2016 and the unexpected virtue of saying “No”.

Christmas vacation is over. 2016 is here.

I have 2 New Years resolutions: 1) Find a tech job. 2) Most importantly, Is that I am going to stop feeling guilty about the commissions I say “No” to.

My patreon Card responsibilities keep me as busy as if I was already doing a commission and a half, I dont need to take on commissions I know I wont like in hopes I wont hurt peoples feelings. So I have already said no to a number of people. So far, this has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders, And I hope that some of you wont have any hard feelings.

speaking of Hard feelings, I am sorry Ikarus but your little boat person is turning me on.



^ Ok I suppose its about time to talk about this game Undertale.

Ive turned into a graphics whore over the years. I slowly found this out when I made the decision not to buy syndicate on GOG due to its very dated appearance. I choose style over substance in that instance and it would have been the same for Undertale had it not been for a few factors. Factor 1. was that it was infectiously popular among the furries and thus infectious around most of the people I chat with on skype. I had managed to avoid the crazy “five nights at Freddies” bs last year, but this one was largely unavoidable because of reason no 2.  It has a sentient monster known as tsundere plane.

tumblr_nxm3v5XNN91r9w2fmo1_540Yes tsundere plane is a girl.

The final reason was the price point, you could get it on steam for 10$ (7$ if you waited till Xmas) and despite the relative shortness of the game, its still much cheaper then a new Telltale game. I usually don’t buy into fanatical game hype unless its fallout or Shin Megami Tensei, but those games command anywhere from 50-200 hours of you time. I’m glad I took the plunge. Because Undertale is not only a feat in development (developed by a single man) but is proof once again, that you don’t need 100 million dollars to make an impact. Furthermore, it is another success tale for kickstarter in a world where the loudest 15% of the internet shout down Indy game crowdfunding as being a passing craze. I don’t want to ramble on too much because my game reviews suck, but I will say this: I haven’t teared up over a game in years, and this one did it. In 6 short hours you become invested in the game’s characters, music, and writing, witch is not unlike Nintendo’s cult trilogy “Eartbound”. There is however, a really interesting idea to this game as coined by Toby Fox:

A traditional role-playing game where no one has to get hurt.(Bioshock Already did this) Choices you make in previous games change the way characters react to your current play choices.

while, yes you can choose to kill your monstrous enemies via custom tailored bullet-hell window, you can also resolve every single battle in a non violent way. The game places emphasis on all the creatures in the game as being their own personality and not just exp you need to grind for a-la final fantasy games. You have a moral choice here- Do you become the villain, or become the hero that wins the trust of your enemies? Without spoiling any of the story I will just give you 2 pieces of advice, if this is your first time playing DO NOT KILL ANYONE as you can screw yourself out of seeing all of the various endings in the game. Why? Because certain characters remember your actions beyond your save state, and what you did on a previous game may have dire consequences on how the current ending will play out.   let this game immerse you in its clever writing and awesome chiptune soundtrack. If you play anything this year, play this game and you will walk away with some damn good feels.

My 2nd piece of advice? Oh yeah, STAY AWAY from the fandom of this game. It can be pretty toxic.


I totally fapped to this the other night. Is this an upgraded M60? I cant tell.

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Excellent music to draw to ^

Thanks to everyone who gave me a happy birthday shout out, If I haven’t gotten back to you I will try to (mostly DA peeps) . Also special thanks to Nangke for coming over and Chilin with me to cook dinner and show me episodes of Stephen Universe witch I am now starting to see the general appeal of.

Tried my best to have a decent bday, but this week was wrought with its own problems, some family, and some financial. I’d like to thank vermifuge for getting me a shitload of David’s tea “Honey bee” mate blend. Its been great! And also to the anonymous person who sent me a poster of the F-117 Nighthawk who will look positively sexy on my wall as soon as I can procure some push pins. Also thanks to all of you who continue to support me through patreon witch has been an enormous help being that I am currently without food stamps (and therefore food money half the month).

I had a week off for school break 3 weeks back, But I was so busy playing catch-up on my clinical days that it never really felt like I got any rest. Armored warfare finally stopped wiping and so I have invested a chunk of time to persuing a few of the tank trees as they appeal to me. If you were one of the people who bought a founder’s pack too, you especially benefited because obsidian reset the premium time counters on everyone who got premium due to the numerous downtime’s that have occurred.  For all those interested, I now have 40 vehicles. and have elected to go down the Leopard, and Challenger MBT lines. I have leopard2AV, the Centauro B1, the Challenger 1, and the stingray. Still no word on when my lovely stealth husbando tank will be added in, but they made him a tier 10… witch means I need to start banking cash and exp when they introduce the 3rd dealer for Asian, and minor European tank lines.

as of now, I have a tier 8 Ariete tank. If Obsidian stays true to what already is atm, I should have my stealth Husbando when they do a next major content update. One thing to note, unlike WOT or WT they are doing the Token system witch allows you to progress in whatever tree’s elite tier 9-10 that you wish regardless of the tree you went down. For me, this is fucking fantastic considering all the time I wasted on WT’s American bombers only to find out their jet bombers were useless in arcade. (I’m a little salty over the time I wasted in WT constantly grinding up the new shit they’d add into the game when they put it in the way of the machine I actually wanted with no recourse. Also, taking the daily’s away in favor of this slot machine style 10% more money and exp or golden battle wagers thing sucked ass.)

I actually never gave it any thought that the Italians would have MBT’s ^ hm..


I am going to declare that with the exception of whatever people ask me to do next for patreon, November is going to be a porn free month because I GOT to get at least 4 new comic pages out the door for my own sanity.  So unless people have an amazing offer I cant refuse, I wont be doing commissions for November. And speaking of that, happy Halloween everyone!


I picked up Undertale for 10$ because it is a cheap, short, simple j-rpg style game with a story that the internet is blowing up over. plus it has a sentient airplane monster in it. I probably wont have time to play this game until the end of December however, so I will get back to you all on my opinions of it later.

maxresdefaulttomaassHearts of stone:  Recently finished expansion 1 for the Witcher 3 over the short break. Let it be known that I normally don’t purchase expansions as I am of the opinion that this content should have been provided for people during the original game and that many companies use “DLC’s” as a way to bilk extra cash out of obsessed gamers (Granted some expansions are surprisingly worth it, case in point TES: Oblivion/ Shivering isles). But witcher 3 really raised the bar in terms of recent  western RPGs that I gave it a try. for a 24$ season pass this expansion net me 10 extra hours of gameplay and the story was beautifully crafted. You get to revisit the man of glass Guanter O’Dimm from the beginning of the main quest, and find out that the conjunction of spheres brought kinds of evil that not even Geralt could handle with sword alone. I fucking whole heartedly recommend this expansion, especially since it up the player character level to about 40 and you get a cool new slew of witcher gear to boot.


I’m gonna need a case of this: http://imgur.com/gallery/kzW6J6V  4 to drink, 2 to hold onto as a decoration.

Also: I have learned that there is a group that sexualizes space craft. Guess its not just Me and you Delta is it?)


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2424350-ps4-game-6932-upper-marqHad a chance to beat another game a week ago, while I was prepping for exams and running art streams. ^ This little Indy game from  SuperGiant Games : the creator of Bastion, comes this action adventure game you can pick up and finish on the weekend. The story is about a city that exists (I think) inside a computer or as part of a computer program like the old mainframe cartoon “Reboot” from the 90’s. It is told through the eyes of the main character – a singer named red, who was the victim of a failed assassination attempt by a group called the “Kameratta”. She survives because a mysterious man steps in front of her as the enemies attempt to use a sword-like omni device known as the “Transistor” on her. When she awakens, She takes a hold of the transistor and attempts revenge upon the group that had ‘stolen” her voice.

Combat is easy to do, and you get the choice of either planning your attacks in a free-frame mode, or executing combination attacks while moving freely about the battlefield. The game encourages you to use all the options you have at your disposal and trying different combos. There’s also an in-game option to up the difficulty after you’ve progressed a certain way, because it is very unlikely that your character will die in the course of playing the main game.

The games main feature however is its story- or deliberate lack of story. This is the first time in a while Ive actually felt like I need to see an ‘anime” to supplement the vague story that was given to us (The last time I felt this way was from Ico, and Shadow of the Colossus). I don’t know if it was due to the company being on a shoe-string budget or the director being a genius, but all the questions that arose from certain plot points that never got answered only served to make me play more.  1. What was the ‘spine” and why did it dampen the transistor? 2. How was red’s voice stolen if she was never struck with the transistor? 3. Why were the Kameratta targeting and killing certain prominent peoples of Cloud Bank?  4. What was “The country” and why did it seem like everyone in cloud bank city died being unable to escape?  These and many more questions sadly will never be answered unless Super Giant sees fit to do a “Directors cut” later on down the line. However, your imagination is a powerful thing, and perhaps it was for the best that most of this remained a mystery.

Lastly, the soundtrack was fucking top notch. Big ups to the couple of people who put together this amazing ost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zA1jRmAYfU

Also, Here are a few sketches, Sywork art stream stuff and patreon art card stuff that couldn’t fit into their own post. As usual, I want to remind that I am doing a Live art stream every Friday night  7pm PST till I pass out. I work on the Art stuff that I have to do for the weekend and If I don’t have anything, then I do requests like I did tonight. Its still in beta, so the stream experiences Delays between 30 seconds and 4 minutes. If you’d like to be notified when the stream goes live, come on over to: https://sywork.tv/user/profile/ratbat and sign up to watch the channel.


Good news in my regular life: I am passing all of my classes currently, And work in my clinical site is getting much easier. I am starting to feel like a 2nd year student now, And I get to spare my car and drive to Alameda till January and save the gas. So with the exception of the fact that I am extremely broke financially, I am feeling better now then I had since the year began.

1439718163503^ I want this to be the beginning of a delicious sex scene with the tank.


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If I don’t have any major artwork to work on, I will do some live sketches for people and answer questions through the stream. It should be fun, Check me out soon.


tumblr_ns244ysMB61qbkt8so1_1280Also this is the EXACT reason why I don’t draw eyes on windshields. Its ok in a world where humans don’t exist and most vehicles aren’t used as passenger vehicles, but the insides of the cabs, bridges, and cockpits are normally lined with mechanical internal organs in my story lore. (Only the very big machines still have useable space left inside themselves. See: aircraft carriers, war ships, an-226)

1372047497347450408^ Best Gif regarding the path Konami is taking regarding the whole Hideo Kojima/Silent hill debacle. Sad to see Konami no longer gives a shit about its employees or its games. No fucking wonder why Koji Igarashi went on to do bloodstained through kickstarter. The writing is on the wall.

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Minor Mutiny


Recently Finished this game. The Stick of truth Its a neat little 10 hour game for those who like low brow Southpark-esque humor. Its makes fun of and whimsically bolsters every midevil fantasy videogame out there Including final fantasy and Skyrim.  I Came into it with low expectations, and left laughing my ass off completely satisfied. If you can find this for cheap on a steam summer or winter sale, its Well worth 5 or 10 bucks. And plays seamlessly like watching a real episode of Southpark. Protip: Play the “Jew” class, its pretty good.


I also had time to pick up and play this game as well. Its a 5 or 6 hour “game”. I say that in parenthesis, because if you’ve ever played a TTG game before, they are not actual games. They are interactive visual novels usually in 5 or 6 chapters. This game is a comic book detective noir story based on a vertigo comic series called “Fables”. You play the role of a sheriff named “Bigby Wolf” who was put in charge of a small section of lower Manhattan as the only person who keeps the “Fables” fairy tale creatures and people who escaped the old world, from the dangers of the regular humans and of themselves. Bigby is actually the Big Bad wolf, who is trying to escape his murderous rampaging past. Hes tasked with solving a murder that effects the Fabletown government, and you must decide the fate of the good guys and the bad guys through each chapter. The characters were gritty, well-writen, and completely enjoyable. I would recommend this game all day everyday if it wasn’t for the fact that TTG games by their very make-up are always quite short. If you are looking to get engrossed for a few hours into something, you couldn’t loose with this title. Its easy to play, and memorable to boot. But Don’t spend more then 10$ if you can.  Protip: on the first branching story arc, DO NOT visit Mr. Frog’s appartment first.

I kinda hope they do a sequel of this. I actually kinda liked it a little bit more then the walking dead season 1 TTG game.




The situation with med school: Last week 90% of the pharmacology class was failing after our 2nd exam. Kids who take their education deadly serious- the 4.0’ers.. highest exam grades were a 76%. How the fuck did this happen?! They hired a new fresh-out-of-college teacher from across the country, we as a class were super hopeful considering the fact that one of our previous professors were not necessarily the best at giving lectures. So we studied directly from the workbook that we were given. Everything was easy to understand, straight forward, and we sat down confident and ready with pen in hand. The test itself was confusing in many parts, not very straight forward for the multiple choice answers given.  Never the less we gave it our best, and found our results 2 days later.. most of us had failed with 74% or less. The class, the 4.0 super students were pissed. But we took this as maybe just a hint that we needed to study a little harder for the next test, focus on the situational problems and really read those minor “did you know” info side bars in the book.

Next exam rolls around and we make use of testing through the computer lab. All of us confident and hot shit- we had studied our asses off so we wouldn’t be fooled again by this 2nd test.  But to no avail.. The highest grade in the class was an 80% and that student got this grade because he “guessed”. The class couldn’t hardly sit still for the lecture that was to proceed after. The questions they wanted to ask was about the test we just took. a test full of fucked up answers where “A or b” was a valid choice, but B said “None of the above.” Only 4 of us passed this 2nd test, and I was shitting bricks having failed now 2 tests in a row and that NEVER happens..ever.  The program we are in, gives you a verbal warning if you have gotten 74% or lower on 2 tests. if you fail a 3rd test.. they reserve the right to boot you from the program. This was a fact that was drilled into each and every one of us from the beginning, and now doubly scarey seeing as they took away our ability to re-mediate a test.

So what the hell do you do when 90% of the class is failing? Well the wheel kept on turning and the head instructor was on vacation. With no other recourse the angriest among us started the onslaught of angry letters to the director. 5 students that literally “rage quit” in the middle of lecture and went home got a stern talking to. and it seemed for the last week that people would grab the desks and chairs and toss them out the 3rd floor pane glass window in a fever of fantastic mutiny.

*Update. Today we got our changed grades for test 2, and I am proud to say, that I am once again not failing a damn thing. With my head held high, I took the afternoon off to nap and get some much needed commission work done. This weekend will be hell for me: 5 chapters of image analysis and 2 chapters of contrast study,  the wheel just keeps on turning..

I miss having Fridays off, I got to draw a lot more back when I had that extra day. The stress has been pretty high lately.




Huge shout out to all the new people who’ve recently joined my Patreon. Every dollar you give to support me keeps this site add free and helps me pay for hosting costs. If you know anyone who can spare a dollar for some weird and funny porn, or someone whos a military fan with a sense of humor, pass them this link. I really appreciate it.


*cool links:
How to draw Big ladies
Sexy Warship gif
Really awesome military tumblr

Generational differences

tumblr_nrcvcvvB3U1r94kvzo1_400Meanwhile in Russia…

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One week Witcher 3 bender

tumblr_nq0xbvDJBV1s44zp1o1_1280Credit where credit is due:

Living machine Hind inspired by delta’s character Anya by: http://skylinerthezebra.tumblr.com/post/121654356790/peer-pressures-a-pain-oh-well-was-worth-it-and


First of all Id just like to say that my one week vacation from school was Immensely enjoyable, I took every opportunity to be a fat lazy pig staying up till 6am and sleeping in till 3pm, and I am really going to miss it. I had a lot of anxiety to cut through for my 2nd clinical rotation, and now I am going on my 3rd. This year will be critical for me as it is the year that I work on my speed and my contacts in hopes I can land a perdiem job outside of school. My biggest worries now are getting my flouro and mobile sighn-offs- so I am hoping that Alameda hospital has portables  and some trauma, because I do NOT wanna go back to UCD for 3 days a week drive- that will just wreck my car.

I wanted to do some machine RP with cerebral, and get some Greg catch-up time in this week but it doesn’t look like that will be possible atm. Anyway, this last week Teamspeak was abuzz over the E3 live coverage on twitch TV. I would have probably been more interested if I still had a viable game console but Sony has now left behind the ps3 and I cant see the value in buying another when I have a PC that can run current generation steam games. This leads me to the biggest news in gaming atm:

heabioyh83zby9ehnk7eThat’s right, Fallout 4 is go, And everyone is shitting bricks including me. Whats more, Im surprised that Bethesda kept this under wraps for 4 years while the skyrim steam mods fiasco and the pos flop that was elder scrolls online came and then quickly went its course.

To give you an idea as to why I am so damn excited its that I used to be a hard core gamer, played nearly 400 games (but most of these were 40-70 hour jrpgs). So I was a super weaboo, who didn’t touch American games mainly because they were “ugly” and as I felt at the time “uncreative” with story.  Long story short- I went over to a guys house to play with some cats and shoot the shit, saw him playing fallout 3, and the rest was history. Fallout 3 brought me back to American RPG games when companies like SquareEnix were sailing down the same old shit toilet, and Shin Megami Tensei games were few and far between.  After I beat fallout 3, I promptly went back and purchased fallout 1, 2, and tactics off GOG.com and beat those. I later purchased fallout New Vegas and beat the shit out of that game with all 10’s in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Though I had to use an agility bug..). My point is, Americans Know Open world gaming like nobody else. As a further show of solidarity, I supported the creator of fallout Brian Fargo in his endeavors working at InExile games and I had backed for wasteland 2 which turned out to be just what I wanted.(A fallout tactics re-imagining)

So They showed off the new fallout 4 footage and it was the bell of the ball at the summit. Nobody really gave a shit about Doom4(Ok ..maybe a few people) or whatever Nintendo was peddling, it was all about fallout. To recap on what I just saw. 1. The brotherhood of steel again play a big role in the future, they’ve erected flying machines and you yourself get to actually mod out your power armor garage style complete with flying just like an armored core mech. Not only that? 2. You can now truly own a piece of the wasteland by breaking things down and rebuilding it to your post-apocalyptic expectations. Break down houses, and build your own compound to defend against raiders and possibly super mutants. For your interior decorator fags like me, this is a welcome change to a game series that for the most part never really gave you a home that was “yours”. V.A.T.S. is now slow motion..so you aren’t necessarily paused out of the action, and guns are super modable complete with animated pipboy icons. 3. Preorder the special edition and get an actual wearable pipboy (Hwuuuaat??) But good luck because that shit is virtually sold out everywhere. Its like one of the most successful pre-launches ever, so much so that One dude even pre-ordered the game with bottle caps!    bda1f646c49607183c2450441f2ea6e8

Muzzle, Ingo, cerebral and myself all watching the stream.


^^^^ I FUCKING NEED THIS LIKE PEOPLE IN HELL NEED WATER.  (Footage of the bones of the peacemaker from Mad Max fury road)..that sound drops the panties ._.


If there is any game however that can come close to threatening to scuff the shine on bethesda’s Fallout 4 however its the Witcher 3 from CD project RED.  I spent my whole week of vacation playing this game to completion and I can honestly say that while its A. not a true open world game, and B. Does not revolutionize fantasy role playing games much, what they succeeded in doing through excellent writing, characterization, mo-cap, free DLC content, and a thorough crafting of npc side quests , makes this game far exceed the experience that I had years ago with The elder scrolls Skyrim. I havent played a game with this good a character interaction since “The Last of us” dropped on ps3 a couple of years back. Also: The cities actually feel like cities and are populated with shit tons of people milling about in the streets, working, bitching about things ect. Its not like how it used to be where RPG villages had 5 people and you had to use your imagination that this was a heavily populated city NO THIS CITY HAS LIKE 500 PEOPLE WALKING AROUND IN IT. From the little details and how I felt emotionally about the characters/npcs at the end of the game, This may be one of the finest western RPG’s that we will see for the next 2 or 3 years (unless Bethesda doesn’t “phone it in” on story.) A couple of things to note about the witcher 3, it plays more like Farcry 3 without the guns (although you do get a crossbow) and I will say that people jumping into this game from plainclothes off the street will probably find their experience much better if they have played the first 2 games in succession as is recommended. The combat controls of Witcher 3 are vastly improved over the Witcher 2, and you get the option of carrying over your game saves from previous games to keep your armor and swords. There are only a few negatives To this game that I can see thus far,and the big one is that Its still mired with bugs that CD project are currently patching up. If you get past this, and the fact that only the Witcher gear actually matters in the game, you will have a damn enjoyable time.

I am anxiously awaiting the expansions in October, before fallout 4 officially drops, so look for a slight dip in art output around the holiday season while I go ape shit on games through steam.


I Had a super hot roleplay with cerebral over the weekend where he played a horny Russian Typhoon submarine named Aleksei Bychkov, and I played a Scottish American beach swimmer girl named Artis. If any of you are interested in me posting my roleplays again, then just say the world… but I don’t think Im going to make any special effort to format them. They are just too long.


Lastly, Someone on e621 posted a lot of my color work recently and I got a big kick out of all the comments left there. Mostly “wut”‘s and “Why bonerr whyy??!” But to that one guy.. the military buff with the My Little Pony character standing on the refueling jet. You know who you are. I say to you, how can you find what I do offensive when you of all people who clearly love aircraft should understand more then anyone that other people love these machines too. I love aircraft like you do… just in both the platonic and decidedly non platonic fashion.  Its not that hard to understand considering there are fetishes where people get fucked by dragons, robots, and robot dragons. I find sentient jets and tanks insanely sexy for their power, their design, their danger, much like you probably like My Little Ponies for their whimsical happy go lucky girl power vibe.  Fetishes are inherently crazy, and If you find out that you cant understand some of the weird porn on the net that someone went to great lengths to draw, its because you aren’t meant to.



delta was here
(Hey delta… Ashley is chan famous http://www.titanatelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/tumblr_npsqo3GVi91tsmga7o1_1280.png )

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Pillars: Complete

pillars-of-eternityFinally finished this game, it was a part of a kickstarter project brought upon by Obsidian about a year ago and follows in the traditions of Baldur’s gate, Icewind dale, a Bard’s tale. The game is an isometric fantasy game with roots in traditional D&D style campaigns, and you can customize your whole team to accomplish the main quest line. You get 7 or 8 different classes to choose from like fighter, cypher, paladin, and chanter an there are several of the staple fantasy races to pick from including a new and cool race known as the ‘God-like”.  The lore, history, and faux languages in the game are rich and are accompanied by voice tracks to help deepen the experience just like what you’d expect from a Black Isles game. It is one of the best examples in recent years of old school true western style role play game and man let me tell you.. this game is beautiful. Even on normal the game is pretty challenging, but you only get experience for finishing quests rather then killing monsters. Even for the pre-release price of 20$, I felt I got my moneys worth, at least 40 hours of dicking around with side quests that let you choose the outcome of the world and its ending. My only regret? Being too impatient and or pussyfied to defeat the optional boss.. but I have a save game open for whenever I decide to ever revisit the Adra dragon. So yes, I highly recommend this game for western rpg players and D&D fans alike.


Got a chance to crack open Armored Warfare on their early access beta in hopes I could get visual confirmation of the tech tree leading to my beloved tank husbando the PL01(he is my first goal). On the 27th the game was mostly down due to server overload and instability, but I managed to get in for a few late night matches on the north American server to conform that “yes indeed I am a shitty pvp’r” and “yes indeed this game looks just like how world of tanks looks..but with modern tanks.” Coming from a year of playing war thunder straight up, I was a little frowny by a few things: how overly sensitive the mouse controls are (completely fixable tho), how jacked the physics engine feels compared to WT (shit moves way too fast and feels like they are made of paper), Normal arcade pvp absolutely NEEDS to have more then one tank life . (The matches feel like they are over faster then you could ever learn from your mistakes from, and then you have to go back to the match making screen.) I imagine most of this stuff is going to be tightened up and polished by the time the game goes into full release, but its going to take a lot of time and practice on my part to get acquainted with high speed modern tank warfare. Check out this video for sexy POLAN TANK.

P.S. I think im going to take a hiatus from war thunder as I have pretty much gotten every tank  and plane that I’ve ever wanted in the game. Logging in constantly every day for a daily that more often then not turns out to suck(gold battle wagers fuck you!) is getting a little tiring. If anyone here still wants to play with me, send me a line and ill schedule a time or what not.


There are a number of pictures that I find that don’t really fit the theme of this site, but i find really fucking cool anyway. This one in particular is an asian blue dragon warrior and he reminds me of the “furry/scalie” version of my character No-Name”.

49459042_p0Last but not least, Puppypaws drew some new Chinook fanart you can find here:


And now.. Onto some Bismark porn.

Please donate to my Patreon!

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Wasteland 2 : Complete!


Reddit found my art again, And I think I know how.  It relates to /k/ an image board for weaponry and military vehicles from either 4chan or 8chan. Someone posted This picture and I responded in kind with this picture. Either way, the people there thought I drew it because I was trying to troll all the “special snowflakes” people who identified as otherkin and 3rd sexes. In truth I had to deliver my Epic response in no uncertain terms.  5P8czzm/\ The internet in a nutshell.


Recently beat Wasteland 2 also, And tbh its probably the most successful kickstarter campaign out there for games. Brian Fargo (creator of fallout) made this beautiful game with 4 million dollars and for the low low price of a 20$ buy in, I got 120 hours of gameplay and it was fucking beautiful. Its a sequel of the old Wasteland 1 that was the precursor to the fallout series, the new game plays  basically as an update of fallout tactics. If you aren’t familiar with the old fallout games or tactics, you should really get re-aquainted through steam or something.  Its a turn based isometric stratagey RPG however, so you real time FPS peeps need not apply. However, if you fucking love baldurs gate, or Icewind dale, with guns then I strongly recommend this game.


Star citizen news: Chris Roberts released a new ship this week based on the P38 the Aegis vanguard. Peeps kept asking me if I was going to get one, but at the 250$ price tag I think it is kind of a ripoff especially considering how much money Ive already put into the game. I just want Squadron 42 to be released at this point. This ship looks good, but so do the rest of them. However, between the aegis retaliator heavy bomber and this, I think I got the better deal (with the exception of the fact that this is a 2 seater versus 8 seats).


A slew of new people have been trying to contact me on skype, and while I am flattered you guys want to talk to me, I need you all to understand some basic things.

1. I do not have time to read your stories. When I get time to read your stories, I will try. But this does not mean that I will, and begging me to will not increase the chance that I will read your story. I’m dyslexic, I cant critique on writing, and unless your story has a human x machine element in it I am less interested.

2. I do not want to role play with you. If I do want to rp with you, I’ll let you know.

3. Don’t try to talk to me for free art. Do you know how much art I want to get done for myself that I don’t have time for?!!

4. Don’t try and talk me into Vore. (this has been coming up a LOT lately)


1426560451436-2If anyone finds that this coffee mug is a real product, please let me know. because I want it.


My apologies for turning this update into a huge bullshit image dump but I don’t have much to say right now regarding my school exturnship other then the fact that I need to speed the fuck up and learn how to command people better so I can get int-get out. I deal with patients who aren’t “walky-talky” witch is a silly term for ambulatory or peeps who are walking around fine and lucid.  I need to get my comps on Portables/Gi/tibfib/femur/humorus/hip/pelvis/forearm/toe/finger and any spines. I can tell you however, I am SO very glad I don’t have to deal with the previous SI I had, I will take the 5 hour drive 2 days a week in this case.

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