Hansel and Marion 2

So I’m continuing Hansel and Marion in another series, however, I don’t know if I’m going to be keeping this series title as Hansel and Marion. Why? I’m trying to diversify who the story focuses on, but I just might end up keeping it HaM. Ch55 was the final chapter for HaM, this is Ch1 for the next series. It’s been a good while since I’ve written about everyone in HaM so I’ll be trying to go through HaM again to get my vibes back for characters and to generally smoothen any rough edges or inconsistencies. As always I hope you enjoy my little inserts.


Hansel and Marion 2 Chapter 1

The massive King Tiger tank Marion Walter cuddled her husband and former commander Hansel Walter against her turret cheek late on a Sunday night. She had pulled him out of his bed and set him against her cheek just under her eye, wrapping around his stomach and holding his hands. A calming hand strokes his arm while two more massage his shoulders, one last hand was running through his thick dirty blond hair. He was distraught, but it wasn’t because of an unforeseen mishap or even anxiety. It was years of unfulfilled desire, he wanted a son he could relate more to for years. They had hoped that Jasmine, their humorph baby girl, 14 years old now, would be a boy. they were happy and proud regardless, but it only served to increase Hansel’s thirst for a boy. the problem was that they weren’t sure if they could afford another kid comfortably, and they weren’t sure if it would be a boy anyhow. Marion could feel the tension and decided to break the silence, offer some solutions, and pick his brain.

“We could try for a son, Hansel, I’m alright with it.” He sighed despairingly.

“But it might not even be a boy, we’re two for one right now. Odds don’t look good.”

“It could be a pattern, girl, boy, girl, now it’s a boy’s turn.”

“I don’t think it works like that-actually I know it doesn’t work like that.” He dropped his head onto his wrists and withered his fingers around her hands. It reminded her of how Cindy used to fidget, and that sparked an idea. 

“Hansel, what if we adopted a son?” Hansel stopped his fidgeting. “Like when we took in Cindy, you loved her like she was one of your own.” Cindy was an orphaned Sherman child during the second world war, Marion convinced Hansel to take Cindy in until they could find a suitable home for her. After the war, Cindy’s parents were recovered alive. Cindy still bounced between her biological parents and the Walters as her family.

“I still do,” he chuckled, “sometimes I debate if Hannah is really our first kid?” Marion smiled, sometimes she wonders the same thing.

“So,” she asks suggestively, “you’re open to the idea?” Hansel lifts his head and bobs it around trying to formulate his response.

“Well, yes, but, I-” he struggled to convey his thoughts, “I wonder how well I’d bond with him. He’s not my own flesh and blood, but I know father’s aren’t defined by that.” He exhaled a mighty breath of anxiety. “Would he take me as his father? Would he bond with me? Would he be closed off? My biggest fear is that we won’t see eye-to-eye, we don’t get that connection.” Marion moved from his shoulders to his back.

“We get along with everyone, I don’t think there would be much problem with that.” Her massaging skills were impeccable, she soothed him deeply and thoroughly. He went with her motions religiously.

“Maybe, maybe you’re right.” He turned his head and looked into her brilliant eye. “I’m okay with adopting a son.” Marion smiled. His mind drifted to a woman at work, she was very community oriented and spent a lot of time at the orphanage. She had talked to Hansel about a boy who was fascinated with world war two and machines. She mentioned him to Hansel because she knew of Marion. “There may be a boy good for us, but he’s not a baby.”

“Oh? Do you know how old he is?” Hansel shook his head. “Well, Cindy wasn’t exactly a baby, either, I think it will be fine.”

“I’ll ask Shelby about him in the morning.”

“Oh, she’s the lady that volunteers at the orphanage, right?”

“Yes. That’s her.”

“So she could maybe help us with the paperwork?” Hansel shrugged.

“Maybe.” Marion began to wind down her massaging and opened up the bed for him.

“Well, it’s awfully late, dear, we should get back to bed.” Hansel agreed and swooped in for a goodnight kiss.

“Thank you, babe. Goodnight, I love you.” He got under the covers on Marion’s engine deck and started falling asleep.

“Goodnight, Hansel, I love you, too.”

They rested well and woke up early in the morning. Marion woke first and got Hansel up shortly after, as he dressed and groomed himself she went out and started breakfast. She called down Jasmine to wake her up for school and feed her. While she was waiting for the first batch of eggs to cook she rapped on Hannah’s door asking if she wanted breakfast. Hannah politely declined and so Marion put away the extra ingredients. Hannah was their first born child, a King Tiger like her mother. Hansel came out clean shaven and fresh just as breakfast finished cooking. Marion handed him a plate of food as he poured cups of juice for them. He put his plate and the beverages at the table while Marion rolled up with plates for herself and Jasmine and the silverware. They waited for Jasmine to come down before they began eating.

“You might be getting a little brother, Jasmine.” Hansel announced.

“Mom’s pregnant?” Jasmine was surprised, she looked to Marion for an answer.

“No, we were thinking about adoption.” She responded.

“Oh, why?” She looked to Marion again. “Are you getting too old, mom?” Marion smiled and drifted her turret no.

“No, I’m not there yet.” Marion chuckled and wondered if she’d ever turn infertile.

“Actually, I was wanting a son.” Hansel opened up. “And we decided that this would be the best way to do that.”

“What about Tyler?” Tyler was their second child, also a King Tiger tank, he had joined the army during the Vietnam war and was upgraded to fight modern tanks. He found a wife, an M48 Patton, and they worked at Fort Knox as instructors.

“I love Tyler, but I don’t relate to him like I can relate to you, and I can’t relate to you like I would a boy. Besides, Tyler’s too much of a mama’s boy.” Marion chuckled.

“He is not!” Marion looked back to Jasmine. “Dad’s funny, I think he’s getting old.”

“Dad aren’t I boy enough? Come on.” Hansel nodded gently.

“Yes, you’re certainly boyish, but you have posters of boys in your room, I don’t get that.” Jasmine raised her eyebrows.

“And you think you’d relate to a boy if he hung up posters of boobs and women?” She gestured to Marion, who laughed at the juxtaposition. Hansel’s mouth hung open, he shook his finger and tried to rebuttal. He brought up his left wrist and looked at his watch.

“Are you late for school yet?” He jested, he shook his head and came back around. “I don’t get liking boys, I get liking girls.” Jasmine shook her head and rolled her eyes, Hansel put some more food in his mouth.

“Boys are fun, Jasmine.” Marion nodded. Hansel instantly swallowed what he had and snapped a retort.

“No! They are devils, stay away from them!” Jasmine and Marion laughed. “You and Hannah will be ours forever, I swear it!”

“Okay Hansel, whatever you say.” Marion winked to Jasmine, who giggled. Jasmine drank the rest of her juice and asked again about the prospect of another brother.

“So my baby brother, when will I get him?”

Little brother, the child we had in mind isn’t a baby.” Hansel said.

“We don’t know when, either.” Marion answered the question. “Hansel’s supposed to ask about it today.” Hansel nodded, he wiped his mouth off and excused himself from the table.

“Hurry up Jasmine, it’s almost time to go.” Jasmine wolfed down the rest of her food just as Marion reminded them that the bus schedule changed. “Oh, right, I forgot. Well, if you still want a ride, I’ll take you.”

“No, thank you. I’ll ride the bus.”

“Okay then,” he walked over to her and hugged her while she sat at the table and kissed the top of her brown hair, “have a good day at school, sweetie.” He walked over to Marion, who had turned her turret over to him. He embraced her and kissed her, as well. “Goodbye, dear, have a good day.”

“Bye, dad!”

“Goodbye, hun, have a good day at work.” Hansel walked to the Fourier and collected his shoes, coat, and tie before he left.

“How’s your boyfriend, sweetie?” Marion asked Jasmine when Hansel left, it was their little secret. Jasmine’s shoulders slumped and her head dropped.

“We broke up.”

“Awww, ” Marion scowelled, “did you break up with him?” She shook her head.

“No, he dumped me.”

“Did he say why?”

“Because I’m metal, he’s weirded out by it. His friends made fun of him for it.” Marion rolled up behind her and hugged her snuggly, rocking her side to side.

“Nevermind him, anymore. He’s just going to miss out on how awesome you are, baby.”

“Thanks, mom.”

Marion kissed her daughter’s head and assured her that she’ll be okay. Marion had noticed that Jasmine left her bedroom door open and sent Jasmine up to close it. Jasmine’s room was on the second floor of the house built into the hanger. To the left of the Fourier from the hanger, the Fourier being center of the house structure, was the stairs leading up to the second floor. Jasmine’s room was to the left from the Hanger’s view, and to the left of her room was an empty room prepared to receive a baby. On the right side of the stairs was a lounge space, then two more rooms. The room furthest to the right was strictly for storage.

“How does a little brother sound, Jasmine?” Marion asked when Jasmine trotted down the stairs with her bag.

“Eh, pretty cool, as long as he’s not a dweeb.” Marion rolled her eyes. “I’m tired of being the baby, it’s his turn.” She threw her backpack on and went to the door to put her shoes on. “What about you, mom?”

“I’m very excited!” She shivered with anticipation. They wished each other goodbyes and good days. Jasmine walked down to the bus stop and Marion went to clean up and begin her day. A few hours later she would tell Hannah about the adoption decision, Hannah, too, was optimistic and excited.

Hansel sat at his desk patiently while waiting for Shelby to clock in. He was trying to figure out how to approach the topic while trying to figure out how to budget for the renovations. Damn asbestos, he thought as he saw her enter the offices to clock in. Once she checked in he stopped her in the hall. Their friendship goes back to when Hansel was showing her, a shy eighteen years old college girl, how to stock shelves, that was forty years ago. She constantly teases him for his youthful completion, nearly unchanged thanks to Marion. He’d always snap back about her being near sixty years old with acne if she had turned. She asked him if he stopped her about work and she was confused when he said otherwise. She began to worry it was something deathly wrong at home.

“No, it’s not about my family shrinking, the other way, expanding.”

“Uh-huh,” she was thinking of why he’d be asking an elderly woman about expanding a family, “I’m sorry, dear, I don’t know anything about machine menopause.”

“We weren’t thinking of expanding it that way, Shelby,” she nodded as she began figuring it out, “we were thinking of adopting a boy.” Her face lit up.

“Oh! Why didn’t you just say so, Han?” She playfully slapped his shoulder, he shrugged. “So you were thinking of the boy I talk about? Oh-” she held a hand to her chest, “he’s a sweetheart.”

“We were, yes.” Hansel said, he was about to ask her about how the process to meet him would go when she did it for him.

“I can bring him over this afternoon, will Marion be there?”

“-Oh, uh, y-yes she will. That’s…” he shook his head astonished, “that’s amazing, I’ll call Marion real quick and let her know.”

“Great! I’ll get him hooked by promising he’ll see a tank, he loves tanks!” Hansel smiled, he liked this kid already.

“Awesome, I’ll tell Marion to act natural.”

“Great! I’ll call your place when I’m on my way with him.”

“Alright, sounds good!”

They exchanged numbers and addresses and went about their businesses with great excitement. Hansel called Marion and gave her the great news, she was thrilled. She rushed around making the house perfect and even pressured Hannah into helping. Usually Marion keeps her environment clean, neat, and orderly so she can move about easier and doesn’t have to worry about getting dirty, but when visitors are coming she goes crazy. Everything must shine. Her children grew up used to it and it was Hansel who planted the seeds early on when he kept her fairly tidy as the commander. For hours the two cleaned until Hannah gave up and retreated to her room to go study more. Marion continued until he got a knock at the hanger door. Marion suspected it was Hansel home early to help prepare and answered it as so, thrusting a broom towards the opening. It was Jäger coming to visit. Jäger was a JagdTiger they fought with in the war and a close friend. She lived on a classified military base built for the living machines acquired during the war, the regulations had relaxed a lot since then, and the machines were much more free but still considered top secret assets.

“Who told you I was coming? I kept it under wraps just so you didn’t do this. How’ve you been, Marion?”

“Oh, Jäger! I thought you were Hansel!” Marion shook off her surprise and asked Jäger what she’s doing out here.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve cranked my engine this much, and even longer since I’ve seen you, so I thought I’d come by and chit-chat. What’s new with the Walter family?”

“Oh I’m tidying up for who might be our new son!”

“Come again?” She was confused.

“Hansel and I are going to adopt a son, he’s supposed to be visiting today.” Jäger was speechless.

“I can’t say I didn’t think you two would do it, what with Cindy and all, but I didn’t think you two would ditch the fun way of making them.” Marion chuckled.

“Oh no, Hansel really wants a son, this is just the best way to guarantee that.”

“Oh, alright, well, I’ll stay outside now. I’m all dirty, don’t want to ruin all your cleaning.” Marion’s hospitable side wanted to invite her inside anyways, but she did work hard for this.

“Uh, what if we just clean you up first? Then you can come inside?”

“Alright, sounds good.”

Jäger and Marion moved over to a section of the concrete ‘driveway’ that was used to wash the dirt off and they started cleaning, continuing to catch up on things. Jäger says that everyone should pitch in to pave a road between the base and the Walter’s place. Marion politely declined, instead insisting that the Walters just need to go up to the base more often. Jäger again emphasized that a road would do well in that scenario. Marion shrugged. Hannah took a break from studying and came out to talk. They talked about her studies and that led up to a topic Jäger wanted to talk to Hansel about.

While many of the human spouses had learned basic maintenance for their machine lovers none of them were especially capable like Hansel, and often had to default to base technicians. This was an issue because the base was contacted by a private collector that possessed a mostly working KönigsTiger. His health was beginning to fail and he wanted to send his beloved tank somewhere it would be kept in excellent shape. He insisted it wasn’t alive but many machines were skeptical. Nonetheless mostly everyone on base agreed Hansel would be the best person to give it to. Marion, too, was skeptical. She said she’d try keeping it in mind. Hannah said could be kept in her room, she didn’t intend on staying in the house much longer. Marion shot it down, she said the house was for family and friends only, Hannah’s room wasn’t going to be replaced by a dead metal tank. Marion said only if it was alive would she lodge it up in one of the rooms.

By then they had finished the wash and Jäger was clean, sopping wet, but clean. They hung around outside to chat about how folks on the base were doing. Nothing too major was going on, most of the time Jäger talked about how she was trying to get Erin, her daughter, to finally date Petre, Mini-Rommel and Kramia’s son,and to get them to move in together. She, like Marion, griped about how her kids didn’t reproduce yet. Hannah rolled her eyes and shrugged off the jabs. Marion and Jäger harassed Hannah,edging her on to go find a man and get the goods. Hannah jabbed back that she wants to be able to support her husband and kids. Marion fired back that it was Hansel who did that, Hansel’s mindset is to have a job that lets Marion work whenever she wants. Hannah had figured that’s where her similar mindset came from. Marion also said that when Hannah does have kids she’ll want to be home much more often.

Jäger was fairly dry by this time and the three moved inside, Hannah sat at the doorway to her room, Jäger sat on the kitchen side of the main space, and a very anxious Marion sat at the hanger door gantry with an ear out for anyone coming. Jäger and Marion discussed how good the house was, how Jäger’s place was, how the husband’s were doing, their works and such. Hannah begin fidgeting with a Rubik’s cube and was absorbed by it. Marion heard the familiar rumble of a car coming down the driveway, and by the sound of the engine she knew it was Hansel’s car. He parked in his spot by the front door and came in very excited. He greeted Jäger briefly and told them that Shelby will be calling when she’s on her way with the boy. Marion moved around with Jäger to be closer to the phone while Jäger and Hansel caught up.

The phone didn’t even complete its first ring cycle Marion was so quick. She snatched the phone and almost crushed it against her cheek as the tiny plastic phone struck her giant armored turret. She had an anticipating smile on her face, and as time drug on it grew larger and she looked even more excited. Everyone was silent and watching intensely as Marion spoke in response to the phone. She cried out in excitement as she hooked the phone back on the receiver and told the group the kid was on the way. The tension in the room grew higher, anticipation raced through everyone’s veins and their hearts beat quickly.

Jäger and Marion used the chance to talk to Hansel about the dead metal Tiger tank being talked about back at the base. He was fine with taking it for a while, he saw it as something he could use to spend time with his upcoming son, his confidence in this kid was impressive. Hansel did agree with Marion on keeping it outside, he said the only reason it would enter the house was for something serious. Hansel went on a tangent about what he would do with his son, from rebuilding the transmission to getting his first drink. Just before the kid was expected to show up Jasmine got home, she wasn’t too phased by the news and said she was going up to her room. She stopped just outside of her door and said that all of the living tanks might overwhelm the poor kid. Hannah said she’d sit this out and retreated into her room to check her email. Jäger said that the extended and taxing use of her engine made her oil too runny and was excused to relieve herself and top off in the bedroom. Suddenly it was just Hansel and Marion.

they heard the dirt road rumble as a car came down the way. Their excitement soared and they could barely contain themselves, Shelby’s little car bounced down the road and came to a stop just short of the huge gantry. The engine was cut out and the driver door opened up, Shelby hurried out and around the car to the passenger side backseat and opened the door. Hansel stepped out, heart thumping and mind racing, he motioned for Marion to stay put, to her frustration she sat still and waited. Shelby seemed to be giving the kid a pep talk as she undid his seat straps. She leaned in and gave him a big hug and helped him out of the car. Hansel immediately felt familiarity with him, he was a shorter kid, very thin with very pale skin and bright red hair. He had a round chin and a little nose, high cheekbones with a round face, he squinted in the sunlight and showed timidness. He was dressed in a blue and black plaid button shirt with a collar and name tag that glinted in the sun, he had khaki slacks with a neat belt and polished leather shoes that looked too big for him. He showed no sign of getting anywhere near Hansel, or even leaving the car door. Hansel couldn’t help but smile ear-to-ear. Shelby took his hand and walked him towards Hansel, who knelt down to get eye level with him.

“Go on, Chad, say hello.” Shelby said, the kid stood awkwardly and slouched over, slightly behind Shelby as they reached Hansel. Chad couldn’t pick his head up, his eyes fell to the ground in a somewhat defeated manner.

“Hello.” He squeaked out, looking at Hansel before looking down at the ground between them.

“Tell him your name, sweetie, introduce yourself.” He was silent for a minute, then he looked up to Hansel and made eye contact. Hansel was amazed by his eyes, they were a dark blue with a white inner ring bordering the pupil that made his eyes look like the eye of a storm, they were breathtaking.

“My name’s Chandler, I’m ten years old.” He said softly before returning his gaze on the cracks of the concrete slab beneath them.

“Well Chad,” Hansel spoke, trying to get his attention, “my name is Hansel Walter, it’s nice to meet you. I’m very old, how old do you think I am?” Chad glanced up then down again, shrugging. “Come on, give it a shot.” Chad scoured over Hansel this time, scanning him over and over.

“Forty.” Hansel smiled wider.

“Nope, try again, I’m very old!”

“Fifty?” Chad guessed again, a bit more involved, he was no longer slouched over and his head began to rise.

“One more guess, Chad.”

“Sixty?” Hansel shook his head, Chad leaned in, intrigued.

“Nope, I am eighty-two years old!” Chad’s mouth dropped.

“Titanic is almost that old!” He belched and smiled with hope. “Do you know anyone who was on the Titanic?!” Hansel frowned and shook his head no, if it wasn’t for Jasmine’s obsession with Leonardo Di’Caprio he wouldn’t even know what that ship was.

“I’m sorry Chad, I don’t know anyone who was on the Titanic.” Chad retreated back into his shell. “But,” he pushed on Chad’s shoulder gently, “Miss Shelby here told me you like tanks?” Chad perked up a bit, a twinkle in his eye and a subtle grin on his face. The hope and optimism of children is blissful, his wild idea that Hansel had a tank was preposterous, but it’s exactly right. “Do you want to see a tank, Chad?”

“Chad let’s go see the tank!” Shelby bent over and said to him, for the first time Chad stood up straight and shined with energy. Marion heard them talking and was up a wall with excitement. Her smile was huge and her eyes shone with warmth, excitement, and as much comfort as a death machine could convey.

“Chad let’s go see this tank! Come on!” Hansel said, he stood up and beckoned the two inside. Chad raced up to Hansel’s side and his head immediately locked onto Marion. He was floored. His mouth was agape, he stood petrified with so much excitement and awe, and his eyes bulged out of his head as he saw Marion. He was speechless. Hansel saw him and knew this kid was the one, he fell in love with him immediately.

“A King Tiger!” He finally exclaimed, Hansel and Marion were pleasantly surprised. Hansel squatted down next to him and motioned to Marion.

“It’s not just a King Tiger, Chad,” Chad looked over with great interest, and from the way everyone was acting so far Hansel knew his next statement was a matter-of-fact one, “she’s your new mom.” Chad’s face mysteriously twisted into more amazement than before and he snapped back to Marion, she had her arms outstretched and was waving for him to come closer. He bolted out towards her, she knew he was going to climb all over her and she was exceptionally okay with that.

“I’ve never seen him like that,” Shelby said to Hansel. He stood up and watched Marion pluck Chad up and sit him down on her deck just in front of her left eye, “he’s very shy, thick shell, you blew that into a million pieces.”

“Yeah,” Hansel nodded, “he’s our little mouse, now, I guess.” She chuckled.

“I’m glad you like him; and sorry he’s dressed so formally. It’s the orphanage’s policy. I-” she gasped and dropped her hand to her thigh, “I’ve never seen him like this. With other families he’s super shy and introverted, it’s why he’s never gotten a home.”

“Well, he’s home now.” Hansel said confidently, he looked over to Shelby and started getting the list of what they needed to do to adopt Chad.

While Hansel and Shelby sat down at the table to discuss proceedings, Chad and Marion openly introduced themselves. Chad was bouncing off the walls with energy, he spat out a million questions for her, she answered all she could and asked him many questions, too. He quickly answered her with what he knew. Marion let him play and explore all over her, he had a blast. Eventually he got down and would run to the car to come back with things to show her, he had small toy tanks, drawings, books, pictures, and knick-knacks. Marion fell in love with this little bundle instantly. Jäger had finished her oil change and heard the commotion going on. She didn’t want to interrupt the bonding moment so she held off, however curiosity got the best of her and she opened the door a bit. She was extremely excited until she saw the kid, her heart sank and she was weak as a wave of depression swooped over her. She closed the door and fought back the tears.

Marion decided that Chad was alright with tanks being alive so she called out Hannah. Hannah cautiously came out and delightfully interacted with Chad. She had to explain that she wasn’t from world war two and that she was born after it. She answered another million questions from Chad and asked him a bunch of questions as he started showing her all his stuff, too. While Chad buzzed around showing Hannah and Hansel his stuff Marion went to check on Jäger. Marion knocked on the door and asked ifJäger needed some help, there was no response so she opened the door. She saw Jäger trying to shy away, teary eyed and miserable. Marion pushed her back and squeezed into the room to shut the door behind her.

“Jäger what’s wrong?” Marion tried comforting Jäger, who shied away, sniffling.

“I’ll be fine, go-go on and enjoy yourself.”

“No, I can’t anymore. What’s wrong?” Jäger wiper her faceplate. “You can still have more kids, Jäger.”

“It’s not that, I-” she burst out with tears streaming to her deck, “I can’t stop thinking of him!

“Who?” Marion was puzzled.

“Look at the boy!” Jäger exclaimed, “He looks exactly like him!” Marion thought she saw a familiar face in Chad, she couldn’t remember where, she had seen a lot of faces in her life. Marion shook her turret.

“I’m sorry, Jäger, I don’t think of anyone like him.”

“Irish!” Jäger wailed between bawls. “Irish is dead! That’s him out there! You don’t see it?” Marion’s face lit up after that, there was a terrifying resemblance between Chad and Irish. Chad looked a lot like a child Irish.

“Jäger, I, I’m sorry.” Marion didn’t believe in reincarnation, but this was a tad eerie. “I didn’t see it before, I just never got that close to him is all.”

“It’s alright,” Jäger sniffled, “he was fairly closed off. Stuck to himself.” Marion saw personality similarities, too, but vaguely.

“Well, I don’t believe in reincarnation, but even so, I don’t think that’s him.” She sighed before she got to her next point. “Irish died a long, long time ago, Jäger, he died in forty-four.” Jäger shook her gun to disagree.

“I thought that too, but I always had this inkling inside me that said he was alive!” She tried to wipe the tears away but they poured down her faceplate again. “Not anymore!” She winced in pain and regret. “He didn’t deserve that! He should be here! With us! He shouldn’t have died for some bitch that treated him like shit!” Her emotions were very intense but Marion still noticed the human door open behind her, it was Hansel.

“They’re leaving dear, do you want to say goodbye?”

“Yes, one moment,” Hansel quietly closed the door, Marion hugged Jäger the best she could, “I’ll be right back Jäger.” She opened the door and backed out, turning around and closing the door behind her. She got close enough to Chad to pick him up and hug him. “Goodbye, Chad! Will you be coming back to us?” He wasn’t sure, a tinge of doubt and panic shrouded his expression.

“I hope so,” he said. His attempt at hugging back was tense and full of worry, “will you guys be my parents?” Marion’s heart warmed and skipped a beat, she glanced at Hansel and saw how happy and prideful he was. She knew the answer.

“We’d love to be your parents, Chad.” He warmed up and softened. Marion almost refused to let him go but eventually returned him to Shelby so he could go back to the orphanage to pack his things. They said their good-byes and farewells and Shelby and Chad left just after sunset.

Marion went back to comfort Jäger, she asked Hansel if Jäger could stay the night, Hansel said Jäger and Fritz could stay over if it helped. Marion went back to talk to Jäger and Hansel called Fritz and got him to come over. Jäger insisted all this was just her coming to grips with Irish’s death. Marion pushed deeper and got Jäger to open up that she bears the guilt for the death of her whole crew, she pointed to so many other tanks and their crew’s survival. Jäger opened up about feeling like a failure, she had so much armor, and it did nothing for those she cared about. Hansel and Marion assured her that it wasn’t her fault, they said that her crew being killed by the bomb wasn’t her fault. Jäger adamantly disagreed, she should never have let them sleep outside of her skin. They told her Irish went off on his own accord, it was his choice and not Jäger’s. Jäger said that it was the biggest mistake in her life. Everyday she regrets that decision.

Fritz arrived and relieved Hansel, who started a quick dinner for he and Jasmine. Hannah and Marion didn’t want anything. Off to the side Hannah told Hansel that she was accepted into a museum as the centerpiece, meaning she’ll be moving out soon. Hansel said they’ll talk about it more later. While dinner was cooking Jasmine came out of her room, and announced her return from dream world and that she had completed her homework. She asked about how the interview went and Hansel told her that her new little brother was named Chad, was 10 years old, and love tanks. He discussed it a little more with her while they ate their dinners, ravioli and mac and cheese. She brought up an overlooked detail that shook Hansel to his core.

“So, do you and Mom know where to bury him?” Hansel was taken aback, he couldn’t tell if she was joking around.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well,” she swallowed her food, “you’re in your eighties, mom in her sixties, and neither of you are physically old, dying. You’re going to outlive him.” Hansel’s lips and eyes fluttered as he pieced it together. His body language darkened and his heart turned cold. “So when are you guys going to change him?” Hansel glanced back to the cluster of machines, then to the gantry door, then he really began thinking about it.

“That…” he started, “is a very good question.” He released a sigh of frustration. Could a child survive that procedure? They ate their dinners while talking about her day at school.

Jäger was calmed down enough to where she wasn’t crying anymore, she still felt terrible, though. Marion insisted that they stay the night but Jäger said she didn’t want to be a bother and Fritz said he could get her home. They wished everyone goodbye and said that everyone should get together again sometime. Fritz and Jäger left the house and headed on their way, when Marion got the door closed Hannah again announced she got the position at the museum as a display. Marion was excited, worried that her first baby girl was leaving the nest but excited to see her grow more. Jasmine was indifferent, wishing her sister luck out there. Hansel was a worried father as he thought about all the maintenance he couldn’t do for her anymore.

“Now you’ll be able to meet somebody!” Marion was hoping Hannah could meet someone and settle down, finally get out there and have a life of her own, like Tyler.

“Yep, lots of friends!” Hansel retorted. “So many friends, and nothing more.” Hannah laughed.

“Complains about not having grandkids,” Hannah held out a hand, “forbids daughters from having boyfriends,” she held out another hand, “hmmm,” she tilted her hands like a scale, “mom does this add up?”

“It’s just dad’s crooked math.” Marion replied, she hugged Hannah. “I’m so proud of you!”

“The only thing crooked are boys.” Hansel said, he kissed Hannah’s massive flank. “they’ll jerk you around and use you, stay on your path, baby, I’m very proud.”

“They’ll jerk you around but it is worth the wild ride, Hannah, when you find the one you’ll see.” Marion said.

“There’s no boy good enough for you, Hannah, don’t touch them. That goes for you, too, Jasmine.” He shot a glance and finger back at Jasmine.

“I’ll take the compliment, Dad.” Jasmine said.

“You’ll take the advice.” He crooked his head which made Jasmine laugh. “There’s some stuff I need to get done, Hannah, tomorrow we’ll talk about this more. There’s a lot you’re going to need, sweetie.”

“Thanks Dad, good night.”

“Good night dear, congrats, I’m very proud.” He turned to Jasmine. “Goodnight Jasmine, see you tomorrow.”

“Night, night.” Hansel went into his room, Marion started to follow.

“I’ll see if I can get him on board with you dating, Hannah.” Marion jested.

“I know he’s only kidding, Mom.” Hannah said.

“Sometimes I wonder,” Marion retorted, “he just wants you two to be alright.” She referred to her daughters.

“What do you think he’s going to talk to me about?”

“Oh, stuff like finding a home big enough for you, who would maintain you, how’d you get proper sustenance, he just wants to make sure you’re taken care of.” Hannah nodded.

“So he’ll probably do some negotiating?” Marion nodded. “Alright, thanks Mom.”

“you’re welcome, sweetie, good night. There’s a lot I have to talk to your father about. Good night Jasmine, don’t stay up too late.”

“Night mom. I won’t be up long.” Marion waved and entered her room. She saw Hansel was going through all of his tool chests and boxes setting tools aside. He’d been collecting multiple sets for a long time just so his kids would be tooled when they left.

“Want me to get Hannah’s boxes down?”

“Yes please, babe.” He shuffled through a drawer of sockets. “Thank you.” Marion reached into the rafters above her and pulled down empty tool boxes with Hannah’s name on them.

“Our baby girl is finally leaving, Hansel! I’m so excited!” Marion explained as she opened a toolbox and sifted through the pile of tools Hansel set out. There were pre-cut inserts for every tool she’d need. “And she’s in a public atmosphere, she might meet a decent man.”

“I’m excited and worried,” Hansel said as he tossed a set of wrenches on to the pile, “I hope she doesn’t get a bad deal with this job, and I pray she gets a good man who is good with his hands.” He inspected a torque wrench carefully and put it in a special case. “Otherwise she’s in for a rough life.” Marion put a hand on his shoulder and massaged it.

“stop worrying so much, babe, she’ll be alright. No matter what comes she’ll be alright. Life gets rough for everyone, you can’t stop that.”

“As a father, my biggest job is to worry-“

“You worry too much, I’m worried, I’m still worried about Tyler and Queen, sometimes.”

“Me, too, but if I can prevent problems I will.” He filled up one of Hannah’s tool boxes and Marion took it to the side.

“Hansel there are some problems we can’t see, and others we should let them learn. We won’t be here forever, and we won’t be able to cover our grandchildren.”

“That’s a good point, and it reminds me of another topic,” he quickly checked through a tool chest and pulled it out of line, “-this is Hannah’s now- but my point…” he stopped and tried to think of how to word it while Marion pulled the tool chest to the side, he decided to come out with it. “If we don’t transform Chad he’ll probably die before us.”

“That did cross my mind, but that’s only if he doesn’t meet his own metal woman.”

“It’s too soon to say he’s swings that way, I don’t think we should count on it.”

“So, do you have any ideas?”

“Yeah,” he filled another toolbox and closed it and handed it off to Marion, “I don’t think a kid could survive the transformation, and I don’t want to test it, so I say we wait until he’s grown up and ask him if he wants it.”

“I can agree to that.” Marion said, nodding. “Speaking of Chad, what room are we putting him in?”

“I’d like to put him in the room next to Jasmine’s. I just have to move all the baby stuff into the other room.”

“Why not the room to the right, that’s pretty empty, right?” Hansel thought about it, stopping his tool searching.

“I can’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure we have junk in there, too.”

“Oh right, the war junk.”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Hansel scoffed. “Although with what he showed us he might like that room.” Marion smiled but shook her turret.

“I don’t want him swamped with all that stuff.” Hansel agreed.

“Yeah, it’s good for show, nothing else. I’ll just move the baby stuff in there, for now.”

“Do we have a bed for him?” Hansel scowelled.

“UUUUh, no, I need to get one.” He set out a number of screwdrivers from a drawer. “What else should we get in there?”

“He likes drawing, a desk would be nice.” Hansel nodded. “he also likes books, so a bookshelf, a big one, he said he made models, too-“

“He seems pretty artsy.”

“Yes! He does!” Marion thought of Irish, he loved painting Jäger and Fritz up nice, her heart strings were tugged. “So maybe we should get him a display cabinet, too.” Hansel felt her subtle mood shift 

“I’d say shelves, but, are you okay, dear?”

“Yeah, I-” she shook, “Jager had a long list of similarities between Chad and Irish.” Hansel put the tools down. “I see many, too.”

“You aren’t thinking of backing out, are you?” Hansel was solemn and serious.

“No, no, Fritz said not to let this stop us. Jäger said it’s time she dealt with reality. They want us to adopt Chad.” Hansel meandered over to Marion.

“there’s a long list of things that need to be done before we can adopt him. I’m worried about an inspection that child services needs to do, I don’t know if they are allowed access to the property, on those grounds alone we could be failed.” Marion looked worried.

“Oh no!” She wrapped around Hansel for comfort. “What do we do?”

“I’ll get in touch with the base, they might be able to help.” They sat in silence for a moment embracing each other.

“Hansel, are you really against our little girls seeing boys?”

“Boys? Yes. Men? No.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want them to meet men who are there for them, not bragging rights.” Marion saw where this was going. “Look at Cindy, she’s the sweetest girl on the planet, and look at how boys have treated her.” Marion knew about them all, she didn’t know how to respond. “if she was still under our roof and boys were pulling that shit with her? I’d of beaten the shit out of half of them.”

“Would you?”

“Yes! they would dump her right after they had sex! I get one night stands, I get hookups, but leading her on for that? When half of them could have left her with their kid? I’ve beaten their asses in a heartbeat, the lot of them.” He took a deep breath and relaxed as best he could, he felt terrible for Cindy. “I know boys will do that, which is why I want our baby girls to find men.”

“But men do it, too.”

“Not real man, if they lead our daughters on like that they are not men.”

“So what about hookups?”

“I really don’t want to think about our kids’ sex lives, that’s on them. I just better not catch any of it.”

“Well I want to know how successful our kids are!”

“Marion, please, no, I don’t. I just want grandkids, that’s all the proof I need.”

Marion went on spiting Hansel about all she wanted to know. Hansel protested for her to stop, wailing in agony, to Marion’s enjoyment. Hannah and Jasmine talked about school and Hannah’s job, Jasmine asked for Hannah’s room jokingly and Hannah jokingly threatened Jasmine not to try, but eventually told her that she could really have it. They did this until about 10 at night and Jasmine went to bed. Hannah got onto Myspace and chatted with friends online and back at the base. Meanwhile Jäger and Fritz were having fun getting back to base and got to the gates giddy and exhausted. They drove up to their large Ware-house and heard a very interesting event happening in the house.

“Was Erin here when you left, babe?” Jäger whispered to Fritz.

“Yeah, but Petre wasn’t.” they heard their daughter wail and moan through the door, no easy feat. Jäger smiled wide and Fritz was a mix of angered, appalled, and impressed.

“Fuck yeah! My baby’s got moma’s lungs on her!”

“Oh god, no, let’s just go somewhere else.” They turned and drove off quietly.

“He better not pull out, moma Jäger wants to become Oma Jäger!”

“Jäger, please, no. I don’t want to think about it.”

“We’re going to Rommel and Kramia’s, they’ll like this.”

“And if they’re doing it, too?”

“Round two?”

“My mood’s been killed.”

“We’ll see.” They got to Mini-Rommel and Kramia’s just as they had finished their own round. They talked for a while and wondered how upset they could get Fritz. Mini, Kram, and Jäger couldn’t wait to tease the young couple about it, Fritz couldn’t wait to forget about it.

Fin HaM 2 Ch 1


Yes, we finally start linking all the stories together. Yes, Chandler “Chad” is the same Chad from Fuso and Musashi, and the former story I need to actually repo and complete/fix. Just sort of lost track with it lol.

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Musashi, Sister-Queen of Thiccness

I’m back! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here. I’ve been quite busy. Storywriting has slowed a bit, I’m not bored, not at all, just busy. Trust me, there’s a ton of content I want to put out but I don’t have time for. I really hope you all enjoy this story about Musashi. The guy is Chad “Mitsuna Hito” from Fuso, and yeah I forgot how to spell his nickname. There a bit where it transitions to first person, I’ve been dabbling with first person writing more, I’ll see how it’s received here. I might stay third person or I might try some more first person stuff. Also, again, I reference WoWS because it’s my favorite game and it builds a relationship between the characters. To each their own but WoWS is mine.

Nonetheless, I’ll quit talking, here you go!




Musashi patiently waited for the lights to appear from above. The first time subs found her she was terrified, she didn’t believe submarines could get that deep and instead thought a ship was sinking on top of her. The darkness bothered her little, unlike Fuso, and Titanic, she toyed with the darkness. She carefully studied the aquatic life and the deterioration of her body-and the lack of it at various places on her body. Yamato always teased Musashi about overthinking things and having a few screws loose, while Musashi wasn’t exactly crazy, she wasn’t normal, either. Musashi’s keen awareness and analytical mind is what kept her afloat for so long during her last battle. She picked up on American strike habits and signs and use them to either dodge, disrupt, or mitigate their attacks. She knew she could not sustain such an overwhelming and long-winded battle, it wasn’t what she was made for, so she tried to tank as much damage as she could, spreading out the loads to keep even, and coordinate her crew to prioritize certain damages. It worked, she survived their strikes and she alone took most of the attacks, which spared more fragile ships not designed to take such a ferocious beating. The only variable she overlooked was her crew’s energy. By the end of the onslaught the majority of her crew were zombified, nigh useless. Her ability to remain afloat and stay on top of the flooding diminished. She asserted to the captain that she would not last through the night and recommended abandoning her. After much hesitation and persuasion he concured. She slowed down and helped get as many people top side as possible and insured everyone was off before she said her goodbyes, and waited to slip beneath the waves. She missed her crew very much, and learned that her beloved sister did not go down with such grace. The Americans, too, had learned quickly and focused their strikes on one side to upset stability and cause a roll. Not only that, Yamato face a force of almost double what Musashi did. Musashi was morally wounded when she learned of the violent sinking that took almost all of Yamato’s crew. However, almost right after this news she was told that Yamato had been raised, and was alive and well, even had a family, Musashi rejoiced immediately after, asking if Yamato courted the navigator from Mogami, when she heard that Yamato married Hisashi, Musashi celebrated. She engaged in negotiations for her return to active military service that day. They went on for so long that it was continued over transmission cables. She assured she wanted her role to be a damaged sponge, well the representatives wanted her to be a command platform for combined operations. Both sides pressed hard bargains, eventually the Navy got their way, mostly. She had negotiated that most of her armament be set up in a defensive posture. This super-heavy defense ship would later dictate Kongo’s reactivation for carrier defense. Flash forward a few months and Musashi is waiting to begin the recovery process.

Almost right on time she sees the lights shining down on her deck, she welcomed them and updated them of moved sediment she did herself to allow them better access to her wounds. Work began expeditiously and within three months she was breaking the waves again. The Sun warmed her body and the hot, humid air was extremely welcome. Musashi basked in the sunlight, unaware of her sister’s presence just four nautical miles away. Musashi’s lips curled into a wide smile just before she heard Yamato’s cry. Once she did her eyes shot open and locked their gaze on Yamato. She was smiling, barring a lot of teeth, and waving at Musashi. The younger sister replied appropriately and waved back, as if she had seen Yamato 10 minutes ago. Musashi was pushed closer to Yamato and lines were being cast over to tie them together.

“Mumu!” Yamato exclaimed as she inspected her sister’s multitude of wounds. “What did they do to you?”

“What they did to you,” Musashi spoke calmly, “but everywhere.” Yamato noticed she wasn’t upset that Musashi wasn’t spitting out words like Nagato or Fuso, or even that excited. This is exactly how Yamato remembered Musashi and she’s very glad nothing’s changed. Yamato was there to tow Musashi back to port, and to provide protection for the detail raising Musashi. Accompanying Yamato are four destroys, a frigate, and a destroyer-helicopter-carrier. Musashi comments how the fleet looks like a war time fleet, and Yamato explains that Japan, and most Western countries, are at war with the UAF. During the lengthy voyage home Yamato brought Musashi up to date on world history and politics, and right as Yamato finished, Musashi said something Yamato never thought she’d hear Musashi say.

“Yam, I understand you a little more now.”

“Understand what, Mumu?”

“I would really appreciate the company of men right now.” Knowing Musashi, Yamato initially thought she referred to a crew, but Musashi chooses her words carefully. Yamato knows she would have said ‘crew’. Realizing that Musashi has taken an interest in the male sex, she presses on.

“It is very nice. What did you have in mind, Mumu?” Musashi is quiet as she formulas her answer. Musashi mutters ‘man’ to herself and details the thoughts and her head.

“A man with the male sexual organs, calming voice, one I can talk to about whatever I please. He’s strong-willed and proactive. I’d like him to be truthful and understanding, it’d be amazing if we were both very observant and curious.” Yamato was more interested in her sisters deep desires, the dirty ones. She listened to her sister’s list and thinks it wasn’t an absurd desire to ask that out of a man.

“So do you want a human or a ship?”

“I want a man.”

“I know, just-” Yamato knows how to play Musashi’s games. “-when you think of a penis,” Musashi thought of the form of a penis in various positions and angles, “is it human flesh,” she saw the penises turn human in nature, “or is it metal?” The penises changed to metallic members. Musashi replied:

“Either is fine. As long as it is his penis it is fine.”

“Just a penis? Don’t want it to work- you don’t care if it cannot become erect?”

“I would prefer that it operated and erected, yes.” Yamato was tingling, she was so excited and proud that her sister is starting to sexualize.

“So you want him to fuck you?” Yamato was eagerly waiting.

“I’d like to partake in sex with him,” Yamato scree’d with giddiness, “I’d like to experience what it is like.”

“How do you want it?”

“Want what?”

“How do you want to be fucked?”

“That’s a question I have for you, Yam, what is the best?” Yamato was growing annoyed a tad bit.

“Mumu, there is no Universal best sex, there are a lot of things that affect it.”

“Like what?”

“Moods, where you are, if either of you know what you want, what you know how to do, and that is just a few. There are way more things that can make sex great or under whelming.” Musashi picked her sister’s brain, learning as much as she could. Yamato declined to share the personal experiences with Musashi to try boosting her sex drive. Yamato still wanted to know what Musashi’s kinks were, but Musashi wasn’t even sure what she wanted. Yamato and Musashi talked about everything from being pregnant to how food taste, almost nothing was off limits for discussion. Yamato tried to pry Musashi’s fetishes and dirty desires from her thinking that Musashi was keeping them Secret, but Musashi didn’t know. Musashi was very interested in sex, she wanted to know what it is like and all but she finds sex to be dirty and I’m sanitary, she finds herself conflicted like never before, even doing herself to the bottom of the ocean for what she says the rest of her life was easier than this. Feelings and emotions bubbles inside her and made her uneasy, all the questions she asked Yamato about her feelings shielded on favorable answers.

They all eventually reach Japan in good time, it made Musashi very happy to see her homeland again. Yamato was untethered from Musashi but followed very close behind. Musashi was put into a dry dock with the sign ‘YAMATO’ adorning it. She instantly recognized it as her sisters original dry dock so long ago. As water was drained out and her massive weight was rested on wooden braces and bases her sister was moored in front of her. Musashi’s eyes combed over the masses of people that had gather to see her return home. The whole port was buzzing with commotion as thousands poured into see Musashi, they awed at her and Marvelled at how nice she looked. The celebration round down after dark, and that’s when Hisashi came home to Yamato with their baby boy. Musashi noticed an increase in age with Hisashi, but it looks at most a decade and not the scores it really is. Daichi, the baby, was a gorgeous little bundle, Musashi instantly loved how adorable he was. She looks forward to seeing him grow up into a handsome man. She wondered if they ever found out about Aka. Soon after Hisashi greeted and embrace Yamato she introduced Daichi to Musashi, Musashi convey how much she adored him and how excited she was to see him grow up. Yamato commented on her eager Ernest to see Musashi bear children. That made Musashi think about sex some more, she was ashamed of herself. Your model told her not to be ashamed, it’s normal. Musashi still bad old with herself internally. Your model talked of an American sailor on Fuso, and explained why he was on Fuso, and how much of a sweetheart he is. She told Musashi that they were deployed and would be back in a few months, Musashi asks how this pertains to her at all.

“Because, Mumu, I forgot to tell you the most important part of having good sex.”

“What is that?”

“Having a connection with them, when it is someone you really enjoy having around and Trust, someone close to you and really cares for you, it’s the best feeling ever. Not in your vagina, but everywhere else.” Massage she was physically confused, your mother didn’t even try to explain. “Don’t worry, Mumu, you’ll see.”

“How’s that?”

“He’s really sweet, just get talking with him and you’ll see.” Musashi tried to ask questions about him, all sorts of questions, frustrating Lee Yamato only had one reply: “Ask him.”

Musashi observed rehabilitation process and Tinsley, stunning the plans and people. She carefully studied and noted progress on her, just like studying and noting her decay. She remembered that and asked to speak to researchers on the subject, they gladly received her observations and implemented them into their database. Soon after that her turrets were pulled out and areas of her hull were gutted, including deck space for VLS weapons. Her whole was cleaned up and patched up nicely as well, her massive main battery turrets were being reloaded into place when Musashi saw something that resemble Fuso but she wasn’t sure. The ship moved across the bay and was hidden away until it came much closer and loom over the ships here. She didn’t look like her old self, but Musashi knew it was Fuso. Almost instantly she remembered the nice guy Yamato said was on Fuso. She was hoping he’d make an appearance sometime soon. She did not find it appropriate to talk to the workers and such a manner and patiently waited for someone to come find her. As she find out she didn’t need to wait long. Unknown to Musashi, Yamato had been talking to Fuso about Musashi coming up and the newfound sexual drive she has. Fuso figured Yamato wanted to set up Musashi with Fuso’s little Hitto. Reluctantly he agreed, Fuso had to do a lot of first waiting and reassurance with him. He wasn’t really going for an open relationship but Fuso figured it’d be nice for the girls who had no more roots and him to hook up every now and then. Hitto objective but the power of the woman overruled him. He’s still felt extremely guilty and wrong about it all, but Fuso seemed gung-ho for it, excited. Her only regret is that she had been building him up for a big climax, a huge one, she hadn’t let him bust and nearly 6 months. She was a bet that she wouldn’t get the fruit of her laborers, but at least it wouldn’t be wasted. That evening Musashi was looking at the equipment on the shore that was supposed to be installed into her when she heard and unfamiliar voice to her port side. “Musashi?” She looked over and saw a very white guy with bright Auburn – red hair. He already knew who she was.


I didn’t like this set up. I thought I was just for Fuso, at first we were a relationship but realized I wasn’t going to be there for her very long and we transitioned into a FWB relationship, a very close and tight-knit one. Now all of a sudden I’m supposed to show Musashi a good time? Just like that? To me it feels wrong and unnatural. I want to go find Yamato to try and talk her out of it and back me up to get Fuso to stop as well. Fuso had already talked about getting me with her sister, Yamashira, but she’s not even raised yet so I didn’t think much about it. She knows I like all the IJN ships from WW2, she knows I’d love to lay them all, but I feel like I’m getting whore’d out. I don’t like that. I run through all my arguments as I mindlessly walk over to Yamato’s slipway to talk to her. Next thing I know I’m looking at a Yamato class in the middle of a deep overhaul and it is not Yamato. There’s only one other I know of and I mindlessly blurt it out in confusion. “Musashi?” Instinctively I look up to where Yamato’s eyes would be but it’s darkened out, I feel queasy, what if Musashi died, too?

“Hai!” A pleasant voice like Yamato’s responded, my eyes trail up the tower to the observation Bridge at the top and I see her brown eyes looking down at me inquisitively. I didn’t know there were eyes up there. I’m squinting as I look up to her and I block out sunlight from blinding me with my hand.

“Summemassen,” I say, “English? My Japanese is eh.” I wave my free hand in a so-so manner.

“Hai!” She exclaims. That’s still not English. “How is my Engrish?” Ah! There we go!

“Arigato Gozaimasu! It’s Rusty but you just need to practice. You’ll get better in no time!” I begin displaying the way the ‘L’ is pronounced so she picks up on it. Machines learn very fast.

“You are American, right?”

“Yes!” I remember her last interaction with United States affiliates, it was filled with great emotion like pain and misery. “I’m Chad, friend of Fuso! No hard feelings, right?” She scowled.

“No. I do not have a grudge against you.” Her tone shifted to one of a competitor. “Very well done, but the set up for attack runs was too rigid. I could see the attacks coming before they happened.vi hope you adjusted that problem since we are allies, now.” Hmm, I like her.

“I know that when it comes to formations we were much more stringent and disciplined than your pilots, but yes, we did loosen up our formations. I know your pilots were very well disciplined, too.”

“Hai, we were, both our strength and weakness. Our execution phase was much more flexible, but at many times your overall planning outmatched us.”

“We also out produced you with better weaponry where it counted.”

“I’m not familiar with much American weaponry of my time, please elaborate.”

I was about to begin but I guess she got tired of yelling and asked if I would mind coming up to the bridge to talk. I accepted and after a formal introduction of ourselves I came aboard. I got tired of standing out on the pier looking crazy. I’m used to climbing up endless laderwells but getting up to Musashi’s bridge, that’s some next level shit, goddamn. I get up to literally the second highest deck she has, her bridge, and she quickly notices I’m somewhat exhausted. She offers to tell her story while I rest. I happily agree and sit on the deck leaning against a bulkhead. She talks of her mission, their goals, and of the early problems that were had. Then she talked about her battle experience, this is where she notes the planes, their setups, and how poorly her air defense performed. She explained her thought process and how she calculated risks and such. I was amazed, she certainly uses her head, seems like a genius. She concludes the battle and rolls right into her faults. She brings up her poor air defenses, overlooking her crew’s energy depletion, no friendly air cover, and the simple fact of the shock of there being any US carriers left behind at all. She reflects on what she learned and how she expects to apply it and how it has changed her own doctrine. I love it, I think she’d really like a game I play, it’s my favorite. The way she observes things, learns quickly, and understands strategies, it’s how I play WoWS and I think she’d like it a lot, too. I don’t have my computer to show her, but I can tell her about it regardless.

“Musashi there’s a game I play, I think you would love, it’s by far my favorite game.”

“I enjoy games, is it one of those, those movie games I heard about?”

“It’s a video game, yes.” I talk to her about it, emphasizing it’s just a game and not realistic. She understood and wanted to know more. I’m really starting to like her. I tell her about all the mechanics in the game-and it gets deep and confusing at some points, but she understood my dumbass way of explaining it all and could even explain it back to me in her own words. Do you know how hard it is to find even people who play the game who grasp it’s concepts? To be this interested, let alone understand it? I talk about damn near everything and she’s picking it all up. I came here to try getting out of having to fuck her but I just might end up having kids with her.

We talk about the game, tied to real life, real life, real life combat for what turned out to be forever. Then she asks if I’m a history buff, which I am, so we talk about that forever, too. We talk about how much we enjoy learning, and what subjects we study for fun. What we study for a “quick fix” so to say. She says she studied English, flight, radios and their theories, which leads to Radar. I like learning about history, war, engineering, and radar. So now we’re talking about radar. It’s never ending. All of a sudden it’s 0330 in the morning and my phone is almost dead. I’m tired but I really don’t want to leave yet, but I gotta go! Damn these decisions! I decide to go rest, at least to get my laptop.

“Hey Musashi, I really have to go.” Before I can ask to see her sometime tomorrow she asks about it.

“Will you come back tomorrow? I haven’t told you what being Radiated feels like.”

“Yes, very much yes. Absolutely I will be coming back tomorrow.”

“What time?”

“I don’t know, actually. Let’s go for noon. Sound good?”

“Hai!” We wish each other farewell and a good night and I depart to get some sleep.


Yamato had been carefully watching her sister’s expressions. She liked what she saw, but it never turned into the face of sheer pleasure that Yamato wanted to see. Either Musashi wasn’t amused or nothing happened. All throughout the night Yamato watched for Musashi’s face to relax into bliss but it didn’t happen. Just before four in the morning she saw him leave and walk down the shore towards Fuso. Once he rounded a corner behind a warehouse she asked Musashi about it.

“Mumu how was it? What happened?” Musashi had a huge smile as she looked over to Yamato, Yamato had never seen Musashi like this.

“I really enjoyed his company, Yam! We talked all night!”

“I see that, Mumu, did you two ever… y’know?”

“No we did not have any sex.” Yamato was let down, but also relieved. That explains why there weren’t any baby making faces. “He’s coming back tomorrow! I can’t wait to talk to him again!”

Yamato was excited, very excited. Her little sister was growing up! She hoped Musashi didn’t catch feelings for him. How hypocritical, too, Hisashi is the only man Yamato ever had and yet here they are with a kid. It seems to be the thing with many machines. However these were all people, men, assigned to them for a long period of time. Chad was neither assigned to Musashi nor in Japan for very long, not only that but his rotation period is coming up soon. When he got back to Fuso and told her what had happened she was both happy and upset. She just might get her six months of compound interest after all! Chad’s exhausted and goes up to his rack, on his way Fuso changed out the bed sheets to the fun sheets and undresses him. Links their minds together and slides her coupler onto him. While he sleeps they dream together and she gets all she wanted and more out of him. It was glorious.

He woke up and showered, dressed, and packed his backpack with his electronics and the souvenirs he promised to bring back to the Isobe family (Yamato) for Daichi. He kissed Fuso goodbye and grabbed a breakfast burrito on his way out. He stopped by Musashi to give her a morning greeting and said he had to stop by Yamato for a minute. While he was aboard Yamato, Yamato tried encouraging Musashi to lay him, Musashi deflected and instead asked Yamato why she was so adamant about the topic. Why can’t Musashi take things at her pace, meet her own men and do it her way?

“Because, Mumu, I want to relate to you on a better, deeper level. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about my family with, my man with. I want it to be with you. I don’t like bottling up these emotions, I want to talk to you with deeper meaning.” Musashi is very new to emotions, but she knew what this meant, she knows how much her heart was touched. Even though they were sister’s nothing really bonded them together. Musashi had another question to ask.

“Why him? Why are you so adamant about it being him?” Yamato was silent for a minute as she was looking for the reason, herself.

“Well, I know him well, I only know Hisashi more than him.” How well do you know Hisashi? Musashi thought. “The first time I met him was special, he had a friend with him whose great grandfather was aboard me and died in battle. He and his friend came aboard during a tour and they slipped away so his friend could leave an offering to his great grandfather. How well he knew his way around surprised me, they got all the way up to the radar room by this bridge before he was caught. Oh, Hisashi was pissed, but impressed, I thought it was sweet and got Hisashi to take them to the exact office he worked, and died. The offering is still there in the office, it sits on a desk in the corner. His great grandfather was Hisashi’s superior, also a navigation officer. From there he was welcomed by me, and after time went on Hisashi befriended him, too. He’d go on long talks and explanations about this or that, he had so much knowledge when he spoke about it, he always reminded me of you.” Yamato paused as she acknowledged what she had just realized. “I told myself that I didn’t want you to ‘catch feelings’ for him, but deep down I want you two to make it work.” For once Musashi felt empathy, a deep empathy, and flattery with Yamato. Musashi even sensed a hint of jealousy from her sister. Musashi for the first time ever didn’t know what to say, or even what to do. What’s the logical response? What makes the most sense? Where are the gains? Musashi didn’t know. Yamato continued. “I want to see you happy, I want to see you emotional, I’m tired of seeing you blank and methodical. Mumu we’re living machines, not just machines. We feel and think, love and laugh. I know you’re not like the rest of us, you are barely like anyone, but I want to see my sister love and laugh like the rest of us, to smile like us. When I saw you smiling when you were talking to him I was.., I.., you don’t understand what I was feeling, and I want you to know that feeling. You think too much, Mumu, I just want you to feel for once.” Musashi was touched, she didn’t know Yamato felt like that. Musashi didn’t know where to take it from here.

“So.., you want me to have sex with him?”

“Mumu, I want you to love, do what makes you happy. I think having sex will help you unlock and explore your emotions and feelings, but do what makes you feel the best.”

“Sex is dirty. I think it’s filthy and nasty, so many germs.”

“Then have him wash before you two do anything. Just get him as clean as you before you two have any fun.”

“Clean as me? I’m filthy!”

“Not as clean as your hull, besides you can clean yourself out, too.”

“How? With what?”

“Soap, water, like you’d wash anything else. I’ve got some good soaps I use.”

“I’ve never washed anything.” Yamato was shocked. “Never saw a reason to.”

“General cleanliness? Upkeep? Maintenance? Seriously you’ve never washed? Disgusting! Musashi that’s disgusting!” Musashi felt ashamed and started to look like it, too. Yamato liked seeing the emotion, but not what it was or why it was. “This soap’s good. I’m giving it to Chad to run over to you. You’re going to wash all your vaginas as soon as you get the soap. I’ll even tell you how.” Yamato looked disappointed. “Never bathed yourself? Disgusting.”

Chad came over and must’ve known what the soap was for because the transaction was awkward. He hurried inside and up the endless ladders until he heaved himself onto the bridge. He set up his computer and such on a table nearby while Musashi learned how to clean herself. Yamato somewhat enjoyed seeing an awkward Musashi, it was funny. Chad set up his WiFi hotspot so his computer game had access to the online server’s that hosted the game. Musashi was sure she’d learn what that meant in time. And in short time Chad explained it to her, very quickly she had developed an interest in the internet, too. Being a very observant person she usually doesn’t keep her sights fixated on one thing for very long unless she’s focusing on it intensely but for some reason she couldn’t stop looking at Chad. She kept watching him work and move, she’d watch his face when he talks and his hands when they fiddled. She found herself inexplicably gravitated to him, and him being around was an uplifting feeling. Musashi was starting to figure out what was happening. Once Chad got his stuff set up he started the application and told her that they had to wait for the application to update. His eyes met hers and it was comforting, a very pleasant and comfortable feeling, other feelings were bubbling up, too. Letting herself explore and release these feelings was a wild ride for her, so much information was coming in to her that she didn’t know how to process that she panicked when he wasn’t looking at her. She desired him to be closer to her eyes, to her skin. She wanted to keep peering into his eyes, they’re a blue-grey and looked like a swirling storm, his Iris possessed a white ring around the pupil to barricade it from the storm around it. Whenever their eyes met neither of them noticed her smiling, and that he was smiling back. She wanted-no, she needed him closer.

“Chad that’s pretty far away, uh,” she was awkward, her heart was a lump in her throat, and she was incredibly nervous. Chad picked up on what she wanted, “do you think you could move the computer closer?” He smiled.

“Yeah. I can move it here.”  He grabbed the table and drug it closer to her eye, each step closer made her heart beat faster and stronger. He set his stuff up right next to the bulkhead and pulled a chair up snuggly against the bulkhead. He was positioned so her eye was over his left shoulder and could see the computer screen. Comfortably he leaned back into her and rested his arm on the windowsill. Her smile had grown much larger. Yamato had been watching her sister’s expressions closely and was wondering what all was going on in there.

“Musashi, Yamato uses her central bridge as her face, you use this one. Why?” It caught her off guard but she answered the best she could.

“Yamato likes being closer to the deck where she can see people better. I like seeing further out and all around me.” He nodded and looked at her eye again.

“Has anyone ever said you’ve very beautiful eyes, Musashi?” He felt the temperature rise in the compartment as she blushed.

“No, um, no. No one’s said that to me before.”

“Have you ever seen your eyes before?” She stopped, she sorted through all of her memories but didn’t find anything about her eyes. Almost ashamed of herself she answered no. “Well,” he pulled out his mobile phone and switched it to the camera mirror feature, “here, take a look.” His hand reached out into the space, cautiously her hand took the phone and wielded it as a mirror. She was in awe, her eyes were similar to his but her base color was brown with highlights of hazel. She also had more rings in her eyes, mostly incomplete, it made her eyes resemble a cloudy Galaxy. “Musashi,” he said after he let her examine her eye for a minute. Her eyes darted to his and locked with his gaze, “I know eye contact is very rare in your culture.” She forced her eyes away but they came back.

“I apologize. For some reason I cannot look away.”

“Don’t worry about it, Musashi, in my culture eye contact is respectful, it means you care.” She blushed again. “There are many different things regarding our cultures.”

“Like what?” She asked.

“Well, we don’t bow to show respect, we make eye contact, physical contact between friends, loved ones, and lovers is encouraged, and for us a kiss is more normal. It’s not as meaningful as in Japanese culture, but it’s only shared between family and lovers, mostly.” Musashi radioed her sister quietly.

Yam! She exclaims hurriedly. How do I kiss?

I don’t know. She retorted. Ask him. Musashi whinned back in greivance, Yamato was enjoying this show.

“So-” she coughs up, “I’ve never, I, how do you kiss?” He chuckled, she felt ashamed and made fun of.

“I can teach you, want to know?”

“Yes!” She blurted. “Yes I want to know!”

“If I learned anything about you, Musashi, it’s that you love learning.” He got up and turned to her. “It’s alright, I’m the same way.” He clapped his hands together and rubbed them, looking her in the eyes. “Which one do you want to learn first?”

“Wait,” Musashi was stunned, “there more than one?” He looked concerned.

“Well yeah, there’s kisses, pecks, smooches and what’s called a French Kiss, it’s also called a tongue kiss, dirty kiss, or wet kiss.” He giggled and looked around for a moment. “I grew up also referring to it as face sex.” Musashi didn’t understand yet, but she’d look back and giggle at that name, too. For now she listened very closely. “The first three are general kisses, kisses you’d use for your family, friends, pets, favorite objects, stuff like that. Kisses on the lips are for love, like family and lovers. Other affections you kiss skin, like a hand, cheek, forehead, etcetera. A peck is just your lips, you can make a little noise like ‘mwah’ but you don’t have to. It’s a friendly kiss, mostly used for fun or appreciation. Then there’s a kiss, a normal, bland kiss. It’s like a peck but your lips are tighter and you suck through them a tad bit. It kind of makes a popping sound. This is more for family and lovers to show your affection is deep. The next two are almost exclusively for lovers. Smooch is a kiss but much more sucking, you can smooch your family but not on their lips, you smooch your lover on the lips. Here, I’ll show you a smooch to a kiss. Give me your hand.” With much excitement and her heart racing she placed a hand into his. His lips moved to meet the metal skin on the back of her hand. She felt his warm, soft lips gently Grace the back of her hand and kiss it, sending shivers up and down her keel. It made her hull feel wavy and excited. He said that’s a kiss and moved in again for a smooch. She noticed a definite difference in the suction, it energized and invigorated her, making her feel strange in select places and her draw to be closer to him heightened. “That was a smooch. The last one is the French Kiss, the most intimate kiss, reserved only for lovers.”

“So when do I use it?” He scowled.

“Anytime you two want, no special occasion, really. The kiss is just the most special.” He waved his hand and continued. “So this kiss is the most unique, you interlock your lips with theirs and you both extend your tongues into each other’s mouths.” She looked disgusted but intrigued. “But be careful, women seem to always complain that men use too much tongue, and, well, I don’t blame them. I want to get my tongue in there, but then again I want to get my tongue in a lot of places.”

“Like where?” She asked curiously, he frowned.

“Ah, I’ll explain later. The joke went over your head.” Musashi turned back to Yamato.

Yam! Where does he want to put his tongue? Yamato chuckled while she responded.

Wonderful places. Get that tongue! Musashi was frustrated but switched back to Chad. He explained that using the tongue in a kiss is very delicate and you should tailor it to your partner’s preferences.

“So that’s all the kisses. Now it’s just practice.” He looked at the computer screen, it was still updating. “Would you like to see some recordings I have of the game?”

“Hai!” He operated the computer and pulled up videos.

“Do you remember the game mechanics?”

“Hai! I remember the game very well.”

“Then sit back and enjoy, Musashi.”

“I mentioned the game to Yamato, she said she plays it, too, can you two play together?”

“Yes, and we have before.”

“Is she good at the game?”

“I can be honest with you, for someone who plays the game for fun and to entertain her baby, she’s better than most players. Not great, but better than average.”

“Do you have an honest measurement of your ranking?”

“I’m really good at the game, but nowhere near as godly as my friends are. Going months without playing also doesn’t help my skills.”

“How do you think I will perform?”

“You learn fast and you’re very interested in the game, you’ll be great at it.” His computer loaded the videos and he started them up. As the movie played he would explain his thought processes and what was happening. Musashi would offer feedback and he’d adjust her feedback to what was within the game’s limitations. He had hundreds of little clips from way back in the game’s development phase. He discussed how the game was constantly changing and he described what differences there were at various points of the game. Musashi was fascinated, his attention to detail matched hers well. She really enjoyed his presence. At one point she switches to Yamato and says: I think I like him.

Good. Yamato replies. He’s a pretty likable guy. Musashi didn’t think Yamato was getting how much Musashi was liking him. They went through dozens of videos, it was pumping then up. Musashi felt flattered when he showed her the video clips he had of her in the game. However, Musashi did not like the version she was in the game.

“Well,” he started, “to be frank you got shafted. That’s slang for getting a bad deal. They wanted to put you in the game, but they wanted you to be different from your sister. Yamato is as she looked when she sank, you are as you look when you were commissioned. Your AA is terrible, your dispersion is the same as Yamato’s, but your sigma is worse. That means your shots go longer or shorter more often. But you’re a tier lower with armor on your smokestack, and that’s about it for advantages. I play Yamato more than you because she has too many advantages over you. I’m sorry to say that.” He looked at her apologetically, she did seem a bit sad. “You’re still a good ship, Musashi. Soon you’ll be stronger than your sister in real life.” She was still a bit sad. He rubbed one of her window frames soothingly. “Need a hug?”

“Hug?” She looked to him questioningly.

“A hug, an embrace.” It makes you feel better.”

“A hug sounds nice.” He walked to a support stanchion in the room and wrapped his arms around it. He told her to wrap her arms around him and gently squeeze. She did so and her worries and anxieties faded away, her spirits rose higher and she smiled. Hugs felt good. She didn’t let go for a while, such a new and good feeling, she was quickly addicted to it. When she did let go Chad went back to the computer and asked if she felt better. She said she felt great.

“Good,” he says as he switches to the game loading screen and presses the orange PLAY button, “let’s sink some shit.” Musashi was excited, the game loaded and a movie of Nagato fighting American destroyers was playing. Chad pressed another button and it disappeared to another to another loading screen and then she was looking at a harbor, it looked similar to the harbor they were at now. A ship came up that Musashi was unfamiliar with, Chad scrolled through a menu until he found what he was looking for. He selected it and the mystery ship disappeared and then she popped up. She had a green camouflage that she never wore before and she was her 1942  configuration. Chad selected Co-Op battles and pressed the orange BATTLE button in the top middle of the screen. “Give me your hands.” Musashi was confused.


“You’re going to play.” She panicked.

“But I don’t know how!”

“I’m going to show you, trust me.” Cautiously she extended her hands to him, he examined them and put one on the ‘mouse’ and the other on the keyboard. He placed his hands on hers to guide her through the controls. The map she was on had huge ice formations as big as mountains! The match began and Musashi heard a very motivated voice Bellow ‘Sentou Kaist!’ He pressed her fingers to guide her through processes, his hands on hers, grasping her, it made her blush and feel comfortable. She wanted to hold his hands back. He wrapped up his instructions and let go. She wanted his hands back on hers. Soon reports of an enemy cruiser came up and Musashi trained her own digital guns onto target. Chad held the mouse and explained to her how the lead worked and set her up with a shot. He commanded to shoot it and she executed the order. All but two shells straddled the target. The two that hit had a ricochet and an over penetration. Musashi was happy she hit it, Chad cursed himself for poor aim. He guided her through a few more engagements before he let go and she ran the show. Musashi was nervous, very nervous, and desperately wanted to hold his hand again. Instinctively while she was playing a hand of hers came down and touched his. Carefully it wrapped around his forearm and their fingers interlocked around each other’s palm. Once she was holding his hand she was significantly less nervous and performed much better. Very quickly she learned the travel time for her shells and soon was lining up great shots. Chad encouraged her to play more games and she did so, getting better every time. She didn’t notice he was holding her hand, and it wasn’t until he went to send her to battle against other online players did she notice. Quickly she apologized and tried to bring the hand away, feeling quite embarrassed, but he asked her hand to stay. He liked it, too. She happily obliged him and kept the hand in place. She then ventured into the shit-show called Random Battles. Her first match was terrible, she didn’t know the map, how cancerous the team morale was, the places most ships go. Oh she was so ashamed. Chad laughed at her when she ate six Shimakaze torpedoes and sank. She was so upset. He walked to the stantion and hugged her again. He told her he didn’t expect much from her. He told her he’d show her how to play in randoms. He sat in the chair, setting himself up where she could see the screen and controls, and got her to wrap her arms around his torso instead of holding his busy hands.

He played his battles like he didn’t miss a beat. He taught her how to read the map and general strategies employed. She watched him work his craft and steamroll poor peasants. Musashi had a lot of catching up to do. At one point she felt he was just showing off when he predicted how the battle would go. She called his bluff. Then it all happened exactly as he said it would. She was dumbstruck. He told her he played this game way too much, but it’s worth it. He vowed that someday she would be able to do all of this. He told her not to ‘book it’ down one line but to learn how all ship classes play, do a bit of everything. He showed her some games in other ship classes and then stopped to eat some food. He took out four sushi/rice to-go patties and a little black block.

“Do you like music?” He asked as he unwrapped the first food wedge. His eyes met hers.

“Hai, I enjoy listening to music a lot.” He activated his phone and manipulated it’s features.

“That’s good,” he said as he slowed his manipulating to focus on searching the screen, “very few people don’t like music.” He found what he was looking for and pressed on it, jazz music started playing through the black box.

“Woah,” Musashi exclaimed, “the little box has music?”

“No,” Chad smiled, “the phone does, this box is just a speaker. The phone tells the speaker how to play the song wirelessly, similar to how radios talk, similar to computers on WiFi.” Musashi was amazed by the phone. “This phone can do more than you can imagine, that’s how much technology has changed since your time. I didn’t want to shock you with new music tastes, so I picked something with a blend of old and new.”

“Thank you.” She was enjoying the song, she encouraged him to play newer music and he obliged her. Her favorite was still American jazz, but classic rock was edging it’s way up there next to it. She absolutely hated the screaming music, and death metal, couldn’t stand to get through a song. Chad said it was an aquired taste. While they were listening to some soft rock, Chad still wrapped up in her arms quietly eating away at his food, Musashi brought up a topic that was chipping away at her mind. “My sister sent you here to have sex with me, didn’t she?” He didn’t even look up from unwrapping another wedge, he nodded in affirmation.

“Fuso, too.” He reached over and selected another song then turned the music down quiet. He looked up to her and adjusted to get cozy. “They were relentless, Fuso was, at least.”

“Is that why you came to me?” She expected to wait on a calculated answer but when it was immediate it caught her off guard.

“No. No I was actually going to Yamato to try talking her out of it, and convince her to back me up in getting Fuso to back off, too. I bumped into you first and I’m really glad I did.”

“Why?” He smiled.

“We were able to spark up a conversation like that!” He snapped his fingers together. “Not only that but we talked about things for fun that we can’t talk to normal people about. Musashi when was the last time you could talk about tactics and strategy to anyone the way you talked about it to me?”

“Only with the captain.”

“Because it was his job to use those tactics and strategies.”

“Yeah.” Musashi did enjoy the interaction she received with that conversation. Really just talking to him was exceptionally nice. She decided to get to the point. “So, Chad, are you here just to have sex with me?”

“No,” He said instantly, “I enjoy talking to you, if things head in that direction then so be it, if they don’t then oh well. I like spending this time with you.” It made her feel better, much better. She felt great, actually. She even blushed. “I definitely like you, and I want to spend more time with you.”

“I like you, too.” She was blushing intensely, Yamato could see the grey hue tint in her cheeks. “Does that mean we’ll have sex?”

“Net exactly,” he said seriously. Musashi sensed it was a learning moment and payed close attention, “sex, to me, is just something you do to get off if you don’t actually know the person. Sometimes you might not even get off. Sex is really only good, at least passionately memorable, when the person you do it with really cares and is trying to ensure you enjoy yourself, and you are doing the same for them. It makes every aspect of sex,” he paused to try finding the right multiplier, “just so much better. So I say to take your time to have sex, get to know them and really enjoy them. Try not to rush into things, I’ve rushed into things and from the bottom of my heart I regret it. Yeah I was virgin, sure I wasn’t that bad, but whatever, I regret rushing in to it just to get my rocks off. Now it sort of haunts me, wishing I did things better, did things right. Yeah I still find myself as a squirrel just looking for a quick nut. That’s natural. But I’m sure I’ll regret it more than I enjoy it. I regret not getting some in the places I’ve been, I get ragged on for it, my loneliness really, really fucks me up, too. I really start doubting myself big time. There are so many times I decree I’m not even worthy of happiness, but I know I need to hold out and keep going and working at it until it’s right. I see what waiting and making the connection rewards the participants with, and I want that. So, Musashi, don’t rush into sex for the hell of it, wait for the right guy and when he comes around and the time is right, do it. Go for it and do it all night. It’ll be a blast.”

“I want you to be my first.” He wasn’t ready to hear that, certainly not after his spiel. “I like you a lot, and when the time is right, I want it to be with you.” This is where his negativity and self-loathing come into play.

“I’m the only guy you’ve met, wait and meet other guys first. I’m sure there are better suitors out there.” If she had a head she’d be shaking it no. She grabbed his hands.

“See, Chad, I have talked to men before, a lot of men, all sorts of men. None of them were like you, none of them made me talk like you, none of them listened like you, none of them make me feel the way you do. None of them wanted to come back, at all, like you.” He’s heard stuff like this all the time before. Just one question pulls out how they really feel.

“Then why don’t you date me?”

“I want to.” His heart skipped a beat. Nobody has ever said that, he’s never gotten a straight answer before.

“Nobody has ever said that before.” He sat in silence trying to figure out what to do, they both were. “I, I like you a lot, Musashi, I want to spend more time with you.”

“I like you a lot as well, and I feel the same way.”

“Are you… interested in dating?” He looked into her gaze, heart in his throat, racing a million miles an hour.

“I very much am.” She answered calmly with a subtle hint of nervousness in her voice. Her heart was doing the same at Chad’s.

“So, it’s a done deal? Are we dating?”

“I wish to.”

“As do I.”

“Then I’d say we are.” Slowly they both smiled, silently they sat together in the tense atmosphere. “So what do we do now?”

“Nothing different, we’ll get more intimate over time. Just for now we chill out like we were before.”

“Hai.” He plops down in his chair and looks at his computer screen trying to decide if they talk more or play together. “Chad?”


“Can I hold you?” She was a bit embarrassed and felt she had to explain herself. “Yamato says she likes holding Hisashi and that it makes them feel good.”

“Yes Musashi, you can ‘hold’ me. When we’re alone like this I’m always alright with it.” Musashi got excited and moved to touch him but hesitated. She didn’t know what to do with her arms and hands. It made him laugh a little. “Just do what feels right, let them go.” Slowly she continued, starting at his chest, right under his arms, and wrapping around him downwards, weaving through each other. She got to his hips and felt it was a good place to stop, she had enough arm left to reach her hand into his. He seemed comfy and satisfied, relaxing into her grasp and held her hand with his left and manipulated the computer with his right hand.

She felt and explored his lively body. She felt his chest expand with every breath and noticed the steady beating of his heart. He was very warm and pleasant to hold. A perfect blend if squishy and firm. She could feel his ribs and hip bones while gripping his gut, it all soothed her and calmed her, she felt happier. His thumb gently rubbed across the back of her hand and he firmly grasped her hand convincingly. They were enjoying each other’s company very much, the soothing and relaxing atmosphere helped them bond deeply. Musashi had a taste of his body and wanted to learn more, much, much more. She wanted to feel his face, legs, arms, butt, hair, genitals, and feet. Mostly his hair, very much she wanted to know what his hair felt like. She gave in to her curiosity and a hand touched his soft hair, but that wasn’t enough for her. She dove in and felt his hair all around her hand and fingers. It was thick like a wall of rope but soft like a blanket, she loved the way it interacted with her hand as she moved it around. He smiled and laughed, noting how much she, too, liked his hair. Next she felt his arms and legs, they were meaty, a pleasant handful for her. Not as entertaining as his hair but it soothed her curiosity regardless. She knew his buttocks and feet were unreachable, and it’d be rude to jab her hand into his face. That left one spot, a sensitive spot, slowly she inched a hand down his leg. Her adrenaline was racing around in her. She slowly left the leg and moved her hand towards his crotched but his free hand snatched hers before she could make it. Darn.

“No, you can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“It’s an intimate spot, reserved. I know emotions are fairly new for you, but some things you have to suppress. You must have patience and discipline, and I know you have both. You’ll get to know that spot very well in time, but not yet. Not now. There’s a mood we’ll feel and share, you’ll know when, that’s the time to touch there.” She was frustrated but understood the reason. She withdrew her hand, curiosity raging at her. “You can still run around, just not there.” She moved back to his hair, by sundown his hair would be a disaster but he didn’t care.

They ended up watching a new movie about halfway through when Musashi wanted to see what there was about WW2. He started her off with his favorite movie, Hacksaw Ridge, it was an impressive movie on her, and when she learned that wasn’t even half of what he really did she was even more amazed and astounded. Next they watched a movie that he’d been wanting to watch for a long time but couldn’t find an English version of, Yamato. Musashi translated the movie instantly for him telepathically and was touched at how Yamato was still revered even in death. Then he put on Saving Private Ryan, and that’s when Musashi’s desires finally began boiling over. She’d been suppressing them until now, and she could hold off no longer. No matter how she tried to not think about it, it all came up again and the temptation was too strong. She gave in.

“Chad, can we kiss?” He paused the movie and looked to her. He was still wrapped in her arms and her hands were entangled in his hair.

“So either you’re really excited about this, or,” he gestured to the paused movie where a soldier was falling dead after being shot in the chest, “you’re into some gruesome shit.”

“Perhaps.” He started to get up.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted to kiss for a while, now, too, but I know you’re sister’s watching. That weirds me out.” He’d been wanting to kiss her and hold her, snuggle up with her and make her all warm and toasty inside but the hawkish eyes of Yamato they both knew were always watching unsettled them.

“Hai…” She felt the same way, and even if she asked Yamato to look away she knew Yamato wouldn’t. Chad knew this as well. “But I really want to kiss you!”

“Musashi, you know that place in your head you go to so you can run through scenarios?”


We can go there, together.” Musashi’s mind went blank, she tried to figure out how, and it was lost on her.

“How the hell do we do that?”

“You know the bigger tendrils you have? The ones with all the needles?”

“Hai.” She pulled one out and opened it to reveal all the pins.

“That connects here on my neck.” He turned and showed her the spot imprinted by Fuso. “I trust you. Go ahead and put the end here, I’ll be okay.”

He didn’t mention the danger involved with it but his heart racing gave it away. Slowly, carefully, and nervously she did so, pushing the pins into his nervous system. He sat down in the chair and let go, releasing himself to her. He was standing on her deck but not human size, he was as tall as her tower, her conning tower was between his straddled legs. They recognized each other and smiled at each other, he brought up his arms and wrapped them around the back of her tower as he leaned in to rest his forehead on her ‘forehead,’ and they smiled at each other, she giggled softly. They could feel each other’s hot breaths and radiating body heat. He squeezed her mentally, and while she didn’t have anything around him mentally she squeezed him back physically, making him quite snug and comfortable. He didn’t react to it, Musashi gained the impression he didn’t feel it, and her curiosity once again grew.

“You ready, Musashi?”


She was confident and excited, their hearts raced together as he drew closer. Neither agreed on what kiss was going to happen, but they already knew what to do. She watched his eyes close just before their lips touched, his head was tilted so his nose wasn’t in the way and his lips settled onto hers. She, too, closed her eyes and felt much more intimate with the kiss. Gently he sucked on her top lip and she reciprocated on his bottom lip, he inched his tongue between the lips and she did the same. Soothingly their tongues caressed each other, sharing this moment with intense emotions. She felt her curiosity skyrocket and her drive to have him increase just as dramatically. Her intuition overtook her control and a hand physically reached between his legs and groped his genitals. She felt them liven up as her fingers meddled and rolled his member and testes through his pants. It grew much warmer and throbbed, twitching and growing. Musashi felt amazing, awesome! Her emotions were fierce and demanding. The pleasure she was deriving was inexplicable, no wonder Yamato didn’t try to explain it! Yamato was watching, she watched as Musashi’s face relaxed and softened to one of enjoyment. Yamato held her breath, it was happening! Musashi was very much enjoying herself when Chad pulled away. Instantly her eyes opened and her face gave off the symptoms of withdraw and protest.

“Musashi, are you sure you want to do this?” He was vague.

“Do what, Chad?” Then she felt his hand grab heist between his legs. Both of her faces turned to resemble that of a guilty child caught red-handed. She didn’t know how to respond. “Do what, Chad?”

“Are you sure you want to have sex right now, Musashi?” She was quiet, her face searched his for an answer, she was locked up, overwhelmed. What does she say? What are the benefits? The drawbacks? Should she ask Yamato? Ask him? “Musashi, you think too much. Do you want this? What are your emotions saying?”

“I…” her emotions responded in pulsating unison, together, begging, pleading, saying that she wanted his fucking cock so deep inside her she could feel it between her yard-arms. “I really fucking want it!” Chad was surprised, so was Yamato. Musashi was so excited she said it mentally and physically.

“Damn! Well babe, I’ll do my best to make it memorable.”

She was thrilled, unprecedented excitement consumed her. He came in for another kiss, she reciprocated and felt him slide her hand underneath his underwear. Her bare hand felt his flesh throb and enlarge in her hand. His kissing grew in ferocity as Musashi felt the blood fill in his cock. Her many ports began tingling, getting hotter, and leaking. Once her hand was cradling his fully erect member he asked her where she wanted him, not sexually, but physically where is the port she wants to use. He asked it to also have a neural tendril as well. Musashi told him where it was and he smooched her one last time before he suddenly vanished from her sight. She felt him disconnect from her and fight to get up and go. She freed him and tracked him as he flew down the ladders to the central Bridge. His heart was pounding when he got to the deck, so much adrenaline was flushed through his body that he didn’t even notice any wear on him. Like a hungry animal he lumbered around looking for the space she told him to go, while he searched feverishly Yamato asked what was happening. Musashi said ‘it’s happening’ and Yamato’s mouth first opened wide, then she bit her lower lip that curled into a wide smile, the largest Musashi had ever seen, before Yamato looked away and her face disappeared. Her excitement was bursting out as Yamato shook Hisashi with her arms while he was feeding Daichi. He was completely out of the loop and very confused. Chad found the compartment with a bit more help and as soon as the hatch opened Musashi thrusted her port at him. He took it and asked for the neurologist tendril, where she placed it back into his spine.

“Alright Musashi, this is going to be intense, maybe even overwhelming, if you think it’s too much or you get uncomfortable let me know, okay? For now just sit back and relax. I got this.”

“Hai, I can undress you?”

“Go for it, babe.”

His jacket came off easy with the zipper, then she pulled his shirt off and from there he went at it. He always starts orally, it’s just how he is. His physical body propped up against her bulkhead as she stripped his pants off and explored his hot sweaty body. He held her beautiful and elegantly crafted vagina to his mouth and buried his mouth into its folds so soft, thoroughly enjoying himself as he sucked on the whole orifice and licked and capped at her clit. He continuously nuzzled and moved his face around constantly providing so much stimulation to Musashi that her vision blurred and her body felt out of touch for her. His tongue made laps around her vagina’s opening and would probe it’s depths. Suddenly she mentally felt the same thing with her hull port, placed between her two sets of propellers. Instinctively she turned her auxiliary rudder all the way over so his mental presence could reach her more comfortably. His mental arms straddled her wide and thicc hull, holding it tightly as he pressed himself against it, holding himself close with his legs as well. They were situated more towards the thinner bow and could reach up her hull side a bit. From two angles she felt him, his ferocious feasting shocked her core and overtook everything. All she could do was whimper and moan, entirely engrossed in these whole new feelings, such powerful sensations. Her ecstasy and dopamine was working overtime tonight like never before. His mouths worked in perfect tandem to where she couldn’t discern what was mental stimulation and what was real, she was in total bliss and relaxed into his passionate moves. Every one of his actions moved her, he could feel her shudder and moan with just a flick of his tongue, such power at the edge of his lips under his control, what a turn on. Her soft, hot, pollowy sex smothered his face and drew him in like an aluring siren, how other men couldn’t desire this feeling eluded his mind. For him this, too, is heavenly, while he might not be getting closer to climaxing, like he can feel Musashi doing, he is certainly receiving pleasure from this. Now only if he could be balls deep at the same time, that would make this perfect. With his mental head planted firmly between her propellers shafts he felt like she was holding him there begging for more, and with his body pressed against her body he received the warmth and feedback needed to fuel his lust, drive him harder, and devour her even more intensely. He did grow in intensity, a flurry on her vagina that rocked her world, and with his physical body receiving much stronger tastes and juices from her port it strengthened his drive and reinforced it, helping him maintain his ferocity. Actually drinking her nectar fueled him and drove him crazy with lust. He had to have her cum, there’s no other way. It really didn’t take long for her vagina to spasm and convulse, Musashi had never touched herself, and now under a barrage of his sexual and oral attention it had rapidly reached the boiling point. As her body gave off the tale-tell signs she was approaching her climax Chad went harder, he was going to make her first orgasm smash her. He could hear her start moaning and wailing, it grew louder and stronger as her vagina pulsated and contracted on his face-he was loving every bit of it. Suddenly it happened, the moment he’s been craving, the moment she’s only heard about, the moment Yamato’s been waiting for. She screamed as she came, instinctively she pressed her port against his face and held him against her-to which there was no protesting from Chad. He revelled in the moment and drank from the fruit of his labors, oh her delicious metallic nectar wet his gullet and hit the spot. She came for a good minute, screaming and shuddering from mast to keel, wheezing and quivering as she came down.  She felt him gulping down her spray, it invigorated her and boosted her sex drive. That was amazing, astounding, she wanted to do that again! The amount of worshipping that went into her for that whole ordeal satisfied her, yet only stirred her thirst. While she poured out for him she moaned and felt his body. It was certainly hotter and sweatier, and now with quivering and spasming arms she stripped the rest of him naked and toyed with his cock and balls. She longed to bury him inside her and take every drop she could get, she knew the birds and the bees, she knew what could be done, and she craved every bit of it. She could hold off on the impregnation for now, but every thought that put her off from sex was gone, vanished, purged from her mind. She wanted to make him cum buckets like he made her do for him, she wanted to be up to her eyes in cum. Thinking of it made her mouth water and she licked her lips in a feverish dream. He pulled his face out of her port drenched in her, he had a huge smile on his face, his gleaming, shiny face. He looked into the mess he’d made with pride, his mental body still holding her and enjoying the dwindling spasms and twitches that still remained.

“How ya feelin’ Musashi?”

“Outstanding! More! Again! Oh fuck I want this dick!” He smiled, her booming voice and enthusiasm conveyed to him her sheer enjoyment.

“I’m always down for a feast, relax, my queen!” He went for more but she stopped him.

“No! I need your semen!”


“I need your cum!” Her vagina was contracting and winking, as he watched her flexing his cock tingled and ached, it sure looked like fun in there. Her emphasis on his semen alarmed him.

“You aren’t trying for kids, are you.”

“No, no, not yet. MMMMMM!” She whined as she gently squeezed his dick in her hand. “I need some cum!” He smiled wider.

“You like it dirty?”


“You like it messy?”


“You want it sloppy?”


“Let’s make a fucking mess, then!” He got on his knees and held his cock up to her juicy, wet slit, nuzzling his head between the lips to circle the vagina.

“Fuck me! Cum in me! Flood me!” He teased her for only a minute, she wasn’t having any of it. Her whines and protests fuelled his lust and drive for her. He wanted to feel her cumming on him as much as she wanted to feel him flood her. Once she realized he was playing with her she sat on him herself and caught him completely off guard. Instantly he loved her insides. Right on the belly of his cock where the sensitive spot is ran two folds that put pressure on him perfectly. His eyes rolled and he almost fell on her. He held her against him, balls deep, together they moaned and shivered on each other.

“Oh fuck, Musashi you feel so good.”

“Mmmm! You feel so good, too!” A hand of her fondled his balls and massaged them. More of her hands and arms further explored his body, testing his muscles and composition. He focused on their mental bodies, he put himself behind her with her free floating in the void and admired the sleek contours of her hull and the boldness of her superstructure and weaponry. He grabs her aft end where the boat hangers are and pulls her up onto his lap, easing his throbbing mental cock into her soaking wet hull pussy.

“FFFFFuck yeah, Musashi… ooooohhhhh.” Her whimpers and shuddering signalled that his mental docking was working for her, too. As he thoroughly enjoyed her pulsating pussy and it’s heat he felt her cervix come down gently on him. Softly it sat on his head, not applying itself to break it’s seal, but not retreating either. “Musashi?”

“I want to feel you knocking on my door, I want to feel every thrust you hit me with.” That sounds hot as fuck to him. His cock flexes with desire inside her, she groans with his subtle movements. He decides he’s ready and gets back up into his stance to fuck her silly.

“You ready for this?”

“Fuck me, baby!”

His bodies both hold her tightly as he pulls out to the base of his head. His sudden desertion tugged at Musashi’s insides, emotionally, sexually, physically, and had her craving what was about to happen. Suddenly she blurts out a yelp and her eyes go wide as Chad slams himself against her. His instant presence filled her void and smashed against her cervix sending a shock through her bodies. His crotch slapped her clit and shocked that as well, while his shaft displaced her insides and heated her insides up. She felt a lot of power and lust in the hump, and rapidly he kept thrusting into her. She wailed and moaned, biting her lower lip as her vision blurred and her face furrowed. Yamato got a glimpse of Musashi’s face and knew instantly it was good, she forced her own gaze away and screed to Hisashi, who was trying to brush his teeth. He’s entirely unaware of what’s going on, just confused as fuck. Her pussy clung to what it could as he moved rapidly, she felt snapshots of his cock where she could feel veins, folds, textures, and the pulsating of blood surging through his cock. The snapshots blew up her lust and desire, she groaned when she got one.

All of her noises and body tremors fuelled Chad, he had to keep it up for her. She felt fucking amazing, a flurry of slick, hot, squishy-plush massaging muscles. She gripped him perfectly and her pussy naturally contracting would snatch him for a moment where he could feel her pussy almost vibrating on him. It’d lock him up momentarily but he forced past it, mentally he saw her sexy body bouncing on him with her handsome superstructure mesmerizing him and drugging up his brain. Physically her body provided the feelings and intense emotions that fuelled them, her slick insides excreted her lube that kept his crotch and stomach warm and happy. Looking down at his cock flying in and out of the artisan crafted pussy made him moan in pleasure as his cock tingle with excitement. Her mental and physical bodies getting fucked in unison from two angles accelerated her sexual pleasure, she was fluttering between a high and consciousness. When he slipped out she instantly cried out in protest. Whimpering as he put it back between her lips. He caught his breath and angled himself better so he’d focus her G-spot. He was excited for this, he could feel what just going straight in did to her, now he’s going to smash that G-spot and made her cum hard.

He started his onslaught and both of them immediately noticed the increased attention to her G-spot. She grabbed him and yelled, squeezing his body mentally and physically as she rocked and flexed with him. Her eyes rolled around freely and she could make up her mind on letting her mouth hang agape or biting on a quivering lip. He felt her insides convulsing much more intensely and ferociously, he felt her climax approaching as she went with the thrusts more sporadically as if she was trying to fight it. His tempo began breaking, too, he didn’t expect her to last this long, especially since she said she’s never touched herself- she slammed herself against him and moaned loudly as she came. Her wondrous pussy sent waves down his length and pumped out her cum, gush by gush, as her tongue fell out and her vision blanked. She was slightly giggling during her moaning. Chad wasn’t done there, oh no. He tried to keep fucking her during her orgasm but she latched on too tightly, he instead fingered her very bold clit and flexed his cock inside her. The clit rubbing did the most, and it was enough to make her shiver and convulse while sending waves down his meat. He was right on the cusp there, his cock was extremely sensitive to her, feeling all of her folds and jitters, and had him fighting to stay in control of himself. Just as she finished her massive orgasm he was ready to break, she felt him inside her feeling different. She noticed he was extremely tense and was almost shaking himself. She cupped his balls and toyed with them, hopped her pussy on him a few more times and he said he was cumming. She had a huge smile on her face, drool oozing from her lips, and she waited to feel him burst. His moaning turned to grunting and sighing and she felt his cock pump from the base up and ropes of his seed ejaculated out of him. She moved her cervix up to feel him launch it into her. Every rope he shot made her shiver with joy, thus encouraging him to deliver more. From the inside out she was hot and happy. Immersed in glee and pride. A whole swath of emotions overcame Musashi, once she felt Chad coming down she attacked him with arms, wrapping him up in a snug embrace.

“Huh, guess you’re feeling good, then, Musashi?”

“Haaaiiii!” She moaned as she held his cheeks and played with his hair. Good vibes flowed through them, they laughed and giggled together in a dopamine high. Their mental bodies laid together at first, but then he put himself in front of her eye level with her. They were breathing heavily and that was all that preceded their intimate and passionate kissing. She was still somewhat horny and fondled his cock and balls more. He let her play as he enjoyed her magnificent taste on his lips. She is so hot! Just thinking about her, seeing her in his mind having face sex with him, he quickly regained a sex drive and heard her making screeing sounds as she felt him inflate inside her. “Again? Again! Again!” Her excitement soared as he fully erected himself inside her.

“With that much excitement you’re going to run me dry, Mu.” He smiled, he was happy she was enthusiastic.

“That’s the point!” She cupped his balls and weighed them. “Gimme it all!” She took a more assertive approach and while she held him tightly she also humped him. He simply grabbed her physical coupler and her mental aft and melted away into her motions as she put herself into him and rode the Disco stick. Musashi slid on his long shaft sensually and enjoyed feeling every millimeter of it. She was starting to slow down to analyze it more but Chad grabbed her body and thrusted himself deep into her with a heavy grunt.

“While we still have energy let’s use it, next round we’ll get lazy and slow. Sound good?” She bit her lip and mhmm’d an agreement.

“Fuck me, Chad!”

“I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you!” Mentally he rolled her onto her side and physically he shoved her coupler to the floor and laid over it. At first she was uncomfortable but once she felt his cock pierce her lips again and his girth spread her insides out she relaxed. Mentally he held her as best he could while he pushed himself deep inside her, not as deeply as last round but he still got in a good way and rubbed her G-spot tenderly with his cock. Physically he laid on her coupler and wrapped his arms around her body and held her tightly. His member penetrated her and eased in convincingly. She felt his presence pincer her from two angles and again couldn’t discern from reality and mentality.

He began his motions, first tenderly to get a feel for her body, enjoying the supple and ample coos from her, then he picked up his intensity to drive her wild. Once again he was a flurry of motion, slinging in and out rapidly, making her vagina feel hot and tingly. Her mind couldn’t stop thinking about him, how awesome she felt, how in love she was. She cried out how in love she was and how happy she was and how great he was doing. She was fueling the fire and knew it, as he grew stronger and faster, rubbing her raw internally. She could no longer discern between thrusts and instead she was fed a constant stream of ecstasy as her mouth drooled for more. Her high and emotions went on a roller coaster, thrill and overwhelming emotion had her on a very wild ride. Chad was getting this feeling from her too, through their neural connection he was taking the same trip as her. He struggled to focus on keeping his barrage up with how intense these feelings were. Through their bodies pulses, waves, shocks, and frenzies of dopamine and the like massaged them and tamed their nerves into a bliss. Musashi suddenly remembered that she never closed the Gap and slapped her cervix back into place and instantly went brain dead as his cock head smashed against it with every thrust. This extra sensitivity was enough to make her eyes flutter and any attempt to speak a moaning wail of appreciation. Chad felt instant repercussions as well, his cock convulsed like it wanted to cum but nothing was happening, his moans grew stronger as well. Her arms and tendrils were flexing on him and feeling his body work. While his muscles burned from the taxing efforts he placed on them, her arms cooing and surrounding him made it all better, certainly worth it. As of right now the only words Musashi could competently say was ‘more’ and ‘love you’ and ‘hai’ and all else was indiscernible. So when she suddenly cried out she was close to the good part he was in overdrive. He groaned as he put all he had into smashing her G-spot for her grand finale. A hand of hers was messing with his hair and it ceased it’s play and started shaking like it was terrified on his head. Soon he felt her mental body flex and twist as she tried putting it off as long as possible, shortly followed by her physical coupler beneath him do the same. Her physical body creaked and strained until suddenly she snapped him against her pussy and shook violently. She screamed in delight and chuckled as her pussy vibrated and convulsed and frenzied on his entire cock. He felt her pumping out her extra lube onto his crotch. It was so hot! He planted his face against her coupler tendril as he relaxed into her and rested his weary body. He suddenly was hit with exhaustion as his burning muscles protested any more work. Musashi came for a solid two minutes or more, Chad was astounded. When she came down her vagina relaxed and felt like puddy, she was numb yet ultra sensitive, she loved it. She noticed he didn’t cum, she was upset, felt selfish. She decided she could do something about it and put Chad against the wall in a sitting position, he was still hugging her coupler fondly.

“You aren’t finished, are you, Chad?”

“I’m pretty burnt out, Musashi, I’m sorry, babe.”

“That’s not what I meant, baby.” A tendril spread his arms off of the coupler enough for her to comfortably and awkwardly try her best to hump him. He at first chuckled at her new it was for her, but he knew she just wanted him to get his second cumming, too. He grabbed her coupler and helped guide it for her.

“Yeah, like that baby, oohh fuck, yeah.”

Once she got the hang of it she took his hand off and held them in hers. He squeezed her hands tightly, she enjoyed the moment. She hoped she could pleasure him like he did to her. Feeling his body in her arms certainly made her feel warm inside, just like Yamato said. She started to feel hot liquids ooze out of his cock ever so slowly and it made her heart race, her excitement soared as she craved the salty icing. He withered in her grasp as she tenderly stroked him long shaft, she was getting enjoyment from this as well, but more from his reactions, she hoped this is what he was talking about. Her moaning was based off of his, instinctively to coo with him. His eyes were closed and he was only thinking of her, their mental bodies were much like their physical ones. Chad was in a sitting position with Musashi’s great hull riding his lap passionately. His mental self couldn’t stop looking at her aft, it’s curvature and sleekness, blending into bold and sturdy structure and width. He wanted to cream her badly, oh so badly. This lap ride is a dream come true for him, all he ever wanted. He knew after this he’s going to cuddle her to death. The natural progression of things. Her bold superstructure and impressive guns strewn about her 1944 configuration hull add that flair that drives his lust for warships. He loved how intricate these ships were yet how fluid and sleek and beautiful they remained. He wanted to make more of them, make so many more ships the fun way. Sadly, that’s only a dream. Nobody could support ship children, it’ll have to be humorphs. Oh well. If you’re wondering about what the obviously protruding rudders are doing, this is a mental stimulation, they just fold over out of the way.

She rode him for a while before she thought there had to be something else, too. She pressed herself against him and swayed around to find another angle, while doing this she noticed he writhed and moaned more. She could sense his satisfaction riding, she continued grinding on him, eventually adding in her steady, rhythmic bouncing. His head rolled around freely on his shoulders and his mouth sat open as he moaned. He was essentially high and she loved it. She was very proud of herself and tried to pick up her speed, which led to her over adjusting and popping him out every other turn. She slowed down and played this enjoyable waiting game. She cuddled him while doing so and was very happy and excited to feel his penis twitching and convulsing like his body. His moaning became agitated and his grip on her hands tightened. She picked up her pace with her bouncing, she put his head up so he could watch her work him. His eyes were locked on her aft bouncing on him, revealing his shaft before consuming it into her bliss again. He was getting much closer, she egged him on.

“Do it, babe! Cum! Cum inside me! I want it! Do it!” She practically begged him as she slid all the way down on him and massaged him with her muscles, or what control she had left over them. His face tightened as he held off the inevitable, and then as he bursts his face turns to bliss. He empties himself into her, she Yanks her cervix up and away and feels his hot seed chase after it. Her sexual pleasure heightened and she shivered with joy as she felt his shaft pump and twitch inside her. A hand on his testicles felt them tingle and move as well. He unloaded into her all he had, and was quickly drifting off to sleep in her arms. She moaned softly as she felt his thick lavender coat her insides liberally.his mental body instantly laid across her freeboard and hold her best it could, she had started to get the hang of it, herself, and hugged him back. Snuggling up to him as he did so to her.

“You good now?” He exhaled in a deep breath.

“Hai! I’m very good now!” He wrapped his physical arms around her coupler and brought it close to his chest, only separated by her arms wrapped around him. “I love you, Chad!”

“I love you, too, Musashi!”

“When do you think we can have kids?” He was both pleasantly surprised and terrified 

“It’d be a long while, Musashi.”

“I know.”

“I still want to get to know you more, and..,”

“You’re going to be leaving soon.” Her tone softened to one of sadness.

“Yeah, it’s why I tried getting you to wait for someone else.” Her arms retracted from him so her coupler could snuggle his chest and then she wrapped both of them together. He readjusted and laid down on the deck.

“I can wait, I’ll wait for you. I’ll happily wait for you.” He was touched, his heart burned.

“That means a lot to me, it really does Musashi. I can wait for you, too.”

“You are going back to America? To Virginia? Was Yamato right?”

“Yes, I’m going to Virginia.”

“What if I could come, too?” He entertained the thought, it made him smile, seeing her so close to home.

“Japan has no interest in that, but I’d love it. You’d be so close to my home.”

“Yamato said you tried dating Fuso, what happened?”

“Normally you don’t bring up exes, but this isn’t that bad. We had too many differences in our life paths. She wants to stay in Japan and doesn’t want kids, those are the big differences. I want to have my own family, and I want to stay close to my home in America.” She was playing with his hair.

“I love Japan, but to me it’s not my home, it’s where I love, what I love, but it’s not a place I’m so dearly attached to. I’d enjoy seeing America very much. With you there, it’d be my home.”

“And I know your stance on a family.” He smiled. So did she. They softly chuckled.

“Hai, so when would we start that?”

“Oh, I don’t know. When I can afford kids, when we’re together stably, maybe when we can settle down.” She smiled, a family of her own made her very pleasant inside. Her eyes closed and she smiled as she dreamt of it. “Again, that’s if we work out. If we don’t work, then, it won’t happen.”

“Okay, I can accept that.” She giggled. “You’re so tired, you want a bed?”

“You’re the only bed I need, babe. I’ll be fine.” He snuggled up to her some more and kissed the coupler. “I can’t wait to feel your lips with my own.”

“Hai, I look forward to it, too.”

“How do you feel?”

“Awesome, happy, warm and fuzzy, lovely. I had a great time. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, and believe it or not, it can get better.” She was breath taken.


“Your cervix is even more sensitive than your vagina, there’s that, but more so we make it better with our interactions. Cracking a joke, poking fun, teasing, there’s a lot we can do better. It all comes with time, is all. You’ll see, I’m excited to get there with you.” He noticed he was very rapidly falling asleep. Quickly he mentally kissed her goodnight on her lips sensually. She held his head to her tower and his body to her structure. Once they parted they locked eyes and rested their foreheads together, smiling.

“I love you.” Was all they said before he drifted off to sleep. She struggled to stay up after that. Yamato noticed they finished and tried to talk to Musashi about it.

“How was it? What did you two do? How do you feel? Are you happy? How did he do? How did you do? Are you going to be pregnant?” Musashi’s eyes fluttered and she smiled wearily.

“Yam, I,” she sighed deeply, “I love him.” Her eyes closed and she inhaled deep and full, easing her breath out slowly. She drifted off to sleep very shortly after. To Yamato’s frustration.

“Huh,” Yamato thought aloud, “did he dick her to sleep?”


Fin Musashi


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Fuso (Updated)

So Last time I posted about Fuso was a long time ago, so I’m re-posting the story updated to the most complete version I have. I will be updating the old one if I can find it.

Fuso, The Gentle Giant

Fuso felt fear, felt desertion, felt her life fading away. The wound she sustained in the skirmish proved to be too much. Slowly she’d been watching her bow dip more and more starboard and felt the seawater flood more and more ever so slowly. But just like snow rolling down a hill, it built up exponentially, and now her deck was awash with the deep. She felt guilty of this, she didn’t tell anyone that there was still water pouring in, she didn’t tell her officers that they were shooting at Mogami, she didn’t talk of how she felt splitting the fleet up might be bad. So now in her guilt she blamed herself for the death of her sister, the damage to Mogami, and now her own death. Tears formed at her eyes as she tried to redeem herself for something and sliced the ties on the boats to let them loose. The only thing she could now hope for is a swift sinking or death and that as many sailors as possible get to safety. She felt all the sea filling her up, every nook and cranny was being filled and it spread faster and faster. She noticed herself beginning to roll over and when she did the movement inside her came to a tremendous uproar as an explosion occurred, then another, and another. One by one magazines were detonating and they ripped her in half, the explosions left her weak and sick, she felt her two parts drifting further and further away as she stopped flooding and was just suspended with her belly up in the air. She felt so very ashamed, left so vulnerable, so exposed, so embarrassed. She felt that Americans were laughing at her, joking and pointing at her belly and how red it was or all the bulges on it, the feeling made her weep. She could tell how she had been floating for about a full day when suddenly she felt vibrations in the water with more sharp stabs at her sides; she was being shot again. She wept more, there was no way she was not seen now. She was sentenced to the bottom even though as she wept she pleaded to save her, she had done nothing wrong, only good, and to please spare her miserable life. Her pleas were never heard.

Fuso felt the unstoppable surge of the Pacific fill her yet again. What moonlight she saw through the waves like stray streaks soon faded to black as she sunk deeper and the tears clouded her weak vision. As she began to plummet she felt weightless. She felt water flowing all around her and it grew faster and faster, stronger and stronger as she hurtled to the bottom of the strait. She felt things like searchlights, cranes, railing, radars, optics, lockers, ladders, and many other things not fastened enough be ripped off her body and strewn about like confetti. Suddenly the weightlessness was gone as she slowed drastically and gently came to rest on the bottom of the Surigao Strait. Her first moments on the bottom were of guilt, feelings of desertion, confusion, and agony. She felt like she deserved this, like no matter what she did it was not enough and she deserved this miserable death, this miserable torture. She was in a state of confusion as to where she sat, the sand on her belly was an alien feeling, one unwelcome in every respect, and at a slant starting higher on her port side and disappearing somewhere beneath her starboard side belly. She couldn’t tell initially if she was on an undersea mountain or sitting at a list. Once she eventually regained a sense of gravity pulling on her still she decreed she was listing. It was pitch black, there was nothing down around her but herself. She felt like she was lying in her own corpse, a mangled and dismembered corpse-strewn around by a beast who needed entertaining. She began going mad, insane, crazy, any adjective to describe what isolation and absurd thoughts stirred in what little thought she had wasn’t enough to do justice. She tried putting a hand in front of her eye to even try getting a glance at something, anything, at all. She couldn’t see it even when she bumped her hand into the eye window panes. She tried so hard to see even her hand, and she couldn’t. In a fit of insanity, she literally clawed out her window eyes-and enjoyed every moment of it. Because of her age, she was one of the first ships in the world to see, and her original eyes were on her conning tower right behind the second main gun turret. She eventually did try to claw out those eyes as well but being of an older method they were not able to be clawed out, instead, she just had massive trenches and pockmarks all up and down that armored face and neck.

When she wasn’t driven to the point of self-mutilation she was crying, weeping, pleading, praying, and regretting everything about herself and to be brought back. She tried her dammed hardest to manage a watch and keep some record of time but this was so rapidly turning into a failure she abandoned it, along with the hope of returning to the surface. She had no concept of time, no sense of direction, purpose, or meaning to anything. Instead, she could only mope in the past and self mutilate herself or feel herself wither away and old everyday functions disappear as she rotted and rusted on the bottom. Forgotten, and lost. Complete insanity hit her like waves the beach, coming and going in time. She never could tell if there was a set time between swings if it took longer or shorter, or what; she had no sense of time. In fits of madness, she would pick and scratch at her armor and decks, peeling away anything loose. All she wanted was to feel something again.

Over the years she forgot what it was to see, forgot what the light looked like, forgot what she looked like, forgot what air was like, the splash of water on her hull, the simple things in life had left her memory. She had no recollection of life before being sunk. Occasionally she would feel disturbances in the water and become suspicious of what’s going on around her and would sometimes think that someone had come for her. At one point she remembered life afloat, more specifically when she was in love. He was so romantic, so handsome and attractive. They made great love when they were together. It made her remember all the things they good together and everywhere they went. Her most enjoyable memory was when the earthquake hit the islands, Fuso as well as Kongo, Nagato, Mogami, and many, many other Japanese warships, and ships in general, took relief supplies to the islands. It was her most proud accomplishment. It was made even better when her lover and she made love all night long, but when the memories came to an end she remembered that was the last time they made love and one of the last times they held each other. He died of illness in her sickbay less than a month later. Thus her little trip of happiness came to an end as guilt and despair took over again. She was crying alone in the pitch black again.

Her body was weak, she felt like she was slipping away recently, she lost all her hope and didn’t want to deal with this anymore. All her emotional pain, all her physical pain, she didn’t want to deal with it anymore, it never ended. She was thinking a lot about letting go, just going away for good. She partly wanted to go away and was partly scared, what was there after it? Would it really end? Would it be a better place? Would she really go to heaven? Is she a sinner? Would her friends be there? That last one really broke her down into a bawling mess. What would her friends think? What would her sister say? She wondered how she was doing, if she was alive anymore. She wondered if Yamato finally opened up to her sweetheart, if Nagato finally broke her dry spell and got someone. She hoped that bastard that broke her heart wasn’t where she was going. She decided to postpone her journey, she didn’t know how long she’d wait, but she knew she’d get to it eventually. Once she mustered the strength to do it and let go.

A short time later she felt a disturbance off to her port side, she grew suspicious as always but unlike every other gut feeling this one didn’t go away. Her conning tower eyes were somewhat locked forward with very little ability to look port or starboard so she couldn’t see the light approaching her. She felt a strange feeling on her side that blanketed a conical area of her side. Slowly the light elevated and reached her decks, at first it was a hazy glow on her decks that strained her eyes but captivated them. She was laser-focused on the illumination of her deck even though it burned her eyes and gave her the equivalent of a headache. The light grew brighter and brighter, she could see the colors she had forgotten, they were green, tan, black, brown, grey, orange, and white but she couldn’t name any of them, it was amazing! She vastly grew more and more excited to the point her hull quivered! Then it appeared, the raw light source. It sat above her second turret she vaguely remembered and peered down at her conning tower. She couldn’t see herself but she was staring at the light directly with a gawking mouth and drooling like a primitive looking at a modern marvel, eyes dilated and locked onto the light. Desensitized to all proper interaction she reached out to the light and grabbed a hold of the submersible and pulled it close.

Thankfully to the crew of the submersible, this was only a drone sub, otherwise, they would probably be screaming and panicking as their sub was drastically whisked from where it sat. While Fuso wasn’t being rough with the little thing she also wasn’t being very gentle, either. She was entirely mystified by the simple light and didn’t even put two-and-two together and think that someone came looking for her, but that is exactly what was happening. The drone was towing not only it’s own connection cable but a radio cable to communicate with Fuso, all that was needed was for her to grab the cable with non-corroded metal. The team tried to get her attention by waving the arm and cable around but she was still fixated on the light, they eventually caught on and waved the cable across the light. Her eyes caught on and trained on the black like swinging slowly across the orb. Her mind sparked up a thought and took it in a hand, the end buzzed and numbed her hand and it felt like pulses and communications of sorts. She noticed the more rust it touched the less she felt it so she took the end and slithered it into her mouth and working it under her tongue. Suddenly she heard voices, voices! She was hearing people talk to her! The camera on the drone watched her face brighten up like a star as joy flooded over her, it was finally all coming together in her mind what was going on. Someone was coming specifically for her! She cried tears of joy as she heard her name on the wire, they were calling for her to respond, trying to pry information out of her.

“Hold on, I need a moment!” She cried, she wiped away tears from the recessions in the armor where her eyes were fixed. “I’m overwhelmed with emotions!”

“Fuso, Fuso is it you? Are you Fuso?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m Fuso!” Her first thought was blurted out before they could say anything. “How’s my sister, Yamashiro?”

“Yamashiro?” There was a pause as she heard talking in the background. “Yamashiro is fine, she is visited frequently by divers. A deep dive for the experienced only but it is done.”

“Is she happy?” Again silence as background voices talked, they replied with uncertainty. Fuso asked about Nagato, Yamato, Kongo, and was depressed when she learned they all sank as well, but when she was told that Yamato and Nagato were raised and alive again, doing very well and were happy Fuso was elated with joy. She longed to talk to her friends again and begged if she could, and the Japanese crew on the other end said that she would but she’d have to agree to some conditions. But before she was read the conditions she asked about Kongo, she wasn’t mentioned. There was no pause here.

“We’ve never found Kongo.” Fuso was silent, Kongo was very close to Fuso and Yamashiro, because Kongo didn’t have sisters, just failed attempts at sisters. The fact that Kongo had never been found hurt Fuso as well, she was older and more lively than Fuso, she thought about what was happening to her and couldn’t even fathom how she was doing. It was time she decided on the conditions. She already knew she would probably agree to anything, she had already threatened her own life and gone insane many times over, it was all a matter of how bad she was going to be treated. She was read out this long list of terms and agreements where she kind of blanked out and looked at how miserably rotted she was, it was almost repulsive and was thankful that she couldn’t watch it happen to her. Once the list seemed to be dwindling to an end she paid more attention, once it was all over the speaker summed it up for her. “In summary, Japan is raising you and putting you back into service, you’re going to be upgraded significantly and act as a testing ground for future systems. Once you’re retired you’ll be put into a shipyard and converted into a museum for your service and live off of donations, being a museum, and maybe a few other means. Do you accept?” She was amazed, shocked, she couldn’t comprehend everything that she was feeling. She accepted as soon as she could croak a yes past her crying and the lump in her throat.



Work began on her to raise her once again, her stern section did drift away from the break up and sank in shallower waters, it was easier to find and salvage but worse off corrosion and stability wise. Her bow section was eventually raised and as the moonlight came back into her vision she openly wept in front of everyone, on her radio, thanking and blessing everyone who had helped her in any way. The first thing Nagato and Yamato heard of her on the radio was her pathetic whimpering and bawling, she didn’t even notice or care that they could hear her; Fuso kept bawling her eyes out over how beautiful the moon was and the glistening lights of the shore and ships all around her. Neither Nagato or Yamato suffered the same problems she did, Nagato could feel things around her and had many times talked to people and Yamato died, wasn’t alive for any of her time on the bottom. Fuso was completely isolated in a depth so dark that she was wholly blind and numb to anything around her. Workers noticed how mutilated she was, deep claw engravings and pockmarks littered her hull and superstructure, and a lot of them were so deep they had to be filled so she could be floated again, she punctured her own hull in desperation to feel anything. She couldn’t get herself together for the night nor the morning, it was the following afternoon she stopped mindlessly enjoying her surroundings and realized she’d been on a radio with Yamato and Nagato, and that only brought more uncontrollable joy. She was able to at least communicate with them, the three were all excited to be talking to each other again. “Oh tell me everything! Everything I missed! I want to know it all!”

Yamato read from Hisashi”s book all the notes he took about life after Yamato’s sinking, every now and then Hisashi or Yamato or Nagato or Tyler would interrupt and elaborate on something of interest. They told stories of adventures and fun times but none of them mentioned Kongo. Fuso had to know what happened to her, when she asked Nagato piped up. She was very hesitant and unwilling, she said that Nagato was with Kongo when she was struck. She was struck with torpedoes meant for Nagato and she fell out of formation, they tried keeping radio contact with her but the last thing they heard was a call by the fleet commander announcing out an abandon ship. Then it was all silent as later survivors said she blew into two parts and sank rapidly. Nagato was in a painful memory. To bring up a lighter note it was Yamato and Nagato that pressured Japanese officials to investigate Fuso and Yamashiro for being raised. Fuso inquired more about Yamashiro and she was told that Yamashiro liked being down on the bottom, she enjoyed being a reef and attraction, so much marine life lived off of her she couldn’t see herself leaving. Fuso said that she’ll be able to get her up and out. Fuso was asked about being on the bottom and she almost broke down crying for not so good reasons. Fuso said it was torture beyond all belief, misery for no one to endure, and she admitted to almost killing herself to escape that hell. She did mention how at first she believed she deserved it but eventually she came to realize no one deserved that. Nothing did. Somehow that reminded her about her crew and asked how many were saved. Ten was her received answer.

She was silent again, she failed again. Guilt swept over her again, as she mentally slapped herself for her failure to let go of the boats. Yamato and Nagato sensed their friend in trouble and moved to tell her it wasn’t her fault, how hundreds survived the sinking but refused help, how many were cut down on the beaches by the natives and that they chose to die honorably. That made her feel somewhat less at fault but she was now angered at the waste of life she was, not her life but the waste of life her sinking was, pointless death and something that could have been prevented had her crew swallowed their pride and accepted her plea to find safety. Maybe then she wouldn’t feel so fucking terrible. She was pampered up back to a cherishable mood by Yamato and Nagato and she stayed this way all the way back to Kure, where Yamato was.

Yamato had a large smile on her bridge face and very large and perky eyes, her excitement to see Fuso again made her shine and glisten with happiness and affected everyone around her in a good way. But when Fuso saw Yamato it was almost the exact opposite. “No! Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me! NO! No! Please don’t look at me!”

“Fuso,” Yamato saw she was ashamed and grieved, Fuso had hundreds and hundreds of deep scars and wounds, her taboo trophies and her misery awards on display for all to see her disgrace. “Fuso you have no idea how happy I am to see you! I don’t care what you look like, Hisashi says I looked terrible as well! Don’t be ashamed!” Fuso tried to shun away in fear and cowered, even more, when Yamato described Fuso to Nagato so she could get an idea. The two of them said that they were very proud of her, proud that she stuck through the isolation and praised her for surviving all that time alone. They gave her the warm welcome she never thought of, the love she had abandoned, together again after the isolation. Once again Fuso’s friends bolstered her into her own self, someone that hasn’t existed in over seventy years. She thanked the two of them, her two friends with all she could. They talked even more and more about current events, about the United African Federation, what changes have come to Japan, how the world moved on, and what the world thinks of living machines like them. Fuso secretly felt a little stir deep inside her when she learned that the living machine people were more accepted and more humans have been finding love in machines and increased as she learned that the world had become much more tolerable of inter-racial relationships. While technically she wasn’t a race, more of a different species, she did align herself with the Asian “race” and culture, she was always interested in western people. Somewhat of a fetish or select turn on for her. She was drawn to them uncontrollably.

Fuso saw how ravaged her stern had been and realized how resilient her life metal was to the corrosion. Her stern was way worse than her bow, the mast was gone and the decks collapsed. She learned later that it sank and landed upside down which assisted with the collapse but in regards to the degeneration it was still much worse than her bow section. She was eased into a slipway near Yamato, they were very excited to see the reconstruction. Fuso was briefed by Yamato and Nagato that she’d be asked what modifications she would want during the reconstruction and the two gave Fuso multiple ideas they had gotten done and something that they wish they had. Most of them were for utilities like cleaning, cooling her genitals, generals reach, and an ability to look all the way around her, but there was an impressive list they gave Fuso for the more.., fun things. They recommended multiple rooms outfitted with the ability to make love and cuddle, those rooms with a camera that has some mobility within the room, the cooling veins to be exposed for the sex organs-this made them more effective, less likely to cramp up, and when they were pinched the organ heated pleasurably and ramped up the feeling. That last part intrigued Fuso and Yamato equally. So when Fuso was interrogated for any modifications she presented them with the ones she liked and some other personal things that she wanted. She wanted her four 12,7 cm mounts to be upgraded and her radar sweep to be improved and modernized, she said she would like her battery of 356 mm guns to be upgraded to Nagato’s 410 mm and her main battery fire control to be improved as well. She requested more usable and faster deploying life rafts and a whole reconstruction of her damage control and fire fighting systems. She demanded that her passageways and compartments be completely overhauled so it is easier to abandon her. She presented all that and the little things that Yamato and Nagato recommended.

She was later advised on all the things that passed the bosses and mostly everything she asked for was either already on the list or accepted. It was when work began she learned of the things that she was denied, the first thing she disliked was when her turrets were removed the central turret wells were also gutted and the surrounding areas also cut out. It was cut out because Japan decided that Fuso, and any other ships they raised of prior military service, were to be converted to accept the new Aegis system and be platforms for guided missiles. That was one of the things she protested, another thing was the overhaul and near removal of her pagoda style masts. All the platforms were removed and replaced with all sorts of radars, search, tracking, fixed, revolving, all new bells and whistles that overtook her iconic look and streamlined it into a more solid structure. Yamato said that she thought it looked good for Fuso, who was at the time getting her open bridge eyeglass replaced. Yamato described her new look to Fuso:

“So all the decks above your face are gone and it’s plated solid. It has hexagon panels, looks like four, that encircle it. There is also some jutting antenna like posts for sweeping dishes and radar, it looks like you will keep your rangefinder and the old radar was removed and they put a mast in its place with many cool looking rods and radars, new radios and such. It looks more like my tower, actually. You even have the swept arms at the top with an observation deck right below the rangefinder. I think you still look like a hot woman to me.” That made Fuso blush, she looked away and appeared to tend to the wounds she was healing naturally now that she was healthy. Soon Yamato announced that she was close to halfway through her pregnancy, and at the same time, Fuso was joined at last. Her innards were gutted and worked from there, installing all new propulsion systems and ventilation for the whole ship, new framework, piping, system control, and pump stations. Her central smokestack was rebuilt and in place of the searchlights were new Close-In Weapons Systems, designed to rip anything within a few miles a new asshole, her secondary battery of the 14 cm point guns in casements were all removed and covered over. Her four mounts of the five-inch guns were removed and in their place was a turret that was designed to be eventually outfitted to Yamato when she’s called upon, it didn’t look much different from the enclosed ones already on Yamato other than the fact that there is almost no manual input in the turret and the gunners’ optics are now cameras and fixed tracking radar points. While her inner compartments were being furnished and tweaked her weapons systems and navigational computers were set up, she was amazed at what she began to feel as everything was powered up. She had a new gyro stabilizer connected to the systems that told her where she was, her rocking and swaying. She felt everything hundreds of miles away, while her radar was tuning she felt birds, birds! She felt the forests, the cars, planes, ships, boats, oh she felt everything! She learned that the system she was using was built and developed by the Americans based on the systems they used during world war two, and now Fuso saw why she lost, why the navy lost. There was no way she could run, no way to hide, and with the accuracy of the guns, she understood why she didn’t stand a chance. She did notice that they weren’t precise in their shooting, and she’d eventually learn why. Her construction halted with two superfiring turrets forward and aft holding two 406 mm guns with a caliber of 50, the guns that the Americans were putting on their new battleships during the war, and her two old mounts amidships were gone and had instead two massive wells with hundreds of missile silos. She was excited, she wanted to sail out to sea and test her systems but knew she had to get everything aligned.

She did set sail and leave the Kure slips and Yamato, waving goodbye to her home and friend and set sail with a small skeleton crew to go to the naval base at Yokosuka where American techs will be to align and maintain her systems. The prospect of meeting Americans excited Fuso, she had all her upgrades placed and was hoping she could snag something fun to play with. It excited her, the thought of the taboo explorations chilled up and down her keel over and over. She noticed that she wasn’t overheating anymore and was much slicker, now all she wanted was some foreign meat to show her how they do it in the states. She soon arrived at Yokosuka and was entered against a pier surrounded by all new ships, all of them were so smooth and sharp! They looked nothing like what she had ever seen, only having one or two main battery guns and those guns were smaller caliber, she was staring in awe of these weapons of mass destruction. Hisashi told her like he did Yamato, he said every destroyer have more firepower than any battleship during the second world war. She was the most massive ship there and felt the smallest. She looked around and saw the two countries intermingled, Japanese colors amidst American colors and it made her feel unstoppable. She thought with America and Japan as allies they were giants and dared someone to step up and challenge them. She learned that recently Japan had earned their offensive arms back and was allowed to construct carriers and long-range missiles because up until then Japan had a non-aggression clause in their treaty that disarmed Japan of any munitions or weaponry used for mainly offensive purposes. That included battleships and carriers.

Very soon after being docked she switched crews where the arriving crew comprised of Japanese sailors and American sailors, she smiled and tingled everywhere very excited and yearning to have some fun. She felt them as they stepped aboard with their bags and gear and immediately started trying to scope out who she wanted to go for. She noticed rings on some fingers and dismissed them, she’s not a dirtbag and felt some were big and ripped, others were tall, short, broad, thin, all shapes and sizes. She felt some women in the mix as well, she was stunned to learn that women were serving in the navies, on ships as well. One of the men coming aboard felt very different, very, very strange. He was average size but much heavier, not big but certainly dense, She was drawn to him because of that and that alone, of course, there were certain traits she was still looking for. She had narrowed the list down where he had to be able to keep it a secret, look decent, be enthusiastic, and have a fun personality. She decided she wouldn’t settle on any of her clauses and hoped for more, however. She let them settle in and unpack before she did anything to test them.

Very soon after the original crew was all gone the new crew were instructed to acquaint themselves to the layout in the best way-cleaning the entire ship bow to stern. “Fucking shit” resounded throughout the crew as they grudgingly went off to go find something to clean. She listened in on conversations and gauged some personalities on them and how they interacted. She tried to see if anyone would ask the dense one about his condition but nobody did and they all seemed to notice nothing. She bounced around but kept drawing back to him for one reason or another. She picked up enough to know he worked hard and took pride in his work with good dedication. She began to like him, but had never seen him yet and hoped he was decent and that he could hold a secret. She noted that everyone started to wrap up their work and were relaxing, she hoped that she could see the dense one and talk to him. Just before people started changing in the berthing some higher-ups came around and rounded up a working party to make the decks clean, Fuso’s aft decks are lower in the water and her new power-plant is strong enough to slosh some water up and onto the lowest weather decks. So dense man and some of his friends rushed out to get it swabbed and done so they could relax. There were three of them that got only one mop cart with three mops for the job and they hurried out onto the deck listening to their humorous talk. “You’re gonna spill it!”

“No I’m not.” The dense one said.

“Could you not spill it on my pants, that’d be real nice.” The third one said, he was stout and had some water slosh onto his pant cuffs. They bicker until they reach the stern jack-staff and begin swabbing, they’re gathered around the one bucket churning and sloshing their mops around trying to soak them at the same time, making sloshing noises and the slurp of plunging as the sticks are shaken up and down. “I don’t think this is gonna work.”

“Yes it will, I saw it in a video on the internet once!” The dense one said, the three laughed at the comment.

“Fucking Christ.” The other one said, still dry and chuckling.

“It wasn’t Christ but close enough.” He retorted, compounding the laughter, Fuso got the joke at the first comment but the last one solidified it for her. She, too, laughed and giggled at the porn joke. She giggled and decided she was going to go for the dense man and find out if he’s dense in all the right places. She silently thought to herself in the back of her mind ‘jackpot!’

Fuso let them be while she figured out a way to meet him, how does she tell him she’s alive? How’d she do it the first time? Damn, can’t remember how. She had many difficulties thinking of how she did it in the first place, during her first cruise. She had forgotten how she was more accepted in the world and still feared an uproar. Right in the middle of her thought she lost track of everything and was surprised by slapping on her conning tower. She was shaken from her thought and she looked down and saw a man with a mug standing there looking right at her eye. “Hi!” She was completely stunned.

“Shit-uh, fuck!” She instantly spat out quietly, she was caught off guard, reeled onto her heels, it was the dense one talking to her! “Uh, hello there! Weren’t you just working-somewhere, uh, on the fantail?”

“Yes, but they dropped liberty and let us go. You’re still Fuso, right?”

“Y-Yes! I’m Fuso, so-uh, what’s liberty?”

“It’s basically free time. You speak English well, where did you learn?” She was stunned still, how did he know about her? What the fuck does he think of her? Is he single? He want sum fuk? What’s his name?

“Hold on, who are you?”

“Don’t try reading the name on my blouse, everybody else calls me a few things like Chad or Walter. I don’t really care what you call me. Probably’ve been called worse.”

“I’ll call you ‘Mitsuna Hito’ then.”

“Sure, I guess, so where did you learn English?”

“I learned it from Kongo way long ago. She was built in Britain and so she knew English. I had to help her with her Japanese.” He nodded understandingly.

“Makes sense, so how do you feel?” He was really upfront about talking to her, she was not ready for this. How’d he know she’s alive?

“So Mitsuna Hito how do you know I’m alive?”

‘They told us when we got our orders.”

‘Oh, that makes things easy.”

“Mm-Hm!” He was sipping his mug. His drink was dark like tea but it didn’t look right to her.

“What are you drinking?”

“Sweet tea, it’s good. Want some?” He offered her the mug, she accepted the offer and tried it. It was warm and as soon as she tasted it there was a gritty texture embedded into it and it was not the crisp bitter taste she expected. It shocked her and she spat some back out into the mug.

“THIS IS NOT TEA!” She proclaimed, thrusting it back into his hands. “That was disgusting! What’s in there!?”

“Tea with lot’s of sugar.” He was looking down into his mug, her saliva had mixed in and turned it darker brown like dark coffee. “And spit.”

“No, no, that is NOT tea! You don’t know what tea is, do you?”

“No I said it was sweet tea, woman, tea with sugar. I know what tea is.” He took a sip and nodded again. “Now I have sweet Fuso-spit tea.”

“I taste better than that junk!”

“Oh you wanna bet?” Immediately her loins started burning, she liked where this was going.

“Oh I’m sure of it, Mitsuna Hito, let’s bet.” He was drinking his strange drink still not sure what it tasted like. It was confusing.

“Bet what?” She thought about something before he could explain that nowadays it’s just an expression.

“If I taste better then, you tell me why you’re so different, why you’re denser for your size.” He was caught off guard and looked to his veins, he had very light skin and were clearly visible. His veins weren’t purple or blue, or even red, they were dark grey. All of them.

“You can feel that?” He whispered to himself, she heard. He shook his head guessing so and ran his hand through his thick and full auburn-red hair. “Uh, sure? I mean I would’ve told you if you asked but, whatever. And you? What if my tea tastes better?” The only thing she could think about was sex, how could she work herself into those pants?

“Well,” she stuck her tongue into her cheek bulging it, “what do you want?” She asked seductively with a little tongue flick across her lips. He sort of stared at it processing what she just did.

“Uh-huh, well,” he looked into his mug and swirled it, “I wanna go home but I don’t think you can do that.”

“No, no I can’t do that.” He nodded sadly and kept thinking.

“Well then if you don’t taste better then you tell me sea stories.”

“Alright, I was probably going to do that anyways.”

“Then we’re even! Great! Now I’ll get to asking around and proving you wrong now, nice meeting you!”

“W-Wait-!” She stopped him before he left with an arm. “What do people think of me?” He stopped, letting her hand hold his biscep firmly. He shook his head and shrugged.

“It’s a mixed bag, most of us are from other ships or have been waiting around for a ship. I got orders to you a long time ago and I’ve been hopping around other ships waiting for you to get here so I’m excited to finally be stable. I’m also very excited to be on a battleship, and one with quite the influence in history. But as for others, mostly happy to finally have our own ship, others are bored of it, many don’t really care, not too many negative complaints, but I dunno, you’ll just have to listen around. I’m pretty sure your Japanese sailors are honored to serve with you, wise and historical, a symbol of Japan, don’t worry too much about them.”

“So if I have a Japanese crew than why are you here, American?”

“Well, you have an American fire control system on you, and your Navy doesn’t have the crew with the job for it, so while they are trained we’ll be your crew. We are also here because you are being upgraded, not built off of the system, so we need to use our expertise to make sure you actually work.” He waited for her to let go of his arm but she didn’t. “So do you miss your midship guns?”

“I DOOOOO!” She whined and whimpered. He chuckled a bit.

“Don’t worry I miss guns, too, but you’ll soon fall in love with your missiles, big girl. I promise you that and I fulfil promises.” The prospect of making him fill dirty promises made her wet, very wet. She bit her lip and mesmerized herself in fantasy, rubbing his arm persuasively. The thoughts that ran through her mind made her ooze, made her moan, made her tremble, and made her body electrifying as Walter could feel through his thin sleeve. He was enjoying the touch more than he thought, it relaxed his body and made him feel drowsy and energetic at the same time in a nice blend. It ended up arousing him as it was probably intended to do, and as much as he would love to smash some Jap battleship vag he couldn’t.., yet. He grabbed her hand and suddenly couldn’t let go, she pulled him closer to her. He propped himself against the jutting superstructure base and enjoyed the nerve massage while she lived out her fantasy. She was bringing herself to the brink of orgasming by just thinking about sex, that is how dry she has been. She finished right before she came and broke off from her ride and brought herself together with heavy breathing and muttering to herself in Japanese. She felt him still in her grasp just slumped against the bulkhead and she blushed hard, feeling the heavy heat on her cheeks and felt hot and sweaty. She had just embarrassed herself-or had she? It seemed like he had fallen asleep. “Mitsuna Hito? You awake?”

He didn’t respond, he was limp but breathing steady, warm and alive to the touch. He obviously wasn’t dead. Her body and hormones were still in a sexual mood and she was getting more and more curious by the minute. She hadn’t felt a penis in decades! Her curiosity overwhelmed her mannerisms and she decided to sneak a poke or grope. A mischievous hand slithered its way from his arm to his calf, gently squeezing the thick muscle on the steely bone. His knees protruded proudly and firmly yet slid under her hand as it passed over. His thigh was exhilarating to her, she was almost there and it started getting warmer as she got closer to his crotch She could feel blood pulsing under his trousers as her senses heightened and her breathing grew faster as her hand crept towards his nether region. But just before she reached it, oh how close she was, he stirred and started moving about. She quickly yanked her hand away and back to where it belonged. He fumbled around and got up to check the time. “Have a good nap, Mitsuna Hito?”

“Yeah I did, you have fun beating the bean?”


“Flicking the bean?”

“What-what the hell is that?”

“Rubbing one out, masturbating. You enjoy it, perv?” Fuso blushed hard and showed through her new paint that she was embarrassed, she didn’t know what to say, why she did it at all, she was embarrassed. He chuckled when she blushed. “Ah! Don’t worry about it, I mean, there’s like, forty people in one small room for months on end, don’t think they don’t do it a few times? It happens.” She cooled off a little bit and giggled a little. “Just remember, when someone walks in on you masturbating, you gotta look ’em in the eye and finish.” She smiled jokingly and locked eye contact with him with her joking smirk. “Fuck. Aight, make it fast!” He put his hands on his hips, squared off, and stared into her eyes with a super-concentration face. They sat like this for a moment and they laughed it off, she didn’t do anything and he knew she wouldn’t. He started back to the door and she stopped him again.

“Hey, Mitsuna Hito, we had a little saying, too. It was the fish will always burn later, the hand is never wrong.”

“What does that have to do with anything? It doesn’t even-oh, well, Palmula Handerson is clean.” She laughed again.


“Palmula Handerson,” he held up his right hand and waved, “she’s always there, faithful, willing, tight, loose, she’s whatever you want her to be. She even has her own facebook!” He was chuckling by the last sentence. Fuso got it and laughed along.

“If, ok, if you have Palmula Handerson by your side, who do I have?”

“Paulm Fingerton, he’s from Flickensburg.” She laughed more, these names were so stupid yet hilarious. “Ok, well, I’m done. I need to go get some rest.” Walter headed inside to get some sleep, leaving Fuso to think about what had just happened. She felt ashamed of herself and disciplined herself not to do that again. She tried to figure out what made her go off the rails so much that she masturbated right in front of him and went for his genitals while he was asleep. That was wrong of her. She figured that she probably should get off or be gotten off before she does something really wrong. Only a few hours pass before nightfall and around then is when Walter wakes up, instantly Fuso talks to him in his head.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Wow.” He responded instantly.

“Don’t worry, you’re not crazy it’s me, Fuso. I can talk to you through your thought.”

“No, I know that, but wow, right off the bat. No easing into it, no warning, just boom! That’s how it is?”

“Yeah, yeah that’s how it is. Wasn’t it obvious?”

“Eeeh, nah.” He sarcastically retorted, “not obvious enough. Next time you should work on it.”

“Sure thing, so,” Her face turned into a naughty grin while she asked him the question, “uh, now that’s it’s dark out and you’re rested, you wanna do that taste test now?”

“I haven’t asked anybody yet, and besides I got shit to do in the morning, I gotta sleep some more while I can.” She knew him fumbling around was either because he couldn’t fall asleep again, or she had aroused him. “Fuck. I can’t sleep now.”

“Oh come on then! I’m sure I’ll tire you out! I promise you!”

“Oh really?” Suddenly she realized that this is what was making her so abnormal, this teasing build up. If she was going to get fucked then she’s all for it right now, but if not then this could be very bad.

“Walter I need to know something, this is serious to me.”

“Oh shit, what?”

“Are we actually doing this?”


“Are we fucking?”

“Oh, no, not tonight.”

“Not tonight?”

“No, not tonight.” Her hopes were crushed a little, but he did say tonight.

“So if we aren’t doing anything could you not tease or play like that?”

“Yeah, sure. I won’t do it no more.”

“But you would do it? You said not tonight, not never.”

“Yeah, not tonight. But later? Possibly.”

“That’s all I needed.”

“Can I sleep now?”

“Yes.” There was a pause as he laid there staring at the bulkhead. “Need a lullaby?”

“Yes please.”

“Too bad.”


She left him to sleep and wondered if he could be moved to one of her private rooms. She really liked where things were going between them and didn’t want to wait for things to get intimate before moving him. She did genuinely like him, he was pretty funny and not afraid to speak his mind, something Fuso aspired to be normal, not just situationally. She tried to figure out herself where she stands in the chain of command but couldn’t think of a good spot. The next morning she woke up Walter and asked him who she should talk to about her position. He said she probably would answer to either the Captain, the XO, or the CMC, those were her three options. She agreed to that and when the Captain was rung aboard that morning she followed him into his cabin and asked him herself. “Excuse me, sir, do you have a minute?”

“Fuso, right?”

“Yes, sir.” He looked at his watch and in a little black notebook.

“Yes I have time, what do you need?”

“I have a few questions, sir. I’ll start with the simple one, where do I fall in the command chain?” He sat down at his desk to think about that one, he ran down the list with her.

“Alright, well you are the ship, you were commissioned ceremoniously, so you’re an officer. You don’t run any divisions or workshops, not in charge of a field, yet, control them..,” he put some effort in his thoughts, now, “uh, so you could be right next to the XO. Influential but not overriding her. For now, you’re next to the XO. I’ll shoot that question higher up, big Navy might want to answer that. Anything else, Fuso?”

“Yes, so if I wanted to move someone from their berthing to somewhere else could I?”

“Well, what’s the reason? If it’s because there’s a problem with them being there we can do that, is there a problem among them?”

“No, sir, more the opposite. I want to move someone to one of my private rooms.” The captain thought about what this meant.

“So, this is because of a relationship, then?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And they are in berthing, not a stateroom?”

“Yes, sir.”

“So they’re enlisted?” She didn’t seem to know what that meant. “Enlisted as in they aren’t an officer?” She quickly jumped over to Walter.

“Mitsuna Hito, are you an officer?”

“What? Uh, no.”

“Thanks.” She went back to the captain. “No, sir, he’s not an officer.” The commanding officer groaned with frustration.

“So I wouldn’t have an issue with it if his chain were fine with it, and if it wouldn’t negatively affect his performance. I know you can’t really go out to town and find anyone, so I won’t stop it, but there’s strong policy against fraternization. Basically officers can’t have an intimate relationship with any enlisted, unless it is prior service or commission. Say, if you were enlisted, then became an officer, as long as you both were recognized officially as a couple than it’d be fine, but you’ve been commissioned longer than he’s been alive.” He thought about how creepy that age gap was, left a sour taste in his mouth. “Realistically, it happens and it’s not as enforced as long as the two are not in the same command, which for you is unavoidable, that would probably ruin your love life if it was enforced on you.” He thought long about it, Fuso was sweating right now, she was hoping that her interest wouldn’t be cut off. “Alright well I’m hesitant about it. I’m going to ask the admiral about it, you go ahead and shoot it up his command, to see if they would speak out about it. If his divo or chief isn’t happy with it, then it technically ends there before I can even hear about it. Nothing I can do there.”

“But sir, you’re the captain, he’s under your orders.”

“Yes, they are, but unless I’m informed about it and it needs to be done or is something of an issue, it doesn’t really concern me.” He got up to leave but closed the door before he left for one last comment. “But say if you can’t move his rack there I don’t think anyone would mind if he, say, slipped away for an hour or two on the downtime.”

“Thank you, sir!” She left him to go do his business. She snapped back over to Walter and asked him who his chain of command was and where she could find them. He answered one at a time and once Fuso had tracked them down and gotten through the initial contact she proposed the question. Overwhelmingly the chain agreed that it either didn’t matter to them as long as he showed up to work, and his Chief said he’d like it a lot if he knew where to find Walter at any time. The Chief asked if he could ask Fuso where he was at any time, she agreed readily. She conveyed her excitement to Walter and also warned him of her apprehension, if the Captain didn’t get a good word back then he couldn’t move.

In the meantime, however, he proved to her why the Chief regarded him so well, he worked hard on his gear, the CIWS, affectionately known as Sea-Whiz, but laughably known as ‘The Bastard Son of R2-D2 and an A-10 Warthog.’ Walter regularly says that he has anger-management issues and daddy problems. Another name she’s heard is R2 with a hard-on. But being the Bastard Son entertains her more.

The Captain did eventually get a report back saying that it was fine for Walter to be moved and it solidified where ships like Fuso are on the totem pole Essentially she acts like a chaplain, she is a knowledge pool that can be referenced by anyone who needs it, and can speak to any crewman, officer or enlisted, in confidence. One note also instructed that affairs, even intimate, between ship and crewman, are not frowned upon and encouraged. Big Navy understood that her choices of flings or spouses are pretty limited, and agree that she should be free to engage in an intimate relationship with whomever as long as they can operate in a professional manner at any given time. Fuso assured the Captain that she can abide by the rules and pleaded that the Captain move him to the room. He was fine with it, but the last person that needed to give her the go-ahead was the Executive Officer, and he wanted to inspect and investigate first.

“This is the room?” The XO had just opened the compartment door and was surprised at how small the room was. Fuso had to tell him why it was special, why she wanted it to move Walter there, and where it was. She did not tell him anything else about it. “This isn’t a room, this is a big closet.” He stepped into the room and with one glance left and right saw everything in the room. The room was barely long enough for the built-in bed frame on top of two lockers on his left, at six-foot-three the man’s hair was grazing the overhead, and on the right was a shallow closet-style locker. The room was painted, surprisingly, but it was a drab and dreary grey. There were a red light and a white light in a fixture above the bed, and that was really just about it. There weren’t any pipes in the compartment that wasn’t for Fuso’s use but with a compartment so small really only that could fit-and barely. The XO finished his tour of the space rather quickly, and for the rest of the time he allotted he talked to Walter, and told him what he wanted to see every morning during inspections. He understood what the room was for and knew what would probably happen to the white sheets, so he said to Walter to double up on the linen and to change it to a clean set every morning. Walter abides by what the XO said to the letter and moved all his personal items to the room. Fuso was very excited.

The room was on deck one, that’s one ladder down from the main deck, the weatherdeck, and was right next to the conning tower. His room did not have an adjacent head like most other berthings so he had to navigate his way back into his old berthing, which his division was responsible for and still had to clean daily, to shower. If he wanted to relieve himself he could go up a few decks to another head where it was just a toiletry. He made everything up nice and tidy and got all his things placed as instructed and relaxed. The workday had ended and his maintenance was done, he’d been released on liberty, and decided to break in the mattress and talk more to Fuso. She talked about how excited she was that they had a little room to be alone together in, but her excitement worried Walter, they had grown pretty fond of each other as friends, but he had to break some news to her.

“Fuso, I can’t remember if I told you or not, but we only sign up for four or six years, I signed up for six.”

“So? That’s how it was in my day.”

“I’m hitting four right now.”

“Oh.” She realised what he was getting at. “Well, you can enlist again, right?”

“Yeah, but.., I was only put here, aboard you, for two years. We’re just here to make sure the guns systems from America work right. Then we go back to America. Not only that, but if I re-up, I’ll be going to another ship. More likely a shore command.” Fuso’s excitement was crushed. “You’re really fun to hang out with, I’d love to stay, but my whole family is in America, and I’d like to at least have my wife there.” When he said he wanted his wife in America it warmed her heart and shriveled it up, he had thought about staying with her in a real relationship, but knew it couldn’t be.

“Oh.” She was really sad, now.

“Hey, hey, gimme a hand here.” She reached down and he held it in his, “I’ve still got two years here! We can still do things, maybe it’ll help us with nabbing something better. Get us into the market again. Just don’t let things go too far. Sound good? Besides, you’ll always have me if you can take leave to America, and I’ll have you here if I get stationed here for shore duty, or just to visit.” She felt a little better as he caressed her hand.

“Two years is a while.” She began to get excited again, might as well start things off quick if it won’t be too long-lasting. “You wanna really break in the bed?” He thought about it as more arms and hands came down to massage his body and try seducing him.

“Well, not yet, Fuso. I still want to get to know you more before anything happens. I want you to get a really great vibe out of it. You will not be sorry, babe.” Babe? He just say babe? She was really excited about that, she nearly forgot about the whole talk that just happened because he said babe. He got up, got dressed while she slipped some looks at his nether regions to excite her sex. He was generally pale, fair skinned, and had thick auburn hair. He dressed in civies and said he was going out to town. He left and about two hours later he returned with a backpack full of goodies. There were some non-perishables, paper and pens, and some electronics. Walter was very excited, he pulled out all the electronics and started setting it up, a lot of stuff was from the mail. She watched him set everything up in a frenzy and she couldn’t help but feel so lost about what she was looking at. Once it was all set up he asked her for her coupling tendril, she shifted her vaginal tendril but he stopped her, so she brought down her second thickest tendril. This tendril contained various probes that were used to link her consciousness with his, or anyone else’s, and he held it tightly and told her that what he was about to do may be uncomfortable. He linked alligator clips with lables on the cables attached to probes on her tendril, and it was a pinching pain at first, but once they were all on he turned on a black box and the pain was gone, she was entranced in a whole new feeling.

“Now Fuso, what you are going to feel is very, very alien. You are being connected to the internet, through this game console, and it is going to be very weird and you will eventually be able to control it all yourself, but right now let me do it all.”

“Oh-okay….” She let him turn on a display and a hand-held remote and watched as things came up into her mind and sight. It was like an out of body experience, she saw a menu and movies in little squares here and there, in a background was a little blue woman glowing and standing on a pillar while a giant machine man in green and orange reached out to her. There was a square in front of it that had a title on it and that must have been selected because it looked like it had been pushed and a tone sounded as the screen blacked out. “So that was the game menu, Fuso, I could do a lot from there but I’m picking this game to play.”


“Remember when you asked why I’m so dense? Well, you’re about to meet mom. She did it to me.”

“She’s in a game?!” Fuso was mind blown.

“No, she plays this game, I got her to play it. She likes it, ironically, she’s awesome playing as infantry, but as a vehicle, she can’t do anything. She sucks with tanks and trucks.” Fuso didn’t understand. “She can play with us basically like how two people can talk on a phone, and it’s called the internet. It allows many people to join together from all over the world.” He went on explaining more about it as the loading screen and cinematic played through her mind in that trippy fashion. Once everything had loaded the menu displayed and he explained to her how to use the menu while hooked up to it. “So you see that option, Server Browser?”


“I want you to reach for it like you want it, just want it and go for it, will for it.” She did, she wanted it, she willed for it, and it selected. She was amazed at it.

“You do something?”

“Nope.” She wanted to see him and she saw him through the camera she had in the room, his remote was in his lap as he sat on the bed, arms crossed just watching his display. Her mind went back to the game. “Now do the same for favorites.” She did and again her will brought it to her, she was starting to like this. He had her go through the options and told her to go for the option labled ‘Hellbroom4_METRO_24/7’ and congratulated her on getting into her first server all by herself. She felt proud and blushed. In another menu, she was given four options and she chose the one labeled ‘ASSAULT’ and suddenly she was in a tunnel flooded a few inches with rubble and shoring all over it. She heard strapping sounds and suddenly human arms pulled up a gun with a scope on it. She freaked out.

“GAH! What’s happening!?” She heard more strapping sounds behind her and another human walked out in front of her and looked at her. It looked like some of the soldiers that were guarding her during her rebuild.

“Hey, Fuso! It’s alright.”

“Is that you?!”

“Yeah.” She was looking at the top of his helmet as he walked into her, his long gun disappeared at his side and a pistol came up with his arms. You’re an avatar right now, a human avatar.

“What does that mean?”

“Well you aren’t you in the game, you’re a person. That flickering line in the bottom right of your vision is your health.” She confirmed as she glanced in the direction. He proceeded to tell her what all the UI and HUD elements were on her ‘screen’ and what they meant to her. Next he explained to her that unlike him she could somewhat feel what her body was doing, and as he worked her through her new digital body she began to look around, move around, and interact with the game. She felt her actual body ghosting around her, it felt similar to wearing a Halloween costume and toting it around everywhere. For a short time it made Fuso’s mind ache and uneasy, but the longer she messed around with her digital form the better she felt. They messed around for about thirty minutes and Walter was now teaching Fuso how to aim and use her gun, she was really not a fan of direct lines of fire, she had never ever done that and pointing the gun right at the target was alien to her. When she was working on her shot group she heard more strapping behind her and felt the presence of another person.

“What? Who is that?!” She was uncomfortable and was nervous, and felt like she was going to be shot.

“Fuso this is Mom, Mom, my ship, Fuso.” There was brief interaction between them, they exchanged names and some of their history, forming a relationship between them. The three of them talked and Marion, Mom, gave some tips to Fuso about how to use her avatar, it had been done to her before. Fuso asked if she was using it now, but not, Marion was using a set up like Walter. About this time Walter got up to go eat chow, leaving Marion and Fuso in the game together,

“So how has he been?” Marion asked.

“He’s fine. He does his job well.”

“It’s just us here, how’s he really been?” Oh.

“I’ve been trying really hard to get him but I haven’t gotten anything! It’s frustrating, I didn’t think it’d be this hard to get laid.” Marion was giggling a little bit.

“He is reserved, real reserved.”

“Like shit, just stick it in, please!” Fuso seized up, was she really talking about this with his mother? “Why do you ask? Isn’t it, isn’t it just disturbing to ask that? About your kid?”

“Well he’s not actually my kid.” What?

“What do you mean by that? Explain.”

“I didn’t give birth to him, I was, god-mothered into it, so to say. I still mother him but it’s more adult guidance than anything. He was already pretty grown by the time we took him in.”

“So why is he so dense? Why is he changed?”

“So about that, he loves to play a game called airsoft, basically they run around with toy guns and shoot each other with small plastic balls; they don’t hurt much it’s just a sting, anyways he was playing airsoft one day and my husband went to go talk to him about something, I think it was about the car, and they’re standing out on the field and they see a massive deer out against the treeline. I was coming out to look at my garden and I saw them there. The deer bolts off suddenly and he collapses, folds up with a massive cloud of blood spurting from his outfit. A poacher had missed the deer and hit him just below the sternum. What happens next is a blur, I know that I was right next to him and changing him to try to save him, it’s all I thought about doing, instinct, while my husband was trying to tend to his shot wound. I have been through a lot in my time serving, but that was one of the scariest moments of my life.” Fuso didn’t know what to say, she was stunned, shocked. “Unlike my husband he didn’t scream in pain when I converted him, he was already gone.”

“So, how’s he here?”

“He had died but we revived him, one of his friends used my battery to jump-start him. It’s a miracle he’s alive. He still has a bullet in his body somewhere and that scar on his chest.”

“God damn.” She was silent, she wondered about Yamato, she died, she thought about what would happen to herself if she had died. Would she have been raised? Or just forgotten to time?

“So is he just not into you or something? What’s the deal?”

“He’s into me, he says he wants to do it right for me, but I don’t care. I just want it bad.” They moved on to talk about their wants and what it does to their sexual parts but cut it off when Walter came back. A game had started by then and it wasn’t just sitting in the server waiting for more players like it was earlier. Fuso went through an embarrassing baptism by game gunfire where she was a horrible noob.

She felt defeated at the end of the night, she felt that she was holding them back. Walter tried to tell her while she sucked she was getting better. It didn’t comfort her too much, she used it to try and get some dick as her ‘comfort food’ and make her feel better, but Walter said ‘not yet’ and he’d make it up to her eventually. They settled down for the night and slept away. She dreamt of getting some from him, but it transitioned into the story his mom told her, she had an eerie deja vu feeling with it.

They got underway the next week, and while Fuso was sailing through the Philippines sea Walter seemed very frustrated on his watch. His system had been very troublesome, Supply was being unhelpful, and two other technicians in his work center weren’t even aboard, one got pregnant and the other busted his leg so bad he was quarantined to the hospital. He was in the work center, blue lit at the time, and he was sitting at the monitoring console staring at nothing making sure it didn’t break, again, and he was quite agitated. Fuso was playing with a little trinket she found lying about. She had given up on trying to get some from him, she’ll just have to wait some more.

“Hey Fuso, hows it like out there?” He asked through his head.

“It’s pretty nice, the seas are calm, the wind’s calm, and it’s nice and warm out. Fancy a stargaze?”

“Nah, I think I’d rather gaze at something else.” Oh?

“T-There’s not much else to look at.” She giggled a bit. “What did you have in mind?”

“Ah, something special, something beautiful, something that needs a good polishing.”

“Oh really? And how are you going to polish that thing? That oh-so special thing?”

“Like I polish anything else. I get a good slick coating on it and I rub it carefully, making sure to get every spot, all over, until it glistens in the faintest of lights. Along every edge, face, crevice, and protrusion.”

“That sounds like something im supposed to do, I always thought I was supposed to polish something proud, big, strong. I want to polish something hefty.”

“Sounds fun, hey, I’ve got an idea-“

“Let me hear it.”

“How about we polish them at the same time? With each other?”

“I don’t know, that sounds efficient, you aren’t part of command are you?”

“Oh no, but for you, baby, I can be.” By this time both were very aroused, and Fuso was nearly bursting at her welds with glee. Her ports instantly started oozing with excitement. As his watch came to an end and he was replaced Fuso was barely able to contain herself. She had been fighting with herself to restrain from touching herself so that all her lost could be released by another. He wove through the empty passages, lit only by red lights and the pearlescent glow of reflective tapes. Each step he took built up in Fuso and resounded through her hull like ripples on a lake, and when his hand grabbed the door leading outside, the door next to the conning tower, where her port that needed all that polishing was placed, she was biting her lip in anticipation. She was practically shaking with nervous excitement. She had opened her armor up to expose her port and when Walter saw the dripping ooze his lust grew, it shone in the moonlight, showing off a silver-blue sheen that stimulated him. He approached her port rapidly, but hesitated, he didn’t know where to take this, how to proceed, he had insecurities. Fuso felt this resounding awkwardness in him, she helped him by gently wrapping around him a little, and moving him closer to her, placing him beside her port against her tower. Her armored body was warm to the touch, making her body much more appealing than the crisp, cold air. Her looming gun turret shielded them from the punishing wind and imposed a sense of surrounding into him. It comforted him, and her gentle caressing and sweet whispers to him encouraged him to love back, so he did. He placed his middle and ring fingers into her slit, softly spreading apart the lips exposing the sensitive clit and vulva underneath. To her moaning pleasure, he softly skirted his fingers around the lips, making slow, small circles along the way as if he was polishing it, this made her arms around him quiver, tighten, and grab at his genitals. Her breathing grew faster as he kept going, and her vagina, too, began to quiver and contract. More and more of her slick juice gushed out as her moaning pace increased and pitch rise. Suddenly she locked up and exclaimed as a jet of her cum squirt out through his fingers, her arms seized on Walter and her hull actually shook as the orgasm hit her like a freight train. Her vision had gone and her mouth was drooling, the squirt reached out halfway between the towers of the turret and her bridge, and her vulva had sucked Walter’s hand in and the lips held it in place. As her vision came back to her all blurry and the tingly sensation zapped up and down her hull she massaged Walter and giggled with glee. It was her first orgasm in over 50 years. While she was recovering from blacking out Walter pulled his hand out and sucked the juice off of his fingers, lapping it all off his hand.

“Mmm, I wonder?” He moved in front of her slit and knelt down before she could even recognize it his face was buried in her pussy and he was already licking and lapping and drinking her. Her eyes rolled back and she began drooling more, his ferocious lust and dirty desires had her brain dead like a zombie, her pussy used all its free range of motion to grind against his face as he ate it like an animal. He quickly pulled back and licked some off his nose. “Oh yeah, way better without the tea!”

“Fuck yeah! Drink up Mitsuna Hito!” She pushed him back in and resumed her zombified bliss. Her hand had finally gotten through his clothes and she started playing with his cock and balls, through the bliss she could only think about how hard his cock was, how she’d tighten up for it, how fucking big he’d feel, and about all the cum she was going to fill her creampie with. His vigorous work was very obviously one of passion and he brought her to her climax quickly and efficiently. Thankfully her explosion wasn’t as powerful as her first because this time Walter’s face was pressed against it, it squeezed some past the edges of his face but most of it painted his face and flowed out under his chin. By the time they had recovered his clothes were off and he’d gotten up to insert himself into her. “Oh fuck me good, Hito! Give it to me already!”

He slipped in easily and quickly. His eyes were closed as he pictured the look on her face, cues of her satisfaction came from her moans, gasps, and the feedback from her hands. He pictured her of how she looked in 1944, covered in guns and protection. He leaned against her conning tower, pressing his body against hers and pulled out slowly. He started getting a rhythm going and tired his best to keep his endurance but his dry spell was too long, in about a minute or two he couldn’t hold it off any longer. Although during those precious minutes he relished inside her, her plush, hot walls gently massaged his cock ad left it covered in its thick, slick, juice, while gentle quivers and contortions would grip him giving a short buzz of extra pleasure. Every time he would penetrate deep it got tight around his head and firm at the base of the helmet on the underside, which assisted in bringing him even closer to cumming right where it felt best. While he’d pull out a little suction tugged on him and forced her vagina to hold him back, as if calling him back inside again. When his climax did arrive it knocked him against her, he pushed his cock as deep inside as he could, right back into that marvelous hold, right up against her tower, and spilled his balls out into her depths. She withered in delight as she felt his semen pour out into her pussy. A wide smile stretched across her face and she was all warm and fuzzy on the inside-not just where his cum was, she felt worthy, sexy, and confident about herself again. She was still a good cock masseuse. She held Walter up against her body, running a hand through his hair and ruffing it up. Neither of them heard the other moaning their names, but it still encouraged them to keep going. The first thing said, and heard, was by Fuso; “I had fun, my little Mitsuna Hito, I enjoyed that.”

“Gah-uh!” He groaned happily, his doubts were put to rest with that. He wanted to make sure she got off and enjoyed the sex, he just wishes he lasted longer. “Yay, maybe next time I’ll last more than three pumps, huh?” She giggled a little and whisked him up to her lips on her conning tower. She forced him to kiss her, in a lopsided make out session where Walter was confused (French kissing isn’t common practice in Japanese culture) and the taboo rush excited Fuso. Once she was done making out she licked his junk from bottom to top, making sure to sneak her tongue under it all.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll get your sack time up.” She then hugged him again and put him down. While he dressed he asked her to change the bedsheets to the ‘dirty’ set, and she did because he was a mess of fluids, but didn’t expect anything else. Instead, he got in the room, changed pulled her thick love tendril down and cuddled it, inserting his half erect cock into the slit along the side while he kissed the slit on the end of it. This got Fuso whimpering and wet again.

“Alright, Fuso,” he whispered to her softly, “load me up.” Carefully she reached between his shoulder blades and inserted her connectors into the nervous system, carrying him into her mind again. There she was floating and he was in front of her hull, her size, he moved and leaned in from her port side and kissed her on the lips again. “Fuso, go back to your forty-four look.” She was still confused somewhat, she didn’t know what he was doing, why he was that big, or why he wanted her world war look, but she complied. Without even noticing she went from her modern day appearance to how she looked a month before she sank. AA gun mounts everywhere, sandbags all along the railings and blast shields, extra boats and cables were strewn about, and gone were the missile pods, the new radar-guided weapons, the new paint, all restored to September of 1944. He smiled to her and she had just then noticed that she was looking at him through her observation bridge face, the one she clawed off, the one she hasn’t used since. He moved in and kissed her more, embracing her hull in his arms. “You look much better, baby.” Suddenly she was flipped on her side and he was rubbing her hull vagina with his cock head. Although on her side everything stayed in place, an alien feeling to her. The more he rubbed the more flush her face got, twisting into a pleasured zombie face again. She felt him grab her deck and thrust his cock into her, she whimpered and gasped as he penetrated deep. She could tell it wasn’t real, but damn did it feel good! As he started pumping in and out she could feel more vigor from him as he wasn’t tired after a long day or low on endurance. His only limits were set by his lust, how much did he want it? They were finding out the fun way. Her whimpering lengthened and her hull flexed with his smooth motions, he moaned back as she gripped him exactly how she did earlier. He suddenly picked up his pace and fucked her hard until she was screaming at him enthralled in ecstasy. She bore arms to wrap around his back as he smacked his crotch against her double bottom hull, creating stimulating suction on him that made her tighter and flex on him more. He certainly lasted much, much longer with this form. He lasted just long enough to vaginally climax her, she bellowed as she thrusted her hull into him while the orgasm hit her. Her motions broke his composure and he, too, came, pressing her hull against his crotch as he relaxed into her. The simulation that their minds catered couldn’t recreate the cum they spilled, but nonetheless, it was still enjoyable, just not as enjoyable as their real sex could be. She thought that he’d wrap up here, she was panting and trying to catch her breath, but he aligned his body with hers and wrapped his arms around her hull again in an embrace and wrapped his legs around her stern. He gently kissed her belly, the keel section underneath the forward most turret, with his arms just behind her forward conning tower and over her third turret’s guns, and his legs wrapped around the stern deck on the fantail. She just now felt how big he’d pictured himself to make her feel best. Feeling this small in comparison was strange and offsetting, but she quickly warmed up to the feeling and enjoyed it. She felt safe, happy, and loved. She wrapped her own arms from her hull around him, and they intimately made soft love in this lucid dreamworld they shared. They whispered their love to each other as he made his cock throb and pulse while she convulsed and stroked it internally.

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Hansel and Marion: Marion’s Away

Hansel hung his apron on the coat hanger, put the bow tie in the pocket, and then took off his shoes. He walked into the main room and looked around, Marion still wasn’t back yet. He looked at the watch and decided he’ll put on dinner. He checked the fridge and pantry for food to cook with, it was a lot of vegetables and fruits from the garden and some slabs of meat. He thought he might make some corn beef stew with some mashed potatoes but couldn’t find any corn. He groaned in defeat, he really liked corn. He was wondering what was in the ice chest when the phone rang.
“Hello, Walter residence, Hansel speaking.”
“Hey honey, I’m still at Porsche’s place. It’s pouring here, I don’t think I can get home tonight, honey. I’m sorry.”
“Nah it’s fine, just stay safe, baby, I’ve got it tonight.”
“Okay, call me if you need anything.”
“Oh don’t worry we’ll be fine.”
“Do you need help with cooking? Make sure that the kids clean up, and uh-“
“Marion we’ll be fine, relax, we’re going to be having a good time. Don’t fret it, I love you.”
“Oh, I love you, too, Hansel! Good night!”
“Goodnight, baby.” He hung up and turned on the range to heat some water. As he’s chopping up the vegetables for the stew Hannah comes out.
“Dad, is mom still gone?”
“Yes, Hannah, mom’s still out. She won’t be home until tomorrow.”
“Why? Where did she go?” She asked emotionally, Marion was never gone for this long, Hannah was scared.
“Mom is at Aunt Porsche’s house. She just wanted to spend some time with her sister, that’s all. Don’t you ever want to spend time with your brother?”
“No!” She said sternly, “He takes my dolls! He doesn’t share my dolls! And he’s mean to them! Next time can mommy take him, too?” Hansel laughed.
“No, no, come on? He’s not that bad, they’re just toys to him, little action figures!”
“Barbie’s not an action figure! He has his own action figures!”
“He just wants to play with his sister is all.”
“He doesn’t play right. He’s bad at playing.”
“Hannah you can’t be bad at playing, that’s nonsense.”
“He is bad! Barbie likes dresses, and to do her hair, and to go out to town with her friends, and to be a princess, all Tyler does is smash them together in a fight! That’s not how you play Barbie.”
“Hannah he isn’t playing Barbie, he likes wrestling, and fighting!”
“That’s dumb.”
“Hannah it’s not dumb.”
“I think it’s dumb.”
“Hannah it’s not that different from playing army, you like playing army.” She searched for something to say.
“Army’s different.”
“Sure Hannah, whatever you say.” Hannah looked over the counter to see a bowl Hansel was using to mix his ingredients and got excited.
“Oooh! Can I crack open eggs? Mom lets me crack open eggs! Pllllleeeeeeaaaaaase can I crack open some eggs, daddy?”
“Sorry, sweetie, but I don’t need eggs to make dinner.” Hannah was saddened by that, visibly distraught. “Tell you what, after dinner, we can make some cookies.”
“Cookies!” Her face lit up and she bounced with excitement. “How long until dinner time? I want to make some cookies!”
“Maybe half an hour, then we can eat. What’s your brother doing?”
“Cookies!” She screamed and bolted off to her room. Tyler came out because he heard someone scream out ‘cookies’ and that grabbed his interest.
“Not yet, Tyler. After dinner, we’ll make cookies.”
“Okay.” He plopped down in the doorway to his room. The kids’ bedrooms were side by side, and in the corner of the house was the master bedroom. Exiting the master room the two kids rooms were on the right side, First was Hannah’s room, then Tyler’s room, then the main space and across from the bedrooms were the dining space and kitchen space. Next to the kitchen space and the main space was the human house built into the old hanger. It didn’t see much use other than storage and Hansel’s entrance. Hansel was the only one that regularly needed a bathroom, Hannah and Tyler didn’t inherit a digestive track, but did inherit their mother’s fuel lines and digestive system. So like their mother any fuel or food was broken down and burned up to grow or heal or energize them, the waste was expelled as their breath or exhaust if their engines were on. How their bodies used and produced energy was still not understood, all Hansel and Marion needed to know is that their kids needed to eat to grow. And eat they did.
Hansel wrapped up cooking and had the kids help him set the table, while they ate Hansel talked to them about what they were doing for the night, after they made cookies, of course. They didn’t have anything to do, it was pouring outside and their chores were done so they were just going to play with toys in their rooms. Hansel suggested something different.
“How about we camp out in the main space?” The kids looked at him funny. “We lay out there under blankets and tell stories?” They seemed to be getting around to the idea. “We eat our cookies in our tent and tell old stories, come on! It’ll be fun!”
“Okay, can we make cookies now?” Hannah asked.
“Not yet, you still have to finish your potatoes.”
“They aren’t like mom’s.”
“I know I’m not as good as her, but you still have to eat them. No cookies until you finish your potatoes.” She groaned as she stuffed a big chunk of potatoes in her mouth.
“Here,” Hansel said as he reached over and poured some stew over the potatoes on her plate, “mix them in with this, yeah,” he took her spoon and mashed it all together, “just like that! There! Now it’s better, that’s how Tyler ate his, and it’s all gone!” She took another spoonful of the mix and reacted better to it. Tyler had made a mess as he always does, no matter what food it is he’s mixing it together and eating it as fast as he can. Hannah likes to take her time, like Marion, and eat things as they are, Hansel’s the middle ground, some things he eats alone, others he’s always mixing. Soon dinner was over and Hansel has them wrap up their chores by doing the dishes while he brought out all the stuff for cookies. Hannah was very excited and instantly got to it, she had memorized everything she and Marion would do to make them and started telling Tyler to fetch this bowl, that spoon, this tray, which he had no clue what she meant. Hansel has the book open for cookies and was helping Tyler find his way around the kitchen. Hansel did almost nothing, Hannah was very good with her hands, Tyler was, well, good at grabbing things. Hansel just had to turn the oven on and set the timer.
“How long do we have to wait for the cookies?” Tyler asked.
“Fifteen minutes, then they have to cool.”
“Wow Hannah, you’re really good at this, what else do you know?”
“Not much, mom and I always make the cookies together, it’s the only thing I know by heart.”
“Alright so while these are cooking you two go get the BIGGEST blankets you can find! Oh and pillows and lamps, too!” They raced off to their rooms and to various closets to fetch the things asked of them. Hansel checked on the cookies and used the spatula to get them off the tray and onto a plate. The kids returned to the main space with blankets and mounds of pillows on their decks and Tyler had his old nightlight lamp that put stars and moons up on the walls and ceiling. Hansel got them in the biggest open space, right in front of the hanger doors, and showed them how to tie all the blankets together, and helped them throw the cover over them. The two kids raised their guns high to create an open space in the middle, and Hansel day in front of them to form a triangle. He passed around the cookies, which were very tasty, and told them all the original fairy tales, the ones with dark and twisted endings. They were a stark contrast and a shock to the children, who’ve been read the kinder ones, with happy endings. When Hansel began the first fairy tale the kids were disinterested, but when the story wasn’t going where they thought it was their attention honed in, and Hansel has grabbed it for the rest of the night! Against howling wind and heavy rain that added a layer of depth and synergy with his storytelling, Hannah and Tyler were invested in these stories, and they hung on to every word until the very last, when Hansel has run through every fairy tale he knew, which was a lot, and to his kids requests he told them some stories from his childhood. He told them about stealing some trinkets, selling them off, sometimes to the very people he stole them from. He told them how he bartered for his first car and explained how he smuggled himself into a flight school to learn how to fly and make good money for his family, at the time his father was crippled and couldn’t work. He relived a lot of good memories with them, and when he looked at the time he realized it was Saturday, at about 2:30 in the morning and the kids were very tired. He fluffed their pillows and put them to sleep right there in the tent, put the cookies out for Marion when she gets back, and made himself a little bed right in front of his kids under the blankets.
The next morning when the roads had dried up Marion hurried home, expecting something to be broken, on fire, or the kids at each other’s turret rings. When she opened the main doors, however, she was pleasantly surprised and overcome with relief. The door opening was loud enough to get Hansel up and he greeted her with a big grin on his face, full of pride in himself.
“Good Morning, Baby, we made you some cookies!”

Happy 2019! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mainly because I’m lazy. :/ Oh well, I hope you enjoy this little exert. I’ll probably do a few more of these little things, they aren’t really important to the main story, just little bits that go into the life of the family. I liked writing it, and I hope you enjoyed it, too.
So because of some memes I got attached to Bruno Mars’s Treasure’s instrumental, I like it more than the original song to be honest. It’s just a nice little jam I put on to chill out.


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Hannah And Nikolai

This is not Hansel and Marion’s daughter Hannah, no this is a Panzer 3 assigned to the eastern front and lasted until the end of the war. It’s a little different in stance and storytelling, grimmer and darker than before.


Hannah and Nikolai
Komvzvoda Nikolai Popov stirred his thick ration soup and blew on it gently, as cold as the winters were a scorched mouth is still very much unwelcome. He set the dish down on his table desk and pulled up his chair, hunching over so the steam rose into his dry and stiff face. It felt nice, a breath of hot, moist air brushing past his skin. He decided his hunger could wait no longer and began feasting upon this delicacy. He heard the crunch of snow and dirt beneath heavy boots as a soldier stepped into the room and snapped to attention. “Comrade Komvzvoda, a report on the prisoners!” In his hand was a little leaflet of paper with scribbles and stains all over it. The soldier’s uniform was ragged and oversized, or at least it would seem, and his white coat had some blood stains, mud stains, food stains, shit stains, and whateverthefuck else stains all over it. There was also a black rimmed hole in the gut and one in the chest where Nikolai could see the brown cloth that made up his springtime uniform-that coat was stolen from the dead. The man was most certainly a man, his face was wrinkled and cracked, his gaze dreary and pale like the Winter sky, and his chin grey with dead and dying hairs. He wasn’t young like most soldiers barely able to grow a beard proper, he looked old enough to have fought in the revolution. One thing was for certain; he was much older than Nikolai.
“Good.” He stretched his hand out for the paper and beckoned for it, the soldier sluggishly stepped forward and handed the report over. Nikolai received it and dismissed the soldier. He put it aside and looked about, his office was a barely intact dining room of a German house in the rural outskirts of Passow. The windows were smashed in, the roof buckled because of a bombing, the corner was only half there, and the wallpaper was peeling and blowing away. No lights worked and all he had to read this letter by was an oil lamp and what poor excuse of sunlight bled through. He sipped up some soup and read the letter. It had the usual crap on it, weapons seized, number of men, number of children, the approximate age of groups, if they’re SS, Heer, or Volkstrum. This was mostly volkstrum but there were an SS squad and a tank crew.
He read more about the tank crew and was reading it again and again, he couldn’t understand it. Things weren’t making sense, he kept going, again and again, thinking the writer just has to be illiterate of the sorts but it clicked. There was no crew, the tank surrendered, without a crew. He read on and it very clearly described the tank with moving eyes, a mouth, hands and arms, speaking German. He was astounded. There was a section describing what measures had been taken but he blew it off and went to go see for himself. He walked around the area searching for the prisoners and found the men, they were being searched and marched off with a light escort. Being mocked and harassed by comrades. He thought of their long, long march back to Russia. But he’s seen that before, where’s that tank?!
He searched all around until he found the Sergeant and questioned its location. The Sergeant said that the tank was escorted to the repair park for restraints. Nikolai made his way back to the mobile vehicle shop and saw it with his own two bewildered eyes. There was a German tank, a Panzer III, with bright green eyes and a scowl. It’s turret.., face.., had a human’s look of defeat, a pleading cry for mercy in its green eyes, and a quiver of fear along it’s back? He watched in astonishment as two soldiers were using chains field welded to a bracket to hold the gun elevated, there was a group unloading all the ammunition, and there were some putting handcuffs on.., hands? A confused but confident conscript was slapping heavy-duty handcuffs on snake-like metal arms with metal hands on the ends, they seemed to trace back to under the mudguards and behind the treads. Nikolai was amazed and couldn’t break his gaze away. He saw two T-34 tanks puppy guarding it with their guns trained on it. Once a series of braces and restraints had been placed on it the T-34’s started their engines and cables were attached to the T-34 towing eyes and the Panzer’s.
“Alright, you Nazi pig! Move your ass!”
“Bitte verletzt mich nicht! Ich werde es einhalten!”
“MOVE! MOVE NOW!” The T-34 in the rear rammed the Panzer.
“Nein, bitte hör auf!” The Panzer skirted off behind the leading T-34 off towards the Depot. From its voice, it sounded female. Nikolai took some interest in the tank, it’s not every day you see a living tank. Later that day he tasked a translator to interrogate the tank to learn more about it. The translator reported the tank’s model, age, gender, previous roles, and specialization. Turned out it was a Panzer III J with the Kwk 39 50mm, also called the ‘long fifty’ and was roughly 4 years old. The tank was female, and was once a battle tank in the east, but was quickly withdrawn and used as a training vehicle. Specialization wise she was useless. The best that Nikolai could think of was a practice target or a lab rat, maybe even a science project. Her fate was pretty bleak. Personally, the idea of himself taking her as a trophy interested him, it’d be much more impressive than a medal or cap or pistol. Maybe she’d be useful as a property keeper or a guard while he’s away. Later on, she might be worth a pretty penny, bail him out of work and into retirement. That was more appealing to him.
Later that night he heard feminine screams of pain and agony, learning in the morning that her gun breech was welded shut. Throughout the week Nikolai would be working and sorting documents and he’d occasionally hear the Panzer scream or cry or wail as various de-arming measures were taken like welding metal rods in place of weapons. But while he was working he’d also be pondering the idea of keeping it like his pet, a living prize. He weighed the pros and cons and decided he would do his own inspection of her to see what was the product he’d be taking. On a crisp winter morning, he stumbled through the snow that accumulated and got to the depot where conscripts were digging out various tools and vehicles. He found the Panzer and scanned over it for details. Both her eyes were predatory in stance, facing forward like a wolf, placed on the mantle by the viewport covers and were glazed over with defeat. Her mouth was closed but her lips seemed to be pouting out below the gun mount assembly. She was staring at the cuffs on her wrists, her wrists were resting on her hood in the middle, below and in line with her main gun. In her boredom and angst, she was picking paint chips off her bow. She noticed Nikolai there and shut her eyes and quivered, thoughts of more mutilations swept over her. She looked at him with large and pleading eyes, but said nothing. As far as Nikolai was informed her mutilations were finished. He walked towards her, hands interlocked behind his back, and scanned her body. Immediately he noticed the gleaming silver edges of various nuts on her treads, probably where crews practiced tread repairs, and how worn the drive sprocket was. There were various points of minute corrosion but compared to their own T-34 tanks it was almost perfect. As he made his way down her chassis he noticed long scratches and more preserved areas of paint, probably where there were mounts for some devices, and very well maintained vents. He worked his way around to the rear and inspected the engine deck and stern, he closely examined the rear idler wheels and noticed the mounts to also be shiny and well polished from removals. The engine deck hinges looked loose and used, and the towing cables were stretched and frizzing. He worked his way around and noticed the gun restraint chain was looped around the commander’s cupola, he hoped that didn’t dent the shape. Metal rods were welded into the machine gun wells and there was a metal ball welded into the gun barrel, overall he was satisfied with the condition of the vehicle and figured she’d be a wonderful display. That night after an officer meeting he came up to KomBat Petrenko and pestered him about the Panzer.
“I am aware of it, yes.”
“Well Comrade KomBat, I see no use for it, no orders pertain to its movement, and I wish to keep it personally as my trophy pet.” KomBat Petrenko was a tall and robust man, aged to grey hairs and a gaze of sternest and determination, he brushed one half of his mustache and then shook his head.
“Popov I have too much on my plate to worry about this personal matter. I’ve been selected for the Kompolka, I’m currently working with transfer documents and arrangements. I have to select a new KomBat and it’s between you and Totalv.” Totalv was the other Komvzvoda in the battalion, Nikolai knew he hated German machines and knew he’d order it to be disposed of, like anything else his platoon captured. Nikolai wouldn’t dare let him waste such a trophy. “I tell you what, I’m busy, so if you do become KomBat I’ll sign off on whatever papers you send past me, the same for Totalv, I’ll properly brief you two later, now let me be.”
“Thank you, Comrade KomBat!” They saluted and parted ways. Totalv could not become the KomBat, at all costs. Nikolai pondered his options of ensuring his promotion while eating supper. He looked into his plate and his solution was right there! He quickly scarfed down his meal and went off to find a certain conscript he knew of. It didn’t take long to find him, he was a very rambunctious and social guy with a very particular background. He worked with sickness and poisons. Nikolai pulled him to the side and briefed him. “Listen very closely, Comrade, I have a proposition for you. You mustn’t tell anyone about this, at all, ever. If you do this task for me, I will see you sent to the rear, safely, and alive. Do you accept?” He pondered for a little bit, he was proud to serve his motherland honorably, but he had seen too much, and as of recently been having too many close calls. He decided that maybe this was his chance to survive and he took it. “Good, good. Very good. Now, here’s what your task is: you will incapacitate Komvzvoda Totalv, whether he dies or is very sickly is no matter to me. I just want him gone. Do you understand?” He did, said he even had an idea, too.
Four days later Komvzvoda Totalv fell ill with influenza and was barely alive. Medical tried their best to save him but the Winter was too harsh, and the sickness too withering. He died in his sleep not a week after. Nikolai was very troubled to see him have to die, but it was done. The next morning with no decision to make Kompolka Petrenko promoted Nikolai to KomBat. Nikolai wasted no time thanking and congratulating the conscript who poisoned Totalv’s food, and conveyed his sadness of Totalv’s death but ensured him that he would be sent home. Nikolai drafted up a document to transfer the Panzer over to himself and thought of a way to get the conscript out. After all, he might just talk to someone. About this time Nikolai had used a Nazi officer to maximum potential, being able to extract as much information from him as possible, and didn’t feel like keeping him around. So like any reasonable thing to do with a Nazi he was going to kill him, but wait!
Nikolai hoisted the Nazi to his feet and pushed him to the door with his pistol. He marched him out, way out, out to the frontline while being very careful to follow his footsteps exactly, and marched him to the conscripts foxhole where he was on watch. He stood him over the foxhole, took the rifle from the sleeping conscript, and shot the Nazi in the chest. The shot woke the conscript with a sudden jolt, who’s hand was met by the blunt end of a rifle butt. Nikolai smashed his hand in, breaking and fracturing it. He knelt down and helped the conscript and told him his plan. “This, this is Home!” He said shaking the conscripts shattered hand. “This will take you home! Now go! Go report to medical and say you shot this officer trying to escape!”
“But my hand!”
“He smashed your hand! Now go! Go!” He yanked the conscript up and pushed him off towards the small village. Once again, Nikolai carefully retraced and went back to his quarters, and slept soundly. In no time the conscript was sent to the rear and all the paperwork went through. Nikolai now owned that Panzer, but in turn, he had more time he had to serve with the military. He wasn’t worried, military life had been generous to him so far, and he’s been leading a charmed life.
The war had been slowing down, orders weren’t coming through, and so he spent more and more time inspecting the tank. He really liked the eyes, the Germans really put in the effort for her eyes. He was almost envious of her eyes, actually. He really noticed the fine details that the Germans put into their tanks, more comfortable, spacious, easy controls and smooth, the careful attention put in to every weld and facet. He was impressed. The Panzer seemed to be getting more and more desolate every day, he didn’t want her to try killing herself so he ordered some rations for it and to find her something to do, something that wasn’t digging graves for the dead. They made her clear snow off the roads and paths with a shovel, puppy guarding her again with tanks and anti-tank rifled soldiers. She looked a little better, she had something to do, some competition with herself to keep herself up. Soon it all started to thaw and spring arrived. Word came back that Berlin was under siege and surrounded. The war was almost over! Celebrations were had throughout the village, their battalion was being used as a flank guard from any resistance pockets and the war was ending, a premature celebration of what was certain to come. While everyone was merry and celebrating together, the Panzer seemed distraught and was locked up and all alone. Nikolai felt a little sympathetic towards it so he got a fresh bottle of vodka and told the translator to give it to her with the message “Congratulations! The war is over! A toast to peace!” He would do it himself but his new position found him up to his ears in paperwork and reports. He sat in his makeshift office where he had a view of the interaction, the simple gift and acknowledgement that she existed seemed to boost her spirits. Once the translator walked off the tank looked at the bottle and shot glass and put the glass aside. Then tipping up the bottle, taking a large swig. “Me, too, Panzer,” Nikolai said as he did the same.
Once the war did end and the dust settled Nikolai found he had time to go home but his term of service was not over. He decided he’d take the translator to help him get the Panzer on the train to take them back where he lives. He noticed the Panzer was hesitant to obey but did obey the commands translated to it. It was moved to the train and drove up a ramp and tied down. That evening the train set off for Russian lands. It was a few days later when the train arrived at Nikolai’s stop and they offloaded. Nikolai didn’t live very far from the train yard, very convenient in this matter, but it was just far enough to be secluded and for him to have a small farm. Well, he did have a farm but since he left it was neglected and destroyed and was now an overgrown entanglement of brush. The last order of the translator to the Panzer was to follow Nikolai’s car to a house. He said that she’d be taken care of, there. She followed the small car through dirt roads, open fields, and eventually into a wooded area where in the small clearing was a small wooden house and a good size barn. The livestock died long ago and Nikolai’s elder parents were moved to a city to live with more stable family. It was now just Nikolai, what’s left of his dead farm, and the Panzer. Nikolai pulled off to the side of the barn to park the car between the barn and the house, he got out and looked at the Panzer, she was watching him move like a fearful child, waiting to be scolded for their actions. He locked his gaze with hers as he closed the car up and moved over to the barn. Opening the doors he kept glancing back to ensure the opening was big enough for her, once he was happy the doors were open enough he looked inside, plenty of room for her to move around. It wasn’t a lot of room, but she could fit about two widths of her inside with a walkway between the two panzers. Thankfully it was only her. He stepped aside and looked over to her. “Alright Panzer go right on in.” She looked at him cluelessly. He rolled his eyes and pointed inside and at her, back and forth. “Panzer, go into the barn. Go.” She looked at him, the barn, back to him again. Not understanding or willing. He thought back and recalled some words that the translator used to make her move. He gave her a lot of attitude when he pointed to the barn again. “Los.”
“Da drin?” She looked into the barn nervous and anxious. Nikolai grew angry.
“LOS! LOS NOW!” He screamed at her, turning red with anger. She jumped back and whimpered as she scooted into the barn. He closed the doors behind him and watched her chassis shake in fear. She was trying to turn to look at him but he came to her. He sat against a wall by her side, where her turret was facing and calmed down. “Hey, calm down. I won’t hurt you. Just relax now that we are no longer enemies.” She looked into his eyes, they were calm and his face relaxed, it brought her down, too. They sat in silence with each other, it got real awkward fast. “So, Uh” he cleared his throat, “what’s your name?” She obviously didn’t understand. He thought of a way to ask her and it came easily. He pointed to himself and said his name, “Nikolai, Popov,” he pointed to her, she wasn’t entirely sure what Popov was so he started listing off known names. “Ioseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Ludwig Von Beethoven?”
“Hannah.” She replied confidently. He raised his eyebrows and leaned in for her to continue, she just repeated her name, Hannah.
“Hannah?” He asked for clarity.
“Hannah, Hannah Hitler?” He tried implying her last name. She scowled.
“Nein, Hannah.” Nikola gave up and accepted her only name as Hannah.
“Alright, Hannah.” She smiled, her mouth led from the middle of the gap between the mantle and turret ring to the corners of the mantle bottom. Her eyes were gleaming with hope and made Nikolai feel pleasant. He loved staring into her eyes. Nonetheless, the fact that she was always having to look over her elevated gun gave the impression she was annoyed and couldn’t help but feel like she must be miserable. He looked up to the chain on her gun and decided he’d take that off of her. It’s not like her gun can do anything anymore.
He got up from the ground and when he did his blouse raised up to show his leather belt and on it were the keys to the cuffs. Hannah noticed them. Her face turned into a beggar’s innocent plea-face while she stared at the spot she saw the keys on him. She followed his hip to her side and up as much as she could before he was behind her turret and fumbling with the chain. The conscripts had gotten it on good, it budged but only slightly. He stopped to catch his breath and decided to work smarter, not harder. He pulled the crowbar off her toolset and levied himself onto it under the chain. He bounced on it, wrenching the chain off where it shot up and flew into her gun barrel. Instantly he heard the sigh of relief as her gun depressed and the chain gradually slid off. He smiled with a sense of victory as he tossed the bar to the ground, following it with a grunting hop. He landed and the noise that they both heard over everything else was the jangle of the keys. He knew what she wanted. He rested a hand on the keys and played with them through his blouse while he contemplated the thought. Hannah was pleading with him to remove the locks, but he didn’t understand her pleas. What he did understand was the desperation in her voice, she was almost crying. He stood there for near ten minutes before shakily he moved to her hood. He steadied himself to give her the impression he was in control as he unhooked the bundle and found the key. He was trying not to but was sweating anyway as he glanced up at her face. She was looking at him, her mouth smiling and lips parted, showing him the back of her mouth, her eyes and, and eyebrows(?) were raised with hope. She just looked greatly amused. He looked back to her wrists, metal pins were welded just behind the cuffs so they could not slide off her wrists, his own forearms ached in the empathetic pain he wondered of.  Jerking his attention back to her face he quickly sunk the key into the metal lock and turned it about, freeing her tremors and releasing a portion of her pain. The cuffs almost flew off as her hands and arms shot past either side of him. Instantly his heart raced and he readied himself for a fight. He turned to her and she was ecstatic, her eyes clenched shut and her mouth opens wide as she giggled with joy. He spun back around to her hands and saw them outstretched and quivering as she stretched them out. Slowly they swept back astern, gaining in speed as she moaned with pleasure.
“Oh ja! Oh danke! Das fühlt sich so gut an!” He relaxed and stood tall again, smiling to himself. Her eyes shot open and her arms farted to her sides, he heard a racket coming from her sides as her face looked at him pleadingly again. “Bitte, Herr, bitte entfernen Sie die anderen Schlösser! Bitte?” Nikolai eased over to her left side and traced her arm to more locks on her body. She had more arms pinned to her sides by bracket locks welded to her side. Her arms themselves were forced between her treads and her hull and evidenced that they did not fit comfortably there at all. He undid those as well, growing more and more hesitant as she grew more and more joyous. Once the locks were all off and strung out amongst the ground and her stretching was over, she turned to him, giving off an elated mood, and vigorously grabbed his hand and shook it. She thanked him in German and with a little bit of Russian she had learned herself.
“Woah, you’re welcome! You speak Russian?” She blinked confused by him but still overjoyed with her massive smile. “Guess not.” He went to the door but tripped over a lock. “Gah! Panzer!” She looked at him concerned, “Pick this place up! Put the locks away!” He pointed to the locks and chains and brackets and then to her. She seemed to understand and picked up the locks as he left to go inside the house.
Nikolai had three weeks of relaxation while his battalion was moved to the rear and placed back into a reserve status, so in the meantime, he talked to Hannah a lot every day trying to form some sort of language bridge between them. He treated her like a new dog, giving her thumbs up if his command was received well and thumbs down if it was not. Hannah had picked up the locks, and that’s how he started off training was with a thumbs up, and putting the term ‘clean up’ to it. Hannah learned quickly like all machines do, and while she needed this communication education and enjoyed doing something for once, she felt insulted by Nikolai’s treatment of her like a dog. She knew how he was treating her, she’s seen pet dogs. She was taught follow, stay, no, eat this, go to sleep, normal stuff a dog’s trained to obey. Even though she was being insulted all day, every day with this she still showed respect to him. She did notice that when she didn’t do something correctly he was enraged and almost always yelled angrily at her with a red flushed face, but when she did things correctly he smiled and nodded, of course with the thumbs up. She was beginning to think that it might just be an exaggeration on his half to emphasize his control and that her actions were not acceptable. Although she thought otherwise, as well. Once there was a basic understanding of those commands he moved to the language half of it. He thought about words, phrases, and objects he’d command her to interact with and explained them to her.
“Door.” He said, wrapping on the little side door that faced the house. “Door.” He walked over to the main pair of doors that she entered yesterday. “Door!” He wrapped on it as well. She tried pronouncing it but incorrectly, he repeated the word slowly, annunciating until she was correct. He repeated this procedure referencing multiple examples for clarity, like wall, floor, roof, lock, doorknob, key, to lock, to unlock, barn, and a few tools. Once she had learned that, which was much easier to teach than the commands, he rested for the day and continued the next with more intricate commands. He taught her farming tasks, being that his farm was dead he needed to restart it, but he alone couldn’t possibly do it before the season was over so he instructed Hannah how to do it. She was bigger, heavier, and stronger than him after all and had much more power behind her, even still she withheld that so she didn’t break his tools. It took her most of the morning just to learn two tasks, and the whole afternoon to perform them. He didn’t have an awful lot of farmland, it was very precious to her not to break the tools. Even still she cleared the weeds and churned up the soil. Nikolai promised her that evening if she did well and did it quick enough he’d wash her, she had to think about it, though. It’d been a very long time since she’s been bathed but she didn’t know Nikolai, really didn’t even trust him. Ironic, she could kill him without a second thought and he can’t do anything about it but she feared him because of trust and isolation.
One stormy night Nikolai shot out of his bed randomly, he was swamped with anxiety and nervousness. As he looked around his parent’s old room for comfort he heard a metal ruckus coming from the other end of the house. It was loud enough to be heard over the downpour on the tin roof and that greatly concerned Nikolai. He jumped up and threw on his boots and an overcoat, grabbed his rifle and a lamp and proceeded to investigate. He proceeded out the door and left down the hall, passing by the other bedrooms and into the mainstay, he looked into the dining room but saw nothing abnormal. He went right into the kitchen, and as the noise grew louder it sounded like muffled cries and whimpers from the barn. He fetched a hat to shield him from the rain and exited through the kitchen door out to the barn. His boots sank to the mid-heel in the mud, a good sign for the field but not for his glossy boots he shined for days on end. Nonetheless, he pressed on, trying to keep the sucking and icky sound down as he came closer to the barn. The muffled groans drug on and restarted abruptly and at random while the metallic clang coming from the inside sounded like the far-off machine gun fire of the Dushkas.
He fumbled with the lock and flung the door open, holding up the rifle and the lamp under the barrel. He searched around with the flickering and dim light but saw nothing but Hannah in shock and staring at him from the corners of her eyes. He took a deep sigh of relief and lowered the rifle. Her bright green eyes nearly shone in the orange light, as he looked into them he could see the glassy reflection of the lamp’s oval glow. Behind that, he saw his shadow in the doorway. Her eyes were fixed on his and did not waiver, she didn’t speak or make a noise, that clatter had ceased as well. He took another deep breath and looked at her darker grey mantle and faceplate, akin to the light he presumed.
“You alright? What’s wrong? That was a lot of noise.” She understood ‘what’s wrong’ and ‘noise’ but not much else. She stammered out shyly and almost to herself a reply.
“Cold.” He sighed and looked down, watching the rainwater drip from his brim to the hard packed dusty dirt floor of the barn.
“Alright, I’ll be back.” She didn’t move or changed her startled gaze. He went back inside, put away the gun and collected the bed covers from the other rooms. Balling them up he charged outside and ducked into the barn, dumping the blanket ball into her arms. “There you go, it’s all I can do right now.”
“Thank you, sir.” He stepped back as she took the ball and noticed that her hands are much brighter than her body, even in the poor light. He was tired and wanted to go back to sleep so he wished her goodnight and went back out, he stopped at the door before he closed it because he noticed that a cabinet was open. Huh. He went back into his house and left his muddy and wrecked boots at the doorstep. He’d have to polish them tomorrow, or she could. He thought he’d get her to do it as he laid down in his warm bed, hoping the rain didn’t soil his other bedsheets. Why was her hand so shiny?
He woke in the morning and noticed it had stopped raining. He dressed and collected his boots, wiped them off, and noticed that they had no good polish on them anymore. He fished the little polish rag he kept in the heel out and took them to Hannah. She was still sound asleep and covered from barrel to tailpipe in his blankets. He announced her name and woke her up. Issued her a good morning, and presented his drab boots to her with the cloth. “Hannah I want you to polish these, I’ll be back with my kit.” He handed her the boots and walked back inside, fetched his wax and a cup of water, and returned to her. She had already begun using the cloth provided to polish what was there with little circles using her two middle fingers. She was circling quite quickly and that alone was bugging them out nicely. Nikolai was impressed and simply left the kit on her mudguard for her to do her thing. “Uh, good! Very good! Polish them nicely and I’ll wash you clean today!” She nodded and replied ‘yes, sir,’ and carried on. He moseyed back inside the house and prepared his breakfast. Wow, she was really good with those circles.
Later on that morning, an officer friend visited the home. Nikolai hadn’t seen him since the end of Stalingrad and was very happy to see his old friend still alive. He welcomed him inside and offered him some drink, and as Nikolai opened his newest bottle of vodka his friend began the conversation.
“So I know you like the military and all but me? Not so much. I got out when they offered and now I’ve opened and registered a store of my own.”
“Where? Just down the road?”
“Oh no, it is in the next town down the railway, I was just hoping that maybe I could hire you to help Work there?”
“Oh no I’m sorry, I’m staying in for another term. Luckily my battalion is a reserves unit so I won’t have to do that much anymore.”
“I heard you were promoted?”
“You heard correctly.”
“Yes,” he took a swig of his vodka, thinking about Toltav, “yes thank you.” He zoned out just staring at the white countertop under the light bulb. “Hey, would you care to sit down?”
“Yes, thank you.” They took their seats in the main space on a decorative couch. It had a light green base color on the cushions with brown-bordered white stripes running vertically, it had a maple wood finish frame cleanly polished with no blemishes on it. It was one of his mother’s most expensive chairs, their prized possession. They drank from their glasses and relived some war stories that helped them catch up.
Hannah heard the horse-drawn buggy clammer to a stop in the front yard, she heard the excited greeting and tried to figure out what they were saying but didn’t understand much. So when the door closed and the voices were no more she went back to polishing the boots. She had barely used the water and had finished the right boot nicely with a shine that not only acted as good as a mirror but almost glowed. She could see the streaks in her paint in the boot that’s how good it was. She declared the right boot to be finished for now and started buffing the second boot. She hadn’t even touched the wax yet but noticed a gash in this boot that the layers of wax already on it could not fill so she had to fill it with new wax. While using her favorite fingers to dig at the wax she remembered back to last night, and when she began applying the wax and buffing the boot she thought more about it. Polishing is a mundane task that lets you relax and think, not much else to do, honestly, so that’s what she did. She remembered the shock and what a jolt it was when that door crashed open. She swore that not even antitank guns made her that skittish. Of course, she was embarrassed, she did wake him up after all, and she hoped he wouldn’t notice the smudges on the blankets, and if he did, excuse them because of how dirty she was. She wondered what he did, what he thought of it if he knew. She glanced at the cabinet and paused, but continued on. She wondered who he was talking to. Sure enough, she refocused on his boots and noticed that she had replicated the same polish as before. She carefully set the boots on the bench and put the water next to the kit bag with the wax jar sealed and the cloth folded neatly in the bag. She figured that task to be complete and moved on to the next task of tilling the field for seeding.
Nikolai was listening to what the store would sell when his friend abruptly stopped and shot up. “What the shit?” He rushed to the window peering through the oncoming sunlight. “What the fuck!? Nikolai!” Nikolai stood up. “Nikolai there’s a Fucking Panzer in your yard!”
“Oh! Oh don’t worry about it.” He walked to the window. His friend was aghast and turned to him sharply.
“What!? WHAT!?”
“Calm down, it’s my Panzer, she’s very special.”
“Yes, special. What else do you call a living tank?”
“LIVING!?” He looked in disbelief as the tank spurted arms and used a hoe to churn soil paths neatly. “Bullshit.”
“Oh no, she’s real and alive. Her name’s Hannah. We can meet if you want.”
“What sort of magic is this!?”
“Ooooo,” Nikolai scratched the back of his head, “I can’t tell you. Nazi magic?”
“The Nazis were not animating tanks! No! No, no!” He was sweating profusely, he spun around to Nikolai and grabbed him by the shirt. “WHAT WAS IN THE DRINK!? WHAT IS IT!? WHY?” Nikolai was completely shocked.
“Nothing! It’s just vodka! I drank the same as you!”
“Alcohol! Nothing else I swear it upon my mother’s life!” Nikolai was thrown to the floor. He watched as his friend dug into his pants and produced a snub nose revolver and made haste out the back door. Nikolai chased after him. “HEY!” Hannah was startled by this.
“Goddammit!” She jumped off the ground she was so startled. She turned to see what was wrong when the man shot his whole cylinder into her armor. Instinctively she shunned her face away and threw up a hand to cover her eye while each of the six bullets bounced harmlessly off her armored body. The man pressed on loading more rounds into the pistol and as soon as he raised it to fire again Hannah’s arm shot out at him. Nikolai was about to scream when she wrapped the hand around the gun and crushed the tiny thing in her hand like it was an empty pack of cigarettes. “NEIN!” She boomed, ripping the gun out of his hand and throwing it to the ground. For the first time, Nikolai felt like his life was about to meet a messy end. He stumbled back and fell, as did his friend, Hannah reversed to him and grabbed his arms. “No! Stop! Go there chair sit!” She still had to learn some more grammar but the message got through. The man staggered back up and scurried over to a porch chair to breathe and realize he isn’t dead. Nikolai slumped in the mushy dirt and relieved his worries, Hannah came over to check on him. “Ok sir? Alright you?” She cradled him up out of the mud and picked crap out of his clothes.
“Yes Hannah, I’m fine,” He wriggled his way to his feet and told her to get back to work, “it should be alright now.” She got back to her duties, checking herself for any wounds. Only chipped paint.
The two men sat on the porch in silence. It was broken when Nikolai told him that she likes her Vodka straight. After that, he explains to him how he got her, what she does around here, and why he got her to begin with. His friend seems to warm up to the idea, or at least accept it, and heads home to, well to not be there staring at an abomination. Later after Hannah had finished filling the soil she asks what seeds Nikolai wants where. He takes her to the barn and starts rummaging through the cabinets. Hannah grows cold again and nervously peeks over to the one cabinet, wondering if it was all cleaned up. Nikolai gets closer and closer to it and Hannah got even more anxious, Nikolai had his back to her but could feel the tension she was creating. He got to the cabinet and opened the door, saw a lock, and immediately closed it again. “No, not in there.” He moved on and Hannah almost sighed aloud with relief. He found the bags of seeds, dried out but still good, and told her to take these existing signs, and instructed her what sign for what seed, and where it goes. She merrily bundled the seed bags with the signs poking out in an arrangement that he wanted, transferred that to her hood, and went off to seed the field. She rolled out and left Nikolai in the barn. He figured he should probably bathe her like he promised, and set everything up while she was out. He noticed that the bedsheets were dirty, but he blamed himself for it, growing angry at how stupid he was. Of course, they’d get dirty! She hasn’t been cleaned in months! Fucking idiot! He figured she’d clean them off while he washed her. She could do that as easily as he could wash a shirt he presumed.
That’s essentially what happened. Hannah came back and rejoiced when she saw all the soap and water with sponges and rags. She didn’t even care that she had to wash all the blankets, she was getting a bath! Specifically, someone else was bathing her! While he was busy scrubbing her side she was soaking and kneading one thick blanket in the tub of water and pulled it out to check. She saw a massive running streak of silver goo and she hurriedly shoved it back into the tub nervously humming as her cheeks flushed darker in tone. She nervously giggled and glanced over to Nikolai, he didn’t notice. He was growing very angry at the mud that had gotten stuck in her road wheels and was about to burst into a fit when Hannah produced a specially made brush just for it, she demonstrated how it worked and handed it over to him while she made sure to wash those peculiar stains out. It took some scrubbing on both parts but sure enough, they worked through it and their tasks came out nice and clean. Hannah thoroughly enjoyed being cleaned, she especially took pleasure in her ass getting astern rubbing, on the under portion of it much dirt had caked on and took some old-fashioned elbow grease to come off. It was therapeutic to her, like a relaxing bath with warm soothing water and skin replenishing moisturize (I think that’s how it works) but literally lifting off the filth from her body. Nikolai got some pleasure out of it, too. There was clear evidence that his work was paying off, instant gratification, and it instilled some pride in him. He didn’t want his trophy to look like mud, he wanted it to shine and gleam to anyone that saw it. He also understood that he had to keep her happy and entertained, lest she decides to do her own thing and release her anger on him.
He finished cleaning her body off, making sure she was clean top to bottom, but he did not clean her belly, he left her to clean it herself after she finished the sheets. He did inspect the sheets she had hung up to dry and smiled at them, fond memories of his childhood flooding his mind. Mindlessly he told Hannah the history behind these quilts, how his mothers had made them for generations, each unique to her and her family. Some had figured meant to be the current family, others about their lost members, others were pretty designs or a scenic view. He said that it’d take them roughly five to ten years to make them, all hand knitted on the downtime. He said his mother’s quilt was on his bed at the moment. He didn’t realize it but Hannah was picking up on a lot that he was saying. After Nikolai’s stories ended he left her to her business and made supper. He only had a few more days before he had to report back for duty, and so the next morning he began full on language courses with her. The basics language that he had taught were much harder than these lessons, she picked them up with ease and the more lessons they got through the faster she learned. She was learning exponentially faster and the day before Nikolai had to leave he was able to hold a legitimate conversation with her about the tasks he wanted her to do. If she didn’t know how to do something he could simply explain it to her and she’d repeat it back in a paraphrased version, displaying both her comprehension of Russian and what the task was. Nikolai was very confident with her and very boastful of her.
The plants grew well and the yard stayed tended, she acted as a groundskeeper and a property guard, shooing off hungry animals and mischievous teenagers. She would indulge herself in her alone time and savored the moments she deemed special and tried out new things to keep her busy and entertained. She did grow worried over the plants, Nikolai never taught her how to harvest them or store them, he said he’d be back in time to show her that and was very worried when the plump plants turned different colors. He did, in fact, return very soon. He was angry with how the plants had ripened early and she didn’t harvest them, she pleaded she didn’t know what he wanted and so he showed her. He showed her how to cut the fruit and vegetables off and where and how to store them. He was pleased in all other respects, the lawn was nice, there were no weeds, everything was flourishing, perfect! His only annoyance that he had to tolerate were some tracks she left from tending to the property, it was patches of dead spots in high traffic areas, he got over it. He cleaned her again, relaxed for two days, and returned to duty again.
The year passed by without any real issues. There weren’t any remarkable events aside from the holidays and the special events like celebrations, parades, or government hosted promotions. Nikolai found himself as the leading officer for training programs. He was in charge of all special training done in his battalion including firearms drills, doctrine drills, government party training events that he and the Commissars would organize, and any new field training programs that came down the pipeline. It wasn’t that bad. Nikolai in the latter end of the year began looking for a wife, he met one girl who seemed nice, but by the end of the year it didn’t work out. The dawn of the new year brought with it another girl, they lasted longer but again it didn’t work. But while his love life was going all around he continued teaching Hannah language and such, and she had become quite a master of it. She had learned Russian fluent enough to understand various dialects and accents of Russian. She had also become very masterful of her farming jobs and had learned how to best water and nurture the crops. This is something that took Nikolai years of teaching from his parents who had mastered it, the speed from which she learned it was very impressive. It struck fear into him, she was learning faster than any human he ever knew, he stayed up at night wondering how long it’d be before she began thinking for herself. While on duty one week he explored options and tools he could employ to keep him empowered and punish her if she fell out of line. As loyal and cooperative as she was he had to somehow set an example and show her that he was in charge. The leverage he was looking for came to him accidentally while cleaning, he slipped and the bar in his hand jarred its way into the mount for her wheel. She hollered instantly in pain and reeled back, he quickly removed the bar but threatened that he’d do it again should she misbehave. She understood and combed her mind to figure out what she did wrong.
Hannah had become more comfortable with her new life and would stretch out in front of the barn for any passer-by-ers to see her. It wasn’t anything suggestive, she just sat out there resting and looking around. She would be bored and so she’d people watch, she was especially fond of one boy who ran around the road with a knapsack of sand, a stick, and a can he’d hit around. She never understood the sand. One person that she was very attentive to was Nikolai. She’d learn a lot about him. She also learned that his girlfriends only lasted at most five months with the average being just shy of four months. The time between girls lasted from two days to two months. But every time he’d get a new girl he’d show off Hannah to them, Hannah quickly realized what she was, a trophy. She never got why Nikolai took her until he started dating. He’d flaunt Hannah around like some great prize for his heroism and bravery. Hannah was nothing more to him than a working prize. At first, Hannah felt kinda nice that he revered her as a prize, then as time went on she realized he did revere her as a prize. Just that. This made those introductions torturous, Hannah felt like shit, like a thing. Her German peers treated her like a Comrade, they fought for her and she fought for them, but Nikolai sees her like a fancy knife, a great display with some use in it. Hannah was sick of it. She saw the only way to make it stop is if she made the new girl be the last one. No more new girls means no more showing off, right? Yes. So Hannah, being a woman herself, decided to take those quirks that bug her about Nikolai and fix them so other girls don’t have them, and they’ll stay with him for good. She decided to act as soon as possible. And knowing Nikolai she didn’t wait long. About four hours, actually.
“I’m done, Nikolai!” His latest girlfriend said storming out of the house. “You jerk! You can’t be swayed! You stubborn ass!”
“HEY!” Nikolai chased after her, grabbing at her arm, the girl, Stella, maybe, shook him off and punched him in the jaw.
“Stay away from me! I’ve had it! You need to let go and relax! You know what? No. Nikolai, we’re through. Stay in the Army with that stick up your ass! It’s where you belong!”
“ALLA!” Woah, way off. “ALLA WAIT!” She was gone. While Nikolai got up and checked his lip for blood Hannah laughed a little bit. He spun around to her. “Something funny, Panzer?”
“Ja! You never learn, sir! It all ends the same way!”
“Oh does it?” His face was reddening with anger.
“You haven’t noticed? Everything’s nice until you move them in! Then, and then, ooh” she paused to laugh, “and then it’s like a bomb! BOOM! It blows up!” Nikolai’s face was almost as red as his bleeding lip. “I think you need some help, conditioning. I can help!”
“Help?” He sucked blood off his lip and spit out a red wad towards her. “I don’t need your help!” He stormed inside and slammed the door so hard the doorframe shifted. Hannah laughed a little longer and composed herself. She really hoped he’d take her help. When Nikolai thought about what she said he realized that maybe she was right, he asked her for help the next morning.
She said that they’ll take things one step at a time, first, they would work on his over-bearing nature. She would constantly remind him to relax as she acted like she would be doing something of her own, she would make suggestions, voice random opinions, and try to train him. After a while it was working, he wouldn’t snap back with an objection nor would he interrupt her, as he previously would. This eventually would help him out in his career as well, and improved his effectiveness with training, taking in other suggestions that bettered the system. Even though he would be verbally lenient his posture and actions would act as a hindrance or would be dissuasive of her following through. She would call him out on this and nag him until he broke it off. Many times he grew frustrated with her and would challenge her in some way, and she would sit there and repeat “I’d leave,” again and again. Eventually, his challenging dwindled off. As a test, she would try to say something he wouldn’t like, and shouldn’t like, and he would argue against it and hold his ground. She encouraged him to keep his character, and not to bend too much for someone. Her goal was to make him more compatible and compassionate, not spineless and without character.
Eventually, when Nikolai found another girl to date it worked out a lot better, he had learned to trust her and was somewhat tight with her but wasn’t overburdening. Instead, as his girlfriend would put it he was really attentive, very concerned with her. It was in his nature to have plans for everything and to know what’s happening at all time, Hannah thought nothing of this, to her it was just who he was, his core character. She encouraged that and supported him. But the more that Nikolai thought about it, the more divided he was from them. One morning Nikolai was reading a book outside the barn, basking in the sun enjoying the springtime air. Hannah was cleaning her tools and randomly decided to test Nikolai, keep him sharp.
“Nikolai, I’m going out for a while.”
“Where are you going?”
“I’m going to miss old lady’s for groceries.” Her example made him chuckle a little bit.
“Alright, oh and speaking of that remind me that we need some more meats from the store.”
“Thank you.” As she passed by him she uncontrollably and subconsciously kissed the back of his head. Instantly she blushed and realized what might happen she rushed back into the barn to tinker with her tools innocently as if nothing happened.
“Hannah,” Nikolai got up out of his chair, she heard his footsteps move towards her. She was almost shaking and fearing with what was going to happen, “that’s not a kiss.” His head appeared under her gun and his lips met hers, encouraging a real and proper kiss between them. She was knocked off her feet figuratively, she was not expecting that but was way too happy to oblige it, and kiss him back. Her arms wrapped around him and held him close, and turned her turret to meet him more effectively. They held the kiss for a long time, but it didn’t feel like it was long enough. When they drew away from their kiss they shared a massive smile. Later that night Nikolai had decided on this relationship, he wished his former girlfriend the best of luck, offered a long lasting friendship, and broke up their intimate relationship, and then when she had left he offered an intimate relationship to Hannah instead. She eagerly accepted. All that help that Hannah was giving Nikolai, they realized, was what Hannah valued and wanted, and Nikolai was happy to oblige to her wants.
Relationship wise this was the most stable and rewarding one Nikolai ever had, every morning they were eager to see each other, and every night they were heartbroken to separate for bedtime. Already holding a common ground, a pretense to this intimate relationship, having lived with each other for at least two years with fairly little conflict, they challenged each other and built each other, and were eager to grow each other, and so when things got sexual it wasn’t too long after engaging in the intimate relationship. They had been teasing each other all day about it, and when the sun had set and the candles had been lit they finally let their lust free. Their play and seduction ceased just before they stripped Nikolai naked. “Wh-Why?”
“Nikolai, could..,” she was blushing harder than she was a minute ago, “could you chain me up?” Nikolai thought about it, he wasn’t too sure about the request, he wasn’t sure how he was feeling about it but he did as she asked.
He opened the locker that had all that old gear from her capture, just laying eyes on it again spiked her adrenaline, her heart raced and her loins started burning. Those chains clanging, the cuffs clacking, the tools clicking, the sounds drove her mad. Every touch, the cold restraints on her wrists, the braces on her hull pinning her arms, the taught pull and strain on her gun, it all fueled her lust. His touch and play, his poking, finger dragging, licking her body with his heavy hot tongue, it made her very wet, so incredibly horny. To top it off she couldn’t reach him, she couldn’t touch him, he was right there, so close, but so far, she couldn’t do anything but moan and whimper in agony, the agony of no control. Her drive skyrocketed as the tension and teasing continued, she teared up in joy and pain, a wonderful mix of emotions that just drove her desire to get wrecked, to be fucked to pieces. She wanted him so fucking badly, so painfully she craved him but couldn’t have him yet. “OH DADDY JUST FUCK ME!”
For Nikolai, the return he got from her fueled his acceptance for this, with every arm locked down her enjoyment rose, and he knew that from her whimpering and moaning, the look in her amazing eyes told him how much she wanted him. With every addition to the restraints that look grew, the flame burned brighter, and his old controlling self came back with a lustful vengeance. Her pleas only encouraged his controlling self, it hastened his efforts, and he tightened the grips and holds on her, and made rounds after rounds on her, poking her, touching her, licking her, grinding on her, all just so he could hear her moans, her whimpers, her pleas, and her engine sputter like a sad car. He was so hard, so fucking hard. He wanted to absolutely destroy her, he wanted to rip her in half, knock her out, he wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t fucking stand. But her pleas, no, no, no, this would not do. He disappeared to her anger to fetch some materials from the house. When he came back her barked orders at her. “OPEN that useless mouth you FUCKING SLUT!” She did as commanded, and he stuffed a wooden log into her trap and tied a thick rope around her turret to keep it in place. While fitting it he stared into her eyes and the lust he saw was rising, it was burning into him, it made their sex drives almost uncontrollable. “Yeah, yeah you fucking like that, don’t you, WHORE?”
Her only ability to reply was a muffled moan and a sputter from her engine. Her body rocked back and forth, bucking up and down, her innards were churning with this denial of sexual pleasure, she felt like she was about to knock him over and grind her cunt all over his fucking body, later this, too would be addressed by Nikolai.
“You’ve been bad, bitch, you’ve been real fucking bad, bitch.” He began undoing his belt in front of her. “I don’t think you know just what we do to punish bitches like you.” Her eyes shot open as the belt tail dropped to the dirt. He slowly walked to her ass end with the belt in hand. “Let me teach you what we do to dirty, rotten, useless whores like YOU!” He whipped the belt over and hit her on the ass with it with a loud crack! Her muffled mouth cried out in pain and pleasure, and her ass wiggled around to ask for more. He whipped her ass again, and again, each time drawing a muffled cry from Hannah and exciting them even more.
Hannah’s bow dropped to the dirt and she sat there ass-up and backed up to him slowly, begging him just to fuck her sideways already, to fuck up her whole life. Of course, that was all muffled so he didn’t her plea, just her cry. He walked back around to her front again.
“No, no I don’t think that was enough for a whore as dirty as you!” He unbuttoned his pants and tore off his shirt. Her eyes rapidly scanned his body as it stripped down naked in front of her, he was only feet away but she still couldn’t have him. She visibly shook as his pants dropped to reveal his meat before her. Her breathing was very heavy and labored, and her engine was humming loudly and enthusiastically. He marched to her and stepped up on her hood, knelt down and waved his huge, throbbing, hard cock right in front of her mouth. “Kiss it, SLUT!” She painfully tried to obey but the log was in the way, her tongue tried to force its way between the log and her teeth, but the harder she tried the more he laughed. She was crying at this point, he drug his finger through the tears and licked them off. “Mmmmm, tastes great!” He shoved his cock against the tongue pillowing out of the gaps and rubbed it all over her tongue. “How’s that taste? You fucking slut! I bet you eat dick every day, don’t you? So how do I taste? It better be fucking good.” She moaned and agreed, his cock was wonderous on her tongue, she wanted to rip the log out of her mouth and suck his nuts out of his dick like it was a straw! Her eyes rolled around in wonder, she wanted so much to happen to her, she really was a bad, dirty, rotten slut! He rubbed his cock all over her tongue, it felt so pillowy and amazing, the texture was overwhelming, and in a matter of seconds he was hit was a strong-ass orgasm that shook him. He came and shot his load all over her mouth, on the log, the lips, the teeth, the tongue. everywhere. It was a lot too, it looked like someone had emptied half a jar of mayo onto her face. She moaned and wailed.
Now it was time to fuck.
He silently recovered and stumbled back to her ass, dragging his hand on her side the whole way. She was eagerly waiting for it to happen, and she took excellent note of him as he got down and scooched his way under her, sucking on her armored ass for a moment. He laid there and admired her beautiful pussy lips, they looked so tasty, so plump, and so soft! He reached to them and spread them open, and peered into her depths with amazement. He smiled wide and was so happy to have a woman to himself, one so enthusiastic, too. Her depths looked like soft grey doughnuts stacked on top of each other, narrowing ever so seductively, and at the top was a tight little hole clenched shut. He knew what that was, they talked about it already, but in his lust he wanted to pierce it, to fill her up to her eyeballs with his cum. He ordered it to be brought to him, she hesitated but did it, and was not let down. He first rimmed it with a finger, then his tongue, and sucked on it like a nipple, gnawing on it tenderly and massaging it with his lips and tongue, then he sent that away and did the same to her whole vulva, she was eaten raw until she was tender and ripe. Her juices flowed like wine, but only better, and drove his desire to bury his cock in her for so deep not even archaeologists would be able to dig it out. He moved and played Ring-around-the-rosie using his cock on her vulva, and knew that the promises were going to be kept. He was going to spank and pound her clit with his nuts, he was going to punch pistons with his dick, he was going to break her suspension with his hips, and she was going to gush her juicy cum out like a goddamn waterfall. Without warning or indication, he shot his cock balls-deep into her pussy.
Instantly she felt every millimeter of him. She locked up and just took it, all the bucking and kicking and heeling she had done up to this moment ceased, and she held onto everything she could. Her torsion bars locked up and her whoring pussy clasped onto every thrust like her life depended on it. Her eyes rolled back into her turret and her mouth uncontrollably drooled as much as her pussy was. She could feel the effects of his manhood everywhere, every thrust cycled a piston in her engine, and every thrust smacked her clit-button hard with his nuts, and every thrust tested the composition of her suspension. In a way, he was living up to all his promises, maybe not literally but effectively it was certainly doing the job. She knew at that moment she had the perfect man for her, and he really knew just how to ‘rub her right’ and as the two of them fucked they enjoyed the moment. They enjoyed each other and let all their frustrations and lust out with this. And it ended up with a fuck session that lasted, from chaining her up to the final climax, almost three and a half hours. But in that time of them being balls deep, it was nothing but plushy hot, slick, wet, messy, dirty, nasty, rough sex. His massive cock pushed her pussy in and embedded itself onto its local memory so that whenever they fucked again her very vagina knew who was fucking it. They felt each other so sensually and sexually that they knew how close the other was to cumming, and Hannah won the record for cumming the most, she was played with the most. But ass his body grew tired and his ballsack was drying up he slowed to an eventual stop and rested there under her still buried in her magical and mystical pussy. He was covered in her juice and there wasn’t anywhere in her pussy that wasn’t the uterus or cervix that was not touched by his cock or not covered in his semen. The mess they made was a mix of both of their fluids, and neither had the energy to clean it, although by this time Hannah wanted to lick him clean, and he still wanted to drink the Nectar of the Gods, aka, her pussy juice.
They did cool off and Nikolai sheepishly climbed out and took out the log, and removed the cuffs. Instantly she wrapped around him and they made out until they fell asleep spooning each other. They slept like rocks, exhausted and unwilling to move away. In the morning when they woke up they found themselves in a sticky gross entanglement of each other. They cracked a few jokes about the situation and last night, and Nikolai undid some more restraints before getting himself cleaned up. He then filled up a tub to clean her off, too, making some dull remarks about how he’s already cleaning her again. She retorted she’ll make it worth it but he then complained about having to do it again, laughing it off. They had given in to their lusts and found themselves in a healthy and happy relationship where they never expected it. They made some decisions about how they wanted to explore their sexual pleasures, and about how they wanted to raise their family.
Fin Hannah and Nikolai

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Hansel and Marion Ch 55

Big post! Big post! To sum it up this chapter roughly covers the point from the last chapter all the way up to the 90’s. Now it’s not everything, but it sums up some key points. Now this isn’t the end of HaM in general, but this is the end of this era, so to say. They now move into the new age, the one we are in, and have to deal with a new generation and new challenges. Things should start coming into stronger effect and other goodies await.



Hansel and Marion Ch 55
Hansel and Marion waited about a year before they tried for another baby. In this time they did some more thorough planning based off of what happened with Marion’s pregnancy with Hannah, and they adjusted their lives to live with their newest addition to the family. In the time they planned and prepared they also took on house renovations, new technology was coming out and so Hansel and Marion worked on the side to incorporate these new inventions into their house. First was a new oven, it had a sort of grill on the top of it so it could cook soups and meats on the top while it baked bread, cookies, or whole chickens! Marion was very appreciative of Hansel’s gift but she didn’t use it very much until she noticed how much Hannah liked the cake she’d make. Hannah grew rapidly, in just that year they watched Hannah grow half her size bigger, and once eat a whole plane’s wing from the junk pile in one sitting. Hannah’s intelligence blew their minds, too, she was speaking basic words, both German and English, in a month, and she knew phrases in another month. Hansel would brag and boast about his new baby whenever he could, to Whacker, to his parents, to his sister, to the other tanks, anyone he could without breaking the secrecy of their existence. They loved Hannah so much, and whenever they could they showed her off. When Cindy saw Hannah she instantly took her as her sister, she tried to pick up her sister but after Hannah was picked up off of her wheels Cindy’s eyes widened and her turret face flushed with exertion.
When Hansel and Marion did engage and commit to their second child it was much smoother than making Hannah. Marion’s sexual urges and needs were dealt with better and yet Hansel only committed a little more seed than he did with Hannah. He was still extremely paranoid about hurting the baby, but was more accepting with sexually pleasing Marion. The time came a lot faster than it did with Hannah, which drug on for seemingly forever with her pregnancy, and when the time was approaching they were ready. All the steps had been made and all the questions had been answered by Hannah’s coming. Their second child’s birth, a son and still a tank like his mother and sister, was much smoother and less strenuous as Hannah’s. With this birth Hansel’s parents were here to visit, they had found the time and money to come over and visit America and visit their children and grandchildren. Mrs. Walter helped encourage and keep Marion going while Mr. Walter just stood off to the side completely entranced in wonderment, looking off past everyone. They did help clean the newborn, and wrap him up in cloth to keep him warm. His name was Tyler, and he made them just as happy as Hannah.
Hannah didn’t meet him for a week, and when they did meet, Hannah instantly began picking on her younger brother, poking him in the loader’s periscope discomfortably for which he grabbed her gun and pulled it around angrily. This began the long and predicted sibling rivalry. Other than the usual tease these kids didn’t fight each other. Being so isolated from anything else they formed a tight bond. While they did have many chances to go out and play with the other kids on the bases they loved their vast yard to play in. Sometimes Hansel would take a week off from work to spend time with his family and whenever he did they played “Panzerwaffe” and they would hunt each other, make little forts, and try to beat each other in very competitive fashion during these war games. Most of the time they were pleasant and peaceful, but sometimes as siblings are they would fight or get emotional or get too rough with each other.
As a father, Hansel was supposed to be the discipline figure in the family, he made and enfored the rules and made sure the kids didn’t act up. He would try his hardest but often times whenever Hannah or Tyler did act up they would shrug him off, so he got creative with his punishments, but sometimes it was Marion who had to set them straight. This was another reason Marion wanted a human child, she didn’t like doing that and wished Hansel would do it instead. Even though both parents would be the hard one and the easy one, it didn’t affect how either child was raised well and they were respectable, hard working, with the same values and morals of their parents. Hansel and Marion did well raising them. They were good kids, they really didn’t act out much, Hannah was much easier than Tyler though, but overall they made Hansel and Marion proud, happy, and ever grateful of them. Most of the time Marion would teach her children math, grammar, reading, writing, science, and all of that sort of stuff, but when her limits of knowledge was reaching closer she decided to send them to school with the other kids on base. It was a long travel every day, one that she made with them every day, and this made their maintenance and upkeep rise.
Hansel was responsible for making sure that his family was mechanically sound, he did weekly checks on his wife and kids, checking their engines, liquid levels, and made sure they were oiled up. Whenever they hurt or felt bad he fixed them or did his best to remedy the pain. He made them linen skirts for their hulls so he didn’t have to make like forty sets of side skirts for them, he rigged their drive wheels to their wheels with cables so they could move, and ensured that their wooden tracks fit right. They had gotten track and skirt and tool sets from the base, they kept a stockpile of these things for the living tanks and had some limited equipment to make replacement parts, for when the kids grew to full size. Early on Hansel and Marion tried to get some engine oils into Hannah, but she’d down the oil and an hour later she’d be sitting in a puddle of it. She couldn’t seem to hold it at all. It wasn’t until her engine fully developed after two years when she cried for oil again. They did the same with Tyler.
Hansel and Marion knew that their kids wouldn’t be very socially adept because of how limited their social pool was, so they got their kids into a pen-pal group so they could practice speech, writing, and reading as well. Before their letters were sent Marion would proof read them for any classified material. It wasn’t until the kids were a maturing age when Hansel and Marion not only gave them the Birds and the Bees talk but also explained to them that they were classified. Neither of the parents really talked much about their service, they did explain about the war and what happened, the crimes that Hitler’s regime did, and why America was a good country. They enforced the concept that regardless of race or religion, a person is a person, and that you respect and treat them all equally. Hansel and Marion had seem some impressive feats and knew that no matter the background a human being is a human being. Their kids would ask about some stories from the war and Hansel and Marion would oblige them, but they never actively told stories. Some of the other tanks, however, told stories all the time. The kids loved going over to Frau and Canine’s place (Canine’s body was rebuilt and experiments were performed that reactivated him, to Frau’s everlasting gratitude) for their war stories. the crew were seen as uncles and their wives as aunts, their kids as cousins, and thus all the tanks and such were all interweaved as family, one large family. Whacker and Shellproof visited often, and Adler, through them, also grew close to Hannah and Tyler. Shellproof was very fond of the kids and that made her push and beg Whacker for kids of their own, when that time did come they produced a human baby. Their kid made Marion rub it in Hansel’s face, every time they visited each other Marion asked how they got a human kid, and would grudgingly look at Hansel when she recited Shellproof’s answer, just to spite Hansel. Hansel would always sort of disinterest himself and look off, regretting his over cautious nature.
Times changed, the world Hansel and Marion knew was changing, and their kids were growing eager and anxious, in the late sixties news reports and footage on the new televisions showed American soldiers fighting in Vietnam, and this made Tyler want to go enlist like his father did before him, Hansel was worried about the fighting style he’d be facing. Betty and Banker had to serve in the Army through the Korean War and heard the scary stories of how the Koreans fought in the jungle. Marion was extra worried, she couldn’t sleep through the whole night because of it. When he did turn 18 in 1970, they couldn’t stop him from driving up to the base, and talking to a recruiter to get him in. Hansel and Marion supported and loved him, but they expressed their worries to him. While paperwork was going through and plans were being made for him Hansel had Tyler, Banker, Betty, Fritz, and a few other veterans gather around and talk to him about combat. They didn’t sugar coat anything, they sat down, and told him what to expect, what to do, and what he will see. Tyler stood tall and said he’d be ready, but the hardened veterans couldn’t help but look at him and see themselves, see the hundreds of new recruits, and see the boys that said that but never survived the first day.
The day came, Tyler’s ship out date. Hannah poked him in the periscope one more time before she hugged him, then he embraced his bawling mother as she grabbed him in a vice grip. He assured her he’d do alright, he’d come back, and she begged him to. She begged him to keep his cupola down. Next he went to his father, who hugged him and shook his hand, wishing him luck. Tyler moved over to say his goodbyes to Fritz, who wanted to join up, too, to keep Tyler safe but he wasn’t let in. Next he went over and said his goodbyes to family like Whacker, Shellproof, Adler, Jager, Mini, Kramia, Frau, Canine, Zwei, Betty, Banker, Erika, Inbred, and many, many more. Almost the whole base waved him off. One of the last people to say goodbye was Devestator, he wasn’t too close to Tyler, but when Tyler said his farewells to him he pulled Tyler close and whispered to him. “Whatever you do, do not take advantage of any women over there. Do not do it. It will be the guiltiest decision you ever made.” Tyler wasn’t sure what that meant but agreed to it. Before he left he went back to Hansel, Marion had to leave she was crying so much, and Hansel and him sat there in silence before he finally piped up.
“I’mma make you proud, father.”
“You already have, son. I’m always proud of you.”
With that, he left for refit and boot camp. Marion worried about him and had hundreds, thousands of sleepless nights and nightmares, she was going crazy about her baby boy off in war. She was glued to the radio and television, she’d keep every single letter she got from him on her at all times. She had all these luck charms she had and she prayed for his safety multiple times a day. Hansel was much more confident in his son. His son had thick armor, he was strong, he knew that he’d be fine. Did he ever get restless about his son? Definitely, he thought about his son every day. He just was less stressed about it. Hannah was attending higher education schools in history and engineering, and was helping her parents out by doing some more work around the house and yard.
Tyler’s time at bootcamp was certainly strange, he was in a platoon of four other tanks, all new tanks, they were Patton tanks, all expected to make it through and get into their units in Vietnam. Tyler was not expected to make it. There were plans and measures ready to be made for if he made it, but they weren’t committing to him yet. His Drill Sergeants were all Korean vets, a Sherman tank, Easy-8 model, and two Pershing tanks. They broke the recruits and shaped them into military material. To everyone’s surprise Tyler was one of the best recruits they had. He out shined his peers with his dedication. He wasn’t an exact copy of his mother, as it turned out his armor was generally thinner everywhere, his engine was stronger, and various parts of him were more flesh and less metallic, most notably his hands. His hands just looked like someone dipped a human hand in gunmetal paint. In other areas, like his manhood, he was also more human than say Fritz would be.
He wrote home as often as possible and wished that his parents could make it to his graduation. As soon as he could he made a phone call home, his mother’s voice was the best thing he’s heard in his life. This inability to get around the country made Hansel depressed, he decided to invest in some large equipment to get Marion around on the roads. Once he found some suitable equipment he began saving for it and made it his highest priority. His dreams of Rudolph were coming back, and things were making more sense.
Tyler’s renovations were numerous, first off his gun was removed from his turret and sent home. That was a terrifying morning for his Mother, it’s not a good thing opening a box and seeing your son’s limb stuffed in it. Nonetheless his gun was the newest and best gun on a tank, the British made L7A3 one-hundred-and-five millimeter gun. It was a marvelous gun and one he grew to love the first range day he had. Another renovation was changing the engine, this was a much more complicated task, the transmission layout remained the same so that the strongest engine they had could be fitted into his aft end. It made him sick and uncomfortable for a month but after that his body accepted the new engine he also grew to love the extra umpf it had. Next was armor, his armor while thinner than his mother’s was still on par with the M48 Patton model, but that was still inadequate for the newest rounds flying around. New and experimental reactive armor was put onto his hide to help mitigate the effects of this threat. His tracks were also overhauled and sent home, the tracks were replaced with more modern rubber padded tracks for better traction. He was a little cautious about the tracks but he made them work. Next was an overhaul of his optics, his crew dropped from five to four, as he would be the loader and assist a designated gunner with aiming. To his surprise the hull machine gunner would remain because of the number of infantry that is fought in the jungles. That makes another point that’s changed, his machine gun ports are all rebuilt to carry either the .30 cal or the new 7.62mm M60 “Pig” machine gun. It looked a lot like the MG 42 his mother had on her. The last major modification he underwent was the replacement of his cupola, his old low profile hatch was replaced with the mini MG turret seen on the Pattons. He didn’t like it, it jutted out and made him even taller, not only that but it was an annoyance to keep in line. Of all the changes he went through, that was the one he hated. Other than that it was just some changes in placement of gear, tools, and ammo. Extra fuel tanks were installed and his radio was upgraded. He went through some final training to get fully acquainted with the gear, was crewed by some new tankers, and they were shipped off to Vietnam.
Marion kept a very close eye on the mail when she got his letter saying he left for Vietnam. The mailman never even touched the box for years, she was always out there waiting for him to arrive. They got updates from him often, he has some close encounters, close calls, and got himself some tank kills. and he got himself some stories. He served his time and re-up’d for another term. He was eventually rotated out of Vietnam and was transferred state-side towards the end of the war, just as the withdraw began. He took a month of leave to go home, and surprised Marion with it. She went out to go get the mail and was ambushed by her son Tyler, painted in olive drab with the US flag painted on his flanks. He made her jump with joy and rush him into an embrace. She cried onto him and clamped him against her, weeping about how much she worried and missed him. It wasn’t for a solid minute until she noticed Tyler wasn’t alone, she looked up and saw an American tank with the same gun smiling at them.
“Oh? Who’s this, sweetie?”
“This is Queen, my girlfriend.” Marion was very excited, she smiled to make herself as welcoming as a machine designed to kill and destroy can. It was a little bit easier than anticipated because Queen was also a machine designed to kill and destroy. Nonetheless meeting the parents is always awkward, and this is no exception. They conversed as they slowly made their stroll down the long driveway to the house. Her nickname was just Q, and Tyler and her had met just a few days after he arrived. She was an M48A3 version Patton tank. She was olive drab just like Tyler with similar company markings. After a long introduction Marion combed over her baby boy to see what the Army had done to him. She liked his new gun a lot, and his tracks, too, she expected the engine change and agreed that the cupola was a terrible and ugly thing. Q really liked her cupola. Both of them had scars all over them from the bush and combat, and there was rust in the skirts. While Tyler had blue eyes Q had light brown eyes, almost hazel, and she had a surprisingly cheery attitude for being right out of combat. Tyler was ecstatic that he was home again, and was very excited with how fast Q was accepted as family. Q and Tyler stayed together for almost the whole time they were home, they were inseparable and would be very on edge when not together. Marion had been watching the television because the news would broadcast footage of the war in Vietnam and it made her so terrified and anxious. She pried stories from Q and Tyler about what it was like, and from all their stores she understood why they never left the other’s side. It seemed that they were never scared of anything but sinkholes, mud, and infantry ambushes. They never really feared enemy tanks, aircraft, or even anti-tank weapons, but ambushes in the jungle and being torn apart would keep them awake for weeks on end. Marion and Hansel sucked the life out of them while they were home, and Marion made all the food she could for Tyler, nearly every letter he sent home mentioned her cooking and how much he missed it. There time was too short it seemed, and the month of leave they spent home flew by and they rotated back out to Fort Knox. Tyler would be acting as a Drill Sergeant and Q would be a guard for the base.
Hannah was still in collage, using government funds that was granted to the tank children for their classified life style. She was still going for her history major but now it was going to be a Masters and not a Bachelor’s. This would make her much more competitive in the job market. She was thinking about applying to a museum as an exhibit, she had heard that there were scenarios that relived battles from previous wars and she was interested in that as well. It was around ’76 when she asked her parents some deep questions about their war, a lot of uncomfortable questions. They knew this time would be coming and had prepared themselves for it, they decided the best way to do this was to sit down with Hannah and answer every question she asked the best they could. It was a very dark, challenging, and uncomfortable time for them all. This was healthy for the two of them, though, it got a lot off their chests, acting as almost a therapy session for them. They would answer a question then spout on about something like betting on how long someone would live, joking about how someone died, how humorous some of the maimed were about their injury. They opened up a long suppressed can of memories and let these memories indulge themselves, the dark humor that got them by, the little things that kept them going, how they felt about everything initially, how they transformed, everything from politics to their favorite brand of canned beef. Hansel talked a lot about the prewar he grew up in, the hardships and chaos that led to his whole nation blindly following the words of a self described disciple of a super-race. He talked about the fanaticism that these people flocked too, and made sure Hannah knew the difference between the ideologies. He told her that when he enlisted and was commissioned into the Wehrmacht he rose his hand and vowed on the bible to be ever faithful to Hitler, and to give his life for Hitler, but when he was put into the American Army he raised his hand and vowed on the bible to uphold and defend the constitution. He emphasized that the Nazi party swore allegiance to a man, and the Americans swore an oath to a document of ideas, of rights. He could not convey to her how much that means to him now that he knows the aftermath, knows the impact, of these ideologies.
“When you see children hanging in the streets because they would not fight for one man.., you begin to question any faith you ever placed in him.”
Hannah was satisfied with her answers, she enjoyed listening to her parents’ stories. For her parents it uplifted a burden from them, they felt relieved and a bit more secure about their history together. Although they still tried to keep it away and move on as much as they could, they weren’t as desolate as they once were when they did occasionally remember it, both the good parts and the bad parts. They used it to remind themselves where they came from and it realigned their virtues and values, they used it to make themselves better beings.One example was Hansel’s refusal to grow much hair, he kept his hair well cut and sharp and his face clean shaven, most of his body didn’t have hair and the parts that did were trimmed, too, but Marion loved his hair and Hansel gave it more thought. He decided to grow his hair out some more and that thrilled Marion, he grew at first a pretty pathetic excuse for a beard and mustache but eventually it turned out to be quite nice. It wasn’t full and thick like Whacker’s, Hansel’s was barely extending past his jawline, but it was enough to please Marion.
Eventually this led them to confront much of the belongings that they had sealed away in an outside shack. They brought Hannah out there and opened it up, Hansel pulled out guns, ammo, uniforms, trinkets, photos, and all sorts of relics they had. Hannah was enthralled by it all, she lost herself in the items, examining them and asking about their significance. She pleaded that her parents put up the photos they had, she thought that they looked lovely, and her favorite was a photo of a very young Hansel his sister in their school uniforms while sitting in front of the door to their home. She eventually pressured them to put up the photos around the house. Hansel was collecting various things to burn or destroy but Hannah stopped him and explained her reasoning, she said that eventually this all would be worth some money, some good money, and gave examples of items and their worth dating all the way back to America’s slavery days. If there are components of slavery in the market that are valued at a pretty penny, she says that even the Nazi banner will be worth something.
Things got better, Q and Tyler got married and got a place in Florida, Hannah got her job finally as an exhibit and started looking for her own place, and in the mid 80’s Whacker and Shellproof finally had a baby, a beautiful human baby boy. Once again Marion asked how they did it, and with that answer she glared at Hansel and told him that once Hannah’s finally in her own place their having a human baby. Once she does move out in 1989 Marion pounces on Hansel, and gets him to start their next little one, a little girl they’d find out. When time came to name her, Marion remembered in a spark of brilliance what she wanted to name Hannah, and so they named their second daughter, their third baby, Jasmine. Jasmine Walter came into the world in 1990.
Fin Ch 55

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Dear Elfriede

Dear Elfriede,

“Elfriede, oh you won’t believe this, dear!”

“What is it, Mr. Hotchkins?”

“You’ve gotten a letter in the mail!”

“A letter?” She couldn’t understand how anyone wrote her a letter, after all, she’s a tank in a museum! “Well go on, who’s it from?”

“I’m afraid I can’t read the name in the address, these summer rains ran the ink.” She scoffed.

“Typical. Alright then, open it up, read it.” The man cut open the letter and removed the message, he began to read it.

“Oh it’s in German, well my Germans not the best but I’ll give it a go anyways!” He cleared his throat and held it in the light.

“Dear Elfriede,

It’s been a very long time since we’ve been together, fifty years now, and to this day I still cherish the time we spent together, and I regret our parting on that dreadful night. It really was a shame. I often think of you, what might have happened had I stayed, would your fears be recognized? Would I be shot? Would I be barred? But mostly I think of what may have happened had we stayed together. Maybe we would be still together, maybe we’d be wed, be happily married with children of our own. Maybe. Nonetheless, I can’t say that parting wasn’t fruitful, but Elfriede, Love, I still miss you. I may have been just a young, reckless boy in a man’s world, just barely old enough to be fighting, but you made it worth it. Because of you, and the fond nights we spent together in love, I left that war remorseful, not dismantled, and I left with my worst nightmare being that I left you to die out there. Well isn’t it God’s blessing that you didn’t? I spent decades working with other record holders, diplomats, and counselors to track you down, to find out what happened to you. It was only a few years ago I learned that you were still around, and I’m writing this letter just after learning your residence. I do hope that you are in good repair, and I wish that I could see you once more. But that won’t be, my wife died not too long ago, and I know I’ll follow shortly. Elfriede, I just had to tell you one last time that I love you, and I know you cannot read this, and I pray to God, almighty, that someone reads this for you. I hope that you are happy. I love you, I miss you, and you are not forgotten, my love. I still remember your favorite story I’d read you, and I want you to know that I had two children. I had two children and I named them, for you, after your favorite book. Not only that, but my son has found love much like we did, and they have beautiful children together, Elfriede. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Love, Walter”

Elfriede was very emotional, if she physically could she would be crying, decades of worry and wonderment were settled, she had her answers, but now she had even more questions.

“Elfriede you never told us you had a love interest!” She fought hard to form an understandable reply.

“I did, and now, now I still do.”

“Oooh! Elfriede! He wrote his address on the backside! Do you want to-“

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I have so much I want to send him!”

“He mentioned your favorite book was the name for his children, what are their names, dear?”

“Hansel and Gretel.”

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BB-55 North Carolina “The Showboat”

Edit: Blog by Gingyflame

This is a long time coming, been over a month since I actually visited this absolutely gorgeous beast. Her name is North Carolina, designation BB-55, and otherwise known as “Showboat” for being so pretty. She is berthed, or rather beached, in Wilmington, NC, off of US-421 on her own little road named “Battleship Road” off Cape Fear River. If you’re on the East coast, or near North Carolina, you owe it to yourself to see this ship. She is by far the best ship I’ve visited, condition wise she really looks like she could be towed out to sea tomorrow, and there is so much to see and do with her, and ticket prices being only like $12 to $15, its a fucking steal. This ship will take up your day. If you plan on going, set aside the whole day, there are tours but you can self tour at your own place and there is no where the tour goes that you cannot go alone. She has so much to look at, so much to see, I really cannot explain how much stuff there is on this ship to see. There are a lot of ladders, or stairs so steep its actually a ladder with a hand rail, and tons of knee-knocker risers in the frames so if you go wear shoes or boots. No flip flops, no slides, no heels. You can bring your own food and drink, too, and drink is highly encouraged because she is not under and AC, well ventilated in most parts but aside from fans there is no temperature control on her.

So I’m pausing to try and formulate just what all I should say about her, literally I am overwhelmed with stuff to talk about.

So I took close to 600 pictures and videos, but I’m not putting them all up because, fuck, but in some of the pictures I’ve taken you will see her T H I C C and beautiful hull, her awesome guns, her massive size, her strong armor, just, just so much. I really do not know what to say, I do not know what to describe. If you want to know something specific about her just ask, I’ll eagerly answer your questions.

As for recommendation and things you should know before you go:

Wear close toed and good fitting shoes, and make sure your feet will be comfortable. There is a lot of vertical movement on her, and no elevators, there are trip and toe-stubbing hazards all over her. Watch where you step.

Bring water or something to hold water. She is hot (and hawt), and big, and there’s usually a lot of people in very tight places entirely enclosed in metal.

She is tight, if you are claustrophobic, I’m sorry, but there are just too many places where you will be grinding against a wall or hunching over to fit into a ladderwell or space.

Don’t wear baggy clothing or have many things dangling from your person. There are gears and handles and pipes and grates and such EVERYWHERE, things like that WILL get snagged on them and as welcome as holes might be at the time in clothes it’s not fun tearing clothes.

There are some spaces that are more accessible to others, and those that are not as accessible than most. An example is her rudder room. The ladder into her rudder rooms requires going down a very steep ladder, that is maybe only a foot wide, through a hatch that’ll probably make you lean on the ladder to fit. Before you go gung-ho into these places look very closely to see if you can actually fit in there realistically. When I was there a woman locked up on this ladder and needed to be helped out. It’s very rare that it happens they say, but just be careful.

Wear a hat. You’re going to hit your head. You will. Wear a hat to pad the hit, please. And be very careful, I’m not a tall guy yet I still hit my head just trying to stand up in the turret.

ALMOST EVERYTHING IS ACCESSIBLE! Yes! You can climb into turret 3, climb into the dual-purpose 5″ batter mount, play around with some 20mm guns, and when I first went you could sit on the 40mm Bofors turret and swing it around with the manual controls. But last time I went the Bofors were off limits, but people still messed with the guns as you’ll see in the video, if I post it.

There are some breathtaking views from her high rises. You want some elaboration? It’s literally what I just said.

She is only open from 8AM to 5PM. Every day of the week. Holidays are weird so check her website.

Other than that I really got nothing. Now I just have to pray that all my pictures I’m gonna try to upload fucking work.

Also, she is sexy af.

Her nickname “Showboat” was given to her after WW2, and after she had been retired, decom’d, and purchased by North Carolina, by the Governor of North Carolina, because of how pretty the ship was sailing down through the river. The name stuck and, well, she sure is perdy.
After the attack on Pearl Harbor NC was the first ship to pull into harbor, and being the newest ship in the USN, the sailors and survivors said that she was the most beautiful ship that they had ever seen.

Just some fun facts about this beauty.

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Titanic’s Captain -Short Story

This is a little fiction about Captain Edwards J. Smith, the captain of Titanic when she sank. This whole interaction is fictional and there are no records of if the Captain believed any of this and the records regarding his fate are controversy. This is just my fictional take on him and his fate from the viewpoint of Titanic.

Nonetheless, it is her sinking anniversary, so I’m posting it today. Enjoy.

Bradley and Titanic were relaxing on this cool evening. The moon was low and full, the waters flat and peaceful, the sky clear and calming. They sat together in each other’s arms. Violet was asleep, Britannic was being repaired, and Olympic was probably off catching up on whatever she’s been missing out on. Bradley was enjoying the moment but something was nagging at him, it had been for weeks. It was something to do with Titanic and her famous voyage, so he tried not to ruin anything, but this just wouldn’t stop nagging him. So he asked.
“Titanic, honey?”
“Yes, dear?”
“Ah, nevermind.” He couldn’t figure out how to word it.
“No, dear, what’s the matter?” She thought it might be something romantic, something dreamy.
“Ah.” He sighed. “So how did Captain Smith react to you sinking.”
“Oh.” She was disappointed, but not by much. She knew how he was. “Yes, Captain Smith.” She didn’t know how to explain it, so instead she offered to show him through her memory. Bradly accepted her request to have his answer. He joined with her and instantly was with her in a flashback-imagination trip. It isn’t all that often that they do this but when they do conjoin their minds he takes no time to become a size enough to wrap his arms around her and hold her hull. As he pressed their bodies together Titanic played back her memory. Their bodies chilled to a near freezing temperature as they grew heavy, shudders and fear enveloped them and tormented their thoughts, but amidst all this Bradley knew this wasn’t real, that this wasn’t happening again. During these trips Titanic usually loses her sight and arms, and she does lose them in thought this trip as well, but Bradley’s presence kept her demons at bay. His warmth on her hull, his imagined arms on her body softly stroking down her ribbed hull, his plush and hot lips planted in a kiss by her starboard bridge wing and kept her memories in check. She was still in control. Bradley was all sensual on her hull when he heard a strong voice echo in his mind.
“Titanic, this is my fault.” Without even having to ask his lover knew and told him who it was. That’s Captain Smith, dear. “I’m terribly sorry about this, -I, I wasn’t quite right in my head. I just wanted to end my career off with a show, give you a good name, and then maybe we’d both get a good deal out of this, eh? But no. I shouldn’t have been so demanding of you.”
“Sir?” Bradly recognized that voice, that booming voice was Titanic’s. The exact same one that he heard himself all those years ago on the bottom of the sea. Only this time her voice was more desperate; innocent in her tone of voice.
“It’s too late, deary, I have messed up. There is no way to reverse this, Mr. Anderson has proved it. I just hope that this isn’t your end, dear. You truly deserve much better than this.” Bradly felt a large, warm hand on one of her engine command posts. Sensual rubbing to calm her down began as he spoke. “I hope that if this is the end you go to a better place, you’re too innocent to know anything else.” Bradley could feel the anger rising inside him, Captain Smith. “I was a damned fool! You didn’t know any better-you couldn’t have known better! So much had gone wrong for you to understand the consequences, and I should have guided you! But no, no like a damn fool I cast those warnings aside! I pressed on! I never should have! Damned hell, I should have stopped in Queenstown!” He stepped away from the instruments. Titanic was silent. “The only thing I can do now, like any respectable Captain can do is comfort you as far as my breath will take it. Titanic, if I failed to see you to New York, the least I can do is see you to the end.” He paces around, he uncovered and rubbed his balding head with a clammy hand. “You’re so young, so new, so fresh. Just a greenhorn, no experien
ce of yer own. Not an ounce of wisdom. So new you’ve not one barnacle on your belly. But me? Dozens of voyages. Dozens of voyages aboard dozens of vessels. Titanic, please listen here, if by some miracle you have another chance you be damned sure that no godforsaken captain of yours makes the same mistakes I did! For the love of god you set him straight! If there’s another fire, another near collision, another warning of hazards, if your lookouts don’t have their binoculars you don’t move an inch. Promise me that, promise me you won’t let someone like me ruin you again?”
“I promise, sir.” The memory faded away, but Titanic kept them together in her mind, she told the rest of the story. He kept her company until the water was too much. The water flooded the room and before she could realize it he was gone not a trace of him was left. She couldn’t tell if he’d been washed out or if he’d drowned right then and there. All she knew then was that she was one person closer to being alone. Bradley asked her not to let go, to let him hold her for the rest of the night. She was going to ask the same.
Today I got back from a trip to the battleship museum BB-55, USS North Carolina, AKA The Showboat. I have probably three hundred pictures of her, she’s so beautiful. But if you guys want-or maybe I’ll do it anyway-I can post up the pictures and a little run-down of the trip. She’s really fantastic and one of my favorite museums to visit ever, if you are in the state you have to do it, you owe it to yourself. She is very affordable and very much worth it and more, with so much you can do you get more than your money’s worth out of it. The gift shop may be pricey with some stuff but hey, when you’ve gone through her you’ll be pretty inclined to support her. Take it from me I’m somewhat of a cheap bastard. She’s in Wilmington, North Carolina, on a little offshoot of I-74 I think, she’s not hard to find and easy to access. Going through all her spaces might not be for everyone but I’ve seen very large and small people all over her so if you have the will there is the way. (so tempted to put da wae meme in there but I didn’t, be proud pls) Anyways if you want more just ask!

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HaM Ch 54 Hannah

This chapter is pretty short but one of the biggest events in their lives, everyone, meet Hannah.


HaM 54

The room renovations were finished shortly before Marion went into labor. It was sudden and out of nowhere, she was minding her business outside, tending to some plants in her garden when suddenly she was slammed with a huge shock and convulsions inside her. Her first thought was the baby must’ve rolled onto something like her driveshaft, it happened before, but this was everywhere, this was something much more. She realized what this might be, still unsure, and crawls her way into the hanger house, dragging herself and the dirt and plants with her. She was breathing heavy and very fast, she needed help and called Hansel, trying very hard not to break the phone. The ringing phone made her ‘head’ throb with pain and she groaned as she felt her insides churning. Someone kindly answered the phone and politely asked who was calling.
“GET HANSEL WALTER!” The urgency in her voice was enough to panic the receiver and Hansel was very quickly, almost instantly, put on the phone. “It’s coming! It’s coming! It’s coming!” Marion huffed out every breath, Hansel put it in full gear and threw down the phone and ran to get his things. He bear-hugged his bag, coat, and hat, and ran out the back to his car.
He had to pass the office on his way out and yelled as he left: “Gotto go! Urgent!” Roberson knew it was about that time and dashed to the doorway to call after him.
“Hey! You need help!?” Hansel didn’t hear anything as he dumped the stuff into his car. He raced home as fast as the car would let him, and he slid into the driveway churning up the dirt path with his vicious acceleration and breaking. He threw the car into neutral and jumped out running to the open hanger door, he didn’t notice anything. He ran in to the main space and up to Marion, she had drug herself to the phone and no further. She was there, uncomfortable but not in the amount of pain as earlier. Hansel spat out a thousand questions about how she was, how long she had, what she wanted, what he needed to do, and if he was too late. She told him she’s alright, that she’s in labor and that she must be very close to birth. Hansel’s mind settles and cleared and suddenly remembered everything he had forgot. He took in deep breaths to calm down and he turned back to his car to park it. He noticed all the mud and plant parts all on the floor that’s he’d have to clean, he’d call the doctor and some help most likely, he’d call in to work to tell them what happened. His car had drifted into a tree so eventually he’d need to pop out that dent and clean up the scratch but everything else about it was alright. He parked it and went to call the doctor, the doctor said that Marion would have to give birth out there in the house, and would need some help to hold her up. Hansel tried calling some friends to see if they’d help and was able to get a few to help out.
He kept up with Marion and tried to keep her comfortable with ice packs, cool drinks, hand massages, whatever he could to relieve pain. She’d have flashes of contractions and then she’d be alright again, Hansel just hoped that help got here quick, before Marion tried pushing a baby out through the ground. Not too much help was able to make it but they were determined to make do with what they had. The only ones that could arrive on this notice was Mini, Shellproof and Whacker, Fritz and Jäger, Porscha, and unexpectedly Inbred and Erika showed up, Whacker got ahold of them and with this gang it’d turn out that they had enough strength to pick Marion up completely. Hansel thought that they would at least have to use the reinforced rafters and gantries in the ceiling to help but now that was just a luxury. They still rigged Marion’s rear end up with chains to the gantry and on the end were Mini and Shellproof, their engines had the grit to pick her up rapidly with Fritz, Jäger, Porscha and Erika picking her up off the ground where her lower glacis was almost flat on the ground. All the people would be nearly under her waiting with a large dolly and blankets to catch the baby and get her out fast. They waited around all day for Marion to start giving birth, but all they got for the day were contractions and false alarms. And so, of course, the real thing happened in the most inconvenient timeframe when everyone was tired, bored, and absent minded. In the early morning hours of a new day, March tenth, Marion had the fiercest contractions yet, what normally starts as hard and labored breathing was instantly screaming, jolting everyone into action. Everyone quickly assumed their duties and knew this was it, Marion was screaming and hollering like never before and she was flexing her body to the point it groaned. Usually the shows go on about how she’s cursing the husband for what he did to her but not Marion, she’s been wanting this for far too long. She did scream about the pain but her drive was fueled by everyone egging her on, telling her how well she was doing and that everything was going fine. They kept chanting ‘push, push, push’ as the newborn slowly appeared.
The first thing to come out was a lot of goop, various fluids and materials fumed out and slipped to the ground, orange, grey, and brown colors. The first that they actually saw of Hannah was her exhaust pipes, bare and filled to the brim with placenta fluids, and slowly her stern eased out, stretching Marion’s vagina to where Hansel felt uncomfortable, regardless he carried on with his task and grabbed his daughter to help the doctor guide her onto the pallet waiting for her arrival. Hannah’s turret seemed to get caught on Marion and caused Marion to scream even more, the doctor took a pry-bar and eased the vagina over the turret, letting Hannah slip out almost instantly. As soon as Hannah was out the doctor took the cutters and snipped the umbilical cord and helped race Hannah out of Marion’s way. All the tanks eased Marion down very, very gently and kept up the encouragement. Telling her it was beautiful and it was done, she did great and it all went perfectly. The doctor, Inbred, and Whacker were busy cleaning off Hannah’s intakes, exhausts, and mouth before getting her to breath on her own. It took a vacuum and some squeezing from Mini to get her to breath, and once she did breath she cried and screamed like any other baby would. Hansel was awestruck. Hannah was beautiful, she was grey-pink and a little tiny Marion. Her eyes were obviously there but clenched shut. Her arms flailed around and reached out at nothing while her drive sprockets spun back and forth without any tracks to grip, her suspension bending up into her recess and pushing against the pallet. Her gun was recoiled and pressed down over her bow, and she had no skirts, cables, or tools. She was an ugly mess right now but the most beautiful thing in Hansel’s eyes. He stood there unable to do anything but smile and cry, he admired his little angel forever. He was so proud, so happy, so overcome with emotions, he moved to her and knelt down, embracing his gooey messy baby in his arms and held it to her protesting. He drug her over by Marion so they could enjoy her together, their proudest moment, together. Marion was exhausted, she seemed faded from the endeavor and didn’t look to be in good health. The doctor was focusing on Hannah and made sure Hannah was as healthy as can be before moving attention to Marion. Marion was being checked out by the doctor and the other tanks when Hansel noticed Marion was staring at the end of her barrel. She wasn’t noticing Hansel or Hannah.
“Marion! Honey! Marion!” He got up and jumped to her side, “Marion, dear, look! We did it! You did it! Hannah! She’s beautiful! Look! Look Marion, Look!” His voice was ecstatic, he was full of laughter and joy, he shook on Marion’s side and pointed at Hannah, still flailing around and crying. Marion’s eyes slowly shifted to Hannah. Her gaze was locked onto her. An arm fell out from under her skirt and Hansel jumped over to push Hannah up against Marion so she could reach her baby. Marion smiled wide and tiredly, she, too started crying and could divert her attention from Hannah. Sluggishly a tendril creeped out from Marion’s bow and slithered up to Hannah’s mouth.
“Hannah, ba-by! Mom’s here, it’s okay! It’s okay! C’mere, ba-by! Mom will make it allllll better!” Her several attempts to feed Hannah were in vain. She gave up and left her tendril there on Hannah’s deck and dozed off, weary and tired. Hansel was extremely worried for her and begged the doctor and Porscha not to leave, they didn’t and stayed to make sure Marion would be alright. Hansel stayed up for the whole next day, not leaving Hannah and Marion’s side for anything unless it was absolutely necessary. It turned out the others stayed for the night and weren’t going to leave without giving a more awake Marion their congratulations. Hansel watched with impressive excitement as Hannah wrapped an arm around Marion’s tendril and started drinking milk. Later when Hannah was asleep Marion woke up and Hansel instantly spat out everything in a wild blur, unable to control his excitement. Marion tried keeping up, but she was still loopy from her exhaustion and it was hard to concentrate and focus with all her hormones and emotions flooding her. She did pick up that Hannah had drank some milk, and that the others were still here. She could tell that he didn’t sleep and didn’t know how long she’d been asleep. She saw that it was about five-thirty on the clock, and the sun was setting. She silently smiled wide and brought Hansel close to her side, wrapping a tendril around his waist and clenching Hannah by her side, she looked at her family and felt the love fill her. She noticed the tired look in Hansel, the dried fluids on Hannah’s deck, and the equipment still hooked up to her ass annoyingly. But she didn’t care about that. She finally had her family, a family more beautiful than she imagined, with love much stronger than she ever felt, and optimism shining down upon them.
“Hansel, you look tired. Get some sleep, now, I got her.”
“I might try.” He said leaning into her side, almost resting. The stir brought out all their helpers, they cooed over Hannah like Hansel did earlier, said their congratulations to the new parents and went home. Marion suggested he sleep again. “I don’t think I can! I’m so anxious! I’ll just roll around, baby!” She giggled and ran her hand through his hair, it was soft, full, and relaxing for both of them.
“I think you’ll sleep fine, babe.”
“I don’t want to go.” He said looking down at Hannah. Marion carted him up and stretched him out on her deck just ahead of her turret, she was turned over Hannah so he had plenty of room. She brought him up to her lips and they smooched good, and shortly after he started falling asleep. “I love you, Marion.”
“I love you, Hansel.” She hugged him tight and stroked his body, his arm, his leg, his hair, and just before he dozed off she said she wanted another one.

Fin Ch54

Hannah is their first child, she comes out about 7 and a half tons and is going to be quite the challenge for the new parents. Parenting is not easy, maybe natural, but this is certainly not anything close to Cindy. And yes, Marion will get another child.

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