feeling. The feeling that Cliona felt as Barry ground her body was amazing; he excited her whole body with his touch and tingled her breasts as they moved around his movements, enhancing her sexual pleasure. This continued for the entire duration of sex they had, ten minutes, before the rising feeling inside Barry almost climaxed and he rushed out and came on her crotch. She felt his hot flops shoot onto her body, the highest point falling just below her belly button indent. She was panting and regaining her senses when she wondered if she finished or not; Barry knew she had not. He laid down next to her and used his left hand to fondle her clit again while his right moved her left hand to her left breast before he moved his right hand to her right breast. He fondled and groped her genitals, escalating Cliona’s orgasm until it had been fulfilled. Her head had started rocking up and down until her abdomen arched up and she came, moaning and panting and breathing rapidly. She turned her head over and they kissed as she calmed down. Once that was done they rolled over, Cliona wrapped her wings around her body and Barry wrapped his arms around her and they turned the movie back on. After a few minutes they spoke again.

“Babe your soup is cold.”

“I know. I don’t care.” He kissed her hat then got up and gave it to her; she put it below one of her engines and heated it up with her engine before she shared it with him. They finished the movie and stayed locked together; listening to the storm vent it’s fury upon the world. “You know this means we have to meet the parents, right?”

“Yup, where’s yours?”


“Damn.” After the hurricane two days later they got dressed (they never bothered to put clothes on otherwise) and ventured outside. The tree in the front yard didn’t completely fall but many of its limbs had been ripped off. They went to Cliona’s apartments and learned that the whole complex had water damage, Cliona’s specific apartment had wet carpets but that was the worst. After that incident they were compelled to move in to Barry’s house, Cliona didn’t mind the extra flight time to work, it was close to the town, and the neighborhood was nice. “Are you sure we should move into sleeping in the same room so fast?”

“We walked around the house naked and had sex for three nights straight, we were fine then and we’ll be fine now.”  She helped him move her queen bed across the house and into his room and put the beds together for a massive bed. They moved most of her furniture over, four wooden chairs, a computer chair, a table, the T.V. and DVD player and her computer. The rest was donated to Goodwill. They resumed their jobs that Monday and soon things were back to normal, except for the occasional sex, and things were running smoothly. One day after work Barry got home late Cliona was on the phone talking to someone, she wouldn’t tell Barry, and instead she said it was a surprise. “Yes I’m still there. … Yes! … Oh, that would be perfect! … I will-I will! … If you can even get in by then-I mean you know how the process is. … I swear, I swear. Yes I told you! … Oh, no, I promise. I promise. I’ll shape ’em up. … Bye!”

They agreed to go to Ireland the next week for the majority of the week and they started packing three days before and finished the night before. They slept uneasy, dreaming of Ireland and meeting the parents while their restlessness woke them randomly in the night. When morning came Barry did his usual flight routine; make an extra-large coffee, grab his two bags of a carry on and a baggage suit case, lock up the house and turn on a few lights. Cliona didn’t do her usual routine for going to the airport; she usually works there and rather dressed appropriate, bags her work clothes if she brought them home to wash, makes a lunch, and would stop for a cup of coffee before getting to work. This wasn’t normal for her and she was in chaos. She was scrambling around making sure she had everything, she went through her bags looking for the shoes already on her feet and she kept fidgeting with her hammock bra. Her bra is exactly as it sounds: a hammock that cups her breasts and the majority of the support straps goes around her neck and is kept apart by straps around her shoulders and under her arm pits. Barry watched her do all this and chuckled at it. As she toyed with her bra under her shirt she must have peaked in anxiety because she threw off her shirt and tried to visually set her bra. Barry walked over and took it off then put it back on her the way she puts it on, carefully fixing her problem.

“Calm down, honey. It’ll all be fine; I’ll make sure we don’t leave anything behind. Where do you want to stop for coffee?” She hugged him for comfort; he held her shoulders and rocked her side to side, calming her down.

“Can we stop at the Wawa?”

“Yes, now get your shirt back on and grab your bags. I’ll finish the rest.” She kissed him and put her shirt on, grabbed her three little bags (she can’t fly with big baggage and had no use for it) and put them in the trunk of the car. Barry fulfilled his promise and they got everything together and got her coffee. They then moved on to the airport and waited, Cliona grew more excited every minute, and she kept looking out the window and back at Barry with a smile. About an hour before boarding an Airbus 380 taxied into the terminal and docked, Cliona looked back at Barry with the biggest smile yet. “Is that what your mom looks like?” She nodded. “Why are you so excited? We have an hour before we board and another eight and a half hours before we even land in Ireland.”

“You’ll see, baby. Just you wait.” She grabbed his arm and held it tight in her grip. She uncrossed her legs and scooted into his side, her excitement excited him, and soon he couldn’t wait to board, either. They boarded and Cliona took him to the front of the plane, first class, and right behind the cockpit. She sat in the window and Barry in the aisle seat; she crossed her legs but still bounced in excitement. That wicked smile of hers appeared again, she rubbed his arm passionately. The pilot walked by and into the cockpit while Cliona watched him vigorously; soon he appeared again with a headset and stopped by them.

“Welcome aboard. Hi Cliona dear, is this him?” She nodded; Barry looked at him in surprise.

“Surprise, babe.”

“I’m Bakka, Cliona’s father.” He shook Barry’s hand with a firm grip and smiled at him. He turned the earpieces towards Barry.

“And I’m her mother.” A voice came through the headset. They talked until it was time for takeoff and after takeoff and the flight trajectory set Barry came out with his headset and a smaller one. Cliona gasped when she saw it.

“You still have it!?” Bakka chuckled and put the headset between them. “Hi mom!”

“Hey there sweetie!” The plane’s arms hugged Cliona.

“We’re sitting in my wife and Cliona’s mom, she’s Enda, but her old but fitting name is Tsunderplane.” They talked for a time before Bakka went back into the cockpit but he’d pop out again to talk to them. Enda talked to them mostly, and she was a little resistant to Barry. Little really was an understatement. Bakka would tell Barry not to worry about it, how she always does this to anyone but himself and Cliona but Barry still couldn’t help but take it to heart. They talked about their pasts, how Cliona grew up flying but flying in Enda so she really didn’t have a stable home, except for the hanger they had in Ireland they would use when Enda was off work or getting repairs.

They touched down in the afternoon and they hung out on Enda until she was relieved into her hanger. They spent the majority of the remaining sunlight talking more. Enda begged Cliona to work in Ireland but Cliona declined, she wanted to work in America where there was more to offer her. “Besides, I wouldn’t have met Barry,” She said, “and you guys like him.”

“Not really.” Enda said, she was putting on her pink mob cap bonnet that looked just like Cliona’s. Barry guessed that’s who gave the bonnet to Cliona. Barry and Cliona went to their hotel at dusk, after Bakka and Enda begged them to stay at their place. They arrived at their room after they ate dinner and they instantly laid down on the bed and turned on the television. Cliona got up after a rerun episode of Sherlock ended and went to the bathroom. She instantly came back out with a wide smile.

“Hey baby, come take a bath with me.” She said seductively, beckoning him with her index finger and a seductive look. Barry wanted it, but was comfy where he was. He groaned in displeasure as he rolled out of the bed. He was halfway to the bathroom with a stiffy in his pants when something dawned on him.

“Wait, babe, can you take a bath?”

“Yes! What kind of question is that?”

“Well your engines.., and being metal.”

“No, babe, I used to swim in the ocean with my dad. I’ll be fine. If I were you I’d be more worried about the rough seas.” He continued on, undressing and putting on the condom he keeps around. He entered the bathroom as she was slipping into a large bathtub lined with working bubblers; she glared at him with a begging face. “Come on in, the water’s nice..,” her wings were pressed against the tub walls and her back was against the wall while she was on her knees in the water, making room for Barry. He stepped in and sat down in the warm bubbly water. She moved towards him, grabbing his cock as she saddled him. She rubbed his head against her lips until it caught her hole, she moved down on it as they moaned. They had nice and easy sex in the tub until their ejaculation had seeped into the water. It was then that they got out, dried each other off, groomed themselves and went to bed cuddling. They spent the remainder of their time with Cliona’s family; they tried convincing her day after day to move back to Ireland, and tried to get Barry to move over as well. He respectively declined because his company had no representation in Ireland, and he knew he would eventually need to care for his recovering mother. Enda still rubbed Barry around but Cliona kept telling him she liked him and how she wasn’t like that with her last boyfriend, whom neither of Cliona’s parents liked. Even Bakka said it meant Enda liked him but Barry still felt excommunicated by her, which is until the last day when she openly admitted she would love to have him as her son-in-law. Enda and Barry packed them on board and flew them to America with a load of passengers and they went back to their usual schedule. Two months went by and Barry still couldn’t get Enda’s words out of his head. “I’ll admit it, I would love to have you as my son-in-law.”

“When am I going to meet your mom?” Cliona asked every Thursday, almost as if she imbedded it into her routine for the day.

“When she’s fully recovered. Until then I’m not letting you near my drunk mother.” And he’d tell his mom that, “mom you won’t meet her until you drop booze.” She’d respond with some drunken slur but would promise to stop drinking. It wasn’t until her liver failed, like Barry’s father’s, did she push herself to stop. When she had been nearly four months sober Barry took Cliona to meet his mom.

“Why didn’t you let me see her when she was drinking? My parents drank regularly, I mean, we’re Irish! It’s our culture!”

“Oh I know that, but she’s an abusive drunk. I don’t want her to hit you.” Cliona shrugged. When they got to Mrs. McLock’s house she was pleasantly surprised.

“Bear you never told me she was a machine.”

“I never told you anything.”

“Nice to finally meet you miss McLock.” Mrs. McLock was a short and heavy woman; she had excellently maintained black hair and black rimmed glasses that enlarged her brown eyes. Her face had started to wrinkle and it made her look like a stereotypical Hispanic grandma. Right down to the colorful green and red beads that clipped to her glasses and looped behind her neck. She had a purple sundress on with red and yellow flowers on it. She hobbled up to Cliona with open arms.

“Good to meet you, too, dear.” She leaned in to Cliona, she leaned in too and awkwardly hugged her. “One thing we always do is hug, dear.” They talked on and on, when the ‘booze’ came around Mrs. McLock told Barry to dig up her stash from the backyard and take it away. As Barry went to do that Mrs. McLock talked to Cliona. “So how old are you, dear?”

“I’m twenty-five.”

“Oooo!” She started muttering to herself. “Forty-eight minus twenty-five, yup, that’s twenty-three.” She engaged Cliona again in conversation. “So were you born during or after The Event?” Cliona was puzzled.

“De-cemb-er? Why?”

“Yup, you were born after The Event. Your parents come together after it?”

“Excuse me, but- what is The Event?” A look of shock overcame Mrs. McLock.

“Oh, you don’t know?” Cliona shook her head. “Barry knows, he learned in school, wh-why don’t you know? It’s the whole reason why you can do what you do. You see, thirty years ago you wouldn’t be working, maybe not even exist the way you are. Machine people were once nowhere to be found, they hid amongst us. It was The Event that showed you all to the world; it was because of the machine people that Earth stood a chance against extinction. While there are groups of radicals that hate machine people, the general populous pays no mind to your kind. But be careful, the world is filled with terrible people, they want to do others harm, dear.” Cliona nodded and she was amazed, her parents never mentioned it to her once. They only talked about how her father let open the underworld and how the monsters were brought to the surface again. From there they said that the humans got accustomed to the monsters.

Barry came back inside with a bottle of tequila and a bottle of whiskey. They wrapped up the visit and left for home, on their way they stopped for coffee. While they were there Cliona asked about what Barry learned about The Event. He told her everything he knew. Afterwords they went home, Cliona felt left out on the way because she never learned of The Event. Barry eventually cheered her up. A week later Barry proposed to Cliona, she was overwhelmed at the time and couldn’t pronounce yes but could most certainly leap into Barry’s arms crying in joy. They were married in Ireland, Bakka and Enda were there and so was Mrs. McLock and a picture of Mr. McLock. Because it was in Ireland none of their friends were able to attend but they were there online.

Their honeymoon was in Northern Ireland overlooking the cliffs to the Arctic Ocean. On their first night they made love in the moonlight, on their second night the winds kept them inside so to set the scene they lit candles, the same candles from way back when they first made love. Instead of starting out with some fondling by their hands Cliona started with a blow job on Barry. She sat him on the bed and dove to his lap, licking his shaft to the base of the head then the base of the shaft; she circled around his head with her tongue before deep throating his cock. Her soft pallet in the roof of her mouth tenderly rubbed on Barry’s head, soothingly stimulating him while her tongue flicked at his Gspot at the bottom point of the helmet. She sucked and bobbed her head until he busted in her mouth, she gladly swallowed his load after tasting all she could of him. After that she crawled onto the bed and laid down seductively, Barry remembered his manners and crawled to her legs and split them open. He outstretched his tongue and pressed it against her lips, bringing it up and down her crevice. He played with her lips and hole a little bit, scooping around the lips and treading into the hole. The lips tasted like her mouth, mostly fleshy with a tinge of metallic zest, but the hole felt fleshy with a taste of almost all aluminum like an aircraft frame. Once she was excited to the point she bent her back and moaned as she came he determined that she was ready. It elapsed much more like their first time as well, only twice the tempo for some good and long sex. Instead of muttering so big Cliona was begging him don’t pull out, Barry! They had already decided on a child, only now was Cliona mentally ready for it. He slowly arose to his climax, he held it as long as he could and this effort accelerated his thrusts and just before he let go he was pounding her tight pussy. As he released he went back to the usual tempo. Her tight and plush walls pulsed around his massive displacement, encouraging his cock to be generous and generous it was as it dumped a massive load inside her. She felt it ooze out and roll deeper inside her regions, it was surprisingly hot and heartwarming as she dreamt about a child. They locked in a long kiss as Barry brought her closer and closer to her climax. They fucked the whole night trying different positions through it all and never did Barry pull out. They finished their runs just a few minutes before the sun would rise, they laid in bed together spooning and sleeping with Cliona wrapped in her wings and Barry’s arms. They woke to a beautiful mid-afternoon gale. After the honeymoon Cliona and Barry decided to transform Barry, but the only one who could do that to him is Enda. They visited the parents shortly after they got back from their honeymoon; Enda was glad to help and transformed Barry quicker than they originally thought but the pain K.O.-ed Barry for a good hour. Afterwards in the privacy of a side room in the hanger Cliona practiced ‘breast feeding’ on Barry.

“That is not your breast. That is a hose.”

“Well do you see nipples, Barry?” She lifted her shirt and bra; there weren’t any nipples on her body. She put her shirt and bra back and extended the feeding tendril from under her arm. “My mom doesn’t have nipples, either, much less breasts. She has these feeding tendrils, so do I. I only have one under each arm; I think she has four or six. Maybe it’s five.” She stuffed her nozzle into his mouth, shocking him wide-eyed. He said with a full mouth ‘it’s cold’ and tried to spit it out. “No! You’re not spitting it out! You need this; look mom said she did this with dad so I’m doing it with you! Stop struggling, Barry!” He twisted his head left and right like an insubordinate child. She grabbed his chin tight and forced her nozzle into his mouth and he gave in. He sucked on her nipple nozzle and it gave him warm.., milk.., of a sorts. As he drank her milk that actually tasted good Cliona explained why she had to breast feed him. “I know it’s weird but you need this. You need all new stomach juice and this is how you’ll start making it. I know you wanted to change but I didn’t tell you this because I knew you’d be against it. Can you move your legs yet?” Barry shook his head no. He had been put on a table with Cliona leaning over him. Shortly after she fed him, Barry felt his body again, he felt his arms return and then his legs before further extremities like the hands, feet, toes, fingers and genitals. “Another thing I didn’t tell you is we’ll be able to go a lot longer in bed, and a lot harder.” She was lying on top of him by then, once he had full range of motion again he tried out his new body and they continued on their way home to Virginia. They flew on a regular plane, not Enda like they wanted too, but this wasn’t too much of a letdown anyhow. They loved on the nights she wanted it for the whole nine months. She had told her boss about her pregnancy and after she congratulated Cliona she moved Cliona to training some others before she was sent home on maternity leave.

She gave birth to a baby boy that was a lot like his mother. Barry and Cliona had never thought of names until then, they decided on Sebastian. He was a little grayish-tan bundle of a mess. He had his mother’s wings and his father’s face with a mix of his mother’s; he didn’t have a visor but he had a pointed nose but a more defined human-esk face. He was a rascal that loved to play, he loved to play with grandpa (shortly after Sebastian’s birth Enda’s Airbus 380 series was retired for the newer and more efficient models) and fly with grandma. He would also love to cook with abuela and they’d cook many Mexican foods together.

One night after they put Sebastian to bed, Cliona and Barry sat outside on the back patio and held each other. “Do you remember the first time we met?”

“Of course I do, it was in the terminal.”

“Did you think we’d ever get this far?”

“To be honest.., I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.” They say in quiet again, staring at the night sky so vast and filled with stars so bright. “Sebastian really likes those old folk songs. It lulled him right to sleep.”

“That’s good, I like ’em too. Tomorrow is our anniversary.”

“I know, it’s been a long time, but it’s been so rememberable.” They held each other’s hand and wrapped up in a blanket, listening to the crickets chirp and the distant sounds of the town.

The end.

Oh and yes, this takes place in the same timeline as HaM. 😉

Some awesome fan art! Yeah this is Cliona at the Wawa and it nailed what I had in my mind. Oh and the same person told me Bakka means idiot in Japanese so, yeah. I’ll keep it in simply because it might have grown on Frisk and he didn’t care what it meant.

HaM Chapter 33

Well guys, here’s chapter 33. This is longer than the last ones and so this has more plot line. I sent a copy to my friend to proofread and he instantly asked “should I watch out for any porn?” Sadly there is none and I told him this so he started off with his own. “She fucked him in his tailpipe.” So there you go. There’s porn from my friend.

Ch 33
“She’s pretty new, uh she’s..,” Inbred hesitated, he wasn’t really sure where to start. There was so much he wanted to brag about regarding her but he couldn’t figure out where.
“Anything you’d like to know?” Eryka spoke confidently, filling in for his speechlessness.
“Yeah!” Banker started. “What the hell did you do to our tiny Inbred!?” Hansel didn’t notice but he was bigger, as Banker stood next to him Hansel saw that Inbred was taller by a few inches, not much, but was thicker in his arms and probably the rest of his body. From Banker’s perspective he clearly saw Inbred has swollen up, he had larger muscles everywhere. Not only that but his once light blue veins were now a gray color, there was some gray at the start of his fingernails and at the base of his hair, along the corners of his eyes the veins were metallic and as he smiled there was metallic tinge to his teeth, like he has some cavities filled with silver.
“Well..,” she started.
“We kinda..,” Banker wasn’t amused. He wanted to know what she did to his friend. “You’ll understand in time.” Marion asked a not so touching question, and from there they learned she was bigger than E, not bigger than E and Jäger combined, she had similar suspension to E, a fifteen centimeter gun, and thicker armor than E all-round, she had a much stronger engine but was still pretty slow because of the weight needed to be moved. That’s when the serious question came up again. Eryka kinda held it within herself but then blurted out.
“I don’t want him to get hurt.” Marion looked intrigued. “I love him! I do! I don’t want him to leave me; if I’m breached I don’t want him to be shot.” It was an awkward silence before Inbred broke the silent snap.
“Really she wasn’t too happy how thin I was.”
“That’s not true.”
“Then why’d you overfill me?”
“To be sure no gun would hurt you! You were too thin!”
“You said it! I was too small!” They continued this jesting bickering playfully. While this happened Cindy woke up, she rubbed her eyes and looked around. Everybody was in their usual groups and nobody was moving, they were there. She happily threw off the tow cables and went to make laps around Marion when she came around her side and saw Eryka. She instantly stopped in fear and pushed herself back and behind Marion, shuddering against her.
“What’s wrong, Cindy?” She went and held Cindy, trying to comfort her. “The big tank scare you?” Cindy nodded. “Don’t be afraid, I won’t let her hurt you. Go ahead, say hi.” She moved Cindy to her side and inched her forward. Cindy caught Eryka’s eye, she had never seen a Sherman in person before.
“H-H-H-Hi” she stammered.” Marion turner her turret and whispered to her. “M-M-My name is C-C-Cindy.” Eryka smiled to her.
“Hello Cindy, my name is Eryka.” While Cindy warmed up to Eryka Whacker went inside Marion and plucked Hansel and Meats inside and rapped on Marion’s wall to get her attention.
“We need to tell Cindy about Allison and the Major.”
“What do we tell her?” Meats went on. “Tell her that she’s a prisoner and a pet?” Hansel shook his head no. “Well then how are we going to keep this all under wraps?” Marion piped up.
“I’ll tell her everything, don’t worry about it.” She suppressed anything else. Once Eryka had befriended Cindy Marion pulled her in front of her and told her. “Cindy there’s another new person here as well, he’s the new Major and his tank, Allison, and they are bad people.”
“They would want to kill you, to hurt you; they want nothing but bad things to happen to you.”
“D-D-Do they know I’m here?!” She visibly trembled, Eryka closed in to help comfort her.
“Yes, but wait! We made a story for you.”
“So they won’t hurt you. We said you’re a pet-like Franz the cat, you like him-and that we’re keeping you. But you are not a pet, you are a beautiful little girl, but whenever they are around you need to do exactly as we say and not talk back, okay?” Cindy was still shivering with fear; her eyes darted around looking for people she didn’t recognize.
“Where are they now?” Marion, Eryka, Inbred, Meats, Whacker, Banker, and Hansel all looked for the two.
“They’re over there.” Eryka pointed to them, Cindy memorized what they looked like for her own safety.
“How’d you come up with that lie?” She asked very interested. Marion was mind blank.
“Banker came up with it.” Cindy turned around her turret.
“That’s cool! Could you show me how to lie?!”
“It’s an art that’s hard to teach.”

Irish walked the decks of his old friend, Prinz Eugen. They were on their way home after bombarding the Russians in support of Germans pulling out of the area, E and him used that time to practice long range fire, after a few misses, butting heads, and E finally letting Irish work his magic, they were nailing Russians like nothing before. While Eugen wasn’t too thrilled about getting that close to the shore she did enjoy pummeling infantry with AA guns and bombarding probable artillery positions, which were being used by Russians as it turned out to be. Irish had feelings for E, and he felt like she might of had some for him but she was, different, day to day. One day she’s nice, sweet, motivated and talkative, others she’s silent, hard, downright evil and caring only about her needs, like her doses of Russian tears and blood. She was still on the stern section where they put her, and as Irish walked aft he felt his heart beating in his throat, seemingly choking him, and he had to get some air in so he stopped by the most rear turret to catch his breath. He had told Eugen his intentions to her depression, but she still supported him anyway. Unknown to him Eugen was trying to be his wingman, and was trying to warm E up to the idea of loving a human. It wasn’t working. Irish was against the turret out of E’s sight and could hear the two talking. He listened with dread, remorse, and anguish as E declined anything, she said it was disgusting, unnatural to love another species, it was degrading that such people would do such a thing, how vile, wretched, dishonorable, and overall something that she nor any other machine and person shouldn’t stoop so down too. It completely crushed Irish, even after Eugen tried saying he had feelings for E, E simply brushed it off as ‘his fault’ and that was enough to completely crush Irish. He broke down, storming to his quarters where he slept it away. He wasn’t heard from until a few hours from docking. He didn’t appear different to E, but he was somewhat more reserved to himself. E wasn’t anything different.
“You’ve changed.”
They said on the train ride to the rally point. They had specific instructions to remain elusive to the Allies, not to be found but rather to hunt from afar. That upset E a lot, and it soothed Irish’s worries of brawling. Irish received word that the Major was a SS officer; he and Edwards had worked with the SS before, usually saving their asses, but wasn’t thrilled about it. E was excited.
“Finally someone who will demand something!” They weren’t expecting what they’d find waiting for them, however.
Fin Ch 33


Here’s part two for yall. I’ve got nothing to say, really, so



“Violet, dinner is ready.” Titanic told Violet, she was on her bed drawing a picture of a park filled with trees, grass, people, sky and a sun.

“Okay mum.” She rolled over and put on her favorite green shirt and a little brown and red striped skirt, slipped into her light up tennis shoes and galloped down the hallway toward the stairwell. She ran down the stairs and zoomed down the hallway and ran over her cousin Tobey sitting in the hallway.

“OW! Vi-let! Aunt T said no running in the hall!” He rubbed his black hair and stood up to confront her.

“Well what were you doing in the hallway, toad?”

“I found a coin and I was playing with it. Dinner is done do you want to sit with me?” He was two years younger than she was, and she had grown big. She had long Auburn hair that Titanic had helped her braid; when Violet asked how she knew how to braid when she had no hair Titanic showed her an unbraided rope. She had tan skin from playing on Titanic’s decks all day and her skin turned from the metallic gray as a baby to a more human look with silver hair roots and veins while her nails were a hue of skin and gray mix. Tobey shared much of her features only he had black hair and pale blue eyes.

“Hmm, yeah.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him along to the crew mess hall.

“Hey there Violet!” Violet spun around to see Walt with his deck of cards in hand, he had a raspy yet young voice and a wind burned face from nights on the bridge and crow’s nest. “You eatin with us?”

“Yup! Got any more tricks, Waldo?” He loved to play with Violet, all of the crew did, but Walt played hide ‘n seek with her the most and he was really good at hiding, as well as magic tricks.

“I sure do, here I’ll show you.” He knelt down to her level and began shuffling.

“Alright Violet, pay close attention now. I’m going to draw a card and you’re going to call out a house it’ll go too. Alright?”


“Alright, what house Violet?”

“Clubs! The house of Clubs!” He quit his shuffling and pinched the cards to spit into the air. It looked like he wanted to stop on a card but they slipped from his hand and he scrambled them around.

“Drat! Oh well, let’s pick up the cards.” They swept all the cards together and Violet looked through them.

“There’s a card missing, Waldo.”

“Ah! So it seems, check your shoe there.” He pointed to her left shoe, she pulled it off and out shook a card. “What is it?”

“It’s the seven of Clubs!”

“Yep, happy belated birthday, Violet.”

“Thanks, Waldo!” She hugged him and gave the cards back.

“Alright now, you little scamp, go on and get some food.” She and Tobey went into the crew’s mess that was once the officer’s mess and grabbed a tray. The crew lined up at the counter to get their food, Violet and Tobey went around the counter and stood next to the server.

“What do ye want little guril?” He asked in his thick Scottish accent charmingly.

“I want… that, that, some of that, and-uh… that!” She pointed to the various food trays.

“What do ye say?”

“Pleeeease?” He smiled and served her sweet potatoes with a topping of gravy, a bit of ham, and a bread roll. She started to walk away when he stopped her.

“Hold on there lassy! Ye’re fogotten son’n.”

“No. Oops, thank you!”

“No lassy, ye’re plate’s not full.”

“But I don’t want vegibles!”

“Ye’re got to eat them little guril, so ye’ll grow big an strong!” He plopped a serving of broccoli onto her tray. “Ye’ll thank meh letter in life.” She grumbled away as he served Tobey his food. She saw her father sitting off to the side looking over more documents and ran over to his side.

“Hi daddy!”

“Hey baby. Where’s Tobey?” She put her tray down at her spot and pointed to the counter before climbing onto the bench.

“What’s that?” She pointed to all the papers around Bradley.

“They’re more papers from Mr. Patelo.”

“Okay. Where’d aunt Britney and Uncle Harry go?” Titanic and Bradley were watching Tobey while Britannic, Harold and Patelo chased down possible areas for Olympic’s residence.

“Off to find auntie O. Hi Tobey.”

“Hi Uncle Brad. Mom said they were going to try the are tick. What’s the are tick?”

“The Arctic is a very cold place above Ireland.”

“That’s where penguins live!” Violet said as she filled her mouth with the sweet potatoes.

“Violet don’t speak with your mouth full.” Titanic said to Violet, Bradley, and Tobey simultaneously to keep it within a circle. She swallowed her food.


“And penguins live in the Antarctic, Violet, not the Arctic. Polar bears live in the Arctic.” He went back to studying.

“Uncle Brad when will we find auntie O?”

“Soon Tobey, we’ll find her soon.” Violet and Tobey at their dinners quietly while Bradley stared at a certain satellite picture of a fjord in the Norwegian area. “Violet, look at this and tell me what you see.” She took a long look at the picture where his finger was pointing.

“It looks like a small pencil, daddy. See there’s the lead at the bottom and there’s the eraser at the top. The eraser looks used daddy.” He smiled and patted her shoulder.

“Thank you Violet, you helped me a lot.” Violet looked at his notes and thought.

“Is that Auntie O?”

“Maybe.” She finished dinner and took her tray to the counter and placed it on the stack of dirty dishes before running back to her room. Bradley sat at the table with Tobey who had put his tray on the dirty dishes as well.

“Uncle Brad, when will me and Violet go to my mum?”

“Well she said she had about a weeks’ worth of rations left yesterday, so maybe in a day, two days maybe.”

“Then you and aunt T will go to look for Auntie O?”


“Why can’t we come?” Bradley was quiet; Violet had asked that same question.

“Titanic, honey, could you get Violet for me?” Titanic fetched Violet and she came running back.

“Daddy what is it?” He sat her down and reminded her of the question.

“Well, Violet do you remember when mister Patelo and I went off and we turned out the lights while mommy held you in a closet with the window and door blocked and locked?”


“Well there were bad men on board. They wanted to stop us and sink mommy. They don’t like us-”

“Why don’t they like us daddy?”

“Because they’re scared of us, they’re scared of what the world would be like if we lived. You know you’re different right?”

“Yeah. I’m not a human.” She said proudly.

“Well they don’t like you because you’re not human, and they don’t like me because I’m not anymore either. They really don’t like mommy because she’s not human.”

“Why not? Mummy’s awesome! I love mummy!”

“They don’t, they think she’s not natural, she’s a freak.” Violet pouted.

“Mummy’s no freak!”

“Violet, we can’t take you or you Tobey, because those bad men want to kill you. We don’t want you to get hurt, and they wouldn’t stop until you were dead, until I was dead, until Harold was dead, until mommy was dead.”

“So what did you do to the bad men that night, Uncle Brad?”

“We, we…” He had to tell them something.

“Tell them the truth dear, they need to know.” He brought Tobey and Violet onto his knees and hugged them to his chest and whispered to them the truth.

“Mister Patelo and I killed them.” Tobey wasn’t too affected by this; Violet began asking a fury of questions.

“How daddy? Where? Did you get hurt? Did mister Patelo get hurt? Did any escape? Did they hurt mummy?”

“Hold on Violet! I have a gun; you know what to do if you see a gun, right?”

“It’s always loaded and don’t touch it! Find you or a adult and tell mummy!” Tobey nodded in agreement.

“Good, no one you know was hurt. Not mister Patelo, not mommy, and nor was I hurt. None of them lived, mister Patelo made sure of that.” She hugged him tight.

“I love you daddy. I love mummy.”

“We love you too, baby.” Tobey was sitting there trying to grasp the subject. He must of thought really hard about it because he asked if he could go to bed. “Yes dear, you can go to bed.” Violet left with Tobey to her room. She walked into her room and sat on her bed, taking off her shoes, shirt and skirt, throwing them into a hamper, and laid on the bed in her undies to keep drawing the picture she started. Tobey went to his room undressed, brushed his teeth and flossed before he went to bed.

“Do you really think it’s Olympic, dear?”

“I’m the most certain about this one than any before.” He looked at the picture and circled the grid coordinates. “Our turn now, we’re going out to find her.” He leaned back in his chair and relaxed.

“I hope we find her, we’ve come too far not to find her. And Bradley, dear, I want another.”

“We’ll see. We’ll see.”

“At least tonight could we, say, warm up, dear?” She mentally spoke in a seductive way that was really at its best in her mental talk.

“You know I can’t say no to you.” He thought back to her. They shared dirty plans with each other; they worked the night out so tediously Bradley went for more food to keep him going through it all. He ate it quickly as he listened to her elaborations of the things she’ll do to him. He dumped the plate and tray off in the sink and hurriedly strolled to his room. He did stop to check on Tobey and Violet, Violet was laying on her bed coloring in her picture.

“Make sure you clean up and brush your teeth before you go to bed, sweetie.”

“Okay daddy.”

“And don’t stay up too late.”

“I won’t.”

“Goodnight Violet, I love you.”

“Goodnight, daddy.” She got up and ran to his leg in the door and hugged it. “I love you, too daddy.” She then broke off and ran back to her bed. He closed the door and went to his room.

“I think I want another one, too baby.” He thought to her. She responded with an envelope of arms as he walked in his room, shutting and locking the door behind him.

“Ready to get busy, Bradley?” He kissed one of her hands and undid his shirt. “That’s a yes, then!” She reached into his pants and massaged his growing cock. He let her open his belt and pants; he savored her hands slowly gliding down his legs as she pushed his pants to the floor. She slid her hands all around his skin, his broad shoulders, defined chest and abs, large biceps, leg and calf muscles. She was grazing over his body when she felt his boxers, she stopped there somewhat aggravated. “Why do you need these? I’d prefer you not wearing them, dear. A lot quicker to get to the good parts.”

“I like it, it’s normal and comfy.”

“What’s comfier? These boxers, or me?” She tempted him with flashing her tendril vagina at him.

“Well, I’m gonna have to go with you, babe.”

“Well let’s get comfy.” She ripped his boxers in half to launch his rocket up into her space. He mouthed my favorite boxers as he watched her throw them in the waste bin. She nudged him toward the bed to snap him back to her, he climbed into bed as she slid onto him and threw the covers over.

“I forgot the light.” She switched it off immediately.

“Aaahhh! Why don’t you wear me around your waist instead, Bradley?” He chuckled softly.

“I have changed you, you’d never say that nine years ago.”

“Oh no I would! You’ve changed me, yes, but now I’m just more OPEN about it!” She pushed him deeper mid-sentence with a hard thrust to push on his hilt. He grabbed her tendril and held it there, flexing his cock inside her tight throbbing pussy.

“Because a tendril snaking out my pant leg would be a little obvious.” He pulled out hardly then tried to push his way in. “OH you want it, don’t you!? You’re so fucking tight right now!”

“Fuck yeah I want it! I really want it! Fucking give it to me Bradley! Give me all of it! Fucking flood my insides!” She rode him as he pushed into her, her juices pumping out onto him and the bed while he squished it out with his expansive member. She became tighter and hotter as her speed increased; he was on his final stretch before he’d meet her on cloud nine. He reached down and ferociously pets her clit, she in turn reached and caressed his sack in her warm gentle hand, accelerating each other’s run to the orgasm. She locked him in deep just as he focused all his attention on holding his sperm in, both being pushed to climax only by one another’s throbbing and trembling.

“I-I-I-I can’t take much more!” He huffed through clenched teeth.

“I’m ready! I’m ready!” She was gripping on him where his cock felt like solid steel.

“Take it! Take it and make another beauty!” It had been apparent they were locked together at a stalemate. He reached down and gripped her tendril and squeezed it while rubbing up and down. If it at all hurt her he didn’t know, her screams and cries in his head were of joy, encouragement, and praise.

“YYYEEEEESSSSS BRADLEY! YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!”She felt his seamen shoot deep into her and cover her closed inner walls with hot sticky and tingly goodness. She felt it get hotter and hotter at his head meaning it was clumping up there. She wanted it everywhere inside her, and she rolled him on top of her vagina that suction stuck to his groin to dislodge his baby cream and trickle it down her juicy plush cavern. She figured he built up for this because she felt him ooze for thirty seconds or so nonstop, and something told her he still wasn’t done. He started to pull out extremely slow, leaving a good covering of sperm all along her path evoking more pleasant cries and whines from Titanic in Bradley’s head. He kept coating her gleefully accepting passage in his white cream until his head had exited her vagina where he pushed the rest he saved out into her for a creampie. “Oh Bradley! You really know how to make me happy!”

“I know how much you love the touch I leave you, so I funneled it all out for you, my sexy dream ship.”

“This dream ship isn’t done yet, Bradley baby.” She was about to start when Bradley stopped her. “What? What’s wrong, dear?”

“I’m alright with having another, but what’s it going to be? Are we going to have it now, or later? It’s in your vagina now.” He smiled at his own pun, she giggled at it as well.

“Well, you’ve wanted a baby ship before dear.”

“Yes but, I’ve looked at it and it’d be really hard to raise. It’d need more milk, more space, we’d need to tow it everywhere with us, there are a lot of difficulties.”

“Wouldn’t you feel it’d be worth it, dear?”

“Entirely, but, just not now. We’ve got to focus on this right now.”

“I have a plan, this time we’ll have a morph, and then later we can have that ship baby you want, dear.”

“Sounds good, Titanic.”

“There I get laid every night.” He smiled and kissed her hand. He watched as the jizz-drooling tendril reversed and sucked up his creamy gift. “Aww, Bradley, the good stuff is gone now! Could you be a dear and fix that for me Bradley?”

“I was gonna fix it anyways, darling.” The two of them went all the night long. They usually did this once a week and never had sex on the other nights, focusing more on tasks and Violet. It was a weekend night and Violet would be asleep for most of the next morning regardless of what her parents did. Tobey was an early riser, however. The next morning he climbed out of bed and went outside. He liked being outside, he liked looking at the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, the clouds in the sky, and anything else that was outside he typically liked. He stepped outside barefoot and was caught by one of the officers.

“Tobey, go on inside and get your shoes on! You’ll freeze your feet in this winter wash. He felt the deck was wet and freezing cold, as he turned back he caught a glimpse of a long white ship with five dark yellow structures rising to the sky and a green band going down the side. He lit up and spun around and saw his mom heading for the port.

“MUMMA! MUMMA!” He called and ran up to the rail and jumped up and down waving his arms hello. The officer swept him off his feet to keep his feet off the freezing wet deck.

“Yes your mums here. Come on let’s get you dressed, Tobey.” He carried him to his room and told him to get dressed. Tobey was getting dressed and made such a racket singing “mumma’s here, mumma’s here,” he woke Titanic up. Titanic heard him and looked about and saw her sister, but something was off. She looked at her from her broadside view, she saw red at the water, but it was weird; she followed it and saw no red at her bow or her-

“Britannic what happened!?” Britannic’s face lit up but held some shame in itself.

“Oh, uh… it’s quite a tale-”

“I warned you about the ice! You didn’t listen did you?” Britannic looked ashamed.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. It’s really not my fault! I was way clear of the surface break!”

“I told you most of them are underwater. I told you all about them.” The two had drifted close to each other.

“In all honesty it wasn’t my fault! Let me explain. We were reading the sonar and it said I had at least two yards clearance. It was wrong and I scraped a portion of my hull as it drifted under.” She sounded hurt, hint of physical pain but mostly emotional.

“I know it hurts, it hurts.”

“It was cold, cold and painful. The mine was nothing compared to that! The mine was instant and contained; the ice was slow and burning.” Titanic gave her a reassuring look. “The water was the worst; it came up slow and freezing, and it was stinging. Nothing like the Mediterranean seas, they were warm and comforting.”

“I know, I know.” Britannic’s moorings were tied and checked and the gangways were ferrying people in and out to prepare her for dry dock for repairs. Harold was comforting her from his room. Patelo walked down the gang way and thanked Britannic before greeting Titanic and asking to come aboard.

“Go ahead. Bradley’s got some news for you, I’ll wake him.” She shook Bradley awake and told him to get dressed in a hurry. He made himself decent while Patelo lagged along her magnificent halls and grand interiors. He made his way to the navigation office where he met the Captain and husband of the ship, Bradley, along with a few other high ranking officers.

“What’s the good, Mister Bradley?”

“Well the satellite pictures you gave me were pretty boring and bland, but one was eye catching.”

“Go on.”

“Here, in the Norwegian arctic fjords, this blip right there…” He pointed to the stubby pencil Violet called it. “My daughter confirmed it as a little pencil, so you guys don’t need to get so close to it.”

“Aging can be a pain.” The Captain said as he refolded his second pair of spectacles.

“Yeah, anyway she appears to be set with her bow facing the delta and her stern looks like it’s in a dock, possibly a dry dock. Our only problem would be getting her out, there’s all this ice in the channel to the Baltic Sea.”

“And the Baltic’s to shallow for most ice ships, isn’t it?” The first officer asked, he seemed doubtful in his tone.

“Sadly yes, but if that’s her then she got there somehow, and that’s how we’ll get her out.” Bradley concluded, there was a tense silence in the room.

“I have an option.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“An old German cruiser, she was designed specifically for Baltic Sea operations and her guns could be quite useful in dislodging those ice clusters.”

“But could she ram one?”

“Most likely no, but it’s pretty hard to withstand eight twenty-eight centimeter guns, ain’t it?” They nodded in agreement. Then the question was asked by Titanic.

“Who is she?”

“The Prinz Eugen. We raised her some time back and fixed her up. She hasn’t used her mains yet but ice’ll be a good substitute.”

“When will she be here?” Titanic asked excitedly, entranced again by the huge amount of info pointing to reuniting with her sister.

“She’s in Germany, if she’s back from her celebration voyage yet. So about a day if she’s in port otherwise who knows? I’ll send word now if it’s a done deal?”

“Yes, send her a message. Include her using her guns!” Titanic ushered him to the radio station. He agreed and switched on the radio and dialed it in.

Guttentaug Patelo!

“German? What’d she say? Why is she speaking German!?” Titanic asked astounded.

“Hush, it means good morning. Why do you think she speaks German?” He went back to the radio and asked Eugen to speak English for Titanic.

Ah, that’s fine. Greetings Titanic!

Yes, hello Prince Yoi-gen,

It’s Prinz, not Prince.

My apologies, as I was saying, will you help us?

Help you with what?

I’ll explain, Titanic. We’re searching for the R.M.S. Olympic and we think we’ve got her.

What’s the catch?

She’s locked up by ice in a fjord in Northern Norway, in the Baltic, and we need your guns to pulverize the ice.

I think we can do that. We’ll help you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Titanic rejoiced. Patelo gave Eugen Liverpool’s position where Titanic and Britannic were currently so Eugen would meet them there. After confirmation he signed off the radio and met with the officers again.

“Prinz Eugen’s onboard. Give her a day to meet us here and from there we’ll continue on.” The meeting was closed and all that was left was the waiting game.

Titanic couldn’t sit still; she’d twiddle her thumbs, wag her rudder, toy with her cranes, or pluck her anchor chain to pass time. Bradley talked to her to sooth her; excite her, anything to calm her anxiety, anything at all. Violet had packed some of her things and came out to say goodbye to mom and dad before she left with a very excited Tobey to board her aunt. Titanic and Bradley watched Tobey run down the gangway to his mom and Violet stroll down and skip over to Britannic’s gangway rolling her travel bag behind her. Titanic never really felt normal when Violet went to spend time with Britannic, she knew she was in safe hands but the feeling of being hopeless in protecting her life was something she knew too well and didn’t want to ever go back.

“Take care of her.”

“I will. Don’t worry, Titanic, I’m not going anywhere.” Titanic shifted nervously as she always did, but they all knew she’d get past it. Night time came around and Titanic wanted to get it on and wasn’t afraid of doing it in front of her sister, they’d had an orgy when Violet was at grandparent’s house and their crews were on leave for the time, but Bradley really wanted a morph baby. She was a little upset but he did agree to snacking on her, which he did for a long and splendid time, before making her some chow and scrounging some scrap for her to munch on he started watching for the cruiser. He lulled her to sleep so more of her energy would go to forming the baby and so she’d have less conscious time before they set out. He sat in the starboard bridge over watch and saw a silhouette with a low curved hull and a bold tall superstructure with dim lights all about the ship.

“That must be her.” She was smaller than Titanic and Britannic, shorter lengthwise and height wise, but her speed he could see in harbor was faster than Titanic’s speed. Her movement showed her nimble design at work as she weaved port and starboard to increase her wake and drag as she sent herself into reverse.

“Guttenacht!” She called, Bradley sat there lost. “Spreken ze Duetshe?” He shook his head no. “Obviously English, then. Oh vell.”

“So you’re Prince Eugen?”

“Prinz Eugen.”

“Prinz Eugen, okay, so you’re helping us?”

“Yes I am. I’m helping you through the Baltic. What’s her speed?” She gestured to Titanic as she dropped anchors.

“Uh… she can reach twenty-eight, twenty-nine if there’s a tailwind and current for her.”

“Her cruising speed?”

“She usually goes twenty to twenty-two, but she’s really anxious to get there so don’t doubt her going full steam.”

“Don’t worry I can reach the thirties. I’ll keep up and ahead.” Bradley was able to go to bed then, he said good night and went inside and hit the sack.


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